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Drive Test Analysis by TEMS

RxQual) in the particular selected area. • In order to have the default map of your region we can set the Geo set. so we don’t have to add all the required table every time we start TEMS. we can calculate the statistic of the element (e. • Map data provide the information together with the position we can plot any element we usually need to see together with position such as RxQual. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .g.Positioning In the positioning data we have Map and GPS • GPS data is no big benefit on the analysis however sometime we need the speed of drive during analysis as well (expressway). • In Map data.

there are a function to scan and identify the interference using the technique of TSC or BCC decoding. we can start the scanning. • Before start scan. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .Interference Scanning • In TEMS. we should configure the BCCH frequency and TCH frequency in order let MS lock on those channel and decode information. • After finish configure.

• We can suspect the interferer by BCC and the time of arrival of the signal which we compare with our map data we can simply identify who come more often.Interference • There are to kind of report for this frequency scanning Bar chart and Line Chart. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .

Measurement Line Charts • Line Chart represent the signal information with history. • Normally we have 3 chart with Signal level. Radio Network Planning and Optimization . we can simply see C/I of all particular frequency while bad quality and also signal level of serving cell and neighbor. Quality and C/I. so we can use them to have a quick look and quick analysis.

Radio Parameter. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .Current Information • Current information provides us the status of the RF channel in order to see in more detail during analysis. Hopping Channel and Serving and Neighbor. • There are 4 important windows normally involve in the analysis Current Channel.

handover failure etc. This one is related to the Layer3 protocol which we will discuss more detail later. unsuccessful call.g.Signaling Information • Signaling information will be useful in the detail investigation of some particular problem e. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .

• However sometime it is more convenience to test timeslot by ourselves rather than using this function of TEMS. If Automatic. The verification can be done in Manual or Automatic mode. we should put the criteria for good channel as well.Channel Verification • Channel Verification is used for timeslot testing for no hopping by adding particular frequency and verify the problem. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .

• For active mode behavior controlled by BSC.Handset Control Handset Control is use for controlling of the mobile both in Idle mode and dedicated mode. Radio Network Planning and Optimization . so TEMS can be forced the mobile behavior directly. Example • Lock channel • Disable HO • Force HO • Read SIM data • Band Control • Power Capability • Codec support • As Idle mode behavior controlled by mobile. so what TEMS can do is modified Layer3 message to lie BSC and get preferred action.

we found many points of bad quality even if it is not severe.Problem Case#1 Improper Power control • During drive test. But it degrades the Quality measurement and sometime emergency handover was trigged and make to many unnecessary HO. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .

Problem Case#2 No HO Happen • During drive test. Radio Network Planning and Optimization . we found that no HO happen even if the signal of neighbor is every stronger than serving cell.

Radio Network Planning and Optimization . We have to perform the troubleshooting by using timeslot testing in the area very close to the sites to see the problem.Problem Case#3 Time Slot Testing for Hardware Problem • We got many complain related to voice quality at the particular area. no statistic can be detected as a problem.

Problem Case#4 DL Jammer • On the drive test we found suddenly Bad quality even if we are camp on the proper cell and strong level. Radio Network Planning and Optimization .