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ISSUES: The St. Louis Water Division is continually evolving to address increasing regulatory requirements, elevated customer service level expectations, business demands, declining economy and customer base, inflation, dynamic workforce, new technologies, privatization issues, and emerging concerns. The Water Division is placing a greater emphasis on improving business practices to address these issues. The City’s Water Division is recognized for providing superior water quality to their customer base at a very competitive rate; however, there is a desire to engage specific expertise to assist in their effort to constantly improve. PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The objective of the St. Louis Water Division is to retain a Consultant or Consultants with expertise in water system operations that can provide insight and new ideas, programs and approaches on ways to increase the Water Division’s efficiency and/or revenues in order to postpone or lessen future water rate increases and to improve customer satisfaction. The City and the Water Division for the most part would like to identify the ideas, have them be developed into projects or programs and be implemented through Performance Contracting such that the City has no additional initial outlay of funds for capital projects or procurement of equipment or services. There will be some Non-Performance Contracting efforts that will result in delivery of a report with recommendations and a detailed implementation plan that can be executed by the SLWD or others. TECHNICAL RQUIREMENTS: The City of St. Louis and its Water Division, is seeking Proposals from qualified firms to provide an “Operational Efficiency and Value Creation Analysis” of the St. Louis Water Division (SLWD). The City of St. Louis intends to retain a firm/s that has experience with large water systems, including treatment, supply, distribution, finance, customer service and information technology. The selected consultant/s shall work with Water Division Staff, over a period of approximately four (4) months, to analyze and evaluate the Water Divisions day to day activities across all aspects of their operation. Upon completion of the evaluation, the consultant will be expected to generate a variety of ideas and concepts for improvements to efficiency and reducing costs of operations in a number of the Water Division’s departments. The intent is that these ideas be presented as projects the City can evaluate to be implemented via performance contracting principles. These services may require the use of a licensed, engineering and/or

utility operator. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure their firm complies with applicable City, County, State and Federal laws for the services rendered. All proposers should have demonstrated experience in conducting innovation and efficiency studies for similar sized water utilities in local governments and/or private industry. Firms must be capable of performing an expert analysis and developing recommendations for the City’s water programs, and executing the Performance Contracting through self performance or subcontracts without compromising or interrupting the City’s current high level of service to its customers. Note: All deliverables from the Consultant’s Phase I and II activities will become the property of the City of St. Louis. SCOPE OF SERVICES: This project is to be accomplished in two phases. Phase I - Departmental Overview, Assessment and Operational Improvements Recommendations (Efficiency and cost savings idea generation with recommended projects) and Phase II - Implementation of accepted solutions for improvement, as identified in Phase I, using performance contracting on a project by project basis. Phase I Services – Perform Operational Efficiency and Revenue Creation Analysis for the entire St Louis Water Division and support services, both internal and external. Firms are encouraged to expound on areas of opportunities and outline creative approaches and projects to “Operational Efficiency and Revenue Creation Analysis”, within their Proposal. Objectives and criteria identified by City staff as critical to the success of this strategic program includes: • • • • • • • Reduce Overall Cost of Water Treatment Maintain or Improve Revenue to Expense Ratio Continue to meet Partnership for Safe Drinking Water Quality Standards Maintain or Improve Water Main Repair Time and Efficiency Increase Wholesale Water Sales Reduce Non-Revenue Water Maintain or Improve the St. Louis Water Division’s AA- Bond Rating

In addition, the Water Division has indentified areas it is currently implementing or has plans to implement improvements and acknowledges that an additional evaluation by the consultant may support the City’s effort to increasing efficiency measures in the following areas: • • • • • IT Functions Lab Data collection and transfers Work flows and approval process for routine activities Time Sheets/Cost Accounting Fleet Maintenance

• • • • • •

Customer Service Document Retrieval and Archiving Asset Management system SCADA Implementation and upgrades Ideal preliminary table of organization to be further developed in Phase II

