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#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices

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Tweet Time All-­‐righty  then!  Who  else  is  out  there  ready  to  get  started  for  tonite's   #storyappchat?  Show  of  hands? Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:00:38  +0000 @H2oandcolor  Welcome  to  #storyappchat  tonite!  Glad  to  have  you  join   us  :) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:00:56  +0000 #storyappchat  Hi  guys!  My  first  time  doing  this  but  glad  to  be  here! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:01  +0000 I'm  here!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:17  +0000 Easiest  way  to  participate  in  our  #storyappchat  chat  is  with  TweetChat:    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:20  +0000 @KarenRobertson  @DavidBFox  @cnolanart  @iPad_storytime  Delighted   to  have  you  all  here  too,  welcome!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:29  +0000 @cnolanart  Hi  Cathy!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:42  +0000 #storyappchat  First-­‐timer  here  as  well. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:51  +0000 Here  also...  guess  it's  working.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:01:53  +0000 Hi  there  :-­‐)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:02:05  +0000 @roxiemunro  Hi  Roxie!  Glad  you  could  join  us!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:02:33  +0000 @JannieHo  Hi  there,  honored  you  could  stop  by  for  tonite's   #storyappchat! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:02:42  +0000 Hi  everyone,  it's  my  first  time  here!    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:03:21  +0000 @roxiemunro  @timdemeter  Always  glad  to  have  first-­‐timers  join  us-­‐-­‐ happy  to  (attempt  to)  answer  any  and  all  questions  too!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:03:28  +0000 Me  too!  Stacey  from  @demibooks  and  Little  Bahalia.  #storyappchat   #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:03:49  +0000 @reneekurilla  @staceywng  Yay,  hooray  for  first-­‐timers!  Glad  you  could   come  in  for  tonite's  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:04:09  +0000 I'm  excited  to  hear  about  everyone's  experiences/thoughts  on  blogging   tonight  (+  links  to  your  blogs,  of  course  :)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:04:21  +0000 Carisa  with  @iPad_storytime  is  our  resident  blogger  extraordinare,  I   know  we  will  all  learn  tons  tonight!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:04:57  +0000 Great  to  see  so  many  newbies.  Carisa,  your  Digital  Media  Diet  is  one  of   my  fav  blogs.  Please  share  your  link!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:05:16  +0000 Very  cool  that  there  are  so  many  first  timers  here  tonight!  Was  it  the   topic  that  pulled  you  in?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:05:18  +0000 I'm  always  disgusted  with  myself  for  not  keeping  my  blog  updated  often   enough  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:05:30  +0000 Hi  everyone!  Stacy!  Bit  new  to  this  so  thx  for  your  patience!     #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:05:42  +0000 I  guess  I'm  wondering  how  you  get  folks  to  follow  a  FB  and   Twitter?  Network?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:05:50  +0000 Greetings  #storyappchat  friends.  Just  to  get  you  in  the  mood,  THIS  is  why   we  make  software  for  kids: Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:06:05  +0000 Hi  there,  looking  forward  to  tonight's  topic  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:06:21  +0000 @roxiemunro  Some  would  say  'build  it  and  they  will  come,'  but  relying   on  search  engines  for  traffic  usually  isn't  enough  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:06:28  +0000 Me  too!  I  never  seem  to  know  what  to  write  about  on  my  blog   #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:06:31  +0000 @DavidBFox  This  was  either  the  first  time  I'd  heard  of  it,  or  more  likely   the  first  time  I  figured  out  what  it  WAS.  #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:06:40  +0000 @McFunkypants  @bluesandpiper  Welcome  to  you  both,  glad  you  could   join  us  for  #storyappchat  tonite! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:06:50  +0000 My  goal  in  2013  is  consistent  blogging  and  video  creating  on  how  2  make   book  apps,author  interviews,  market  info  etc.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:07:13  +0000


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#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices @roxiemunro  It's  gotta  be  frustrating  to  write  a  blog  and  not  have   people  read  it!  So  getting  it  on  people's  radar  is  a  must  #storyappchat Are  there  certain  sites  that  let  people  know  about  blogs?  #storyappchat @staceywng  Hah!  Yeah,  twitter  and  chat  isn't  an  obvious  thing.   #storyappchat @brooks_jones    Agree!  Social  media  is  a  great  tool.  #storyappchat  @KarenRobertson  My  blog  is  at:  We  recently   updated  our  theme  &  design,  too.  Thanks  for  the  kind  words!   #storyappchat @cnolanart  I  usly  know  what  to  write  about,  but  I  get  2  ambitious  and   plan  long  posts/reviews,  then  never  have  time  to  do  'em!  #storyappchat Easiest  way  to  participate  in  our  #storyappchat  chat  is  with  TweetChat: RT  @brooks_jones:Some  would  say  build  it  and  they  will  come,  but   relying  on  search  engines  for  traffic  usually  isnt  enough  #storyappchat Hi  everyone!  A  little  late,  but  I'm  glad  to  make  it  to  the  chat  tonight.  #storyappchat @DavidBFox  @roxiemunro  It's  hard  to  write  w/out  an  audience,  but  I   found  just  a  dozen  reads  a  day  made  me  want  to  write  more   #storyappchat But  don't  any  of  you  get  worried  we're  all  saying  the  same  thing  on  a   given  day?  Our  industry  is  so  small...  #storyappchat  #Storyappchat BTW,  I'm  pretty  sure  #blogchat  meets  during  this  very  same  time  frame   ea.  week-­‐-­‐would  be  good  to  pop  in  there  for  guidance  too  #storyappchat I'd  guess  one  way  to  get  followers  (besides  having  great  content)  is  to   also  have  regular  content.  At  least  weekly?  #storyappchat @JulieFHedlund  Glad  to  have  you  joining  us  tonite  for  #storyappchat!  :) Good  evening!  #storyappchat RT  @iPad_storytimeMy  blog  is  at:  We  recently   updated  our  theme  &  design,  too.  Thanks  for  the  kind  words!   #storyappchat #storyappchat  hi  every  one  :) @Julia_Brannon  Hi  there  and  welcome  to  #storyappchat  tonite!  Always   glad  to  have  you. Seems  guest  blogging  =  good  way  to  create  content.  Good  for  blogger  &   flattering  to  the  guest,  plus  get  a  variety  of  info.  #storyappchat RT  @McFunkypants:  Greetings  #storyappchat  friends.  Just  to  get  you  in   the  mood,  THIS  is  why  we  make  software  for  kids: @JulieFHedlund  Hi  Julie!  #storyappchat @DeclicKids  Welcome  to  tonite's  #storyappchat!  Nice  to  see  you,  as   always. @DavidBFox  Agree  David.  I  think  regular  writing  and  posting  are   important.    #storyappchat

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Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:07:16  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:07:33  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:07:40  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:07:47  +0000

Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:08:03  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:08:04  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:08:08  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:08:19  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:08:31  +0000

Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:03  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:07  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:17  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:27  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:45  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:46  +0000

Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:09:58  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:03  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:08  +0000

Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:13  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:17  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:22  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:24  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:35  +0000

What,  in  particular,  are  we  discussing  related  to  blogging?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:10:58  +0000  @KarenRobertson  @brooks_jones  I  agree  w/  "build  it  &  they  will  come",   that's  really  all  I've  done.  I  don't  post  often,  even.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:11:05  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  Best  practices,  tips/tricks,  etc.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:11:13  +0000 @happionlabs  too  cute!!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:11:14  +0000 Our  (newish)  blog  is  at  You'll  see  the  amazing   @juliefhedlund  mentioned  there  :)    #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:11:23  +0000


brooks_jones roxiemunro iPad_storytime DeclicKids iPad_storytime brooks_jones JulieFHedlund brooks_jones bluesandpiper roxiemunro iPad_storytime JulieFHedlund JulieFHedlund cnolanart Julia_Brannon DavidBFox KarenRobertson DeclicKids iPad_storytime DavidBFox KarenRobertson roxiemunro brooks_jones JulieFHedlund KarenRobertson Annie_Fox brooks_jones

