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NEWMAT is experts in stretch ceilings system over 25 years in United Kingdom.




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1. Introduction Stretch Ceiling System NEWMAT UK Midlands Ltd 2. STRETCH CEILINGS: A New Way Of Comfortable Ceiling 3. Stretch Ceiling System From Concept To Realization 4. Technical Information For The Installation Of The NEWMAT Ceiling 5. NEWACOUSTIC: The Stretch Ceiling For Your Acoustic Comfort 6. 3D Ceilings - Characteristics And Uses Of 3d Decorative Wall Panels 7. Mirodal Panels 8. Mirodal Standard 9. Mirodal: The Standard Suspended Ceiling Tile 10. Mirodal Acoustic, Luminous, Biopruf, Decorative 04 05 07 10 12 14 16 18 21 23

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NEWMAT is experts in stretch ceilings system over 25 years in United Kingdom. NEWMAT UK LTD stands along with your dreams and allows moulds your creativity. NEWMAT provide best design and high quality products which evolves from a strong concept. This system has already been adopted in over 55 countries. The 3D concepts in ceilings open up a new world for us. The NEWMAT stretch ceilings allow you to create flat or 3D ceilings in graphics preview. You can ensure that your ceilings are unique with NEWMAT UK LTD. The project is designed in accordance with your mood and desire. Also you can personalize your suit. NEWMAT panels available in many vibrant colors and gives super fine finishing. The panel is comprised of a powder coated white aluminum frame, covered with a double layer of PVC film available in shiny, satin, matte, translucent acoustic and Pruf finishes. Almost all NEWMAT stretch ceilings membranes can be treated acoustically (Micro Perforation) which can improve the audibility and aesthetics of a room. NEWMAT offers top high quality different panels. The absorption performance is really interesting as excellent results are achieved with low frequencies around 500Hz. Installing the stretch ceiling is the perfect solution. Since traditional acoustic absorbent (mineral wool) perform rather poorly at these frequencies. NEWMAT stretch ceilings system available for user that is very easy to install and water resistant giving maintenance free. NEWMAT allows us to achieve the natural effects of light. NEWMAT stretch ceilings are guaranteed for 10 years and 100% recyclable. If you choose NEWMAT for your dream projects ensures that you will be safe and secure. Consider your future ceiling projects with NEWMAT UK LTD to adapt your needs and desires. For more information visit website Page 4 of 24

STRETCH CEILINGS: A New Way of Comfortable Ceiling

Build your Premises with unique ceilings to make it more aesthetic and feel acoustic comfort with a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in the art of NEWMAT ceilings. The Advantages of Stretch Ceilings Stretch ceiling is ideal both for new buildings and for renovation purposes. Installation can be carried out in just a few hours. It is practical because it can be quickly removed and reinstalled with no mess involved for any technical work to be carried out. The main advantage is that, it is aesthetic. NEWMAT ceilings are available in more than 300 colors. These are very strong and durable; it can transform any interior to attract everyone. They are impregnated with anti-bacterial compound that eliminates unpleasant odors. Thats why stretch ceilings great option for bathrooms and swimming pools, medical facilities and kitchens. They do not support combustion and do not miss the dust and whitewash, which can crumble from the ceiling. It can be washed by any detergent, and indeed the ceiling does not require special care and is ideal when it comes to minimizing water damage. A ten-year warranty certainly arises in the first place, among other advantages of the ceiling! The absorption performance is really interesting as excellent results are achieved with low frequencies around 500 Hz. Installing a stretch ceiling is the perfect solution, Since traditional acoustic absorbent perform rather poorly at these frequencies. With an acoustic ceiling you will feel a long-awaited Page 5 of 24

