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September  17,  2012  
DWP-­‐  Crenshaw  Community  Room  *  4030  Crenshaw  Blvd  *  Los  Angeles,  CA    90008  
Present   Excused   Unexcused   Name   Present   Excused   Unexcused   Name   Lanz  Alexander,  Treasurer   X       Mary  Jones-­‐Darks     X     Ronda  Brown   X       Carl  Morgan   X       Karen  Caesar   X       Johnnie  Raines   X       Yvonne  Ellett   X       Jackie  Ryan   X       Lark  Galloway-­‐Gilliam   X       Denise  Stansell   X       Mark  Gory     X     David  Winston,  Chair   X       Damien  Goodmon,  Vice  Chair     X     Jason  Lombard     X       Call  to  Order  &  Roll  Call:     Meeting  was  called  to  order  at  6:42.    A  quorum  was  present     Public  Comment:       • Rashad  Rucker  from  Region  9  of  Empower  L.A.  introduced  Grayce  Lui,  who  thanked  us  for  all  the  work  we’ve  been  doing  for  the   ECWANDC  community,  particularly  the  ‘tree  task  force’.    She  urged  the  stakeholders  in  the  audience  to  please  file  for   Neighborhood  Council  candidacy  as  a  very  unique  way  for  everyone  to  participate  in  their  government.    Other  countries  come   to  vist  to  learn  from  our  N/C  system.    She  suggested  attending  the  FREE  neighborhood  council  symposium  where  GREAT   leadership  training  would  be  available.    David  asked  about  Demand  Warrants.    Grayce  advised  the  tracker  for  demand  warrants  are  online.    David  related  the  difficulties  in  getting  the  office  lease  payments  paid  up.    He  has  an  agreement  with  a  new  leasing   company  because  we  need  somewhere  to  operate.    Would  she  assist  in  speeding  up  the  process.    She  will  contact  the   Councilman  in  charge;  then  the  City  Attorney  would  make  any  necessary  changes  and  work  with  the  landlord.    Since  Jeff  is   out,  Grayce  will  make  sure  the  process  is  completed.    Carl  told  her  about  the  successful  Urban  Planning  course.    The  follow-­‐up  will  be  a  series  on  Environmental  Justice.    He   inquired  if  there  is  a  dedicated  City  Attorney  assigned  to  DONE  who  may  have  more  info  to  give  the  attendees.    Grayce   related  there  are  only  2  attorneys  available  and  she  will  email  their  contact  info  to  Carl.    Although  it’s  difficult  for  them  to   get  into  the  field,  she  encouraged  him  to  make  the  request  anyway.     • Romero  Malveaux  of  Cherrywood  Block  Club  announced  its  fantastic  attendance  of  80  homeowners  was  thanks  to  strategically   placed  yard  signs  the  ECWANDC  helped  fund.    The  CEO  of  the  Science  Center  came  to  speak  to  them.   • Election  and  Outreach  announcements  were  made.    Karen  asked  for  assistance  handing  out  flyers  to  neighbors  &  friends.    Rosalie  implored  the  room  to  file  for  positions.    Only  4  current  members  of  the  Board  had  filed  at  that  time.      Empower  LA   would  prefer  to  see  3  seats  challenged  otherwise  the  department  will  not  see  a  reason  to  hold  an  election.    The  more   candidates  who  file,  the  better  the  odds  more  people  will  get  involved.    It’s  an  opportunity  to  do  Outreach  to  get  the  word   out  about  the  Neighborhood  Council.    If  there  is  only  1  person  per  seat,  then  there  will  just  be  affirmations  at  the  Board   meeting  following  the  election  date.    The  ECWANDC  still  needs  a  Chair  &  Vice-­‐Chair.    Election  Date  is  10/27/12  at  Hillcrest  Elementary  School.   • Does  the  ECWANDC  want  to  add  a  booth  at  the  Taste  of  Soul?    There  will  be  a  larger  discussion  at  the  next  meeting.    Board   members  &  At-­‐Large  members  will  need  to  be  present.     Space  Shuttle  Task  Force   Non-­‐Agenda  Item:  


