News Release #12-116 December 3, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Krista A. Kittle (315) 785-4504

SAMARITAN MEDICAL CENTER OPENS NEW CENTRALIZED REGISTRATION AREA First Stop for Outpatient Testing Services and Hospital Admissions
Watertown, New York ----- Samaritan Medical Center is proud to unveil a new centralized registration area at the main hospital in Watertown. This newly renovated space will be the first stop for patients reporting to the hospital for some of the most utilized testing services. Featuring a dedicated entrance just outside the hospital’s free parking garage, this new area brings several of the hospital’s outpatient testing services together in one convenient, easy-to-find location. “Prior to the opening of this new area, our patients were traveling to a different destination in the hospital depending on what test they were having done,” explains Krista A. Kittle. “Patients coming in for lab work and EKG’s would report to one area, while others coming in for radiology or physical therapy would report to other areas, sometimes in completely different buildings. The new registration area will be the first stop for all of these patients, regardless of the test they are having.” The relocation will be occurring in phases over the next week (see page two for list of specific services and corresponding dates): • • • On Tuesday, December 4th all registration personnel will be located in the new area and ready to check-in patients for select services, including all x-ray and radiology tests. On Monday, December 10th, registration for all outpatient services will occur in the new space. The last area to move will be the infusion unit, which is scheduled to move in early 2013.

The new Registration area is another phase in the hospital’s expansion and renovation plans, making way for renovations to begin on other departments such as Physical Therapy, Pastoral Care and Volunteer Services. In the coming weeks, the two-story link between Samaritan Medical Center and Samaritan Keep Nursing Home is expected to open. Early next year, the new orthopaedic unit will open and feature private rooms for patients recovering from orthopaedic surgeries, such as hip/knee replacements and spine surgery. The hospital expects this phase of renovations to be complete by mid-2013. For more information or directions to the new Registration area, please visit or call the hospital’s public relations department at 785-4584. ###

REGISTRATION: A Patient’s First Stop for Testing or Admission
Samaritan Medical Center is proud to unveil this new centralized REGISTRATION and testing area at the main hospital in Watertown. This newly renovated REGISTRATION area brings many of the hospital’s most utilized testing services together in one convenient, easy-to-find location. With its own dedicated entrance, this new REGISTRATION area features easy access to and from parking, including the hospital’s free parking garage on the corner of Washington and Woodruff Streets. If you are planning to come to the hospital for any of the services listed below, please report to this new REGISTRATION area.

Effective December 4th at 6 a.m.
Imaging X-Ray (walk-ins welcome) MRI CT/CAT Scan Mammography Ultrasound Nuclear Medicine Other Radiology Test Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy (first visit only) Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation (first visit only) Sleep Lab/EEG Hospital Admissions Pulmonary Function Testing

Effective December 10th at 6 a.m.
Lab Services Blood work/Specimen drop-off (walk-ins welcome) Sweat Testing Pre-admission Testing for Surgery Pediatric Cardiology Clinic Echocardiogram Stress Testing EKG (Walk-ins welcome)

Effective January 2013

Please note: Any patients who are arriving to the hospital for surgeries or same-day procedures should report directly to the Surgical Care Center by taking Elevator A in the main hospital lobby. There is no need to report to registration.