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Jessica Duong

Graphic Designer & Journalist

[ Austin, TX ] [ 832 330 0091 ] [ ]

Personal Objective Chase Quarterman Education Experience School ofTo bridge cultural communication barriers through visual and print media Journalism Mail Code: A1000 The Division of Housing and Food Service at UT University of Texas Education of Texas at Austin University Graphic Design / Art Direction Intern of graduation Spring 2014 Austin, Texas 78712of Texas at Austin Expected date University Summer 2012 - Present Major:Junior GPA 3.5/4.0 Journalism February 8, 2012 Minor: French (Copy Editing and Design), Business Concentration Dear Chase, Journalism Art directing and designing marketing media, including flyers, GPA: 3.5/4.0 photos, infographics, and digital ads, would be. Since I am At the beginning of this project, I wasnt completely sure what my personal identityto publicize menus, a Graduation Experience date : Spring 2014 and nutritional information in all dining- Present June 2011 former physics major, my - Copy Editor, Comic Artist dining hall events,calculus and physics coursework, which was not The Daily Texan last two years in college have been lled with locations at UT enjoyableRead and the slightest, but I found comfort in occasionally drawing, sewing, baking, scrapbooking, and many to me in edited articles according to AP style, wrote headlines other activities multiple comics per week for personal comic strip Drew that make me sound overly domesticated. My personal identity design is a reection of my love for handmade crafts with a slight vintage feel. SKILLS The Daily Texan Copy Editor, 50s and 60s. Illustrator Skills The color scheme was inspired by household kitchens in theComic Artist,This may seem strange, but I always relate saturated orange, cylindrical cookie jars andFrench light blue fridges with vintage kitchens. Because the orange is a Summer 2011, Spring 2012 Languages: Procient Vietnamese, Basic Languages brighter color, I used itMacintosh,my name and also CSS, Adobe Creative for the reverse type. I wanted to utilized the blue to outline Windows, HTML, a background color Suite Multimedia: Vietnamese, Basic French as more of a background color, but a solid blue blockRead and edited articles according to striped pattern, which looked heavy. Alternatively, I created a AP style, wrote headlines denitely created a lighter appearance, but still establishedmultiple comics per week for my letterhead, I incorporated Drew a background for the type. On personal comic strip and Acheivements Multimedia black to contrast my title and contact information, but also because Iaccompany header to connect to the body copy of illustrations to wanted the articles Mac,University Honors in Academics for the semesters of Spring and Fall 2011 Windows, HTML/CSS, Adobe CS5 my letters and resume. Soundslides, Audacity, Final Cut Pro My name was actually drawn out, scanned, and traced with the pencil tool. Although it was hand drawn, I tried to Recipient of the Most Outstanding Girl of Alief Hastings High School from the Alief Independent School District. keep some small details on each letter consistent, so to make it more cohesive. For example, the i, u, and n possess a SocialAwarded at Spring 2009 graduation Media curled detail and the a, u, and n also have a curled nish. The ribbon-like detail on the g was actually a mistake, but I Achievements T witter, T umblr, F acebook kept it there because it added a bit of visual interest. Side Activities I decided to stick with sans serif types and only utilzed Calibri and ManksSans. The ManksSans felt very uid to University Honors in Academics T-Shirt Equipment Design me, and I do personally believe that serif types convey a more classic feel, ManksSans just seemed to mesh better with my F 2011 and all Rice Universitys 2011 George R. Brown Forensics Society Spring 2012 semesters Canon EOS Rebel T2i hand drawn name. I used Calibri for most of my body copy because it was tighter and less curvaceous than ManksSans. University of Houstons 2011 Pre-Law Summer Institute Within my resume, ManksSans in medium weight and 12pt was used for the larger titles and Calibri at 11pt for the The Most Outstanding Girl of Alief Hastings High School information. On my business card I used MankSans and the copy editor was tracked closer together to make it seem less University of Houstons By Design Program inRewarded by Alief Independent School District Summer 2008 Architecture like four job titles because I am not a copy and an editor. Spring 2009 graduation With a chance to improve on this design, I would denitely neaten up my name and experiment with dierent Volunteer work types to make my business card have a stronger presence, instead of a subdued one. Overall, I hope when someone sees September 2008- May 2009 The Childrens Museum of Houston my business card and letterhead, they see I like to customize and create free from perfectly kerned typography and Summer 2008 Westchase Houston Public Library side activities rectangular box shapes. Summer 2008 Vacation Bible School Teaching Assistant St. Justin Martyr Catholic Community
Yours Truly,


Jessica Lynn Duong Volunteer at both farm and farmers markets Keith Ragsdale - Architecture Teaching Assistant

Freelance T-shirt Designing Rice Universitys 2011 George R. Brown Forensics Society Mark Warren - Teacher/Organization Sponsor Univeristy of Houstons 2011 Pre-Law Summer Institute Alief Hastings High School Two Happy Childen Farm