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Delivering on the e-Government


E-government is not just about transactions.S. Thank you for sharing our vision and for your commitment to the promise of e-government. INK was the first e-government public/private partnership. That is our heritage. Kansas came together to create a self-funding model for electronic government services with the Information Network of Kansas (INK). population representing more than 140 million people. NIC is the world’s largest e-government solutions provider with local. Kansas has met the higher expectations of the Internet generation resulting in higher citizen and business satisfaction. E-government was born — not among the dot-com frenzy of Silicon Valley. citizens and businesses are connected through a web of information and knowledge that has truly transformed relationships. federal and global government partners. applications in 22 states and over 80 cities and counties. a small group of dedicated individuals in Topeka. E-government is about trust and preserving the integrity of the relationships between government and its constituents. NIC was and will always be dedicated and organized first to ensure the preservation of the public trust. While we embrace e-business technology. We are witnessing the birth of a new market and a new force in the Internet economy. bringing together citizens. citizens expect that same personalized service in Internet time from their government. knowledge and commerce. We know that lesson well and it remains at the foundation of Jim Dodd all we do. Jim Dodd President and CEO NIC T ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT . Today. Nine years ago. we understand that government is different. state. NIC has enterprise-wide portal partnerships in 11 states. We reach roughly 50 percent of the U. but in the heart of America. For the first time. But our growth and the rapid adoption of e-government solutions have not changed our vision. Through e-government.INTRODUCTION A VISION FOR OUR TIME he Internet economy has created a new set of citizen expectations and government has found itself faced with a service challenge and a historic opportunity. businesses and government in a network of information. Today.

Chief among these roadblocks are questions about what services to provide. the public sector can provide an e-government solution that is comprehensive. Together. Working Side-by-Side Close collaboration is the key to making this public/private model work. how to securely deliver them and how to fund enterprise-wide e-government portals. from driver’s license renewal capability to fishing permits to corporate record searches. Many forward-thinking governments have turned to NIC for answers. provides the start up capital and assumes the financial risk of the program. Said Harry Herington. It's a win-win relationship. They look at where we are and where we . executive vice president of NIC State. Simply put. By depending on the expertise delivered by NIC.DELIVERING ON THE E-GOVERNMENT PROMISE he promise of e-government is quickly becoming a reality. experience and vision to help the public sector deliver on all the benefits of e-government. NIC is successful because they have developed a working model that combines the best of what the public and private sector have to offer. The Internet revolution has dramatically changed how citizens and businesses relate to their government. NIC has partnered with government to provide thousands of applications serving millions of people worldwide. SOLUTION T For government. Nor are they willing to accept the delays and errors associated with a paper-based system. a NIC customer. agrees. chairman of the Utah Electronic Commerce Council. Most constituents are no longer satisfied to wait in line during normal business hours to get what they need from the public sector. the implementation of each application and the recommendation of future online services. They really have developed a customer-centric way of doing business that has worked very well for us. "Our success depends on the success of our government partners. NIC acts as the netADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT work manager. NIC has worked closely with the public sector to provide taxpayers with a myriad of online services. creating an enormous set of expectations along the way. Since 1991. eliminating the need to hire hard to find and costly network personnel. The state maintains ownership and control of the portal and acts in concert with NIC to develop the applications that meet the critical needs of citizens and businesses according to the direction of each portal’s governing board. This ensures the public sector offers the services that are best suited to their individual environment. NIC and its partners work toward a common goal that assures all public sector e-government objectives are met. “One of the most important things that NIC has brought to the table is their collaborative approach to the partnership. States and municipalities are wrestling with ways to overcome fundamental barriers that have slowed the progress of offering comprehensive online services to the public. the question now is not whether they are going to provide electronic services. NIC has the resources. but how. NIC teams with government to provide citizens with a multitude of electronic services accessed through a single user portal. NIC works side-by-side with government in the overall design of the portal. We are the only e-government solutions provider that has built flexible business models that aim to preserve and protect the public trust. cost-effective and secure. The result is that NIC provides the technical know-how in the implementation of the many applications that the state offers on their online portal." Al Sherwood.

