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Political Philosophy and Cultural
- Collected Essays of Francis Graham Wilson

Library of Conservative Thought
tlJhllr:,1 Francis Graham Wilson
Edited by H. Lee Cheek, Jr.
Edited by Kathy B. Cheek
tmmii!IID Edited by M. Susan Power
Price: $49.95
ISBN: 978-0·7658-0045·9
I I • • 11_- .. I,
Pages: 263
Binding: Hardcover
., .... _.-._..
" 11 1•• 1· II...
Publication IDale: 04-23·2001
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a 'WFO. III R ..
Francis Graham Wilson was a central figure in the revival of interest in political philosophy and American political
thought in tbe mid·twentieth century. While he is best known as a Catholic writer and conservative theorist, his
most significant contribution is his original interpretation of the development of American politiCS. Central to his
thought was a process of self· interpretation by the Citizenry, a quest for ultimate meaning turning to a divine,
tranS!:endent, basis of history and shared experience. Although Wilson's writings were extensive and influential,
they have not been readily available for decades. Political Philosophy and Cultural Renewal brings together a
coherent and representative selection of his work, ,highlighting hiS concern for the common good and hiS belief in
personal and societal restraint as an altemative to political partisanship and superfiCiality.
Wilson's affirmation of a repu'blican inheritance encourages contemporary students of politics to revisit the
Founders' views of diffused political His remarkable contribution to American political philosophy IS a
full · fledged theory of cultural renewal that has lost none of its relevance for contemporary political and social
issues. n,is volume will be of interest to historians, political SCientiSts, and American studies specialists.
Francis Graham Wilson (Author)
Francis Graham Wilson (1901,1976) was professor of political science at numerous
universities, including Stanford University and the University of Washington. He is
best known for establishing a histoncal theory of public opinion as distinct from the
methodology. He is the author of numerous articles and books on publiC opinion,
including American Political Mindand The Case for Conservatism.
H. Lee Cheek, Jr., is professor of political science and religion at the University of
North Georgia, and a senior fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute. His previOUS
books include Political Philosophy and Cultural Renewal, Order and and
Calhoun and Popular Rule, among other works. 12/3/2012

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