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Exercising Flexible Perspective – An Example Part 1
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Video Journal
Hi, all. Seems like the body's energy is rising, again. Been a long while on the low side of things, so this is a pleasant change. Can't recall how long ago it was that two journals came through in one day. Feels nice. So, what is the subject matter? Heck, I don't know. Let's find out what flows in. I think I'll link you to a lovely set of reasonably short videos on the goings on in our skies. This guy, Steve Gautreaux, has really done the research, taking hundreds of hours of film and showing us the cloaking abilities of the craft in our skies – whether ours or “theirs” is not the point, here . He got really good at seeing them, and going through his videos is like a mini-course on training your eyes to at least see through some of their cloud cloaking. Who knows, right? One thing that's pretty certain is that nothing that comes from TPTW (The Powers That Were) is truthful. I don't know about you, but this Heart is inspired to send up short but heart-felt prayers for the opening of all eyes to such things – and the cessation of the dark ones' power to hide anything at all. Their day is done. So be it. (Remember, your prayers count!)

Looks like the 12D ET files will be interspersed with journals. At least that's how it's coming out so far. It's probably good, as no doubt there are a few who think the whole 12D thing is preposterous. I can understand such a view. Hasn't been so long since I had a very similar view of things. So how did my view change? What got me into this? Good question. I had largely shut the door on communicating with beings that were not visible at one point. Too many charlatans and tricksters, both among the ETs and even those who channeled them. Though overall I've got to say that I think most channelers have good intentions. It's just not an easy thing to do from 3D. Anyway, I'd have to say it was based on my trust for my friend and medical intuitive healer, Ken. The word came to me from him that they were present and working with me – and I've come to trust him. He's passed every test for me. If Source wanted me to make nice with these guys, that was the way in. That, plus I've set my intent to come into a more solid soul-confidence. When we're lacking that, we find ourselves often shooting ourself in the foot. So, what is your level of confidence – of soul confidence, not the confidence of ego? Does Source have to work so hard to help you see your self through different eyes? Believe me, I was very resistant. What with my Catholic background, and that spanning many amgodiments, I'd found what I saw as a safe haven in simple humility. At least that's what I thought it was. Turned out not to be so. Instead, I was shown also a technique for avoidance of the issues. being “humble” and empty can sometimes be one we don't see until we move farther along. can be mind play – mind's imitation of real. how it was more or Falling back on just an excuse – but It can be real, or it

Some things about the self will be rather unpleasant to learn – well, sort of. If you're a real lover of Truth then you won't mind at all being shown the supposedly negative things in your personality. It's no big deal – everyone, simply everyone has them. If you think you're a paragon of perfection – well, get out of the mind, honey. It's leading you around by the nose. We are simply divine, right? Well, if that's so, then how can we have such seeming character flaws? Does that confuse you? If so, do please drop down into Heart, and let's consider. I call it pon-

dering – not thought. What is your definition of the “I?” Heart has a brain, too. Did you know that? It produces neurotransmitters, just like the brain in the head. So does the gut. It can be very confusing – until you determine that everything you've ever been told is likely false. Then things start to get very easy. The way I've come to understand such things is by the analogy of the coin with two sides. Everything includes its opposite – believe it or not. Just like a thermometer, it includes both heat and cold – the top and the bottom measures. It contains the poles. So do we. If we didn't we wouldn't be complete. This is 3D, remember – the realm of duality. It's what nature does, here – separates out into opposites. Plus, when you consider how we chose to practically lose our identity on coming here – at least our memory of who and what we are, where we've been, etc. - then it's far less of a surprise that these flaws play a part. Now, let's take it further – we can also look at it through the lens of being Spirit working with a human body – a bit more duality. No matter how perfect the Spirit may be, this is not the realm for that – for its full manifestation. That would be a bit higher up on the frequency scale. So the way I see it, it's right and true that this not be the realm of perfection. In spite of what your religious or other education might have said to you, it is not possible nor natural to manifest your perfection here. It just might break the matrix, the natural way of 3D. Finally, let's look at it from yet another angle – the one of head versus Heart. It would clearly be mind looking to be perfect. I hope you can see that. Mind has its own ideas around perfection – but in large part they don't harmonize with Heart. Heart knows better. Heart knows that mind just doesn't understand perfection – not to any deep level. The perfection that mind sees and shoots for is a superficial thing – a thing of appearances. Now, stay in Heart for this. Mind will likely protest. Besides, this is Heart knowledge, so you'll tune in better from there. Mind is the maker of 3D. Thoughts are creative, creating after

