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Introduction a. Central topic – Veterinarian practices. b. Set the tone – I want the audience to feel like they want to take better care of their pets and have a better understanding of what the purpose of vets are. c. State my purpose: i. Primary goal of essay – to explain how vets engage with the pet, how they know what do based on the condition of the pet and what they contribute to an environment/city. ii. I will discuss what exactly vets do, what vets need to know prior to diagnosing the pet and how they help people with and without pets. iii. Through discussing the points, I hope it will help me see what exactly what a vets does, how they diagnose problems with the pet based a quick analysis and help people better understand why vets do what they do. d. Importance: to let people know how vets do what they do and what exactly they can do to help their pets. General Context a. History or origin – founded about 150 years ago. The veterinary schools in the US lacked entrance qualifications and diplomas were bought for $10. This made other countries around the world lack the respect necessary between different vet institutions. b. Questions and/or ideas researchers found important – how can vets help animals so that they live a longer, more fulfilling life and ultimately serve their purpose as pets? c. Connect topics to central purpose – by becoming a vet, you’d be contributing to the goal of offering humans and their pets the ultimate lifestyle they deserve. d. In order for my reader to understand this topic the way I do, I would need for them to understand the important role that a vet plays in their life whether or not they have a pet. Context About my site a. Describe members in community: clean attire, well spoken, connects with client and pet on personal basis and makes the animal and client feel welcome and comfortable. b. Vets have different dialect they use when talking to other staff members (vet tech) but must remember the importance of communicating news to their clients in a manner that their clients will understand. c. Environment does play a pivotal role in this community i. Establish sense of security ii. In case of emergency… iii. How to help clients cope with bad news Engage my purpose


a. Use my interview research findings to display the process a veterinarian uses in a consultation when it comes to their work. b. Use second sources such as books from the library as well as research topics found on the web. c. Give my readers an inside perspective on my experience by giving specific examples from my visit to the animal hospital. Conclusion a. Create new understanding of community by reinforcing the idea that healthy pets will help us live a better life b. Any additional ideas that can be brought up after research and observation c. How can this info help my readers?

Talk more about what vets do. How they diagnose the pets, what do they need to know prior to diagnosing pets and what are good and bad indicators of a happy sad, or potentially dangerous pet. (Make this paper helpful for outsiders and people who already know the profession.) Connect each part of the essay back to literacy.