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India-Sierra Muse English 1101 Jan Rieman October 29, 2012

English Mania

English is said to be an international language and one of the most popular languages worldwide. It is the worlds second language. Spanish serves as the worlds first language although English is the most demanding language to learn for many purposes. It helps us talk about global issues such as global warming, poverty, health, and how to conserve energy. English is becoming the answer for problem solving because English serves its purpose as a common language. It does not solve the problem it just makes it easier for everyone to come together and talk about the situations and to combine ideas. Billions of people are learning English because it opens door for opportunity and a better life. By knowing English it is easier to communicate with people worldwide, provide for your family by having a well paying job, and pay for school. English is a second language to many other countries although they take it very seriously. In China children start learning English in the 3rd grade to prepare for the National College Entrance Exam. They study for 12 hours a day for 3 years and they are scored based on their overall knowledge. 25% of the test is English based. The rest of their life depends on their score on the National College Entrance Exam.The billions of people wanting to learn English strive to know perfect English. The problem is that


native, first language English speakers do not speak perfect English. We use slang and make grammatical errors all the time. I was born in Berlin, Germany and I lived there for 3 years but English is still my first language. I dont remember any German at all because English was the main priority of learning. All the little words in German like juice or please were replaced in English. Every now and then my mom will say something in German and ill ask what it means. I wish that I could have learned and remembered both German and English at the same time when I was younger but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I like to think that I speak very well but at times there are things I don't know how to say or how to write grammatically correct. On a Global perspective there are several countries that have street signs that are in English and the native language. This shows how English has such a great impact on interntional countries and how important it is to learn. These countries want to learn the universal language without losing their culture and background. Over time the use of English will increase as it is now.