Name _Amanda Muzzy____________________________________ Date __11/06/2012_________ Construct a lesson plan utilizing good pedagogical practices and incorporating

technology as a tool for teaching and learning. Focus on a concept or skill in your content specialty area and support student activities with the use of hardware and/or software. *Note: Do not make the emphasis of the lesson a "how-to" with technology. An outline for your lesson plan is provided below: Standards: Include Common Core Standards, NYS Standards, and ISTE NETS for Students standards. NYS standardsEconomics- I will discuss the bonds paid to headhunters for Indian scalps by the state of California. I will also discuss how the United States government used the Dawes act and negotiations to obtain Native American land. Regional geography- I will discuss where the different clans were located and I will show the class a map of where the tribes once lived. Citizenship- I will talk about how Native Americans were not considered owners of their land or an American citizen. World history- I will discuss how the puritans converted some Native Americans and how the migration of Europeans brought diseases that killed millions of Native Americans. American history- I will talk about the different battles between Native Americans and Americans. Common core standardsCulture- I will show slides of Native Americans in their traditional, war and everyday clothing. I will also discuss Native American traditions. Change- I will talk about the many changes to the environment, culture, and religion. I will also talk about the assimilate Native Americans endured. Public Values- I will talk about the stereotypes some people have and how the history of scalping is an untold story. Government- I will talk about the United States government’s involvement in the trades and how there was a significant amount of alcohol used in many deals. I will also talk about how governmental officials signed treaties with non-clan member to “buy” land. Migration- I will talk about how Native American migrated away from settlers to follow the herds. As time progressed Native Americans migrated on to reservations and kept getting pushed west. Critical reading- I will have the students read excerpts from chief Joseph out loud and in small groups. ISTE/NETS standardsCommunication and collaboration- Students will work in groups to communicate their knowledge of the clan history and to choose a project to submit.

Research- Students will research clan emblems, symbols, color meanings and they will use appropriate sources to write their reflection paper. Creativity-Students will make an original clan emblem using the paint program. Lesson Objective(s): Specifically describe what the student will be able to do. After the direct instruction lesson, the students will be able to research a clan and using this information they will create a clan symbol. The students will use the paint program to create a clan emblem. Once the emblem is submitted online, students will demonstrate their knowledge of Native American culture and history by writing a reflection paper. The reflection paper will be graded, based on a rubric I have provided below. Before the quiz, students will be asked to recite information about Native American’s lifestyles and culture. When the students are asked verbally, they will know vocabulary and key terms, which was taught during the lesson. The students will then take a quiz. The quiz will be based on the material they have learned during their research and the information listed in the power point presentation. Students will understand the excerpts from chief Joseph, which was handed out in class, and their understanding of the material will be measured by their homework grade.

Introduce the Learning Activity: A. Describe how you will communicate the lesson objective to the students. How will you tell them what they will learn in this lesson? I will tell the class the lesson objectives by using a power point slide with main ideas written on it. I will then tell the class that they will be able to create a clan emblem. By the end of the class they will learn the different meanings of the symbols. ON addition to their own research, the students will learn the symbol meanings from their own research. B. Describe how you will provide a motivator. How will you get students interested in this lesson? Students will become interested in the subject because I will give them a brief background of the subject and tell them how the clan emblem served as a symbol for their entire family. I will also tell the students that they will be creating their own emblem, in order to be recognized at the next trade meeting. Incorporating the use of the paint program will allow students to use their creativity, instead of just writing research paper. Provide Information: A. Describe how you will provide any definitions, explanations, descriptions, procedures, examples, and/or samples needed for this lesson. I will provide the class with a list of vocabulary words with the definitions. I will have a few slides designated to show pictures of, clan emblems, symbols, traditional clothing, weapons, governmental propaganda, special events and pictures of Native Americans. I

will verbally provide explanations of different events and items. Provide Practice: A. Describe how you will give students an opportunity to practice the exact task stated in the objective. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the class, when I ask them questions. Students will have access to a computer with Internet access and they will have time to research clans and symbols. I will have students open the paint program and create a clan symbol. After the clan emblems are created, students will be asked to submit the project online to a drop box I have created. B. Describe how you will give students an opportunity to practice the exact task stated in the objective individually, as well as in groups. (You may have only individual practice, but not solely group practice.) I will have students create a clan emblem individually, but students will get into groups and choose one emblem to submit online. I will have students paired up randomly and they will discuss which emblem represents key symbols. If the students cannot choose one project to submit then the class will vote on which emblem the clan should use. I will have the class vote on the best emblem that our clan would use. All of the students will submit their projects and explanations for grading. Provide Knowledge of Results: A. Describe how you will provide verbal feedback to the students on their practice efforts. I will walk around the room and answer any questions the students might have about the lesson. I will also show the class the clan emblems the groups choose. I will tell them any mistakes or outstanding sections they created. B. Describe how you will provide written feedback to the students on their practice efforts. When the students turn in their project, I will evaluate their final project with a rubric. I will also, grade the explanation of their emblem. Review the Activity: A. Describe how you will, or how you will have students, summarize the important points in this lesson. I will have the students write a short reflection about the project. I will give the students a few guiding question and the paper will be one to two pages long.

Method of Assessment: A. Describe how you will assess whether or not the students have learned the skills outlined in the learning objective. Provide a sample test, rubric, scoring guide, etc. I will also create a quiz that will be graded. Sample quiz: When an individual is born, what clan are they born into? Is it based on their mother or father lineage? List the meaning of two colors. List the meaning of three symbols. What was the purpose of Native American boarding schools? What were the bonds from the state of California? Who created scalping? Give a brief description of the causes of the battle of Wounded Knee. What was a wampum belt created for?

Reflection paper: Guided questions What did you learn from this activity? What is the significance of a clan symbol? What was the significance of the different colors used in the emblems? How does religion affect Native American’s interpretations of symbols? What would you change about the activity, if we were to do it again for a different topic?

Scoring rubric- Definition of expectations, students should answers each question fully. There should be information and examples supporting their argument. Finally, the paper should include their opinion and facts. 0-Missing 1-Below 2-Nearly 3-Meets 4-Exceeds information expectations meets expectations expectations expectations 4 or more 3-4 2-3 1-2 0-1 mistakes mistakes mistakes mistakes mistakes Writing style Answered all questions Grammar/ Spelling Accurately used facts to answer the questions Uses correct APA citation Total /20 score