Additional areas for consideration in Phase I services may include: o Benchmark data and comparison o Projected capital cost to implement improvements(business case) o P3 recommendations and implementation procedures o New business opportunities o New customer base (wholesale water) o Metering recommendations with supporting data o High level energy analysis and recommendations o Organizational makeup recommendations with cost savings identified and quantified o Recommendations for consolidation or decommissioning of existing facilities o Major Operational process evaluation for efficiencies (electricity, chemicals, people)

Phase I will be limited to four (4) months. The Consultant will be compensated a lump sum fee for this effort. The fee shall cover all costs of the assessment and development of proposed efficiency improvements, required recommendations and proposed projects to be implemented via performance contracting outlined in this subsection of the Request for Proposals and all appurtenances necessary to satisfy the Phase I contract. During Phase I, the Consultant will observe and analyze the overall operations of the St. Louis Water Division, assess potential areas for efficiency improvements and additional revenue generation. The Consultant will also identify the potential projects for efficiency improvement. In addition, the Consultant will be asked to review the organizational makeup of the Water Division and provide recommendations for any organizational changes or reallocation of manpower within the Division (no reduction in force other than a normal rate of attrition shall be recommended; however, the existing and projected future workforce may be realigned and allocated but must be accomplished within current Civil Service Rules and Regulations). Note: Some viable recommendations from the Consultants may be in conflict with City Policy. If, the Consultant wishes to make recommendations or propose processes and procedures that conflict with City policies they may but will be required to identify the conflict and provide a business case outlining the efficiency gained and economic benefit that will be achieved through implementation.

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The Water Division will require the Consultant to evaluate, analyze, and provide recommendations for efficiency improvement to Water Division Support Services. The review may include the following services: • • • • • • Human Resources (HR) Call Center IT services Purchasing Warehousing Fleet Maintenance • • • • • Heavy Maintenance Engineering Inspection GIS Asset and SOP Documentation*

*This area is to be focused on the issue that many SLWD senior staff may be retiring in the short term. The
Consultant shall identify and provide recommendations for best practices for documenting assets, and SOPs, establishing the method for storage of documented information and offering a streamlined workflow process for ease in retrieving data, information and SOPS for use by others in the Water Division.

The above services will be classified as Non-Performance Contracting of Desired Improvements. In the case of Non-Performance Contracting, it is recognized that not all potential efficiency improvements will lend themselves to performance contracting delivery under Phase II. The Phase I lump sum fee shall include the effort to provide recommendations and implementation plans for the above topics. Therefore, for each Non-Performance contracting issue, the Consultant shall provide a summary memorandum that consists of the following items: • • • • • • • Background and documentation of the current situation Assessment of the current level of operations, new improvements or modernization to improve execution of functions in comparison to other similar sized Water Utilities Explanation of required areas of improvements and reasons why Determination of the benefit, and/or cost avoidance to be achieved if improvements to the operation are made Specific recommendations for changes, improvements and modernizations of the specific area of operations Estimate of the cost and the suggested time frame and steps for implementation of the improvements if done internally by SLWD staff and management If applicable, suggest other means of implementation of recommendations using third party or consulting services and the anticipated cost range for implementation by outsourcing to the SLWD organization.

Note: All Phase I and II deliverables will become property of the City of St. Louis. Proposers are also encouraged to include in your proposal, any additional services not shown above that may result in efficiency improvements and outline how your firm will bring added benefits to the SLWD by providing additional recommendations for improving other areas of the SLWD operations under “Performance Contracting or Non-Performance Contracting Improvements”.

