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How to recognize and avoid the groceries that cause cancer, diabetes, heart dise ase, high cholesterol

, high blood pressure, and other common diseases BY MIKE ADAMS

GROCERY WARNING How to recognize and avoid the groceries that cause blood pressure, and other co mmon diseases cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high BY MIKE ADAMS The Health Ranger


Grocery Warning Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ................................................................... .......................................................................... 1 GROCERY WARNING - PART 1 Re ned carbohydrates, white our, and added sugars ........ ........................................................................... 3 Pi oneering authors and researchers ............................................... .............................................................. 3 Avoiding re ned c arbohydrates is essential for optimum health ................................... ............................... 3 Re ned carbohydrates contribute to an alarming n umber of diseases ........................................................ 4 Car bohydrate consumption and diabetes ............................................. ......................................................... 5 The ugly politics of sugar, medicine, junk food and diabetes ....................................... ................................ 6 The American Diabetic Association offers ques tionable nutritional advice .................................................. 7 Syndrome X .................................................................... ............................................................................... 8 Carbohydrates and obesity .................................................... ........................................................................ 8 The l ow-fat diet debacle ............................................................ ................................................................... 9 Carbohydra tes and heart disease .......................................................... ..................................................... 10 Carbohydrates and menta l disorders .................................................................... ...................................... 11 Carbohydrates and cancer ............. ................................................................................ ............................. 13 Theories on why re ned carbohydrates lead to canc er ............................................................................. 14 Carbohydrates and hormonal disorders ....................................... ............................................................... 14 Re ned carbohyd rates: Promoters of Disease .................................................... ........................................ 16 The re ned foods factory ............. ................................................................................ ................................ 17 Nature’s grains start out quite healthy ...... ................................................................................ ................. 17 How re ned, milled grains cause nutritional de ciencies ....... ................................................................... 18 The healt hy ingredients are never intended for human consumption ........................ ................................ 19 It’s all about pro t, not health ............... ................................................................................ ...................... 19 The FDA actually banned vitamin-enriched sugar ....... .............................................................................. 2 0 I

............................................. 35 Aspartame implicated in neurological disorders a nd diseases .............................................................. .... 23 GROCERY WARNING ..................................................... ........................... 25 Sodium Nitrite ... 41 Where to learn more about aspartame ................................................................. .............................. 45 The Sucralose quest ion ........ 38 Aspartame and cancer .......... 25 Sodium nitrite gives children brain cancer and leukemia ....................................................................................................... 21 Contamination of mil led....................... 34 Aspart ame byproducts: chemicals so toxic they threaten the environment ....... 31 Arti cial chemical s weeteners ...................... .................................................. 39 Outraged at the FDA ......... ........... .................................................................... .....................................................................Grocery Warning Re ned foods cause nutritional de ciencies .... .................... 28 The USDA tried to ban sodium nitrite in the 1970s .............................................................................................. 32 Aspartame .................................... 48 II .......................................................................................................... .................. 27 Citizens Petition FDA To Require Sodium Nitrite Warnings ............. .......... ............ re ned carbohydrates ..................................................................... 46 The inside story on the FDA and the politics of saccharin .......................................................... .......................................................................... 32 Early testing shows aspartam e to cause brain tumors ..................................................... 40 Spinning the truth about aspartame ........................................... .......................................................................................... ....... 44 The FDA says the tumors are p erfectly “normal.......................................... yet another arti cial chemical sweetener ..........................”...................................................................................................... ............................................ ... 26 Sodium nitrite consumpti on is strongly linked to cancer ............. 38 P rotein power authors change stance on aspartame ....................................................... ... ........................... 36 F lying blind with aspartame: pilots can’t see their instrument panels ........... ............. 44 Sample quotes from cancer experts’ letters on acesulfame-K te sting ........... ................................................................................... ............................................... .................................................................................. ........................................................................................... ....................................................................... ..........PART 2 Metabolic disruptors found in everyday foods and grocer ies ................................................... .................................................................................................................................................................. 33 Aspartame begins to generate medical complaints .......... 43 A cesulfame-K................ ... 37 Aspartame and Alzheimer’s disease ... 37 Aspartame and heat .. ................................................................................................

................................ trans fats and heart dis ease ....................................... 50 Summing up the good and the bad of sugar alcohols like xylitol ..... trans fatty acids and diabetes .................. 56 Hydrogenated oils.................................................................. .... 66 A frightening look at how margarine is actually made ............................................................................................................. trans fatty acids and obesity .... 67 How much hydroge nated oil and trans fatty acids are you eating? .................................................................... 70 The soybean industry suppresses studies and attacks tropical oils ........................................................................................................................... .. 76 Soft drink portions: Super size me! ................................................................ ........................................... 77 III ..................................................................................................................... trans fatty acids and cancer ................................... 52 The FDA drags its feet on requiring food manufacturers to list trans f ats on labels ........................................ ...... 61 Why food manufacturers use hydrogenated oils in their products ........................ 75 Soft drink consumption and ma rketing statistics .....................PART 3 Grocery Products That Are Dangerous To Your Health .................................... ..... 75 Suffering from soft drinks ......................................... ...... ............................................................ ............................. .......................................... 64 The margarine scam and hydrogenated oils ..... 55 Hydrogenated oils.............. ................... ............ .............................................. 63 The low-fat theory falls ap art: many fats are good for you ................................. 75 The damaging health effects of soft drink consumption ................................. ................. 60 Hydrogenated oils..................................... .............................................. 51 Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats .......................................................................................................................................................................... 76 A closer look at the health problems linked to soft drink consumption .. 49 Sugar alcohols ................... ................................................... 53 Foods containing hydrogenate d oils .... 61 How trans fats cause such damage to the health of the human body ............................. .................................... 59 Hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids interfere with the absorption of essential fatty acids (EFAs) ............................................................................ . 71 GROCERY WARNING ............................................................. 69 Corruption and politics in the soybean oil indust ry ............... ................. 59 Hydrogenated oils and tra ns fatty acids as “brain poison” ........ ......... 58 Hydr ogenated oils.................. 76 Diet soft drinks don’t cause you to lose weight .. ...................................................... .................. ................................. ................................................ ...............................................................Grocery Warning Avoid all chemical sweeteners and use stevia instead .................. ...................... ........... ...................... .................. .........................

........................................... ................................................................ 91 The sodium nitrite fou nd in bacon and processed meats ............. 102 The beef industry pressures governm ent agencies to back off ......................... ........................................ .............................Grocery Warning Arti cial chemical sweeteners .......................... ................................................. 97 Illegal use of carcinogenic ho rmones in cattle ................................................................... 100 Cows are fed chicken litter ................................. 77 When you drink soft drinks........ 83 The truth about caffeine................................................ 94 How to protect y ourself from the sodium nitrite found in bacon and other processed meats .......... ................................ pho sphorus................................. you are peeing away your bones ................................... 88 Five simple steps to rebalance the mineral content of your body ................................................................................................. .................................. 92 Clinical evidence shows sodium nitrite to be carci nogenic ................. 96 The questionable safety of beef...... 95 Summing up the health risks of eating bacon ..................................... 101 Machiner y squeezes the meat out of a cow carcass . .............................................. ground up diseased cows to other cows .. ............... .......................... 85 C affeine consumption results in even more calcium loss . ....... 87 Soft drink companies spin the science to claim their products are harml ess ......................... meat and osteoporosis ........................................... ................................................................................................................ ................................................................................. 106 IV ............................................ 82 Soft drinks make y ou ugly by altering your facial bone structure .... 90 Heavy bacon consumption ...................................................................... 77 Soft drinks.................. 93 Carcinogens caused by high heat cooking ................................................... ..................................... 86 Aluminum cans may present yet an other health danger for soft drinks ...................................................... 105 The Problem With Dairy Products ................................................................................... ............................................................................................................................................................ 91 Toxic chemicals found in bacon and processed meats .............................................................. 80 Calcium supplements alone won’t solve this pr oblem .. ....................................................................... .. psyc hoactive drug ......................................................... ..... . 98 The feeding of dead..................... ........... ....................................... 81 Milk is not the answer to calcium de ciency ... chicken and pork products .................... 104 Organic beef makes a differ ence in your health ........ a highly addictive.................................. ............................ ..... 106 Cows’ milk is great nutrition for baby cows .............. 103 Most American consumers are exposing themselves to too much beef ..... ............... .................................................................. 79 High phosphorus content combines with high meat consumption to spell disaste r ....................... ..................................................................

................ ............. 133 MSG shown to damage the liver.............................................................................. taken over time .............. .................................................135 MSG damages your health with small dose s........................................................................................................................................................ 125 The contamination of cows’ milk with pus ........ politics. and MSG ....................... ......... ...................................... and cross-species consumption .... 128 The 30-day no-dairy diet .......................... ............... 119 The media avoid talking about cows’ milk and diabetes to protec t advertising revenues .......................... ................................................. .................... 115 Most conventional doctors don’t consider cows’ milk to be a cause of asthma .................................................... 121 The us e of dangerous hormones in cows’ milk ........................................................... 128 Mon osodium Glutamate .. .................. why is it so dangerous to your health? ........... 136 MSG and asthma ...................... 110 C ows’ milk..... the brain............................................................. 108 Homogenized milk fats blamed for cardiovascular disease ............................................................................ ................................................... 123 Government regulatory agencies refuse to test cows for hormone effects ................... th e circulatory system and more ...................................................................................... ................................ 113 Differences between cows’ milk and human milk .................................................................... human milk.............. 126 What’s wrong with organic milk .........Grocery Warning The homogenization of milk alters the structure of the milk fats .................. ........................ 111 Human breast milk is rich in brai n-building substances . 129 What is MSG? ...... ................. 131 The toxicity of MSG ............................. ... ............. ..................... ............................ 112 Cows’ milk results in higher mortality rates in infants ............ .......................................................................................................... ............................................... pro ts.......................................... .......................................... 114 Cows’ milk and asthma / sinu s congestion ... ........................................... .. 121 Cows’ milk contributes to cardiovascular disease in infants ...................................... 137 V . ... ................................................................................ 129 The food industry .................................................................................................... ...................................................................................................................................................................... ...... 116 Cows’ milk and constipation ............ 120 The problem with feeding cow s’ milk to human babies ....................................... 134 If MS G is found in seaweed................................. 117 Many people don’t know they’r e constipated ...... . ................................................................ 109 Homogenized milk fats are metabolic disruptors ............................................................................. 124 Monsanto harasses organic milk producers who state their milk is made without hormones ................................................................................................................................................................. 118 Cows’ milk and diabetes ..................................................

.......................................................................... 140 MSG and cancer .. ................................................. 162 The FDA: key players in the MSG cover-up ................... ........................................................ .......................... 151 Food manufacturers hide MSG in oth er ingredients ......................................................................... .............................................................................................................................. .................................................................... ............. 147 MSG. 160 The MSG indu stry engages in scienti c fraud to promote their product ................................................. 145 Why MSG ma y be what’s preventing you from losing weight .................... ..............Grocery Warning MSG and seizures .................................................... Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease ..... 152 Veggie burger manufacturers insist yeast extract is “100 perce nt natural!” ............................................................................................. ...... ......................................................................................... ............................ 156 Symptoms of MSG syndrome: how to tell if you’re affected .................................. ........................................................................................................................................................................... .................... 144 The link between MSG and obesity ....................................... not the safety of consumers ........................................................... ............................. 138 MSG and violence ............................................................. 158 The heavy use of MSG in restaurants ........................... .................... ............. ..................................................................................................................................... 157 Children’s MSG symptoms ....... 165 Th e FDA makes sure the prejudiced Glutamate Association is invited to all inquirie s ......................................................................................................... ............ 154 Corruption at the F DA favors food companies............................................................................................................................................................ ... 164 The health damaging effects of MSG may take time to produce symptoms .......... 140 MSG and endocrine system disorders that lead to obesity ...................................... 156 Food products almost always containing MSG .......................................................................................... ....................... ......................... 158 Why Chinese restaurants are actually the best place to avoid MSG .................. ................................... 166 VI ............ 162 The real reason why the FDA wants to make sure consumers keep eating MSG ..................... ............................................................. ............................ .............................. child nutrition and baby foods ....... 139 MSG and heart problems / cardiovascular disease .......................................................... 157 The use of MSG in foods served to children at public school s ........... 138 MSG and hypera ctivity / Attention De cit Hyperactivity Disorder ............. ............ 155 Foods containing MSG ... 146 MSG and diabetes ...... 14 8 MSG.... 149 MSG risks are even higher for low-carb dieters ....................... .......... ................... 142 MSG shown to cause severe rep roductive problems and endocrine disorders ............. 159 The inside story of corruption and politics in the MSG cover-u p ........

.......................................... .................................. ................................ 185 Foods that contain phytochemicals ......... ........................................................................... ... not in isolation ........................................ 190 Putting It All Together ............ ........................................................................................................................... ....................................... 171 What are phytochemicals? .......... 171 Mos t packaged foods are overpriced ....... .............................................................. .............................. ........................................................................................................... ................................................................. 186 How to get phyt ochemicals into your diet ............................................................................ 181 Phytochemicals act in combination.......... 167 The blood-brain barrier explanation offered by the MSG industry is proven false ................ ............ 172 Phytochemicals offer extraordinary protection a gainst disease ........................................... Processed Foods ................. 191 Things to add t o your diet ..... 169 Where to learn more about MSG ............................................................................................................................... 195 Foods To Buy: ............................................................ .................... .... 168 How MSG creates extraordinary pro ts for pharmaceutical companies ... ....................................................................... ................................................................................... 190 Things To Av oid: .................................. ................................................................................. 171 Lack of phytonutrien ts / phytochemicals ......................................... 187 Jenny Lee Supergreens ..................... ....................................................................................................................... 192 New habits ............................................................................................................... ......................... ........................................................................... ....... 170 Reliance on Manufactured. ........................................... 188 The Ultimate Meal ................................................ ...................... ............ 183 Few people eat enough phytochemicals ........................ ........................................................................... ...................................... ..................... ....................................................................... 186 Chlorella and spirulina ............................ ..................................... 1 75 Phytochemicals are just beginning to be discovered .......................................................................... ..................................... .......... .......... 189 Other phytochemical supplements .................. 188 Sea vegetables ........................................................................... 192 SHOPPING FOR GROCERIES How to use the shopping list .... 196 VII ................. ....................................................... 184 Phytochemicals are not vitamins . ................................................................................................................................................................Grocery Warning The MSG industry attacks doctors and authors who speak out against MSG ...... ...................................

....................... ..................................................................................................................................... 237 VIII ........................................................... ...................... .......Grocery Warning Food products to avoid .......... How soon can I reverse my disease if I follow your advice? ............................................. 227 I currently have hea rt disease........................................................................................................................... ........ 220 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Do I have do follow everything in this manual to be health y? ..................... ..... 231 Poison vs.............................. 235 REFERENCE: MANUFACTURES’ WEBSITES ................................ ................... .......................................... 225 What quali es you to be an expert in nutrition and health? ................... .................................................................................................................. 223 You have the power to determine your health outcome ..... 229 How serious is the health risk from these metabolic disruptors a nyway? ................. ............................................................... 224 Why isn’t this information more widely publicized? ............ ................... 232 GETTING STARTED: FIRST THINGS FIRST ...................................................................................... . metaboli c disruptors ................ 223 The full spectrum of health: it’s your choice ............................................... 212 Cleani ng out your pantry .......................



arthritis. heart disease. and many more. depression. • Que stions & Answers: Here. For each food. I’ll answer the most common questions about the dangers of certain foods and ingredients. You’ll also learn how t o identify those ingredients and avoid them for life. I’ll name each one. and you will continue to notice signi cant progress in your health year after y ear. osteoporosis. There’s a wealth of wisdom here. I’ll discuss why it should be avoided or purchased. and show you what to look for on food la bels. offer evidence to prove their dangers. so let’s get started.ingredients that cause serious disease in the human body. you’ll learn how these diseases are actually prom oted by toxic ingredients in everyday foods and groceries. C FS. Your health progress will accelerate in the subsequent weeks and month s. I’ll present: • All of the major “metabolic disrupto rs” -. 1 . leukemia. you’ll start noticing positive results in as little a s ve days. Alzheimer’s disease. Once you start putting thi s information into practice. In this book. • Easy shopping lists: I’ll present two shopping lists: foods to avoid and foo ds to buy. di abetes. and I’ll provide my best recommendations for keeping it all as simple as possible.Grocery Warning INTRODUCTION Get ready to transform your diet into something that’s healthier and more powerful This guide is for people who want to avoid chronic disease: cancer. It’s a lot to cover . In the sections that follow.

Grocery Warning 2 .

These include: white sugar white our high-fructose corn syrup corn syrup . their local environment was not modi ed. On this subject.. d iabetes and cancer skyrocketed. authors. when they followed their native diets that were high in ber. white our. He discovered that these populations. and virtually ever y popular modern disease quickly followed. The socia l calm that had been the norm in these cultures for literally thousands of years was suddenly and violently disrupted by nothing more than changes in diet. and based on foods from nature in their natural st ate. and researchers have been writing about the health dangers of re ned carbohydrates for years. Atkins is probably the best known d octor when it comes to pointing out the health dangers of consuming carbohydrate s.. thing s changed signi cantly. heart disease. and so on. a book worth reading is called Life Without Bread by Dr. Their genes did not change.Grocery Warning GROCERY WARNING . Dr. But once th ese populations were exposed to the Western diet through the importation of re ned foods. They had healthy teeth with virtually no cavities. It’s a book that presents a va st assortment of scienti c evidence and analysis discussing the reasons why a 3 . One of the earliest books that dared to explor e the link between the consumption of re ned foods and subsequent disease is calle d Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. high in the consumpt ion of fruits and vegetables. rates of obesity. and added sugars Let’s get started with the most common group of unhealthy ingredients in everyday groceries: re ned carbohydrates. In just one generation. and cancer. Wolfgang Lutz. and they were not suddenly exposed to environm ental toxins.PART 1 Re ned carbohydrates. and the proliferation of fast food restaurant chains. but he was by no means the rst. violence. diet was the only thing that changed. Mental states were radically altered. heart disease. sucrose instant rolled oats instant rice a ny “instant” grains Pioneering authors and researchers Pioneering doctors. and they su ffered almost no mental disorders such as depression and aggression. Avoiding re ned carbohydrates is essential for optimum health In fact. demonstrated virtually no modern diseases like obesity. The only thing that changed was the diet: now they were eating re ne d foods high in carbohydrates rather than their native foods. diab etes. and people began to experience depression. aggression and mood swings. soft drinks. published decades ago and authored by a d entist (Weston Price) who traveled around the world and examined indigenous popu lations both before and after they were exposed to the diet of re ned foods now co nsidered standard in the developed world.

but let’s explore the major ones and take a closer look at the relationship between dietary carbohydrates and the onset of these diseases. causing: loss of memory and concentration. anemia. cardiovascular problems. Both of these books (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Life Without Bread) offer important in formation to the public about the negative health consequences of eating re ned ca rbohydrates. and tooth decay. and a healthy balance of hormones. and male impo tence. and emotional upsets such as self-pity. There has been a shift in this c entury away from the healthful consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and co mplex carbohydrates -. auth or Paul Pitchford offers an expanded list of diseases caused by eating re ned carb s: “Re ned sugar delivers high energy and enables one to keep working. irritability. pre-menstrual syndrome. arguments. Elson Haas. but unfortuna tely. Dr. skin problems. Taken together. Re ned carbohydrates contribute to an alarming number of diseases The more you read about the negative health consequences of consuming carbohydra tes. excessive or no talking. heart disease. nervousne ss.” I’m not going to cover all of these diseases in this sec tion. high bloo d pressure. diabetes. a nemia. violence. but rather overall health of the body’s systems. high in fats.Grocery Warning carbohydrate-controlled diet is essential for a healthy heart. yea st infections. tooth decay. hypoglycemia. immune de ciency. heart disease. kidney disease. shyness. heart disease. While in very small amounts it can be used as medicine.the starches and ber foods -. healthy gastroint estinal system. 4 . the higher the mountain of evidence gets. it weakens the mind. It is possi ble that this type of diet (high in simple and re ned sugars. it contributes to herpes. menstrual problems. in large amounts sugar leads i nstead to obesity. The evidenc e is quite simply overwhelming. and lo w in complex carbohydrates) may be in uencing the incidence of diabetes. but as you will see in the evidence that follows. and cancer. it is addicting and contributes greatly to disease and unhappiness. The focus of this book is not weight loss..toward a diet of more re ned c arbohydrates and simple sugars that are implicated in a variety of diseases. M. and bone loss. In Healing with Whole Foods. cancer. high blood pressure. aut hor of Staying Healthy with Nutrition explains. and the desire for only sweet things in life. The consumption of re ned carbohydrates absolutely and inarguably promotes d iabetes. paranoia.D. they show that re ned carbohydrates promote the most serious diseases we are experiencing in society today. it is well ju sti ed. amo ng them obesity. Th at’s quite a list. diabetes. mental disorders and other problems. negative thought. cancer.

“A diet high in re ned. highglyc emic re ned carbohydrates cause a surge in blood sugar and. and too fast.” The consumption of re ned carbohydrates is the most frequent cause of type-II diabetes. The result is high blood sugar circulating in the blood. carbohyd rate) is the dietary source of this imbalance. it can wear down and diabetes can result. The bad news is that diabetes is clearly a disease of poor sugar metabolism. resulting in an excessive increase of insulin and undue stress on the pancreas. carbohydrates overwork the pancreas and a re an invitation to obesity. “. This degree of transformation takes time and dedicat ion.. He goes on to state that.” says the Life Extension Foundation in the book Disease Preven tion and Treatment. The consumption of re ned carboh ydrates like sugar and corn syrup is quite obviously linked to the onset of type -II diabetes. and. but one brought on by lifestyle: namely. It is not a geneti c disorder. Over time. this results in stress-related depletion of the pancreas. and sugar (i. hypertension. and reversing it overnight isn’t possible either.” writes Michael T.e. This is why so many low-fat and no-fat foods are still making so many Americans fat. Ea rl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible explains it in much the same way: “The more high-glycemic foods you eat.. berdepleted carbohydrates is believed to induce diabetes. insulin. most notably nerve damage. whi ch causes all sorts of serious problems over time. of course. more frequently. the consumption of carbohyd rates combined with lack of physical exercise.if consumed in excess. Additionally. “It is widely accepted that re ne d carbohydrates are among the most important contributing factors to diabetes an d reactive hypoglycemia (as well as obesity). wh ere cells in the body are no longer able to open the doors and accept glucose fr om the bloodstream. as hunters and gatherers. diabetes. Wolfgang Lutz states. Murray in The Enc yclopedia of Natural Medicine. high-re ned-carbohydrate diet of ‘civilization. The good news is that diabetes ca n be reversed by the reduction of carbohydrates in the diet. And if it has to work too hard too often. people simply have overwh elmed their bodies’ natural ability to process these sugars.’” In Life Without Bread. did not evolve to eat. insulin resistance at the cellular level. [and] the frequency of di abetes is highly correlated with the ber-depleted. hyperlipidemia. and some ty pes of arrhythmias. the harder your pancreas has to work. By eating carbohydrates in quantities that hu mans. “Type 2 diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate overload. Diabetics bene t greatly from a low carbohydrate diet. Dr. because diabetics certainly didn’t create their condition overnigh t. and many have reversed their diseases and eliminated their n eed for insulin altogether. consequently. insulin then turns all the extra glucose into fat.Grocery Warning Carbohydrate consumption and diabetes The most obvious place to start is with diabetes.” 5 . Why this happens is actually rather easy to understand: high carbohydrate foods are like rocket fuel in the human digestive system: they bur n too hot.

se ts the stage for down-regulation of the insulin receptors and the development of insulin resistance and nally. can contend with -.Grocery Warning People who follow a carbohydrate-controlled diet can actually reverse their diab etes.. french fries -. for many years. and less carbo hydrate.) As Eades relates: “Excess i nsulin -. the standard treatment for diabetes in the last sev eral decades has been the high-carbohydrate. If a miracle cure for diabetes were discovered and made available tomorrow. vegetables. low-fat diet. and they would lose not only their salaries. and legumes is followed for sever al weeks. since they cou ld hardly be free of diabetes with that kind of diet. for the sake of diabetic sufferers everywhere. pies. rolls. As Paul Pitchford states in the book Healing with Whole Foods: Eating re ned white sugar and other simple sugars contributes to diabetes because in excess. no more media attenti on. and lo and behold.D. these sugars convert to fat in the body. people get better . muf ns.D.and the insulin rise such foods occasion. if left unchecked. medicine.” “If diabetes is a disease of too much suga r in the blood. candies. and Mary Dan Eades. all the people working at the ADA would be out of work. 6 .if excess insulin is caus ing the problem. and a high-carbohydrate diet (which as you now know really me ans a diet high in sugar) as the remedy. sugar-swee tened cereals. it shou ld come as no surprise that the incidence of diabetes has risen tenfold in the l ast thirty years. ice cream. pasta. potentially diabetes. They would receive no more research money. and the remaining 20 percent can reduce their intake. as if it wants to promote the dise ase in order to make itself more important. breads. And t hankfully. higher fat. I’m always ske ptical of any association that has a disease as part of its name. how can you treat it by putting more in? Clearly. Fat was seen as the e nemy of diabetics. doughnuts. junk food and diabetes In The Protein Power Lifeplan. the tide has begun to take a sensible turn toward a diet of higher protein. This hints at the politics and truly bad science that has been strongly in uenci ng the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for decades. The ugly politics of sugar. authors Michael Eades. un t to the task. M..cookies. M. When a low-fat diet based on complex ca rbohydrates such as unre ned grains. c akes. approximately 80 percent of diabetics can stop taking insulin and diab etic pills altogether. Given our modern predilection for subsisting largely on carbo junk -. Personally. reduce the insulin levels. you can’t. describe the amazing story of how Western medicine has. It almost seem s like the organization “stands” for the disease.largely the consequence of eating a diet that contains much more sugar and starch than a stone-aged metabolism. ac tually been treating diabetes by recommending high-carb diets! Even the American Diabetes Association used to recommend a 60 percent carbohydrate diet! (Which I’m sure was very effective at keep people on the membership roster. Amazingly. but their positions of power an d in uence as well. bagels. It’s simply a matter of applied biochemistry -.

And the more people are af icted with that disease . Arizona. As Duffy says in Sugar Blues. I n fact.and stop drinking carbonated soft drinks -. it may be important for you to cut way back on carbohydrates. Coca-Cola! The funny part is that if more people would just ru n -. The American Diabetes Association then urged the U. if you examine the historical record. Bireman reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that high carbohydrate diets actually lower blood glucose levels in mild diabetics and normal humans. If you are a Type 2 diabetic who is overweight and insulin resistant . there’s a tremendous amount of political press ure at work here. in Tucson. medical profession to make a complete turnabout and recommend that sufferers from diabetes be put on diets with carbohydrate lev els equal to or surpassing those in the diet of healthy people. the new national dietary guidelines issued by the U. nor doctors.S. nor any government department is telling people that they sho uld avoid re ned sugars and carbohydrates. like any other national group. b elieve it or not. much of t hat thinking is once again swinging in the opposite direction -. perhaps a magical Me dicare atomic pancreas pacemaker -.they’d be healthier in the rst pla ce and probably wouldn’t have diabetes.toward a contro lled carbohydrate diet. it seems. a shot. author Earl Mindell of Prescription Alt ernatives says it mildly with. managed to get any such recommendations removed fro m the guidelines. an annual “Run for the Cure for Diabetes” event was sponsored by both the ADA and.Grocery Warning The American Diabetic Association offers questionable nutritional advice At some level. This may be one reason why. a pill. As explained by William Duffy in the book Sugar Blues: Early in 1971. a team of scientists headed by Dr. “The high-carbohydrate diet traditionally recommend ed by the American Diabetes Association is proving not to be the answer for many diabetics. government in ear ly 2005 neglected to even mention that people should consume less added sugar. Edwin L. But there are still an untold number of doctors out ther e recommending highcarbohydrate diets to people suffering from diabetes. “Appeals fo r self-regulation to control sugar diseases are drowned out by the clamor for mo re millions of federal funds to nd a potion. T he sugar industry. Today. and the ADA sure doesn’t seem very motivated to tell people to stop eating re ned sugars.S.which can one day magically conquer disease. every organization that exists for a speci c disease depends on tha t disease for its own survival. the more power and in uence the organization accumulates. is heavily in uenced by food companies. The ADA. The result of all this is that neither the ADA.” 7 . Without question.” To hear it from a different perspective. it almost appears as if the ADA want ed to keep diabetics ill. As a quick example of what I’m talking about.

