Sheryl  Crow  

  Show  Description:  


September  9,  2012  -­‐  Cobb  Great  Hall  
  Promotional  Ideas:    

Performance  Schedule:    
Sunday,  September  9  at  7:00  PM  

“Soak  Up  the  Sun”  Photo  Contest  
Inspired  by  Crow’s  hit  song  “Soak  Up  the  Sun,”   encourage  people  to  post  photos  of  themselves   “soaking  up  the  sun”  through  a  social  media  outlet.      

Free-­‐spirited,  fearless  and  fierce,  Sheryl  Crow   has  garnered  nine  Grammys,  performed  duets   with  musical  luminaries  such  as  Sting  and  Mick   Jagger,  released  seven  studio  albums  which  sold   more  than  35  million  records  worldwide,  is  a   cancer  survivor  and  passionate  humanitarian,   and  has  performed  for  President  Obama!  From   humble  beginnings  as  a  jingle  and  back-­‐up   singer,  Crow  has  reached  the  pinnacle  of   professional  solo  success.  She  unveiled  her  soul   stylings  on  her  seventh  album  100  Miles  From   Memphis.      

Crow  on  the  Radio  
Partner  with  a  local  radio  station  and  have  people   call  in  every  time  they  hear  a  Sheryl  Crow  song  (use   popular,  familiar  songs).  Callers  could  receive  tickets   to  the  event.      

What  Crow  Was  That?  
Play  snippet  of  song,  invite  listeners  to  identify  the   song  to  win  tickets.    

Sheryl  Crow  Karaoke  Night    
Partner  with  a  local  restaurant/bar  and  set  up  a   karaoke  night  featuring  all  the  hits  from  Sheryl  Crow.   Distribute  flyers  and  other  promotional  materials  at   the  venue.      

Similar  shows  and  promotion  ideas:  

Lily  Tomlin,  Blue  Man  Group,  Ukulele  Orchestra   of  Great  Britain,  Renee  Fleming,  Parsons  Dance,   Monterey  Jazz  Festival  On  Tour,  Ladysmith   Black  Mambazo,  American  Idiot.  

Crow  Call  

  Key  Points  for  Other  Promotions:   Started  career  as  a  back-­‐up  singer  for   Michael  Jackson,  plays  guitar,  breast  cancer   survivor.     Potential  Partners:   Elderly  Instruments,  Marshall  Music,  White   Brothers,  Crunchy’s,  Buddies  Pub  and  Grill.      

TV  stations  with  an  evening  news  can  set  up  evening   crow  calls,  where  television  viewers  use  a  social   media  outlet  to  share  what  they  saw.  



Lily  Tomlin  


September  16,  2012  -­‐  Cobb  Great  Hall  
Performance  Schedule:    
Sunday,  September  16  at  7:00  PM    

Potential  Partners:  

Show  Description:  
“Lily  Tomlin  Just  May  Be  The  Eighth  Wonder  Of   The  World!”  -­‐USA  Today     Join  Lily  for  an  unforgettable  night  of   sidesplitting  laughter!  “Tomlin  is  amazing,”  The   New  York  Times.  This  unique  comedian  takes   her  audience  on  what  the  Washington  Post  calls   a  “wise  and  howlingly  funny”  trip  with  her  off-­‐ kilter  characters.  “With  astounding  skill,  Tomlin   conjures  up  her  cast  of  characters  with  all  the   apparent  ease  of  a  magician  pulling  a  whole   menagerie  from  a  single  hat,”  the  NY  Daily   News.  She  “made  the  one-­‐person  show  the   daring,  irreverent  art  form  it  is  today,”   Newsweek.  This  Detroit  native  was  awarded  the   prestigious  Mark  Twain  Prize  for  American   Humor  to  go  with  her  Emmys,  Tonys  and   Grammy.  Don’t  miss  this  warm,  uniquely   affecting  event  filled  with  Tomlin’s  classic   characters,  sharp  insights  and  wild,  witty   observations.  

Connxtions  Comedy  Club,  Celebration  Cinemas,   NCG  Cinemas,  Beggar’s  Banquet,  Tavern  on  the   Square.  

Promotional  Ideas:  

A  Night  of  Stand-­‐Up  
Host  a  stand-­‐up  comedy  night  at  a  local  bar.  The  bar   could  serve  drinks  named  and  themed  off  of   Tomlin’s  numerous  iconic  characters  like  Ms.  Beasley   and  Edith  Ann.      

