New Branding Effort has CQ fluency Taking Language Services to a Whole New Level of Intelligence CQ fluency touting rebranding

as a "natural cultural evolution" with the goal of increasing its clients Cultural Intelligence or "CQ" (Hackensack, NJ) - CQ fluency (formerly Translation Plus) is a communications co mpany on a global mission to facilitate real connections and true cultural under standing between people who donâ t speak the same language. The new name reflects a key point of difference in the global arena of language and linguistic services. That difference is Cultural Intelligence or CQ. For over a decade Translation Plus, has been providing top level services in translation, localization, inter pretation, transcreation and multicultural solutions. The companyâ s focus on CQ is i n response to a market that is looking to connect more deeply with the multicult ural community. Fast becoming an industry term, CQ or Cultural Intelligence is the measurement o f how well a company or an individual understands another culture. Misunderstand ings due to cultural differences go far beyond language-- delving into the areas of customs, practices, religious ideology, gender recognition, and the list goe s on. CQ fluency is leading the way to overcoming these cultural barriers by pro viding clients the tools, insights and foresight to anticipate and seamlessly ac climate to cultural issues. â For us this was a natural evolution of our brand. As a diverse business, we have al l grown up around different cultures and understand that communication is more t han just language. Often HOW we say something is more important than WHAT we say ,â comments Elisabete Miranda, President of CQ fluency. The new brand will highlight the companyâ s ability to help clients forge a deeper cu ltural connection in the markets where they do business. With an entire suite o f services dedicated to Multicultural Solutions, CQ fluency is taking a holistic approach to translation, transcreation, localization and interpretation. This approach involves detailed assessments of a corporations CQ or Cultural Intellig ence. From there, a strategic plan is developed. This includes one or more Mult icultural Solutions designed to provide the client with a richer understanding, not just of the language of their global partners, but also the meaning and feel ing behind the words they use. The goal of CQ fluencyâ s CQ process is to bring the g lobal community closer together. Along with the rebranding, the company is relocating its headquarters to a custo m-designed space at 2 University Plaza, Suite 406 in Hackensack, New Jersey. About CQ fluency CQ fluency (formerly Translation Plus) offers culturally relevant language servi ces and Multicultural Solutions, to companies in the US and around the world. H eadquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey, the company has been using its expertise for over a decade to recreate stories that come to life. CQ fluency is a Women -Owned, Minority-Owned business. Find out more at: Media Contact : David Prince VP of Marketing CQ fluency Hackensack, NJ 201-487-8007