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1. the table below displays the physical quantities, their SI units, and their symbols.

Quantity Mass Length Unit Kilogram Meter Symbol Kg M According to the table, the correct symbol for velocity is… a. b. c. d. m/s m/s2 m2/s m2/s2 Time Second S

2. consider the table below No Physical quantity Unit 1 Length Meter 2 Time Second 3 Mass Kilogram 4 Velocity Meter and second 5 Acceleration …………………… The unit of acceleration is drived from fundamental quantity units, namely…. a. b. c. d. 3. No Quantity Symbol (SI) Tool 1 Length M Vernier caliper 2 Speed m/s Speedometer 3 Time S Stopwatch 4 Density Kg/m3 hydrometer Based on the table above, quantities, symbol (SI), and the tools that correct are.. a. b. c. d. 1 and 3 2 and 3 2 and 4 3 and 4 Meter, second and second Kilogram, meter and second Kilogram, meter and meter Kilogram, second and second

4. consider the table below. No 1 2 3 Quantities Length Mass Time Units Meter Kilogram Second Tool Ruler Spring balance Stopwatch

32◦ C d. 33◦ C 8. The temperature of the object is… a. what is the temperature in reamur scale? a. 31◦ C c. b. the temperature of water in a kettle is 30 ◦C. 750 kg/m3 6. 25 ◦R c.075 kg/m3 b. the temperature of an object is measured using a thermometer as shoen in the figure on the right. 26 ◦R d.025 liter 7.75 kg/m3 c. The density of coconut oil is 0. 0. the volume of perfume in a bottle is 250 cubic centimeters. The volume is equal to… a. 25 liter b.25 liter d. d.4 Temperature Reamur thermometer Fundamental quantities according to SI with the correct measuring tiils and units are… a. 0.5 liter c. 27 ◦R . 75 kg/m3 d. c.5 gram/cm3. 0. 1 and 2 1 and 3 2 and 3 2 and 4 5. 30◦ C b. 0. In SI it can be expressed as… a. 24 ◦R b. 2.

2. a. 7. 62◦ P 10. rudy uses a vernier caliver to measure the length of an object as shown in the figure on the right. 36 ◦X 11. 32◦ P b. 52◦ P d. what is the temperature of the object on the X scale thermometer when the temperature is 20◦C? a. the temperatire of warm water is 20◦ C. 32 ◦X c. a student uses a vernier caliper to measure the diameter of a marble as shown by the figure on the right. the freezing point of water is 20◦ X an the boiling point is 80◦X . the figure on the right shows the scales of two thermometers called celcius and “P”. 34 ◦X d. The length of the object is… a. 7.9. 30 ◦X b. 11 mm c. 12 mm d.on the X scale thermometer. 13 mm 12. aisha measure the length of an object as shown in the figure on the right. its temperature when measured with thermometer P is.22 cm . The length of the object is.23 cm b.24 cm c..26 cm 13. a. 42◦ P c.. 7. 10 mm b. The diameter of marble is… a. 7. 25 cm d.

.125 books c. 10 cm3 b. the volume of the irregular-shaped object Y as shown in the diagram on the right is… a.23 cm c.2 mm c.5 books b.2 mm 15. 2. 4. How long is the table above? a.22 mm b. the figure on the right show the level of water in a measuring cylinder. 6 cm3 c.25 cm 14. 2. 30 cm3 17. And figure 1 shows the level of water before the key is put into it. If the volume of water in figure 2 is 30 cm3. 36 cm3 .24 cm d. a boy is measuring the length of a table using his book. ryan uses a micrometer to measure the length of an object as shown by the figure on the right. 2. the volume of the keys is. a. 4. 5 books d.22 mm d.b. The length of the object is… a. 5. 15 cm3 d. Figure 2 shows the level of water after a key is put into the measuring cylinder. 2. Study following figure. 2.5 books 16. 4 cm3 b. 10 cm3 d. 5. 5. 20 cm3 c.

The volume of the cube is… a. 7 N c. the result of measurent mass of an object as shown in the figure on the right is.18. 80. 8 cm2 c. 9 N 22. 80 cm3 b. 800 cm3 c. 9 cm2 d. 70 grams c. the area of the following shape is… a. a. 200 grams d. 275 grams 21... 6 N b. the weight of the object is. nazla finished a 100 meter run in 50 second. 8 N d. 10 cm2 20. Which of the following stopwatch shows the correct time? . 7 cm2 b. a. Look at the figure on the right.000 cm3 19. 8000 cm3 d. 5 grams b. based on the figure on the right.

