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Submitted to: Prof. Nelly Funtecha Teacher Child Psychology Submitted by: Jerrydale Fuentes

AB Psychology 3

I. Identification of the Subject Name: Angelica Pauline F. Gulac Age: 6 years old

Birth date: June 24, 2004 Birth Place: Iloilo City Gender: Female Race: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Mother’s Name: Cyndale Gulac Father’s Name: June Gulac


Information Sources

Information is collected thru interview, observation, conversation with the subject’s parent and series of tests given to the subject. Some are results of applied psychological theories which resulted to better understanding to the result of this case study. II. Background Information

A. Family Background

The subject’s parents were middle class citizens of this country. The father is employed as a Credit Investigator, and his mother is employed as a Cashier. Both parents finished college at same university. Presently they have a son and a daughter.

The subject was born normal delivery at nine months of pregnancy, seven pounds of weight at Iloilo St. Paul’s Hospital.

B. Home Atmosphere

The subject lives with her parents at Bankers Village, Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City. In the said home, she also lives with her grand parents, uncles and aunts. Most of the time, the subject is playing with her younger brother, watching movies and sometimes going around the village. Their average sleep time is 9:30pm and usually wake up at 6:00am if class days and 8:00am during non class days.

C. Physical Characteristics

Angelica Pauline has face of ordinary girl. She has short hair, healthy body and wide eyes. She always wears pink clothes or dresses and likes color pink. The subject looked as a simple child at the first sight. She act normally, lives normally and can get along with other young ones normally. She acts like an adult that she wants to do household chores alone that she doesn’t need supervisions and to be taught how to do such work. She sometimes does the dishes, feed the cats and dogs, and wipe the floor. The subject was able to walk after she was 1 year and 6 months old. She has strong physical body that able to grip objects with good force and to climb high windows. At same age, she able to climb up her crib and escape. At the age of two,

the subject learn to sang about 4 folk songs and able to identify more or less twenty flags of the world. The subject can get along with other young ones easily. But she is sometimes bullied by her classmates because she has a quite chubby body. She is taught to be respectful and she grown respectful. She is polite and honest. She has fewer friends in the village because the houses are quite far from each other. She always plays with her younger brother, aunts, and uncles. At school, she has lots of friends. Even student in other sections and teachers were her friends.

E. Early Childhood Information

The subject was raised by her parents with the help of her grand parents because she is the first grand child of the family. “She is an obedient child. She always does what I ask her to do. But sometimes I scold her because she acts like deaf that she wants me first to get angry at her before she does what I ask.” Her mother said. It is normal for a child to be lazy sometimes especially if we don’t know they’re already tired. “She is lovable that he always massages my back when I arrive home. She helps her mother prepare food for me when I come home late. Sometimes, when I’m at overtime, she can’t sleep that she waits for me before she sleep. There was also a time that I go home almost 2:00am and I saw her asleep in the couch maybe waiting for me to arrive. She is lovable.” Her father said. The subjects always play with her uncles and aunt. She is the apple of the eye of the family aside from her younger brother.

Most children become spoiled if they have younger siblings. Unlike Angelica, she loved her brother. There is also a time when they both argue and her brother hit her but Angelica won’t fight back.

E. Schooling History

Schools Attended:

Year Grade 2008 2009 2010 2011

Age of Subject


3 4 5 6

Judith Lazaraga Elem. School Mt. Hope Nursery School Mt. Hope Nursery School Iloilo Central Elem. School

Preaparatory Kinder 1 Kinder 2 Grade 1

Program Participations

Year 2008 2008 2008

Event Miss. JLES 2008 Nutrition Month Buwan ng Wika

Location Judith Lazaraga Elem. School Judith Lazaraga Elem. School Judith Lazaraga Elem. School

2009 2009 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011

Nutrition Month Buwan ng Wika Nutrition Month Sports Festival Fun Run Quiz Bee Spelling Bee Dance Showdown

