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Tracy’s Taste
Max’s Wine Dive is this month’s taste excursion; a chic little spot at The Quarry with clean lines and fine wines. I’ve decided on Max’s to get down to the bottom of the buzz and de-bunk my questions, fad or rad? For starters, we opt for the pulled pork stuffed peppers, as stuffing a pepper with pulled pork seemed unconventional, so that is the route we take. Wasn’t sure what to expect, as these days pulled pork is drowned out with BBQ sauce, which is not the pulled pork I was raised with. Will Max’s pass my pulled pork test? It arrives and I am delighted as five bright red roasted little peppers stuffed with shredded pork arrive. Beautifully plated, they lay across ribbons of chipotle aioli, perfectly rich and creamy, topped with a spoonful of bold dark green cilantro chimichurri, and adorned with a sprig of cilantro. The contrasts are beautiful; aesthetics and flavors are on the money. This is my first go with a piquillo pepper and with my first bite, I take a moment to absorb this ingenious concoction. The pepper is ever-so-mild and sweet, perfectly roasted, and housed little shreds of porkish heaven, with a hint cotija and a spicy kick. It is Mexican tradition meets Tavern on the Green. Next up, is a perfectly molded disc of diced, bright pink salmon tartare ceviche, marinated in lemon juice with tomato, cucumber, and shallots, presented with a stack of extra crisp wonton chips. The textural variation is tight, as the salmon melts in your mouth and a thick crunch of wonton creates a paso doble in your mouth with each bite. The cucumber is keeping it fresh in this disc of deliciousness, and modestly topped with cilantro and a fresh jalapeño slice for added spice if you so desire. I heard some buzz about the “southern fried chicken” and didn’t have elevated expectations. Yuppity bistro and southern fried chicken is a bit more like an oxymoron. The truth is I got schooled on Max's abilities in varying food genres. I would even venture to say it gives Royer's Round Top Café a run for its money (highly recommend a road trip if you've never been, it's an experience in and of itself). This dish was nothing short of all things good and holy. The white meat was juicier than juicy; the CRUST, crunchier than crunchy, and oh-so-spicy, perfectly salty, peppery, with some tang from the 36 hour buttermilk bath, and piping hot! This dish is served with collard greens, mashed potatoes and a piece of Texas toast. Let’s talk greens. They are tender, bright, bursting with flavor, and simply delicious. I was told they add BIG DADDY's AMPLIFIED HEAT MEAN SMOKIN GREEN HOT SAUCE while cooking, and the waiter brought a bottle to the table. Needless to say, we ended up dipping everything in it. Two words: SMOKEY AND ROBUST... C'mon now! Max means BUSINESS with some CHICKEN and GREENS! I am no connoisseur of wine, but I do enjoy trying wines of different regions, types, and tastes. Feeling like having a glass, I ask a waitress for her suggestion, and she brings a taste of crisp, white Bordeaux. So, I order one for myself and one for my friend, and life is perfect. The prices at Max’s are very reasonable for the quality, service, and environment. I later discover the two glasses cost as much as everything we ate. We had to LOL, no doubt. So, if you are on a budget, my only suggestion is pick your own wine from their price list, or make it a non-alcoholic dining experience.

All in all, FOUR thumbs up for Max’s!!! Go to: www.maxswinedive.com/san-antonio for info, menus, and pricing.

Swimsuit 2012 Edition
Who says swim wear has to be boring? Make your swimsuit purchases a reflection of your personal style and be sure to stand out this summer.
By Lauren Cherry

Fashion Forward So you’re the girl who would rather be overdressed than underdressed for the occasion. Whether you’re at a pool party or tanning with your girlfriends on the beach, these looks will keep you feeling flirty, fashionable and feminine.

Sexy These suits are tasteful, yet have just the right amount of sex appeal that will have you turning heads. These styles are hot this summer. Celebrate your curves and bring out your inner sexy.

Classic These sophisticated pieces are classy, elegant and femiabout a classic swimsuit, is the options any occasion. nine. to dress The best thing it up or down for

Playful If you love adventure and crave summer fun, these looks are vibrant, colorful and playful, much like your personality. Look feminine while also showing off your outgoing side.