The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil Syndrome X There’s another term for the diabetes-like “disease” that results from eating too many re ned carbohydrates: Syndrome X. N.Grocery Warning What’s really interesting is the skyrocketing rates of diabetes that occur followi ng the introduction of re ned carbohydrates to isolated populations who previously subsisted on traditional foods found in their immediate environment. According to the W orld Health Organization up to one-half of the urbanized Nauru population age 30 -64 are now diabetic. and android obesity. presumably due to the negative effects that saturated fats and re ned carbohydrates have on internal mechanisms that control blood sugar levels. and processed vegetable oils. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. as explained in The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Syndrome X is a term used to describe a set of cardiovascular risk factors. The underlying metabolic denominator in Syndrome X is elevated insulin levels. There is little doubt about what contributes to t hese elevations: an elevated intake of re ned study add support to the contention that prolonged consu mption of re ned sugars. subsisting on a diet composed pri marily of bananas. In every d ocumented case. high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. elevated blood pressure. .Both obesity and diabetes are strongly linked to the We stern diet. including glucose or insu lin disturbances. But when they abandon their native foods and adopt Western ways. and the mechanism of how carbohydrates p romote obesity is very similar to the diabetes mechanism discussed above. diseases of all types surface. Phospha te deposits discovered on the island brought an in ux of wealth and a change in li festyle. lived totally free from diabetes. The result was the emergence of a never before seen disease -. The islanders replaced the coconut and yams they had eaten for centurie s with foods made from re ned our. yams.diabetes. eventually leads to Type II diabetes. The results from a recent twenty..D. diabetes is unheard of among those people who eat traditional diets.. One of these new disease s is diabetes. An interesting example of this has occurred on the island of Naur u in the South Paci c. diseases like diabetes soon follow the introduction of carbohydr ates to the local populations: “In the Paci c Islands.Disease Prevention and Treatment by the Life Extension Foundation Obes ity is another disease that’s caused by the excessive consumption of carbohydrates .. The se cretion of insulin by the pancreas causes 8 . and coconuts. For centuries the people. Here’s the link between dietary carbohydrates and Syndrom e X.” .Bruce Fife. Carbohydrates and obesity “Some scienti c studies suggest that part of today’s obesity epidemic is being fueled by over-consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates that induce chronic insulin o verload. An increased intake o f simple sugars leads rst to hypoglycemia and later to diabetes. Syndrome X is characterized by elevated levels of insulin in the blood. and the resulting elevations in insulin.” . sugar.

I know of several people who blindly follow this advice even today. therefore. “. usually within a matter of weeks.and it will do so whenever your diet is very low in fat and high in carbohydrates.” says Dr. 9 ..Grocery Warning not only the storage of fat in fat cells. Simopoulos. speci cal ly a type of fatty acid called palmitic acid that is linked with an increased ri sk of heart disease.. Without excess insulin in the bloodstream. arthritis. such as cancer. but it also increases appetite so that the person both gains weight and feels unnaturally hungry at the same time. These stea dy levels of blood sugar are now more evenly regulated. Thu s. re ned carbohydrates are a double whammy for people trying to lose weight and a void obesity and diabetes. guided rmly by their doctors who remain clueless about the relationship between carbohydrates and obesity. your body can co nvert fat-free food into a bulging belly and thicker thighs -. carbohydr ates were the preferred source of calories. The book goes on to quote a study conducted at Rockefeller University in which researchers monitored the internal fat production of partici pants who were either fed a low-fat or a high-fat diet.has the opposite effect : It turns your body into a fat-making machine! Just as a cow can transform lowfat grass into a generous layering of body fat and creamy milk.” The low-fat diet debacle For decades. “Not only i s most of our obesity related to carbohydrate excess. M. Russell Blaylock i n Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. Artemis P.but many of the diseases that plague our society. and cardiovascular diseases. and the person feels les s hungry than when they were overeating carbohydrates in the rst place. To add insult to injury.the express goal of millions of dieters -.D. their bodies no longer store fat and actually begin to release it by converting it back into blood sugar. the type of fat that your body manufactures is saturated fat. Those participants fed a low-fat diet (10 percent of calories) were manufacturing saturated fats in thei r own bodies! Those eating a moderate fat diet (40 percent of calories) manufact ured little or no fat. This shows that avoiding fat does not halt the creation o f fat in your body. many people thought you could reverse obesity by following a low-fa t diet. explains this in The Omega Diet: New research shows that eating a very lo w-fat diet -. The thinking was that dietary fat made you fat and. are also relat ed to this unhealthy practice. A person who eliminates their consumption of re ned car bohydrates reverses these biochemical effects..

b lood pressure.. One study mentioned in the book Healing with Vitamins describes this interaction: “Researchers at the Univer sity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas found that a diet with 45 pe rcent of calories from fat produced lower blood levels of triglycerides (a heart disease-promoting fat). 10 .” . But the dang ers of re ned carbohydrates don’t stop there. N... heart disease has been routine ly associated with the consumption of fat. increases the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). It seems that the best dietary strategy for a healthy heart is on e that avoids re ned carbohydrates and includes healthy oils. on the other hand. Although a high sugar intake leads to elevations in triglyceride and cholesterol levels. can actually harm the heart. blood sugar levels rise quick ly.Michael T. producing a strain on blood sugar control and elevations in insulin. and I will be discussing these in more detail later in this guide. and that the consumption of re ned carboh ydrates is the root cause of much of the heart disease now ravaging the world. But on a low-carbohydrate diet. all of these symptoms reverse: triglyceride levels fall. and heart murmurs and other symptomatic disorders often vanish.” Clearly.Grocery Warning Carbohydrates and heart disease “There is substantial evidence that re ned sugar intake is a signi cant factor in the development of atherosclerosis. T he consumption of re ned carbohydrates increases the level of triglycerides in the blood. triglycerides. and risk of death from cardiovascular disease. new evidence is turning th at theory on its head. When high-sugar foods are eaten alone.D. but today. Murray . glucose and insulin than a typical high-carbohydrate di et. and can even result in a loss of heart function that is frequently diagnosed as a physical deformity. Elevate d insulin levels are associated with elevations in cholesterol. It turns out that heart disease is actually helped by the consumption of healthy oils like ax oil. The Textbook of Natural Medicine Heart disease is a broad medical term c overing a variety of physical and biochemical disorders affecting the heart and circulatory system. the consumption of re n ed carbohydrates is a major causative factor of heart disease. supplemented with healthy oils and adequate protein . bad cholesterol drops while good cholesterol rises. which is one of t he leading killers in the United States and other modern societies. For the last several decades. the real culprit may be the elevations of insulin. People with diabetes who bene ted most from this dietary switch: those with hi gh triglycerides and low levels of ‘good’ cholesterol. Unhealthy oils like hydrogenated oils.

more calm. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Depression is another diseas e commonly caused by the consumption of re ned carbohydrates. this pr ovides a link between hypoglycemia and feelings of stress. erratic behavior (violence.Grocery Warning Carbohydrates and mental disorders “Numerous studies of depressed individuals have shown a high occurrence of hypogly cemia. They beco me more focused. sometimes these de ciencies appear as mental disord ers like depression or schizophrenia. By following a re ned foods diet. ADHD. children who are taught to avoid re ned carbohydrates lit erally transform their mental states and behavior in a matter of days. In children. they frequently turn to prescription drugs in order to mask th e symptoms of their disorders. and those vitamins and m inerals are absolutely necessary for a healthy mental state. people rem ain in a state of vitamin de ciency. Virtually all Americans are de cient in zinc and a t least one of the B vitamins. etc. and gain the ability to focus on the task at hand. Because depression is one of the most frequent causes of anxiety. but the research is quite clear: people who eat excessive amounts of re ned carbohydrates experience extreme mood swings. Yet the root cause of these conditions can be tra ced to the consumption of re ned carbohydrates. and unpredictable. 11 . or uncontrollable outbursts of a nger. they also tend to strip these nutrients out of the body during the dige stive process. The most likely explanation for why re ne d carbohydrates cause depression is because the consumption of re ned carbohydrate s depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals. T heir handwriting even improves markedly. depression. and rather than taming that de ciency through h ealthy nutrition.. leaving the person in a deeply de cient state.Michael T. Simply eliminating re n ed carbohydrates from the diet is sometimes all that is needed for effective the rapy in patients who have depression or anxiety due to hypoglycemia.” .D. which is now ro utinely treated by prescribing narcotics to children in the form of Ritalin.). The most common nutr ients that are de cient in the diets of people who eat re ned carbohydrates are the B vitamins. zinc and magnesium. In adul ts. feeling down. this can appear as moodiness. the consumption of excessive carbohydrates appears as a disea se known as attention de cit hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD). Many people overlook the link between diet and mental state. Not only are re ned c arbohydrate foods missing the key nutrients that are naturally present in unre ned grains. N. But as studies are showing. Murray.

candy. This study limited the dietary revisions to replacing sugary soft drinks with fruit juices. Life Without Bread 12 . and water. and many more. Murray N.Wolfga ng Lutz. usually by doting parents. In one of them a dietary experiment was carried out where percent. toaster tarts. fres h vegetables.. cookies. These treats are given to them. there were signi can t differences. the need for restraints to prevent self-injury was reduced seve nty. But the parents don’t have to let their children engage in this sort of eating behavior: All too often we hear that “carbo hydrates are the only thing this child will eat. fruit..Francisco Contreras.D. disruptive behavior was reduced fortytwo percent. and sodas were exchanged for fruit.” But no child is born with the de sire to consume bread.999 incarcerated juveniles were studied over a period of two years . and assaults an d ghts were reduced twenty. Pathological aggressiveness in children and teenagers i s related to the consumption of the re ned sugars found in sweets and sodas.D. M.000 incarcerated juveniles also showed a strong reduction in v iolent behavior when re ned carbohydrates were removed from their diet: In the lar gest study.121 young men on the sugarrestricted diet were compared to the 884 on the control diet. Health in the 21st Century One study that followed nearly 4. . Sooner t han you would think. The present day diet of adolescents consi sts mainly of junk food. pastries. but these initial of ferings begin a lifelong addiction that can cause many health problems. cookies.. In the sugar-restricted group. When the 1. the serious increase in behavioral problems in children and adolescents is directly connected to diet and poor nutrition.Grocery Warning The consumption of carbohydrates is especially dangerous to the mental balance o f children and adolescents: According to multiple university investigations. Jails are a showcase for this behavioral problem.Michael T. Aggressiveness and other behavior problems among the pr isoners diminished remarkably in just a couple of weeks! This percent. M. sugared cereals. children begin to crave only non-nutritious foods. replacing a candy bar with popcorn). inexpensiv e experiment clearly demonstrates the relationship between behavioral problems a nd diet. soft drinks. and high-sugar snacks with non-re ned carbohydrates snacks (for exam ple. cand ies. 3. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine And yet most parents keep feeding their children hundreds of pounds of sugar each year in the form of breakfast cereals. and soft drinks.D. suicide attempts were reduced one hundred percent. . .

soft drinks. Herbal Medi cine. This eight-year study tracked 38 . Healing & Cance There is increasing evidence that the consumption of re ned carbohydrates is also linked to various cancers. In the book Life w ithout Bread. endocrine system. etc. 13 . chips.. A study published in early 2004 in the Journal of the National Ca ncer Institute demonstrated this quite clearly. Ritv a Butrum. cookies. white rice and other foods made from re ned grains (cak es. Re ned carbohydrates promote cancer in the body through nutritional de ciencies. Many research ers and authors wouldn’t be at all surprised with that outcome. thus cancer does not have a chance to develop in those cells. however. Ph.Donald R.D...000 women and looked for patterns involving re ned carbohydrates and colon cancer .” . The mechanisms are not so easy to understand or explain.) as well as other high-glycemic foods like potatoes and corn -. The Eskimos who ate only fat and protein never had any cancer in their po pulation until a high-carbohydrate diet was introduced. Avoiding all re ned sugars and starches is an important dietary factor for inhibiting tumor ce ll proliferation.diets with high glycemic loads -. What they found is that women who ate higher quantities of re ned carbohydrates (white our. increases in bodily stress. among others.. Cancer loves and feeds on sugar. author Christian Allan states: . Why don’t we ever hear of cancer of the heart? Probably because the heart uses almost all fat for energy.that is. said: ..eating a low-carbohydrate diet r educes the risk of cancer because the most important food for cancer cells is gl ucose. because cancer is a systemic disorder involvi ng the immune system.were associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer. and by causing unhealthy imbalances in h ormone levels. and so on) had twice the rate of colon cance r compared to the rest of the women. Senior Science Advisor at the American Institute for Cancer Res earch. Yance. In a follow-up statement to the study.Grocery Warning Carbohydrates and cancer “Tumor cells consume three to ve times more glucose than normal cells. re ned sugar. digestive system and circulatory system. diets rich in process ed foods like white bread.

Mary Dan Eades. Mary Dan Eades. One theory discusses the ability of re ned carb ohydrates to upset the natural balance of intestinal ora. In medical studies.that’s about the sugar or corn syrup content found in half of a regular canned soft drink! Recommendation: Sharply reduce your intake of sugar. Wolfgang Lutz in Life without Bread: Now that we have shown that hormonal imbalance from excess carbohydrate consumption is t he primary event that leads to many diseases. A diet hig h in sugar also weakens the immune system. researchers could detect measurable dr ops in antibody production after people consumed as little as 18 grams of sugar -. Women expe rience these changes near their menstrual cycle. corn syrup.Grocery Warning Theories on why re ned carbohydrates lead to cancer There are other theories that help explain re ned carbohydrate consumption leads t o cancers of the digestive system. A hi gh sugar intake alters the environment for the “friendly” bacteria that live in the colon and slows down the passage of bowel contents through the colon. Many of us have experienced this imbalance -. and all products made with these substances. thereby causing unhealt hy digestive stagnation: People who eat a diet high in re ned sugar (sucrose) put themselves at a higher risk for developing cancers of the colon and rectum. One of the more disturbing effects of consu ming too many re ned carbohydrates is the falling production of growth hormone (GH ) in the body. M. re ned carbohydrate consumption is strongly correlated with hormonal disor ders that affect both men and women. 14 . let’s take a look at just what happe ns to people who have some hormonal imbalance. As explained by Dr. which you depend on to be ever-vigila nt to destroy any of your body’s cells gone haywire. Recommendation: If you have a family tendency for polyps or colon cancer. molasses. The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals Carbohydrates and hormonal disorders Lastly. corn syrup.D. D. and high-fr uctose corn syrup) and all products made with these sugars.. hig h-fructose corn syrup. you should sharply reduce or totall y eliminate from your diet all re ned sugars (table sugar. it also makes sense that any substance that impairs the ability of the immu ne system to do its job will also contribute to cancer: A diet high in re ned suga r debilitates your immune defense system by impairing your body’s ability to produ ce antibodies to ght infection and by reducing the killing power of certain types of immune defenders. M. is often associated with irritability and crankiness. The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals Since your body’s immune sy stem is responsible for ghting cancer and destroying cancerous cells in the rst pl ace.

While one may not regain hair that is lost. Women who suffer greatly on high-carbohy drate diets often report remarkable improvements in both comfort and mood when t hey choose to avoid these processed carbs. Murray. usually the receding hairline stops. N. The explanation for this probably res ts in the nutritional de ciencies caused by eating re ned carbohydrates. and B vitamins a re extremely important for healthy hormonal balance in women. 275 percent more re ned sugar..Grocery Warning We have touched upon the idea that increases in insulin can result in decreases in the production of growth hormone. 77 percent less mang anese. Fingernails grow faster and hair growth responds as well. The rst step in addressing PMS is limiting the c onsumption of re ned sugar and decreasing or eliminating milk and dairy products. The rate of tissue repair and ove rall quality of the skin also improves. 15 . especially during menstruation. Over time. As mentione d above. the increase in muscle is very rapid. such as growth hormone. 79 percent more da iry products. With exercise. re ned carbohydrates deplete the body of the B vitamins. and 52 percent less zinc. . PMS patients consume 62 percent more re ned carbohydrates.Anyone who adopts a low-carbo hydrate nutritional program for any appreciable length of time will notice many changes in her body that can be attributed partially to increases in growth horm one.. explains: Diet appears to play a major role in the development of PMS. Too much insulin results in depressed level s of anabolic hormones. 78 percent more sodium. Compared to symptom-free women. 53 percent less iron. Supporting information from The Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supple ments by Michael T. fat is reduced and muscle begins to increase. even in the absenc e of exercise.D.

Grocery Warning Re ned carbohydrates: Promoters of Disease In all. are food manufacturers doing to the substances that makes th em so unhealthy? To understand the answer to that question. the consumption of re ned carbohydrates is linked to a great number of dis orders and diseases which account for the vast majority of health care costs in the United States and other developed countries. 16 . But how can re ned carbohydrates be so bad for you in the rst pl ace? What. huh? What I’ve presented here is just a summary of the links between the consumption of re ned carbohydrates and modern disease. allow me to take you on a quick tour through a food factory. exactly. you get a rather frightening list (in alphabetical order): anxiety arthritis bone loss cancer cardiovascular disease colon cancer depression diabetes emotional imbalances heart disease high blood p ressure hormonal imbalances hypertension immune de ciency irrtability kidney disea se loss of memory male impotence menstrual problems obesity paranoia syndrome X tooth decay violence That’s what re ned. If you look at the diseases and conditions associated with the consumption of re ned carbohydrates offered by the authors of just the books mentioned here. It offers you just a hint of the considerable scienti c evidence now sup porting this link. Ma ybe it’s time to stop buying that white bread. processed carbs deliver: everything from anxiety to violence.

Virtually all of the vita min and trace-mineral content has been removed from white sugar.D.D. The pro t margins at this food factory are very sli m. bags of white our. “The milling process that creates re ned white our also reduces nutritional co ntent. Nature’s grains start out quite healthy Nature does a great job providing us with the nutrients we need to be healthy hu man beings. M. The remainder of the grain is called t he endosperm. The oils are made up of a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. which strips them of associ ated nutrients and increases their rate of absorption. leaving only the endosperm. comprising upwards of twenty separate steps. What we’re concerned with. and th e ber is insoluble ber that aids in the health of the digestive system. these nutrients are largely contained in the bran and germ of the grains. and th e germ is the vitamin-rich “seed” of the grain that contains the future wheat plant that would grow if you planted the grain. white breads an d pastries. Currently. and soybeans. crackers. healthy oils and ber.. This endosperm contains no ber. then grinds the grain into powder-like our. At the other end of this factory. and the minerals include magnesium. The purp ose of this food factory is to take raw food materials such as corn. The Encyclopedia of Natur al Medicine I’m going to take you on a virtual tour through an imaginary food fact ory. is what happens to these grains between the unloading dock and the shipping dock. cereals and other snacks that people purchase in the grocery store. like 50 lb. As described in the book Power Foods by Stephanie Beling. you’ll nd an unloading dock where trucks carrying gr ains dump their loads onto a conveyor belt. but thi s is obviously a simpli ed explanation of what goes on in the real world.” 17 . When these plants come out of the ground. The vitamins include the B vitamins. to be delivered to companies that manufacture brand-name produ cts based on carbohydrates. When we ar e talking about grains like wheat.Michael T. and it contains little more than carbohydrate energy to fuel the g rowth of the seed. wheat.Grocery Warning The re ned foods factory “Problems with carbohydrates begin when they are re ned. both the germ and the bran are stripped away from the w heat kernel. minerals. th ere is a shipping dock that ships out the bagged. more than half of the carbohy drates consumed in the United States are in the form of sugars added to processe d foods as sweetening agents.. The bran is the outer covering of the grain. zinc and many others. At one end of this factory.” . and to produce bulk ingredients for use by brand-name food manufacture rs who make the popular cookies. let’s examine the natural state of the grains when they arrive at the unload ing dock. This imaginary factory operates very much like real food factories. they contain health-sustai ning levels of vitamins. To understand this. and many breakfast cereals. of course. The process. In making white our. bulk ingredients. Murray N. removes the hul l and parts of the bran from the kernels. and almost none of the nutriti on of the whole grain.

What you’re eating. author Weston Price adds: “In the producti on of re ned white our approximately eighty per cent or four. manganese. is the endospe rm of grains. chromi um. 18 . Haas goes on to describe the subsequ ent “enrichment” of milled grains as required by federal law in order to prevent dis eases due to nutritional de ciencies: Re ning grains and ours creates a number of pro blems. Elson Haas in Staying Healthy with Nutr ition: With the milling of grains and use of re ned ours and white or “polished” rice. ribo avin. and even whol e wheat bread has lost nearly all of its vitamin B6. and iron must be added back into the grain products.fths of the phosphorus and calcium content are usually removed. this white powder is so lacking in vitamins that federal law requir es the food factory to add in tiny amounts of certain. whole wheat our contains nearly 0. folic acid. pantothenic acid. These include pyridoxine (B6). vitamin E. making the ‘enriched’ breads. there is some evidence that re ned our and suga r deplete even more chromium from the body. In addition. cereals. isolated vitamins such as B3 to make sure this food doesn’t cause obvious nutritional de ciency diseases like beriberi.5 mg. it is now called “enriched. and are not intended for human consumption.” With this in mind. particularly the loss of most of the B vitamins. zinc. Much of the chromium in who le grains and sugarcane is lost in making re ned our (40 percent loss) and white su gar (93 percent loss). With a token quantity of vitamins added b ack into the white our. And th ose are all essential to human health. In fact. while re ned wheat our has almost none. thiami ne. by law. niacin. and so on. The major one is the loss of nutrients that occurs from processing them. and vitamin E plus other trace minerals. as a result. not the whole grain. pastas. raw sugar cane has a good amount. together with the vitamins and minerals provided in the embryo or germ.Grocery Warning In Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. while re ned su gar has none.” and is bagged out and shipped of f to food manufacturing companies to be used in cereals. pasta. These parts of the grain are sent into a waste pile. But other important nutrients ar e lost and not replaced. In the United States. and the many mineral s that are found naturally in whole grains. milled grains cause nutritional de ciencies This phenomenon is explained well by Dr. Humans are taught to consume t he carbohydrate-rich endosperm. How re ned. cookie s. It is missing as much as 98 percent of the original mineral content and it contains none of the healthy oils found in the whole gra in. of pyridoxine (wheat germ a nd wheat akes have much more). This ne powder lacks virtually all of the nutrients cont ained in the original grain. don’t be shocked to learn that the very rst thing our food factory does with a truckload of wheat is to physical ly remove the bran and the germ. As examples of how easily vitamin B6 is lost in the processing of food. and other common foods. many of us are no longer getting the nourishment of thiamine that is available w hen we eat wholesome. breads. crackers. unprocessed foods. which is separated from the whole grain and then ground into a ne powder.

the rancher loses money. food millers prefer to sh ip milled grains stripped of their nutrition because those grains actually kill insects that would otherwise ourish and infest healthy grains: Modern white our ha s had approximately four. and the ndings are listed in the above table. the healthy substances in the who le grain are sold to animals while the unhealthy. At once. “Why is this the case? Why do the foo d manufacturers strip out everything that’s good for you and produce a disease-pro moting substance for use in human foods?” There are two answers to this: consumer demand and shelf life. Simila r losses occur for most of the vitamins. you might ask yourself. vitamins and ber -. and if a cow die s from a disease caused by a nutritional de ciency. the more insect life it will support. The more valuable the product for human food. Raw cane sugar has a wide range of trace elements. almost all of which are lo st when white sugar is made. a good product will support a relatively large amount of insect life in propo rtion to the volume of our. we have an impo rtant measure of the value of a food. Whereas highly re ned white our will support almost no insect lif e. But similar losses arise with polishing rice and re ning cornmea l. The mol asses left after re ning sugar. Why is this allowed to happen? Think about it: farmers and ranchers simply cannot afford for their livestock to get sick. Th rough this door.Grocery Warning The healthy ingredients are never intended for human consumption But what happened to all of the healthy minerals. As Price relates in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Haas describes the process: Milling of wheat has been the subject of the most research. all the “waste byproducts” of re ning wheat -. In other words. remarkably.fths of the phosphorus and nearly all of the vitamins re moved by processing. Thus it is in the interests of ranchers to keep their livestock healthy by feeding th em foods that support health. this is a system that was designed by people! It’s all about pro t. gures for these losses are also given below. which is rich in minerals. mine rals. is usually fed to anima ls. And. Those are precisely the food ingredients that are rarely used in foods intended for human consumption. 19 . and pigs. most cows g et better nutrition than most people. In Staying Healthy with Nutrition. vitamins and oils that were or iginally contained in the grain? I didn’t tell you about a back door to this facto ry. the quality of insect life that it can support. chickens. diseasecausing carbohydrate po rtion of the grain is shipped off for consumption by humans. not health Knowing all of this. And both answers come down to one common answer: pro ts. They don’t have health insurance for cows. Thus.the healthy oils. the same is true of the ‘mill feed’ pulled out of wheat and other grains. the one that delivers products for use in livestock like cattle and pigs. in order to produce a our that can be shipped without becomi ng infested with insect life. I have been advised by millers that they could not ship our if the minerals and vitamins were not removed. namely.are delivered to be used as feed for cattle.

grains.” aft er addition of a few synthetic vitamins. It’s a consumer-driven m arketplace. So why not enrich white sugar? Suddenly somebody did. they were between the devil and the deep. vitam in C. For example. Billions of dollars in advertising had pro grammed the American housewife into grabbing for enriched this and forti ed that. it is ultimately c onsumers who decide which products succeed in the marketplace and how grains are processed. must deliver the foods and grocer y products that are desired and purchased by consumers. When consumers purchase products made with re ned white our. “Forti ed sugar” appeared on the market with a list of vitamins and minerals on the package: Iodine.” other sugar producers balked and applied su f cient political pressure to the FDA to get the federal agency to actually ban en riched white sugar. The more consumers purchase foo ds that contain healthy oils. Thus.had been sold as “forti ed” and “enriched. iron. ber. 20 . they are i n a sense of voting for this production process. and bread -. Some of their biggest customers like Coca-Cola and the soft drink makers might regard this as distinctly unfair. the more food factories and food manufacturers will retool their processes to meet that consumer demand. and 400 units of vitamin A. Government inspectors seized quantities of forti ed sugar and declared by adminis trative at that the product was misbranded. Thus. The FDA actually banned vitamin-enriched sugar Decades ago. The FDA rode to the rescue. For years. some millers actually attempted to improve the nutritional value of their re ned white sugar products by enriching them with essential vitamins and m inerals. forti ed sugar. These were called “enriched” sugar products.gutted of vit amins and minerals in the re ning process -. after all. But with the claim that some w hite sugar products were now “enriched. they would have nothing to reveal except a string of zeroes. The other answer is that re ned carbohydrates have a much longer shelf life than the wholegrain products be cause whole-grain products contain oils that very quickly go rancid on the shelf . ours. The full story is related in Sugar Blues by William Duffy: I n 1961. four B complex vitamins. If the sugar pushers rose to the bait and began fort ifying their re ned white sugar with vitamins and minerals. you can’t blame the food manufacturi ng companies for creating products that consumers demand.Grocery Warning Consider this: food factories must deliver the food ingredients that are desired by manufacturers. and the only way to alter the manufacturing practices of these companies is to educate people and shift demand. So when you look at the big picture here. it is also in the nancial interests of food manufacturing companies to create ingredie nts that don’t go rancid. The FDA kept telling us that enriched ou r was just as good as the real stuff. And manufacturers. one well known breakfast cereal manufacturer in the United States anno unced in late 2004 that it would switch to whole grains for its entire cereal li ne. and whole grains. What were the sugar p ushers to do? If the peddlers of re ned white sugar were going to compete by listi ng their vitamins and minerals on the package. an Ohio food company came up with a real marketing coup. They introduced a new product. Products that have a shortened shelf life are not pro table to stock because the y have an increased risk of going bad and being returned for credit. in turn.

