TA 2011/2012 Direction : Answer the question below! Don’t forget to answer the question on the answer sheet (write your name and your student number on the left cornerop of the answer sheet).You can open your dictionary, your note book, but you can not cheat with your friends, if you do it, no score for you ! 1. Put preposition in, on or at. a. Sayuti was born in Jakarta ………. 1981. b. The price of oil is going up ……… 1st January. c. I hope the weather will be nice ……….. the weekend. 2. Arrange the following adjectives in the correct order. a. The woman was (young – dancer – beautiful – a - Acehnese – slim). b. I don’t think I can afford to live in (apartement – small – squre – gray – this – old). 3. Put article a or an. a. We saw ………. Interesting TV program about ……….. woman who lives alone on ……… island. b. I bought ……… orange and ………. Watermelon yesterday. c. She listens ……….. song. 4. Change these words below into plural form. a. Sheep b. Datum c. Piano d. Factory e. Day 5. Change these sentenceses into past tense (posistive). a. She close the door. b. I did not know the answer. 6. Create a sentence by using the following words. a. Went b. Today c. Final 7. Write the Abbreviation the following words. a. GPS b. IQ c. WWW d. LAN e. ROM

And the last is “do not shy shy”. or radio. do not be afraid to ask. record yourself speaking English and listen afterward. ask.8. learning on their own at home. Fourth. either to friends or your English teacher at the school or the course. These are the tips to learn English. Eighth. Third. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A NICE DAY Sigli. intonation and phonemes and try to speak English with your friends. from the television. S. there are some old-fashioned way that although it sounds strange but it can help: improve your pronunciation: use a mirror to practice making the sounds that are difficult in English. paying attention to stress. I) . listening English songs. Fifth. wacth English movies. Sixth. take time. you must have a goal to be achieved. Second. Fist. read English books. January 1st2012 Lecturer. newspaper or magazines. Translate the paragraph below into Indonesia. pd. Enjoy with English and think that you can do the best. Seventh. it means you need to take time to study and really learn and that time. caused by watching the movies you can practice listening. be prepared for working hard. (Dessy Arisna.