Motion  by  Karen  to  add  to  the  Agenda  giving  Johnnie  Raines  the  authority  to  sign  the  Science  Center   Agreement     Seconded  by:    Jackie   Approval:    Unanimous   ECWANDC  Meeting  Minutes  |  Page  1  

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Additional  Discussion:  


• Lark  gave  a  brief  overview  to  the  audience  of  the  reason  for  creating  the  Shuttle  Task  Force  after  the   Science  Center  (SC)  was  invited  to  a  meeting.   • There  wasn’t  enough  clarity  of  which  trees  and  the  exact  route.    The  Board  sent  a  letter  of  objection.   • SC  came  to  a  subsequent  meeting.    ECWANDC  voted  to  establish  a  Task  Force  in  August  which  included   other  members  of  additional  Neighborhood  Councils.    Jackie,  Johnnie,  Jason  and  Carl  worked  tirelessly.     There  was  *really*  great  representation  from  the  ECWANDC.   • Endeavour  is  flying  in  this  week.    The  trip  to  the  SC  is  scheduled  for  10/13.     • The  concern  was  about  the  removal  of  393  trees  throughout  the  region.    Districts  10  and  8  will  lose   193  of  those.    It  was  very  clear  the  SC  was  moving  forward,  so  the  main  course  of  action  was  to   mitigate  the  adverse  impact.   • Tree  replacement  was  initially  proposed  at  2:1.   • Lark  gave  a  run-­‐down  of  the  final  Agreement,  what  the  Task  Force  was  able  to  gain  for  the   neighborhoods  in  return  for  the  loss  of  trees.    (The  list  can  be  read  from  the  Final  Agreement)   • Which  trees  are  coming  down,  exactly?    The  list  is  on  the  Bureau  of  Street  Services  website.    Lark   suggested  also  putting  it  up  on  the  ECWANDC  web  site,  but  a  lot  of  the  damage  is  occurring  in  Park   Mesa  Heights.   • Lanz  reminded  everyone  Occupy  Wall  Street’s  one  year  anniversary.    This  body  gave  a  mandate  to  the   Task  Force  to  work  something  out,  but  we  got  more  than  we  could  have  imagined.    Rosalie  agreed,   adding  how  it  is  a  wonderful  example  of  Neighborhood  Councils  working  together  for  impressive   results.   • Carl  remarked  that  it’s  the  BEST  Environmental  Justice  outcome  he’s  ever  seen.    The  Street  Guy  for   major  events  like  this  one  is  going  to  break  city  codes  and  post  intermediate  temporary  message   boards  for  longer  than  7  days.    The  various  agencies  now  see  the  importance  of  working  with  the   Neighborhood  Councils.  Ronda  asked  if  there  will  be  additional  concessions.    Lark  stated  that  each  N/C   is  responsible  to  monitor  this  for  the  next  several  years.   • Ben  Caldwell  (KAOS/Leimert  Park):  What  is  happening  to  the  wood?    Is  it  possible  to  get  the  precious   woods  for  the  artists?    Lark  will  put  him  in  contact  with  Valley  Crest  (the  tree  contractor).   • What  about  the  stumps?    Trees  will  be  removed  completely.   • This  is  an  opportunity  for  the  community  to  reuse  &  educate,  and  to  photograph  this  historic  event.     For  artists  and  amateurs  to  capture  the  visuals.   • Johnnie  reiterated  the  need  to  keep  the  public  off  the  streets.    The  Task  Force  is  working  on  having  the   Science  Center  commit  to  additional  staging.   • Parking?    There  will  be  posted  signs  for  NO  PARKING  from  10/12  until  7-­‐8  pm  the  following  evening.     There  will  be  LOTS  of  notification  and  the  Department  of  Transportation  (DOT)  will  be  involved.   • Ben:    we  need  to  make  sure  we  are  not  taken  advantage  of  and  we  can  earn  something  off  of  the   event,  unlike  the  LA  Marathon.    Carl  spoke  to  the  new  street  lamps  we  are  receiving.   • Jackie  suggested  the  Cultural  Affairs  Dept.  should  be  involved  in  the  relaxation  of  parking  fees.   • Leimert  Park  should  do  its  own  Block  Party.    Maybe  to  honor  Mae  Jemison  (the  Black  female   astronaut).    Jackie  was  pointed  out  as  contact  for  any  Leimert  Park  events.   • Can  there  be  a  shuttle  from  the  Expo  Line  to  Leimert  Park?   • Carl  Phillips  (Science  Center)  related  how  the  traffic  patterns  will  be  affected  so  the  streets  are  not   completely  closed.    They  estimate  it  will  take  2  hours  to  get  to  King  from  the  Forum.    Also,  Audobon  is   planning  something  special  for  its  kids,  as  are  other  schools.   Karen  moved  to  authorize  Johnnie  Raines  to  sign  on  behalf  of  the  ECWANDC  for  the  Space  Shuttle   Agreement.   Jackie  seconded.   Vote:    8  YAYS,  2  Abstentions  

