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USA (group Black & Decker) 2009 First vitrified CBN wheel with steel body diameter 2.100 mm 2009 Start of production of reinforced discs in Maclodio . Giorgio Maiolini founds RAMSA in Venezuela 1977 Start of production of reinforced discs 1978 The first 1.200 mm diameter vitrified wheel is manufactured 1979 Establishment of Molemab North America 1980 First wheel in ceramic abrasive and evolution of firing technology 1981 Foundation of Abmast in Canada 1982 Purchase of machinery from New Abrax in Vicenza 1985 Production of honing and superfinishing stones begins 1985/87 Opening of three Joint Ventures in China 1987 First high speed vitrified wheel 1988/89 Start of the activity of Molemab Iberica and Molemab Germany 1989 Start of production of flap discs 1990/95 Two new Joint Ventures are opened in Russia 1992 Molemab France starts production of cut-off discs 1992 Molemab Inotech starts manufacture of resinoid bonded diamond and CBN wheels 1999 Development and production of vitrified bonded CBN wheels in Ome 2003 Acquisition of Primex USA and Canada 2004 Acquisition of the Canadian company Sandpro 2007 First CBN wheel with carbon fibre body designed for 250 m/s 2007 Acquirement of equipment from Bergin.000 ton press is set up 1966 Production of the first resinoid bonded grinding wheels 1967 Acquisition of the grinding wheel department of ‘SIS’ (Società Italiana Smeriglio in Milan) 1969 First expansion of the factory 1970 Manufacture of mounted points begins 1974 First refractory material produced 1975 The Maclodio plant is opened 1976 Mr.THE HISTORY 1961 Acquisition of the ‘Artigiana Manifattura Abrasivi Bresciani’ company in Brescia 1963 Establishment of ‘Manifattura Abrasivi Bresciana’ in Ome and building of the first factory 1965 The first 1.

From here the Molemab group is organised. They follow customers worldwide. Molemab France SA manufactures reinforced cutting and grinding discs and services the French market.The Headquarters Molemab is an Italian industrial group which has an extensive international presence while remaining deeply rooted in the local area. Austria). Settled in the French design capital. the first local company manufacturing and providing cutting and grinding discs in the North American countries (USA. Molemab products are used for standard operations and special applications worldwide: from Asia to Australia. Molemab manufactures reinforced cutting and grinding discs. Spain) and Molemab GmbH (Troisdorf. The Production Facilities The presence of Molemab worldwide has been spreading throughout the years thanks to its growing potential and market demand of hi-tech products. In Venezuela RAMSA manufactures conventional grinding wheels and abrasive discs and distributes Molemab items throughout the South American Market. with the most efficient equipment and technology. from Canada to Argentina. providing technical and commercial support for every industrial sector. The European market is serviced by Molemab Iberica (Barcelona. Molemab Inotech GmbH is located in Launsdorf (Carintia region.000 tons as well as a modern research and development department. Mexico and Canada). selling the full range of products made by the group. in a modern factory of 10. Germany). This is the factory where all the conventional and superabrasive vitrified bonded wheels are manufactured. In Quebec. St. The factory in Ome is one of the best organised facilities in Europe. The Italian production is complemented by the Maclodio facility. including a manufacturing chain with presses up to 2. Etienne. Supported by qualified distributors and agents worldwide. All companies sell the the complete range of Molemab abrasive products and follow customers’ needs. This is an advanced factory focused on resinoid and metal bonded Diamond and CBN hi-tech wheels produced by the most modern machinery. Molemab can reach all of its customers. Indian and Chinese markets thanks to reliable commercial and productive partnerships and joint ventures. from South Africa to Sweden. Here. As a result of being in business and having experience for 50 years the Molemab Group is now able to produce 5. Canada. in the Franciacorta winegrowing area of northern Italy. with a diameter up to 2. THE GROUP . while in North America the branches Molemab Usa and Molemab Canada are active. Molemab also keeps its eye on Eastern Europe. province of Brescia.000 m2. The Commercial Branches In addition to the production facilities Molemab has various commercial branches.100 mm.000 tons of wheels per year. Russian. Molemab founded Abmast. wherever they are. Molemab’s head office is located in Ome.

