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“ To be or not to be… that is the question.

To Be
I You He She *It We You +They am are is is is are are are

This is one of the most important verbs in English. We use it to talk about age, nationality, jobs, emotions, the weather, time, etc …

Simple Present Tense

*It is used for places, animals or things not for people. Except in the
case of a baby when the sex (male or female) is unknown or not specified. +They is used for people or things (plural form).


about jobs (occupations)
dentist .

Substitute using other jobs you know. I am a/an ex. Nurse, singer, dancer, painter You are a plumber . secretary, architect, journalist, She is an engineer . receptionist, banker, farmer He is a doctor . police officer, firefighter We are They are You are Key Question : What do you do ? What they do ?

technicians teachers . politicians . does she do?

What do

1. I am a/an ________________ . 2. You are a/an ____________ . 3. He is a/ an ________________ . 4. She is a/ an ____________ . 5. We are _________________ . 6. They are ____________ .

** Practice asking question about professions.






di yei

i que
























dobol-iu ex




The vowels: A,E,I,O,U sometimes Y


top and bottom

lips together Bottom lip

between teeth

B : about age
He is 5 years old . or is five. *Not He is 5 years. He is 5. or or He is five years old. or He He is five years.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Key Question : How old are you ?
are they ? How old is she ? How old Substitute the age in the blank and practice with other students or your teacher. 1. I am ___________________ . ________________ 5. We are _____________ and 6. My brothers are ___________ and 7. My friend is ____________ . 8. They are ______________ and

2. He is ___________________ . __________ . 3. You are ___________________ . 4. 9. She is ____________ .

___________________ .

How _______ are __________ ? How old are you ? How old is your baby ?

10. How old ______ Michael ? I am 12 years old. She is 6 months old.

Cultural note : It is be considered impolite to ask women their ages.


about nationality
He is from He is They are from Canada. (country) Canadian. (nationality) Mexico.

They are Mexican. She is from France. She is French You are from Japan. You are Japanese. We are American. We are from The United States. He is from mars . She is from The Philippines. She is Filipino He is a Martian. I am from Greece. I am Greek.

We are from Mexico!
Key Question :

We are Mexican!
What is your nationality ?

Where are you from ?

questions to each Country Germany Spain Nationali German ty

Class Activity : Substitute the following information and practice asking
China Thailand The Netherlands Chinese Thai Dutch India Indian

Spanis h


with adjectives
We are sick.

I am happy. She is sad.

They are cold. You are sleepy. It is hot. The books are bigs. (incorrect) The books are big. (correct) *Adjectives are never plural in English;

ex. Mr. and Mrs. Presley are cleans. (incorrect) Mr. and Mrs. Presley are clean. (correct)

Key Questions :

How is she ? Is he happy ?

Are you mad ?

Using the following adjectives substitute them into sentences. expensive, dirty, clean, mad, hungry, thirsty, beautiful, handsome, difficult easy, open, closed, pretty, cheap. 1. 4. I am ____________ . They are ___________ . You are ___________ . Mr. White is _________ .. 5. The book is __________. 6. David is __________. 7. Sheila is __________. 8. The car is __________.

2. 3.

**Practice asking question using some of these adjective and answering using YES or NO in sentences. Yes and No Formation
I You She He It We You They am are is is is are are are not not not not not not not not

Subject & I am You are He is She is It is English. We are They are Verb = I’m = You’re = He’s = She’s = It’s = We’re = They’re Verb & Negation is not = isn’t are not = aren’t *Contractions are often used in

Ex. Ex.

It is not = It isn’t or It’s not Are they angry ? Yes, they are
am not

You are not = You aren’t I am not = I’m not or You’re not. am´t (does not exist) or No, they aren’t.

Practice time
I You She He It We You They are is is is are are are

not not not not not not not

Use the verb “to be” in these questions. 1.- _________________ I sleping? 2.- _________________ Sally working? 3.- _________________ Julie a teacher? 4.- _________________ they doctors? 5.- _________________ that a dog? 6.- _________________ she walking? 7.- _________________ that cat in the tree? 8.- _________________ this a book? Change these sentences to the negative form. 1.- This is a new book. ______________________________________________________ 2.- Bill is Mexican. _________________________________________________________ 3.- We are busy today. _______________________________________________________ 4.- This is a difficult exercise. _________________________________________________ 5.- We are Mexicans. ________________________________________________________ 6.- It is a small book. ________________________________________________________ 7.- I am a teacher. __________________________________________________________ 8.- Helen and Mary are sisters. ________________________________________________ 9.- You are a good student. ___________________________________________________ 10.- This is a pencil. ________________________________________________________ Complete the sentences with the forms of the verb “to be”. 1.- Mr. Jones ___________________ a man. 2.- They _____________________ doctors. 3.- _______________ you an English teacher? 4.- I _______________ a football player. 5.- He _________________ Mexican. 6.- She _________________ an American. 7.- You ______________ students.


about martial status

I am married. You are single. She is widowed. They are divorced. We are engaged. He is separated.

***All of these words are adjectives even though they end in ED not to be confused with regular past tense verbs. ( chapter 8)

Key Questions : Are you married ?
divorced ? Practice : Is she married ? separated ? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t. he isn’t.

Are you single ? Are you

Are they engaged ? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

Is he Yes, he is. No,

Substitute into these sentences : 1. Are you ________________- ? 2. Is _____ single ? 3. ________ they divorced ?

4. Yes, I ______ . 5. No, ______ isn’t . 6. ______, they are.

Cultural note : It may be considered impolite or insensitive to ask someone
directly if they are divorced, separated .or widowed. Usually we ask if the person is married or single and they will offer the answer.

**Practice asking and answering questions using the verb to be with professions, nationalities, countries, ages, martial status and adjectives Question Formation Am I Are you Is she Is he Is it Are we Are you Are they
Ex. Is he a doctor? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t. I’m not. Is she pretty? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t. they aren’t. Are they from Mexico? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. Is it small? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Are you Chinese ? Yes, I am. No, Are they slow? Yes, they are. No,

Some new vocabulary :
Turkey, Guatemala, Egypt, Russia, Portugal, Cuba, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Turkish, Guatemalan, Egyptian, Russian, Portuguese, Cuban, Indonesian, Ethiopian, lawyer, architect, waitress, lifeguard, singer, carpenter, sales representative, writer, Comfortable, difficult, lazy, sexy, dry, wet, unhappy, angry, nervous, tall, young, old


Introductions using names, ages and professions
Hi, I’m Ron. I’m 35 years old. I’m a travel agent. What’s his name ? What’s her

Hello, my name is Karen. I am 33 years old. I am an English teacher.

Key Questions : What’s your name ?
name ?

Conversation practice : Practice and then use your own information
Silvia: Hi, my name is Silvia. What’s your name? Michael : My name is Michael ? Silvia : Where are you from ? Michael: I’m from Canada. What about you ? Silvia : I’m from Mexico. Nice to meet you. Michael : Nice to meet you, too. What do you do ? Silvia : I teach Spanish. What about you ? Michael : Wow I teach English.

It is rainy. It is hot.

using “TO BE” with weather
It is dry. It is really hot.

. Key Questions : Is it rainy ? Is it sunny ? Is it cloudy ? Look at the following pictures and describe the weather.