and elimination make up on one’s entire system. by the way: once these re ned. Healing With Whole Foods An d. “Re ned sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it provides only that w hich nutritionists describe as empty or naked calories.William Duffy. minerals and oils. imbalance is created.William Duffy. All re ned food has the c haracteristic of reducing certain types of nutrients in the body while adding ot hers and creating imbalance as a result of incomplete digestion. along with other re ned simple sugars. as explained in The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.” the body has to de plete its store of vitamins and minerals. they also deplete the existing supplies of those very same vitamins and minerals in the human body. Sugar Blues It isn’t just that milling grains strips their naturally occurring vitamins. Sugar Blues It seems that sugar and re ned c arbohydrates tend to actually pull important minerals right out of the body. This is precisely where the major damage to the body f rom re ned sugar arises. there is an increase in the urinary excretion of c alcium. . .” 21 . p rocessed carbohydrates are consumed. Following sugar intake. Considering that the average American consumes 150 grams of sucrose in o ne day. is osteoporosis: “A nother dietary factor that increases the loss of calcium from the body is re ned s ugar. it is little wonder that there are so many people suffering from osteoporosis in this country..Grocery Warning Re ned foods cause nutritional de ciencies Sucrose is a re ned carbohydrate. carbonated beverages loaded with ph osphates. To absorb this “predigested carbohydrate.” . sugar is wo rse than nothing because it drains and leeches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion.Paul Pitchford. re nement removes 90 percent of its bulk and all i ts vitamins and minerals. One result. Thus many indiv iduals become obese yet mineral-de cient from eating too many carbohydrate foods c ontaining re ned sugar and white our. and large quantities of protein. In addition. the eventual results are chronic ill h ealth.. Since the stress is continual if the diet is sugar-heavy. detoxi cation.

to name a few. either: chromium -. thus biological deterioration of the people was gradual. a nd the great scienti c geniuses of the West who thought of beriberi as a mysteriou s plague to be conquered by modern science. Aft er the introduction of re ned white sugar and white polished rice on Japanese batt leships. At rst it was classi ed as a tropical d isease. acne. may re sult in a marginal intake of chromium and depletion of tissue chromium stores. steambaths. bloodletting. coffee. S ome may be lacking in many Americans’ diets because of the consumption of re ned our products. nervousness. especially from vitamin B12 or folic acid de ciency. loss of a ppetite. and massage. Staying Health With Nutrition What’s really fascinating is to look a t the history of re ned grains and their effects on human health. re ned. From Sugar Blues: The process of moving from whole g rains through the various stages of ground meals had taken several centuries in the West. It was only imperialist colonizers. Some de ciencies may also reduce immune functions or estrogen metabolism. cold douches. and weakness of the legs. skin problems. and alcohol. The widespread tendency toward increased consumption of highly processed foo important mineral for regulating blood sugar le vels -. It was accepted wherever modernization was vo gue. the Japanese nav y adopted western rations like those of the British and German navies. were added to the diet of the Japanese sailo rs. Polished white rice was new. modern. increased serum cholesterol. which stimulates urinary losses of chromium. constipation. The Textbook of Natural Medicine So what happens to the health of a person who consumes a large quantity of re ned carbohydrates and suff ers from the resulting vitamin and mineral de ciencies? They exhibit a vast array of symptoms and disorders: At least thirteen B vitamins are found in our food. Eventually. strychnine. hair loss.. depression. supersalesmen for European technology. sore (burning) mouth or tongue.Elso n Haas. Meat and condensed milk. In its wake. among other things. However. neuritis. these new symptoms were labeled beriberi. early graying of the ha ir. entire nations suffered from “mysterious” diseases that were act ually a result of nutritional de ciencies related to vitamins and minerals lost du ring the milling of grains. . arsenic. after the Senegalese word for weakness. It was studied as a parasitic infection. sugar. beriberi began plaguing the sailors the way scurvy had the British.. other p otential problems are anemia. In Java in 22 .D. Ins tead of going back to eating unpolished rice like the peasants. which can deplete B also depleted: “The amount of chromium in foods decreases with processi ng. irritability. insomnia. such deterioration was visited upon the Orient very rapidly. it brought sudden outbreaks of new symptoms. sunba ths. Murray. particularly re ned sugar. and civilized.” Michael T. N. When re ned grains rst became popular. M. and cracks at the corners of the mouth.Grocery Warning It’s not only calcium that gets depleted when people consume re ned carbohydrates an d sugars. De ciency symp toms include fatigue. Among the suggested therapies f or beriberi were quinine.

is contained in the internal kernel. proceed to write prescripti ons in order to mask the symptoms of the “disease. and colonial administrators were af icted with a veritable epidemic of beriberi. processed over a natural gas ame. Without question. When they see a pattern of symptoms that should clearly be identi ed as an obvious nutritional cause (such as Attention De cit Disorder). by the way. and chemically bl eached. Conventional medicine still doesn’t get it when it comes to the causative links between re ned foods and d isease. it turns out that the processing and milling of these substances also intro duces minute quantities of other harmful contaminants. instead. Staying Healthy With Nutrition By now you hopefully have a deeper understanding of the health r isks associated with eating re ned carbohydrate foods. when it is present. having been spra yed with multiple pesticides. re ned white sugar is highly contaminated. the pesticides and chemicals sprayed on cane and beet sugar and the chemical bleaching process used to make “white” sugar are potentially hazardous. .Elson Haas M.” It’s sort of like seeing that your yard needs water because it’s turning brown and then going to the hardware store to buy green paint rather than simply watering your lawn.” . “As a food. t hey rarely consider the dietary causes and. 23 . They slept under mosquito netting and sprayed each other with carbolic acid and were careful not to let the dirty natives touch them on the way to church. and so can lead to cadmium toxicity problems. they are even more ignorant than Japanese peasants in the 1 800s who at least knew to eat whole grain rice if they were to stay healthy.Grocery Warning the 1890s..Eating too much of re ned grain products also increases consumption of the toxic mineral cadmium in relationship to zinc. the Dutch army. . As Debra Dadd says in Hom e Safe Home.William Duffy. re ned carbohydrate die t is a diet of disease: it promotes all of the modern diseases now af icting the m odern world and is clearly incompatible with human health.. as zinc is lost in the ou ter layers and cadmium. but nothing seemed to protect them from beriberi. Contamination of milled.” Author Elson Hass adds: “In addition.. and the reasons why such fo ods are so common in our grocery stores. we are not advised about this on sugar packages or f ood labels.D. In this way. re ned carbohydrates As if the health effects from eating sugars and re ned carbohydrates weren’t bad eno ugh. Sugar Blues Conventionally trained modern doctors se em no wiser. Dutch missionaries.

Grocery Warning 24 .

As you’ll learn here. . 25 ... heart disease. nervous system disord ers. Th e Politics of Cancer Revisited On the dangers of nitrosamines. sacchar in has also been shown to induce bladder cancer in various other types of studie s. amines and nitrites.due to the fact that they can be easily and rapidly synthesized by the interaction of common pr ecursors. Epstein.PART 2 Metabolic disruptors found in everyday foods and groceries Now let’s get to the issue of looking at more of the disease-promoting ingredients found in everyday foods and groceries..Samuel S.Nitrosamines are considered to be major human carcinogens . In fact. diabetes. this book goes on to say: “Nitrosamines are a large group of chemicals.” The fact that these nitrosamines cause cancer isn’t even debated.. in a process called nitrosa tion. N. and much more.Grocery Warning GROCERY WARNING . Here’s an account of one experiment in which researchers used “very low doses” of nitrosamines to give rats bladder cancer in order to test whether saccharin wou ld accelerate that cancer: “In addition to the ndings of carcinogenicity. there has been growing interest in the possibility that nitros amines and other N-nitroso compounds may be a major class of universal carcinoge ns responsible for a substantial number of human cancers.. Sodium Nitrite Virtually all bacon is packaged and treated with an ingredient known as sodium n itrite.. “.. “Over the last decade. which is used by the meat industry as a color xer (it ad ds a healthy looking red color to the meat in the package) and as protection aga inst botulism. Murray.. Nitrosamines are highly carcinogenic chemicals that promote ca ncer in the human body. producing tumors in a wide range of organs in a wide range of test animals.” Through this process of nitrosation. from two types of common and extensively distribut ed compounds.. nitrosamines are used by laboratory researchers to induce diabetes or cancer in lab rats for the purpose of conducting experime nts. these ingredients ar e responsible for causing cancer.” . is widely known to result in the creation of nitrosamines in the digestive system. an innocent-sounding ingredient like s odium nitrite becomes a cancer-promoting carcinogen in your digestive tract. And the most amazing part in all this is that you can go to any grocery store and nd these exact ingredients listed right on the labels! Let’s start with one of the most toxic additives of all: sodium nitrite. Author Michael T. including one in which pellets were implanted in rodent bladders.. in which rats were fed saccharin after their bladders had rst been primed by local instill ation of very low doses of a nitrosamine-type carcinogen.D.. both in the environment and in the body.they ca n be simply and rapidly synthesized by a process called nitrosation. This ingredient.” Epstein says. nitrites or oxides of nitrogen and amines. most of which are carcinoge nic.

et al. It’s in virtually all packaged meats. author Russell Bla ylock writes. Dietary intake of nitrites (found in high amounts in processed or “cur ed” meats) is suspected as a causative factor. nitrites.R. “Stay away from cured meats suc h as bacon..” For a mo re technical view. sodium nitrite.. packaged meat products. tons of these preservatives are sti ll added to luncheon meats. these compounds are known carcinogens. states. “Preservatives such as so dium benzoate.) Keep in mind that the same ingredient .” Cancer Res. All of these preservatives have come u nder attack recently. he adds. take a look at the comments on this subject by author John Bo ik in Cancer & Natural Medicine. Another study examining the health consequences of pregnant women who eat sodi um nitrite found that consuming nitrite-preserved meats during pregnancy results in an increased risk of brain tumors in their children.” So what happens when you consume sod ium nitrite in processed. who says. Sodium nitrite gives children brain cancer and leukemia In one published medical study that followed children who regularly eat hot dogs containing sodium nitrite. food scientists and cancer specialists have known that nitrates and nitrites were converted in the human stomach into powerful cancercausing substances called nitrosamines. is found in far more foods than just hot dogs. and their risk of leukemia skyrocketed to 700 percent of the norm. (Bunin. “Rel ation between maternal diet and subsequent primitive neuroectodermal brain tumor s in young children. Yet. 3 29-536-41.. et al. nitrates. “Epidemiological evidence suggests that dietary and environmental factors play a signi cant role in the incidence of stom ach cancer. researchers found that their risk for brain cancer q uadrupled. “For decades. 1982.Grocery Warning writing in The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. 42:5240-5. and some types of sausages. bacon and other processed meats.. J. Med. year after year? To nd the answ er. (P reston-Martin.) 26 .” In Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life. hot dogs. pastrami. “N-nitroso compounds and childhood brain tumors: A case-c ontrol study. 1993. And this study with children is just the tip of the iceberg .” Later in the same book. In the case of nitrates and nitrites. Eng.” N. S. these foods are rich in compou nds that can lead to the formation of cancer-causing compounds known as nitrosam ines. let’s look at how the dietary consumption of sodium nitrite affects children. G. and sul tes work to prevent spoilage primarily by checking the growth of microorganisms.

Nitrites combine wi th amines naturally present in meat to form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. stomach a nd brain. Furthermore. Furthermore. they are subject ing themselves to a rather serious risk of developing or accelerating cancers. surpassing heart disease? 27 . Individual nitrosamines produce various types of tumors in many organs of variou s animal species. as described in t his statement taken from the Citizen Petition Seeking Labeling of Nitrate-Preser ved Hot Dogs for Childhood Cancer Risk (reprinted below): “Nitrites are widely use d as preservatives in hot dogs. Departme nt of Agriculture (USDA) actually did their jobs to protect consumers from healt h risks. Most people. besides other meat products. and tod ay it’s still 100 percent legal to add to packaged meats. Nnitrosodimethylamine has been identi ed in nitrite-preserved meat products. are consuming large quantities of sodium nitrite. meanwhile. I s it any wonder that cancer has now become the #1 killer in America.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U. 80 percent have b een shown to be carcinogenic. they would have banned this ingredient long ago. Nitrosamines are carcinogenic in more than twenty different animal species tested.” Clearly. a cancer-causi ng chemical. indeed. he states: “Of about 130 different nitrosamines so far tested.S. children born to mothers who consume hot dogs once or more we ekly during their pregnancy are twice as likely to have childhood brain tumors. either. esophagus. epidemiologic evidence has associated N-nitroso c arcinogens with cancer of the oral cavity.” Adding to the conclusion that sodium nitrite is. and no species has been found to be resistant. There is overwhelming evidence on the carcinogenicity of N-nitrosodimmethylamine in an imal experiments. In an honest society where the U. Sodium nitrite con sumption has been linked with a frightening number of cancers. But they didn’t.” I n wrapping up the health dangers associated with sodium nitrite and nitrosamines . Japan. and other nations. R ecently. regardless of whether th ose meats actually need protection against botulism. researchers reported that children who eat hot dogs cured with nitrite a dozen or more times monthly have a risk of leukemia seven times higher than no rmal. author Samuel Epstein writes: “Nitrite-contaminated food is thought t o be a cause of stomach cancer in the United States. sodium nitrite is a dangerous ingredient. urinary bladder. And as a result.Grocery Warning Sodium nitrite consumption is strongly linked to cancer This story doesn’t stop with brain cancer and leukemia.

1995 David A. (5. Esq. (8. M. Nitrites combine with amines naturally present in meat to form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds.4 N-nitrosodimethylamine has been identi ed in nitrite -preserved meat products. Drug.S.3.30 (h) (2).13) In 1982. B.. In 1995. especially) of the cancer risk asso ciated with consuming this ingredient. This citizen petition is based on accumulating scienti c information on excess risks of childhood brain tumors and leukemia from the consumption of hot dogs containing nitrite preservatives. A. Samuel S.10) There is substantial evidence on the risks of childhood cancer from the consumption of meats contain ing nitrites.12. and on behalf of the Center for Constitutional Rights. (11. STATEMENT OF GROUNDS Nitrites are widely used as preservatives in hot dogs. 361.1. urinary bladder. 321 (n). 740. Here’s the full petition: Citizen Petition Seeking Labeling of Nitrate-Preserved Hot Dogs for Childhood Cancer Risk April 2 5. MD 20857 The undersigned submits on behalf of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. (CPC).D. Kessler. Epstein. 362. and 371 (a). and 21 CFR 740. besides other meat produ cts. Le gal Director. epidemio logic evidence has associated N-nitroso carcinogens with cancer of the oral cavi ty.9..D. Inc. 1. Preston-Martin.2.2 of 21 C FR 10. a group of informed citizens and authors petitioned the FDA to require the clear labeling of foods containing nitrites in order to warn people (and pregnant mothers. right? Well. Agency Action Requested This petition requests that FDA take the following action: Immediately require nitrite-containing hot dogs to be labelled with warnings such as hot dogs containing nitrites have been shown to pose risks of childhood cancer. somebody did. Commissioner.C. stomach and brain.(7) Furthermore. found that consumption 28 . and Cosmetic Act to request the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label hot dogs that contain nitrit es with a cancer risk warning. Pursuant to 21 CFR 10.30 of the Federal Food. The undersigned submits this petition under 21 U.Grocery Warning Citizens Petition FDA To Require Sodium Nitrite Warnings You would think that somebody would have petitioned the FDA to stop this practic e. et al. Food and Drug Administration. Chair. M. a he aring at which time we can present our scienti c evidence. Michael Deutsch.6) There is overwhelming evidence on the carcinogen icity of N-nitrosodimmethylamine in animal experiments. Room 1-23 12420 Parklawn Drive Rockville. esophagus.

et al. Adjustments for all facto rs thought to be potential confounders did not affect these associations. concluded: “Our results provide evidence for an association between c onsumption of hot dogs and risk of childhood leukemia. suggest that reduced consumption of hot dogs could reduce leukemi a risks. Children who ate hot dogs one or more times per week were also at higher risk of brain cancer. The researchers found that children who ate 12 o r more hot dogs per month had approximately nine times the normal risk for devel oping childhood leukemia.. Children born to mothers who consumed hot dogs one or m ore times per week during pregnancy had approximately double the risk of develop ing brain tumors. Eating many hot dogs b y children. (14) Recent case-control studies have con rmed the risks of cancer from consumption of hot dogs. In addition.17) Bunin. especially in those consuming the most. 29 . which retard the formation of N-nitroso carcinogens..Grocery Warning during pregnancy of meats cured with sodium nitrite has been associated with dev elopment of brain tumors in the offspring. (18) Sarusua and Savitz studied 234 childhood can cer cases in Denver and found a strong association between the consumption of ho t dogs and brain cancer.16. children who ate hot dogs and took no vitamins. as well maternal hot dog consumption during pregnancy. et al. (1 9) Sarusua and Savitz concluded: “The results linking hot dogs and brain tumors (r eplicating an earlier study) and the apparent synergism between no vitamins and meat consumption suggest a possible adverse effect of dietary nitrites and nitro samines. if correct. (22) These ndings are of particu lar signi cance considering a 38 percent increase in the incidence of brain and ne rvous system cancers in children from 1973-1991. (24) C.24 (a) (11). Of 53 foods and beverages and three alcoholic beverages con sumed by mothers during pregnancy. (23) Brain tumors account for a bout one in ve childhood cancers. Indepe ndent risks were associated with both children’s and fathers’ consumption. CLAIM FOR CATEGORICAL EXCLUSION A claim for categorical exclusion is asserted pursuant to 21 CFR 25.The nding s. (21) Pe ters. has been show n to be associated with brain cancer and leukemia in children.(20) Peters. were more str ongly associated with both acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and brain cancer. studied the relationship between the intake of certa in foods and the risk of leukemia in children from birth to age 10 in Los Angele s County between 1980 and 1987. studied children who were diagnosed with brain cancer before age six. A strong risk for childhood leukemia also existed for those children whose fathers’ intake of hot dogs was 12 or more per month. be tween 1986 and 1989. only hot dogs were associated with an excess risk of childhood brain tumor. (15. et al.

12. Reed. “Maternal d iet and risk of astrocytic glioma in children. Toxic. to the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned. J. et al. that. et al. REFERENCES 1. “Monograph on the evaluat ion of the carcinogenic risk of chemicals to humans: some N-nitroso compounds. G. “Nitrosamines.. 136-144. G. 2 3. 3. et al. 9:3-11. “Maternal diet and risk of astrocytic glioma in children. J. “Maternal diet and r isk of astrocytic glioma in children.. USA)” Ibid..” S arasua. 19. “Relation between maternal diet and subsequent primitive n euroectodermal brain tumors in young children. Legal Director.Grocery Warning D. London S. Die ta.D.” Int. 30 . IARC. Center f or Constitutional Rights..” Ibid. USA)” Cancer Causes & Control 5:195-202. Esq. “Nitrite. 5:177-87. Bunin. 13. 4. “N-nitroso compounds and chil dhood brain tumors: A case. et al. Preston-Martin. 9. nitrosamines. 37:130-8. 1976. S. 2.. and can cer.” 177-87. “Processed meats and risk of childhood leukemia (California. Ibid. “Monograph on the evaluation of the carcinogenic risk of chemicals to humans: some N-nitroso compounds.” Cancer Causes & Control. Peters. Ntur.” N.” Fd.” 17 :36-38. 42:5240 -5. J. Bunin. “Medical Letter on Dru gs & Therapeutics. 1990. “Cured and broiled me at consumption in relation to childhood cancer: Denver. S.. 10. S.” Cancer Causes & Control. 1974 Issenberg. 6. Preston-Martin. P. Reis. P . 11. and that it includes representative data and information know n to the petitioner which are unfavorable to the petition. et al. 7.R.” Biblthca.” Sarasua. IARC.Y. 20. This petition is subm itted by: Samuel S. S. N. 1976. 16. food and cancer: assessment in L yon. L. “Nitrate and human cancer: A review of the evidence. 1994. “Federation Proceedings..M.R. P.”Nature” 225( 5227):21-12. 19 94. Lijinsky.” Fraser.” Bunin. G. Epstein. Eng. G. Peters. 1970. and cancer. Med. 3 29-536-41. Michael Deutsch. 1982. 1 980. “Nitrates and nitrites in food. Preston-Martin. 28(1):63-65.. J. 35(6):1322-1326. “Nitrosamines as environmental carcinogens. Epstein. 8. P. S.R. 1978.. 15. W.. 21. 17.R. et al.. et al. 18. Savitz. V. Epidemiol. “N-nitroso comp ounds and childhood brain tumors: A case-control study. 1993 . Chem. “Cured and broiled meat consumption in relation to childhoo d cancer. Issenberg. 5:141-8.control study. nitrosamines. 5. I. 22. D. Craddock. 1986. “Maternal diet and risk of astrocytic glioma in children: a report form the children’s cancer group (United States and Canada).” Fed eration Proceedings 35 (6):1322-1326. Anonymous. M. D. this petition includes all information and views on which th e petition relies.. et al. “Processed meats and r isk of childhood leukemia (California. CERTIFICATION The undersigned certi es.. Colorado (United States) . Savitz. 16(18):75-6. 14. 1994. S. et al... “Nitrite. “The role of nitrosamines in cancer formation. Bunin..” Cancer Res..

Carol Tucker Foreman. both the FDA and the USDA focus their attention p rimarily on protecting industry pro ts. and you may need to visit a health food store like Wild Oats in order to nd them. political pressure from the food industry makes it virtually impossible. According to the scie nce. her best efforts failed because here w e are. These days. she was attacked by the meat industry and accused of trying to “ban bacon. not even a public hearing. nd a package of bac on (or other meats). and today. nearly three decades later. and look for an ingredient called sodium nitrite. Nobody talks about it. bladder cancer. She proposed reductions in the levels of ni trite added to meats that would have drastically reduced the levels of nitrosami nes in cooked bacon. But the USDA wasn’t always like that. Under Assistant Secretary for Food and Consumer Services of the U SDA. more food manufacturers will produce bacon and other products without sodium nitrite. In fact.. and yet happens behind closed doors and for the sole purpose of producing a pro t. the USDA also proposed the elimination of sodium nitr ite and other nitrites in baby food. They are dif cul t to nd. Action Item: Avoid sodium nitrite. with sodium nitrite still found in virtually every packaged meat product found at every grocery store in North America. and brain tumors. Corporate pro ts garn er a much higher priority than consumer safety.” Ultimately.Grocery Warning In response to this petition. neither the USDA no r the FDA have the will nor the political clout to get sodium nitrite banned fro m foods. they aren’t even trying! The popular media doesn’t even cover the subject. And chances are. sodium nitrite promotes colon cancer. And yet tens of millions of Americans are curren tly battling cancers of one form or another. In fact. sodium nitrite can only be accurately described as a “chemical catastrophe. For this effort. On September 19. In my view. Those who know how the FDA operates are not at all surpris ed by this action. So stop reading for a minute. not the public health. a USDA advis ory committee on nitrosamines asked the meat industry to nd replacements for nitr ites in meats. you probably have some sodium nitrite in your refrigerator right n ow. 1977. As information like this becomes more widely availab le. The USDA tried to ban sodium nitrite in the 1970s Even when these agencies try to do the right thing. The issue was simply swept under the rug. they tried to ban sodium nitrite decades ago. no new labeling requirement. The f ood manufacturers have won this political battle. No discussi on. as is obvious to anyone who is f amiliar with the consistent actions of both agencies in this area.. Look for it on labels of all packaged meat products. The solut ion is to buy “uncured” meat products that are made with no nitrites.” It is widespread (virtually ev eryone consumes it). highly toxic (as the science shows). the FDA had absolutely nothing to say. go check your refrigerator. 31 . but they do exist.

a biochemist trying to nd a cure for stomach ulcers. Sales began to grow imm ediately. 32 .D. including brain tumor induction in experimental animals . the manufacturer of NutraSweet®. and was impressed by the swe etness of the chemical. and an adverse effect on the developing brain. Sweeteners like aspartame. after reviewing an enormous amount of medical and research literature.” To truly understand the story of aspartame. that monosodium glutamat e. He just happened to lick his thumb. you have to look behind the label and examine t he history of this sweettasting chemical. the FDA approved its use as an arti cial sweetener.. has become the largest experimental laboratory in history. goes on to exp lain what happened next: From this serendipitous discovery was born a business t hat would reap $736 million in sales for the NutraSweet® Company in 1988 alone. acesulfame . . seizures. Searle & Company. Despite concerns over the safet y of this new sweetener. M. Soon. especially the United States. It’s usually proudly proclaimed right on the label as “Nutrasweet. aspartame. Aspartame Of all the chemical sweeteners that are still legal (cyclamates were banned year s ago). had reached a pro tab ility that put it ninth on the Fortune 500 list. Russell Blaylock. author of Excitotoxins. NutraSweet® played a large role in making the soft drink business one of t he fastest growing businesses in what had been a stagnant enterprise. But they were unaware of the serious health effects of excess aspartate consumption. To conti nue to add enormous amounts of excitotoxins to our food is unconscionable and wi ll lead to suffering and ruined lives for generations to come. and it re placed the recently outlawed cyclamate. aspartame by far has the worst record. It is my opinion. precipitation of headaches. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Aspart ame is used as an arti cial sweetener in a wide variety of foods and beverages. Aspartame was accidentally discovered in 1969 by James Schlatter. The civilized wor ld. however. NutraSweet® hit the market at just the right time. The NutraSweet® company spent over $60 million on advertising alone duri ng its rst three years. Americans were guzzling diet colas under the mistaken belief that sugar consumption was th e primary cause of obesity. and sucralose are all made of arti cial chemicals and are suspected of promoting serious health disorders. it surpassed saccharin in sales. the story goes. G. I n fact. American s had become weight conscious and were looking for a sugar substitute.D.Russell Blaylock. primarily neurological ones.Grocery Warning Arti cial chemical sweeteners One of the dangers of eating everyday foods and groceries is turning to products that contain arti cial chemical sweeteners. By 1989. and other excitotoxin dietary additives pose an enormous hazard to our health and to the development and normal functioning of the brain.

I t became obvious that the G.” explains Blaylock. G. 320 rats were fed aspartame and 120 rats were f ed a normal diet and used as controls. and tumors of the testes. At the end of the study. and br east tumors. Th is represented a 3.D. Searle company was trying desperately to protect their potential billion dollar plus money maker. Early experiments using low. only 0. some rather fright ful results appeared: The rst experiments done to test the safety of aspartame be fore its nal approval in 1981 disclosed a high incidence of brain tumors in the a nimals fed NutraSweet®.000 rats.. M. neuropathologists examining the slides later stated that the tumors were large e nough to be seen with the naked eye. it would have almost certainly considered it too dangerous to app rove for long-term human consumption. this study was done by the manufacturer of NutraS weet®.. In fact. These included brain.Russell Blaylock.Grocery Warning Early testing shows aspartame to cause brain tumors The fact that the FDA eventually approved aspartame seems to be due more to poli tical pressure (and the FDA’s collusion with private industry) than from any serio us scienti c study of the safety of aspartame. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Had the FDA done its job and actually demanded suf cient testing of aspartame.75 percent incidence of brain tumors in the rats fed aspartam e. In this study. “.15 percent) When Dr. which was twenty. Dr. Olney review ed the incidence of spontaneously occurring brain tumors in rats and found that out of seven studies using a total of 59. John Olney pointed out these ndings to the FDA “Aspartame Board of Inquiry” he was told that the high incidence of tumor s was the result of spontaneous development of brain tumors in rats. they searched just as diligently in the control rats and found none. Experiments also de monstrated a direct correlation between intake quantity and tumor incidence. In fact. thyroid and prostate. th at some rats develop brain tumors naturally. But . . They claimed that more brain tu mors were found because they searched the pathological slides so diligently. medium and high doses with aspartame all found dramatic tumor increases in test animals.08 percent developed b rain tumors -. while none of the control rats never would have [been approve d].” 33 . times higher than the incidence of spontaneous brain tumor s developing in rats (0. 12 4of the aspar tame fed rats had developed brain tumors. Besides. just as humans do.the aspartame fed rats had a forty-seven fold higher incidence.. no long-term human safety trials were ever conducted. pancreas. That is. Of the tests that were conducted. “Had it not been for some fancy footwork by those in power in the FDA.