~Katarina Lee Harding~
San Antonio’s 2012 Sweetheart

Nickname - Kat Age - 21 City of Birth – Montgomery, AL JVJ- Favorite Things To Do? KAT- I love spending time with my friends and family. I love Shopping, going to the movies and going out to eat. JVJ- Fav Color? KAT- Teal JVJ- Fav Number ? KAT- don’t really have a favorite number JVJ- Hobby's? KAT- Reading and Dancing JVJ- What do you currently do as your profession? Do you like it? KAT- I am currently a full time student at the University of the Incarnate Word. I plan to graduate with a degree in Biology next spring. I hope to teach Biology to high school students and become a dance team coach as well. I am also a San Antonio Rampage Ice Girl & a San Antonio Silver Stars Dancer. I really love being a part of each team and enjoy dancing with such beautiful and talented ladies. JVJ- Did you ever want to get into modeling before? KAT- I’ve always loved taking photographs. I never have modeled for an agency before though. Modeling has always just been a hobby of mine. JVJ- What is your favorite Summer & Winter look to see yourself in and to see other guys in? KAT- In the summer you will see me in daisy dukes and tank tops. I’m a pretty laid back girl when it comes to summer fashion; I love sun dresses and simple outfits. Winter time is my favorite season; I’m always wearing lots of layers and boots. Cardigans, scarves and pea coats take up the majority of my closet. JVJ- Describe the PERFECT Date! KAT- The perfect date for me is cracking open a bottle of wine and cuddling up to watch movies all night. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going out to dinner and getting all dressed up too! It’s just when I think of some of my most memorable nights they were always cuddled up with the one I love. JVJ- What kind of music do you listen to, fav band or bands too? KAT- I have a really random taste in music. I LOVE Lady Gaga! But the majority of my iPod is filled with 90’s alternative rock (Oasis, Eagle Eye Cherry, Tonic, etc…) JVJ- Are you nervous or excited about joining Advenio Models and being in the fundraiser fashion show in June to benefit children with Autism? KAT- I’m very excited to be joining Advenio Models. Being a part of the fashion show for Autism really is a blessing for me. I’m so lucky to be a part of such a good cause. JVJ- Favorite Foods? KAT– Bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell haha, I know, it’s so bad for me! I do love me some sushi too though! JVJ- If you could help one charity, which one and why? KAT- I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa to volunteer on a wildlife preserve. I love animals so much and it is so sad how poachers are endangering so many beautiful animals there. JVJ- What is your personal definition of beauty & why? KAT- Beauty to me comes truly from the inside, it is how you hold yourself and treat others. You can be an attractive individual but be an ugly person. Someone should not be deemed beautiful for “good hair” or “a great body”, those are all shallow things. The most beautiful people I know are also the most amazing and interesting people. Let your inner beauty shine through good deeds and positivity. VII

JVJ- What do you think should be changed with the modeling industry that you see today? KAT- I think the stigma of beauty should be changed. Why can’t a 5 ft model be just as beautiful as Heidi Klum? Or a curvy girl be as sexy as Adriana Lima? The movies and music industry has been shaken by woman like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Adele. I believe it is time for us to shake up the modeling industry. Our children deserve to grow up in a world where anybody can be anything they want with hard work and determination, not good genes. JVJ- What do you think the qualities should be in a model? KAT- You need to have a great attitude and to have an open mind. To model you really have to be able to let go and almost lose yourself. It is a lot like acting. JVJ- Tell us something about yourself that you would like EVERYONE to know! KAT- I would love everyone to know that I am a big nerd, anyone that knows me would definitely agree! I love to laugh and have so many weird voices, hand gestures and crazy stories I could keep anyone entertained for days. I live life to the fullest and try not to take the people and the wonderful opportunities that I have been handed for granted. We name Kat, Formo’s Official San Antonio Sweetheart for 2012 because of her overall involvement with San Antonio & especially for her beautiful personality!
Photographer (COVER & ARTICLE PHOTOS) - Michael Gonzalez Article & Interview by - Jose Valdez Jr

