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FOLLOW-UP LETTER Date: _________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ TIN: __________________________ Dear Sir/Madam, Subject: RELIEF-BOC LN No. ___________________ and /or TRS LN No. ______________________ We refer to the above Letter Notice/s informing you of the discrepancy resulting from the Reconciliation of Listing for Enforcement – Summary Lists of Sales and Purchases (RELIEF), Third Party Matching – Bureau of Customs (BOC) Data Program and / or Tax Reconciliation System (TRS) as declared in your tax returns filed for taxable year ending __________. To date, you have not taken any positive action to refute the validity of our finding/s and / or present any documentary evidence to reconcile the variances so indicated therein. We made it clear to you that your failure to respond within five (5) days from receipt hereof will consider you in default and, as a matter of course, the Bureau shall conduct an appropriate review of the case and cause the issuance of Notice for Informal Conference/electronic Letter of Authority, Preliminary Assessment Notice (PAN) or Final Assessment Notice (FAN), and other remedies provided for by law, rules and regulations. Please consider this letter as reminder and final notice to you that there has been a previous finding upon which we will base our forthcoming review/assessment. Henceforth, any further inaction on your part or after the lapse of ten (10) days after receipt hereof we do not hear from you is deemed as an admission to the validity and accuracy of the discrepancy indicated in the subject LNs. You are hereby accorded the last chance to settle at the soonest time possible the basic taxes (income, VAT and / or percentage) without the corresponding surcharge, interests and compromise penalty accruing on the aforementioned LNs on the condition that herein payment, using BIR Form No. 0611-A, shall be paid within thirty (30) days from receipt of subject LNs. The same shall be considered an advance deficiency tax payment and therefore without prejudice to any additional assessment that might be made by the appropriate BIR Office on subsequent issuance of an electronic Letter of Authority provided the discrepancies disclosed by said audit are of the same nature as the discrepancies reflected in the LNs. If, however, payment has been made before the receipt of this letter, please submit proof of such payment to the undersigned, together with the details of findings and computation on how the amount paid was arrived at. Your prompt action is hereby enjoined. Very truly yours, ________________________ RDO / Head, LT Audit Division Received by: ________________________________________
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