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October  15,  2012  
DWP-­‐  Crenshaw  Community  Room  *  4030  Crenshaw  Blvd  *  Los  Angeles,  CA    90008  
Present   Excused   Unexcused   Name   Present   Excused   Unexcused   Name   Lanz  Alexander,  Treasurer   tardy       Mary  Jones-­‐Darks   X       Ronda  Brown     X     Carl  Morgan   X       Karen  Caesar     X     Johnnie  Raines   X       Yvonne  Ellett   X       Jackie  Ryan   X       Lark  Galloway-­‐Gilliam   X       Denise  Stansell   X       Mark  Gory       X   David  Winston,  Chair   X       Damien  Goodmon,  Co-­‐Chair       X   Jason  Lombard   X         Call  to  Order  &  Roll  Call:     Meeting  was  called  to  order  at  6:40.    A  quorum  was  present     Public  Comment:       • Rosalie  Preston,  Empower  LA  Region  10,  reminded  everyone  about  the  Board  Election  on  October  17.    The  time  was  changed  to   Noon  until  2PM.    More  volunteers  were  needed  for  the  poll.    Training  would  be  Wed,  9/19.   -­‐ “Self  Declaration”  would  be  in  place  for  each  voter  to  determine  which  area  to  vote  in   -­‐ “Factual  Basis”  can  only  vote  for  Chair,  Co-­‐Chair  and  Secretary   -­‐ Rosalie  suggested  the  Board  review  the  by-­‐laws  to  tighten  up  the  language  for  future  elections   • Romero  of  the  Cherrywood  Block  Club  announced  their  next  meeting  would  be  on  Election  Saturday,  10/17  from  10  a.m.  –  12   Noon  at  the  Transfiguration  Church  Parish  Hall  and  would  be  available  for  a  candidate’s  forum.      She  commended  Baldwin  Hills   Crenshaw  Plaza.   • Mayor  Villaraigosa  is  seeking  at  least  two  Board  members  to  be  on  the  Budget  Committee  on  11/17.    Registration  is  at  8  a.m.   • Ralph’s  at  Rodeo/La  Brea  was  approved  for  its  liquor  license.    It  will  also  have  a  shuttle  at  designated  times  for  shoppers.    They   are  still  looking  at  options  for  where  to  move  the  Recycling  Center,  even  though  it  will  be  enclosed.   • Albertson’s  will  be  shuttered  by  10/28  and  is  to  be  replaced  by  a  Superior  Market.    Councilman  Wesson’s  office  will  be   questioned.   • Trader  Joe’s  has  expressed  interest  in  District  Square  (Crenshaw/Exposition).    There  was  a  question  about  Chase  Bank  signs  and   mention  of  a  Trader  Joe’s  in  Leimert  Park  Village.    Again,  the  Councilman’s  office  will  need  to  answer.   • The  new  ECWANDC  Board  will  be  sworn  in  at  the  11/3  Town  Hall  meeting.    It  was  suggested  Wesson  attend  to  swear  in  and   welcome  the  new  Board  as  well  as  to  discuss  new  issues.    There  needs  to  be  a  formal  letter  written  to  his  scheduling  person   with  the  date,  time,  and  purpose  for  the  request.   • Station  94  (King/Coliseum)  told  David  we  can  have  meetings  there  any  time  we  want  as  long  as  there’s  no  conflict  with  Fire   Dept.  needs.   • David  announced  the  office  space  on  Stocker  was  lost  and  leased  to  someone  else  thanks  to  the  Department  of  Neighborhood   Empowerment  (DONE).    David  said  another  space  might  be  leased  on  Crenshaw.    DONE  promised  to  process  the  lease   immediately.   • The  Reconstitution  of  Dorsey  and  Crenshaw  High  Schools  was  removed  from  the  Agenda.    Ronda  was  not  in  attendance  to  lead   the  discussion.     Review  and  Approval  of  the  Meeting  Minutes   Item:  

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The  September  17,  2012  minutes  were  reviewed  but  found  to  need  too  many  corrections.   The  minutes  were  tabled  pending  review.  

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Item:   Discussion  Highlights:  

Homeless  encampments  in  the  ECWANDC,  West  Adams  &  UNNC   • Anna  Burns  of  the  Cherrywood  Block  Club  withdrew  her  request  for  support  of  the  10  Fwy   encampment  at  Crenshaw  since  the  proposal  is  going  so  well  within  West  Adams.   • Lark  gave  a  brief  background  on  the  Leimert  Park  Village  homeless  issue.    She  suggested  piggybacking   the  10  Fwy  project.   • Jackie  explained  the  Leimert  Park  Village  BID  had  a  roundtable.    Clint  Rosemond  developed  a  good   plan  and  they  had  something  the  homeless  population  was  receptive  to.    However,  there  wasn’t  any   money  to  continue  the  plan.   • The  ECWANDC  also  had  a  task  force.    Again,  no  money.   • We  MUST  have  a  monetary  commitment  before  attacking  the  growing  problem.   • It  is  not  a  criminal  offense  to  be  homeless  so  the  LAPD  can’t  effect  it.   • Johnnie  added  the  biggest  expense  is  hiring  counselors  to  identify  and  know  the  people.    He  will  search   through  his  files  for  the  cost.   • It  was  suggested  to  seek  matching  funding  from  the  Councilman’s  office,  but  Kimani  Black  (CD10)   noted  the  10  Fwy  project  is  separate.   • When  Wesson  closes  the  10  Fwy  gateway,  what  impact  will  it  have  on  our  neighborhoods?    Can   anyone  be  transitioned  off  of  the  streets?    Kimani  answered,  “No  one  has  to  not  be  homeless.”   • Lark  said  forming  relationships  works  with  the  homeless  population  and  outreach  workers.    But   requires  funding  and  the  project  needs  a  coordinator.   • Stakeholder,  Mr.  Phelphs,  maintained  it’s  a  collaborative  effort.    He  advised  calling  the  Mental  Health   and  Substance  Abuse  organizations  on  what  they  do  with  their  Federal  dollars.      And  homeless   organizations  like  LAHSA  and  PATH.   The  discussion  will  continue.  