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Compensation for Phase I services will be a lump sum stipend paid by the City of St. Louis. The stipend will be a variable amount dependent on the number of firms retained for Phase I services. The total stipend will not exceed $250,000 and will be allocated based on the level of effort for each portion of Phase I services contracted for. Phase II Services – includes the implementation of Phase I recommendations that the City deems viable and desired, using a Performance Contracting Delivery Model. Phase II may include the implementation of any one or a combination of recommendations identified in Phase I. The City reserves the right to accept or decline any recommendation made in Phase I by the Consultant, or award any or all elements of the recommendations provided in Phase I to other performance contracting firms. The City also reserves the right to reject any or all recommendations by the Consultant. It is intended that Phase II activities may be provided under a performance contracting model where the Consultant will be compensated using the documented savings accomplished by implementing the recommendation. Note: All Phase I and II activities will become the property of the City of St. Louis. As part of Phase II services, the Consultant will prepare a more detailed recommendations and a business plan for attaining efficiencies and cost savings. Execution of the cost savings should be developed in enough detail to allow the development of a compensation plan that is based on sharing quantified cost savings over a period of time. This compensation is achieved from efficiencies gained by implementing specific recommendations. The report shall contain recommendations for implementing the idea, the execution strategy to be employed and shall include at the minimum the following: 1. A detailed description of the improvement process or project to be executed. 2. A definition of boundaries of the scope and the responsibilities and deliverables by the Consultant. 3. Identification of firms and personnel that will be used in executing the implementation of the efficiency improvement program or project. 4. A task summary of the steps to be taken to implement the recommendation along with a timeline showing the specific date or milestone that establishes the point where cost savings will be measured and monitored. 5. The specific deliverables to be provided by the Consultant and their contractor to implement the recommendations. 6. The exact baseline measurement to be used to measure cost savings due to improved efficiencies. 7. An agreement that sets forth the time frame over which compensation will be calculated and made based on cost savings achieved. A full listing of services and facilities to be delivered to implement the recommendations. 8. All other technical, financial or legal terms binding the cost savings recommendations and compensation to the Consultant based on Savings Achieved. Compensation for all Phase II services provided by the Consultant will be negotiated on a project by project basis, once the City of St. Louis agrees to implement the recommendation and agrees to enter into a performance based contract for delivery and implementation of the Phase I recommendation.

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DELIVERABLES: Phase I Services – Consultant shall develop and recommend measures to improve the Water Division in the areas described above. Each recommendation should quantify the potential impact on Capital and O&M cost and state the pros and cons of implementation. The impact of ongoing O&M initiatives by the Water Division shall also be reflected in the consultant’s recommendations and summary report. For recommendations that require a capital investment, the consultant will develop a business case for that improvement. Provide field operations services concurrent with Water Division staff to implement proposed efficiency improvements, including data acquisition and testing of recommendations. Prepare a written report summarizing findings and recommendations to the Water Commissioner. All recommendations shall include implementation measures. Specific deliverables expected under Phase I are: 1. Project Kick-Off Meeting 2. Project Schedule 3. Monthly Updates to the Water Division 4. Monthly Expenditure Reports 5. Optimization Study Report 6. Optimization Study Briefing to Utility Division Management

Phase II Services - Consultant shall provide a summary report on each recommendation that they wish for the City to consider for implementation. Upon review of the report the City will determine if they will choose to implement this recommendation or not. Based on the Scope of the proposed recommendation/project the Consultant fee based on cost savings achieved will be negotiated to implement specific recommendation agreed to from Phase I. Phase III Services To be negotiated after completion of Phase II. For each recommendation implemented, there will be a mutually agreed to terms for determining the performance and guarantees of savings from the implementation of the recommendation. SUPPORTING HISTORICAL DATA: The City of St Louis is approximately 13 miles long, and five miles wide, adjoining the Mississippi River. The City operates over 1300 miles of water main, two water supply sources and two water treatment facilities; one on the Mississippi and one on the Missouri River. The City distributes water to three pressure zones. The City of St. Louis Water Division has a stellar record of performance: • 2007 – Best tasting Water in America – US Council of Mayors. • The City of St. Louis Water Division is a charter member (1994) of the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water. • Their drinking water meets or exceeds the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. SLWD has never violated a water quality regulation in 106 years of testing.

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• • •

SLWD Water system received the ISO’s highest rating for Water system service. The Water Division has a exceptional Standard and Poor’s bond rating of (AA-), higher than any City agency. A notably HIGH “Customer Service Satisfaction Rating”.