freedom of action. Because of its non-rigid structure, NEWMAT absorbs shocks without being damaged. In addition to that, Stretch ceilings can be installed in a few hours, without the necessity of a construction site or a need to relocate during the installation; it is also odorless. During installation, the business can continue with its normal operations. There are many opportunities to create any room. You can use the most unusual design ideas and solutions, and various decorating techniques, modern technologies and finishing materials, and much more. The Price of Stretched Ceiling The price of a NEWMAT ceiling depends on the size of the room, on the number of angles and also the type of material you choose this may be matt, satin or lacquered finish with acoustical comfort. A stretched ceiling price can change if you decide to add a numerical printing or spots, lighting. Thats why a fixed square meter price would not be relevant for a PVC stretched ceiling. Installation of Stretch Ceiling NEWMAT stretch ceiling is easy to install. During installation the business can continue with its normal operations. Contact your dealer/installer directly and choose the material you want to apply. Stretch ceiling designs are available in more than 300 colors and textures. There are many options available according to your individual needs and wishes such as acoustic ceilings, luminous, printed with the graphics of your choice, etc NEWMAT dealer-installer first places the profile on your wall or ceiling and then installs your custom made NEWMAT stretch ceiling. The installation of a stretch ceiling allows you to keep your lights (ceiling lights or wall lights), but also to choose spotlights which you can build into your stretch wall or ceiling for an efficient and subdued interior lighting. Your NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling is guaranteed for 10 years against seam ruptures. It resists dirt and humidity. You can clean it with a household cleaning agent or with the specially formulated.

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Stretch Ceiling System from Concept to Realization

NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings are suitable for any private, commercial or public place. We can adapt to any of your requirements and accommodate any type of lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, safety or sound system. NewMats' unique characteristics offer style and much more, from single family homes to sports complexes and restaurants. The fantastic features of NEWMAT stretch ceilings give you a design tool like no other. NEWMAT is the couturier of your ceiling. Think luxury, innovation and prestige! Plus 10 years warranty. NEWMAT membranes are a flexible PVC material, custom cut and seemed to fit your application, and are surrounded by a welded semi rigid harpoon.With Newmats vast array of colours, finishes and Page 7 of 24

flexible tracking systems, Concept Ceilings can help design the ceiling of your choice, from flat contemporary to curved, waves, vaults, domes and circular. All installed by our highly trained operatives offering a nationwide service. NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling System provides a unique and creative application that combines aesthetics, design, and quality. The components of the NEWMAT system include a membrane, rails, and rings. The PVC Stretch Ceiling System can create curves, angles, domes, and other various shapes. NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling will maintain its original brilliance without the need for maintenance, and meets the most stringent building codes. DESIGN With the use of our 3-D rendering program, we can help you visualize your own design or give you design options based on your input from which you may choose. MATERIAL OPTIONS First, you will need to choose a NEWMAT membrane, from over 200 colors / finishes, for your application based on the aesthetic, technical, and/or acoustical requirements of the project. Choose your membrane in the Components menu. Second, a choice of perimeter rail, from over 20 different options, will need to be made based on the aesthetic, technical, and/or accessibility requirements. Choose your rail in the Components menu as well. FABRICATION Once you have finalized your design, specifications, and material choices, NEWMAT will fabricate the custom ceiling or wall system based on same using its computer program and the exact field measurement from the on-site survey. INSTALLATION The installation procedure is generally quick, clean, and unobtrusive. NEWMAT will work closely with any other trades which relate to the installation of its ceiling or wall system. You can review, download, and/or print our Basic Installation Procedure Manual from the Professional menu. From concept to realization, NEWMAT UK and its network will provide you with an outstanding level of commitment, professionalism, quality workmanship, and service unmatched in our industry. MEMBRANE NEWMAT membranes are a flexible PVC material, custom cut and seemed to fit your application, and are surrounded by a welded, semi-rigid harpoon. Depending on your choice of color/finish, the maximum size of a monolithic membrane will vary from 250 square feet to 1,250 square feet. For greater sized applications, a structural divider or a structurally supported double rail will need to be

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used. Membranes can be chosen according to your aesthetic needs, technical requirements, and acoustical value with Lacquer, matte, mesh, perforated, satine and translucent finishes.

