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almost a decade after deciding to locate in the west bay area, the hilton doha is finally open. its regional president, rudi Jagersbacher, seems to think the choice of location has been Justified.
“I would say this is a first-class hotel which f ever a hotel would want to is very much geared towards a corporate climimic its president, it’s the entele for four days and a leisure clientele for Hilton Doha. The diminutive the tail-end of the week,” added the loquacious Belgian was in Doha recently Jagersbacher, when I quizzed him about the to officially open the unit and concept of the hotel. “We were the first hotel to he was laden with excitement. He was bubbling bring Trader Vic’s to London and nobody stutover with passion and enthusiasm about what tered when we discussed bringing it to Doha. this new incarnation could achieve. And his is We wanted this hotel to have a great food and exactly the kind of personality the hotel is strivbeverage profile in an exciting atmosphere, ing for. and Trader Vic’s was an obvious choice to fa“We are really proud to be here and very cilitate this. It’s not so much an exclusive brand confident of success,” said President of Hilton that only some people will feel comfortable – it Worldwide, Middle East and Africa (MEA), should be an experience for everyone.” Rudi Jagersbacher, from the edge of his seat. Eforea, the Hilton Doha’s spa experience, “We are in a sustainable market and are located combines three distinct ranges of treatments in one of the prime locations in the city, withfocused on organic, natural and scientific apout a doubt. The country has so much potential. proaches. It offers eight treatment rooms If I were Gordon Ramsay talking about Doha, rudi JagersbaCher, including an exclusive Thai massage room, a I’d say: ‘You’ve just had your starters; the main president, mea, hilton worldwide. VIP room with a steam rasul chamber, a single course has yet to come.’” treatment room with steam rasul and five multi The hotel stands on a beachfront in the Diplomatic Area of West Bay. As Jagersbacher explained, the hotel has purpose treatment rooms. All contain a private shower facility. a relatively small “footfall”, but it packs a lot into its punch. It didn’t compromise the reputation of the brand by stuffing the property Worldwide strategy with money-spinners such as rooms and restaurants. It’s a very func- The Hilton brand is a global brand, and locating here is obviously a tional and practical offering where every square inch seems to have strategic move. It has over 30 million members, so its marketing and a purpose. Redundant areas, which make a hotel look spacious, are sales team are trying strategically to move these members around the sacrificed for larger leisure areas out back. This cosy interior makes it globe like pieces on a chess board. “We are growing tremendously in some regions – none more so more habitable and sociable. The main lobby is the social centre of the hotel and can facilitate than in MEA,” explained Jagersbacher. “We have 4,000 hotels worldgroups of all shapes and sizes. You can order a coffee from the Ya Hala wide, 56 of which are in this region, but we have 53 currently under cafe or stroll into the Zawaya lounge for something a little stronger. construction. So being here is a two-way thing. We bring new cusFrom the lobby, you can walk down the stairs and outside into the tomers and the world of Hilton to Qatar, and in return we are looking for our regional members to go to America and Europe.” beach area, which hosts the world-famous Trader Vic’s.

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