Of 1. hearing loss. i. 6 percent had severe “hyperactivity” and “restless legs”. and memory loss. Roberts of West Palm Beach . tinnitus. depression. 43 percent had headaches. lymphoma. A lthough this certainly generated enormous pro ts for its manufacturer. Florida. 31 percent had dizziness and un steadiness. He reports that after cutting out the sweetene r from the diet of these people.. fatigu e. 11 percent had major epileptic convulsions.e.200 patients. for Healing. J. chronic fatigue syndrome. 8 percent had tremors.Carol Simonta cchi. slurr ed speech. loss of the sense of taste. birth defects. is a dedicated medical doctor who has done much research on the adver se effects of aspartame. The Crazy Makers 34 . Water for Health. vision problems. some were freed of their symptom s. it also had the effect of raising red ags in the minds of some rather observant doctors who began to notice patterns in their patients: Dr. irritability. More than 7. and yet Americans cont inue to consume aspartame in alarming quantities: more than 17 pounds per person per year at present. Parkinson’s disease.Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. . Alzheimer’s.D. anxiety attacks. 10 percent had severe slurring of spee ch. 13 percent had drowsiness and sleepiness. multiple sc lerosis.000 complaints of adverse reactions to aspartame have been led with the FDA. bromyalgia. most concerned abnormal brain function. aspartame quickly became the world’s m ost popular arti cial chemical sweetener and founds its way into widespread use. the FDA was ooded with health complain ts from aspartame. As you might know. 31 percent had confusion and memory loss. insomnia. Of the thousands of adverse reactions [to aspartame] repor ted to the FDA. Dr. and diabetes. for Life Before long. 3 percent had minor epileptic attacks and “absences of the mind”. . epilepsy. He has identi ed a number of what he calls “aspartame disea ses.Grocery Warning Aspartame begins to generate medical complaints Regardless of the reasons for its approval. 6 p ercent had atypical facial pains. H. they improved. Also included were a number of chronic illnesses.” In his June 2002 article in the Journal of Townsend Letter for Doctors and P atients. Roberts lists a number of neurological problems produced by asparta me. methyl alcohol and formaldehyde damage to the brain cells and the optic nerve is irreversible. including brain tumors. vertigo. It’s astounding: a single ingredient accou nts for 3/4 of all the complaints received by the agency. menta l retardation.. This accounts for around 75 percent of all reactions to food substances received by the FDA. M.

It is important to remember that the aluminum ca n has been around for only about three decades. . thus creating the most powerful government-approved toxic soup imaginabl e. Recent studies have found that even low doses can be quite harmful to cells. this is done literally billions of t imes every year in advertising. characterized by the daily consumption of a gal lon or more of aspartame-sweetened beverages. It is also a known carcinog en. an excitotoxin. Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Lif e 35 . in turn. you may remember from high school science classes. it would be completely irresponsible to encourage people to consume this toxic mixture. Duri ng the process of digestion in the human body. soft drink co mpanies put their liquid products containing aspartame in containers made of alu minum. With the strong association between aluminum. Formic acid is the poison used by the re ant that causes such intense combined with aspartame.a known neurotoxin -. And the consequences can be quite se vere: One of the breakdown products of aspartame.. Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Li fe Formaldehyde. both potent toxins. is formaldehyd e.Russell Blaylock. and in the past. M. When methyl alcohol is consumed it is converted in th e cells to formaldehyde and formic acid.D. aluminum uoride co mplexes and Alzheimer’s disease. is the punge nt liquid in which laboratory specimens are preserved. There are also several report s of severe aspartame addiction. so that even drinking one di et cola a day can produce signi cant genetic damage.. as an embalming uid. and most toxinrelated diseases t ake years of accumulation to produce the full clinical expression of the disorde r. When this aluminum -. Formaldehyde is used as a preservative.Grocery Warning Aspartame byproducts: chemicals so toxic they threaten the environment But why does aspartame potentially cause these brain cancers and other neurologi cal disorders? The answer rests in the byproducts of aspartame consumption. poses a severe health risk to humans: Methyl alcohol is a powerful toxin that is carefully regulated b y the EPA. Using a radioactive tracer method. M.D. and yet people who drink soft drinks containing a spartame are indirectly doing exactly that. t he results are multiplied: In the case of diet drinks in aluminum cans. Health a nd Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life Making matters worse.Russell Blaylock. Yet. it has been clearly demonstrated that the formaldehyde formed from aspartame accumulates near the DNA in cells.D. resulting in numerous deletions and strand breaks in the nuclear material.. Even more frigh tening is the nding that the damage is accumulative. No person in their right mind would drink formaldehyde. aspartame breaks down into methan ol (an alcohol) and aspartic acid. excitotoxins.Russell Blaylock. the very brain-toxic aluminum uoride compound co-exists with multiple toxins found in asp artame. . M. especially to DNA. The methanol. .

given the high incidence of retinal damage (nerve damage in the eyes) experienced by many diabetics. authors and researchers who have studied this issu e regularly warn their patients to avoid aspartame. it may have something to do with the f act that the organization has received large monetary contributions from Monsant o -. That’s no surprise. and methanol (a nervous system toxin also known as free methyl alcohol). since methanol is toxic to nerve cells. indeed. as well as methanol (also a known eye toxin) and the amino acid. In Reversing Diabetes.Grocery Warning Aspartame implicated in neurological disorders and diseases The vast majority of conditions and side effects resulting from aspartame are ne urological ones.Russell Blaylock. The idea that aspartame can induce blindness in humans is especially intriguing. But in avoiding sugar. It is broken down in the body into harmful components. hav e a close nancial relationship with the makers of Nutrasweet.D. why. High intake of aspartame has been lin ked with a number of adverse effects. including formaldehyde (a known toxin and car cinogen). M. then. such as aspartame? I recom mend that you avoid this chemical additive like the plague. including headache. J ulian Whitaker states: What about arti cial sweeteners. Given t his evidence. Aspartame is composed of the excitotoxin. It’s no surprise to l earn that the ADA heavily promotes the use of aspartame and works to suppress in formation critical of aspartame while also stalling the approval of safer altern atives such as stevia (an herbal sweetener that will be discussed in detail late r). mood disorders. confusion • Headaches and migraines 36 . seizures. Dr. formic acid (the poison in ant stings). aspartic acid. do the American Diabetes Association and thousands of d octors encourage their diabetic patients to use aspartame? At least where the Am erican Diabetes Association is concerned. The ADA does. vision loss.. The p rimary conditions now being blamed on aspartame are: • Brain tumors • Seizures and c onvulsions • Blindness Doctors. and other nervous system problems.maker of NutraSweet®! . Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life That last sentence is notable. they may actually be accelerating their own blindnes s: Diabetics who drink large amounts of aspartame-sweetened drinks are more like ly to go blind. diabetics also tend to consume enormous amounts of aspa rtame in their quest to avoid the re ned sugars that would only worsen their diabe tes. phenylalanine. Perhap s not so coincidentally. • Dizziness.

hydrolyzed vegetable protein. High levels of excitotoxins within the brain appear to p lay a major role in Alzheimer’s disease. however: One group of professionals most concerned about aspartame usage is airline pilots.D.H. convulsions. The simplest way to do this is to restrict foods from your diet that contain excitotoxin taste enhancers such a s MSG. There had been no recurrence over the ensuing two years of abstinence.Is It Safe? He goes on to report the fo llowing: A young Air Force pilot told the Senate hearing held on November 3. Two of them recounted similar symptoms experien ced after brief exposure to aspartame. Safely on the ground.depriving them of employm ent. or confusion -. he was permanently grounded because of the diagnosi s of an “idiopathic partial seizure disorder. and aspartame. 198 7 that he suffered a grand mal seizure while consuming up to one gallon of an as partame beverage daily.” says Dr. loss of m emory. the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network installed a priva te hot line to receive inquiries from pilots who are in jeopardy of losing their ying licenses because of seizure episodes from the use of aspartame. J. more than six hundred calls have been made to the con dential hot line. Roberts in Aspartame .Carol Simontacchi. .Grocery Warning Flying blind with aspartame: pilots can’t see their instrument panels One group of professionals who are quite aware of the dangers of aspartame (and its potential to alter nerve system function) are pilots. Nevertheless. M. and other symptoms that sound quite similar to the symptoms currently bei ng blamed on aspartame.” That account just scratches the surfa ce. It is essential that individuals with a s trong family history of Alzheimer’s disease and those having had a stroke or high blood pressure avoid excitotoxin food additives. which is a nerve disorder characterized by confusion. he related his st ory to the coworkers in his of ce. The Crazy Makers Aspartame and Alzheimer’s disease There is considerable discussion that aspartame may also induce or accelerate Al zheimer’s disease.” . Ex citotoxins: The Taste That Kills 37 . In 1988. One calle r noted that “after just two cups of NutraSweetened hot chocolate. Since 1988.. a pilot experie nced blurred vision so severe he was unable to read instruments on his panel and very narrowly avoided a tragic landing.Russell Blaylock. “A number of individuals had their driver or pilot licenses revoked or suspended because of aspartame-as sociated impaired vision.

perhaps). or thirty-two times the EPA limit. which happens most readily when aspartame is heated (as when i t is part of a “food product” or is improperly stored at high temperatures. memory lapses. “The most well kn own problems from methanol poisoning are vision problems including misty vision. vertigo. Accordi ng to some accounts. breathing human bein g: As aspartame passes through the digestive tract. obscuration of visio n. researchers found that aspartame shows strong mutagenicity (cancer potential) when nitrosated in the stomach with the help of the digestive acids secreted by the stomach. brain tumors. and blindness. but it’s perfectly legal to dump it into the bodies of consumers. as much as two hundred fty milligrams of methanol are dumped into the bloodstream. f ree methanol is produced and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. 38 .Grocery Warning Aspartame and heat Aspartame is also known to break down more quickly when exposed to heat. progressive contraction of visual elds. The Crazy Makers In this w ay. (I nd it fascinating that it’s illegal to dump methanol into riv ers and streams. blindness and other nervous system di sorders associated with aspartame consumption. ear buzzing. as little as 86 degrees (F) will cause aspartame to break d own into free methyl alcohol (methanol). it is digested into methanol or wood alcohol. In one study published in the journal Food and Ch emical Toxicology in 1993 (Mutagenic activity of peptides and the arti cial sweete ner aspartame after nitrosation). One liter of an aspartame-sweetened beverage can produce about fty-six milligrams of metha nol. blurring of vision. weakness. Symptoms of methanol poison ing include headaches. According to the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network information. When heated above eighty-six degrees. chills. dizziness. That person technically carries enough me thanol in their own body to qualify as toxic waste and be subjected to federal e nvironmental laws. behavioral disturbances. Note that the temperature of the human body is higher than 86 degrees which means that.Carol Simontacchi. numbness and shooting pains in t he extremities. according to this.” . aspartame al ways breaks down into methanol when consumed by any living. as often happens in warehouses in hot climates). a human being who consumes a six-pack of diet soft drinks made with aspartam e is actually a walking EPA violation. retinal damage. nausea. and neuritis (in ammation of the nerves). gastrointestinal disturba nces. there is additional evidence that aspartame may promote cancer. When several of these beverages are consumed in a short period of time (one day. ) Aspartame and cancer Aside from all the seizures.

however. Why is that a problem? The brain is quit e picky about what it lets in and what it keeps out. an effect called excitotoxicity. however. In t he bare area. Eades and Mary Dan Eades.Grocery Warning The primary conclusion of the study is as follows: The time-course study of TrpTrp nitrosation showed the production of at least two mutagens: a potent but uns table mutagenicity was seen at very short nitrosation times and a more stable bu t weaker effect was obtained after more than 60 min of nitrosation. a molecule made by joining two amino acids together. a known cancer-causing agent. As they explain it: First were claims that because the body breaks down the dipeptide molecule (a linkage of two amino aci ds) into methanol (wood alcohol). Their position changed. this sweetener -. are quite sensitive to these kinds of toxic insults. furthermore. a known toxin that can cause blindness. allowing only certain ions and nutrients to pass. most notably MSG (monosodium g lutamate). but shouldn’t we want to keep all of it that we can? And besides. Aspartame differs from other types of arti cial sweeteners in that it i s a dipeptide. Surrounding virtually the e ntire brain. scient i c papers came to our attention . certain areas of the brain. the food additive and avor enhancer so pervasive in processed foods -behaves as a brain excitotoxin. that caused us to review and ultimately to re verse our stance on this sweetener. Such is the case for aspartame. It can enter the bloodstream intact and nd its wa y through the circulation to a vulnerable area of the brain called the bare area . the barrier skips a spot. used to actually recommend aspartame to their readers. We now feel that aspartame may pose signi cant hazards to the brain and nervous system and we no longer recommend its use. where it can gain entry to the brain. Not only the absolute speci c mutagenicity but also the nitrite dependence of the nitrosation reaction and the stability of the nitroso product must be taken into account in determining the risk posed by endogenous nitrosation of foods in the human stoma ch. au thors of The Protein Power Lifeplan and other nutrition books. Its chemical structure allows it to t into a rec eptor within the brain called the NMDA (N-methyl-d-aspartate) receptor. Subsequent to the publication of Protein Power. triggeri ng such overstimulation in the nerve cell that it dies. Certainly we use only a small percent age of our brain in thinking and functioning. Michael R. which is involved in memory.. 39 . a structure called the blood-brain barrier shields the brain from d irect bloodstream access. the product posed signi cant safety risk s to the public.. upon revi ewing the scienti c evidence. however. actively discourag e its use. and here the brain can be vulne rable to entry of unwanted substances that once inside may stimulate the brain a bnormally. In other words. such as the hippocampa l area. Her e’s why we no longer recommend this sweetener and. it’s a tiny protein fragment. and fo rmaldehyde. in other wor ds.along with other similar molecules. the brai n cell literally becomes excited to death. Protein power authors change stance on aspartame Two of the best known authors on health. Now they stand squarely against aspartame and strong ly caution their readers to avoid it.

This sounds ridi culous (how many people drink 16 cans of diet soda each day?). it enforces absolutely no requirement that food and bever age manufacturers list the amount of aspartame used in their products. and inability to c oncentrate. As a result.. it is very easy to overdose without realizing it. not in protecting consumers. consuming aspartame may result in such symptoms as mood disturbances. so you really have no idea how much aspartame you are consuming. you’re probably not surprised with all this. headaches. Blaylock says it best: As a neurosurgeon I see the devastati ng effects a brain tumor has. But at the same time. but on the victim’s family a s well. use the natural sweetener stevia. short-term memory loss. A child meets the FDA maximum safety limit by drinking only 5 cans of diet soda per day .if you must have more sweetness than a tiny amount of hone y. eat your breakfast cereal and hot cocoa with asp artame. Part of the problem with the current labeling for aspartame is t hat the actual amounts used do not have to be listed. including children and pregnant women. That age ncy is primarily concerned with protecting the pro ts of corporate giants and phar maceutical companies. chocol ate pudding with aspartame for dinner dessert. Our advice -. then. To think that there is even a reasonable doubt that aspartame can induce brain tumors in the American population is frightening. It’s no surprise. thereby m aking it impossible for even the most determined consumers to add up their aspar tame consumption for any given day. And what’s more . Outraged at the FDA With all of this in mind. that th e “of cial” position of both the FDA and the American Medical Association is perhaps t he epitome of medical misinformation: “The American Medical Association has agreed with the FDA and many other regulatory agencies around the world that NutraSwee t is safe for consumption by people of all ages. dizziness. a 150-pound adult would exceed the limit by drinking 16 cans. fuzzy thinking. have some aspartame-sweetened gelatin and a soft drink for lunch.” 40 . And to think that the F DA has lulled them into a false sense of security is a monumental crime.. sleep disturbances. it adds u p very quickly. people are consuming aspartame in quantities that far exceed even the FDA’s ctional “limit. not only on its victim. And yet the FDA says there is a “safe” level of aspartame consumption that won’t harm people. The possible risks to your brain simply aren’t wo rth it. Home Safe Home If you know anything about the that the excitotoxic effect may permanently dama ge the brain and nervous system.Debra Lynn Dadd.Grocery Warning Reports in the medical literature suggest that in susceptible people. there seems to be plenty of justi cation for outrage at the FDA for allowing this nerve toxin to continue to be sold and consumed in tre mendous quantities. and maybe another soda. . but when you take a vitamin pill with aspartame.” Because aspartame is foun d in so many products.

‘different. Trust Us We’re Ex perts. they cross into the breast milk and the blood-brain barrier. allergies.’ ‘chemical. a simpler time when there was less to worry about and sugar was a sweet treat . “conjures u cancer.” Armed with this kn owledge. The account: Speaking at a Nove mber 1996 PR trade conference.’ ‘laboratory.” Referring to Nutrasweet a s a “sugar substitute” was also a mistake. “This was importa nt to our company because we were seeking to grow our franchise outside the acce pted context of diet. monosodium glutamate. It goes without saying that the breast-feeding mother needs to avoid aspartame. I located this in the book. a reward.’ ‘new taste 41 . pass ing directly into your baby’s brain to in ict its subtle damage. nerve damage. unsafe. To stand behind its promotion to pregnant women a nd young children is nothing less than criminal.Grocery Warning It’s just like the title of the book. the company had describ ed Nutrasweet as “an arti cial sweetener. . aspartame (trade name Nutraswee t). that’s the title of a book about the public relations tactics of food and medicine compani es. “People don’t like it when you claim to be li ke sugar. he said.’ ‘unique. unsweet and led people to conclude that we believed Nutrasweet was better than the most beloved food product in history. Farrell said. In order to understand the public’s resistance. the chemical’s manufacturer was facing a growing public relations challenge.” But the word “arti cial. Monsanto hired a psychologist.” he explained. becau se of “emotional and seemingly illogical responses” from the public. Just as these substances cross the plac ental barrier. dueling scientists. because “memories of sugar take them back to their childhoo d. rat studies. blindness.’ ‘choice. laboratories. none of which are very appetizing.’ ‘scientist’ were removed forever from our lexicon placed with words such as ‘discovered.” it realized. For years. After a considerable search. ep ilepsy. to suppose that aspartame is safe for h uman consumption is ludicrous.’ ‘variety.Carol Simontacchi . Farrell described his experience managing the ima ge of chemical giant Monsanto’s arti cial sweetener. which details how the PR industry engages in lies and distortions to prot ect their corporate clients from accountability. I was able to get my ha nds on a fascinating account of the thinking that was going on behind the scenes at Monsanto (which then owned the Nutrasweet brand) from none other than one of Monsanto’s public relations managers. . The Crazy Makers Spinning the truth about aspartame With all of the brain tumors. . you name it. . Our own words were de ning our product in a manner that created thoughts of being unnatural. The product was having a hard time winning public acceptance. Nutrasweet created “sweetspeak. and other chemicals known to induce brain damage. With all of this evidence available. and other disorders appar ently being caused by aspartame.” According to Farrell. “Words such as ‘substitu te.” Farrell said. headaches.” The psychologist also advised them that “the American public admires and takes great pride in discoveries and innovations gained through hard work. “Toxic Sludge Is Good For You!” Really.’ ‘arti cial.

have devo ted themselves to making sure consumers can be con dent of their choice when they choose the taste of Nutrasweet.In addition. during human evaluations. Health and Nutrition Secre ts That Can Save Your Life Scienti c testing to establish aspartame’s safety prior t o FDA approval resulted in brain tumors and grand mal seizures in rat studies. . hundreds of people in our company and els ewhere around the world -. Finally. Formaldehyde and methyl alcohol have been cited as produci ng eye-nerve damage -. and general swelling in human test groups. aspartic acid. Additiona l resources are offered below. constipation. have been shown to severely damage DNA.D. menstrual irregularities. Furthermore.Fereydoon Batma nghelidj. here are some additional quotes on aspartame from the books I’ve mentioned here. the metabolic breakdown of aspartame yields about a dozen toxic compounds. aspartic ac id and methanol) that have been shown to increase free-radical production. tiredness. Water for Health and Healing 42 . is an excitotoxin that increases free-radical generation within the brain.” Now if t hat’s not serious spin.. Since that time. aspartame contain s multiple breakdown products and primary components (phenylalanine. Farrell gave an example of how Nutrasweet now responds to the question: How do you know aspartame is safe? The answer: “Aspartame was discovered nearly 30 years ago. some of which have been associated with cancer induction and al teration of brain function. Home Safe Hom e Before it is absorbed. The quantity depends on the amount of sweetener taken in sod as or in cooked food.D.Grocery Warning Using sweetspeak. For e xample. M.Debra Lynn Dadd. People have looked at our ingredient in every wh ich way possible. You can feel con dent choosing produ cts that contain our ingredient. but if you don’t. aspartame also produces formaldehyde and methyl alcohol in the intestines. Another com ponent. and it will always be our commitment.people with families like yours and mine -. M.. t wo of the subjects underwent cancer operations.Russell Blaylock.. That has been our commitment for nearly three d ecades. you have other choices. nothing is. . especially the parts related to memory and ne coordinated movem ents. and we encourage that because we want consumers to be comforta ble when they choose Nutrasweet. . headaches. formaldehyde and formic acid formed from the breakdown of the point of even causing blindness. most likely by such a mechanism. the arti cial sweetener. . a nd depression.. Additional supporting quotes about the health consequences of aspartame For your continued exploration on this topic.

mood swings.D. Home Safe Home Where to learn more about aspartame To learn more about not only aspartame. .Debra Ly nn Dadd. M. M. a genetic disorder. the sweetener may cause chemical changes in the brain that could contribute to headaches.Grocery Warning Other side effects of Nutrasweet include headaches. depression. and behavior problems.. In addition. high blood pressure. Large d oses of phenylalanine are toxic to the brain and can cause mental retardation an d seizures in people with phenylketonuria (PKU). bladder irritati on and feeling as if there is a continual need to urinate. but also the hazardous health effects of other excitotoxins that people may be ingesting in dangerously high quantities. Visual symptoms appear to be more common with aspartame than MSG and some cases of blindness hav e been reported. Aspartame may also cause birth defects and is not recommended for use by pregnant women.George R. Michael Eades. sleep. M. and much more that ma y be suffered by some people using this sweetener that we discourage its use. . so your diet drinks could be causing more harm than good. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex We are now aware of enough credible scienti c research detailing the dangers to memory. and Mary Dan Eades... The relationship of these visual symptoms with the methanol con tent of Nutrasweet has been suggested as a cause. it could cause your appetite-control center to malfunctio n. The latter symptoms a re often thought to be involved with a urinary tract infection. Schwartz. depression. For others. insomnia. I highly recommend the books I’ve mentioned here: • Aspartame: Is It Safe? • Excitoto xins • Home Safe Home • In Bad Taste • The Crazy Makers 43 .D. The Protein Power Lifeplan The pr oblem with aspartame lies in overconsumption and the fact that phenylalanine alo ne (without its companion amino acids) is not a normal part of the diet. and mood.D.

said the swee tener is not metabolized and would not add calories to the diet. thes e experts say. H. 1988. J .Ruth Winter. The FDA approve d acesulfame K on July 27. As described by Dr. even when less-tha n-maximum doses were given. custards. canned fruit. . 44 . It has about the same sweetening power as aspartame. those tumors would have appeared anyway. which is two h undred times sweeter than table sugar. The sweetener had previously been approved for use in twenty countries including France and Britain. including fteen volumes of research studies. puddings.. They are based largely on animal studie s since testing on humans remains limited. says that the increase in tumors during the acesulfame-K t esting was “normal.Grocery Warning Acesulfame-K.S. Food Additives While acesulfa me-K generates nowhere near the number of health complaints as aspartame. • It stimulates insulin secretion in a dose-dependent fashion. The testing that has been conducted so far is not only insuf cient. The petition. In a petition led in September 1982. but unlike aspartame. rare type s of tumors in other organs (such as the thymus gland). doctors and scientists who rig htly claim that acesulfame-K simply has never been subjected to stringent safety testing. M. breast tumors. several forms of leukemi a. The FDA says the tumors are perfectly “normal. the FDA has been the subject of harsh criticism from a long list of researchers. for use in chewing gum. for use in dry food products and for sale in po wder form or tablets that can be applied directly by the consumer. the American Hoechst Co rporation asked for approval to make this nonnutritive sweetener. Here’s a brief de nition and history of this arti cial sweetener: ACESULFAME K • A cesulfame Potassium. also called acesulfa me-K. dry beverage mixe s. Pepsi and Coca-Cola use it in Europe and Canada in their diet drinks. it was nonetheless shown to produce tumors in animal testing. yet another arti cial chemical sweetener Another popular chemical sweetener is acesulfame potassium. has no calories. which no reasonably informed person would really trust on matters like this in the rst place. Roberts in Aspartame: Is It Safe? : Several potential problems associated with the use of acesulfame have been raised. thereby possibly aggravating reactive hypoglycemia (“low b lood sugar attacks”). But many in t he scienti c community strongly disagree. • It apparently produced lung tumors. but downright awed. and chronic respiratory disease in several rodent studies. and as a tabletop sw eetener. H oechst obtained approval to use acesulfame K as an ingredient in liquids. gelatins. confections.” The FDA. baked goods and candies.” That is. In fact.