How  May  Ernestine  Be  Of  Assistance  
Partner  with  a  local  radio  station  to  allow  radio   listeners  to  call  in  and  give  their  best  impression  of   Lily  Tomlin’s  iconic  character,  Ernestine.  Radio   listeners  call  in  and  say  Ernestine’s  common  phrase   “How  may  I  be  of  assistance?”  The  Radio  Listener   throughout  the  day  with  the  best  impersonation  will   win  a  pair  of  tickets  to  the  show.    

9  to  5  Movie  Night    
Play  the  original  9  to  5  movie  at  one  or  more  local   theatres.  Information  on  Lily  Tomlin  coming  to  the   Wharton  Center  should  be  provided  at  the  location.    


Similar  shows  and  promotion  ideas:  

Working  Women  Happy  Hour  
Partner  with  a  local  bar  or  restaurant  to  host  an   event  with  drink  specials  or  Lily  Tomlin  giveaways.    

Capitol  Steps,  Ukulele  Orchestra  of  Great   Britain,  Blue  Man  Group,  Improvised   Shakespeare  Company,  Parsons  Dance,  Sonny   Rollins,  Sister  Act,  A  Christmas  Cabaret.  

Lily  Tomlin  Character  Clues  
Provide  clues  about  one  of  Lily  Tomlin’s  iconic   characters,  and  have  radio  listeners  call  in  about   which  character  the  clues  describe.

  Key  Points  for  Other  Promotions:  

Will  star  as  Reba  Mcentire’s  Mother  in  the   upcoming  show  “Malibu  Country.”  




Ukulele  Orchestra  of  Great  Britain  



October  14,  2012  -­‐  Cobb  Great  Hall  
Performance  Schedule:    
Sunday,  October  14  at  7:00  PM      

Show  Description:  
The  daffy  and  musically  astounding  Ukulele   Orchestra  of  Great  Britain  is  an  internationally   acclaimed  chamber  orchestra  that  has  been   singing  and  plucking  their  way  into  thousands  of   hearts  across  the  globe  in  celebration  of  this   humble  instrument.  Their  nuanced  renditions  of   everything  from  Talking  Heads’  “Psycho  Killer,”   to  Beethoven’s  “Ode  to  Joy,”  to  Handel,  Saint-­‐ Saëns  and  Queen,  will  have  you  in  awe.  These   preeminent  musicians  also  have  a  knack  for   physical  comedy  and  pun-­‐filled  banter.  With  a   wide  ranging,  eclectic  repertoire,  these   musicians  may  forever  change  your  view  of   music,  humor,  and  this  tiny,  four-­‐  stringed   instrument.  “They  extract  more  than  seems   humanly  possible  from  so  small  and  so  modest   an  instrument.”  -­‐The  New  York  Times  

Potential  Partners:   Elderly  Instruments,  White  Brothers,  Marshall   Music,  Local  churches,  Hannah  Community   Center,  MSU  Music  Building  Facilities,  Meridian   Mall,  Folk  Fest.  

Promotional  Ideas:    

Afternoon  with  Ukes  
Third  party  partnership  with  a  downtown  venue  and   have  a  jam  session!  Bring  your  uke,  guitar,  or  any   other  stringed  instrument  for  an  afternoon  of  music   making.  Possible  onsite  activities  include  giveaways,   a  ticket  raffle  and  possibly  a  raffle  to  win  a  ukulele.   Invited  to  participate  via  broadcast  or  print  media,   could  rsvp  via  online  registration.    

Super  Uke  Social  Media  Promotion  
Tell  us  the  story  about  how  you  came  to  play  your   uke/guitar  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  Post  pictures  or   videos  of  yourself  playing  music.    Invited  to  enter  via   broadcast  or  print  media.    Winner  could  also  get   chance  to  play  on  air.    

Similar  shows  and  promotion  ideas:  
Sheryl  Crow,  Improvised  Shakespeare  Company,   Blue  Man  Group,  Live  at  Birdland  featuring  the   Birdland  Big  Band,  BBC  Concert  Orchestra,  John   Scofield’s  Hollowbody  Band,  Capitol  Steps,  Lily   Tomlin.  

Wharton  Center’s  Gone  Ukey  
Create  a  video  series  of  local  ukulele  players   demonstrating  how  to  play  the  ukulele.  These  videos   should  be  distributed  every  week  or  so  and  be  used   for  general  promotional  purposes,  especially  on   social  media  platforms.        

Key  Points  for  Other  Promotions:  
Ukuleles  are  a  new  found  craze!  