    Item:   Discussion  Highlights:   Action/Follow-­‐up     Item:   Committee  Report:    Planning,  Land  Use,  &  Beautification   ECWANDC  Meeting  Minutes  |  Page  2   Review  and  Approval  of  the  Meeting  Minutes   The  August  20,  2012  minutes  were  reviewed.   Yvonne  will  correct  the  ‘Misc.  Supplies’  heading  to  ‘Cord  and  Mouse  for  Powerpoint  Projector’   Karen  moved  to  accept  the  minutes  with  the  correction.    Johnnie  seconded.   Vote:    8  YAYS,  2  Abstentions  

Discussion  Highlights:  

BOTACH  Discussion:  

• PLUB  meetings  are  the  last  Monday  of  the  month  at  6:30  pm  at  the  Community  Health  Councils   conference  room  on  the  2nd  floor.   • This  month  Robert  Ball  will  discuss  the  impacts  of  the  Crenshaw/LAX  line.    Metro’s  request  is  to  do  24-­‐ hour  construction  over  2  years.   • PLUB  is  planning  planting  on  MLK/Crenshaw   • The  exercise  on  TOD’s  Transportation  Planning  will  be  tackled.   • Building  and  Safety  (B&S)  sent  out  violation  letters.    Botach  fixed  all  violations  in  less  than  one  month   except  for  two  locations  with  blacked-­‐out  windows.   • Ben  Caldwell  (KAOS)  stated  he  has  artists  who  are  willing  to  paint  those  windows  with  Leimert  Park-­‐ specific  artwork.    Although  we  cannot  enforce  aesthetics,  we  want  to  be  clear  to  match  the  intent  of   the  Community  Plan.   • According  to  B&S  Botach  is  not  warehousing,  only  retailing.    Stakeholders  related  seeing  boxes  &  the   buildings  are  gutted.    Carl  said  the  Zoning  Code  doesn’t  specify  what  “Retailing”  is  supposed  to  look   like.   • Lark  noted  the  black  windows  create  a  climate  of  desolation.    Open  windows  keep  the  community   vibrant.   • Botach  is  in  violation  of  the  Community  Specific  Plan.    It  can  appeal  the  B  &  S  violation  letter.    The  City   will  say  Botach  has  30  days  to  comply  or  to  go  to  court  for  the  next  2  years.   • Another  stakeholder  a  couple  doors  down  from  Botach  said  whatever  the  ECWANDC  has  done  so  far  is   working  because  there’s  a  definite  difference.    However  the  front  of  the  business  is  unkempt.   • Carl  responded  the  Fire  Dept.  has  inspected  the  premises.    Firearms  are  not  there.  And  there’s  no  law   that  demands  cleanliness.   • Rev.  Lee  implored  to  paint  on  the  windows  instead  of  building  more  animosity.    Botach’s  owner  hasn’t   seen  the  community’s  best  face  based  on  the  anger  directed  at  him.   • Lark  suggested  that  Carl  get  Inspector  Lara  to  a  Board  meeting  in  order  to  understand  what  B  &  S  is   standing  for.    We  need  alternatives  because  not  challenging  him  at  all  sets  precedence.    Botach  has   purchased  the  surrounding  commercial  space  so  there’s  no  ability  for  any  other  retail  to  thrive.    We   need  to  invite  the  owner  and  B  &  S.   • David  suggested  that  with  the  success  of  the  Shuttle  Task  Force,  maybe  a  Task  Force  is  the  way  to   proceed,  and  to  also  include  Stakeholders.    Lanz  added  we  should  feel  empowered  to  take  on  anyone.       Committee  Report:    Finance   Lanz  read  the  expenses  (found  on  the  actual  bills)  and  monthly  totals:   August  credit  card  purchases:    $1,404.30   July  credit  card  purchases:    $178.53   June  credit  card  purchases:  $2,564.98     Lark  motioned  to  accept  the  credit  card  expenditures  as  read.   Carl  seconded.      Vote:    Unanimous     • Lanz  reminded  everyone  there  are  funds  available  for  special  events  and  beautification  projects.   Committee  Report:    Election   • • • Denise  is  trying  to  determine  which  area  she  wants  to  run  for  since  she  is  in  charge  of  one  park  in  each   of  the  three  Areas.   Lark  is  willing  to  step  aside  if  someone  else  wants  to  take  on  Area  3  (Leimert  Park  /  Arlington  Park)   Yvonne  made  an  impassioned  plea  for  the  current  leaders  to  keep  leading,  citing  the  Oil  Fields,  the   Community  Plan,  the  LAX/Crenshaw  Line  and  several  other  projects  coming  through  the  pipeline  over   the  course  of  the  next  2  years.     David  stated  that  a  good  co-­‐Chair  would  make  David  a  better  President,  as  he  needs  to  take  off  an   occasional  Saturday.   Romero  (Cherrywood  Block  Club)  reminded  the  Board  it’s  intimidating  for  a  person  to  run,  but  much   easier  to  be  appointed.    Once  people  get  used  to  seeing  a  face  then  an  election  is  easy.    She  mandated   the  Board  to  expand  the  leadership  base  in  this  manner  so  it’s  constantly  refreshed.   ECWANDC  Meeting  Minutes  |  Page  3  

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Discussion  Highlights:     Item:   Discussion  Highlights:    

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David  suggested  touching  base  with  the  Senior  Lead  Officers  who  have  contact  info  and  meeting  times   for  all  the  HOA  and  Block  Clubs  for  better  Outreach.    

Website   • • • Damien  still  has  the  components  needed  to  get  the  website  up  and  running.   We  still  need  the  City  Attorney.   Yvonne  volunteered  to  take  a  look  at  the  site  if  Carl  could  get  her  the  passwords.    Maybe  there’s  a   work  around  to  updating  it.  

  Item:   Discussion  Highlights:   Misc.  Notes   • • • • Tom  Bradley  Elementary  is  still  missing  important  info  for  its  funding  request.   Still  missing  LAPD  account  and  contact  info  for  the  IPAD  requests.   The  Office  Lease  is  still  pending.   Look  into  getting  Herb  Wesson  to  an  upcoming  meeting  

    Meeting  Adjourned  at  8:29  pm       Minutes  as  Approved  by  Board  at  _  12__/_1___/_12___  Meeting     Signature:   _______Yvonne  Ellett____________   ECWANDC  Recording  Secretary  



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