Decolonizing Diet Project

php?id=33 Northern Michigan University (NMU) Center for Native American Studies NMU Center for Native American Studies: April Lindala Director of NMU Center for Native American Studies Key Zaagkii Project partner and involved in many other projects Biographical profile 906-227-1397 (wk) 906-227-1396 (fax) Martin Reinhardt, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. NMU Center for Native American Studies Anishinaabe (Ojibway) citizen of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Biographical profile 906-227-1397 Marquette Monthly November 2012 Decolonizing our Diet: Group experiences what it’s like to eat only native foods for a year By Kristi Evans Mining Journal story on DDP November 9, 2012 Diet decolonization is way to discover how ancestors ate By Abbey Hauswirth, Journal Staff Writer estors-ate.html?nav=5006 tribute/story to DDP By Editor Gina Boltz

WLUC TV6 Story November 2, 2012 Does a pre-colonial diet work? DDP Media Coverage: %20diet.htm A Week of Eating Indigenous Foods: htm niversity-presents-native-heritage-month-activities Businesses assisting the DDP: Marquette Meats Thill's Fish House Marquette Food Co-op Grant Providers include: Northern Michigan University (NMU) Faculty Research Grant Northern Michigan University (NMU)

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Cedar Tree Institute (CTI) Connected to DDP: Treasa Sowa of Munising, MI 100% DDP Participant with Dr. Martin Reinhardt Co-Manager of the Munising Farmer's Market 906-202-3030 Barb Bradley Sam Hasek Majoring in Environmental Science at NMU Senior Student Assistant with the DDP and the Zaagkii Project iversity-center-for-native-american-studies-make-presentation-about-the-pollinator-protection-initiative -at-the-native-american-and-indigenous-stud Walt Lindala Mary Jane Wilson Alger-Marquette Community Action Board (AMCAB) Outreach Worker 906-228-6522 Ext. 206 (wk)

------DDP Advisors: Dr. Devon A. Mihesuah Cora Lee Beers Price Prof. of International Cultural Understanding Humanities and Western Civilization Dir. of American Indian Health and Diet Project University of Kansas Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Chickasaw descendant H. James “Jim” St. Arnold Program Specialist Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission Chris Kibbit Dr. Steve DeGoosh NMU Assoc. Prof. Earth, Environmental, Geographical Sciences Dept. 906-227-2904 Dr. Michael Broadway NMU Prof., Dean, College of Arts & Sciences 906-227-2636 Dr. Alan J. Rebertus NMU Prof. 906-227-2351 Kenneth Pitawanakwat

NMU CNAS Anishinaabemowin Instructor Biographical profile Dr. Mohey Mowafy NMU Distinguished Prof. of Human Nutrition NMU Lutheran Campus Ministry 906-227-2366 (wk) 906-249-9133(hm) Dr. Scott Doughty DDP physician/health consultant 906-225-3864 (wk)

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