Page  3  of  14 #storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices @iPad_storytime  But  you  have  an  affiliated  review  site-­‐-­‐do  you  see  a  lot   of  crossover  visitation?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:11:49  +0000 Don't  have  a  blog,  but  would  think  you'd  need  to  post  at  least  1  or  2  x  a   week  to  keep  people  interested.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:11:50  +0000 @DavidBFox  I  think  it's  more  important  to  post  good  material  than  stick   to  a  weekly  schedule  -­‐  just  my  experience  so  far.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:12:02  +0000 @brooks_jones  Thanks  a  lot  for  your  kind  words  :)  #storyappchat.  I'm   very  happy  to  be  here  (it's  3  o  clock  in  the  morning  in  France) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:12:18  +0000 RT  @staceywng:  Our  (newish)  blog  is  at  You'll  see   the  amazing  @juliefhedlund  mentioned  there  :)    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:12:24  +0000 @roxiemunro  The  best  blogs  do  that,  but  that's  a  pretty  grueling   schedule!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:12:29  +0000 @staceywng  Wow!  Thanks  Stacey!  Folks  will  find  YOU  on  my  blog  too!   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:12:48  +0000 Also,  I'd  suggest  being  pretty  sure  about  who  you  want  to  visit  your  blog   before  getting  it  started  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:13:01  +0000 content  on  a  regular  basis  is  good,  on  wordpress  they  also  have  the   publicize  option  to  attach  the  blog  to  Fb  &  twitter  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:13:01  +0000 True.  Need  new  interesting  content.  Not  rehash  old  material  (though   newbies  may  need  refreshers).  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:13:17  +0000 @roxiemunro  I've  had  months  with  only  1-­‐2  posts,  rarely  weekly,  but  if  I   had  the  content,  I  think  I  could  do  3x/week  easily.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:13:35  +0000 @brooks_jones  I  actually  disagree.  I  think  it's  okay  to  experiment  for  a   while  before  you  have  a  big  audience  1  of  2...  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:13:58  +0000 2  of  2...  unless  you  KNOW  upfront  what  your  specific  reason  is  for   blogging.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:14:24  +0000 #storyappchat  Being  consistent  with  content    helps.  Planning  ahead  is   key  and  doing  blog-­‐hops  help  you  get  more  followers  @DavidBFox Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:14:37  +0000 I  repost  content  from  many  blogs.    The  important  thing  for  me  is  that  I   can  find  the  subject  I  need  in  a  google  search.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:01  +0000 @roxiemunro  Agree  with  you  re  guest  blogging.  Great  way  to  be  seen  by   a  new  audience  is  to  find  other  blogs  to  do  trades  with  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:07  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  Love  your  blog  Julie!  Share  your  link  here?!   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:27  +0000 #storyappchat  I  agree  with  Carissa  and  try  to  focus  on  quality  but  it  is   very  hard  to  keep  a    regular  posting. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:31  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  I  agree  with  you  ...  it's  taken  me  quite  a  while  to  find  my   'voice'  but  I  had  to  start  somewhere.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:36  +0000 @cnolanart  What  do  you  mean  by  "blog-­‐hops"?  Visiting  other  blogs  and   commenting,  or  trading  blog  posts  with  other  sites?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:42  +0000 RT  @DavidBFox:Agree  with  you  re  guest  blogging.Great  way  to  be  seen   by  a  new  audience  is  to  find  other  blogs  to  do  trades  with  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:15:52  +0000 Only  a  consumer  of  blogs.  Have  guested/interviewed  on  a  dozen  or  so,   but  find  them  quite  fascinating,  helpful  &  informative.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:16:14  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  Fair  enough,  if  your  reason  for  blogging  isn't  primarily  to   get  more  and  regular  readers  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:16:15  +0000 I  just  realized,  right  now,  that  I  missed  my  3rd  blogiversary  on  Nov.  18th!   Guess  that's  what  happens  when  ur  so  used  to  it!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:16:16  +0000 RT  @Julia_Brannon:  I  repost  content  from  many  blogs.The  important   that  I  can  find  the  subject  I  need  in  a  google  search.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:16:26  +0000 @DeclicKids  I  tell  bloggers  starting  out,  Warning:  Blogs  are  hungry   beasts!  Must  be  fed  regularly!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:16:40  +0000 @Annie_Fox  Hi  Annie,  nice  to  see  you  here  for  our  li'l  #storyappchat! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:04  +0000


#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices  @DavidBFox  @roxiemunro  Quality  guest  posting  is  usually  a  win-­‐win.   Wonderful  content  for  readers  &  nice  exposure  for  writer.  #storyappchat RT  @Annie_Fox:  @DeclicKids  I  tell  bloggers  starting  out,  Warning:  Blogs   are  hungry  beasts!  Must  be  fed  regularly!  #storyappchat My  blog  is  My  most  recent  post  is  an  interview  with   the  fab  Eileen  Spinelli!  I  <3  her!  #storyappchat So  true!  RT  @Annie_Fox:  @DeclicKids  I  tell  bloggers  starting  out,   Warning:  Blogs  are  hungry  beasts!  Must  be  fed  regularly!  #storyappchat @Annie_Fox  Oh!  My  favorite  blogger!  #storyappchat  @DavidBFox  #storyappchat  Yes.  One  person  "hosts"  other  bloggers  on   their  sites  and  sends  out  an  "invite"  ahead  of  time  to  coordinate  &  sch @DavidBFox  @Annie_Fox  Ya'll  are  so  cute!  #storyappchat @DavidBFox  Ha!  #storyappchat

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Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:05  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:07  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:09  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:18  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:21  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:37  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:46  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:48  +0000

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@brooks_jones  It  might  be  to  get  more  readers  over  time,  but  like   @iPad_storytime  said,  it  can  take  time  to  find  voice/niche.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:17:54  +0000 RT  @JulieFHedlund:  My  blog  is  My  most  recent  post   is  an  interview  w/  the  fab  Eileen  Spinelli!  I  <3  her!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:18:04  +0000 RT  @Annie_Fox:  @DeclicKids  I  tell  bloggers  starting  out,  Warning:  Blogs   are  hungry  beasts!  Must  be  fed  regularly!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:18:12  +0000 You  have  to  love  to  write,  otherwise  it's  going  to  become  a  huge  drag...   very  quickly.  And  you'll  quit.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:18:22  +0000 @cnolanart  @davidbfox  schedule  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:18:27  +0000 @brooks_jones  And  we're  not  even  trying,  Brooks!  ;O)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:18:57  +0000 RT  @iPad_storytime:  @JulieFHedlund  I  agree  with  you.  Its  taken  me   quite  a  while  to  find  my  voice  but  I  had  to  start  somewhere.   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:02  +0000 BTW,  @Annie_Fox's  blog  is    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:03  +0000 Hungry  beast,  true  -­‐  scares  me  that  the  commitment,  once  you  get  going,   you  gotta  keep  it  up.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:08  +0000 So  true!  RT  @Annie_Fox:  You  have  to  love  to  write,  otherwise  its  going  to   become  a  huge  drag...  very  quickly.  And  youll  quit.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:15  +0000 Aye,  so  true!  RT  @roxiemunro:  Hungry  beast,  true  -­‐  scares  me  that  the   commitment,  once  you  get  going,  you  gotta  keep  it  up.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:29  +0000 One  thing  to  ask  yourself  is,  "What  do  I  want  to  give?"  B/c  if  it's  all  about   you  &  your  books,  it  won't  succeed.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:41  +0000 @Annie_Fox  Wouldn't  illustrations  or  photos  be  jst  okay  too  on  a  blog?   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:55  +0000 It's  important  to  a)  have  something  useful  to  say  and  b)  be  realistic  about   why  you  want/need  a  blog.  It's  not  a  panacea  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:19:57  +0000 Thanks  Karen!  RT  @KarenRobertson:   @JulieFHedlund  Love  your  blog  Julie!  Share  your  link  here?!   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:20:19  +0000 Love  this  one:  RT  @DavidBFox  BTW,  @Annie_Fox's  blog  is    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:20:29  +0000 Right!  RT  @JulieFHedlund:  Ask  yourself,  "What  do  I  want  to  give?"  B/c  if   it's  all  about  you  &  your  books,  it  won't  succeed.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:20:30  +0000 RT  on  blogging:  @Annie_Fox:  You  have  to  love  to  write,  otherwise  its   going  to  become  a  huge  drag  very  quickly.  And  youll  quit.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:20:43  +0000 Some  folks  think  it's  the  answer  to  all  their  marketing  questions.  T'aint!   Not  if  you  blog  isn't  useful  and/or  worth  reading.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:20:54  +0000 #storyappchat  Hungry  beast,  so  true!!  It's  a  lot  of  tweaking  and  time  also   to  find  the  "voice"  and  then  improving  again... Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:20:56  +0000