it’s estimated that five percent of all fee-based services pay for the 95 percent of those provided for free.” want to go instead of trying to introduce a product to us that doesn’t fit.” he said. Instead of having to provide up front costs for the development and maintenance of the government portal. Web design and marketing services.SOLUTION “One of the most important things that NIC has brought to the table have developed a customer-centric way of doing business that has Scott Moore. Virginia’s director of the Department of Information Technology. A six-member team of NIC technicians works in tandem with the state’s technical staff to deliver software implementation. “A big part of our success in that area can be traced to the close collaboration between our NIC people and in-house staff.” said Kelly Kimball. The NIC public/private partnership model creates a win-win relationship dynamic that has made us successful in our Web-based environment. “The great question we had was how do we fund [the e-government portal].” The state of Indiana is also very pleased with this unique public/private arrangement. Nebraska’s Secretary of State also believes in this exceptional public/private partnership.” Another state customer that appreciates the close working relationship that NIC provides is Georgia. CIO of the state. seeing operating budgets slashed dramatically. Both state and local governments have come under enormous financial scrutiny in recent years. we looked at the model that NIC helped pioneer and it became the foundation of our approach.” Flexible E-Government Models A major obstacle in the delivery of egovernment is cost. it’s gone so well we just renewed [NIC’s] contract for another three years. execDon Smeltzer. NIC has worked with the state of Indiana as a true partner and vice versa. The self-funding model that NIC advocates is as simple as it is effective. The concept is that there are certain commercially viable state databases that fund the majority of the network and the preponderance of infor- ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT . And that’s a really refreshing change and something that I think is a real strength of the company. especially compared to trying to do it in-house. for the consumer of state information it’s a great way to move forward quickly. “But more importantly.” said Mike Thomas. State governments are being forced to deal with more requests with the same number of (sometimes even fewer) employees. the system is funded from transaction fees paid by private businesses who choose to use the online service. In fact. Tom Bostick. Thanks to the value that the portal brings to commercial enterprises. “We were fortunate enough to be ranked first in the nation for the deployment of e-commerce services by the Center for Digital Government in a recent survey they conducted. “The program has been very successful from state government’s perspective. “I’m very high on our relationship with NIC. President of NIC Global.” said Laura Larimer. “So. “I consider this to be a model partnership. President of NIC Technologies utive director of GeorgiaNet. The self-funding model was developed with these political realties in mind. We find the [NIC] approach very refreshing.

” The NIC vision extends beyond providing applications that are fee-based.” Dan Gwadosky. has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money by teaming with NIC versus rolling out an egovernment network in-house. government can guarantee the public trust. it is completely self-funding and then some. They really worked very well for us. the Secretary of State for Maine. city. NIC’s executive vice president for market development.” said Joe Nemelka. president of NIC Global. “That’s money that would not be available to us if it hadn’t been for this partnership. “There is no question that the state receives cost savings for [implementing the NIC e-government model].” The self-funding model has proven so effective that every jurisdiction that has implemented it has been able to fund their e-government program from the proceeds of transactions collected from businesses.” — Al their collaborative approach to the partnership. By delivering a host of online services that citizens can access free of charge. “Not only in terms of dollars and cents but also in the context of freeing up your employees who can now spend more time on consumer-related issues instead of pushing paper and filing. Utah.” Gwadosky continued.” said Sherwood. These savings allow government to move forward with a comprehensive e-government program without having to seek general obligation funding. in the long term you have done something you shouldn’t have — you’ve outsourced the public trust. “To that end. By “insourcing” instead of outsourcing e-government services. we provide several flexible funding models that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each agency. “We estimate that [NIC] has invested about $384. What’s more. which is vital for the delivery of good government. delivers services faster. NIC also supports other flexible models to meet the unique needs of government partners. including subscription-based models and application-specific models if the enterprise-wide solution is not specific to a state or local government’s need. There are no general fund appropriations for this. NIC has helped its government partners provide a truly enterprise-wide solution. and preserves the public trust. said the self-funding model provides other financial benefits. county or state. for example. “The key is how do you outsource the technology and all that’s good about private enterprise without outsourcing that trust? One way is by imple- ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT . “Our goal is to provide the solution that creates higher citizen and business satisfaction. It takes some of the pressure off individual agencies to constantly do that upgrade on their own. the public sector ensures constituents receive information they demand from a partner they know. “Although it’s generally conceded that outsourcing is viable in the short term. Chairman of the Utah Electronic Commerce Council mation and services is available free of charge to our citizens.000 in personnel resources and over $400.” SOLUTION Citizen Interface By providing the interface to its citizens.000 in hardware and software to build our network. the model allows the public sector to realize additional cost savings as NIC provides the networking infrastructure for the portal. when you have a private partner they can take some of the risk and responsibility for maintaining cutting-edge technology.” said Kelly Kimball. “One of the biggest advantages of [the NIC selffunding model] is that given the lifecycle of networking equipment is somewhere in the vicinity of 18 months. NIC’s international division.