Auto,Home Business & Life 210-885-7150 (Office)

Manuel Baniago
11230 West Ave Ste 2106 San Antonio, TX. 78213-1360

800-801-4779 (Fax)

I chose to market my Famers Agency in Formo Magazine because I felt this would be the best way to get in touch with the young and talented professionals in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. We live in an age where plugging into social networks can help generate a positive buzz and promote what we have to offer. In my case my agency can offer you a peace of mind. My goal is to make sure you are not overpaying for you insurance and make sure you are properly covered. I’m not your stereotypical stuffy shirt Insurance guy. I’m actually quite the opposite. I have a passion for working out and helping others. I even started my own blog www.wod-up.com to capture my crazy intense workouts at some of the best Crossfit Gyms in San Antonio. My home gym is 210 Crossfit. In fact the majority of my clients come from the Crossfit community
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Gets You Back Where You Belong!
Blog: www.wod-up.com mbaniago@farmersagent.com http://www.farmersagent.com/mbaniago IX

Art comes to life in San Antonio.
“The human form is one of the most appreciated yet feared forms of art we as a society have ever encountered. We all claim to love it and want to embrace it yet some "gawk" at the mere sight of the naked form. The nature of people always amazes me. It has been burned into our minds to gasp at the bare skin.” ~Mj De Leon It was November 2010, when I first received an invitation to Beyond the Canvas, an event that recruited Artists, Models and Photographers to come together to create and document painted body art. As a supporter of the arts, I was intrigued with the concept of art “coming to life”. Watching the progress of what seemed artists had planned for some time was very interesting. As a five year professional photographer, I knew I wanted to participate in photographing this new and exciting way of expression. I continued on to participate in Beyond the Canvas 3 (May 2011), and shortly after, became involved in helping Tomas with growing his event. The experience of helping this event grow has been phenomenal; I absolutely appreciate the opportunity to support, and witness the pride in all that participate. Tomas~ as I said from the very beginning that I came aboard to help you reach your goal, “You have my support, let’s do this!” We are definitely on our way! Created by G.Tomas Vasquez of GtomasV Promotions, Beyond the Canvas was first held May 2010; Tomas started Beyond the Canvas as a way to showcase the great talent of local artists. At Beyond the Canvas form is combined with techniques to create themed body painting by participating artists, with models that finds themselves part of a world most can't imagine; they become the art. “Body art has been around since the beginning of civilization and we're just the one of the first ones to introduce it to San Antonio on a larger organized level. In the end Beyond the Canvas is a huge networking event. From business owners, to musicians and of course a large group of models, artists and photographers; there is an endless supply of awesome connections all at one time. We only had ten artists and ten models in the very beginning, even though the amount of participants was few, the turnout was incredible and I knew immediately that it was going to grow.” The number of participants and audience has indeed since then tripled, and we now have developed a Beyond the Canvas Committee, to assist in planning, which has allowed professional growth, and has caught the attention of many locals, including well known established artists that will be sitting on the judges panel for the competition portion of the event. After holding beyond the Canvas at local popular venues, Tomas’ future goals for Beyond the Canvas: “We want to try producing an actual performance show where we incorporate the painted models maybe playing out some sort of story. We have already approached different theaters we just need to plan everything out. This way the audience actually has seating and the focus is entirely on the beautiful artwork that the artists have brought to life. There has also been some discussion about taking Beyond the Canvas on a short Texas tour. If we can secure a sponsor, our committee will choose ten artists and models to represent Beyond the Canvas in Dallas, Austin and a couple of other cities. I think that would be a fun experience.” If you enjoy art or seeing the human canvas, whether its male or female body painting, step into our “Wild Kingdom”, Friday May 25, 2012, at Korova San Antonio to enjoy some of what I hope that you consider being some of the best body painting you have ever witnessed. MJ DeLeon

Makeup Artist: Liz Alaniz Model: Erica Suzanne Photographer: Sy Pinthong Theme: Steampunk Tiger Art By: Craig Tracy