Page  5  of  14 #storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices @juliefhedlund  Right.  Feel  like  it  may  be  an  ego  trip.  Who  cares  what  i   roxiemunro think  about  things.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:04  +0000 Agree  with  Julie!  It's  always  about  how  can  I  be  of  help,  inform  or   KarenRobertson inspire!!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:14  +0000 @cnolanart  Many  talented  artists  have  photo  and  drawing  blogs.  Some   brooks_jones are  really  awesome!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:14  +0000 I  get  topics  for  my  blogs  from  questions  that  come  up  in  my   KarenNemethEdM presentations  #storyappchat  that's  how  I  know  it's  a  needed  topic Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:25  +0000 @brooks_jones  @JulieFHedlund  Absolutely  true!  Not  everyone  SHOULD   Annie_Fox blog.  Like  not  everyone  should  drive!  Or  parent!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:34  +0000 scott_dubois Hello  #storyappchat  Almost  forgot  it  was  tonight...  glad  I  logged  on. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:43  +0000 MT  @Annie_Fox:  Some  folks  think  its  the  answer  to  all  marketing  probs.   JulieFHedlund Taint!  Not  if  you  blog  isnt  useful  or  worth  reading.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:55  +0000 RT  @DavidBFox:  BTW,  @Annie_Foxs  blog  is     Julia_Brannon #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:21:58  +0000 @KarenNemethEdM  @scott_dubois  Welcome  to  both  of  you!  Glad  to   brooks_jones have  you  for  #storyappchat  tonite. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:22:02  +0000 @roxiemunro  Lots  of  ppl  care,  but  in  the  context  of,  "How  does  this   JulieFHedlund relate  to  ME?"  :-­‐)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:22:26  +0000 @KarenRobertson  Agree!  Inspiration  is  a  key  component  for  me.  Guess   Annie_Fox it's  cause  I'm  a  teacher.  always  looking  to  expand  minds.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:22:37  +0000 @Annie_Fox  Agreed.  I'm  wondering  if  I'd  be  better  served  with  an   brooks_jones expanded  website  and  no  blog.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:22:50  +0000 I  didn't  start  to  blog  until  I  had  close  to  100  reviews  on  my  DS  site  -­‐  then  I   iPad_storytime felt  I  had  something  interesting  to  share.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:22:55  +0000 Here  is  my  blog  -­‐  meant  to  focus  on  teaching  young  dual  language   learners,  but  may  stray  a  bit  #storyappchat     KarenNemethEdM #ellchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:23:00  +0000 Annie_Fox @scott_dubois  Hi  Scott.  Welcome!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:23:12  +0000 one's  presentataions  &  programs  are  a  good  way  to  start.  Am  now  doing   roxiemunro a  talk  based  upon  a  guest  blog  I  did.  helps  you  focus    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:23:16  +0000 RT  @KarenRobertson:  Agree  with  Julie!  It's  always  about  how  can  I  be  of   DavidBFox help,  inform  or  inspire!!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:23:29  +0000 RT  @cnolanart:  @JulieFHedlund  Good  point  -­‐  need  to  keep  those   brooks_jones followers  coming!  Blogging:  "What  Do  I  want  to  give?  "  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:23:58  +0000 @brooks_jones  Think  about  what  your  goals  are  for  the  blog.  Inform?   Annie_Fox Inspire?  Build  community?  Vent?  Sell?  What???  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:02  +0000 @KarenRobertson  does  a  great  job  of  sharing  relevant  info  in  a  specific   JulieFHedlund niche.  Blogging  is  gr8  way  to  establish  expertise  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:06  +0000 MT  @KarenNemethEdM:  Here  is  my  blog..focus  on  teaching  young  dual   language  learners,  but  may..    #ellchat   Julia_Brannon #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:17  +0000 #storyappchat theipodteacher Hello  all. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:23  +0000 @cnolanart  I  absolutely  think  image  postings  are  good.  And  videos  too.   staceywng Paragraphs  of  facts  get  boring.    #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:26  +0000 @Annie_Fox  I'd  say  that  your  most  read  blogs  are  the  ones  where  you   DavidBFox feel  passionate  about  something.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:43  +0000 #storyappchat  I  advise  my  students  to  treat  their  blog  like  a  journal  so   willterry333 they  don't  get  frustrated  when  nobody  is  reading  it... Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:53  +0000 RT  @staceywng:  @cnolanart  I  absolutely  think  image  postings  are  good.   KarenRobertson And  videos  too.  Paragraphs  of  facts  get  boring.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:24:59  +0000 Guess  a  single  message/idea/focus  for  a  particular  blog  would  be   roxiemunro helpful..  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:07  +0000


