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Caruso October 15, 2012 Media Influence In this paper the question concerning pop culture that will be addressed is the question of “how does the media influence us in America”. Research for this question will be done by comparing the impacts the media has on citizens of America compared with people from around the world. I will be answering the questions of how does the media impact us as Americans psychologically, physically, and what ways the media targets us and why the media impacts people in a negative way, this impact can be seen in the present day culture of America. The culture of America has become very negative, violent, and is more influenced by the media than ever before. Based on my knowledge and how I perceive what the media says in advertisings and on the web it seems as if the media s controlling what people like and dislike in order to make money. They do this in such ways as telling people what movies are really good and should be watched. Or such as when they say what is healthy and unhealthy in order to promote a certain food. Also the media that is known to everyday Americans has been observed and known to be very aggressive and sometimes violent. This shows how the media promotes violence because earlier this year a man committed a massacre at a batman premier because of what he saw in batman doing in the movie. This batman movie was very violent and showed very violent and bloody scenes that promote violence and aggressive behavior. This encouraged a man who had several psychological problems to mimic the movie and go on a rampage at a movie theatre premier of the movie. During the rampage of carnage this man was dressed as batman. If the media hadn’t of been so violent and sending violent messages through movies this man could

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have never of had the idea to commit such an atrocity in such a way. In the past batman movies were as violent and they didn’t even show killing because batman was never a killer, but today’s media has morphed this iconic vigilante into a murderous monster. Even looking at how the costume designs and weapons and how they have changed it is evident that this figure has gone through changes and increased violence appeal. The media uses so much violence in movies because they know that this is what excites people, the media has become nothing more than a business that seeks to make the most money it can with no regard to the effects its violent appeal may have on Americans. The media uses many techniques in order to persuade consumers in America to buy products. They can do this by targeting consumers on a psychological level. “One determinant of emotional response toward a product is repetition. The mere exposure effect refers to the typical finding that repetitions lead to more favorable evaluations of the repeated stimulus” (Mullen 77).One way the media influences consumers on a psychological level is through the use of repetition. This quote reveals that through repetition the media is able to engrain images and ideas into consumers’ minds which causes them to develop a liking for this idea or product and leads to them being more likely to purchase the product. This repetition causes people to like or want a product in ways such as having commercials in between television breaks. The companies who make these ads know that the average person will sit through the commercials and watch them no matter how many times the same commercial is repeated. The average show is around thirty minutes and of that thirty minutes 10 minutes or more is usually made up of commercials. Even on the internet companies are finding ways to incorporate commercials into video streaming and also through the repetition of images. Commercials and advertising are on an increase and are showing up in places that they didn’t show up in before, such as on YouTube as well as other video streaming websites.
Comment [K7]: Commercials before you can watch your music video Comment [K6]: What types of commercials are repeated the most, or what types are the worst to be repeated. Maybe talk about how there are different commercials for different TV shows because they target different audiences.

According to a study “The study, based on a survey of 2,574 online shoppers between July 14 and August 8, found that 35% of consumers said Twitter was influential or extremely influential in their decision to buy a product. That compares with 24% who said Facebook helped guide a purchase” (Stambor 2011).Social media sites have succumbed to allowing advertisement on their sites. As time has progressed the media has spread its influence everywhere even in the realm of our social lives. This study showed that more than a fourth of Americans have no control over what they buy their opinion and likes are affected by what they see. Advertisement can also appear in other forms. Such as a star that is looked up to by many sporting a certain brand or look or eating a certain food. Stars in today’s society set the trends and this results in people following them and doing buying the things they buy in an attempt to be just like them.

Comment [K8]: What study? Where did you find it? Comment [K9]: Bracket this? Instead of having the Comment [K10]: Ads on the sides of Facebook that appeal to the user of said Facebook based on what they have liked.

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