The  National  Circus  of  the  People’s  Republic  of  China  



October  23,  2012  -­‐  Cobb  Great  Hall  
Performance  Schedule:    
Tuesday,  October  23  at  7:30  PM  

Promotional  Ideas:    

  Show  Description:  
Direct  from  Beijing,  the  National  Circus  of  the   People’s  Republic  of  China  is  a  treat  for  the   whole  family  with  eye-­‐popping,  jaw-­‐dropping   feats  of  balance,  juggling,  flying  and  contortion   you  have  to  see  to  believe!  With  an  ensemble   of  over  40  gymnasts,  contortionists,  jugglers   and  dancers,  the  company  is  one  of  the  longest   running  and  most  distinguished  circus  troupes   in  China.  Acclaimed  for  their  particularly  unique   acts,  this  astounding  ensemble  has  won  over   twenty  Gold  and  Silver  medals  and  other   awards  at  international  circus  festivals.  The   contribution  the  company  has  made  to  the   world  circus  society  is  profound,  influencing  and   training  the  pioneers  of  Cirque  du  Soleil.  

A  la  Mode  du  Cirque  Chinois    
Partner  with  local  gymnastic  or  dance  studios  to  host   an  event  where  children  learn  about  the  history  and   style  of  Cirque  Chinois.  Gymnastic  demonstrations   based  on  the  style  of  The  Nations  Circus  of  the   People’s  Republic  of  China  could  be  given.      

Dancing  Lion  Social  Media  Contest  
The  National  Circus  of  the  People’s  Republic  of  China   is  known  for  their  dancing  lion  act.  Encourage  social   media  followers  to  post  a  photo  or  video  of  their   best  reenactment  of  the  lion  dance.  Prizes  may   include  a  pair  of  tickets  to  the  performance.      

Turn  Your  Office  into  a  Circus  
Encourage  the  community  to  turn  their  offices  into  a   circus  using  promotional  photos  of  The  National   Circus  of  the  People’s  Republic  of  China  as   inspiration.  Prizes  may  include  a  four-­‐pack  of  tickets   to  the  performance.        

Similar  shows  and  promotion  ideas:  
Royal  Drummers  and  Dancers  of  Burundi,   Momix:  Botanica,  Blue  Man  Group,  Ladysmith   Black  Mambazo,  Ukulele  Orchestra  of  Great   Britain,  Parsons  Dance,  Russian  National  Ballet   Theatre  –  Cinderella.  

Walk  the  Line  
Have  you  ever  conquered  a  triumphant  feat?  Write  a   short  passage  about  a  triumphant  feat  that  you  have   done  in  the  past  (Climbed  a  mountain,  overcome   and  obstacle,  etc.).  

  Potential  Partners:  

YMCA,  MSU  Dance  Clubs,  Local  Dance  Studios,   Local  Gymnastics,  Local  High  Schools.  



  Live  at  Birdland  featuring  the  Birdland  Big  Band  



Thursday,  October  25,  7:30  pm  -­‐  Pasant  Theatre  
Performance  Schedule:    
Thursday,  October  25  at  7:30  PM  

Potential  Partners:  
Beggar’s  Banquet,  Gracie’s  Place,  Stobers  Bar,   Dublin  Square,  Local  Instrument  Vendors,  Local   Book  Shops,  Local  Coffee  Houses.  


Show  Description:  
Birdland,  the  famous  New  York  jazz  club   founded  in  1949,  was  where  Count  Basie  and   his  big  band  made  their  headquarters,  and   where  many  jazz  legends  made  a  regular  home  -­‐   Charlie  Parker  (for  whom  the  club  was  named),   Miles  Davis,  John  Coltrane,  Stan  Getz,  Dizzy   Gillespie  and  more.  Now,  the  ambience  of  this   venerable  club  comes  to  Wharton  Center,   featuring  New  York’s  finest  musicians  and   directed  by  one  of  the  world’s  greatest   drummers,  Tommy  Igoe.  Live  at  Birdland  will   feature  iconic  Charlie  Parker  compositions  and   more.  

Promotional  Ideas:  

Birdland  Lands  in  East  Lansing    
Partner  with  a  local  restaurant  or  bar  to  bring  the   atmosphere  and  excitement  of  New  York’s  famous   Birdland  Club  to  East  Lansing.  Special  menus  and   drinks  could  be  created  named  after  the  icons  of  the   Birdland  like  Charlie  Parker  and  Dizzy  Gillespie.   Promotional  material  for  Live  at  Birdland  should  be   available  on  site.      