00 a.00 a. b. the following properties are observed: A 1) can be sparated by physical changes 2) A single matter 3) can be broken down by chemical reactions 4) the properties of the forming components still remain .pounds are… Elements Compounds Can be broken down with Can be broken with physical chemical reactions reactions B Cannot be broken with Can be broken down with chemical chemical reactions reactions C Cannot be broken down with Canno be broken down with chemical reactions physical reactions D Can be broken with physical Cannot be broken down with reactions chemical reactions 27. 2007? a.m.m. The graph shows temperature against time.m.m. 26. below are the data of motor cycle speed constant in a particular interval. c. a.look at the graph on the right. c.23. b. 12.00 a. P-Q R-S Q-R Q-p 24. 08. Time (second) 2 4 6 8 10 Distance 10 20 30 40 50 The correct graph of the relation between distance and time is… 25. below is the heating graph of a substance. d.00 a.. 04. 04. The interval that shows the unchanged temperature is. What time is the lowest temperature on dec 24. the differences between elements and com. d.

an turns litmus paper from blue to red is… a. salt and chalk b. a substance which is corrosive. salt b. What could A and B be? a. paint 29. d. sulphur and water 30. 3 and 4 2 and 4 2 and 3 1 and 2 28. solution coffee b. acid d. distillation b. salt solution. only substance B passes through the filter paper after a mixture of substance A and B are filtered. drinking soda. the figure on the right shows the rocess of sparating a substance to produce other substances. evaporation d. sour in taste an pH level below 7.Which are the properties of a compound? a. milk c. sea water. of the following substances. b. neutral c. a. iron filings and sulphur d. which ones are homogenous mixture? a. This process is called…. milk. electrolyze 31. Cheese. sand and water c. margarine. base . cloud. c. tea water d. chromatograph c. sugar solution.

has bitter taste c. NaOH and NaCl 33. c. base and salt are respectively…. these are some substances found in the laboratory -NaOH -NaCl -HCL The acid. less than 0 34. rina did an experiment on a substance using some litmus paper. NaCl. rina concluded that the substance has a pH level of… a. has higher pH value d. When the blue litmus was dipped into the substance it stayed blue. neutralizing acid b. observe the figure on the right. when the red litmus was dipped into the substance it turned ble. d. From the result. a.32. NaCl and NaOH NaOH. more than 7 b. base (milk of magnesia) and salt (kitchen salt) are tasted with natural indicator. b. some food products representing acid (lemon). being corrosive 35. The above drug is used to cure na stomachache because it has the property of. NaoH and Hcl Hcl. The result are show below… Food product Natural indicator Geranium Lemon Orange Milk of magnesia Yellow Kitchen salt Red Which is the best natural indicator? Turmeric Yellow Red Orange Rose Pink Green Pink Red cabbage Pink Green purple . 0-7 d.. less than 7 c. a. HCL and NaCl HCI.

a. which of these data you will get? a.. She recorded the temperature of the liquid every minute for 7 minutes. c. 100 ◦C 86 ◦C 150 ◦C 165 ◦C . b. there are ten large leaves b. d.alcohol fermentation . c. Geranium Turmeric Rose Red cabbage 36. it has five branches 38. b. If you do a qualitative observation on the seedling.lightning bolt . d. a. b. the stem is small c.volcano eruption . Volcano eruption and alcohol fermentation Lightning bolt and ripening of fruits Tornado and volcano eruption Alcohol fermentation and ripening of fruits 37. below are some natural phenomenon usually happening in our daily life: .tornado Which the phenomenon are biotic? a. an example of natural phenomenon is shown by the figure on the right. c. d. The result is shoem in the following table: Time (minute) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Temperature (◦C) 20 28 36 44 52 60 68 76 From the result above we can estimate that in the next 10 minutes the temperature of the liquid will be. it has one root d. lina heated some chemical liquid in abeaker.ripening of fruits .

a.. The personal safety tool lbeed G is called. tejo observe a ross section of a leaf under microscope. a. Whch of these apparatus is a measuring cylinder? 43. using one hand to hold the tube and the other hand underneath the base 42. latex gloves b.. So he must set the lenses as follows… Objective lens Ocular lens A 10x 40x B 20x 20x C 40x 10x D 200x 2x 41. ian does an experiment in the laboratory. goggles c. This substance must be labeled with symbol… 44. R d. hydrogen peroxide is a very dangerous substance. based on the figure on the right. The right way in handling a microscope is… a. using one hand to hold the arm and the other hand underneath the base d. He wants to give 400x of magnification for the object. It needs to be handled carefully. mask . The part of the microscope that can be rolled to adjust the focus is.39. look at the figure on the right. handling it with one hand then pushing it b. S 40. Q c. the microscope is the main instrument for a biologist. It may destroy living tissues and damages the skin upon contact. using two hands to hold the arm then lifting it c. He needs 50 ml of distilled water as one of his materials. P b. The teacher asks him to use a measuring cylinder to measure the volume of distilled water.

d. lab apron .