The group I have chosen for you to follow this month have been a local SA favorite for quite some time now. They are a great mix of rock n roll with a twist of funk & reggae that can entertain just about any crowd. After taking a short break they are back and full of musical goodness and have been taking the SA scene by storm. I now introduce you to: THE


GTV: So I got to ask and I’m sure you've been asked this question before: What's the meaning behind the name? SOS: We thought we were clever by calling our selves El Sancho in the beginning. However we encountered some
confusion when a band from Corpus had the same name and they did a few shows here in SA. Matt was talking to his father about the problem, when his father said. “Why don’t you all just go by the sons of sancho?” Initially there was resistance, we didn’t want to sound inferior to the other band, but the whole bastard rock sound of the name really fit with our style of music. So since then on we have been The Sons of Sancho.

GTV: I know there are a couple band members that are related, what is that like? SOS: Chuck and Matt being brothers is almost exactly what you would expect it be. There are times when they are
looking out for each other and on the same page. Of course there are times when they are at each other’s throats and the sibling rivalry is almost unbearable, but overall it all works out.

GTV: How many years has the band been together? SOS: Fred, Chuck and Matt have been a team since 2003. Ed came along in 2005 but had other musical endeavors going
on around 2008. Came back to us in late 2011 and that is around the same time George joined the band as well.

GTV: What is your most favorite venue to play at here in San Antonio? SOS: This one is also kind of tough because there are lots of good venues here in town and we all have our favorites for
different reasons, but Moses Roses Hideout is the one that seems to be giving us good vibes lately. It is on Houston St. in the heart of downtown SA and there are always a good cast of characters walking around down there, but we also like the spots on St. Mary’s St.

GTV: If there was anything you could wish for the Sons of Sancho what would it be? SOS: We wish that The Sons of Sancho could make a living making music. Of course we would not shun fame and fortune but it is not needed as long as we could make a living making music we would be happy.

GTV: What national group would you be the most excited opening up for? SOS: I think all 5 of us would have a different answer and I also think that is what is kind of unique of our sound. The
Pixies, Cake, Red Hot Chili Peppers would come to mind right away, but if we could revive bands I’m sure the list would be even bigger. So let’s go with Cake. Could someone hit them up for us?

GTV: Do you have any tours/goals for 2012 - 2013? SOS: We are looking to do a few dates in Fort Worth, Austin, San Marcos, Uvalde and even Florida. Nothing is set in
stone just yet but that is the plan on hand.
Continued on the next page……


GTV: Have you felt that San Antonio has grown to be a better live music city over the years? SOS: The city is still growing in that regard, but we also think that it has digressed just a little. It seems in the past the
city would produce and support a good amount of local artists that made waves on the national stage. Artists like The Sir Douglas Quintet, Sunny & the Sunliners and The Royal Jesters. Things cooled off a bit as time went on, but bands like The Butthole Surfers and other acts did come out of here, but seemed like there was not a lot of support. We have an abundance of musical talent in the city, we just need people to support it. I think we are moving in the right direction as a community.

GTV: What do you think we can do to improve our music community? SOS: At the risk of sounding like a kindergarten teacher, “attitude is everything”. If we as a city could have an attitude
adjustment and realize that there are a lot of great bands and musicians right here in town things would be much better. Unfortunately too many San Antonians think that the grass is always greener elsewhere. We should be proud of our music here and not think of it as second rate to any of our neighbors. That is the biggest thing as a whole we can improve on. So look out for the Sons of Sancho in and around San Antonio, like their fan page and check’em out on Reverb Nation. They even have a new mobile app where you can keep in touch with all their new music and events. See ya on the Strip…..