Action/Follow-­‐up       Item:   Discussion  Highlights:  

CD10  Update  –  Kimani  Black   • Kimani  spoke  briefly  about  CD10  developments.     - The  Planning  Dept  hasn’t  heard  anything  about  Superior  Market  taking  over  Albertson’s.   - Marlton  Square  “is  moving  in  the  right  direction.”    Street  services  is  doing  clean-­‐up.    Lark  asked  they   find  a  developer  with  cultural  competency  and  a  track  record  of  working  and  staying  in  the   community.   - District  Square  breaks  ground  in  November.    Charles  Company  (West  Hollywood)  is  the  leasing   company.    Trader  Joe’s  and  Niketown  have  expressed  interest,  but  have  not  signed  anything.   - The  Trader  Joe’s  petition  for  District  Square  has  amassed  4000  signatures  and  1500  letteres  so  far.   - Councilman  Wesson  supports  HPOZ’s.   - Kimani  reminded  everyone  to  call  him  when  he’s  needed.    And  to  prioritize  so  Wesson  can  help   strategize.   • The  board  will  reach  out  to  stakeholders  during  the  Taste  of  Soul  with  questionnaires.  

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Committee  Report:    Planning,  Land  Use,  &  Beautification   • LAX/Crenshaw  transit  corridor  update  –  there  will  be  a  shell  of  a  station  built  at  Leimert  Park  Village  as   a  placeholder  for  a  future  functioning  station.    MTA  is  planning  on  a  Late  Fall/Early  Winter  contract.   • The  Planning  Dept.  wants  stakeholder  opinions  on  what  we  want  at  MTA  stops.    The  King,  Exposition,  La   Brea  and  La  Cienega  stations  will  have  focus  groups.    Suggestions  include  WiFi  and  newsstand   amenities.   • The  Community  Plan  Update  includes  a  discussion  of  the  Plan  at  Thursday’s,  10/20,  SLAANC  meeting.     On  a  side  note,  the  very  dedicated  Faisal  Robles  has  been  transferred  out  of  his  position  and  our   community.    There  is  a  question  of  whether  to  reinstate  the  South  LA  Task  Force  from  the  mid-­‐90’s  for   stakeholders  in  order  to  focus  on  our  issues.   • The  LAX  Flyaway  Shuttle  will  be  operating  a  bus  from  the  La  Brea  Expo  Line  within  the  next  6  months,   even  though  there  isn’t  any  parking  

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    Committee  Report:    Finance   Jim  Gilliam  Halloween  Night  Celebration  funding  request:   $1321.17  request,  which  will  be  matched  in  staff  time   For  1000  halloween  bags,  volunteer  tees,  food/candy/supplies.   There  was  a  brief  discussion  whether  there  was  enough  money  considered  for  food  and  that  maybe  the   tees  should  be  reconsidered.    ECWANDC  must  be  on  the  tee  shirts.   Carl  motioned  to  approve  the  funding.   Mary  seconded.      Vote:    Unanimous  (Denise  recused  herself  by  leaving  the  room)   • Lanz  has  nothing  to  report.   • A  suggestion  was  made  we  create  a  running  tab  on  all  ECWANDC  projects  –  what’s  been  funded,  what   hasn’t  been  funded.    We  need  to  prioritize  in  terms  of  satisfying  the  community.   • The  appointment  with  DONE  needs  to  be  rescheduled  to  find  out  what’s  available.    David  doesn’t   believe  the  allocations  are  still  there.   • The  new  Board  will  need  to  continue  funding  projects.   • Lanz  suggested  applicants  reapply  for  funding.    It  is  in  our  best  interest  to  press  DONE  to  make  good   on  all  payables.    He  will  check  on  the  projects  so  recommendations  can  be  made  on  passing  funds   through  the  next  Board.   • Johnnie  asked  what  can  be  purchased  on  the  ECWANDC  credit  card.    David  is  the  card  holder.  


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    Meeting  Adjourned  at  8:38  pm       Minutes  as  Approved  by  Board  at  __  12_/__1__/_12___  Meeting     Signature:   _______Yvonne  Ellett____________   ECWANDC  Recording  Secretary  



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