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Britton 1 Annotated Bibliography Burroughs, Arlene, and Leifer, Gloria. Maternity Nursing: An Introductory Text Eighth Edition.

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, 2001. 49-62. Print. This chapter of the book is dedicated to the health care of women during their period of pregnancy. It outlines the importance of prenatal care and describes thoroughly what that care should include. It goes through the dietary needs of the women, along with the physical and mental exercises that women can do to better prepare themselves for the actual birthing day. There are specific exercises, selfcare tips, and nutrition facts for pregnant women, all of which I plan on divvying up and using strategically in my paper. The nutrition facts will be especially helpful as well. This source seems reliable in that it was written by two nursing professors and is a fully published text with many editions. It will help greatly in formulating my paper. Engebretson, Joan. C. and Littleton, Lynn. Y. Maternal, Neonatal, and Women’s Health Nursing. New York: Albany, 2002. 411-581. Print. This whole unit is about pregnancy, yet there are pieces of it that will specifically help formulate my paper. It speaks of the signs of pregnancy within women and the anatomic and physiologic differences that occur in women during this time. It also gives tips on how women can (physically and psychologically) prepare themselves for the birthing of their child. There are many things that will aid me in this unit, but I am highly intrigued by the specific anatomic differences that are spoken about. From changes in respiratory systems to changes in metabolism and weight gain, this book will be a huge part of my research process. It is viable in that it is a published book that roots from well educated and studied writers. Orshan, Susan. A. Maternity, Newborn, and Women’s Health Nursing: Comprehensive Care Across the Lifespan. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, 2008. 430-580. Print. This unit is about pregnancy, and covers the whole spectrum of pregnancy (from the beginning stages all the way through post-birthing). It speaks on how different cultures view pregnancy and how that can cause a variation in the care needed for each individual. It also speaks of the physical exams and evaluations pregnant women should go through to ensure true health for their baby. Finally, it speaks on the health precautions women should be aware of during the pregnancy stages, and is a great guide to bringing comfort to the women during those months. This source was written by an author with a PhD and seems viable in that it is large book with more than one edition, meaning it has been published multiple times. It will be a helpful resource with my studies in that the different cultures discussed will add color and diversity to my writing. It’s good to be enlightened on people who are not of one’s own ethnicity, background, etc, especially when there is a common thread within them all, in this case being pregnant women. Pepper, Leslie. "Change For Good." Fit Pregnancy 19.1 (2012): 70-77. Health Source – Consumer Edition. Web. 26 Sept. 2012.

Britton 2 This article covers all the ways in which a woman can be healthy and stay healthy throughout her pregnancy period. From specific exercises to optimal snack and dinner options, there are a plethora of differing ways in which a woman can maintain good health while carrying her baby. This article also discusses many myths behind “forbidden” exercises and foods for pregnant women, and also shows smarter options that do not put excess weight on them that will only add to the stress on their bodies. This article is going to benefit my paper in that I plan on having a huge portion of it be about what women can do to help their bodies and their babies during their pregnancy. The specific exercises in this article will help me narrow my focus in that section of the paper and give specific details, and the myths that are busted in this article will also add an interesting aspect to my writing. This source is reliable as it has been written by a mother, is a periodical from Fit Pregnancy, and was found in a dependable database online. Shea, Sarah Bowen, and Hanson, Teri. "Water BABY." Fit Pregnancy 18.3 (2011): 8286. Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 26 Sept. 2012. Surprisingly, this article is not about having a baby in water (like many women choose to do), but rather it is about the specifics behind water exercises as a pregnant woman. This article covers the benefits of working out in the water, tells the reader about specific places that offer water exercising, and also provides specific water exercises for the reader to try. It tells the risks of working out in water (which are small and simple such as making sure the woman stays hydrated). I plan on doing a section of my paper about exercises for pregnant women, and this will now be a huge part of that section. The specific details in this article will help me tremendously. Also, it is a trustworthy periodical, as it came from Fit Pregnancy and was written by both a fitness writer and fitness editor. Bongaard, Bridget S. "Is Massage Beneficial For Pregnant Women And Their Infants?." Alternative Medicine Alert 10.12 (2007): 133-136. SPORTDiscus with Full Text. Web. 26 Sept. 2012. This journal article from SPORTDiscus database discusses the benefits that massages have on pregnant women and also on their infants. It goes through studies that were done on women who undergo massage therapy and shows the effects that it had on those women. I plan on using this article because of its anatomical information (dealing with the central nervous system, hormones, etc). That will add a scientific depth to my paper, especially to the part where I plan on discussing a woman’s body and it’s changes as pregnancy occurs. This article is viable in that it comes from the tenth volume of a recently written journal.