#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices

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@brooks_jones  If  u  are  not  passionate  about  blogging,  expanded  website   is  gr8  option.  I  started  w/  blog,  then  added  website.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:16  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  @KarenRobertson  Love  what  you're  saying  about   Annie_Fox "niche".    Establishing  UR  area  of  expertise  thru  your  blog!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:16  +0000 RT  @willterry333:  #storyappchat  I  advise  my  students  to  treat  their  blog   iPad_storytime like  a  journal  so  they  don't  get  frustrated  when  nobody  is  reading  it... Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:24  +0000 @Annie_Fox  Mostly  to  a)  give  back  a  little,  b)  inform,  and  c)  show  others   brooks_jones I'm  a  real  person.  I  need  to  blog  more  often  tho!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:27  +0000 @Annie_Fox  @brooks_jones  Thanks.  Looks  like  we're  talking  blogs?  I've   scott_dubois got  one,  but  use  it  to  do  an  update  every  quarter.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:35  +0000 My  friend  @teach_preschool  starts  with  photos  as  focus  for  many  of  her   KarenNemethEdM blog  posts,  has  more  than  30,000  followers!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:47  +0000 RT  @Annie_Fox:  You  have  to  love  to  write,  otherwise  it's  going  to   KimmieAnnWrites become  a  huge  drag...  very  quickly.  And  you'll  quit.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:25:59  +0000 @blogbooktours  @willterry333  Welcome  to  #storyappchat  tonite!  Great   brooks_jones to  have  you  with  us  :) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:26:00  +0000 @willterry333  That's  great  advice  for  ppl  just  starting  out.  Write  because   Annie_Fox you  love  to  write.  Readers  will  come...  or  not  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:26:03  +0000 @staceywng  Yes!  visuals/links  etc  break  up  text-­‐heavy  tomes...   roxiemunro #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:26:07  +0000 JulieFHedlund I  won't  even  read  posts  w/no  images!  MT  @staceywng:  @cnolanart  I   think  images  r  good.  And  videos.  Paras  of  facts  get  boring.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:26:11  +0000 @MichelleAnaya  Including  images  definitely  adds  interest  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:26:18  +0000 I  actually  am  not  sure  that  readers  will  come  if  you  write  just  what  you   KarenNemethEdM like.  What  about  writing  it  to  invite  discussion?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:26:59  +0000 RT  @willterry333:  I  advise  students  to  treat  their  blog  like  a  journal  so   JulieFHedlund they  dont  get  frustrated  when  nobody  is  reading  it  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:27:05  +0000 @scott_dubois  That's  a  great  use  for  a  blog,  if  it  accomplishes  the   brooks_jones purpose(s)  you  set  out  for  it  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:27:27  +0000 Who  do  you  guys  consider  the  intended  audiences  of  your  blogs?   timdemeter #storyappchat    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:27:33  +0000 I  write  for  @TakePart,  weekly  Ed.  post.  But  for  my  own,  I  do  it  whenever   Annie_Fox I'm  moved.  Like  yesterday  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:27:43  +0000 #storyappchat  Do  you  guys  ever  go  to  the  blogworld  conference?  Seems   cnolanart like  a  good  way  to  learn  more  on  blogging Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:27:58  +0000 You  can  write  the  same  topic  but  one  way  is  just  you  talking,  other  way  is   KarenNemethEdM presentng  it  as  question  for  readers,  do  you  agree?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:28:25  +0000 artsylliu Hello,  long  lost  friends.  Happy  to  be  here.  #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:28:36  +0000 @KarenNemethEdM  That's  a  different  take.  Blogging  as  a  personal   journal  or  as  a  community  builder  around  open-­‐ended  questions   Annie_Fox #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:28:39  +0000  @willterry333  There's  a  distinction  btw.  no  comments  &  nobody  read.   Ppl  have  told  me  they  LOVE  my  blog  &  have  NEVER  commented.   JulieFHedlund #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:28:45  +0000 My  main  reason  4  writing:  was  frequency  I    had   iPad_storytime duplicate  discussions  -­‐  easier  to  write  it  just  once  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:28:52  +0000 brooks_jones @artsylliu  Great  to  have  you  here  for  #storyappchat  tonite!  LTNS  :) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:28:58  +0000 RT  @timdemeter:  Who  do  you  guys  consider  the  intended  audiences  of   Tomorrow_Jones your  blogs?  #storyappchat    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:16  +0000 As  an  author,  I  don't  think  it  is  to  sell  books  or  apps.  But  to  impart   roxiemunro info...give  advice,  help  newbies,  keep  fans  interested.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:21  +0000 JulieFHedlund bluesandpiper


Page  7  of  14 #storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices  @timdemeter  Intended  audience  changes  over  time.  That's  okay.  Let  ppl   JulieFHedlund connect  with  YOU  &  you  will  be  fine.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:22  +0000 #storyappchat  currently  I  write  everyday  about  apps  and  bookapps  and   DeclicKids quality  in  kids'  media. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:24  +0000 @timdemeter  ABsolutely  I  do!  My  blog  is  for  parents  of  teens  and   Annie_Fox sometimes  for  teens  themselves.  That's  my  niche  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:30  +0000 #storyappchat theipodteacher Blogging  is  a  great  way  for  kids  to  have  the  world  as  their  audience. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:35  +0000 @theipodteacher  Hey  there,  so  glad  you  could  pop  in  for  #storyappchat   brooks_jones tonite! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:29:56  +0000 #storyappchat  My  pet  peeve  on  other's  blogs...making  it  hard  to  leave   willterry333 comments-­‐  i.e.  logging  in,  letter  verifications,  etc. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:30:13  +0000 @KarenNemethEdM  Yes!  Ask  questions  of  your  readers  to  engage  them.   JulieFHedlund You  get  far  more  comments  that  way.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:30:16  +0000 No  way  can  a  blog  be  all  things  to  all  readers.  Best  to  identify  your   Annie_Fox audience  and  write  to  it.  That  way  you  build  expertise  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:30:22  +0000 @Annie_Fox  definitely  room  for  blogging  as  journalling  and/or  as   KarenNemethEdM community  building  -­‐  it's  a  choice  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:30:41  +0000

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RT  @willterry333:  #storyappchat  My  pet  peeve  on  other's  blogs...making   it  hard  to  leave  comments-­‐  i.e.  logging  in,  letter  verifications,  etc. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:30:58  +0000  @timdemeter  Anyone  interested  in  book  apps  &  digital  media  for  kids,   although  some  posts  are  more  for  devs  or  educators  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:03  +0000  @theipodteacher  I  agree!  I  love  offering  teen  writers  guest  blog  slots.  It   gives  my  blog  fresh  voices  &  inspires  other  teens  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:08  +0000 RT  @DeclicKids:  #storyappchat  currently  I  write  everyday  about  apps  and   bookapps  and  quality  in  kids'  media. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:10  +0000 @willterry333  Love  your  blog,  btw.  Full  of  good  information  and  advice!   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:15  +0000 You  can  find  your  audience  by  looking  at  blog  stats.  That's  when  I  learned   that  PB  writers  are  my  primary  readers.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:22  +0000 @timdemeter  I  think  of  people  like  myself  as  my  intended  audience;  if   I'm  interested,  someone  else  might  be  too.  #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:27  +0000 Hi  there.  Sorry  I'm  so  late.  Oliver  finally  stopped  bouncing  on  the  bed  :)   #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:34  +0000 RT  @JulieFHedlund:  @KarenNemethEdM  Yes!  Ask  questions  of  your   readers  to  engage  them.  You  get  far  more  comments  that  way.   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:42  +0000 @KarenNemethEdM  I'm  with  you,  Karen.  Blogs  are  as  diverse  as  film   genres!  It's  very  cool  how  unique  they  can  be.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:47  +0000 @willterry333  Ugh!  Could  not  agree  more!  NO  Captchas,  NO  word   verification,  No  comment  moderation.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:52  +0000 @OMum22  Welcome  to  #storyappchat  tonite!  Great  to  have  you  :) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:31:58  +0000 @willterry333  I  can  understand,  although  w/out  captcha,  etc.  I'd  get   100s  of  spam  comments/day,  so  no  way  to  approve  real  ones   #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:32:33  +0000 Can't  bear  blogs  that  have  poor  grammar,  typos  etc.  Take  care.  Treat  like   an  article,  book.  Not  stream-­‐of-­‐consciousness.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:32:42  +0000 @artsylliu  @timdemeter  Yes!  At  the  very  least,  your  blog  has  to  be  of   interest  to  you!  When  you  read  it,  are  you  pleased?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:32:46  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  So  if  your  unmoderated  comment  section  gets  hit  with   spam,  just  delete  'em  after  the  fact?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:32:54  +0000


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#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices Sometimes  ppl  pitch  guest  posts  to  me  &  more  often  than  not  I  turn   them  down.  Why?  Because  they  haven't  done  their  homework..   #storyappchat My  audience  is  primarily  PB  writers,  but  also  #storyapps,  ppl  who   practice  gratitude.  it's  okay  to  be  a  a  bit  broader.  #storyappchat @willterry333  I  can't  stand  captchas  but  I  do  moderate  comments.   Largely  bc  I  like  to  digest  people's  reactions  to  my  post  #storyappchat @willterry333  @brooks_jones  I  agree!  Will's  blog  is  one  I  read  often  -­‐   excellent  posts:  #storyappchat