RAILS NEWMAT rails are made of either PVC or aluminum extruded material. They are cut and secured to the perimeter of your application using various types of anchors chosen according to the material nature of the existing wall, ceiling, or sub-framing to which they will attach. Rails can be chosen according to aesthetic needs, technical requirements, curving abilities, and accessibility demands. Different types of rails are available in NEWMAT. They are Concealed, Double, Visible, Tubing. RINGS NEWMAT rings/grommets are necessary for all penetrations made through the membrane to allow for lighting fixtures, sprinkler heads, registers, smoke detectors, etc Rings are made of either Sintra or Komatex material, and they vary in size, shape, and thickness depending upon the penetration. The installation/securing of the rings is performed on site and is not part of the custom fabrication of the membrane. SUB FRAMING Various types and configurations of sub framing can be used for the following: Support and/or create a change of direction in a NEWMAT membrane. Support a double rail for the division of a large area. Support lighting fixtures, registers, smoke detectors, etc. Support various types of acoustical backing material. Support and/or create a free-floating ceiling for cloud applications.

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Technical information for the installation of the NEWMAT ceiling

NEWMAT - REVOLUTIONARY TECHNIQUE The PVC stretch ceiling system can create curves, angles, domes and other various shapes. It can be used without any light source from behind (dark perforation), in natural transparency, or backlit with or without a NEWMAT translucent ceiling which has a frosted glass look (luminous perforation).NEWMATA ceiling which combines design, aesthetic and quality from a strong concept which allows you to express your creativitya concept already utilized in more than 55 countries. The NEWLIGHT Stretch Ceiling in translucent finish allows you to play with lighting. The NEWLIGHT ceiling serves at the same time a practical and an aesthetic purpose: it is decorative, and diffuses the light. The ceiling makes your space clean and luminous, allowing designs limited only by your imagination. The NEWMAT comes with different colors like crme, opal, kiwi and vanilla and much more which gives satin finish. It can be installed and removed easily. Also it is safe and maintenance free. CEILING WITH SUPPORT FOR NEON LIGHTS

This equation allows you to calculate the optimal distance between the neon lights, as well as the distance between the neon lights and the stretched ceiling. Where, X: Distance between Neon Lights and stretched Ceiling (30 cm minimum) and A: Distance between Neon Lights. The ceiling comes with light diffusion and dust protection

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INSTALLATION PRINCIPLE OF NEWMAT CEILING The profile is fixed on the perimeter ceiling and allows for the installation and stretching of the membrane. The membrane is stretched without the use of heat INSTALLATION OF NEWMAT CEILING The NEWMAT ceiling is clean and very easy to install and can be installed in several hours. The Installation can be done with the following simple steps 1. 2. 3. 4. Fastening the rails to the perimeter walls Unfolding the ceiling Inserting the corners Inserting the perimeter, the installation is complete.

CHARACTERISTICS OF NEWMAT PRODUCTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Mass tinted with UV protection Not affected by disinfectants (Chlorine etc) Class A non toxic fire rating 100% memory allowing it to return to original state even after deformation from leaks or others Perforation allows for ventilation of plenum or exhaustion of penitential smoke Welded together by light frequency Perimeter rails allow for the harpoon insertion Thickness of 0.01, weigh of 0.65 ounces per square foot Non porous and resistant to humidity and chemicals

FLEXIBILITY OF THE SYSTEM 1. Fully accessible ceiling 2. Can be perforated to accommodate light, HVAC and other mechanical 3. Numerous technical and aesthetic options to complement swimming pools, shopping complex, Industrial buildings, restaurants, offices etcwith flat or shaped ceilings.

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NEWACOUSTIC: The Stretch Ceilings for Your Acoustic Comfort

A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components - a perimeter profile and a lightweight Polyvinyl chloride membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings, the system may also be used to create wall applications, ceiling and wall murals, suspended 3-D panels, or freestanding features. They can be given virtually any shape. Stretch Ceiling Systems can act as a special resonance absorber, also called a micro-sorber. The micro-sorber is available in 250,000 perforations per square meter. This enables the user to apply an acoustic treatment to any area without compromising the cosmetic look of the project. The spectrum of design possibilities with acoustic design ceilings has been significantly expanded. The elegant integration of stretch ceiling surfaces in acoustic ceiling designs makes for a striking aesthetic appearance using color, light and degrees of gloss and, in its function as an illuminated ceiling, provides a gentle surface lighting with variable color mix. The superb variety of both colors and shapes is impressive! Clear geometric forms or freely defined shapes, combining various perforation patterns of the acoustic design ceilings, result in ceiling areas which are rich in contrast and can be level or stepped for 3D accentuation. Acoustic design ceilings are the most significant instrument in the acoustic design of a room. In determining the right sound absorption, various factors such as room volume or planned utilization play a major role. Acoustic ceilings can also be convincing from a design point of view. General statements regarding good or bad absorption do not make much sense. An individual calculation Page 12 of 24