Mt. Hope Nursery School Mt. Hope Nursery School Mt. Hope Nursery School Mt. Hope Nursery School Iloilo Central Elem. School Iloilo Central Elem. School Iloilo Central Elem. School Iloilo Central Elem. School

Workshops and Seminars Attended

Year 2008 2009 2010

Event Painting/Drawing Painting/Drawing Karate-do Summer

Location Amigo Terrace Hotel Amigo Terrace Hotel CPU Gym

IV. Giftedness Characteristics

A. School Performance When she is in preparatory school, the subject’s quizzes were always perfect. Sometimes she got 1 mistake. She is always at the cream of the crop of her

section. Interest in studies was seen in the subject at this stage. She always does her assignment and prepares her things for tomorrow’s school. Same thing happened when she was in kinder 1. In kinder 2, a quite laziness was observed. She wakes up late and sometimes misses the class. Grade one did a lot of adjustment to the subject said by her parents. Unlike when he was in preparatory to kinder, her school is near the house and her class starts at 8:00 am and ends at 11:00 am. When she was in grade one, she has to travel six kilometers to reach school and her class starts at 7:00am until 4:00pm and between this class hours, there is a two hours lunch break at 11:00am to 1:00pm. She comes late at school because of the distance of school to home. Sometimes she was caught sleeping in the middle of the class. This stage of school changed the subject and trying to build her physical body to older child. Fortunately, the subject passed the grade one and is ready for the second grade.

B. Subject’s Self Concept and Interest

“I love Dora the Explorer”. She always watches this movie which she wanted to be like the main character on the movie. She pays lots of attention in this movie resulted to less attention on her studies. “I want to be a doctor someday, I want to have a clinic that is color pink, has many plants outside and many birds.” She answered when I ask her what he wants to be when she grows up. “I want to teach people what is good for their health and what is not like Dora teaching others good attitudes.” She added.

I asked her about memorizing almost all flags of the world when she was 5 and she answered that she was first fun of shapes and colors then developed into memorizing the shapes inside each flags. Her ability of fast memorization is due to her interest of colorful shapes inside each flag. She was able to read at the age of four and this made reading story books as her other past time hobbit. Reading is the easy part for her but she has difficulties in pronouncing words. She also fun of playing computer and internet games because she has a laptop that used to be her toy.


General Appraisal/Recommendation/Predictions

A. Strength and Weaknesses The subject’s intelligence can be hereditary because her parent also excels in academic when in school. Her father is a valedictorian when he was in high school and her mother is part of honorable mentions when high school. Her grandfather is also an engineer which is good at mathematics. Exposing the subject to early test of knowledge increases her intellectual quality. When it comes of the attitudes, her grand mother is the reason why she is respectful and polite. Her grand mother is quite strict in terms of respectfulness especially in front of elders. She is always with her grand mother because her parents are absent at day because of work. Her greatest weakness is being bullied by the other especially when the bully is older than her. She can face this weakness if she is with her family like

parents, grandparents, and uncles or aunts. She doesn’t want also to be left alone unless she is with her younger brother. At home, when all of the family has an appointment, they leave the subject and her younger brother alone at the house while they are watching movies. At first, they are afraid that they will be left alone until they are used to it. Being at dark places is also her weaknesses. This is because she heard much folklore from someone older than her. Her greatest strength is when she is with her family. She can move and play freely even if she is not supervised by her parent or uncle as long as she felt that she is not alone or she is enjoying something.

B. Recommendations

The subject is considered gifted because of her ability of fast memorizing and also a good physical body. Not all children have this gift or capacity or skill. I recommend that she should continue whatever practices that contribute to her talent and skills. I also want the subject to be engaged in sports because this can make her body stronger and mind wiser. Being more exposed to other people also improves her communication skills as well as her ability to cope up with others. That is all I recommend, I hope that this child can be a better person soon when she grows up and face the real world.