Documentation Lotus Domino Upgrade 8.5.


Steps to Upgrade
1. Copy the necessary Software for upgrade like Setups for 703,703FP1,704,704FP1,8.5.1,8.5.1FP1, Symantec Scan Mail For Domino 8.0 2. Cleanup unwanted files from C (OS) partition and other partitions if any like E/D:2.a> Go to Windows explorer >> Tools>> Folder option >> select ‘Do Not show hidden files an folders’ & ‘Hide Protected Operating System files’ 2.b> Create Folder name "Other Important Files" in OS drive to keep setups those are very much necessary like processXP.exe file 2.c> Rename the folder where logs are stored to "Log_Backup", make sure that this folder exists in D/E drive not in OS drive. 2.d> Delete unwanted setups those are kept in E/D drive like SEP, Scan mail etc. 3. Change the Domino Controller service to Manual & LotusDominoData service to Manual (If and Only If the server is running on java Controller). 4. Issue command “Drop all“on Domino console & then shut down the Domino Server (Quit Controller if server is running on controller). 5. Create the folder in Either D/E drive as "Upgrade Domino 851 ddmmyy" 5.a> Copy following template files into this folder from data folder: • • • • • admin4.ntf DDM.ntf dircat5.ntf evets4.ntf pubnames.ntf

5.b> Copy following database files into this folder from data folder: • • admin4.nsf names.nsf

5.c> Take Copy of:

Documentation Lotus Domino Upgrade 8.5.1FP1 • • notes.ini

6. Rename the current Log file & move old logs to folder “Log_Backup” (Create folder named Log_Backup in D/E drive if folder does not exist). 7. Delete (Soft Delete) following:• • • • Old Mail.Box files Controller logs & Access logs Go to “IBM Technical Support Folder” in data directory and clean up everything from the same. Delete the contents of Lotus>>Domino >>“jvm” folder.

8. Go to>> Add remove programs & remove Symantec Mail Security for Domino 7.5. 9. Run the necessary Fix Pac & / Hot fix to bring server to either version 704 (if server was 704FP1 prior upgrade) or to 703 (if server was 703FP1 prior upgrade). 10. Run 8.5.1 full installer (Make sure selection of program & data directories is proper.) 11. Run 8.5.1FP1 installer. 12. Install Symantec Mail security Suite 8.0. 13. Clean up %temp% , temp , recycle bin folders. 14. Take the OS restart. In event window DO NOT SELECT "Install Patches and Shut down" as this option is selected default. Make sure you select "Restart" and mention "Domino Upgrade Plan" in comment window. 15. After Restart, Delete Following template files from data folder (deleted files are of version 851): • • • • • admin4.ntf ddm.ntf dircat5.ntf evets4.ntf pubnames.ntf

Documentation Lotus Domino Upgrade 8.5.1FP1 16. Copy following files from "Upgrade Domino 851 ddmmyy" folder to data folder (Copied files are of version 703): • • • • • admin4.ntf ddm.ntf dircat5.ntf evets4.ntf pubnames.ntf

17. Open the notes.ini files and make sure following 4 parameters exists without duplicate entries: • • SETUPLEAVESERVERTASKS=1 SERVER_UPGRADE_NO_DIRECTORY_REDESIGN=1 Ans (NO changes will be made in Desgin) • DisableLDAPOnAdmin=1 To disable access on names by using third party • Debug_Enable_Update_Fix=32767


MailClusterFailover=1 (For clustered servers only) To enable cluster failover

18. Start the domino server and Monitor the same. Once all the tasks get initiated, enter following command on console: Trace Server_HostName Trace Server_IPAdd ===================================================== ====================================

After upgrade when server starts, it starts update on all the views of names.nsf (Domino Directory). Make sure that you do not terminate the

Documentation Lotus Domino Upgrade 8.5.1FP1 process in-between as this may cause inconstancies in server behavior. ‘$ServerAccess’ &’ $Users’ are the 2 views which take long time to complete view update. Allow server to complete consistency checks on all important databases. Issue the commands given in step 18 only after completion of points discussed above.

If you face any issue with server then run maintenance task on Names.nsf
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