THE GROUP Our Vision Molemab aspires to a well-distributed and sustainable technological progress. harmonious growth with its customers. Innovation . A continuous. Molemab quality is granted by meticulous production controls together with the continuous improvement of its technicians’ skills and a scrupulous analysis of the market requirements. ambitions and problems with our partners while keeping an eye on market evolution and dynamics is the key to step by step growth.Molemab aim to guarantee its customers and partners the safest working conditions and environment.Sharing experiences between the manufacturer and the enduser leads to the best results. The company’s goal is to offer its customers the confidence to work with the most reliable products. Our Mission Molemab designs modern and efficient technological solutions in the abrasives field. Original patents. Molemab applies the strictest safety rules on work making accurate security tests in its laboratories. the moral coherence and concreteness. quality and strong collaboration with customers and suppliers. partners and suppliers remains the main goal for Molemab in Italy and worldwide. Quality . Sharing ideas. when Molemab started the activity. Safety . .The certifications achieved by Molemab in all the production facilities are the result of constant research. With its endless research for the best products. unique and custom made equipment and the most modern solutions have always characterized Molemab history. Our Values Since 1961. safety. Molemab values still remain the same: innovation. the world has changed and so too have the markets. Highlights Molemab finds its roots in the heritage of its territory: the passion for work. the manufacturing process. The feedback exchange and dialogue are the two pillars which Molemab’s success is based on.Since its foundation Molemab has strived for constant improvement. respecting human dignity. machinery and raw materials. Molemab takes on the most difficult challenges: conventional wheels for the toughest applications and special superabrasive wheels reaching almost the speed of sound. Collaboration . Molemab has been able to build a strong and solid business history. the materials and the technological challenges. Molemab is proud of its work and its values and retains them with passion and integrity.

Bonded abrasives Resinoid and vitrified bonded grinding wheels and segments Honing and superfinishing stones Regulating rubber bonded wheels for centreless grinding Mounted points Reinforced cutting and grinding discs Coated abrasives Flap discs and wheels Fibre discs Cloth and paper discs. sheets and rolls Abrasive belts (CBN and Diamond) Superabrasives Resinoid bonded grinding wheels Metal bonded grinding wheels Vitrified grinding wheels Electroplated grinding wheels Diamond dressers Diamond discs for building industry THE TECHNOLOGIES .

superfinishing and lapping Cutting.THE APPLICATIONS Industrial sectors Aeronautic industry Aerospace industry Automotive industry Railway industry Motor industry Shipyards Metal working industry Mechanical industry Power industry Mining industry Oil industry Food industry Paper industry Textile industry Building industry Leather industry Sanitary industry Applications Precision grinding Cylindrical grinding Surface grinding Internal grinding Centerless grinding Creep feed grinding Carbide tool grinding Crankshaft grinding Camshaft grinding Sharpening. roughing and snagging Materials Carbon steel Stainless steel Iron Cast iron Iron based metals Tungsten carbide Sintered materials Titanium Aluminium Bronze Alloys Brass Pewter Non iron based metals Fibreglass Wood Stone and marble Plastic Composites PCD . profiling and shaping Honing.

THE CERTIFICATIONS . E-mail E-mail molemab France SA Carretera Nacional – Sector Agua Blanca Mariara – Estado Carabobo VENEZUELA Tel +58 243 26 32 054 Fax +58 243 26 32 354 Web www. Poligono Industrial Sur C/les Forques S/N (Nave 5) E-08754 El Papiol (Barcelona) ESPAÑA Tel +34 93 67 30 562 Fax +34 93 67 30 563 Web molemab Abrasives USA 91 Carey Road Queensbury – NY – 12804 E-mail E-mail Abmast 6935 Picard Saint-Hyacinthe QC .p. 005 ENG molemab molemab Canada 3595 Bvd Grande-Allée Boisbriand QC .A.20 Web E-mail RAMSA Ruedas Abrasivas Maracay E-mail sales@abmast.L.J2S 1H3 CANADA Tel +1 450 774 4660 Fax +1 450 774 0554 Web E-mail office@molemab. Via Provinciale 10 I-25050 OME (Brescia) ITALY Tel +39 030 68 59 888 Fax +39 030 65 20 10 Web molemab Iberica S.S.A. Rue de l’Innovation Technopole BP 782 F-42951 Saint Etienne Cedex FRANCE Tel +33 477 92 25 40 Fax +33 477 93 49 97 Web molemab Inotech Schleifmittelindustrie GmbH Hauptstrasse 17 A-9314 Launsdorf ÖSTERREICH Tel +43 4213 4120 Fax +43 4123 4120 .es E-mail molemab@molemab. Tel +1 450 434 8247 Fax +1 888 203 3876 Web www.ruedasabrasivasmaracaysa.J7H 1H5 CANADA Tel +1 450 434 1056 Fax +1 450 434 8254 Web molemab GmbH Belgische Allee 57c D-53842 Troisdorf-Spich DEUTSCHLAND Tel +49 2241 148 23 54 Fax +49 2241 148 23 66 Web .de E-mail molemab@molemab.