Video Game Software Engineer (832) 489-9460 • •
Languages and APIs: Engines and Middleware: Software: Skills: C++, C, C#, OpenGL/GLSL, DirectX 11/HLSL, Java, Perl, UnrealScript, ActionScript 3 Boost, Qt Framework, FMOD, UDK, DevIL, Scaleform, Torque 2D Visual Studio, Tortoise SVN, Flash CS6, Microsoft Office 3D Graphics, Animation, Gameplay, AI, Tools, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Physics, UI


UDK, UnrealScript – 15 Developers – 5 Months

Gameplay Programmer – Four Programmers  Iteratively developed an intuitive third-person camera  Implemented and designed map functionality, game state, and save system  Collaborated with others to manage and resolve software issues

Raven Tide

UDK, UnrealScript – 8 Developers – 2 Months

Lead Programmer – Two Programmers  Implemented weapon, multiplayer, and kismet nodes in UnrealScript  Integrated menus and display using ActionScript  Managed technical development elements and software development

Year of Hue

Torque 2D, C# – 4 Developers – 1 Month

Gameplay Programmer – One Programmer  Developed boost, glide, and form-changing mechanics to enable platform navigation  Participated in Scrum meetings and rapid development processes  Supported team technically by managing build, installer, and resolution of bugs

Animation Blending
   Developed plugin for 3dsMax to export model and animation data in a custom format Implemented scene graph and quaternions to properly blend animations Integrated input and event handling to control character movement

C++, OpenGL/GLSL

API Agnostic Renderer
 

C++, OpenGL/GLSL, DirectX 11/HLSL

  

Abstracted interfaces for rendering levels, models, and debug shapes Properly rendered assets identically in both DirectX and OpenGL Automated system to parse and set up shader variables and interface

Rune Scripting Language
Designed syntax, parser, and compiler for type-independent scripting language Developed and debugged runtime stack machine for byte code Created and integrated native function support with rendering engine


Guildhall at Southern Methodist University
 Master of Interactive Technology in Software Development – GPA: 3.8 (4.0) Dallas, TX – December 17, 2011 Plano, TX – May 2013

Southern Methodist University
  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics – GPA: 3.7 (4.0) Graduated with Honors

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