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Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:33:30  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:33:42  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:33:50  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:33:51  +0000

@iPad_storytime  @timdemeter  I  had  a  similar  thought.  U  really  have  to   know  who  the  audience  is.  Otherwise,  spinning  ur  wheels.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:34:01  +0000 ...  They  need  to  have  read  a  few  of  my  posts  (at  least)  to  see  if  their  tone,   Annie_Fox content,  topic  is  a  match.  If  not,  I  pass.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:34:05  +0000 @brooks_jones  There  are  spam  blocking  tools  for  blogs  (akismet  is  the   JulieFHedlund primary  one  for  WP)  but  yes,  if  1  slips  in,  I  delete  it.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:34:17  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  I  feel  dumb  all  of  a  sudden:  how  did  you  know  from  your   brooks_jones stats  that  most  of  your  readers  were  PB  writers?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:34:18  +0000 @Annie_Fox  I  now  say  I  don't  take  'unsolicited'  guest  posts.  I  like  guest   iPad_storytime posts,  but  I  have  to  know  you  first  b4  a  pitch.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:34:35  +0000 @brooks_jones  w/out  Captcha  we  got  way  too  much  spam.  If  someone   visits    blog  b4  we  had  time  to  delete  comments,  it  looks  bad   DavidBFox #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:03  +0000 @brooks_jones  Don't  feel  dumb!  I  look  at  most  popular  posts  over   JulieFHedlund periods  of  time.  Always  the  writing  ones  were  way  ahead.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:08  +0000 @iPad_storytime  @willterry333    I've  had  the  same  problem.  You  just  get   overwhelmed  with  spam  if  you  don't  have  some  protection   scott_dubois #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:09  +0000 @Annie_Fox  For  sure.  I  was  curious  if  anyone  was  a  writing  a  blog  for  the   timdemeter same  age  group  as  their  publications  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:12  +0000 willterry333 @iPad_storytime  wow!  Thx!  :)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:20  +0000 Another  way  I  find  topics:  collect  points  on  same  idea  from  diffrnt   KarenNemethEdM resources,  put  together  so  readers  can  find  in  one  place  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:21  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  @brooks_jones  Love  akismet,  works  well  for  me   OMum22 #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:21  +0000  @roxiemunro  Thank  you  for  saying  that,  Roxie!  Yep,  grammar  counts.   Annie_Fox Spelling  too.  Don't  just  post  old  socks  &  expect  respect  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:23  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  My  stats  tell  me  how  many  views  I  get,  and  the  referring   brooks_jones sites,  but  not  who  they  are.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:35:25  +0000 Yep,  akismet  catches  most,  but  not  all,  of  the  spam  comments  I  get  RT   @OMum22:  @JulieFHedlund  Love  akismet,  works  well  for  me   brooks_jones #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:36:22  +0000 @scott_dubois  @ipad_storytime  guess  my  blog  isn't  that  popular...only   willterry333 had  to  remove  two  comments  in  4  years...  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:36:36  +0000 There's  several  spam  emailers  that  say  they  love  my  blog,  have  related   KarenNemethEdM guest  post  -­‐  but  is  just  ad  scheme  :(  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:36:44  +0000 @brooks_jones  I  also  delete  the  few  that  get  thru.  Blogger's  spam  filter   artsylliu works  very  well.  I  did  a  fun  post  on  spam  recently.  #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:03  +0000 My  readers  gravitate  towards  my  autism  &  tech  posts  so  I  do  more  of   OMum22 those  than  I  would  otherwise  likely  do  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:11  +0000 @willterry333  You  did  an  interesting  thing  by  asking  to  interview  me  -­‐   iPad_storytime turned  me  onto  reading  you  blog  in  the  process.  :)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:11  +0000 @timdemeter  I've  been  writing  books  for  t(w)eens  for  a  long  while,  but  I   Annie_Fox blog  much  more  for  parents  of  teens.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:18  +0000 staceywng


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Page  9  of  14 #storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices @JulieFHedlund  BUT:  the  great  thing  is  that  you  targeted  PB  writers,  and   then  later  realized  you  had  actually  attracted  them.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:27  +0000 When  I'm  looking  for  content  to  repost  -­‐  I  will  skip  over  a  blog  that  has   too  many  spelling/grammar  errors.    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:51  +0000

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@KarenNemethEdM  yes,  we  see  a  lot  of  comments  that  are  really  self-­‐ serving  promotions  rather  than  on-­‐topic  comments  -­‐  flung  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:37:58  +0000 This  just  in!  RT  @viralmomtweets:  65  Great  Blogging  Tips  |  Aliens  Money  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:03  +0000 Does  anyone  have  experience  with  companies  approaching  you  for  a   guest  post  that's  essential  a  product  placement  for  $?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:17  +0000  @DavidBFox  I  think  spam  is  more  of  an  issue  for  Blogger  than  WP?  I've   used  Akismet  4  years  &  maybe  4  spam  posts  got  thru  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:32  +0000 RT  @DavidBFox:yes,  we  see  a  lot  of  comments  that  are  really  self-­‐serving   promotions  rather  than  on-­‐topic  comments  -­‐  flung  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:43  +0000 But  I  blog  for  me  mostly.  I'm  opinionated  &  have  a  lot  to  say  &  the  only   way  to  get  it  published  is  to  blog  :p  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:46  +0000

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Rt"@KarenNemethEdM:There's  several  spam  emailers  that  say  they  love   my  blog,have  related  guest  post  -­‐but  is  just  ad  scheme  :(  #storyappchat" Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:49  +0000 @Julia_Brannon  I  hear  you.  Sloppy  writing  ...  gosh,  there's  no  excuse  for   Annie_Fox it!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:50  +0000 @KarenNemethEdM  Unsolicited  requests  to  guest  post  are  usually   scams;  flattering  perhaps?  Spam  increases  as  you  get  traffic.   iPad_storytime #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:38:51  +0000 RT  @OMum22:  My  readers  gravitate  towards  my  autism  &  tech  posts  so   I  do  more  of  those  than  I  would  otherwise  likely  do  #storyappchat   KarenNemethEdM #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:39:05  +0000 Couldn't  agree  more!  RT  @Annie_Fox:  @Julia_Brannon  I  hear  you.   brooks_jones Sloppy  writing  ...  gosh,  there's  no  excuse  for  it!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:39:08  +0000  @staceywng  Very  true.  Write  what  you're  passionate  about.  Ppl  will  find   JulieFHedlund you,  follow  you  &  viola!  You  have  an  audience.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:39:16  +0000 @Annie_Fox  Publishers  send  free  books  to  some  mommy  bloggers  for   roxiemunro free  reviews.  Is  that  product  placement?  Maybe.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:39:45  +0000 @brooks_jones  @viralmomtweets  OK,  except  it's  got  bad  grammar!   staceywng LOL...  But  still,  thanks  for  the  link.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:39:57  +0000 RT  @brooks_jones:  This  just  in!  RT  @viralmomtweets:  65  Great  Blogging   cnolanart Tips  |  Aliens  Money  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:02  +0000 @OMum22  Good  point!  When  you've  written  on  a  topic  that  is  a  big   Annie_Fox draw,  it  makes  sense  to  give  more  on  the  same  topic  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:10  +0000 RT  @JulieFHedlund:  I  think  spam  more  of  an  issue  for  Blogger  than  WP?   OMum22 Ive  used  Akismet  4  years  &  maybe  4  spam  posts  got  thru  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:20  +0000 RT  @brooks_jones:  This  just  in!  RT  @viralmomtweets:  65  Great  Blogging   Julia_Brannon Tips  |  Aliens  Money  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:27  +0000 Spam  DOES  increase  with  traffic,  which  is  why  filters  are  important.  I   JulieFHedlund once  got  a  query  for  a  chapter  book.  I'm  not  an  agent!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:38  +0000 @roxiemunro  I  used  to  do  app  reviews  on  my  blog-­‐-­‐don't  have  as  much   brooks_jones time  for  that  now,  esp.  since  my  blog  is  non-­‐commercial  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:54  +0000 @Annie_Fox  I  get  a  couple  requests/day,  asking  to  do  guest  posts  that   iPad_storytime are  basically  ads.  (often  for  online  ed)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:40:59  +0000 @roxiemunro  Might  be.  But  I  was  referring  to  a  guest  post  solicitation   Annie_Fox about...  playground  equipment.  SOmething  random  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:41:07  +0000 p_staatz


