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Admissions Open for Different Engineering Courses in West Bengal
Engineering is a study that involves art, science, skills and technology. You can gain scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to design and recreate structures, materials, machines and processes. If you really enjoy understanding the functionality of the things, highly creative and love to solve problems, then engineering is the most appropriate field for you. But, unfortunately there are many talented people who are still not aware of the advantages of being an engineer. There are now different colleges that provide standard education to their students. In 2010, it was decided that engineering colleges will hike their fees by 30%. There are approximately 24.500 seats available in West Bengal in engineering colleges. But, there are various private colleges who were not happy with the news as they are not ready to hike the fees of the students. Most of the engineering colleges provide the main three branches: Civil engineering – The design and construction of public and private infrastructure like airports, railways, water supply, roads etc. Mechanical engineering – The design of physical or mechanical systems, such as power and energy systems, aerospace/aircraft products, weapon, transportation product engines, power trains, vacuum technology, vibration isolation equipment etc. Computer Science engineering- The subject involves the study of computers. Their design and the uses of different functionality like computation, data processing, and systems control. It also includes design and development of computer hardware and software, and programming. There are also other courses that area available and students do opt for them like information technology engineering, Electronics and communication engineering. It is not an easy way to get admission into an engineering college. Every college has its own rule of taking admission of the students and it is purely based on the merit of the students. The students first have to go through the Joint Entrance Examination that is popularly known as JEE. Now, the Eastern India engineering colleges have opened the admissions for the students and the candidates can apply for the desired course. There are certain colleges that provide complete improved infrastructure to develop the skills of the students. There are certain eligibility criteria that every college follows. Colleges also do conduct their own examination and through which the most appropriate students are selected. The candidate should have completed their class 12 examination. The candidates should be from science background. West Bengal is gradually progressing in the education and the colleges are providing standard education to the students. Colleges are also providing B. Arch course to their students which influences and enhances the creativity and skills of the candidates. Eastern India College’s 2012 admission open now so that you don’t miss the opportunity of studying in the most reputed colleges and acquiring the degree on the subject you want to pursue. Most of the engineers do complete their degree out of stubbornness rather than pursuing it willfully. The engineering courses are available in India both for undergraduate and postgraduate degree with the different course duration. It is important to be aware that your college is WBUT and AICTE approved.

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