G.Tomas Vasquez

Photo By: Chris Pichado

Prejudice is the product of a lazy mind. It’s contempt, prior to investigation. You first impression of someone is incomplete, and often inaccurate. Don’t assume your intuition is always right. Don’t make lasting decisions based on limited insights. Your success in life will be adversely affected by prejudice, fear, and form of discrimination you allow to color your thinking. Jesus never determined a person’s worth based on their race, gender, financial status, or appearance. He was comfortable in the presence of fishermen and tax collectors. He was at ease with the rich and the poor. He knew what it meant to have a questionable background and be subject to the rumor mill. But He rose above it. And He broke tradition. The Samaritans were considered such a lower class of people that Jews wouldn’t talk to them. But Jesus did. In fact, He went out of His way to meet with five-times-divorced Samaritan woman, discussing the mysteries of worship with her and changing her life. When Peter, who struggled with prejudice, was called to introduce the gospel to the first group of Gentiles, he had to acknowledge, “I perceive that GOD is no respecter of persons.” That day GOD dealt with some of Peter’s deep-seated biases. And He will deal with yours too! If “GOD so loved the world” but you don’t, how can you claim to be “godly”? “For GOD so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” - John 3:16


Thee Body Shop

fitness page

Probably the most under-worked, overused, and under-appreciated parts of our body are our feet. We suffocate them in a pair of the latest cushioned tennis shoes, stuff them in a pair of heels, or let them glide around in a pair of flip flops with no conscience of detrimental effects the abuse is having on the function of our kinetic chain. Tennis shoes wear out according to the compensation in our feet and hold the imbalance. Heels put the feet into plantar flexion and tighten the calf and hamstring complex. Flip-flops, or shoes without a heel strap, allow the foot to slide around aimlessly. In all three cases, the muscles in our feet are shut off and become tight and weak. It’s no wonder that our bodies ache at the end of the day. Balance begins with strong, grounded feet. If they are not strong and grounded, our entire kinetic chain is imbalanced and all the superior joints compromised. This is the origin of all of our pain, discomfort, tightness, and injury. This is the reason it is imperative that we begin our rebuild at the feet. It’s time we paid a little more attention to what's going on down there. First thing we must do is remove our shoes and let them breathe!!! Ahhhh!!! Now, stand facing a full length mirror so that your feet are visible by looking straight ahead. When looking at the feet, analyze their compensations separately. Do your ankles roll to the outside (supination/bowleg) and give you high arches? Or do they roll to the inside and flatten the feet (pronation/knock-knee)? Does either or both of your feet turn out (eversion)? If one supinates while the other pronates, your center of gravity is shifted towards the supinated side. Your trunk will be slightly rotated and your spine torqued, causing predictable patterns of pain, dysfunction, and injury throughout the entire kinetic chain. So, becoming aware of your compensation will help determine the proper plan of action for correction. Pronation and eversion are characterized by an externally rotated tibia/fibula (lower leg) and internally rotated femur (upper leg). This creates compressive, shearing force on the ligaments of the knee with every step. Knee pain would most likely be on the outside of the knee, and probable injuries of this compensation would be a lateral ankle sprain or ACL tear. The arch, anterior tibialis (shin), medial calf, posterior tibialis, IT band, VMO (teardrop part of front thigh), hamstrings, and gluteus medius (top of butt) are weak and inhibited while the top of the feet/ toes, peroneals (side of lower leg), outside part of calf, and TFL (top of IT band) are tight and overactive. Supination and inversion are characterized by an internally rotated lower leg and externally rotated upper leg. Knee pain would be evident here on the inside of the knee, and resulting injuries would be a medial ankle sprain or MCL tear. The weak and inhibited muscles here would be the outer arch of foot, peroneals, adductor complex, and gluteus maximus, while the inner arch of foot, medial gastrocnemius, shin, IT band and glutes are tight and overactive. How do we go about fixing this problem? Step 1 is to roll. Massaging (relax/loosen) the overactive muscles decreases their neural drive and allows for a stronger activation and contraction in the opposing underactive ones. The greater the contraction and recruitment of muscle fibers in the weak muscle produces more slack in the opposing tight muscle. This process will achieve muscle balance by correcting the length-tension relationship between opposing muscles. So, grab a golf ball, baseball, or small diameter PVC pipe, etc. and stand facing that mirror again. Point your toes exactly forward and stand with your feet about hip width apart. Not allowing your heels to move inward, torque your toes into the ground by squeeze your glutes and thighs. You should be able to feel and see your hips open and lock. Soften your knees and shift your weight into the balls of your feet. HOLD this position. Your lower body is now tight and Strong. From here pull your belly button all the way to your spine. This action will naturally begin tucking the butt into a posterior-pelvic tilt leveling your belt line. It is imperative that you hold the tuck position while applying the next instruction. Slowly pinch your shoulder blades together and open the chest, gripping the spine. Pretend you are ripping open a button-up shirt. Do not allow your back to arch. If you are, re-tucking will correct the problem. Holding your shoulders pinched, carefully slide them down the spine to activate and lock the muscles underneath your arm pit (lats, serrattus anterior). This will slightly lift and make it easy for you to activate and squeeze your chest tight. Make sure your chin is lifted and head looking straight forward.

