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Amanda Muzzy

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My objective is to educate people in life so they know where and how to obtain the resources to better themselves in life. I cannot wait to start working with students to convey the knowledge I have obtained through my learning experiences. I have volunteered to help students learn topics at a local high school and I have come to understand that everyone learns differently; furthermore, the more diverse you are in your teaching styles the better you will assist the students.

Macro International. Plattsburgh, New York 2007-2012
 I learned the diverse ways to reword a topic to help others understand.  I talked to people all day about various topic and I was able to increase my people skills.  I was a telephone research interviewer.  I received an award for five years of service.

Wildwood Hotel. Lake Placid New York
 This was my first job and I was able to save for my first car by myself.


 The job taught me that working for something makes it more enjoyable.  I was a chambermaid at the Hotel.

Plattsburgh State University of New York. Plattsburgh, New York 2007-Present I have received: the Academic Competitiveness Grand yr1, SMART Grant yr3, SMART Grant yr4, the Benjamin Feinberg Memorial Scholarship. I was also on the Deans list fall 2007, fall 2011, and Spring 2012.

Ausable Valley Central High School. Ausable Forks, New York. 2005-2007 I graduated from Ausable with a advanced regents diploma. I graduated with high honors for four years of high school.

Poland Central School. Poland, New York


Poland was a k-12 school. I won third place in the science fair in ninth grade. I had high honors in high school and have won trophies for my involvement in the classes and for having the highest grade in class.

I love to problem solve and I am always looking for multiple ways to convey a lesson. I am Hardworking, dedicated and caring. I am constantly learning and always trying to better the people around me.