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Are you trying to figure out how to


 Inject energy into your quality and efficiency projects?
 Jump-start creativity?
 Build sustainability?
Visualize your organization continuously growing the value delivered to your customers
and other stakeholders while developing relationships and increasing efficiency in your
organization. Imagine people working together to find creative and generative ways to
improve. “Strength-Based Lean Thinking” yields fresh insights and remarkable results,
maximizing the value across different streams of business, key business processes as well
as people management practices.

The Strength-Based LEAN Thinking approach to process improvement has a completely
different focus than classic Lean Thinking. Instead of focusing solely on the gaps, wastes
and inefficiencies in processes, we show you how to identify what is already working
efficiently AND generating value, and then define ways to grow and expand those good
practices elsewhere. It combines the rigor of LEAN and the innovation and energy of
Appreciative Inquiry to produce more successful, inclusive and sustainable results and a
sense of hope and possibility.

This purposeful focus on finding what is value-generating for customers, drives participants to seek ways to deliver even
more value to customers, while reducing and eliminating waste. By leveraging existing knowledge, experience as well as
past and current successes, staff is motivated towards the challenges and opportunities of the future, resulting in a great
resource for the next generation of improvement initiatives.

Why is this relevant?

Imagine your organization continuously growing the value delivered to
your customers AND increasing efficiency in your organization. Imagine
your teams discovering the hidden resources in their processes and
systems, and finding creative and energizing ways to improve – searching
for value rather than waste. This is truly a more inspiring road towards
efficiency and quality!

If your organization looking for ways to create and maintain staff
engagement and morale while introducing efficiency improvement effort,
than this workshop is for you. You will be introduced to how a culture of
real continuous improvement and innovation can thrive in your
organization over time and see how your staff can come up with
truly innovative ideas for improvement.

Strength-Based LEAN
Calgary, Alberta | January 23, 24 and 25, 2013
8:00 – 5:00 | $1500.00+Tax
(PMI-SAC member discount of 20% = $1200.00 + Tax)

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~David Shaked

Strengthening Your Quality
A Fresh Approach to LEAN
Who should attend?
Leaders, teams, change agents and
consultants who have experience with
delivery of efficiency and quality
initiatives/targets; and/or LEAN and Six
Sigma Belts.
For more information or to register,
please contact:
Maureen McKenna, Innovation Catalyst and Co-Founder T: 416.921.3204 | E:

In partnership with:

 Creating higher degree of engagement and sustained energy towards reducing and eliminating waste
 Discovering how to bring real focus on finding what is value-generating for customers and other stakeholders
 Experiencing a generative approach to process improvement that will build and strengthen relationships
 Using the strength-based, relational approach of Appreciative inquiry you will quickly experience a generative
approach to process improvement that will strengthen relationships and increase personal and team accountability
 Combining the rigour of LEAN with the innovation and energy of Appreciative Inquiry you will leave with an
approach and methodology that produces more successful, inclusive and sustainable results
 Organizations that are benefiting from applying Strength-Based LEAN
About your instructors
David Shaked is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He has over fifteen years of practical
experience with organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Intel, 3M and IBM. He has worked all across
Europe, the USA and the Middle East. He has a unique approach to process improvement, combining
proven methodologies for change. His expertise lies in applying improvement tools in a practical way to solve
business challenges in logistics/distribution, sales, marketing, finance, customer services and human

His client base includes organizations such as Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Lifescan, National Health
Service UK, Southern Rail, Howard Tenens and VACA. His recent assignments have included improvements
to financial reporting processes, changes to an EMEA-wide customer service function, a quality-led Learning and development
with the NHS, strategic planning at a start-up company and culture change within the voluntary sector.

Certified in Lean Thinking, Six Sigma and Appreciative Inquiry, David holds a BA in Accounting and Economics and an MBA/
MCA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas – Austin. He has led several Lean and Six Sigma
workshops, mentored Green and Black Belts and is now an Appreciative Inquiry trainer for National Training Laboratories (NTL),
in both the US and Europe. David founded Almond Insight ( to offer a range of consulting facilitations
focused on Organization Development, Effectiveness of Business Processes and Employee Engagement.

Maureen McKenna is a dynamic and innovative facilitator, mentor, thinking partner and executive
coach. She has 15 years of experience in organizational development, change leadership consulting,
executive coaching, training design and delivery. Maureen is an expert in strengths-based approaches to
strategic planning, large-scale change, organization design, community consultations, customer loyalty, and
employee engagement and is well respected by her clients for her ability to challenge their mental models,
helping them to successfully reframe from traditional
problem solving to focusing on their strengths.

Maureen is a founding partner of Innovation Works
( She is a Certified Management Consultant, a
member of NTL (National Training Laboratory) and is a trainer in their
Appreciative Inquiry Certification program. She is a graduate of the Adler
International Learning coaching program and a member of Canadian
Association of Professional Speakers.

In this workshop, you will learn about:
Appreciative Inquiry | Strategic Planning and Implementation
Operational and Interpersonal Challenge Management | Employee and Stakeholder Engagement
Organizational Climate/Culture Change | Leadership, Team and Group Development
Coaching and Action Learning | Professional Facilitation