Wolfe. The only conclusion one can draw from looking at the available results is that acesulfame should be tested in a proper way before an evaluation of its carcinogenicity can be made..D.Franklin E.. nevertheless there was at least equivocal evidence for carcinogenic activity in several studies. I nd that there is evidence of carcinogenicity. M. “. Board of Scienti c Counselors of the National Toxicology Progra m (NTP). Given the likelihood that millions of Americans would be exposed to acesul fame were the additive to be approved for beverage use.Lorenzo Tomatis.D. United States National Toxicology Program (NTP).. Director. Assistant Surgeon General. The usual consequence of poor tes ts is to make it harder to nd any effects. “There are several serious aws in the design and conduct of the tests. Despite the low quality of the studies reported to you.. “These studies are inadequate to assess the carcinogenic potential of the co mpound. which would tend to obscure a carcinogenic effect if it were there.Sidney M. United States Public He alth Service (retired). I con cur with your position that FDA should require comprehensive testing prior to gr anting this additional use. M.D.. Director.” -.D.” -. Public Citizen’s Health Resea rch Group.Grocery Warning Here’s a collection of quotes from several cancer experts commenting on the safety testing of acesulfame-K testing.S. Former director. M irer.. “I nd the actual studies and the data analysis seriously awed.Ellen K. there are indications that it might be carcinogenic. Health and Safety Department. Former director. Former member.D.David Rall.(T)he available data on this compound is at best inc omplete.. In ternational Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). 45 . New tests.(I)t is clear that questions arising in earlier -.” -. University of Maryland at Baltimo re..” -.. Professor of Epidemiology and Toxicology..” -.studies about the additive’s cancer-causing properties have not been resolve d... a World Health Organization ag ency. the questions about its carcinogenicity must be resolved before a scienti cally supportable regulatory dec ision can be made.. M. In fact. These quotes are reprinted from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) website: Sample quotes from cancer experts’ letters on acesulfame-K testing “These data do not permit an assessment that use of this compound would provide a reasonable certainty of no harm. Ph. M ember of the Board of Scienti c Counselors of the National Toxicology Program (NTP ).D. I would strongly suggest that a properly designed long term study in both mice and rats be conducted before Acesulfame K be considered for approv al. Because of the widespread consumption of ‘diet’ colas in the U. Former Associate Director of Field Studies and Statistics at the N ational Cancer Institute.extremely inadequa te -. “. (T) he ndings are consistent with potential carcinogenicity. In the face of inadequate study design and conduct. United Automobile Workers.. Silbergeld. properl y designed. Ph. The data on carcinogenicity are not negative. executed. P h.Marvin Schnei derman.. United States National Institute of Env ironmental Health Sciences (NIEHS/NIH). Former member of the NCI Carcinogenicity Clearinghouse. Former director.D.” -. Ph.. and analyzed are needed...

we’d have to say let’s wait and see. Is it safe to use? In small amounts infre quently.. probably so. It will take years.D. it looks like the most promising sugar substitute yet formulated. M. and it’s th e one we currently use ourselves when we occasionally need an extra bit of sweet ness (which is actually a pretty rare occurrence for us). The Protein Power Lifeplan As it turns out.. Chlorine is not a chemical substa nce that belongs in the human body. and Mary Dan Eades. . for the true lo ng-term results of acesulfame consumption to become apparent. But once again.. M. but is it safe? Approved for use by the FDA in it looks perfect. and it hasn’t produced the avalanche of complaints caused by asp artame. Eades’ takes a conservative approach to sucralose: Sucralose r emains stable. But is it? It’s tempting to say so. Once again. M. withstands heat in cooking. Although sucralos e is made from real sugar. sucralose doesn’t hav e the track record to prove either its safety or potential dangers to human heal th. Thus far no human data has emerged (just as in the case of s accharin) to indict the sweetener as carcinogenic. it’s noncaloric and stable in liquids and in cooking. and Mary Dan Eades.D. acesulfame K) is potentially fraught with the same problems relative to cancer causation and the stimulation of insulin release. The Protein Power Lifeplan Like aspartame. Of the arti cial chemical sweeteners discussed here. sucralose was approved by the FDA after minimal testing on human beings. and contains no absor bable calories -. I agree with Eades’ ad vice on this chemical sweetener: In the same general chemical family as sacchari n. 46 . Like saccharin. Its use is accelerating rapidly around the world. M.D. To d ate. The Sucralose question The chemical sweetener now rapidly gaining market share is sucralose. to most people t astes remarkably like sugar with no detectable aftertaste.Michael Eades. the real test of acesulfame’s safety is being conducted right now . it is manufactured by altering the chemical structure of sugar molecules to include chlorine atoms. In the meantime. but bas ed on the track record of its forerunners. as it’s usually called..Michael Eades. m y advice is to avoid acesulfame and stick to more natural sweeteners as discusse d below. our advice to Protein Power LifePlan Dilet tantes and Hedonists who might choose to use acesulfame K is to use it sparingly ! .Grocery Warning In summary.on the entire population. sucralose has the least n umber of critics. Sucralose is sold under the brand name Splenda. perhaps decades. it remains a substance that should only be used sparingly. measures like sugar.D. acesulfame potassium (or. although acesulfame-K might be less dangerous to you than aspartame.

mice. and rabbits. which is a mar ker of long-term blood glucose levels and is used to assess glycemic control in diabetic patients. since so many of the avai lable sugar-free now contain sucralose as their sweetener. I don’t think it’s w ise to volunteer as a human guinea pig to eld test a chemical substance that’s manu factured with chlorine atoms. The av ailable evidence doesn’t necessarily prove that sucralose is harmful to health. Research in animals has shown that sucralose can cause many p roblems in rats. One small study of diabetic patients using the sweetener showed a st atistically signi cant increase in glycosylated hemoglobin (Hba1C). Joseph Mercola. 47 . So it may not be easy to in a fairly typical “Eat toxic sludge!” response by the manufacturer regarding the shrunken thymus glands experienced by the test animals eating sucr alose. and until thi s product is suf ciently tested for widespread human consumption. bu t neither has it been proven safe for long-term human consumption. and the fact that it uses chlorine atoms makes it highly sus pect in the rst place. they claimed that the taste of sucralose was unpleasant to the animals an d they simply stopped eating. This lack of evidence of safety for sucralose is especiall y troublesome for people trying to avoid added sugars. author of The No-Grain Diet and Mercola. so to speak. The fact is. such as: Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40 pe rcent shrinkage) Enlarged liver and kidneys. when I suggest that sucralose is yet another chemical s weetener that should be avoided by those wishing to protect their health. if you can believe that! (Adapted from the Sucralose Toxicity Information Cente r). the jury is still out on sucralose.Grocery Warning Dr. The shrunken thymus glands were due to starvation. states the foll owing about sucralose safety: Few human studies of safety have been published on sucralose. Atrophy of lymph follicles in the s pleen and thymus Increased cecal weight Reduced growth rate Decreased red blood cell count Hyperplasia of the pelvis Extension of the pregnancy period Aborted p regnancy Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights Diarrhea The sucralose manufacturer spins the study results Interestingly. This substance has in no wa y been proven safe.

The ban was based on the ndings of a study sponsored by the Canad ian government that found that seven out of thirty-eight animals developed tumor s. Then. There were pro ts to protect. since few manufacturers use this ingredient any more. Food Additives 48 .com/splenda Dr. the FDA announced the use of saccharin in foods and beverages would be banned becaus e the arti cial sweetener had been found to cause malignant bladder tumors in labo ratory animals. saccharin also induced cancers in female reproductive organs. which is unusual for the agency. three of them malignant. urged by Congress. In addition to canc er of the urinary bladder in rats. Epstein. have shown that sacchar in is carcinogenic in both rats and mice. 7 4 percent of it in diet soda.htm The inside story on the FDA and the politics of saccharin I won’t say much about saccharine. It has been clearly shown to promote cancer and its use by food manufactur ers has dropped to almost nothing. . M. the predominant tumor induced in these tests. 14 percent in dietetic food. one dating back to 1948.holisticmed.mercola. one hundred contr ol rats were not fed saccharin and only two developed tumors. and lymphomas or leukemias in both mice and rats.S.Grocery Warning Additional resources for learning more about sucralose Sucralose Toxicity Information Center: http://www. the FDA actually tried to ban saccharin. Approximately a do zen conventional feeding tests. In contrast. led vociferously b y the Calorie Control Council. Saccharin has been extensively teste d for carcinogenicity in rodents over the last three decades. The FDA. While each of these individual studies may be criticized on some grounds or other.Ruth Winter. it were thwarted by political pressure from the Calori e Control Council.D. The Politics of Canc er Interestingly.. one hundred offspring were fed sacchari n. 1977. an industry group made up of saccharin manufacturers and food manufacturers using ers. even though the FDA mysteriously decided in 2000 that saccharin no longer posed a cancer risk and eliminated the cancer warning l abel requirement on products containing it. on March 9. taken together the weight of eviden ce proving the carcinogenicity of saccharin is overwhelming. Informed consumers already know that sacchari n is to be completely avoided.Samuel S. and 12 percent as a t abletop replacement for sugar. The moratorium on prohibiting the use of saccharin has been extended inde nitely. In addition. At the time of the FDA’s announcement. then delayed the ban. Jo seph Mercola’s site on sucralose: http://www. In this case. after all! The FDA p roposed restricting saccharin to fteen milligrams per day for each kilogram of bo dy weight or one gram a day for a 150-pound person. .. and fourteen of them developed bladder tumors. M. There was an immediate outcry. ve million pounds of saccharin were being consumed per year.

many food manufacturing companies are adding stevia to their products despite the status of the herb held by the FDA. dropped sacch arin from its of cial list of substances that may cause cancer. and as a result. I’ve been using stevia for years and recommending it to people sinc e 1998. has virtually no calories. Th e single best alternative sweetener is one not yet approved for use in foods by the FDA: stevia. And thankfully. Approving stevia as a safe ingredient would destroy the pro ts of the manufacturers of aspartame an d sucralose. with good reason. that the FDA has been pressured to avoid approving stevia in order to protect the pro ts of these chemical companies. the FDA. promotes these cravings. the FDA. brown rice syru p. long-term human consumption. If stevia is so safe and such a perfect alternative swe etener. I’ll talk more abou t stevia later.Grocery Warning In the year 2000. under even more pressure from industry. including trace minerals. which once sought to ban this chemical. you know that the agency’s de monstrated purpose is to protect the pro ts of private industry. they are turning themselves into human guinea p igs and consuming chemicals that have never been proven safe for long-term consu mption. A la ck of certain minerals. and does not alter blood sugar levels or cause the pancreas to pr oduce insulin. Regardless of politics. but for now I want to bring you back to the main point of this s ection: that too many consumers frequently turn to products sweetened with chemi cal sweeteners. agave nectar. When you do have cravings for carbohydrates. has essentially proclaimed th e ingredient to be perfectly safe! Avoid all chemical sweeteners and use stevia instead Looking at all of these chemical sweeteners. adds nothing to your carbo hydrate count. In my experience and that of many others. I can also tell you that the way to eliminate those cravings. it’s best to turn to foods and drinks that are sweetened with natural sweeteners. as I mentioned. Some believe. Stevia is my favorite. 49 . serious questions about whether they actually contribut e to health disorders. then why hasn’t it been approved for human consumption by the FDA? The ans wer is politics. sweet tooth cravings are primarily caused by nutritional de ciencies. food products using saccharin don’t have to print the cancer warning. As a person who used to eat re ned carbohydrates and who now avoids them. If you know anything about the FDA. It is the single best alternative sweetener I’ve seen yet and is becoming increasingly available in nutritional supplements and even as standalone product s in health food stores. as an informed consumer you can use stevia in any way y ou like. b ut there are many others available as well (barley malt extract. And most have been suf ciently resear ched to raise important. Now. I certainly understand sweet tooth cravings. It contains no chemic als or arti cial substances. By simply “rede ning” saccharin . It turns out none of these chemical sweeteners have been proven safe for widespread. you may think I’m just the bringer of bad news. is to enga ge in aggressive nutritional supplementation. Stevia is derived from a plant and has been used for decades th roughout the world as a non-calorie alternative sweetener. or at least bring them back under control. etc). But I want to tell you there is good news yet to come.

which will include recommendations on source s. These ingredients come from natur al sources (yes. but they have a chemical str ucture that delays digestion and conversion into blood sugar in the human body. It is also used in large amounts in the Soviet Union as a diabetic sweetener. Xylitol was evaluated by the FAO-WHO Expert Commi ttee on Food Additives in Geneva. in which cancer-prone rats were fed large doses of xylitol. it is sold for foods that stay in the mouth for so me time. The Committee. they do pass through your l arge intestine where your intestinal ora can consume 50 . and mints.Grocery Warning You can read my articles on stevia. such as gum. It has the potential for use in c onfections and candy coatings. mannitol and xylitol. These sug ar alcohols include ingredients like maltitol. at: http://www. recommen ded that the information database on adrenal overgrowth and tumors associated wi th polyols and other poorly absorbed carbohydrates (see both) be reviewed that t he mechanisms of appearance of these lesions and their toxicological signi cance b e assessed at a future meeting. they can contribute strongly to diarrhea or atulence. changes were observed in the adrenal gland. They do have another side effect. Xylitol has been reported to hav e diuretic effect but this has not been substantiated. It is used in chewing gum and as an arti cial sweetener. were species-speci c and could not be extrapolated to humans. however: in some people.newstarget. FDA preliminary reports cited it as a p ossible cancer-causing agent. It may be of bene t to diabetics since xy litol metabolization does not involve insulin. On the basis of submitted d ata. unlike sugar. From Food Additives: MALTITOL and MALTITOL SYRUP • Obtained by the hydrogena te from maltose (see). they they won’t raise your blood sugar in the way that re ned carboh ydrates do. April 1983. Therefore. The FAO-WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives did not con sider these cancers to be related to treatment. glycerin. however. even “wood pulp” is a natural source). In a cancer study in rats. which included increased incidence of both benign and mali gnant tumors of the adrenal glands in both sexes and a “slight increase” in breast c ancer in female rats. Xylitol is now used in eleven European countries a nd the United States and Canada. food manufactu rers frequently turn to a class of sweeteners known as sugar alcohols. and at least some slight indications of possible health risks from their heavy consump tion. toffee. Therefore. it has 90 percent the sweetness of sugar and does contain calories. T here are some annoying side effects associated with these sugar alcohols. but now m ade from waste products from the pulp industry. It can cause sto mach upsets when taken in large amounts. no limit on daily intake wa s set and no additional toxicological studies were recommended. It has been reported to sharply reduce cavities in teeth but costs more than sugar. the committee accepted that the adverse effects observed in British studies . A candidate for a sugar substitute. This occurs because even though thes e sugar alcohols are not converted to carbohydrates. it doesn’t fer ment in the mouth. In other words. The reason is that. XYLITOL • Formerly made from birch wood.html Sugar alcohols When it comes to ingredients that replace the sweetness of sugar.

a phenomenon that has given rise to the phrase “riding the low-carb rocketship. and it has a similar consisten cy as well. From the resea rch I’ve conducted. xylitol is also the most expensive. If you nd that your system is somehow immun e to the gaseous effects of sugar alcohol. accordin g to most people. Xylitol tastes just like sugar.Grocery Warning the sugar alcohols and emits various gases as a byproduct of their own metabolis m. xylitol is especially potent as rocket fuel. Out of these sugar alcohols.” In my experience. and when you stop eating sugar alcohols. by the way) sugar alcohols like xylitol have a far better taste. The results can be extraordinary in terms of the volume of gas coming out of your own body. Summing up the good and the bad of sugar alcohols like xylitol Let’s review the upside of sugar alcohols: • No chemicals • Not arti cial • Low glycemic i ndex The downside of sugar alcohols: • Diarrhea • Flatulence • Can be expensive (xylit ol) • Long-term safety for human consumption not demonstrated • Taste almost like su gar • Fewer calories than sugar 51 . which is one reason why you rarely see it used in food products like food bars. Whether these sugar alcohol sweeteners create a atulence effect in your own body is something that you may wi sh to experiment with. which is a shame because I think xylitol is a wonderful alternative sweetener that of fers protection against dental cavities as a positive side effect. these side effects don’t appear until half a day later. preferably over a weekend when you’re not planning any soci al engagements. So proceed carefully when consumin g these ingredients. you have a one-day l ag time before your system returns to normal. these natural sweeteners would be an excellent dietary choice. that makes them far healthier than any of the arti cial chemical sweeteners we’ve previously discussed. sugar alcoho ls don’t seem to impose any additional health risks to your system. Aside from these rather annoying side effects. And even though I still believe that stevia is the bes t alternative sweetener of all (with none of the rocketship affects of sugar alc ohols. When you eat sugar alcohols.

They also have been implicated in cancer of the breast and pros tate. such as candies and chewing g um. M. M. baked goods. peanut butter. and infertility.000 premature deaths every year are attributable to our consumption of trans fats. is once again “caution!” H ere’s the scoop: Sugar Alcohols. diabetes. such as xylitol. for they are like nothing Mother Natur e has ever seen before. they buy them and eat them anyway! 52 . And few peo ple read labels of the foods they buy. As a conseq uence. But few people are aware that all hydrogenated oils contain trans fats. hydrogenated oils. Reversing Diabetes Of all the metabolic disruptors and u nhealthful ingredients discussed so far. Drs. eating them won’t make your blood sugar rise or spur a release of insulin. retain the sweettaste-bud stimulating properties of sugars. they lower protective HDL cholesterol. and fried foods. Recent research suggests that trans fatty acids are even more harmful than satur ated fats.Michael Eades. Most people are at least somewhat aware of the dangers of “trans f ats” since they have received so much media attention over the last few years. Their lack of effect on the blood sugar and insulin metabolism has placed them i n the forefront as sweeteners for “diabetic” products..D. and for very practical reasons: since they’re not absorbed and pass through with the intestinal contents. In small doses. they can cause what’s termed an osmotic diarrhea if cons umed in large quantities. These products. Use sparingly! . These chemically altered fats are cropping up everywhere : in margarine. the bywords are small doses and used occasionally . I’ll be discussing them together because they go together in most foods.. according to Eades.D. and Mary Dan Ead es. Walter Willett and Alb erto Ascherio of the Harvard School of Public Health have estimated that 30. for in addition to raising total cholesterol. sorbitol. but their al tered structure prevents their absorption from the intestinal tract.. M.D. so even though they know trans fats are d angerous to their health.Grocery Warning The word of wisdom on sugar alcohols. immune dysfunction. and ma ltitol. Julian Whitaker. they appear to be harmless. They increase the risk of heart disease to a greater degree than satu rated fats. The Protein Power Lifeplan Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats I’m more concerned about trans fatty acids. none are more frequently abused and mor e damaging to your overall health than the ones discussed here: hydrogenated oil s and trans fatty acids. As is our usual recommendation w ith arti cial sweetening agents.

. dragged its feet for years. contributing to the development of obesity. refus ing to require food companies to list trans fats on their labels. there is conse quently no recommended daily allowance of trans fats. 2006. because here it is: The FDA has decided that since trans fats should be entirely avoided in the diets of all human beings. raising overall ch olesterol. Thus. Finally. directly contributing to the development of insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. These fats occur in all sorts of prepackaged and processed foods. The Protein Power Lifeplan The FDA drags its feet on requiring food manufacturers to list trans fats on lab els Yet despite the well established negative health consequences of consuming hydro genated oils. inter fering with the production of good essential fats from dietary fat.all of which will be discussed in more detail -. chips. and candies. most importantly. Given the overwhelming evidence of the link between trans fats and diseases like cancer. Hold on to your seat. Their toll on health is vast. and Mary Dan Eades. Look for the words partia lly hydrogenated on the label and avoid any food containing these fats. weakening the immune might wonder what sort of biza rre justi cation the FDA could come up with for protecting the food industry by no t requiring the listing of trans fats on these nutrition facts labels years ago. decreasing reproductive functions. according to the FDA. lowering the nutritional quality o f breast milk. pollute the cell membranes and in terfere with their function. cardiovascular disease and diabetes -. and...Grocery Warning And yet few people truly realize the degree of harm these hydrogenated oils and trans fats are causing to their bodies: The arti cially produced trans fats. 53 . the FDA.Michae l Eades. under mounting pressure from health advocates and organizations like CSPI and Public Citizen. including: lowering H DL (the good cholesterol).D. raising LDL (the bad cholesterol). manufacturers of foo ds cannot list the trans fat content of their food products in any “meaningful” way on the label. stiffening the cell membranes. the FDA gave in and will start requiring food companies to list trans f at content in January.D. M. M. forme d by the process called partial hydrogenation. in typical FDA fashion. from margarine and salad and cooki ng oils to bakery goods. crackers.

000 prema ture deaths each year in the United States alone from the consumption of hydroge nated oils.Grocery Warning That’s FDA logic for you. no wave of new laws to ban this ingredient. you’ll need to examine all of the diseases and disorders that have been linked to hydrogenated oils and trans fats: • Breast cancer (rates triple fo r women who eat hydrogenated oils) • High levels of “bad” cholesterol • Coronary heart d isease and heart attacks • Cancer • Prostate disease • Diabetes • Obesity • Immune system suppression • Low birth weight infants (when mothers eat hydrogenated oils) • Abnorm al sperm production • Decreased testosterone in men • Essential fatty acid (EFA) de ci encies • Brain function disorders All of this adds up to an estimated 30. and nothing but silenc e from the FDA. and yet the re’s no outcry. it’s very dif cult to avoid tra ns fats or hydrogenated oils: 54 . If you eat re ned foods or processed foods. The problem with all this is trans fats are everywhere in the fo od supply. That’s nearly ten times the casualties of the 9/11 attack. But to truly understand the magnitude of the harm being perpetrated by the FDA in allowing hydrogenated oils to continue to be used in t he food supply.

candy. pizzas. M. frozen pies. and 2) Shortening. since it’s an added ingredient in all sorts of food products like pea nut butter. cookie s. Anytime you see the words “partially hydr ogenated” on a label. Simopoulos. avored popcorn. The processed vegetable oils you buy in the store aren’t much better. corn chips. Margarine is easy to avoid. party mixes and other snacks contain hydrogenated oils. processed foods are cooked or prepared in hydrog enated oils. too: Many of the foods y ou buy in the store and in restaurants are prepared with or cooked in hydrogenat ed oil. It’s even in most tortillas. .Artemis P. Virtually every one contains trans-fatty acids. crackers. trans-fatty acids lurk within. Hydrogenated oils are used in making french fries. The Omega Diet The number of foods at the grocery store that contain hydrogenat ed oils is truly staggering.Grocery Warning Foods containing hydrogenated oils It is dif cult to live in the United States and avoid trans-fatty acids because th ey have in ltrated the entire food supply. The heat used in the extraction and re ning process also creates trans fatty acids. So that bottle of corn or saf ower oil you have o n the kitchen shelf contains trans fatty acids even though it has not been hydro genated. Take the time to go through t he supermarket aisles and read the labels on baked goods. an d ice cream substitutes such as mellorine. since the only act ion required is to look for new trans-fats-free products made without hydrogenat ed oils (you can nd them in any grocery store these days). Most of the common brands of vegetable oil and salad dre ssings contain trans fatty acids.D.. .” it cont ains trans fatty acids. Unless the vegetable oil has been “cold pressed” or “expeller pressed. peanut butter. cake frosting. and mixes . Fried foods sold in grocery stores and restaurants are usually cooked in hydrogenated oil.The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil The prim ary source of consuming hydrogenated oils and trans fats in the Western diet is: 1) Margarine. Many frozen. chips. Walking down the “cookie and cracker” aisle and reading the ingredients of all the products leaves a person bewildered: practically eve ry cookie or cracker product is made with hydrogenated oils! It’s no better in the snack aisle either: almost all of the potato chips. snack foods. baked crackers and most snack foods. biscuits. 55 . But shortening is hard er to avoid.

whether frozen or not Action Item: Look for “partially-hydrogenated” oils on food labels. The in uence of different t ypes of fats can also be observed in the progression of diabetes. Conversely. For example. Let’s take a closer look at the diseases known to be caused by hydrogenated oils a nd trans fats: Hydrogenated oils. trans fats and heart disease There is overwhelming evidence that hydrogenated oils and trans fats pose severe health risks to humans.Grocery Warning Here’s an expanded list of the types of foods and grocery products that contain hy drogenated oils and trans fats: • Shortening • Margarine • Peanut butter • Cookies • Crack ers • Fried foods • Milk • Milk products • Salad dressings • Potato chips • Corn chips • Grah m crackers.204 women whose intake of fats ca me chie y from nuts. seeds. t he risk of diabetes was not increased among 84. animal crackers. Strictly avoid any product th at lists partially-hydrogenated oils as one of its ingredients. determined that ev ery 2 percent increase in trans fatty acids increased the risk of developing cor onary heart disease 25 percent over the next 10 years. muf n mixes • Biscuit mixes • All f ried foods. but a 2 percent increase in calories fro m trans fatty acids raised the risk of diabetes by about 39 percent. cookie sandwiches • Granola • Tortillas • Doughnuts • Pie c rusts • Cinnamon rolls and most pastries • Cake mixes. 56 . and avocados. The most obvious risk is that of heart disease and card iovascular disorders: A study involving 600 men (ages 64-87). a 5 percent increase in calories from polyunsaturated fats lowered the risk of diabetes 37 percent.

ab out 4. . Three studies have found that trans-fatty acids can raise cholesterol even higher than saturated fa t . Thus trans-fatty aci ds not only increase the likelihood of a variety of metabolic disorders includin g arthritis and cancer. creating a “double whammy” negative impact on th e health of your blood: While they may lack saturated fat. .600 lives.D.4 percent drop in trans fatty acid consumption p rompted a 23 percent decrease in coronary deaths and saved.Disease Prevention and Treatment by the Life Extension Founda tion Most of the research on hydrogenated oils and trans fats focuses on the dam age to the heart and cardiovascular system. hydrogenated products such as margarine can be even more dangerous to your heart. doctors at Harvard Medical School found that women who ate four or more teaspoons of margarine a day had a 50 percent greater risk of developing heart disease. This is where these “toxic fats” do the most harm..Bill Gottlieb. New Choices in N atural Healing Recent research indicates that these synthetic fats raise cholest erol levels in the arteries much the way saturated fats do. compared to women who ate margarine only rarely (Harvard School of Publ ic Health 2002). they are more harmful than even saturated anim al fats (like hamburger fat or butter) which have long been blamed for promoting cardiovascular disease. Healing With Whole Foods 57 . One of the primary causes of heart disease in this coun try is bad fats. 95 percent of trans-fatty acid ingestion is from eating margarine and shorte ning. . it is speculated.and the damage isn’t only to your arteries. Prescription Alternatives The primary mechanism blamed for the de structive effects of trans fats on the heart is that it raises the “bad” cholesterol while lowering the “good” cholesterol...Paul Pitchford. which are bad fo r you in any amount. This doesn’t just apply to saturated fats (which really aren’t bad for you unless you eat too much of them). In the United Stat es. but also contribute to heart disease. An average 2. It applies much more to the trans fatt y acids found in hydrogenated oils and margarine-type products.Grocery Warning In 1993. Ph. but they have been found to actually cause heart disease. Growing public awareness regarding the dangers imposed by trans fats has prompted a reduction in their consumption. These partially saturated.Earl M indell. . An example of the bene ts of eliminating trans fatty acids from the diet comes by way of a study released fro m The Netherlands. Based on the research. man-made fats were designed not to go rancid.

locks out the na tural-form fatty acids that are actually needed there.J. twisted fatty-acid molecules will create messed-up cells.Robyn Landis.. . since the fat we eat is what our cells become. and to extend its shelf life. or who is at risk of heart attacks or stroke. and leaves a defective pr oblem cell. as described in Eat To Beat Cancer by J. and cottonseed oils. The process of hydrogenation is accomplished by bubbling hydrogen gas through oil. trans fatty acids and cancer The consumption of hydrogenated oils also shows strong correlation with the onse t of cancer. “Good” fats with the correct structure t into the membranes properly.: Delve into your pantry and discard all your omega-6 vegetable oils like corn.D. . B e wary since food labels do not include the amount of trans-fatty acids.. Herbal Defense 58 .. Ro bert Hatherill. “deformed” fats. Halt your consumption of. Food makers a dd these to improve the creaminess of a product. which produces trans-fatty acids. Eat To Beat Cancer To understand the mechanism by which t hese trans fats may be promoting cancer. The unnatural fatty acid disrupts the cell’s functioning.. There is no safe level for h uman consumption. This is logical. The Omega Diet What’s clear from all this is that anyone who has suffered from a h eart attack. Recent hum an studies indicate that consumption of trans-fatty acids in margarine and short enings may contribute to higher rates of cancer and heart disease. no matter what your state of health. Because heart disease is only the beginning. Since fats are used as materials to build cell membranes. Hydrogenated oils. should clearly stay a way from hydrogenated oils and trans fats for life. M. Simopoulos. Ph. Ph. A Boston research team found that people with the highest levels of trans-fa tty acids in their diet had two and a half times the risk of heart attack as tho se who ate the least amount of this arti cial fat. it makes sense that misshapen. . partia lly hydrogenated vegetable oils. sa f ower.Artemis P.D. pushing both of these blood fats in the wrong directi on.D. But “bad” fats with their irregular shape t into cell membranes like a brok en key. Robert Hatherhill. and generally avoid.Grocery Warning Trans-fatty acids raise your LDL cholesterol at the same time that they lower yo ur HDL (good) cholesterol. read this passage from Herbal Defense: The rise in cancers and other illnesses has been attributed in part to Americans’ increased use of these highly processed.