must be performed for each construction object in order to come up with the right room acoustics. Especially large rooms, such as opera or concert halls, and highly frequented areas such a schools and day care centers or public buildings require sophisticated acoustics. A great selection of various acoustic design ceilings is available to achieve an optimum room acoustic performance in the ceiling design. Besides the acoustically highly effective perforated panels, acoustic plasters can also be used to significantly improve room acoustics through wall and ceiling surfaces. Reverb, or acoustic reducing islands and baffles are ceiling based sound absorbers designed to control the reverberation in sound reflecting environments like atriums, which have limited wall space. Absorbing typically around 85-95% of the sound that hits them, they effectively reduce the amount of reflected sound, and prevent it bouncing around your space. The islands, or panels, are suspended horizontally below the room ceiling, and they can support lighting if required. Baffles are hung vertically, either individually or in groups, allowing them to form patterns that follow the shape of the space. Stretch Ceiling Systems can act as a special resonance absorber, also called a microsorber. The micro-perforations convert sound energy into heat energy. The friction of air in the holes is reinforced by the volume of air trapped between the material and the backing (wall or ceiling), which generates the impressive acoustic properties of the microsorber. The diameter of the perforation holes, the distance between the holes, the thickness of the panel, and the thickness of the air space between the panel and the backing determine the sound absorption coefficient of a microsorber. These four variables allow you to meet various room acoustic demands for speech, music, or general noise control for a more pleasant and comfortable environment. This system can be applied to all of the Stretch Ceiling Systems colors and finishes. Microsorber Stretch Ceiling Systems are ideal for restaurants, bars, auditoriums and any area needing special acoustic attention.

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3D Ceilings - Characteristics and Uses of 3D Decorative Wall Panels

3D is short for Three Dimensions, and it refers to the three-dimensional, three dimensions, three coordinates, that has length, width, height. In other words, it is three-dimensional. At present-day, numerous of wall panels spread all over the world, and the most outstanding kind is 3D wall panel. Besides this sort of wall panel is different from ordinary one, it owns high quality with 3D design concept. The 3-D ceiling System allows you to create dramatic, threedimensional designs that combine shape, texture, and lighting. The second generation of 3D decorative wall panels has various patterns and colors for you to choose, such as weaving grain yellow bottom wall panel, silver wiredrawing grain wall panel, and silver wiredrawing grain wall panel, etc. 3D decorative wall panel is a new type of three-dimensional wall panel. It has more flexible decorative design and better decorative effect, natural fashion and strong three-dimensional. It is manufactured by the raw pure physical natural plant fiber, light and exquisite texture, and three-dimensional relief, with the other interior decoration materials incomparable natural environmental protection, elegant and beautiful decorative effect and artistic connotation! 3Ddecorative wall panels have the features of high strength, ease installation, low water absorption and good sound-absorbing effect, the first level of environmental protection, first level of fire prevention, zero methanol release and the size range of styling is customized.
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Random combinations can be a single blocks, free color, has a super long service life, and a wide range of installation and convenient transportation. It is mainly applicable for star hotel, clubhouse, high-end office, resorts, major mall, private villas, and other large-scale public entertainment backdrop. The vast majority are used for indoor wall panels, for example, the company front desk backdrop, lounge backdrop, etc., can also be used in the bathroom wall. Styling and specifications can also be independent, to meet small area requirements: LOGO lobby wall, the corridor wall features modeling staircase hall wall, backdrop, pillars, bar, ceiling, etc. With the deepening concept of pay less attention to design and fitting, pay more attention to decoration in many younger generation people, the 3D decorative wall panels decorative products has become the latest wave of building walls, original products, domestic blank, a launch caused consumers around the enthusiasm snapped, setting off a 3D wall hangings art consumer boom. 3D decorative interior wall paneling makes the civil aerospace scientific and technological achievements use in the civil life and the industrialization, use the new lightweight, high-density nanometer synthetic ceramic, mica, activated carbon for the substrate used in conjunction photo initiator, the surfactant deal with water-based paint, and do not faded painted pigment.