Breathe normally - in through your nose, out through your mouth. With every exhale, you ought to squeeze tighter like you are vacuum-sealing your body. You are now in "locked" or starting position. You may find it difficult to hold all these muscles at once. So, take your time and think about it. With practice it will become easier and eventually natural. If you are having trouble standing up straight, it’s most likely because your chest, lats, and hip flexors are tight and need to be rolled. We will discuss them at a later time. While balancing strongly on your left foot, roll the bottom of the right until you can no longer hold balance, and switch. ALL movement is exercise, so even doing this I want you to focus on using specific muscles to keep you balanced. You are trying to take the movement out of your foot and ankle by focusing on the core (belly button, shoulders, glutes). Imagine your body like blocks stacked exactly on top of each other and being compressed. The bottom of your foot, ankle or calf could feel the burn first in the beginning, but only until you get stronger. So, you have to practice. You really want to internally fight to stay tight, balanced, and in control. You are always in control of your movement. As for the foot being rolled, the idea is to relax! Breathe and move slow, checking the entire foot, then switch. Spend more time rolling the tighter foot. Stop on the sensitive spots, and visualize them "letting go". You will feel the pain subside and be able to either apply more pressure there or maintain the same pressure and inch to the next spot and repeat. Remember the tube of toothpaste. remove the top (breathe) and slowly roll it all out (relax). Spend some time doing this. The only way to master the art of rolling and reap its benefits is to do it often. Now that your feet are loose and feel the circulation, let's practice two movement patterns to stretch and strengthen the feet. 1) Always assuming and maintaining "locked" position, balance on your right leg, flex your left glute and extend the leg backwards, pressing the pelvis forward, driving your toes firmly into the floor, and spiking the calf. Do not shift your weight; allow your pelvis to rotate, or your back to arch. If your hip flexors are tight you will feel them stretch in the position. Hold for a few seconds or until tightness subsides a little. If the calf begins to cramp, use the glute to slightly lift your toes off the ground and point them down, pressing the tops of your toes into the floor. In this position you will feel the stretch in the top of the foot, ankle, or shin and the bottom of the foot could cramp. Go back and forth between these two movements until they feel even. Switch sides. Repeat. The extended leg should be STRAIGHT and the body fully engaged throughout. 2) From the starting position, curl your toes under on the left side like you are picking up a marble with them. Do not shift your weight, allow your foot to turn out, or excessive ankle roll to the outside. Hold max contraction for 3-5 seconds. You could feel the stretch in the tops of your toes and calves or the contraction in the belly button, quad, shin, and arch (firing in that order). Uncurl the toes without letting the ankle or knee to move inward. Slowly alternate between feet until your whole body feels is on fire and your movement smooth like a machine. This is NOT easy, so take your time. As your skill increases, so will your speed. In all stretches, the goal is to become "even" before trying to become "flexible". In all exercise you must master stability before increasing strength. So be sure to stretch and exercise accordingly. Next month, we will continue up the kinetic chain and study the lower leg.
Paul A Castellano, Owner *Thee Body Shop* 451 McCarty Road San Antonio, TX, 78216 (210) 602-5114 paul@theebodyshop.com

www.theebodyshop.com Phil 4:13


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