Interviews conducted via e-mail: Interview with Chi Omega President, Meghan Gibson: 1- What made you decide

to become Greek? I initially knew my senior year of high school that I wanted to become involved in whichever school I went to, and I wanted to find a family and a sisterhood. I had always had Chi Omega in the back of my mind because I worked with a sister, and the way she talked about it just made me want to dive right in. 2- During recruitment, what set Chi Omega apart? The Chi Omegas were classy, put together, and had a good head on their shoulders. They spoke with such eloquence and they were easy to talk to, plus got along well with each other. Every time I walked through the doors I always felt at home, and every time I left I wanted to go right back in. Nothing was forced, and I fell completely in love with them. I feel that the biggest spark that pushed me into Chi Omega was a previous President, Amanda West, who was Recruitment chair when I came through in Fall 2009. She was so poised and professional, and knew exactly where she was going. She carried herself very well and she talked about everything that I was interested in. I knew from the moment I started talking to her that I had to be in whatever she was a part of. 3- How has being Greek and a Chi Omega shaped your college experience? The better question is 'how has it not?' Since becoming Greek and joining Chi Omega, I've held myself and those around me up to the highest standard. I truly believe that taking a leadership position, especially in a Greek organization, is the quickest way to mature. A person has to constantly be aware and on guard, prepared for the worst possible thing to happen. I've learned how to manage people, and a business. I'll never forget what I was told this past summer at our national Chi Omega convention: "Chi Omega is a business. Your chapter is a business." Yes, the doors greek life has opened and the opportunities I've been given have been immeasurable and unexplainable, but the fact that I got the opportunity to take one of the largest honors in an organization I care so much for was one of the most eye-opening, wonderful opportunities, making my college experience something that people rarely get to take part in. I am so blessed. 4- What skills have you obtained from being a member and holding an office in Chi Omega? There are so many skills I have obtained, but a few of the larger ones are managing people, communicating in a professional manner, planning/organizing, keeping my composure, being a role model and a supporter, and constantly corresponding with those that need me as quickly as I can. 5- How do you think Chi Omega will shape your future? Chi Omega will shape my future in every possible way. It has taught me to be a better woman, value myself, and trust my intuition. It has taught me how to be professional, a good role model, and a leader. Even now, every learning experience I have I can relate it back to Chi Omega. This organization has been and will always be my life, and its great to know something has touched me in such a profound way.

6- How is literacy an important component to running this sorority? (emails, meetings, organizing events) This chapter runs on literacy. Our weekly meetings are published and emailed, and our events are organized via words. Without literacy, this chapter would cease to exist. In order to make this successful, meetings must be established, emails must be answered and created, and events must be brainstormed and put into effect. The chapter receives literacy from other chapters as well. It is how we stay in the know in our Greek Life, on campus, and within our national organization. 7- What forms of literacy are used to accomplish goals for the Make-A-Wish foundation? Emails, letters, phone calls, texts, contracts, and verbal face-to-face communication. 8- How has your literacy grown while being President of Chi Omega? I've definitely had to learn how to speak eloquently and professional, especially speaking to those working in businesses. Being the face and main correspondent of our Chi Omega chapter, it was vital that I acted appropriately in an email, phone conversation, letter, etc. I've always felt that I'm very mature in the manner I approach and talk to people, and being President of Chi Omega furthered that experience. 9- How often do you use literacy throughout Chi Omega? I use literacy every day, whether it be having a face-to-face conversation, planning a report, emailing, talking personally over the phone with our national headquarters, or holding an executive or personnel meeting. As i covered before, this chapter along with any other organization runs on appropriate literacy. 10- How much do you love your little? .....little. As if you even have to ask, haha Interview with new member, Amanda Lopez: 1- What made you decide to become Greek? I was not planning on becoming Greek. It so happened that my roommate convinced me to do it because it's not what I thought it would be like. To make a long story short, I am so happy I did it. If it weren't for my roommate I wouldn't be a Chi Omega, the best sorority ever! 2- During recruitment, what set Chi Omega apart? During recruitment, I didn't even know what I was looking for. I knew nothing about Greek Life and I honestly not expecting what I saw that entire week. I instantly fell in love with Chi Omega the most. It sounds cliché but I felt at home with these girls. I had so much in common with each and every Chi O that I spoke to. They were all genuine, beautiful, sophisticated, and classy. These were all characteristics that I can categorize myself under. 3- How has being Greek and a Chi Omega shaped your college experience so far? Being a Chi Omega has definitely changed my life. It's not because I am part of the best sorority but because I have grown as a person. I feel that I at the beginning of the school year I was considered a young adult but know, I feel that I have become a woman.

Being in a sorority changes everything about a girl. I definitely recommend it to every young lady out there. 4- What skills have you obtained from being a new member of Chi Omega? Some skills that I have obtained as a new member are time-management and organization. 5- How do you think Chi Omega will shape your future? Because of Chi Omega, I believe that I will be an even more successful woman than I thought I was going to be. The fact that we perform community service projects and are able to hold leader positions are important factors to have as a person. By the time that I graduate from college, I will feel very accomplished because of all of the work and help that I have performed. 6- What forms of literacy are used as a new member? As a new member, we are required to read and recite our "New Member Oath" and read about Chi Omega's history. We also communicate with our fellow pledge sisters and current sisters via email and facebook. 7- What forms of literacy are used to accomplish goals for the Make-A-Wish foundation? In order to accomplish goals for the Make-A-Wish foundation, we must communicate with employees of MAW and raise money in order to grant a wish each year. 8- How has your literacy grown while being in Chi Omega? My literacy has grown so much in general. Since I have started school, I have had to use email, and have had to write a ton of papers. But as a new member, I have had to learn our sorority's history by reading and writing information about Chi Omega. 9- How often do you use literacy throughout Chi Omega? I use literacy everyday through Chi Omega. Not one day passes that I do not use it. If it's not via email it's through facebook (it's the best way to communicate with all of the members at the same time). 10- How much do you love your pledge sister? I HATE MY PLEDGE SISTER!..Just kidding! This process has made me extremely close to 45 beautiful women who I cannot wait to call my sisters one day!