Page  10  of  14 #storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices RT  @theipodteacher:  #storyappchat LauraKomos Blogging  is  a  great  way  for  kids  to  have  the  world  as  their  audience. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:41:11  +0000 JulieFHedlund @Annie_Fox  Yes.  Just  hit  "delete."  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:41:14  +0000 #storyappchat  I  love  to  read  blogs  when  you  can  tell  the  blogger  is   willterry333 passionate  about  the  subject! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:41:28  +0000 @theipodteacher  not  sure  my  thoughts  are  book-­‐length  worthy  ;)   OMum22 #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:41:48  +0000 There  was  a  question  early  on  re  how  to  get  traffic  to  your  blog.  Anyone   DavidBFox want  to  comment  on  their  techniques/best  practices?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:41:49  +0000 You  in  a  nutshell,  Will!  RT  @willterry333:  #storyappchat  I  love  to  read   brooks_jones blogs  when  you  can  tell  the  blogger  is  passionate  about  the  subject! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:02  +0000 Do  you  allude  Wordpress  for  your  blogs  or  blogger?  Tumblr?  What  is   good  to  use  in  your  opinion? cnolanart  #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:17  +0000 @JulieFHedlund  I  always  respond.  Use  a  line  from  Shark  Tank,  "...  and  for   Annie_Fox the  is  reason  I'm  going  to  pass.  Good  luck!"  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:18  +0000 RT  @brooks_jones:  This  just  in!  RT  @viralmomtweets:  65  Great  Blogging   bluesandpiper Tips  |  Aliens  Money  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:19  +0000 Do  any  of  you  use  one  of  those  tools  that  allows  you  to  post  once,  and   staceywng then  it  populates  your  Twitter,  FB,  blog,  etc  at  once?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:22  +0000 RT  @willterry333:  #storyappchat  I  love  to  read  blogs  when  you  can  tell   KarenNemethEdM the  blogger  is  passionate  about  the  subject! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:22  +0000 @willterry333  And  those  passionate  posts  are  the  most  thrilling  to  write!   Annie_Fox #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:48  +0000 @cnolanart  I  use  Wordpress  for  both  of  mine,  but  have  used  Blogger  in   brooks_jones the  past.  It's  good  too.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:42:52  +0000 @iPad_storytime  #storyappchat   I  would  like  to  publicly  thank  you  Carissa  for  allowing  me  to  guest  blog  on   theipodteacher your  site.  It  really  meant  a  lot! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:43:01  +0000  @Annie_Fox  Right.  Unless  app  &  book  reviewers  get  promos  &  free   copies,  how  can  they  review?  they're  not  going  to  buy  all  this   roxiemunro #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:43:12  +0000 cnolanart @brooks_jones  Thanks  Brooke  #Storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:43:44  +0000

@staceywng  Yes,  I  use  HootSuite  -­‐  I'm  experimenting  with  the  pro   version  this  month  actually.  I  also  set  FB  to  post  to  Twitter  #storyappchat @iPad_storytime  Do  you  respond  to  the  requests  or  delete  them?  I  feel   Annie_Fox like  the  folks  are  well-­‐meaning  but...  it's  not  a  match  #storyappchat @DavidBFox  I  rely  on  social  media  to  draw  traffic  back  to  my  blog  and   KarenNemethEdM good  key  words  #storyappchat @OMum22  #storyappchat   theipodteacher I'm  sure  they  are  worthy.  Maybe  another  avenue  to  spread  your  word? scott_dubois Gotta  run!  G'night  #storyappchat The  money  for  "product  placement"  doesn't  sway  me.  I  say  to  them,   Annie_Fox "there  aren't  any  ads  on  my  site  for  a  reason."  #storyappchat My  dilemma  is  my  popular  posts  are  my  Blogger  tips  (which  get  a  lot  of   artsylliu traffic)  but  what  I  like  (art,  PBs)  get  less  notice.  #Storyappchat iPad_storytime

Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:43:48  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:43:55  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:43:58  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:44:07  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:44:14  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:44:42  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:44:44  +0000

OMum22 iPad_storytime Julia_Brannon

 @cnolanart  I  use  WP  for  my  sites.  Have  also  used  blogger  &  typepad  but   prefer  WP,  even  w  steep  learning  curve  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:44:55  +0000 @theipodteacher  It  was  my  pleasure  -­‐  what  you've  done  for  your  kids  is   amazing!  Definitely  a  win-­‐win  -­‐  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:44:56  +0000 @iPad_storytime  I'm  a  big  fan  of  HootSuite.      #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:45:14  +0000


brooks_jones willterry333 brooks_jones OMum22 DavidBFox iPad_storytime

#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices I've  used  both  Twitter  and  Facebook  to  promote  blog  posts.   #storyappchat #storyappchat  @DavidBFox  I  try  to  write  from  my  heart  making  many  of   my  posts  personal...vulnerable... RT  @blogbooktours:  @cnolanart  I  use  both  also,  but  I  think  Blogger  is  a   little  easier  for  new  bloggers.  #storyappchat @staceywng  Yes,  I  use  a  WP  plugin  that  publishes  to  FB,  twitter,  linked-­‐ in.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat  @KarenNemethEdM  could  be  a  chicken  &  egg  thing:  if  you  don't  have  a   social  media  following,  hard  to  bring  traffic  to  UR  blog  #storyappchat  @DavidBFox  I  began  getting  traffic  by  posting  in  forums  primarily  &  to   my  own  friends  on  fb  -­‐  later  my  fan  pages/twitter  #storyappchat

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Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:45:16  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:45:38  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:45:45  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:45:52  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:46:10  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:46:14  +0000