It is important that the Water Division’s status in these areas be maintained at the current high level. Background on City Operations The Water Division maintains two water treatment plants that draw water from the area's two main rivers. The Chain of Rocks Plant is located on the Mississippi River about eleven miles north of the center of the City and about five miles south of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The Howard Bend Treatment Facility is located on the Missouri River, 37 miles above the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and 15 miles west of the City limits. Combined, these two plants have the capacity to treat and distribute 360 million gallons of water per day (MGD). The Howard Bend Plant serves the high pressure zone with water being bled into the other two zones as needed. The intermediate pressure zone is supplied with water from the high-pressure zone. The Chain of Rocks supplies water into both the high and low pressure zones, but there are portions of the high pressure zone it cannot supply. All pumping is done from the water treatment plants. The system does not contain any booster pump stations. There is a 100 MG storage reservoir in the high pressure zone supplied by the Howard Bend Plant. There are two storage tanks (14 MG each) in the low pressure zone primarily supplied by the Chain of Rocks Plants. The City operates a Pipe Yard and Distribution System Maintenance complex at McRee Avenue and Kingshighway. This facility is adjacent to the Water Division Headquarters Building at Kingshighway and I-44. This building houses the Water Divisions’ customer service, administrative offices and finance, accounting and Information Technology groups. The City of St Louis provides the purchasing, Human Resources, legal, vehicle maintenance, and other support functions for the Water Division, from City Hall and other locations. The Chain of Rocks Water treatment plant was originally constructed in 1880’s, and has a capacity of 240 MGD, Howard Bend treatment plant was built in 1929 and has a capacity of 120. Both plants have received many upgrades and improvements since they went on line. The total annual production of the two plants has an average flow of approximately 135 MGD, for the past few years. Peak day demand for the system is 240 MG.

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PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: The selection will be made in accordance the City of St Louis Ordinance 64102 and it is rules and procedures for entering into certain Professional Services Agreements. Interested firms can download a copy of the RFP from the St. Louis Water Division Website at or by contacting Black & Veatch c/o Tom Ratzki at All firms wishing to be considered must register their intention to propose in order to get access to all reference documents to be allowed to submit questions of clarification, received answers to all questions regarding the RFP. To register your intent to propose please submit the following in an e-mail to Name of Firm Contact Person Office Phone Cell Phone E-mail Mailing Address – Street Mailing Address - City, Zip Please cut and paste this information into an email to Tom Ratzki. Interested firms shall submit an original and six (6) complete hard bound copies of their Proposal in a spiral bound document and one electronic copy in PDF format. The Proposal shall be limited to thirty (30) double sided printed 8-1/2” x 11” pages with a minimum font size of 11 (the page limit does not apply to a Cover letter, resumes, the M/WBE Utilization forms, Unauthorized Alien Employee Affidavit and Signature Sheet of Memorandum of Understanding with Homeland Security for E-Verify). A maximum of 4, 11 x 17 pages may be included in the 30 page limit. No pages larger than 11 x 17 shall be included. The Cover letter shall not exceed a single one sided page. The remaining documents not included in the thirty (30) page Proposal limit shall be provided in an Appendix. No more than 20 resumes shall be provided. Each resume shall not exceed one double sided page with a maximum font size of 11. In addition, Dividers/tabs will not be included in the page count as long as they do not contain more than 5 printed words and a single picture or graphic. NO OTHER MATERIAL WILL BE ACCEPTED – THIS INCLUDES Brochures or other preprinted qualifications or promotional material, advertisements, or excerpts from newspaper articles or publications or, COPY OF CERTIFICATIONS, REGISTRATIONS, etc. If additional information is included in the Proposal, it will be removed from the Proposal SOQ before distributing to the Selection Committee members.

