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Ogre Magi


Ogre Magi has one stun, one snare, and a steroid skill that can be cast on allies, making him a
very good support character. His ultimate improves the first three spells further with every level,
allowing him to remain useful even at late game.

He has an extremely high HP growth, coupled with decent int growth. With higher levels of
multicast, the mana cost of the spells go up, and additional int items need to be purchased in
order to support his spell usage. Thankfully, his naturally high hp means that not much gold
needs to be spent on survivability.

Skill Build

Level 01 | Fireblast
Level 02 | Ignite
Level 03 | Fireblast
Level 04 | Ignite
Level 05 | Fireblast
Level 06 | Multicast
Level 07 | Fireblast
Level 08 | Ignite
Level 09 | Ignite
Level 10 | Bloodlust
Level 11 | Multicast
Level 12 | Bloodlust
Level 13 | Bloodlust
Level 14 | Bloodlust
Level 15 | Stat
Level 16 | Multicast
Level 17-25 | Stats

This is a fairly cookie cutter build.

You may substitute stat points for ignite at if you wish. However I do not feel that stat points
contribute anything significant to laning, since Ogre's HP is naturally high and you don't have
regen items to make use of the extra stat points in the beginning.

Item Build
Early Game:

(2 sets)
The mantles + GG branches ensure easy last hitting with your naturally high base damage +
awesome animation.
Buy a perseverance in lane once all tangoes are used up.

Mid Game:
Mid Game, your inventory should look something like this:

Buy Int Treads, and one/two nulls if you got spare money.
Now start saving up for Mystic Staff. Solo farm lane if its empty. If you have another allied hero
in lane, find someone to gank if applicable.
After the successful/failed gank, ignite some neutrals, bloodlust self, and farm it up.
Once the Mystic staff is obtained, it all becomes downhill from there.

Late Game:
Your items at this stage should look something like this:
Once the Aggy staff is finished, start working on getting Shivas. If your team REALLY needs
another disable then buy a guinsoo, but otherwise stick with Shiva for its slowing effect and
tankability increase.

Late Game Alternative:

This build is for when you are dying too much to be able to farm Mystic staff in a reasonable
period of time. Farm the soul booster component first to make a Bloodstone. The Bloodstone
helps your survivability through its HP increase, and boosts mana pool/regeneration significantly.
Once you've gotten a Mystic Staff though, break the bloodstone and reform Aggy staff.

All Game:

NEVER leave base without one. EVER.

TP scrolls save lives, and bases!

Item Build Justification

Power Treads or Boots of Travel?
I prefer Treads over Travels because of these reasons:
1. It improves neutral farming speed. One of Ogre's biggest problems is the lack of
farming/farming speed.
2. Increases mana pool + regen whilst only taking up one slot.
3. BoT takes too long to farm, 2200 means either a point+energy booster or an ultimate orb
which forms into guinsoo.

Of course, if you're having a really nice game (loads of gold from good multihax) you can
always ignore the Treads and go straight for BoT for its superior mobility.

Why not Guinsoos?

Getting a Guinsoo before Aggy was an old build from the past, when you can build it from Euls,
giving good item progression.
Currently, Guinsoo cannot be dissassembled. The 3.5 second hex is nice. But I think the extra
multicasts from getting Aggy is worth more than the hex. Not to mention that if you build a
Guinsoo, you'd have to farm another staff before getting Aggy. (And that is pain)
The current cd nerf to Guinsoo also creates a reason why you shouldn't get it.

Do. Not. Stop. Casting.
Fireblast should be spammed if you have mana.

How to Make Yourself Useful in Ganks

Fireblast people who needs to be stunned.
After blast, chain an ignite. Bloodlust self if solo ganking, or a DPS allied hero if multiple
Bloodlust has cd of 5 seconds when multicast is maxed, and last 30 seconds. That means its
possible to keep all allied heroes bloodlusted at the same time.

What to do During the Game

If there is a free lane, farm it. A early Aghanims Sceptre benefits the team a lot.
If there are no free lanes, and you can see an enemy farming, gank them.
If there are no free lanes, and you can't see an enemy farming, neutral creep. Remember to carry
TP scrolls because they will probably gank jungle if they're smart, or they might be getting ready
to push.

Good Allies
DPS Heroes

They benefit a lot from the added IAS which vastly improves their overall DPS, whilst the added
MS gives them extra chasing and escaping power.

Aimed Stunners
In the absence of VS/Sven/Sand King, Ogre can serve as a substitute in lane for the initiating

Bad Enemies
You would think it's this person right?


In my opinion there are no outright counters to Ogre Magi. He does not fear the Anti-Mage as
much as other spellcasters, for he can just bloodlust himself and bash the fool's head in.

The most dangerous enemy is actually

Ogre Magi's spells have high spammability, and much of Ogre's power comes from the repeated
casting of stun/snare spells during skirmishes. However, a well-place Mana Leak renders Ogre
completely useless for the rest of the skirmish.

Since mana leak was changed in 6.55, KotL is no longer a threat to Ogre Magi. Tank the Lazer,
and blast him with your manly multicasts!

The second MOST dangerous enemy is probably

The high mana costs of Ogre Magi's spells multiplied by their spammability equals major pain
when fighting near an enemy ward. Either take it out ASAP, or run away from its radius.
Alternatively, be a man, and tank the pain!

Remember kids, there is nothing that can't be solved by a Multicasted Fireblast!

- Patccmoi for bringing up the idea of battle fury on Ogre Magi. Whilst I do not think battlefury
is suitable for Ogre Magi as first item, the perseverance portion gave me important ideas.
- Wookier, a departed guidewriter who deserved more recognition. His Ogre Magi guide helped
me form the basics of playing Ogre Magi.
- Beast_Pete for sharing his guide writing template which made the process of making this guide
so much smoother.


16_0_Ogre_Magi.w3g ( 435.75k ) Number of downloads: 557

This is a -apem pub game I played in with Duckcowhybrid. I seem to have lost the IH replays
which are of substantially higher quality, so I'll be working towards that. In the meantime, enjoy

pwnage of noobs

Ogre_Magi_Pub.w3g ( 871.18k ) Number of downloads: 312

-AP pub game. Shows why Ogre Magi is a versatile hero that can stun/slow/dps/assist in
kills/tank/and lots more! This is probably of substantially higher quality than the one above, due
to it not being an -em game.

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