And  more  compelling!  RT  @willterry333:  #storyappchat  @DavidBFox  I  try   2  write  from  my  heart  making  many  of  my  posts  personal...vulnerable... Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:46:16  +0000 @staceywng  I  think  it  can  be  mistake  to  use  auto  posts.  Looks  robotic,   KarenNemethEdM not  engaging.  I  try  to  make  it  personal  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:46:31  +0000 RT    @theipodteacher  It  was  my  pleasure  -­‐  what  youve  done  for  your  kids   KarenRobertson is  amazing!  Definitely  a  win-­‐win  -­‐  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:46:36  +0000 @iPad_storytime  #storyappchat   Wait  until  you  see  what  we've  got  planned  for  the  rest  of  the  year.  Our   theipodteacher next  project  will  be  really  cool. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:46:42  +0000 @willterry333  I  love  reading  your  blog  Will.  I  can  see  your  passion,  and   DavidBFox knowledge:  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:47:09  +0000 @staceywng  like,  when  I  posted  on  how  to  get  ideas  published,  I  shared   KarenNemethEdM with  diffrnt  comments  for  different  hashtags  on  Twitter  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:47:33  +0000  @DavidBFox  networking.  Commenting  on  other  blogs  &  interacting  w   OMum22 other  bloggers  is  key.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:47:33  +0000 RT  @DavidBFox:  @willterry333  I  love  reading  your  blog  Will.  I  can  see   willterry333 your  passion,  and  knowledge:  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:47:39  +0000 roxiemunro I  love  Will's  blog,  Karen's  Carissa's,  Julie's...learn  so  much!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:48:15  +0000 One  thing  can  help  too  is  to  make  sure  you  have  a  way  for  people  to   DavidBFox subscribe  to  your  blog,  so  they  get  an  email  for  new  posts  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:48:53  +0000 brooks_jones You  guys  are  all  full  of  great  advice  and  information!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:48:58  +0000 willterry333 @roxiemunro  thanks  Roxy!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:49:02  +0000 brooks_jones @KarenNemethEdM  Autoshare  gets  it  out  there.  I  usually  share  my  blogs   more  than  once,  tht's  when  I  get  personal  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:49:25  +0000 @artsylliu  Maybe  the  popular  posts  will  eventually  draw  more  people  to   KarenNemethEdM your  other  topics!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:49:30  +0000 KarenRobertson @roxiemunro  Thanks  Roxie!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:50:49  +0000 @DavidBFox  agree.  Also,  differnt  people  use  differnt  platforms  -­‐  so  catch   KarenNemethEdM some  here,  some  there.  Try  starting  LinkedIn  group  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:50:50  +0000 What  I  love  as  a  reader  about  blogs  like  @OMum22  @Annie_Fox  &   @willterry333  is  the  passion  &  full  selves  they  put  into  writing   iPad_storytime #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:50:56  +0000 @DavidBFox  @willterry333  I  agree.  Will,  I  have  been  a  long  time  fan  of   artsylliu your  blog.  Thank  you  for  sharing  so  generously.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:50:58  +0000 @staceywn  I'm  a  fan  of  hootsuite  too.  Used  it  for  work.  You  can   automate  but  still  keep  it  from  feeling  robotic  #storyappchat   timdemeter #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:51:05  +0000 Be  generous.  Share  other  people's  blogs.  Link  to  other  blogs.  Send  traffic   OMum22 to  ppl  &  you  get  it  back.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:51:11  +0000 OMum22


#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices RT  @artsylliu:  @willterry333  I  agree.  Will,  I  have  been  a  long  time  fan  of   brooks_jones your  blog.  Thank  you  for  sharing  so  generously.  #storyappchat Wasn't  til  I  got  active  on  twitter  that  anyone  read  my  blog.  Be  helpful.   Annie_Fox Write  well.  Be  honest  &  funny.  Mission  accomplished!  #storyappchat willterry333 #storyappchat  I'm  tuning  into  storyappchat  more  often  for  all  the  love!!! RT  @OMum22:  Be  generous.  Share  other  people's  blogs.  Link  to  other   KarenNemethEdM blogs.  Send  traffic  to  ppl  &  you  get  it  back.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat @OMum22  Yes...share,  link,  expose  blogs  you  like  to  your  friends.  They   roxiemunro are  often  excited  and  grateful.  #storyappchat JulieFHedlund @roxiemunro  Thanks  Roxie!  #storyappchat RT  @roxiemunro:  @OMum22  Yes...share,  link,  expose  blogs  you  like  to   KarenNemethEdM your  friends.  They  are  often  excited  and  grateful.  #storyappchat I  think  if  I  forced  myself  to  blog  every  week,  most  of  my  blogging  issues   brooks_jones would  be  solved.  #storyappchat  Love  to  write,  just  time  crunched RT  @roxiemunro:  @OMum22  Yes...share,  link,  expose  blogs  you  like  to   JulieFHedlund your  friends.  They  are  often  excited  and  grateful.  #storyappchat I  promote  most  of  my  70+  blog  articles  from  past  2  years  weekly  -­‐  I  work   iPad_storytime hard  to  have  #evergreen  content  vs  frequent  posting  #storyappchat Also,  reply  to  all  of  the  comments  left  on  your  blog.  That's  polite  and  it   Annie_Fox builds  a  sense  of  "there"  #storyappchat RT  @Annie_Fox:  Also,  reply  to  all  of  the  comments  left  on  your  blog.   KarenNemethEdM That's  polite  and  it  builds  a  sense  of  "there"  #storyappchat RT  @OMum22:  Be  generous.  Share  other  people's  blogs.  Link  to  other   iPad_storytime blogs.  Send  traffic  to  ppl  &  you  get  it  back.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Yes!  Stop  by  more  often!  â€œ@willterry333:  #storyappchat  I'm  tuning   DavidBFox into  storyappchat  more  often  for  all  the  love!!!” RT  @roxiemunro:  @OMum22  Yes...share,  link,  expose  blogs  you  like  to   OMum22 your  friends.  They  are  often  excited  and  grateful.  #storyappchat @willterry333  You  stop  by  anytime,  Will:  and  especially  next  week,  for   brooks_jones your  guest  hosting  gig!  :)  #storyappchat JulieFHedlund @iPad_storytime  Very  good  strategy  (evergreen  posts)!  #storyappchat

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RT  @cnolanart  #storyappchat  Do  you  guys  ever  go  to  the  blogworld   conference?  Seems  like  a  good  way  to  learn  more... Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:54:31  +0000 #storyappchat  I  keep  a  running  list  of  possible  blog  topics  on  my   iPad...when  I  need  a  new  post  I  consult  my  list. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:54:52  +0000 RT  @Annie_Fox:  Also,  reply  to  all  of  the  comments  left  on  your  blog.   That's  polite  and  it  builds  a  sense  of  "there"  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:54:52  +0000 @iPad_storytime  That's  true,  you  do!  People  still  mention  to  me  your   post  about  #Astrojammies,  even  last  week.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:54:53  +0000 @JulianaP16  Welcome  to  #storyappchat!  Glad  to  have  you  with  us  tonite   :) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:55:02  +0000 RT  @JulieFHedlund:  @iPad_storytime  Very  good  strategy  (evergreen   posts)!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:55:03  +0000 @Annie_Fox  Couldn't  agree  more!  I  think  it's  sad  when  bloggers  don't   find  the  time  to  reply  when  ppl  took  the  time  to  comment  #storyappchat @DeclicKids  That  makes  a  great  fit  for  the  interview  I  just  sent  back  to   you.  :)  So  sorry  it  took  so  long  to  respond.  #storyappchat  @iPad_storytime  @OMum22  @willterry333  Thank  you  for  the  shout-­‐ out  &  for  putting  me  in  such  gr8  company!  #storyappchat My  post  on  how  to  increase  a  blog's  page  views  (lots  of  tips,  including   networking  &  a  bit  of  SEO):  #storyappchat

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Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:55:30  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:55:40  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:55:43  +0000 Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:56:08  +0000