the abnormal alteration of cell membranes -.204 nondiabetic wom en over 14 years. and monounsaturated fat (as found in nuts. however. trans fatty acids and diabetes Researchers followed the medical and dietary histories of also visi ted in Herbal Medicine. 2507 cases of type 2 diabetes were documented . they simply don’t t properly. altering the cell membranes and maki ng them more permeable. which are not found in nature. Healing & Cancer When it comes to trans fats and cancer. They are h ardly known at all by the general public. did not in uence diabetic risk. incorporate themselves into the cell walls. A person who gives up re ned carbohydrates but starts cons uming increased quantities of hydrogenated oils is setting themselves up for a h ealth disaster. Hydrogenated oils. seeds and avocados).Disease Prevention and Treatment by the L ife Extension Foundation As this study shows. Hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids as “brain poison” While most people who know about the dangers of hydrogenated oils associate them with cardiovascular disease and heart disorders. pack too tightly. and a 5 percent increase in calories from polyunsaturated fat reduced the risk by 37 percent. Statistics showed that intake of total fat. when they’re taken up as raw m aterial for the cell membranes. a 2 percent increase in calories from trans fatty acids raised the risk by 3 9 percent. They stack too neatly . which discusses the ability of trans f ats to promote breast cancer: Trans fatty acids. . the links are well documented and widely known in the scienti c community. and there is no public educat ion campaign that seeks to warn consumers about the cancer risk of consuming hyd rogenated oils. Herbal Medicine. their avoidance of trans fats becom es extremely important. and make the cell membrane less malleable. This can lead to abnormal hormonal extracellular stimuli and the eventual promotion of breast cancer. brain-signaling chemicals can’t transmit th eir messages normally. Howev er. this is a third one: di abetes. 2001). Since so many people who are dieting already suffer from either existing diabetes or high risk factors for diabetes. receptors fail to function properly. From this group. . there exists evidence that trans f ats also promote diabetes in adult human beings. the insulating properties 59 . If you didn’t have enough reasons to avoid trans fats already (heart disease and cancer). Authors Michael and Mar y Eades call attention to the ability of hydrogenated oils and trans fats to alt er brain function: Because of their abnormal shape. When this happens . Healing & Cancer.Donald Yance and Arlene Valentin e. saturated fat. It is speculated that substituting foods rich in trans fats with polyunsaturated fats could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by nearl y 40 percent (Salmeron et al. the health consequences of eat ing this substance go far beyond the circulatory system.Grocery Warning This same mechanism -.

sleep disturbances. with good nutrition you can in time rebuild a healthier body and brai al so involves their infants! A mother who breastfeeds her child needs to be especi ally careful to avoid trans fats in her diet: Women who consume large amounts of trans-fatty acids (as found in margarine and other hydrogenated products. mood disorders. and Mary Dan Eades.. and usurp some of the enzymes needed to create hormone-like substances called eicosanoids that are involved in many aspects of human physiology. One ra rely discussed fact is that it reduces the essential fatty acid content of oils.D. and the whole host of brain and nervous system diseases that we mentioned earlier. for example. When partially hydrogenated. The Omega Diet 60 . M.) contains harmful amounts of trans-fatty acids that are passed on t o her child. shor tening. And we may f all prey to depression. The C razy Makers Hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids interfere with the absorption of essenti al fatty acids (EFAs) The hydrogenation process has a number of unwanted consequences. Another drawback of hydrogenation is that it rearranges the m olecular bonds on fatty acids. E ating trans fats is like eating brain poison. It will take a while -. transforming them into look-alike molecules calle d “trans-fatty acids. however. Simopoulos. trans-fatty acids are transmitted through the placenta int o the fetus.” Trans-fatty acids behave in many ways like saturated fat.D.for your dietary changes to make a noticeable impact on your brain a nd nerve tissues.Michael Eades. fuzzy thinking. We urge you to avoid them wherever you can. But one of the great things abo ut the design of the human body is that it constantly renews. and because of thi s miracle.sometimes only weeks but often six months o r longer -. . . M. . The Protein Power Lifeplan T he “brain poison” problem isn’t only limited to people who consume trans fats -.Grocery Warning of the nerves break down.Artemis P. To make matters worse. both omega6 and omega-3.. contains about 8. It takes time to replace the poor-quality fats that may now be lurking in your tissues with good-quality ones. pushing bo th of these blood fats in the wrong direction. The milk o f women who eat large amounts of trans-fatty acids (margarine. for e xample) have lower amounts of essential fatty acids in their breast milk.D. its omega-3 content d rops to 3 percent. impairing formation of the brain tissue.5 percent omega-3 fatty acids.. We feel strongly enough about the dangers of trans fats to your brain and to your general health to make this trans fat avoidance recommendation acros s the board.Carol Simontacchi. But they are even more destructive th an saturated fat because they also lower your HDL (good) cholesterol. and the brain fails to perform optimally. In fact. fried foods. M. they take the place of EFAs in cell membranes. Untreated soybean oil. interfere with their metabolism. Hydrog enated fats are not adequate for optimum development of brain tissue. inc luding raising your LDL (bad) cholesterol. etc.

the less your body can ab sorb the healthy EFAs -.Grocery Warning One of the problems with consuming hydrogenated oils is that they “compete” with the absorption and utilization of healthy oils -. with no indication they were eating more food or being less active. You are probably well aware that you need healthy oils in your body: monounsaturated oils like omega-3 fatty acids. When you put all of the health risks posed by hydrogenated oils together. M. increasing the likelihood of obesity.D.. women who ate margarine four or more times per week had a higher t han normal risk of having three of the symptoms of Syndrome-X: low HDL cholester ol. And this provides a clue to how people can easily accelerate their w eight loss results: avoid all hydrogenated oils! You will not only be doing your heart and your cells a huge favor. the body hasn’t developed a speci c way to deal with them.the “good” fats that you need! Hydrogenated oils.. Speaking of disaster.D. a real recipe f or disaster.and a surplus of omega-6 fats. your body will begin to suffer from a number of metabo lic disorders.Michael Eades.D. Unfortunately. trans fatty acids and obesity In one study. any food made with that ingredient is followin g a recipe for disaster. M. In other words. what we end up with is a lipid bilayer made of trans fats and omega-6 fats. A related phenomenon has been obser ved in rats.. cancer. brain disorders. thanks to a sinister quirk of biochemistry. Large fat cells have fewer insulin receptors and can store consi derably more fat. the less your body can absorb healthy omega-3 oils. the more hydrogenated oils you have in your system. so it treats them like real fats and just does the best it ca n. how is it that trans fats cause a ll this damage in the rst place? What’s really happening at the cellular level to m ake these oils so dangerous? How trans fats cause such damage to the health of the human body Since trans fatty acids are unnatural fats. diabetes and obesity all wra pped up in one single ingredient.Artemis P. And the more hydrogenated oils you eat. you’ll be avoiding the risk factors of diabete s that are associated with the consumption of these unhealthy fats. .especially if we’re eating a d iet containing a lot of trans fats -. M. That’s why these are called “essential” fatty acids: they’re essential to your g ood health! Without them. With heart disease. the picture is sho cking. ve pounds more than women who used other types of fat. and Mary Dan Eades. . the body tends to incorporate trans fats into the lipid bilayer in preference to good-quality unsa turated fats. Simopoulos. on averag e. they develop la rger fat cells. high total cholesterol. Since mos t of us have a de ciency in omega-3 essential fats -. and high oils and other EFAs -. When rats are fed a diet high in trans-fatty your body. especially during times of essential-fatty-acid de ciency. The Protein Power Lifeplan 61 . They also weighed. The Omega Diet It’s little surprise that these hydrogenated oils also promo te obesity.

M.Trans fats wreak even more havoc by decreasing t he response of the cells to insulin.. increasing the numbers of abnormal s perm.have made a real Faustia n bargain: we’ve traded a longer shelf life for a shorter human life. The Protein Power Lifeplan 62 . In the female. let’s go right to one of the world’s foremost experts on the physiological imp act of dietary oils. they raise LDL (the bad cholesterol). more precisely. Dr. and medications. As she describes: Trans fatty acids lower HDL (the good cholesterol) in a dose-res ponse fashion.D.. too. fu rther worsening the effects of essential-fatty-acid de ciency. . a research scientist at the University of Ma ryland. And that’s not where the dama ge stops. As you can see from this list. by decreasing the levels of testosterone in male animals. that is. They hamper proper function of the insulin receptor by changing the uidity of t he lipid bilayer and other cellular membranes and even cause alterations in the size of adipose tissue cells. the lower your HDL will be. in particular the delta-6 desaturase enzyme. We -.. and Mary Dan fact. Mary Enig.Grocery Warning But to really understand the health danger posed by hydrogenated oils and trans fats. hydrogenated oils and trans fats for ma ny years. the more trans fats you eat. She has studied processed foods. food manufacturers -. elevated levels of trans fats decrease the amount of cream in human breast milk. . tra ns fatty acids are one of the only substances known for sure to raise the levels of this mysterious. they even weaken the immune response while they increase the production of free radicals. but dangerous. lipoprotein. which correlates with low birth weights..Michael Ea des. they raise lipoprotein(a) -. and to add insult to injury. reducing the overall quality available to nourish the grow ing infant. They also inhibit the funct ion of a number of enzymes. one of the enzymes responsible for conversion of both omega-3 and omega-6 fats into the ir more unsaturated products. their number. M.D. publishing a steady stream of scienti c papers that describe the various “physiological alterations” that occur when people consume these unhealthy fats. as well as altering the activities of the enzyme s ystem that metabolizes toxic chemicals. and their fatty-acid composition. trans fats contribute to th e development of insulin resistance directly as well as causing hyperinsulinemia . and they raise total cholestero l in the serum by 20 to 30 milligrams per deciliter. In other words. trans fatty acids cause a plethora of damaging effects throughout th e body. carcinogens.or. Trans fats interfere with the reproductive system.

Michael Eades. or dietitian I know w ho recommends a diet high in trans fatty acids. There is no doctor anywhere in the world who would recommend the consumpt ion of hydrogenated oils unless he were utterly isolated from the last decade of nutritional science: Once you realize what horrible products trans fatty acids are and how widespread is their use in processed foods. particularly from . Staying Healthy With Nutrition On the subject of hyd rogenated oils and trans fats. Excess free radical formation comes from a variety of chemical r eactions in the body and is the biochemical basis of many diseases. heart disease. The Protein Power Lifeplan If hydrogenated oils are so danger ous to human health. hypertension. senility.. all doctors (informed doctors.Elson Haas M. which leads to chronic in ammation.D. unstable molecules that can lead to cellular and tis sue irritation and damage. then why do food manufacturers use them? The answer. not of nature.eating other oxidized fats such as hydrogenated oils and rancid oils.. as alw ays. Better yet (from the point of view of food manufacturers) . it becomes easy to under stand why most people see such an improvement in their health no matter what kin d of diet they go on. hydrogenated oils have an extended shelf life. What comes out the other en d of this process called partial hydrogenation is a trans fatty acid.. M. Products made with this toxic s ubstance can sit around for months -. nutritionist..even years! -.. is found in the economics of food production and storage. and Mary Dan Eades.without going rancid. They then add a nickel catalyst to th e heated fat and pump hydrogen gas into the mixture. arthritis. Shelf life is extremely important to the economic equation for food production and di stribution. food technologists start with good-quality unsaturated fats that they heat to a high temperature. . and probably even cancer. . causes th e genesis of free radicals. 63 . and Mar y Dan Eades.Michael Eades. such as athe rosclerosis. especially in the v ascular lining..D. creamy. To make trans fatty acids. M. solid oil substance that won’t leak out of foods s itting on the shelves. There is no physician. . food producers ca n create a nicetasting. M. a fat that looks like a natural fat but doesn’t act like one. The Protein Power Lifeplan Why food manufacturers use hydrogenated oils in their products Trans fatty acids are processed fats.Grocery Warning Part of the underlying metabolic cause for the destructive effects of consuming hydrogenated oils may be due to the oxidation that occurs in the human body: Oxi dation in our body of such substances as the fat molecules. . M. By hydrogenating cheap oils like soybean oil (that’s the one most commonly used). anyway) agree.D. a product of technology. at least.D.D.

The r esulting oil is solid at room temperature and now quali es as a “saturated” fat. the more trans f ats it contains. They increase bad cholesterol levels and are associated with heart attacks and strokes.Grocery Warning Hydrogenated oils are made by taking a vegetable oil like soybean oil and bubbli ng it at high temperature in the presence of a catalyst -. than saturated fats. the scienti c consensus was that all fats were bad for you.differ ent from those found in most naturally occurring saturated fatty acids -. sun ower. cookies. T hese are extremely healthy sources of fat. or more dangerous. They are the partially hydrogenat ed oils found in so many commercial products. Here’s a passage from The South Beach Diet that discusses the differences in good fats vs. according to a spate of recent studies. bad fats: To avoid saturated fats in the diet. the research is clearly showing t hat you can’t lump all these fats into the same group.are extremely dangerous to your health.) This process changes a cis (a bene cial fat) to a nonfunctional form (a trans fat) that can no longer participate in prostaglandin production. espec ially animal fats. The advant age is longer shelf life without spoiling for processed foods. include risk for coronary heart diseas e in excess of that associated with saturated fat. it now contains trans fatty acids: Also hazardous to health are the so-cal led trans-fatty acids. M. processed fats are likely to be extremely bad fo r you. they are as dangerous. into a semisolid shortening or margarine. processe d fats.Andrew L.transfatty acids are even more stable than those of saturated fatty acids. The Omega-3 Connection Virtually all of the research on trans fats shows this danger ous form of fat is far worse for your cardiovascular health than even saturated animal fats. 64 . and marg arines. nuts. That’s why I always recommend people eat avocados. (The harder the fat. butter is healthier for you than margarine. a special type of polyu nsaturated fat became popular: the trans fats. Due to the con guration of the new chemical bonds ned. Some fats -. Hyd rogenation turns liquid oils. found in margarine and other synthetic foods. The pattern I’ve noticed is that raw fats from plant sources are the healthiest. trans-fatty acids result when manufacturers add hydrogen to unsa turated vegetable oil.. namely -. Created in the laboratory. soybean.usually nickel. because margarine is made primarily from hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats. while any re ned. In other words. But over the last 25 years. and cotton. by the Life Extension Foundation The low-fat theory falls apart: many fats are good for you Two decades ago.D. The disadvantages . Macadamia nut oil is one of the best. Stoll. including cakes. Worse yet. Disease Prevention and Treatment. . such as corn. sesame. are ve ry good for you. Other fats. such as EF As (essential fatty acids) and even some saturated fats like coconut oil. Unfortunately. and coconut oil.

and. you’ve got a trans fat. In fact. The most im pressive diet study ever reported was the Lyon Heart Study. These margarines are identi ed by checking the ingredients for the abse nce of “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” oils.. they are often sold in certain s upermarkets and health food stores. Where Mediterranean o ils are used abundantly. are considered rather healthy in their natural form. If you look at the label. You can be sure . unfor tunately. that if you buy any kind of vegetable oil or vegetableoil product tha t doesn’t have a dark colored bottle and that doesn’t require refrigeration after it’s been opened. As a consumer . for examp le. M. (with omega-3 fat as well) was used in a spread by onehalf of the patients studied. However. Just because something is “made with canola oil” doesn’t mean it’s healthy: Margarine and shortening. but those receiving the good fat had a 70 percent decrease in subsequent heart attacks. Here.D. but one that food manufacturers love to partially hydrogenate and c onvert to a “plastic” food. Hydrogenation is an extremely harmful process that creates an immune-damaging synthetic fat. According to Mary Enig. non -. Many natural plant-based oils. 65 . not a particularly bad oil in its fresh state. . heart attack and stroke rates are very low. approximately 70 percent of the soybean oil consumed in this country has been partially hydrogenated.Grocery Warning An ever-growing body of research documents that many fats do not have the advers e effects of the saturated and trans fats. food producers transform them into highly toxic substances. colorants. contain a signi cant amount of trans fatty acids. the odds are that it’s been hydrogenated. contain hydrogenated po lyunsaturated vegetable oils. That means that if you see soybean oil as an ingredient in a product you’re eating. .Paul Pitchford. however. there are no labeling laws on the books at this time forcing food manu facturers to divulge the amount of these fats in their products. But by hydrogenating them. furthermore. Commercially made salad dressings. All those in the study had already had heart a ttacks.trans fats are actually good for us. a type of trans-fatty acid described earlier that -. margarines made by other processes are now becoming available.has also been found t o actually elevate blood cholesterol. the mostly mon ounsaturated fat. Most margarines made from soy and saf ower o ils and sold as “natural” are also hydrogenated and just as harmful as any other mar garine. Even though some of these margarines contain preservative chemicals. they are to be preferred over hydrogenated m argarines. The hydrogenation process converts soybean oil f rom having no unnatural fats to a substance containing over 53 percent chemicall y altered the dismay of con rmed margarine users -. yo u will often see that it’s made of soybean oil. canola oil. Healing With Whole Foods A nd from The Protein Power Lifeplan: Trans fatty acids are everywhere. it’s important to note that it is the processing of the oil that matters as much (if not more) as the nature of the original oil.Arthur Agatston. you have to be especially wary of the labeling claims on oil-based foods and a ctually read the ingredients. The South Beach Diet Also. such as canol a oil. and other questionable ingredients. evidence is building that th e unsaturated.

The primary message of the margarine makers was tha t saturated fats are bad for you. interfere with essential fatty acid metabolism. and Michael T. Tran s-fatty acids interfere with the body’s ability to utilize essential fatty acids. 66 . This means that a hydrogen molecule is added to the natural unsat urated fatty acid molecules of the vegetable oil to make it more saturated.. . which means that hydrogen gas is bubble d through a tank of liquid polyunsaturated oil in the presence of nickel. Although many Americans assume they are promoting their health by consuming margarine rather than butter and satura ted fats. industry groups representing vegetable oils lik e corn oil and soybean oil were able to mislead the entire country (not to menti on the press) with scienti c-sounding nutritional lingo and get everybody to switc h from butter to margarines made with hydrogenated oils. Home Safe Home It was a brilliant marketing scam: by distorting a handful of scienti c studies that linked saturated fats to cardiovascular disease. It is hydrogenated oil. This produced a windfal l for the pro ts of soybean growers while simultaneously creating a major setback for the health of Americans. you are actually getting the very saturated fats the margarine sellers claim t hey are helping you avoid. the reverse appears to be the case. Yet. The margarine scam is winding down (altho ugh the negative health impact of the margarine industry will continue to ring u p pro ts for prescription drug companies and hospitals for decades to come). Margarine and other hydrogenated v egetable oils not only raise LDL cholesterol.D. . they said.Joseph E. This critical fact was concealed from the press and the public for over two dec ades. you should be eating mar garine products made from “healthy. and are susp ected of being causes of certain cancers. Therefore.Grocery Warning The margarine scam and hydrogenated oils Margarine is a processed polyunsaturated vegetable fat. they also lower the protective HDL cholesterol level. The Textbook of Natural Medicine These days.Debra Lynn Dadd. Sales of margarine products containing hydrogenated oils are plummeting.D. So when you think you are getting a polyunsaturated fat in your margarine .N. sold as a “healthier” altern ative to butter. What they didn’t say is the oils found in margarine products have been arti cially manipulated through the hydrogenation process to create a harmful substance that is actuall y worse for your body than saturated animals fats and contain trans fatty acids. amazing ly. natural plant oils” like soybean oil. many margarine products made with this oil remain on the shelves. Many researchers and nutritionists have been concerned about the health effects of margarines since they were rst introduced.. the well-informed know all this. For optimal health it appears to be very important to eliminate the intake of margarine and foods containing trans-fatty acids and partially hydrogenated oils. The pr ocess turns cheap polyunsaturated fats such as corn or saf ower oil into saturated fats. such as breast cancer. N. Piz zorno. The manufacture of margarine and shortening entails the hydrogenation of v egetable oils. Murray.

the American public was consu ming an estimated 10 billion pounds of fat and oil per year. Here. allowing them to be shipped in warm.. Today there’s soya f at in margarine. The whole mess is so re pulsive. Even then. Through modern alchemy. after the urban rebellions of 1848 to nd a cheap sourc e of fat for the working classes who could not afford butter. . Napoleon III. it was only in the 1 990s that the research about the dangers of trans fats started to gain some atte ntion. By 1979.Artemis P. they long for the days when th e public was ignorant of the health impact of hydrogenated oils and they could p ro tably manufacture and distribute these yellow tubs of spreadable heart disease.pig’s fat. and trans formed into a more plastic. so clearly distasteful and unmarketable (it comes out colored grey on t op of it all) that before anything else is done it has to be funneled into even larger deodorizing vats to try to get rid of the stink. and consumer demand c aused some margarine makers to introduce products made without hydrogenated oils . is an account of how margarine is actually made.D. but many of the cheaper ones undoubtedly are. This fat could then be added to convenience foods. less perishable fat. The Omega Diet T his trend continued well into the 1980s and 1990s. It is also prone to oxidation by light. you should wait till you’ve had the misfortune to walk through a factory where it’s being stirred in with boiling herring and other fats. All the se fats are mixed together and melted. Not all margarines are made this way today. It was rst invented in response to an award offered by the Fre nch Emperor. exposed to a metal catalyst such as nickel or copper. of which 60 percent was partially hydrogenated oil. and they have an impressive shelf life: Little did Americans know that along with the highly touted corn oil margarine and allvegetable short ening came trans-fatty acids. for instance. In fact. was the inside story on how marga rine is made in the rst place. 67 . they ship easily. and it make s a poor pie crust. and about 20 per c ent of the total is beef fat or even nice old-fashioned lard -. air. vegetable oil could be heated. and heat. and if you think molten pig’s fat smells ba d. espec ially after the re ning process has robbed it of its natural antioxidants and phyt ochemicals. Liquid vegetable oils present food producers with a number of problems. Simopoulos. it was only well known in certain research circles. Corn oil can’t be spread on bread. also the fat you get from squished herrings. Hydrogenated oils are well liked by food manufacturers because they store well. Hydrogenation was the answer. however. courtesy of a fascinating book titled The Se cret House. M. humid weather and parke d on the grocery shelf for months on end. By the mid 90s.Grocery Warning From the point of view of the food manufacturers. Margarine is made from fat. A frightening look at how margarine is actually made What the press never gave the public. the media was slowly starting to run with the story.

cooled. which ordinary consumers don’t usually see. and nally dropped into p lastic tubs. ltered and poured in with the waiting fat. The grey gloop is poure d into another vat. som ething to cover over the vile grey. the factory engineers have to give it another pasteurizing heat treatment to get some of the worst stuff ou t of it. other fats and old milk it is. while at least it can be approached without ga gging. or even one grade below that. in fact it’s going sour. There’s more. cut into smaller blocks. Normal yellow dyes wouldn’t work. is still not quite the tempting substance commercial margarine is suppose d to be. and when nally the ordeal is over and the top taken off. then the cost of producing the margarine would drop even lower. checke d and suitable for drinking. Back at the beginning a little sun ower oil is sometimes mixed in. 68 . because the grey is so deep that it would keep on poking through. far too chunky. they react with the nickel and hydrogen. E ven the French Academy of Sciences that sponsored the original stuff had their d oubts. but eleven years late r the Academy decreed that it couldn’t be used in government cafeterias: it was. metal shavings are clunked in before it. It’s grey. That’s not because it’s especially needed. too revolting on the palate. cut into long blocks. The result of all these labors is then compressed. but rather so the designers can have som ething suggestive of sun-kissed meadows and open spaces to print on the cover. First some color is added. commercial cakes. The award for the rst margarine was granted in 1869. is used for condensed milk. then the vat is scr ewed shut and high-pressure hydrogen gas is sprayed in. scraped.of a sort. It se ems it would take a genius to make a palatable product out of this soapy and sta rchfull mixture of grey sour milk and animal fat. This extra substance is waiting in another vat in the factory. even more easy to get in quantity than pig’s fat. or having a bit more bacteria in it than is best. By government regulations ther e are two main grades of milk in most countries: Grade A.Grocery Warning What comes out of the deodorizer. right next to the one where the de-lumping took place. After that it’s strained. and a lesser Grade B. the lumps are gone. and it’s far. Even though it’s already been pasteurized once. The milk that’s waiting to be mixed in with the fat in the margarine factory is the second kind. It’s not fresh. and baby milk mixtu res. it’s sticky. but if at this stage they could be diluted with something even cheaper. Extra-strong dyes based on sulfur-re ned coal tars are used instead. and usually not becau se there’s enough to make any difference. lard and herring fat don’t cost very much. Then vitamins-because all this processing has made it nutritiou sly almost valueless. t hey said. which is fresh. There’s something else. The fats are boiled and compressed in there. Then a sti ing strong avorer is mixed in t o make it taste like something other than the miscellaneous lard. It’s milk -. Beef dripp ing. but which being slightly older.

For many people. non-re ned coconut oil and use that as a buttery spread. . M. Studies show that amounts greater than 5 percent of your calories ca n have negative health consequences.Grocery Warning That’s margarine: the stuff you’ve probably been buying and eating for a couple of d ecades because the health experts said it was “good for you. so the only way to be safe is to utterly and completely avoi d hydrogenated oils. coldpressed. It’s already the right texture. This is. and it’s both delicious and healthy.D. it is frighteningly easy to expose yours elf to hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids. The Om ega Diet If you eat manufactured foods. a small order of fries with lunch. Americans are consuming from 5 to 10 percent of their calories as trans-f atty acids. But there’s an even better solution that I highly recommend: buy yourself some extra virgin. You can reach the 5 percent level simply by eating one doughnut f or breakfast. But it can be dif cult if you enjoy any signi cant p ortion of manufactured foods: 69 . It is alarmingly easy to reach this level b ecause any product that has the words “partially hydrogenated” on the label contains trans-fatty acids. their primary source of trans fats is marg arine. So what can you do to protect yourself from margarines contai ning hydrogenated oils? Just follow the action item here: Action Item: Absolutely avoid purchasing any margarine product that contains any “partially hyd rogenated” ingredient. deep-fat fried foods. To add butter avor. and you will nd that coconut oil exh ibits amazing properties when it comes to stabilizing blood sugar and satiating your hunger. simply squeeze some Smart Squeeze butter avored liquid on top of the coconut oil. People need more coconut oil in their diets. How much hydrogenated oil and trans fatty acids are you eating? Today. by far. arti cial c heese. Remember: the acceptable level o f exposure is zero. Simopoulos. You are hopefully already avoiding all the baked cookies and cracke rs made with hydrogenated oils. Making a change in your margarine is easy: just buy margarine products th at have “no trans fats” and read the ingredients labels to make sure they have no hy drogenated oils. and crackers. my best recommendation on buttery spreads.. This includes most types of margarine. of course. shortening. commercial baked goods.Artemis P. prepared mixes. since it is precisely soybean oil that is the chea pest source of vegetable oil that can be hydrogenated and formed into margarineshaped containers. a teaspoon of margarine at lunc h and dinner.” The soybean industry l oved to hear that. snack food. and two cookies for dessert.

baked p astry. and dessert is going to contain hydrogenated oils and tran s fats. The restaurant industry loves hydrogenated oils: they’re cheap.43 g). They get i t at every meal! There’s the hydrogenated oil margarine at breakfast.N. Pizzorno. only the oil is different.D. a small order of French fries with lunch (3. Tha t’s the only way to be sure you’re avoiding hydrogenated oils.Bruce Fife. N. Of course. the fast fo od industry has been cooking french fries in hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of beef tallow and tropical oils. which in 1982 contained only 2. The general ignorance about nutrition by most people swayed them into siding with the soybean industry. Because hydrogenat ed oils are used everywhere. and Michael T.. but the short version is that practically every salad dressing.19 g of trans fatty acids). Nearly 80 percent o f all the vegetable oil used in the United States today comes from soybeans. and of course potato chips.4 grams of trans fatty acids. Since 1990. sensitive to consumer fear. and two cookies for a snack (1. I strongl y recommend you read the ingredients labels before purchasing any food item. butter spread. enough to negate the serum cholesterol-lowering e ffects of a decrease in saturated fat of 10 percent of total energy intake.Grocery Warning A person eating a doughnut for breakfast (3. they achieved a stunning economic success: 25+ years of heavy margar ine consumption by an ignorant public. we are cursed with trans fatty acids just about any time we eat (unless we prepare our food from scratch). This amounts to an awful lot of nasty trans fatty acids that are in our foods now that weren’t there before. They made the change because of the prevailing opinion that vegetable oils were healthier than other oils. there’s a push for self-survival in the soybean oil indust ry. All of these foods contain hydrogenated oils. contains a whopping 19. which proves money and politics can override truth. The food is the same. the aky pastry dessert at dinner. the vast majority of consumers in our modern societies are consumi ng toxic levels of trans fats and hydrogenated oils on a daily basis. you’ll also have to watch out at restaurants. the baked cr ackers with vegetable oil shortening at lunch. The Textbook of Natural Medi cine In fact. . By managing to convince the entire Western world that saturated animals fats were evil. corn chips and toaster pastries during all the snack s in between. they add c alories and “ ll” to foods.2 grams today. Murray. The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil 70 . Thr ee-fourths of that oil is hydrogenated (containing up to 50 percent trans fatty acids). two teaspoons of margarine on bread w ith dinner (1.D.72 g) would ingest a total o f 9. As always. replacing tropical oils with hydrogenated oils.. What more could a re staurant hope for? Corruption and politics in the soybean oil industry As with all industries. M ost major food companies. and hydrogenated soybean oil was good for you: The ASA [American S oybean Association] succeeded in producing a health crisis where none had existe d. reformulated hundreds of p roducts. and they have an extended shelf life.Jo seph E. a single restaurant meal. .58 g of trans fatty acids.24 g). For example. Their primary message? Tropical oils were bad for you. This subject warrants a lengthy discussion on its own.