their kind. Your thoughts go forth to be fruitful and multiply. It's what thought does. Yet wo/mankind, for the most part, is not even taking into consideration that the mind is far more than just the conscious part. That's just the smallest bit of it. Had you considered that the last time you made a decision? If you want your decisions to take on a new depth, to even be wiser, then it's a good idea to spread your wings a bit, and encompass your own subconscious and unconscious. If you're feeling really froggy, then jump up into the super-conscious while you're at it. Hey, why not? These, with the conscious bit, form the mind – the whole of it. So, if we're not even taking into account the bits and parts of the 3D self – not to mention the Higher or Inner Self – then how can we possibly make good lasting decisions? We're acting from an incomplete self. It's rather strange when you take a good look at it. How have we been convinced to do this? It bears pondering. This is why, especially stressed in my earlier videos, is the importance of first defining the “I.” Now, though this can't really be done perfectly while here in 3D, we can at least pull in the various bits and parts of self that we know about. It just amazes me how we can take the very smallest bit of the mind – basically the left brain – and act like that was the whole. Yet this is just what we do while we're in sheeple or sleeple state. We simply can't help following how we are programmed – that is, not until we begin to awaken. Obviously you're either awakened or awakening, or you wouldn't be watching or listening to these journals – along with a lot of what else you're doing. Well, so own that. Start moving your own self-definition higher and higher – until one day you can finally take ownership of, finally experience yourself as Higher Self. We are divinities robed in flesh, my friends. There may be many who would like to shoot me for saying that, but do recognize – they don't really know what I'm saying. They just think they do. Hey, I was once one of them – in other amgodiments if not in this one. We have simply all been there and done that at one time or another – probably many times. (Hey, eternity is one heck of a long time ;)

Here's one of the main reasons TPTW don't want us waking up – we slip right out of their grasp when we do. We become empowered, taking our power back from all the nonsense to which we were trained to give it. We become, in short, unmanageable. They don't like that – not one bit. So now, when you're pondering something to evaluate it, if you will look through this lens, this perspective, I suggest it will help you see through a lot of the nonsense. Your vision will clarify. Truth does that – truth really has power of vision. One of Truth's gifts is clear sight. That's what makes it easy to try out an idea. A truth will empower you – plain and simple. Go into Heart and test out this thing of being divine. Keep trying it on – see how it fits. And expect all of your programming to come screaming to the surface when you do. While you're self-observing that, just quietly step back – the better to see what's acting. More than anything, learn to go by how things feel to you – from within Heart. During this process it's wise to ignore what mind has to say. It may be a bit scary if this is one of your first times with trusting Heart for things – but that's okay. Mind is just frightened of losing its position of power over you. It's been in control for so long that it honestly can't imagine anything else. So, much like TPTW, it is frightened of losing it's power. As above, so below – as within, so without – same thing. Let us wean ourselves from trusting the mind so much, my friends. Instead, let's first train the mind to play second fiddle to Heart. They we can safely pay more attention when it chips in. A really nice side effect of this process is the huge drop in hamster-wheeling the mind will experience. That, too, will make it feel lost for a bit – but oh, how nice to not have the incessant chatter that's the product of that! Won't it feel nice? Go on, imagine it – a quiet mind. It's not out of reach or out of sight. Like everything else, it's a choice. Yes, I know – many would love to make that choice but don't know how. Well, you actually do. Many secrets and simple steps are here in the journals. Make use of them. Try them out. Test them out for your self – see how they work. While you do so, be self-aware, self-observant. That takes coming into the Now, being here with

the self in the moment. Can you do this? If not, why not? Again and again you'll find your answers by dropping into Heart. Again and again you'll find each one of your problems are mindgenerated. I can guarantee it, but you've got to prove it to the self. Are you willing to do that? How invested are you in this? Watch the self. If you feel you really want something, but then find the self balking at going there, look underneath that. See what's trying to hide from you. See how you get in your own way. We all do it. There's nothing to fear, no reason for shame, here – or anywhere. Come on, Love the self! Love and cherish you for no good reason at all – simply for being. Know that each step you take is a precious one. You are precious beyond your ability to even imagine. Both in body and in Spirit you are tremendously special. We've been using the brain as a filter of reality – letting it weed the bulk of things out. Now, as we awaken that veil will come down and we'll begin to see so much more than we did. Don't be frightened – embrace it! You are already perfect, dear one. There's no need to strive after some mental idea of perfection. That's just part of the game – a part you can choose not to pursue anymore. Instead, own your current perfection. It's always available – via Heart. Namaste ~♥~


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