In fact. NIC offers safe.” Whether it’s providing leading-edge applications for state or local government. no one can match the experience that NIC brings to e-government. then you have heard of us. stable and reliable e-government networking systems. as well as the leading security specialists in the industry. even more than corporate America. are very concerned with privacy. but if you have heard of Access Indiana Dan Gwadosky. not many people outside of government know us. “You can visit the portals that NIC manages and you won’t see our name anywhere. “Our security capabilities for e-commerce and e-procurement are best-of-class. “We take it very Bridging the Gap As the leader in the delivery of e-government solutions. Our customer is the government and they. NIC’s e-procurement and B2G e-commerce division. Secretary of State for Maine or the Virginia Information Providers Network. Local jurisdictions in particular are as different as the citizens they serve and their e-government solutions need to be tailored to address those differences.” said Bob Sturm. “The ASP model was really designed for cities and counties that want to present a meaningful Web presence without having to hire their own staff to manage it.” menting the NIC portal model.SOLUTION “We were fortunate enough to be ranked first in the nation for the that area can be traced to the close collaboration of our NIC people seriously — we have to.” said Nemelka. to ensure the privacy of information delivered over the Internet. By supporting national standards. which brings the best of what private commerce offers while keeping government firmly in control. NIC’s ASP solution provides local government with a Web presence that’s far-reaching and cost effective. vice president of NIC Commerce. As a result.” said Don Smeltzer. NIC has experience working with both state and local government. One way that NIC helps local government bridge the gap between what they want to offer on their portals and what they can afford to offer is with the implementation of Application Service Provider (ASP) technology. NIC Technologies. NIC has developed systems that meet the needs of each.” Security is another concern for government as it launches its public portal. local jurisdictions can offer services to their constituents at a fraction of the costs associated with an in-house solution. “We don’t take credit for delivering e-government services. NIC works with its public-sector partners. they have the expertise to deploy service offer- ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT . “It makes so much sense for NIC to host the portal centrally and allow local jurisdictions to subscribe to each service as they choose. Because NIC hosts the site from a central location.” This model allows government to respond directly to consumer demands without having to invest valuable time managing the network. president. NIC works in the background to assure these demands are carried out swiftly and cost effectively. Because NIC has developed thousands of applications in virtually every government environment.

“The people at NIC are exceptionally skilled. Because NIC works only with government. SOLUTION Providing the Tools To fulfill the promise of e-government it is essential the public sector have a well thought out strategy. “One of our biggest advantages is our experience. To NIC. executive director of GeorgiaNet and in-house staff. they are uniquely positioned to respond to its needs. “Each government entity has its own set of business-specific rules of engagement. “Public sector expertise was a prime consideration for selecting NIC [to manage our portal]. They realize applications have to be tailored to meet consumer demand and know how to package information and integrate work functions. NIC provides all the tools that government needs in order to offer a comprehensive electronic gateway as one of the many services citizens have come to expect from the public sector. “Too many vendors get it wrong because they think government should change the way it does business to accommodate the commercial model. and they can be rolled out in a very short time frame. “NIC was hired because we were looking for a way to provide a high level of service to our customers. “They hadn’t just worked with counties or single agencies. they know their work and they are ingenious about developing applications. they had broad experience throughout state and local government. said Virginia’s Thomas. The suite of products in our arsenal is very compelling.” With NIC e-government systems in place. big or small. After all.” ings in the shortest time possible.. NIC is the only service provider that offers an end-to-end solution to support the way government operates. it’s not unusual for common applications to be up and running in a week or less. The history of the company is based not just on technology but on sound business practices. “They have high energy.” said Sturm. For many jurisdictions. the public sector has seen dramatic growth in the response to its online portals.” said Gwadosky.” The NIC model was developed to provide the best in customer service. convenience and dependability of electronic government to get the information they need.” ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT .” said Gwadosky. a big part of that strategy is partnering with NIC.” said Nemelka. The popularity of online services allows the public sector to concentrate on mission critical tasks that streamline the delivery of good government. customers cite that experience as a major factor when turning to NIC to help them manage their e-government portal. as well as looking to take some of the redundancy out of our work processes. I would say there isn’t one area of e-government that we haven’t touched in some way. The company has developed into what it is today by providing practical solutions to real world problems. In fact.a big part of our success in — Tom Bostick. They have been extraordinary to work with — we’re just grateful we have a partner like NIC available to us. NIC has a stake in the success of its government partners. e-business is not e-government.. Their track record in developing innovative solutions driven by customer demand is appropriate for what we are trying to accomplish.deployment of e-commerce services. Citizens and commercial businesses are increasingly utilizing the speed. “[NIC] seemed to us to be a company that was customer driven and entrepreneurally focused.” Experience in the public-sector marketplace is something that separates NIC from other companies that attempt to make commercial solutions fit into the government space.” In case after case. “Since we have developed so many applications over the years.

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