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Mirodal Panels
Mirodal is a freestanding lay-in panel comprised of a powder coated white aluminum frame, covered with a double layer of PVC film, available in shiny, satin, matte, translucent, acoustic and Bio Pruf finishes. Available in all colors and finishes of the NEWMAT product line. Mirodal Panels are used in all Apple Center in the world, Bank of America and everywhere seeking innovative lighting with self-service maintenance for the maintenance of neon. Hygiene and bacteriological properties: - closed-cell material, nothing can encourage microbial growth. - Insensitive to humidity and water. - The mirodal panels can be cleaned with common household cleaners.

MEDIUM density: 33 kg / m Thermal conductivity: W / M = 0.028 C compressive strength: 2.8 kg / cm capillary: no

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reaction to fire: M1/B1 decorated film (visible side) type PVC 17 cents colored mass capillarity: no reaction to fire: M1/B1

MEMBRANE CHARACTERISTICS: PVC films dyed ranking M1/B1.Euroclasses BS2DO. Micro perforated acoustic, matt colors. Translucent: light transmission, double skin, dust. Bio Pruf: antifungal, antibacterial. Decorative: white lacquered colors. DIMENSIONS: The MIR.O.DAL has standard measures (dimensions) but can be made to measure according to your layout plan (perimeter ml) INSTALLATION OF MIRODAL PANELS: Visible T-Bar grid T15, T24 or T32 Suspensions are with cables or others. The panels cannot be re-cut on site.

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Mirodal Standard
Adding mirodal ceiling panels to offices, hotels, reception halls, kitchens, theatres, pools, etc. can completely enhance the dcor. Choose a ceiling panel design and learn how to install it with NEWMAT UK. Mirodal panels for suspended ceilings come in a variety of styles from classic white to decorative metal. If you hate tiling, you'll love our mirodal ceiling panels. Our decorative panels can be easily fitted to any surface and save you money on installation costs. They are simple to use and quick to install, allowing you to speedily transform a room or any premises you want. With a range of colors, designs and finishes available, mirodal panels can be used anywhere in your premises. However, their waterproof and anti-bacterial properties make them particularly effective in bathrooms, kitchens and shower rooms. We're so confident that our Mirodal panels won't flake, peel or crack; we're offering a ten-year guarantee. It is easy to clean, attractive and with no unsightly grouting. With a variety of different designs and finishes available, you can choose a panel that matches your desired color scheme. Color coordinated corner and finishing trims are also available, which will leave your finished project looking flawless. The fact that the panels are maintenance-free is also a great benefit especially when used in kitchens and bathrooms where the high levels of moisture can adversely affect traditional ceiling coverings. There is also a silver highlight infill strip available for the mirodal panels. The mirodal hygienic ceiling system is easy to install in large or small projects and is available in a range of finishes.


-PVC membrane dyed to different colors, rated M1/B1.EU fire rating B, S2, d0. -Micro perforated, acoustic, matte, colored. -Translucent: Light transmission. -Double layer: dust barrier. -Bio-Pruf: anti-bacterial, anti fungal. -Decorative: white lacquer, various colors, or printed.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A lay-in panel comprised of a powder coated white aluminum frame, covered with a double layer of a PVC film, available in shiny, satine, matte, translucent, acoustic and Bio-pruf finishes. This panel is reinforced by an internal structure to prevent it from bowing in and to allow the panels butt side to side with no visible gap. Available in all colors and finishes of the NEWMAT Product line PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LUMINOUS PANEL A lay-in panel comprised of a powder coated white aluminum frame, covered with a double layer of a PVC film (micro perforated acoustic luminous finishes available). This panel is equipped with invisible steel reinforcement bars on the side to prevent it from bowing in and to allow the panels to butt side to side with no visible gap, all the while remaining perfectly translucent

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NEWMAT can be installed in a few hours, without the necessity of a construction site or a need to relocate during the installation; NEWMAT is also odorless. During installation, the business can continue with its normal operations.