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The Proposal shall be submitted in an envelope that shall identify the submittal is for: PROPOSAL FOR PROFESSIONIAL SERVICES FOR WATER UTILITYOPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND VALUE CREATION ANALYSIS ST. LOUIS WATER DIVISION Proposals will be received no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 07, 2012 at the Office of the St Louis Water Division, 1640 S. Kingshighway, and St Louis, MO 63110. Proposal envelope shall be marked to the Attention of Curt Skouby. Responses received after this time will not be accepted. The St. Louis Water Division reserves the right to accept or reject any or all responses, or to cancel this request in part or in its entirety. All submittals become and remain the property of the City. Reference information and responses to questions and clarifications of information will be provided on the SLWD website at As additional information is provided or requested, it will be posted on the website. All interested firms are encouraged to review the website regularly. It is the intent to post responses to questions received and additional reference information each Tuesday morning during the Proposal preparation period beginning August 1st through September 5th.

INFORMATION TO BE SUBMITTED WITH THE PROPOSAL: Proposals shall include the following: 1. Cover Letter

2. Firm Overview; Provide the firm’s name, headquarters location, location where the largest percentage of the work on this project will be completed, and what that percentage will be. Provide a contact person’s name, address, e-mail address, phone and fax number for the Firm’s primary representative on this Project. Provide a brief history of your firm, indicating the number of years involved in the water industry, approximate number of water systems your firm has direct operational involvement with, and the largest sized water systems you have provided operations or consultation on operations for, in terms of average day water production/delivery and population served at the time of operations or consulting services on operations. Provide abbreviated financial information regarding the firm, with evidence that the firm has the available financial and operating resources to complete the work within the timeframe required. Provide an overall description of your firm’s resources and capacity to complete the project within the timeframe required. Please assure the brief overview is supported by the project team, its size makeup and its technical qualifications as presented in the Project Team Section.

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3. Approach and Innovative Solutions: Present your team’s approach to the Phase I activities described in “SCOPE”. Discuss your approach to identifying area of efficiency improvement and cost savings. In general, describe the effectiveness of your team to identify recommendations and type and variety of efficiency improving, cost savings, and revenue generating ideas you feel you can identify and implement through performance contracting. Identify any unusual issues/problems/difficulties anticipated. Outline any innovative ideas or solutions your team has for improving Water Division efficiency and increasing revenues. Present your team’s understanding of any special requirements, circumstance, obstacles, codes, and regulations pertinent to the project and how you will address them in successful execution of the project. Discuss your approach to efficiently and succinctly providing the required implementation plans for Non Performance Contracting Improvements. Present your internal quality control procedures. 4. Experience: Provide examples of five (5) comparable projects that demonstrate your firm’s experience, qualifications, and technical competence, for which your firm was the prime. These projects should be complete, in progress, or near completion. Include record of meeting M/W/DBE goals for these projects. Provide the project manager for the project, start and completion dates and state the record of performance for meeting the schedule. Discuss the overall performance of your firm in completing the work and summary of the quality of the final product. Provide a reference with name, phone number, and e-mail address of owner’s representative who is most knowledgeable of your firm’s performance. Also include a brief description of the project including any unique or specialized experience utilized in the work, any innovative approaches and outline the technical competencies demonstrated in performing the work. Projects with incomplete information will not be considered toward the firm’s experience. 5. Project Team: For the key employees proposed to be engaged this project, present their experience, qualifications, and technical competence. Describe the organization of your team, their roles and contributions to the overall execution of the services. List the firm’s Project Manager’s experience in managing similar projects and explain how their experience and past project performance will benefit the SLWD on this engagement. List the office locations for each person presented on the team, and describe the percentage of time they will perform work on this project within the city limits of the City of St. Louis. If professional certification or licensing is required for those services proposed, list area of licensure and license number (do not include a copy of license). If applicable, Proposer shall present experience, qualifications, and technical competence of each subconsultant on the team. Present a team organizational chart identifying each member’s role (including team member names) and responsibility within this project. Indicate availability of team members for this project. List the number of employees by employee classification for the prime and if applicable, each Sub-consultant that may be utilized for this project.