Name  that  Jazz  Musician  Trivia  Contest  
A  lot  of  jazz  musician  are  known  by  their  nicknames,   like  “Bird”  (Charlie  Parker)  or  “Saxophone  Colossus”   (Sonny  Rollins).  Contestants  will  be  provided  with   the  nicknames  of  famous  jazz  musicians  and  have  to   guess  the  musicians  “real”  name.  This  promotion   could  take  place  over  the  radio,  via  social  media,  or   both.  Prizes  may  include  a  Live  a  Birdland  CD  or  a   pair  of  tickets  to  the  show.    

Similar  shows  and  promotion  ideas:  
Sonny  Rollins,  Tiempo  Libre,  American  Idiot,   John  Scofield’s  Hollowbody  Band,  Sir  James   Galway,  Renee  Fleming,  Monterey  Jazz  Festival   On  Tour,  Anything  Goes,  Sheryl  Crow,  Parsons   Dance,  Ladysmith  Black  Mambazo,  Blue  Man   Group.  

Key  Points  for  Other  Promotions:  
The  Birdland  is  a  New  York  City  staple  as  a   legendary  jazz  club,  The  Birdland  got  its  name   from  the  jazz  legend  Charlie  Parker.  

Charlie  Parker  Take-­‐Over  
Live  at  Birdland’s  performance  at  Wharton  Center   will  feature  fresh  takes  on  the  music  of  the  icon   Charlie  Parker.  Partner  with  local  music  stores,   restaurants,  and  bars  to  stage  a  Charlie  Parker  take-­‐ over,  where  the  jazz  legend’s  music  will  play  all  day,   or  a  portion  of  the  day.  This  promotion  could  expand   to  include  local  radio  stations.  Information  about   Live  at  Birdland’s  upcoming  performance  should  be   available  at  each  participating  organization.    


The  Improvised  Shakespeare  Company  



October  26,  2012  -­‐  Pasant  Theatre
Performance  Schedule:    
Friday,  October  26  at  7:30  PM    

Promotional  Ideas:    

Improvise  Your  Own  Shakespearian  Play  
Have  you  ever  wanted  to  create  a  Shakespearian   play?  Submit  a  video  of  yourself  acting  out  an   improvised  Shakespearian  play.  The  winner  with  the   best  improvised  play  will  receive  a  pair  of  tickets  to   the  show.  

Show  Description:  
Called  “staggeringly  brilliant,”  “consistently   hilarious,”  and  simply  “mind-­‐  blowing,”  The   Improvised  Shakespeare  Company  triumphantly   returns  after  a  sold-­‐out  2011  appearance.  Based   on  audience  suggestion  (a  title  for  a  play  that   has  yet  to  be  written),  The  Improvised   Shakespeare  Company  will  create  a  fully   improvised  play  in  great  Shakespearean  style.   Each  of  the  players  has  brushed  up  on  his   “thee’s”  and  “thou’s”  to  bring  you  an  evening  of   off-­‐the-­‐cuff  comedy  using  the  language  and   themes  of  William  Shakespeare.  Any  hour  could   be  filled  with  power  struggles,  star-­‐crossed   lovers,  sprites,  kings,  queens,  princesses,  sword-­‐ playing,  rhyming  couplets,  asides,  and  insults.  

    What  Would  Shakespeare  Do?  (WWSD)  
Partner  with  a  local  news  program  to  pose  a   situation  in  a  morning  news  broadcast.  TV  viewers   can  use  a  social  media  outlet  to  tweet  the  response   of  what  Shakespeare  would  do  in  that  given   situation.  Participants  would  be  encouraged  to  use   #WWSD  on  Twitter  for  their  posts.      

30-­‐Second  Script  
Participants  will  call  into  a  radio  station  and  perform   a  Shakespearian  play  in  less  than  30  seconds.    

That’s  What  Shakespeare  Said  
Ever  wonder  how  William  Shakespeare  would   tweet?  Radio  stations  will  come  up  with  creative   tweets  to  common  Shakespeare  phrases.  Radio   listeners  will  then  call  in  and  guess  what  the  proper   phrase  is.  (Example:  Why  are  you,  you?   #familyproblems;  Answer:  Wherefore  Art  Thou   Romeo?)    

Similar  shows  and  promotion  ideas:  
Stratford  Festival  of  Canada  –  Shakespeare’s   Will,  The  Acting  Company  –  Of  Mice  and  Men,   Aquila  Theatre  –  The  Taming  of  the  Shrew,   Capitol  Steps,  Lily  Tomlin,  Blue  Man  Group,   Ukulele  Orchestra  of  Great  Britain.  


  Potential  Partners:  
Schuler’s  Book  Store,  Archive  Books,  The   Curious  Book  Shop.  


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