Page  13  of  14 #storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices My  personal  blogging  advice:  Don't  focus  on  what  YOU  get  out  of  it,  focus   McFunkypants on  what  READERS  will  gain:  tips/info/wisdom/code.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:56:52  +0000 @letstalkkids  Thanks.  Nothing  comes  easy.  It's  a  lot  of  work.  But  I  write   Annie_Fox because  I  HAVE  TO!  Ask  David!  LOL  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:57:10  +0000 Well  folks,  I  have  to  run.  Thanks  for  a  great  chat  as  always!  Wish  I  could   JulieFHedlund make  it  more  often,  but  always  glad  when  I  do!  :-­‐)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:57:11  +0000 @JulianaP16  Yes,  I've  been  to  #BlogWorld  -­‐-­‐  Lots  of  helpful  classes  about   Julia_Brannon blogging,  social  media,  and  resources  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:57:12  +0000 @staceywng  That's  wonderful  to  hear!  My  goal  is  to  take  my  time,  but   iPad_storytime have  the  writing  be  worth  reading  for  years,  not  days.  :)  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:57:41  +0000 brooks_jones @JulieFHedlund  Thanks  for  stopping  by!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:57:48  +0000 RT  @cnolanart:  @KarenNemethEdM  Yeah  I  think  readers  respond  more   KarenNemethEdM if  there  is  engagement  no?  "Writing  to  invite  discussion"  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:57:49  +0000 RT  @McFunkypants:  My  personal  blogging  advice:  Dont  focus  on  what   KarenRobertson YOU  get  out  of  it,  focus  on  what  READERS  will  gain:    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:58:11  +0000 DavidBFox @Annie_Fox  absolutely  true!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:58:31  +0000 And  #blogchat  meets  the  same  time  we  do  each  week,  i.e.  RIGHT  NOW,   brooks_jones good  tips  there  too  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:58:44  +0000 Great  discussion!  When  the  transcript  is  posted,  perhaps  you  could  each   KarenRobertson post  your  blog  links  and  descriptions  in  comments?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:59:11  +0000 If  you're  looking  for  some  new  bloggers  to  follow,  check  out  these   Annie_Fox women.  Great  writers  w/attitude!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:59:19  +0000 @DeclicKids  You  asked  a  lot  of  interesting  questions!  I've  been   iPad_storytime interviewed  a  lot  lately;  each  one  has  a  different  angle.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:59:23  +0000 I  always  get  good,  and  different,  kinds  of  ideas  /  insights  from   KarenNemethEdM #storyappchat  -­‐  thanks  very  much!  #ecetechChat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:59:49  +0000 @KarenRobertson  You  just  took  about  an  hour  off  my  to-­‐do  list   brooks_jones tomorrow!  THANK  YOU!  LOL  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  02:59:50  +0000 RT  @KarenRobertson:  When  the  transcript  is  posted,  perhaps  you  could   brooks_jones each  post  your  blog  links  and  descriptions  in  comments?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:11  +0000 @blogbooktours  sorry,  didn't  see  your  comments.  I  was  focusing  on  the   DavidBFox #storyappchat  hash  tag  (a  chat  we're  doing  now) Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:11  +0000 RT  @brooks_jones:  And  #blogchat  meets  the  same  time  we  do  each   iPad_storytime week,  i.e.  RIGHT  NOW,  good  tips  there  too  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:24  +0000 Thanks  for  another  informative  #storyappchat  everyone!  see  you  in  7   McFunkypants days.  Keep  writing/sketching/coding!  Have  a  happy  week. Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:34  +0000 #storyappchat  @JulianaP16  @brooks_jones  Found  this  link  on  blogging  &   cnolanart time  management Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:47  +0000 @McFunkypants  I'm  torn  about  that.  Some  of  the  posts  I  love  the  most   OMum22 are  the  ones  that  are  the  least  read.  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:52  +0000 @iPad_storytime  thank  you  !  I'm  trying  to  do  a  series  of  interview  of   DeclicKids digital  media  bloggers  #storyappchat  to  get  an  insight  of  the  variety Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:00:56  +0000 “@blogbooktours  On  Little  Pickle  Press  co  blog,  whole  team  has  2   promote  a  new  post  on  social  networks!  Part  of  job  dscrptn   DavidBFox #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:01:23  +0000 Remember  to  check  the  blog(!)  tomorrow  for  the  #storyappchat   brooks_jones transcript Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:01:36  +0000 @DavidBFox  Gosh,  I  sound  boring.  Always  writing.  Sorry,  sweetie!   Annie_Fox Could've  been  worse  if  you'd  married  a  pro.  lint  picker!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:01:41  +0000 RT  @OMum22:  Be  generous.  Share  other  people's  blogs.  Link  to  other   hchybinski blogs.  Send  traffic  to  ppl  &  you  get  it  back.  #storyappchat  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:02:15  +0000 Thanks,  folks!  Great  dialogue.  Catch  up  w/many  of  you  on  FB,  and  have  a   roxiemunro great  first-­‐week-­‐of-­‐December    ;-­‐))  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:02:43  +0000


#storyappchat Transcript  for  12/2/12 Blogging  Best  Practices And  please  don't  miss  @willterry333,  our  guest  host  for  next  week's   brooks_jones #storyappchat!  12/9  at  9  PM  ET/6  PM  PT RT  @brooks_jones:  And  please  don't  miss  @willterry333,  our  guest  host   KarenNemethEdM for  next  week's  #storyappchat!  12/9  at  9  PM  ET/6  PM  PT DavidBFox @Annie_Fox  hah!  You're  pretty  good  at  that  too  :-­‐)    #storyappchat cnolanart Have  a  nice  week  everyone!  Blog  away!  :  )  #Storyappchat Great  chat!  RT  @brooks_jones:  Remember  to  check  the  blog(!)   tomorrow  for  the  #storyappchat  transcript   iPad_storytime #storyappchat

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:)  RT  @brooks_jones:  And  please  dont  miss  @willterry333,  our  guest  host   for  next  weeks  #storyappchat!  12/9  at  9  PM  ET/6  PM  PT  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:03:32  +0000 @brooks_jones  What's  the  topic  next  week?  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:03:36  +0000 RT  @brooks_jones:  And  please  dont  miss  @willterry333,  our  guest  host   JulieFHedlund for  next  weeks  #storyappchat!  12/9  at  9  PM  ET/6  PM  PT  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:03:36  +0000 RT  @iPad_storytime:  Great  chat!  RT  @brooks_jones:  Remember  to  check   the  blog(!)  tomorrow  for  the  #storyappchat  transcript   theipodteacher  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:03:38  +0000 RT  @iPad_storytime:  :)  RT  @brooks_jones:  And  please  dont  miss   @willterry333,  our  guest  host  for  next  weeks  #storyappchat!  12/9  at  9   theipodteacher PM  ET/6  PM  PT  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:03:54  +0000 Thanks  everyone!  Gr8  chat!  Special  thanks  to  all  the  awesome  bloggers   who  stopped  by  &  cohosts  @brooks_jones  &  @iPad_storytime   DavidBFox #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:04:23  +0000 brooks_jones @JumbleBugs  @willterry333  will  guest  host  next  week's  #storyappchat  ! Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:06:26  +0000 Thank  you  to  my  co-­‐hosts,  @DavidBFox  &  @brooks_jones!  To  all  the  new   iPad_storytime visitors  to  the  chat  tonight:  We're  so  glad  you  came!    #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:06:51  +0000 What  she  said!  RT  @iPad_storytime:  Thank  you  to  my  co-­‐hosts,  and  to  all   brooks_jones the  new  visitors  tonight:  We're  so  glad  U  came!  #storyappchat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:07:57  +0000 RT  @KarenNemethEdM:  I  always  get  good,  and  different,  kinds  of  ideas  /   ChildWelfare411 insights  from  #storyappchat  -­‐  thanks  very  much!  #ecetechChat Mon,  03  Dec  2012  03:13:59  +0000 Topic  for  the  12/2/12  #storyappchat:  Blogging  Best  Practices  via   sufisinha @iPad_storytime  |  @scoopit Sun,  02  Dec  2012  13:44:05  +0000 Tonight:  #storyappchat:  Blogging  Best  Practices  |   realfunlearning 6pm  PT/9pm  ET  @iPad_storytime.  I  'll  be  waiting..@realfunlearning Sun,  02  Dec  2012  15:50:50  +0000 @Teach_preschool  -­‐  you  might  like  #storyappchat  Topic  tonite:  Blogging   KarenNemethEdM Best  Practices  via  @iPad_storytime  |  @scoopit Sun,  02  Dec  2012  18:27:16  +0000 Tonight  on  #storyappchat:  #Blogging  Best  Practices  for  #Authors  |   iPad_storytime  Join  @StoryAppChat  every  Sunday,  6pm  PT/9pm  ET Sun,  02  Dec  2012  23:20:04  +0000 iPad_storytime JumbleBugs