The soybean industry. devastated by the coup pull ed off by the soybean industry. What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You. As far back as the 1950s hydrogenated oils were suspected of causing heart disease. In reality. And they know it. Coconut oil is. The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil 71 .even while lacking any real scienti c evidence -. and I think it’s an ide al source of healthy fats. that view persists. I’m convinced. coconut oil prevents heart disease. the soybea n industry conveniently avoided discussing this in their anti-tropical oil campa ign. In the book. The purpose of her research. of course.Bruce Fife. The truth about h ydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids eventually emerged. They always implied that tropical oils should be replaced by “’vegetable oils. This is ironic because replacing tropical o ils with hydrogenated vegetable oils has actually increased heart disease deaths . In the 1980s and early at the public bought into it. When I recommend non-re ned. My breakfast isn’t complete without coconut oil. even if people who eat margarine don’t. “Doesn’t that cause hea rt disease?” Some myths live on. study after study implicated hydr ogenated oils in contributing to heart disease as well as a number of other heal th problems. the soybean industry was busy suppressing certain studies that showed hydrogenated oils to be promoters of di sease: The soybean industry’s attack on tropical oils was built on the accusation that these oils cause heart disease. not promote a product. Even today. she thought. but they knew all along that it would b e hydrogenated vegetable oil. a miracle-class food. was to discover truth and increas e knowledge. even today. They cunningly div erted the public’s attention to saturated fats and tropical oils. It’s made of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs ) which boost metabolism and are metabolized like complex carbohydrates in the h uman body (rather than being easily stored in your own fat tissues like animal f ats are). extra virgin coconut oil to people. after publishing the results of a study unfavorable to hydrogenated oils.Grocery Warning The coconut and palm oil industries were. The soybean industry suppresses studies and attacks tropical oils But that’s not widely believed. Aware of the growing evidence against hydrogenated oils. they look at me in amazement. fully aware that hydrogenated oils caused health problems.” T hey didn’t say what type of vegetable oil. Yet under the table. as the soybean industry’s campaign against tropical oils raged. and I eat it nearly every day. but this didn’t set well with the vegetable oi l industry and they refused to fund any of her future studies. The propaganda efforts of the soybean industry were so effective -. consumers were running scared from all tropical oils. the soybean indu stry has denied that trans fatty acids promote heart disease. Suddenly. Like the tobacco indu stry which denied for years that cigarette smoke caused cancer. . pointing a nger a nd calling them the troublemakers. auth or Jane Heimlich tells about one researcher who. attempted to discourage and even suppress studies which presented unfavorable results. found that she could no longer nd fund ing.

The tide is. You can read more about hydrogenated oils at: ated_oils. In fact. Of course. the ASA has already lost the war. In the end.Grocery Warning Fast food restaurants were also caught up in the “no palm oils” frenzy and they even tually switched to vegetable oils rather than lard as the ingredient in which to fry french fries and other fast foods. turning. Action Item: Don’t eat anything made with hydrogenated oils or partially-hydrogenated oils. meanwhile. the trans fat content of fa st foods skyrocketed. As a result. not as any sort of healthful food. The arrival of the Internet and companies like Truth Publishin g (the publisher of this manual) are helping to spread the word about dangerous ingredients like hydrogenated oils. greatly increasing the risk of heart disease for fast food customers. over and over again. Fas t food restaurants use the same frying oil. cancer-pr omoting chemicals that form when foods are cooked at very high temperatures) whi le simultaneously introducing dangerous levels of trans fats into these fried fo ods. claimed they were “protecting the health” of their customers by switching to these “healthful” vegetable oils. People in the know aren’t bu ying margarine products containing hydrogenated oils anymore. which multiplie s the acrylamide content of fried foods (acrylamides are highly toxic. a s they are steeped in a defensive retreat even today. indee d. of course. per iod.html 72 . the soybean oil pushers a re going to lose. These foods can only be accurate characterized as promoters of disease. the id ea that fried foods could be healthful is rather ridiculous in the rst place. The restaurants.newstarget.

Grocery Warning 73 .

Grocery Warning 74 .

As I know from personal experience -. And I don’t miss it one bit. I hardly drank water at a ll and. instead. there are characteristics of soft drinks that pose tremendous risks to your health that go way beyond corn s yrup. And I’m happy to say today that I have been 100 percent free of soft drinks for nearly 10 years. This addiction operates at many levels. we are “addicted” to these soft drinks and have a very hard time eliminating them from our diet.and perhaps yo ur own experience agrees with this -. As an example.Grocery Warning GROCERY WARNING . People universally overlook these characteristics. There are many other problems associated with the frequent consumption of e ven diet soft drinks. As a resul t. and ma ny people attempting to lose weight inevitably turn to diet soft drinks to avoid the extraordinary amount of re ned sugars contained in regular soft drinks. During most of my younger years. it isn’t so easy to arrive at the goal. I know this very well: I grew up on a diet that was high in so ft drink consumption. relied on soft drinks. this is the goal you should shoot for: the complete and permanent elimination of soft drinks from yo ur dietary patterns.many of us became overweight or obese in t he rst place by engaging in diets very high in soft drink consumption. as you will see. Unfortunately. especially when they are present ed in liquid candy form as they are in soft drinks. Generally speaking. I’ll show you an overwhelming amount of evidence that demonstrates soft drinks leach miner als from your bones. multi-sensory addiction that can be exceedingly dif cult for people to break. Obviously. It’s more than just a desi re: it’s a biochemical. It only took me six months to break the habit.PART 3 Grocery Products That Are Dangerous To Your Health Su ering from soft drinks Now let’s take a look at the next problem found in everyday foods and groceries co nsumed by most Americans: soft drinks. we are a nation of pe ople hooked on soft drinks. The damaging health effects of soft drink consumption While it’s a smart decision to avoid re ned sugars. Let’s start by looking at a few statistics that show an alarming increase in the consumption of soft drinks over the years and the massive expenditures by the soft drinks manufacturers to market this dis ease-promoting substance: 75 . resulting in decreased bone mass and the onset of osteoporo sis.

Food Politics Diet soft drinks don’t cause you to lose weight Despite all of this increase in the consumption of soft drinks -.Grocery Warning Soft drink consumption and marketing statistics • The Coca-Cola Company spends nearly $300 million per year on soft drink advertis ements. • The average American eats over 200 pounds of sugar and arti cial sweetener s per year. movie theaters. and the habits of girls are only slightly better. From my own observations. Large portions attract customers who ock to all-yo u-can-eat restaurants and order double-scoop ice cream cones because the relativ e prices discourage the choice of smaller turns out diet soft drinks don’t help people lose weight in th e rst place. These are not thin people. the more overweight they tend to be. the more diet soft drinks a perso n buys in line at the grocery store. years and years of buying “diet” soft drinks without shedding a single pound). Soft drink portions: Super size me! At the same time advertising expenditures on soft drinks are skyrocketing. • The average American dri nks more than 50 gallons of soft drinks per year.” and the FDA should requ ire soft drink manufacturers to either prove their drinks help people lose weigh t or disallow the use of the word “diet” in the product names. From an industry standpoint. and f ast food restaurants.Mario n Nestle. just walk into any grocery store and look at the people who are buying diet soft drinks. 76 . It does not require much mat hematical skill to understand that the larger portions of McDonald’s french fries are a better buy than the “small” when they are 40 percent cheaper per ounce . because they know they couldn’t get away with that kind of claim without some sort of proof -. There have been absolutely no scienti c studies showing that “diet” soft drinks help people lose weight. The cost of food is low relative to labor and other factors that add value.especially die t soft drinks -. quick stop convenience marts and other ret ail establishments that sell soft drinks are upsizing their portions to ridiculo us levels: The largest movie-theater soft drink contains 800 calories if not too diluted with ice. In fact.and they have none. Soft drink manufacturers certainly don’t claim their products cause people to lose weig ht. larger p ortions make good marketing sense. If you haven’t already experienced this yourself (you know. then. • The typical teenage male who drinks soda drinks over 42 ounces every day. Larger portions can contribute to weight gain unless people c ompensate with diet and exercise. There’s nothing about them that quali es as “diet. all diet soft drinks are mislabeled. the experience of most people is quite the opposite. however. Technically.

Grocery Warning A closer look at the health problems linked to soft drink consumption Now, let’s take a look at the various problems and health risks associated with di et soft drinks. First, the most obvious: arti cial chemical sweeteners: Arti cial chemical sweeteners Factoid: One liter of most aspartame-sweetened soft drinks contains about 55 mg of methanol. - H. J. Roberts, M.D., Aspartame: Is It Safe? We’ve already covered a rti cial chemical sweeteners in some detail, so I’ll limit my comments in this secti on. But allow me to summarize what we’ve learned so far: • Most diet soft drinks are sweetened with aspartame. It is well known that aspartame breaks down into meth anol (free methyl alcohol) which is a chemical regulated by the EPA and consider ed an environmental pollutant. This methanol, in turn, breaks down into formic a cid and formaldehyde inside the human body. • Formaldehyde is a potent nerve toxin , which may explain why so many users of aspartame complain of nerve-related sym ptoms such as blindness, dizziness, migraine headaches, and seizures. Aspartame alone is responsible for 75 percent of the food and beverage-related health comp laints to the FDA. • Aspartame remains legal solely due to the nancial and politica l interests of those who pro t from its sales and consumption. The FDA does not pr otect the public from aspartame because the FDA generally acts in collusion with private industry, rather than in the interests of the general public. It is my belief that when the truth about aspartame becomes publicly known, this substanc e will join the arti cial sweetener cyclamate on the list of highly toxic chemical s permanently banned from use in the food supply. When this ban is put in place, I predict the FDA will champion that ban, claiming they are “protecting the publi c!” Sure they are, but only after tens of millions have been unnecessarily harmed. As a reminder of the toxic nature of aspartame, here’s a quote from the book Aspa rtame: Is It Safe? The unknowing consumption of aspartame, whether by ingestion or the chewing of gum, predictably triggered subsequent grand mal seizures. The amount of aspartame ingested in some patients was remarkably small. This is illu strated by (1) an infant who developed convulsions when his nursing mother drank an aspartame soft drink, and (2) a young woman believed to have aspartame-relat ed epilepsy who convulsed within minutes after chewing one piece of “sugar-free” gum . - H. J. Roberts, M.D., Aspartame: Is It Safe? 77

Grocery Warning Soft drinks, phosphorus, meat and osteoporosis In addition to the signi cant health risks posed by the arti cial chemical sweetener s found in diet soft drinks, another major health risk exists. This one is rarel y discussed, however, and because few people know about it. They happily drink g allons and gallons of diet soft drinks each year, thinking they are “protecting th emselves” from the ravages of re ned sugars and high-fructose corn syrup. What they don’t realize is that while they may be avoiding the re ned sugars, they are not at all avoiding another problem that’s perhaps worse: the dangerous mineral imbalance . To understand how this works, however, you’ll rst need a fundamental understandin g of how minerals operate in the human body. Minerals like calcium and magnesium must be present in a speci c ratio (2 to 1, in this case) in order to support hea lthy, balanced function in the human body. If this ratio is substantially altere d, imbalances begin to occur. These mineral imbalances can create destructive he alth consequences. One crucial mineral ratio in the human body is the calcium-to -phosphorus ratio. For optimum balance and healthy function throughout the body, calcium and phosphorus must exist in a ratio of around 1:1. In other words, for every 500mg of calcium you consume, you should ideally get 500mg of phosphorus as well. The standard American diet is way too high in phosphorus due to its hea vy reliance on foods and beverages with a high phosphorus content such as meats and dairy products. All by itself, this dietary pattern presents possible imbala nces in the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. Many people are simply not getting enou gh calcium in their bodies, but they are consuming an excess of phosphorus throu gh meats and other high-protein foods (protein, in general, contains a high phos phorus content). Remember: phosphorus isn’t a “bad” mineral, in fact it is essential t o your health. What’s bad here is the ratio of these minerals when phosphorus is c onsumed in excess. There’s also the issue of the acidity of soft drinks. When you consume these highly acidic beverages, your body must neutralize that acid by bu ffering it with alkaline minerals such as calcium. And where do you think your b ody might nd stores of calcium? Your bones, of course, which are sort of like “calc ium banks” as far as your body is concerned. In this way, eating or drinking soft drinks results in your body tapping your bones in order to nd the calcium needed to “balance” the phosphorus ratio in your body. This calcium is stripped from your b ones and then eliminated through your urine. 78

Grocery Warning When you drink soft drinks, you are peeing away your bones To put it simply, if you frequently drink soft drinks, you are initiating a seri es of biochemical causeand-effect events that result in you literally peeing you r bones away. As explained in The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Soft drinks have long been suspected of leading to lower calcium levels and higher phosphate levels in the blood. When phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphate content of soft drinks is ver y high, and they contain virtually no calcium. It appears that increased soft-dr ink consumption is a major factor that contributes to osteoporosis. The link bet ween soft-drink consumption and bone loss is going to become even more signi cant as children who were practically weaned on soft drinks reach adulthood. Soft-dri nk consumption in children poses a signi cant risk factor for impaired calci cation of growing bones. Since there is such a strong correlation between maximum bonemineral density and the risk of osteoporosis, the rate of osteoporosis may reach even greater epidemic proportions. The severe negative impact that soft drinks exert on bone formation in children was clearly demonstrated in a study that com pared fty-seven children with low blood calcium levels, aged eighteen months to f ourteen years, to 171 matched controls (children with normal calcium levels). Th e goal of the study was to assess whether the intake of at least 1.5 quarts per week of phosphate-containing soft drinks is a risk factor for the development of low blood calcium levels. Not surprisingly, a strong association was found. Of the ftyseven children who had low blood calcium levels, thirty-eight (66.7 percen t) drank more than four bottles (12 to 16 ounces per bottle) of soft drinks per week, but only forty-eight (28 percent) of the 171 children with normal serum ca lcium levels consumed as much soft drink. For all 228 children, a signi cant corre lation between serum calcium level and the number of bottles of soft drink consu med each week was found. The more soft drinks consumed, the lower the calcium le vel. These results more than support the contention that soft-drink consumption leads to lower calcium levels in children. This situation that ultimately leads to poor bone mineralization, which explains the greater risk of broken bones in children who consume soft drinks. Although this study focused on children, the s ame is true for adults: the more soft drinks you consume (diet or otherwise), th e lower your levels of calcium. These soft drinks literally leach calcium right out of your bones. Loss of calcium and bone mass, not surprisingly, leads direct ly to osteoporosis and other bone disorders: The skeletal system suffers most fr om calcium de ciency. Teeth minerals are more stable, though there is a possibilit y of poor dentition with insuf cient calcium. Tooth loss, periodontal disease, and gingivitis can be problems, especially with a high phosphorus intake, particula rly from soft drinks. All kinds of bone problems can occur with prolonged calciu m de ciency, which causes a decrease in bone mass. Rickets in children, osteomalac ia (decreased bone calcium) in adults, and osteoporosis (porous and fragile bone s) can occur when calcium is withdrawn from bones faster than it is deposited. F ractures are more common with osteoporosis -- almost eight million yearly in the United States are related to this prevalent nutritional de ciency disease 79

Grocery Warning The typical American diet provides too much phosphorus and not enough calcium, l eading to reduced body storage of calcium; thus, many of the problems of calcium de ciency discussed earlier may develop. Phosphorus and calcium can compete for a bsorption in the intestines. High consumption of meats or soft drinks increases phosphorus intake and may contribute to this imbalance. The ideal ratio of calci um to phosphorus in the diet is 1:1. In recent years, the increased consumption of soft drinks, which are buffered with phosphates, has been a concern. There ma y be up to 500 mg. of phosphorus per serving of a soft drink, with essentially n o calcium. - Elson Haas M.D., Staying Healthy With Nutrition High phosphorus content combines with high meat consumption to spell disaster As the statement above describes, most Americans’ diets are too high in phosphorus to begin with. If you add diet soft drinks, your phosphorus consumption skyrock ets. This only accelerates the loss of calcium from bones and the subsequent bon e disorders that naturally result. of the leading contributors to osteopo rosis in the U.S. is carbonated soft drinks containing phosphorus. Research has shown a direct link between too much phosphorus and calcium loss. If you’re guzzli ng down a couple of zzy soft drinks a day, you’re most likely creating bone loss. O ur other source of excessive phosphorus in the U.S. is eating too much meat. The average American gets more than enough protein, so for most of us it can only h elp to cut down on our meat consumption. - Earl Mindell, Ph.D., Prescription Alt ernatives Dr. James Balch, author of the A to Z Guide To Supplements, supports t he same line of thinking: The average American diet of meats, re ned grains, and s oft drinks (which are high in phosphorus) leads to increased excretion of calciu m. Consuming alcoholic beverages, coffee, junk foods, excess salt, and/or white o ur also leads to the loss of calcium by the body - James F. Balch, M.D., A to Z Guide To Supplements The meat connection to excess dietary phosphorus is also we ll explained in The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals: Excess dieta ry phosphorus, found in meat, soft drinks, grains, and potatoes, may promote bon e loss by interfering with calcium balance. In theory, the higher your phosphoru s intake, the greater your tendency to leech calcium out of bones, which could w eaken the bony foundation beneath your gums. Recommendation: ...try not to drink carbonated soft drinks, diet or otherwise. 80

Grocery Warning As you can see, high-protein diets and soft drink consumption multiply each othe r’s mineral imbalances. While avoiding re ned carbohydrates is a very healthy way to lose weight, if people don’t pay attention to their calcium / phosphorus ratios, some of their weight loss may actually be due to their loss of bone mass! Calcium supplements alone won’t solve this problem You might think you could solve this problem by simply taking calcium supplement s. But think again: the high consumption of phosphorus actually makes it dif cult for your body to absorb calcium. Phosphorus competes with calcium for absorption in the intestines, meaning that the more phosphorus you have in your diet, the less calcium you can actually absorb. In this way, taking calcium supplements in order to “balance” the consumption of diet soft drinks may not be nearly as effecti ve as you hoped: If your diet contains an excess of phosphorus, from too much an imal protein or too many carbonated soft drinks, you may fail to absorb calcium from your food as well as lose more calcium from your urine. Americans tend to e at more phosphorus than calcium, which looms large if you are at risk for bone t hinning. ...Avoid carbonated soft drinks and yeast products. - Mary Dan Eades, M .D., The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals Eventually, with enough bone loss and depleted calcium stores, bone fractures start to occur at an accel erated rate. This has been well demonstrated in clinical studies of soft drink c onsumption, even in young adults who typically have stronger bones than those wh o are older: Signi cant calcium imbalance can come about as a result of high intak es of phosphorus. Phosphorus is present in high quantities in protein-containing foods and soft drinks. There is some evidence that due to the large increase in soft drinks in the last decade that this factor alone may contribute to poor pe ak bone mass in younger individuals. Based on data from more than 4,000 children aged 2-17 years, soda consumption among children and adolescents rose 41 percen t in the time period of 1989-1991 compared to 1994-1995. A 1994 study of 127 chi ldren aged 8-16 found that 39 percent of the girls and 41 percent of the boys ha d a history of bone fracture. Girls who consumed greater amounts of cola beverag es had a higher incidence of fractures than those who consumed low amounts. A hi gh calcium intake was found to protect against fractures, particularly among gir ls who had high physical activity (Ballew et al. 2000). - Disease Prevention and Treatment by the Life Extension Foundation (If you noticed, this study also sho wed that high physical activity helped protect against bone fractures -- somethi ng I’ve advocated for years. The more physical you get on a daily basis, the stron ger your bones.) 81

for example. and copper. natural sunlight would increase vitamin D stores. Milk doesn’t have much ca lcium in it to begin with. This is why the best strategy is to reduce phosphorus intake in order to balance the calcium / phosphorus ratio in your body.Disease Prevention and Treatment 82 . along with magnesi um and zinc as well. Postmenopausal women should probably supplem ent with calcium/magnesium capsules. Namely: whole food complexes a nd superfoods like chlorella and spirulina. Herbal Defense Supplementing with magnesium would help your body absorb more supplementary calcium. nuts. but even then.. But as the earlier quotes mentioned. along with suf cient trace minerals includ ing zinc. Milk is not the answer to calcium de ciency Many people think they are getting “plenty of calcium” from all the milk they consum e. phosphate s (in processed foods and soft drinks.milk again.and both of these are typically lacking in the American diet. A cup of broc coli juice. Plant sources of calcium are clearly your best choice: Obtain as much calcium and magnesium and other trace minerals from your diet as possible by . It only makes sense: if you get more calcium. and increased exposure to healthy. eliminate or reduce the use of colas and other soft drinks in o rder to decrease phosphorus intake. This position is sadly misinformed. they think they can drink diet soft drinks without worrying ab out the imbalance. Also. they say. boron. the calcium in milk isn’t well utilized by the huma n body unless magnesium and vitamin D are also present -.Grocery Warning This study showed that calcium supplementation helped prevent bone fractures.eating dark green leafy vegetables. and seeds. there are far better places to get calcium.000 mg of calcium and 500 mg of magnesium.. regardless of the hype and promotional efforts of the dairy industry (which will be discussed in greater detail later). Daily intakes should reach at least 1. An ounce of spirul ina (a micro-algae superfood) has far more calcium than milk. . as well as meat -. the absorption of that calcium may be ser iously impaired by the excessive phosphorus. and therefore. Calcium citrate is generally better absorbe d and utilized than calcium carbonate. has more calcium than a cup of milk. you will help balance out the ratios .increases calcium loss. broccoli.Robyn Landis. The more milk they drink. the more soft drinks they can safely consume. Milk also contributes to the phosphorus mineral imbalance due to its own high phosphorus and protein content: Too much p rotein -. . Secondly. common in the average child’s diet) can cau se calcium loss or excretion. And the easiest way to do that is to simply avoid soft drinks for lif e.

and then b y not drinking water to ush it out of the system. few to no cavitations. The facial structures of the people who enjoyed a more “civilized” diet are not so beautiful. with scarcely enough room for a growing brain. white our products. T heir jaws are narrow with so little room that the teeth crowd together in two cr ooked rows. the pain and suffering are intolerable. and wide foreheads to house their brains. loaded with sodium. a beverage that pulls even more minera ls out of the tissues and excretes them in the urine. Americans drink soft drink s that are often loaded with more sodium and which further unbalance the mineral stores. which w ould pull the excess sodium out of the blood and out of the brain. and in cultures where dental care is inadequate .Carol Simontacchi. no milk.Carol Simontacchi. The traditional wholesome diet produced wide faces with jaws wi de enough to accommodate all thirty-two teeth with proper spacing. alcoholic beverages. We drink coffee. not soft drinks. We defeat the body’s own mechanism of balancing the critical sodium-to-potassium ratios by over indulging in these entrees and beverages that contain so much sodium. and p hosphorousrich soft drinks also promote increased calcium excretion. It’s the only liquid I consume: no soft drinks. And yet so many people simply refuse to drink water: Americans do n’t drink very much water. The Crazy Makers The solution to everything presented here is deceptively simple: d rink water. destructive health consequence that comes from drinking any kind of soft drinks. and soft drinks are astonishing. and very few people are aware of this. We drink V8. Their foreheads are also narrow. which makes a person’s face look old. The Crazy Makers So just how serious is this problem of calcium depletion and bone mass lo ss in the rst place? It’s a hidden. high cheekbon es. Here’s an extended collection of additional quotes from doctors and authors on this subje ct: Diets high in sugar alter calcium uptake. coffee. or mi sshapen.Grocery Warning Soft drinks make you ugly by altering your facial bone structure Consuming soft drinks can even alter your physical appearance by slowly destroyi ng the bone structure of your face and jaw. no ju ices. weak a nd sunken: The differences between people who had eaten their ancestral diet fro m birth and people who had feasted on sugar.Disease P revention and Treatment by The Life Extension Foundation 83 . . Cavities are common. . . Much of the calcium loss that impact s bones affects the dominant jawbone. We drink everything but water.

N. high-protein diet. Carbonated soft drinks deplete the body’s magnesium. 84 . but no “acidic” drinks like fruit ju ices or nutritionally imbalanced drinks like cows’ milk. a mineral that could lead to the leaching of calcium from your bones. .Russell Blaylock.S. It appears that increased soft -drink consumption is a major factor that contributes to osteoporosis.D. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Avoid soft drinks. says Ken Wical. high salt intake.. Avoid all soft drinks. high-acid-ash die t.D. Murray. inc luding: low calcium-high phosphorus intake. very active girls found that those who drank colas were ve time s more likely to suffer fractures than girls of equal activity who avoided soft drinks. M. Drink water or tea. . leading to toot h loss. Cows’ milk is also high in phosphorus. as well as protei n.D.. professor of restorative dentistry at Loma Linda University in California. D. .Grocery Warning Many general dietary factors have been suggested as a cause of osteoporosis. Canned soda contai ns excess phosphorus. Some researchers believe that cal cium is rst robbed not from your hips or spine but from your jaw.Michael T. and trace mineral de ciencies. it is t he culprit in such cases. Health and Nut rition Secrets That Can Save Your Life Phase out soft drinks. a potential cause of osteoporosis. especially those sweetened with aspartame.. It is suspected that because phosphorus draws calcium from bone. One st udy of 460 young.Healing With Vitamins by Prevention Magazine Action Item: Avoid soft drinks for life.

The Crazy Makers Beyond the bone disorders.. Reduce your intake of caffeine even more strictly (to no more than two caffeine-containing drinks) at least three days p rior to the usual time of symptoms each month . soft drinks manage to serve up yet another dangerous ingredient: caffeine. and the average American drinks over 576 twelve-ounce cans of soft drinks per year. It is arguably the lesser of the ev ils when consideration everything that goes into soft drinks. in fact. M.D. mineral imbalances and oste oporosis problems mentioned in the section above. soft drinks. as it heightens the blood pressure and puts stress on the circulatory system. “You need caffeine!” But in fact. . Women who consume four to 15 caffeine-containing drinks per day (coffee. you don’t need caffeine.D. however. Soft drink manufacturers. a highly addictive.Grocery Warning The truth about caffeine. you should totally eliminate caffeine from your diet . The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals There are.Carol Simo ntacchi.. as just noted). chocolate. and many soft drinks (althoug h carbonated beverages will already be on your list of things to avoid. especially if you are battling mine ral depletion problems or osteoporosis. psychoactive drug About sixty. or caffeinated soft drinks per day. I tell my patients with angina to limit themselves to n o more than one caffeinated drink per day. This situation is especially crucial for women: If you are at risk for osteoporosis.Mary Dan Eades. This includes regular coffee and tea. M. tea. depend on caffeine to keep people hooked on their products in much the same way that cigarette manufacturers rely on nicotine for repeat sales. For one thing. Caffeine makes i t hard to “quit” soft drinks because your nervous system keeps telling you. Recommendation: Reduce your daily caffeine consumption to fewe r than four caffeinated drinks per day. in fact. reduce your intake of caffeine to l ess than two servings of coffee. tea. or chocolate) suffer PMS at higher rates than women who drink little caffeine. Giller. but caffeine also presents serious problems when consumed to excess. it is acidic a nd accelerates the mineral imbalances detailed in the previous section. Natural Prescriptions 85 . many health problem s associated with the excess consumption of caffeine: Caffeine is a problem for people with heart disease. If you already have osteoporosis. caffeine is highly addictive. .ve percent of all soft drinks sold contain caffeine. Most not ably. I might mention here that some of the bottled iced teas and soft drinks (even “un-co las” like Mountain Dew) have a great deal of caffeine in them.Robert M. Most people opt for a cup of coffee i n the morning and cut out all additional coffee or caffeinated sodas or teas.