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6. Proximity. Describe the Proximity of your firm's team performing the work to the City of St. Louis. Explain the level of familiarity your team has with the St. Louis geographic area and provide examples that demonstrate that familiarity. Provide information about how and where the team will execute the work to allow the selection committee to effectively evaluate the percentage of work to be completed within in the City Limits of St. Louis, and by residents of the City of St. Louis and/or St. Louis County. 7. M/WBE UTILIZATION PLAN. The M/WBE plan will be evaluated for the feasibility of implementation as proposed, the level of responsibilities and contribution from M/WBE firms and the verification that the Plan meets the City’s M/WBE participation levels. The following forms shall be completed and submitted with the Proposal. (Note these pages do not count against the page limit and shall be included in an Appendix). A. MINORITY AND WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (M/WBE) PARTICIPATION: The City of St. Louis is fully committed to involving M/WBE firms in meaningful roles on all consultant contracts. To that end, the City, acting through the Airport Authority DBE Office, has established goals of 25% MBE and 5% WBE participation for this Consultant contract. The goal is a per cent of the original contract amount for the utilization of firms owned and controlled by minorities and women. (Note these pages do not count against the page limit and shall be included in an Appendix). A copy of the current directory of Certified M/WBEs is available on the internet at or by contacting the Airport DBE Office at (314)426-8111. 8. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CLARIFICATIONS AND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS. All registered firms shall acknowledge the review of all comments, questions, and information posted on the website have been reviewed. B. UNAUTHORIZED ALIEN EMPLOYEES: As a condition for the award of this contract or grant, CONSULTANT, shall, pursuant to the provisions of Sections 285.530 through 285.555 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri 2000, as amended, by sworn affidavit and provision of documentation, affirm its enrollment and participation in E-Verify, a federal work authorization program, with respect to the employees working in connection with this Agreement. CONSULTANT shall also sign an affidavit affirming that it does not knowingly employ any person who is an unauthorized alien in connection with this Agreement pursuant to the above-stated Statutes. In addition to the affidavit the CONSULTANT shall provide a copy of the front page and signature page of their Memorandum of Understanding with Homeland Security for E-Verify. (Note these pages do not count against the page limit and shall be included in an Appendix).

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REFERENCE DOCUMENTS: The following data may be acquired upon request via a secure website. • 2011 Audited Financial Statement • FY 2012 and 2013 Annual Operating Plan and the 2011 Operating Budget • St. Louis, Missouri, Code of Ordinances, Title 23 – Public Utilities, Division I. – Water LE • Service Area Map of Distribution System • Water treatment plant, summaries and process diagrams • Monthly Operating Reports (MOR) o City of St. Louis Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report • Operations descriptions for the following SLWD/city departments o Purchasing o Personnel  City of St. Louis, Civil Service Policy o Finance o IT o Laboratory Operations including data handling  Customer Service  Fleet Maintenance • Summary of City Services provided to SLWD • Overview of SCADA system • Description of SLWD drawings and document storage and retrival process • Summary of available GIS information • List of rolling stock and material in storage • Table with organization for SLWD Departments • List of wholesale customers to SLWD

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CONSULTANT SELECTION PROCESS: The Selection Committee consists of: Curt Skouby – Water Commissioner Jim Kummer – Representative of the SLWD Tom Shephard – Representative of the President of the Board of Alderman for the City of St. Louis Sam Dotson – Representative of the Mayor’s office, of the City of St. Louis John Zakibe – Representative of the Comptroller’s office, of the City of St. Louis. No representatives of any proposing firms shall contact any selection committee member, or the staff reporting to a selection committee member. All contacts related to this RFP shall be made through the Water Division’s agent, Black & Veatch (see Point of Contact on the following page). Selection Criteria: In making a decision to select a firm to provide professional services, the selection committee will consider, at a minimum, the following, as related to the particular selection: • • • • • • • • • • • Specialized experience, qualifications and technical competence of the firm, its principals, project manager and key staff. Ability of the firm to provide innovate solutions. Approach to the project the quality of ideas, recommendations and approach for generating and implementing efficiency improvement and cost savings ideas via performance contracting. Describe how any unusual problems will be addressed. The capacity and capability of the firm to perform the work within the time limitations. Past record and performance of the firm on similar projects and their record for schedule compliance, cost control, and quality of work. Proximity of the firm to the City and percentage of work performed in St. Louis. Fees or fee structure as may be appropriate for the designated service. Availability of financial and operational resources to complete the work. MWBE and/or DBE participation. Ability of the firm to meet statutory or ordinance requirements. Other items that arise as the result of the proposal or interview.

ANTICIPATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Request for Proposals Issued Proposal Submission Deadline Notice of Interview Schedule (shortlist) Complete Finalist Interviews Complete Negotiation of Contract and Award July 27, 2012 September 07, 2012 October 19, 2012 No later than November 16, 2012 No later than December 21, 2012

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POINT OF CONTACT: The St Louis Water Division has retained Black & Veatch as their agent to facilitate the solicitation of proposals. Black & Veatch shall keep a record and list of firms receiving a Request for Proposal and who has registered, on behalf of the SLWD. Black & Veatch will maintain such a list and will use the list to provide all firms who are in a receipt of the RFP with any addenda and response to questions or requests for information. All questions regarding the Request for Proposals shall be directed to Black & Veatch in writing. Interested firms shall not contact City of St. Louis officials, St. Louis Water Division Employees or members of the selection committee. Failure to comply may result in rejection of proposal. The latest date for receipt of questions is seven (7) calendar days prior to the due date for delivery of proposals. The contact for Black & Veatch is Mr. Tom Ratzki; phone number (636) 532-7940 or by email at All questions or requests for clarification and information shall be in writing; e-mail is the preferred method for such requests. Please use the Subject Line below when sending an e-mail. Answers to technical questions will be made available in writing to all firms to the person for which contact information was provided when they received the RFP. SLWD – Operational Efficiency RFP (Nature of the message/question etc.) END OF REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

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Project Goal: ___% MBE ___% WBE

The prime Consultant shall utilize and require all subconsultants to utilize the maximum number of certified minority and womenowned business enterprises possible and will purchase materials and supplies from minority and women-owned business enterprises to the maximum extent feasible, and to this end, the prime Consultant will inform each subconsultant of this requirement. The prime Consultant shall utilize the services and/or supplies to be provided by the following certified minority and women-owned business enterprises in the execution of this contract. FIRM NAME CERTIFYING AGENCY ADDRESS CERTIFICATION DATE WORK TO BE PERFORMED M/WBE PERCENT PHONE NUMBER CATEGORY CONTACT PERSON CERTIFICATION NO.

____________________________________________ PRIME CONSULTANT AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE

_________________ DATE


STATE OF _________________ COUNTY OF _______________

) )SS. )

AFFIDAVIT Before me, the undersigned Notary Public, personally appeared _____________________ (Name) who, by me being duly sworn, deposed as follows: My name is ___________________________ (Name), I am of sound mind, capable of making this Affidavit, and personally acquainted with the facts herein stated: I am the ______________ (Position/Title) of ______________________. (Consultant) I have the legal authority to make the following assertions: 1. _____________________ (CONSULTANT) is currently enrolled in and actively participates in E-Verify, a federal work authorization program, or any other equivalent electronic verification of work authorization program operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986(IRCA), as required pursuant to Sections 285.525 through 285.555 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri 2000, as amended. 2. Pursuant to Sections 285.525 through 285.555 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri 2000, as amended, _____________________ (CONSULTANT) does not knowingly employ any person who is an unauthorized alien in connection with the contracted services under this Agreement. _____________________ Affiant IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official seal this ____ day of ____________, 20__. _____________________ Notary Public My Commission Expires:

** NOTE: Signature page of Memorandum of Understanding with Homeland Security for E-Verify must be submitted with proposal.