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Welcome everyone to our twentieth issue! The East Kootenays made national and international news once again recently with a story involoving our local wildlife. This was not the first story involving charimatic megafauna (look it up) in our area and we are willing to bet it will not be the last. We at Kimberley Chronicle would like to congratulate the couple that survived the recent bear attack. Maybe Kimberley’s brand should be “Where to live if you want to survive a grizzly encounter.” To read about another recent grizzly attack involving Kimberley residents check out our Facebook page where Issue #12 which is available digitally. You can also see some video of a cougar in Marysville that the Kimberley Chronicle paperboys saw the other day. In this issue we look at a story from our past involving large mammals that made international headlines back in 1926. As per ususal we love hearing from our readers, let us know what you think at or on our facebook page.


Back in the 1920’s people actually went to live circuses and enjoyed jazz music. In 1926 the second largest circus company in the world - The Sells-Floto Circus came to Cranbrook. The company had over a thousand performers, horses, camels and three herds of elelephants. They would roll into towns all over North America in their own trains. To get the area hyped some promoters would come Elephants on the loose southest of Cranbrook. Photo courtesy of the Columbia to town before the actual event Basin Institute of Regional History. to advertise and put up posters. When the trains arrived in the early morning everyone would get to work - including the large animals to set up the tents and get ready for the first afternoon matinee. The custom at the times was to have a parade at noon the first day to continued

The Great Elephant Hunt

stir up excitement. There was no parade scheduled at Cranbrook however. Cranbrook residents were’t really aware, but at the parades in Edmonton and Calgary prior to the show in Cranbrook some elephants escaped and casused some significant excitement For advertising rates, questions, and property damage. comments & complaints contact When the trains rolled into Cranbrook the elephants were put to writer, publisher & paperboy work hauling wagons to the fairgrounds for the big show. For reaWade Jarvis sons that are both unkown and disputed, Myrtle, Tillie and Charlie Ed decided to take a self guided tour of the East Kootenays. The Kimberley Heritage Museum worldwide press was captivated by the story of three runaway elephants making a break for it at the base of the Rocky Mountains. 105 Spokane Street - above the library What helped make the story such a big hit was a telegram that was Monday-Friday 1-4pm sent warning all trains travelling in the area to beware of elephants Phone: 250-427-7510 on the tracks. Folks in the railway business thought it was hilarious. Email: A pachyderm hunt was quicly organized by the Circus to retrieve Entry Fee - By Donation the animals that were valued around$15,000 - $20,000. Tillie was the oldest of the escapees at 32 and was also the first to be Firewood For Sale caught. Some Ktunaxa trackers managed to get on her trail, find her Seasoned, Split & Delivered and lure her back into captivity with some bread and apples. Pine $150/cord Mytle was not quite as fortnute as Tillie. She and Charlie Ed had been on the run for over a month and the weather was getting cooler. Pine $80/half cord The exact details are murky, but what is known is that Myrtle died Larch $250/cord on September 8 1926 at the base of Moyie Mountain. Whether 250-427-5430 it was pneumonia, a broken hip or a well placed bullet is open to debate. Her cape was removed by a local taxidermist and was on Happy Hands Tattoo diplay at a shop in Cranbrook before going to the Univeristy of Alberta’s Zoology Department. Charlie Ed had the longest taste of freedom and was a local celebrity when he was finally caught 39 days after the initial stampede. A worker at the sawmill in Lumberton spotted him and some circus workers and Ktnuxa managed to capture him and bring him back to th 418 - 304 St 778-481-5000 Cranbrook. He was the main attraction at the Cranbrook Fall Fair and was paraded down Baker Street and fed severral breakfasts from the local shops and restaurants before being loaded onto the train to rejoin the circus. He was briefly renamed Cranbrook Ed and there is a statue of him by the Cranbrook Photo Building. This story has so many different versions available. We encourage our readers to check out the great, extensive write-up available on the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History’s website (basininstitute. org).

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1) In what Canadian city did the real Jumbo die? 2) Which is bigger - the Asian or African Elephant? 3) How big were the largest tusks ever recorded? 4) How long does an elephant pregnancy last? 5) How many different elephant species have been found in fossil records?

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Humans, Neanderthals, and elephants are the only known animals to known to have death rituals. If an elephant becomes sick the herd will bring food and water to help out. If the elephant dies the herd will bury it in a shallow grave and cover it with dirt and branches. They stay around the grave for a few days and seem to mourn. -What do you get if you cross an Elephant with a Kangaroo? -Great big holes all over Australia. -What’s harder than getting a pregnant Elephant in the back seat of your car? -Getting an Elephant pregnant in the back seat of your car.
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