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The MIR.O.DAL ceiling tile is a self bearing rigid moss panel in extruded polystyrene one side of which is coated with a PVC fabric with a Lacquered, Satin or Matt finish. When you select a NEWMAT Stretched Ceiling with BIO-PRUF treatment, you are also selecting a product with quality approval from the National Charter on Stretched Ceiling, recognized by public authorities. In addition to its sanitary action, a NEWMAT Stretched Ceiling with BIO-PRUF treatment is also a mark of prestigious decoration. The NEWMAT decoration is also an opportunity to use wide ranging colors, in the usual mat or satin tones. NEWMAT thus offers you a large variety of compositions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Hygiene and bacteriological property of mirodal panels is an additional quality. It is a closed cell material, there for no element is liable to favor microbial development. The tiles can be cleaned with the markets maintenance products because these panels are insensitive to humidity and water damage. The micro perforation system gives a double property to the Mirodal: translucent and acoustic on the same time which allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through and perfect for providing acoustical sound absorption for offices, healthcare, and educational facilities. The range of applications is practically unlimited from apartments and houses to offices, hotels, pools, and restaurants. The broadest range of colors and finishes (mirror, matte, metallic, satin and translucent) provides an opportunity to create complex, free form designs where a stretch ceiling system becomes extremely interesting to the refined interior design objectives.

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Everyone would like to be unique in Styles and designs, as this is something that showcases your personality. We have multiple materials for our Stretch Ceilings, such as Mirodal Side to Side, Mirodal Standard, Mirodal M0, Mirodal Light, and Mirodal Round. So you can decide which one is better for your project, or we can consider using the best choice for what is your project. The products flexibility allows creation of flat surfaces or 3D effects. With Newmat, you may say that you only need a house and thats that. If you would like modernizing your home or a business premises, you definitely want something new, something pleasing to the eyes and something that would impress all of your guests, visitors and customers. Quality is the very first thing that you should consider when buying anything. It goes the same way with ceilings. NEWMAT UK midlands ltd provide a quality, maintenance free ceiling, along with mirodal panels, giving you a touch of individual class.

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Mirodal Panel is a lay-in panel comprised of a powder coated white aluminum frame, covered with a double layer of translucent PVC film (micro perforated acoustic luminous finish available). This panel is equipped with invisible steel reinforcement bars on the side to prevent it from bowing in and to allow the panels to butt side to side with no visible gap, all the while remaining perfectly translucent. The Mirodal Panels ideally suited to theatres, offices, hotels, reception halls, restaurants, museums , galleries, pools, residential environments as the material is unaffected by humidity, water and other corrosive atmospheres .These are hygienic and has bacteriological properties. It offers excellent acoustic properties which assist in dealing with noise reverberation problems that can often occur in pool environments. Mirodal Panels are available in an array of colors and finishes however the Matt and Satin finishes are most suitable for Cinema and entertainment suites due to their solid appearance and excellent acoustic properties. The Translucent membrane has been designed to act as a light diffuser and will transmit up to 75% of light. Hygiene and cleanliness are also paramount in a bathroom ceiling. So the ability of the bathroom ceiling should cope with a damp environment. That's why so many people choose the Mirodal Panels for their bathroom ceiling. With a very wide choice of colors and the possibility of personalization, mirodal panels will always be able to fit in with the style of the premises Page 23 of 24

Mirodal Panels offering many unique benefits such as the vast range of colors finishes and improved product performances to complement today's high specific and efficient kitchens. The material is unaffected by moisture or heat and is extremely hygienic and non-toxic. The product does not attract bacteria as the membrane is completely smooth, it will not crack. So no further decoration or regular cleaning procedures are required. The panels are available in a variety of Colors and Finishes including Matt, Satin, Lacquer, Metallic and Translucent, providing you with an unlimited and endless possibility to create a distinct and unique design. Our stylish mirodal panels will definitely give you contemporary impression with regards to your business that would all be a better reflection of the services you offer. We could even install the wall panels that will certainly give out great impressions at some parts of your premise just like the lounges, the chill out rooms and even with customer fitting rooms. The possibilities are just beyond your imagination and we have them all here. Imagine your future ceiling among more than 200 colors and textures, many options adapted to your needs and desires (acoustic ceilings, luminous, printed with the graphics of your choice, etc.).

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