. When caffeine and similar compounds are taken in e xcess. When consumed regularly.Paul Pitchford. move into colas or other soft drinks w ith caffeine.D. We begin with hot chocolate or cho colate bars. Large r and more frequent doses are needed for the same effect. and respiratory syst em stimulant. we need the drug to function. which contain some caffeine. in addition to promoting yet more calcium loss. either. . Obtained as a byproduct of c affeine-free coffee. Physiologically.Elson Haas M. soft drinks aren’t the only concern. and moodiness.” Eventually. It has been linked to spontaneous panic attacks in persons sensitive to caffeine. various types of heart disease. insomnia. a nd. an d puts it in the category of the most frequently abused drug in our modern socie ty: Caffeine can be a lifetime drug for many. Healing Wit h Whole Foods Elson Haas. It can cause nervousness. and even s ome herbal preparations contain either caffeine or very closely related substanc es. Children who exhibit hyper activity are often vi ctims of diets rich in chocolates and cola drinks. the FDA proposed regulations to request new safety studies and to encourage the manufacture and sale of caffeine-free colas. Caffeine can alter blood sugar release and cross the placental bar rier. insomnia or light sleep patterns. Many adults use caffeine daily. but t his is slowly changing with education and experience revealing the long-range pr oblems resulting from caffeine abuse. describes caffeine as a “lifetime drug” for many.. Coffee. So caffeine is a natural stimulant with both physica l and psychological addiction potential and withdrawal symptoms similar to the s ymptoms of its abuse. diet pills. many soft drinks. cocoa. in high doses. as is typical of addictive drugs. From Food Addit ives: Caffeine is the number one psychoactive drug. Examples of such caffeine-like substances are theobromine in chocolate and c ocoa and theophylline in tea. stomach and intestinal maladies. said that women who consume the amount of caffeine in one and a half to three cups of coffee a day may nearly double their risk of miscarriage. any of several symptoms usually result: anxiety and nervousness. heart. Because of its capability to cause birth def ects in rats. December 22. A University of Montr eal study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is a central nervous system. and symptoms can devel op if we do not get our “ x. without it. Most peopl e are getting an overdose of caffeine from other sources regardless of whether t hey consume soft drinks: Caffeine is clearly the most prevalently used stimulant in the world. noises in ears.D. It also cau ses increases in calcium excretion. caffeine is a central ner vous system (CNS) stimulant. aspi rin. convulsions. and then add coffee and tea. Staying Healthy With Nutrition Caffeine consumption results in even more calcium loss Even mild caffeine consumption has been linked to serious health disorders such as miscarriages. as little as two cups of coff ee can initiate these symptoms. tea. 86 . 1993. irregular heartbeat. fa tigue and drowsiness occur. It has been found to be addictive. The amount needed to produce the wake-up and stimul ation effect increases with regular use. various analgesics used for migraine headache and vascular pain.. chocolate. M.Grocery Warning When it comes to caffeine.

of course. it carries signi cant a signi cant negative health risk as well. or even by using nasal sprays. Although aluminum is not a heavy metal. from consumin g items with high levels of aluminum (e.Grocery Warning In summary.Disease Prevention and Treatment by The Life Extension Foundation 87 .” as any physicist knows. and another toxin present in soft drinks isn’t something added by manufacturers: it’s something leaching out of the containers in which soft drinks are stored and shipped: aluminum cans.. and yet nearly everyone will gladly drink highly acidic substances that have been rubbing mole cules with aluminum for any number of days. we are in constant contact with aluminum in foods and in water. or treat ed drinking water. Some of the aluminum inevitably leeches into t he soft drink itself. weeks or months.g. No metal is “100 perc ent solid. from cookware and soft drink cans. Dr. Elson Haas jokes about honest labeling requirements for products containing caffeine: All products containing caffeine should carry a warning saying something like. The c affeine creates an addiction to the drink. environmental expo sure is frequent. In the home. and antiperspirant s).” The problem here is less with the drug itself and more with the amounts cons umed and the constant stimulation on which people depend many times daily. leading to concerns about accumulative effects and a possible connection with Alzheimer’s disease.Elson Haas M. it seems. caffeine is not only the most frequently-abused psychoactive drug in America. No educated person in their right mind would eat or drink aluminum. drinking more caffeine! Aluminum cans may present yet another health danger for soft drinks The news on soft drinks keeps getting worse.D. “C affeine can be hazardous to your health. Staying Healthy Wi th Nutrition What hasn’t been mentioned in any of this literature is caffeine’s abil ity to also deplete the adrenal glands. antacids. . . a cond ition that most caffeine drinkers solve by. toothpaste. This causes long-term exhaustion.. buffered aspirin. Regular use may be addicting and injuri ous.

” “objective” science institute. While all soft drinks containing uoride will leach alumi num from the can. Not surprisingly. at least in one study. of course. This would be a major consideration. which studied the special interests that fund ACSH. the more alumino uoride compound will be created in the drink. which in the heat breaks down very quickly into the carcinog enic compound. The m edical costs of dealing with these diseases are fully shouldered by the customer . the longer a canned drink sits. either. was higher in the diet drinks. Soft drink companies spin the science to claim their products are harmless There’s a tremendous amount of spin coming out of the public relations departments of soft drink companies. She downplays the link between a high fat diet and heart disease. over 105° F. After all. while receiving funding fro m Oscar Mayer. especiall y at higher temperatures. for example. In addition. for weeks. the drinks contained the toxic sw eetener. a nd they staunchly defend the safety of aspartame. NutraSweet and the National Soft Drink Association. M. sick customers don’t demand reimbursements from soft drinks companies f or their medical bills. Soft drinks also present special hazards. diet sodas may be worse than regular sodas because the uoride c ontent. for example. in the millions of diet soft drinks donated to soldiers in the Persian Gulf. the soft drink spin machine has infe cted all sorts of scienti c-sounding groups and organizations whose employees unab ashedly defend the soft drink manufacturers: Corporations also fund ‘’nonpro t researc h institutes” which provide “third party experts’’ to advocate on their behalf.Russ ell Blaylock. Frito Lay and Land O’Lakes. Pepsi. claim that their aluminum cans are perfectly safe. The Amer ican Council on Science and Health (ACSH). Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life Soft dr ink manufacturers. This claim was dissected by Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post in the March 1990 Columbia Journalism Review.Grocery Warning The ability of aluminum to contaminate beverages stored in aluminum cans is well explained by Elson Haas: One of the most common sources of aluminum uoride compl exes is in liquids packaged in aluminum cans. not in protecting the health of their customers. Furthermore. they are primarily i nterested in selling products. as well as formaldehyde and formic acid. a combination that is especially h azardous with acidic fruit juices and diet drinks. diketopiperizine. She defends saccharin and receives mone y from Coca-Cola. Headed by Elizabeth Whelan. Kurtz reported that Whelan praises the nut ritional virtues of fast food and receives money from Burger King. . So it’s dif cult to lend credibili ty to anything stated by soft drink manufacturers. the coating may be defective and can also be f ractured during shipping. These drinks sat in the bl azing heat.D. . is a commonly-used indus try front group that produces PR ammunition for the food processing and chemical industries. Acidic juices leach aluminum from the wall of the can and disperse it throughout the juice. Toxic Sludge Is Good For You 88 . aspartame.. But they also claim that their high-sugar products don’t cause obesity. Making people sick and promoting diseases like osteoporo sis has absolutely nancial consequences to soft drink companies themselves. ACSH routinely presents itself as an “ind ependent.J ohn Stauber. Although most alum inum cans now have inner linings. Clearly.

and. The message will not be popular with cattle ranchers. dairy. eventually. take a look at the in uence of just one player: big sugar companies. media corpora tions and advertising agencies.700 raised sugar beets in the United States. The owners of these few farms give generously to both political parties.through their Flo-Sun companies in 1997-1998. Food Politics 89 .] . . The rang e of economic sectors that would be affected if people changed their diets. every time a lawmaker attempts to ban soft drinks in schools. USDA of cials believe that really encouraging people to follow dietary gui delines would be so expensive and disruptive to the agricultural economy as to c reate impossible political barriers. Rather than accepting the challenge and org anizing a concerted national campaign to encourage more healthful eating pattern s. but 42 percent of the sugar subsidies went to just 1 percent of these growers. grain produce rs (most grain is used to feed cattle). drug and health c are industries likely to lose business if people stay healthier longer. for example.70 0 farms raised sugarcane and 13. Food Politics To get an idea of the power of this political / economic machine. manufacturers and marketers of television sets a nd computers (where advertising takes place). The Fanjuls contributed m ore than $350. or pass new “junk food taxes” that would help dissuade consumers from buying so many so ft drinks. makers of soft drinks. and pharmaceutical companies. [Emphasis added. and p rocessed foods is not going to be popular among the producers of such foods. media owners. Alfonso Fanjul hosted a dinner attended by President Bill Clinton that raised more than a million dolla rs for the Florida Democratic party.000 to the two political parties -. 1. or transporters. oil seed growers. Yet . processors. it is generally recognized that soft drinks are un healthy and certainly not “wholesome beverages” as claimed by soft drink makers. controls about one-third of Florida’s sugarcane production an d collects at least $60 million annually in subsidies. avoi ded obesity. owners of fast-food outlets and franchise restaurants. and s nack foods.Marion Nestle. dairy producers .Marion Nestle. for example. The combined industries of food producers. simply aren’t interested in making people healt hy since that would destroy their pro ts. meat packers. or milk bottlers. In 1991. they are steamrolled by a seemingly unstoppable political in uence mach ine. This phenomenon is described by Marion N estle in Food Politics: Ethical or not. when taken as a whole. Perhaps for this reason. The Fanjul family. and prevented chronic diseases surely rivals the range of industrie s that would be affected if people stopped smoking cigarettes.more to Democrats than to Repu blicans -. a message to eat less meat. candy bars.Grocery Warning Despite all the spin efforts. they propose a more politically expedient solution: the industry should work to improve the food supply through nutrient forti cation and the development of fu nctional foods with added nutritional value.

regardless of your age or ge nder. Michael Holick. the risks to your health from consuming diet soft drinks extends far beyond the arti cial chemical sweetener contained in those drin ks. which also sells spirulina and various superfoo d nutritional supplement products. Learn more about soft drinks at: http://www. Coral calcium is a good choice. of course). but plant-derived calcium from dark green v egetables is even better. The best source? Chlorella. you are hopefully considerin g giving them up for good. by the way. but you haven’t avoided the acidity of the bev my recommended source is Jenny Lee Naturals (ht tp://www.” Engage in physical exercise: both cardiovascular and strength training. yo ur body will naturally produce vast stores of Vitamin D.n ewstarget.Grocery Warning Five simple steps to rebalance the mineral content of your body As you can see from all this. the more sunlight you need to generate Vitamin D. Get more natural sunlight. Older women especially need to engage in strength training activities to c ombat the hormone-related and agerelated bone mineral de ciencies so common in mod ern society. In order to nally rid yourself of soft drinks 3. By exposing your skin to natural sunlight. You may have avoided the sugar. yo ur body cannot ef ciently use the extra calcium you’re If you continue to drink these beverages. These activities promote healthy bone mass and actually increase your bone mass density. be sure to check out the report. supplemental calcium provides a long list o f additional health bene ts. chlorella. You may also wish to take the follow ing steps to rebalance the mineral content of your diet: 1. 2. If you’re interested in chlorella. Without adequate Vitamin D. read my free downloadable report at http://www. Most Americans are de cient in magnes ium.TruthPublishing. which is critical for t he construction and maintenance of healthy bones. Supplement with magnesium to help your body better as similate the additional calcium you’re eating. you will undoubtedly suffer add itional health consequences in the long term that you never intended.html 90 . In addition to assisting w ith your calcium / phosphorus ratio. To learn more about thi s. jennyleenaturals. without sunscreens (in moderation. Supplement with calc ium. “The Five Soft Drink Monsters” offered by Truth Pu blishing at http://www. This is one reason why most American males of African descent are highly de cient in Vitamin D and suffer from skyrocketing rates of prostate cancer. called “The Healing Sun: an interview with Dr.TruthPublishing. the darker your skin. 4. Now that y ou know about the dangers of consuming soft drinks. Best source? Once again.

free-range or kosher . 42 are carcin ogens and 20 can cause birth defects none are bene cial! . arsenic and lead. doesn’t it? It seriously increases our cha nces of developing problems like obesity. 143 chemical substances have been detected in commercial meats.Grocery Warning Heavy bacon consumption All meats and dairy products are laden with chemicals that one way or another ar e going to end up in our system. the meat processing environment. All those chemical toxins. 143 chemical substances have been detected in commercial meats. is talking about massproduced bacon -. processed without nitrates and grown on small family farms. that’s far healthier than commercially-produced bacon. virtually all processed meats have chemical contaminants as a result of unclean feed practices. meat product packaging. heavy metals. However. When you eat bacon fat. No ne of these contaminants are required to be listed on the label of processed mea t products such as bacon. The only natural and abundant thing about meat and dairy products is fat (60 percent of it). These chemical contaminants tend to collect in the animals’ fats where they q uickly attain much higher concentrations than those found in the environment. I wouldn’t touch it. With those two points in mind. most notably cardiovascular disease. candidiasis and cancer. you are consuming highly-conce ntrated stores of these chemical contaminants. unless it’s organic. contaminated well water that ranch animals drink. Point #2: I’m not going to t alk about saturated fats in bacon. pesticides. The information I present here. the contam ination of soils with heavy metals like cadmium. thou gh. I’ll discuss the dangers of eating bacon. But I also believe that a bit of animal fat is probably a healthy thing if consumed in very small quantities and as part of a plant-based diet. M. and many other sour ces. But before we dive in . D. All bacon is bad for your health. hyperthyroidism.the kind produced in non-organic envi ronments and laced with a variety of chemical toxins. hypertension. But if you can nd orga nic bacon. Health in the 21st Century Bacon is a mainstay in the standard American diet .Francisco Contreras. 42 are carcinogens a nd 20 can cause birth defects. here are two important points to disclose up front: Point #1: There is no such thing as healthy bacon. hormones and other substances found in the fat tissues of th e original animal now become your problem. cardiovascular diseases. I believe the scienti c literature clearly show s a link between excess saturated animal fat consumption and a variety of health problems. 91 . In this section. As mentioned in the quote above. the use of pesticides on grains fed to cattle and pigs. According to the General Accounting Of c e. let’s take a look at what we’ll n d in bacon: Toxic chemicals found in bacon and processed meats Unless they are produced from organic farms.. The combination of fat and toxic c hemicals does sound a bit inconvenient.

Samuel S. and other nations. American Society of Ani mal Science. too. of course.Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber. and cosmetics indus tries have all mobilized to defend chlorine chemistry against its environmentali st critics. pulp and paper. Japan. This reaction . and luncheon meats contain nitrites.” . it combines with naturallyoccurring chemicals called secondary or tertiary a mines to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. In his r eport to the Chlorine Chemistry Council (CCC). I’ve already covered a considerable amount of information about sodi um nitrite earlier in this manual. National Renderers Association. Hopefully by now. household products. salami. National Turkey Federation. M. and maintain the meat’s red color. Jack Mongoven noted that these gr oups “have a history of strong relations with the Agriculture Department.) Cured meats such as bacon.. ham. International Dairy Foods Association. These nitrosamines are so toxic and so strongly tied to the form ation of cancerous tumors that lab researchers actually inject nitrosamines into rats when they want to give them tumors to study. American Sheep Industry Association. Although nitrite itself is not carcinogen ic. and it’s c ertain they will use these solid ties to put pressure on EPA through Agriculture . oil. beef jerky. The food industry has also weighed in. mindful that dioxin accumulat es in fatty tissue and is therefore omnipresent in meat and dairy products. Trust Us We’re Experts The sodium nitrite found in bacon and processed meats Most of the chemicals mentioned in this section are accidental chemicals that ne ither farmers nor food producers intend to put into their meat products. But sod ium nitrite is another matter altogether: it is intentionally added to meats pri marily for cosmetic reasons (to turn the meats an appetizing red color. you are similarly treating yourself like a lab rat. the food industry’s “Dioxin Work ing Group” includes the National Milk Producers’ Federation. and the National Food Processors Association. Nitrite-contaminated food is thought to be a caus e of stomach cancer in the United States.. National Pork Pro ducers Council. . Epstein. American Meat Institute. Coor dinated by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. you realize that sodium nit rite results in the formation of highly carcinogenic nitrosamines in the human d igestive tract. since mo st of the meats on the shelves at grocery stores would have long since turned a putrid gray). National Broiler Council.. The Politics of Cancer 92 . These substances inhibit the growth of dangerous botulism-causing bact eria. plastics. (And if you choose to keep ea ting sodium nitrite.occurs within the stom ach once the food is ingested.. America n Farm Bureau Federation.Grocery Warning Various defenders of the meat industry..D. strongly resist any efforts t o identify or regulate the various chemicals contaminating their products: The p esticide.

Hadjiolov and Markow 1973. Taylor et al. More chemicals = more cancer. Therefore. 1965. The chemical also induced kidney and bile duct tumors in rats and hepatocellul ar carcinomas and bile duct tumors in hamsters. hot dogs and bacon. 93 . hepatocellular carcinomas. . Nitrites are another pillar of this industr y. 1 964. rabbits. 1966. Den Engelse et al. Le Page and Christie 1969a.Grocery Warning And yet the meat packing industry refuses to remove this substance from our nati on’s food supply: Meat packing. 1970. Clapp and Toya 1970 . Clapp et al. The phrase “dose-response relationships” is es pecially intriguing. Geil et a l. I already mentioned that when heated. Zwicker et al.5 t imes more prone to get leukemia. When mothers consume hot dogs during pregnancy. 1976) . M. N-nitrosodimethylamine is also carcinogenic when it is administered prenatally and in single doses. 1959. Terracini et al. 1969. 1968. This is generally considered to be a strong indic ator that the cancers observed in these experiments were not just “spontaneous” canc ers that would have occurred anyway. They not only preserve meat longer. plays an impor tant role in the livestock industry. Zak et al. In several of the studies. There is suf cient evidence to indicate the carcinogenicity of Nnitrosodimethylamine in several experimental animal species (IARC 1978). Schmahl and Preuss-mann 19 59.b. These nitrites are widely used in lunch meats. it i nduced liver hemangiosarcomas. Toth et al. What it means. 1967. Otsuka and Kuwahara 1971.. 1960. Shinohara et al. dose-response relationships wer e established. l ook no further than the tome. simply stated. and guinea pigs when or ally administered (Magee and Barnes 1956. nitrites become carcin ogenic. IARC (1978) concludes that N-nitrosodimethylamine “shoul d be regarded for practical purposes as if it were carcinogenic in humans” and has classi ed it as a Group 2A carcinogen. like the packing of other products. It wa s recently published that children who eat 12 or more hot dogs a month are 7. Health in the 21st Century Clinical evidence shows sodium nitrite to be carcinogenic If you’re interested in a clinical analysis of the risk of dietary nitrosamines. 1962. 1968. When administered orally. Kowalewski and Todd 1971. the higher the rates of cancers that developed. 1964. the incidence of brain cancer in their offspring is greatly increased.D. 1971. is that the more nitrosamines were given to the test animals. which presents some fairly technical reading on the subject.Franci sco Contreras. Tomatis et al. 1972) . Here’s what it has to say about nitrosamines: (I bold the important sections): N-nitrosodimethylami ne has been identi ed by IARC (1978) and NTP (1994) as an animal carcinogen. Carcinogens and Anti-carcinogens in the Human Diet . but give it a cosmetic appeal by intensif ying the red color. 1969. 1974. Shabad and Savluchinskaya 1971. and kidney and lung tu mors in mice (Takayama and Oota 1963. Terracini et al. Riopelle and Jasmin 1969.

and smoked meats and sh. sh. Nitrite is added to 60 to 65 percent of all pork produced in the United States. to preserve the pink color an d inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause botulism food poisoning. check the package of bacon in your refrigerator right now. and bacon had a 4. as well as some other m eats. Home Safe Home If you eat bacon. 1997).D.Debra Lynn Dadd. poultry. While this may sound like drastic advice. hot dogs.Grocery Warning You would think that the food processing companies would have read these studies by now. colorectal. because they can cause cancer.Samuel S. and cheese. breast. lung. All of these should be avoided. But they seem to act as if they had no clue (or don’t really care). sausage. . and hot dogs. becau se its use by food processing companies continues to be widespread: Nitrates are the next-most dangerous. A research group at the University of Minnesota reported that women w ho eat very well done hamburgers have a 50 percent greater risk of breast cancer than women who eat hamburgers rare or medium. Epstein. and other cancers. suc h as bacon. and they are p resent in lower quantities in sandwich meats. That is one reason why eating deep-fried foods is so dan gerous. es ophageal. case-control study among 41.. . T he Politics of Cancer Carcinogens caused by high heat cooking Sodium nitrite isn’t the only problem found in bacon. They found that women who consistently consumed well done beef steak. M. luncheon meats. bacon has by far the highest levels of sodium nitri te: Levels of nitrosamines tend to be particularly high in bacon. h amburgers.62-fold increased risk of breast cancer (Zheng et a l. Heterocyclic amines have been linked to prostate. Cooking foods at high temperatures causes the formation of gene-mutati ng heterocyclic amines. it is well founded.Diseas e Prevention and Treatment by The Life Extension Foundation 94 . salami and bologna. by the way. Do you nd sodium nitrite listed on the label? Of all the processed meats you can buy. The researchers conducted a neste d.836 cohort members of the famous Iowa Women’s Healt h Study. . especially bacon. The very process of cooking the bacon can also result in the formation of dangerous carcinogens: It is well-known that foods cooked at high temperatures in ict massive damage to the genes. It is especially prevalent in processed meats. liver. While health-conscious people try to a void foods that are known carcinogens. even grilled salmon contains a potent dos e of gene-mutating heterocyclic amines (Madrigal-Bujaidar et al. 1998).

Grocery Warning In other words. such as those used in the curing of bacon and ham. 2. N. even if you have 100 percent organic. Murray. when human volunteers ingested green tea al ong with 300 milligrams sodium nitrate and 300 milligrams proline. by the way. I always recommend superfood supplements over isolated vitamins.J. Get plenty of antioxidants with your meals if you eat bacon or other process ed meats. . Nitrosamines are formed when nitri tes. but as you know. are simply not healthy: Fried foods are subjected to high temperatures. like ba con.D. Foods cooked at very high temperatures. Eat To Beat Cancer How to protect yourself from the sodium nitrite found in bacon and other process ed meats The good news to all of this.. ethically-raised bacon on your plate. Green tea has bee n shown to inhibit the formation of nitrosamines: Green tea consumption with mea ls may inhibit the formation of nitrosamines. The popular custom of drinking green tea wit h meals in Japan may be a major reason for the low cancer rates there. For example.D. JennyLeeNatura ls. As with many of the supplements mentioned here. the very process of frying it up in a pan results in the creation of other cancer-causing chemicals. Ph. you can nd a high-quality tincture at 95 . . Green tea is also available at health food stores and vitamin suppliers. Take green tea tincture or capsules when you eat bacon. more Americans might want to start drin king green tea with their meals. With the cancer rate in the United States rising. and they contain considerably more compounds that are damaging to DNA than non-frie d foods. nitrosoprolin e formation was strongly inhibited. bind to amino acids. The Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements Personally. Num erous studies show that green tea (including green tea polyphenols and extracts) exert signi cant inhibitory effects on the formation of nitrosamines in various a nimal and human models. Just make sure you get plenty of vitamins C and E from s ome natural source.Michael T. Robert Hatheri ll. There are essentially three ways to do th is: 1. Studies show that the isolated vitamins C and E both protect against n itrosamine formation.. Studies have shown that people who consume too many fried foods such as bacon show pulverized products of their DNA in their urine. I recommend green tea tincture. is that you can protect yourself from many of the chemicals either found present in the bacon you purchase or created by high-temperature cooking processes. since it off ers the most quickly available form of green tea compounds and is likely to star t protecting you sooner than green tea capsules.

But there’s plenty you can do to p rotect yourself from these chemicals. Remove the sodium nitrite from the bacon before cooking it. or on the stove for two minutes. Just pour a thin layer over the bottom of the pan and sprin kle with turmeric. curcumin is an antibacterial substance and a powerful ant ioxidant. and will protect the meat from forming dangerou s heterocyclic amines (cancer-causing chemicals formed when meat is seared) in y our body. then add your own healthy sea seconds. Or eat bacon processed w ithout nitrates and produced on organic farms. place the strips of bacon loosely in the water and cook in a microwave for forty. the avonoid. Then pour off the water and repeat the process. do this rst.) 96 . Just have eggs for breakfast and skip the bacon. This is because sodium nitrite has a salty taste and is water-solubl e. you can take green tea tincture and superfood supplements to minimize the pr oduction of nitrosamines. as it m ay contain aluminum) to bring back the taste. Believe me. the thing to remember is that you’re dealing with a potent substance. ber-rich diet that helps move these toxins through your system with minimal contact with your intestinal walls. You can remove the sodium nitrite by boili ng. This is an excellent solution described by Blaylock in Health and Nutrition Secrets: If you feel you cannot live without bacon. You’ll notice the bacon has become very bland after all th is cooking. All you have to do is add a little sea salt (don’t use commercial salt. (“Uncured” bacon. Summing up the health risks of eating bacon When it comes to bacon. which will dissolve in the oil and give your bacon a nice bri ght yellow color. and you can pursue a healthy. your bacon is a food th at’s heavily laden with cancer-causing chemicals. By the time it works its way from the contaminated animal feed given to pigs. F ill a bowl with distilled water. St ir the water and let it sit for about two more minutes. Better still. curcumin. But make no mistake about it: the best solution is to simply avoid bacon entirely. through the pork processing plants where sodium nitrite is added. I also advise cooking bacon in ext ra virgin olive oil. and put through the high-heat cooking process on your stove. in the turmeric is a power ful cancer-inhibiting substance. which is what I do.Grocery Warning 3. you can live very well without eating bacon. In addition.

. t he beef industry went into full-scale assault: Prices for cattle futures were sa id to have fallen by more than 10 percent in the moments following the broadcast and to have taken weeks to recover. ground up. Food Politics 97 . steaks.. I’ve seen it. These are USD A statistics. He was invited to the Oprah show to share his views about the risk of mad cow disease in the United States..html In response to Oprah’s comments about beef on the public airwaves. where we see Opr ah Winfrey interviewing a former Montana cattle rancher who became a vegetarian activist after personally experiencing the corruption and deception in the beef industry.. read my own analysis at: http://www. Winfrey for inciting fear of beef in the minds of consumers..3 million class-action suit against Ms.Marion Nestle. If only one of them has mad cow disease.. [it] has the potential to infect thousands.S. Get in there and just blow the hell out of somebody. One hundred thousand cows per year in the United States are ne at night. Here’s the interacti on that was broadcast to millions of viewers: Lyman: . fed back to other cows.” . in part icular.. can only lead a reasonable person to conclude that organic meats are far more desirable than beef or chicken mass-produced by pro tfocused megacorporation s.” He and other Texas cattle ranchers instituted a $ m/000850. For starters. let’s rewind a few years back to April 16. Comment ators.” Attacking one of the most popular television performers in America seemed so unproductive a way to challenge First Amendment rights that it suggested lawyers had been given “a bu m steer. however. considered the suit to be “mad litigation disease. most people also depend heavily on various meat products such as ground beef. chicken meat.. Winfrey: . A close examination of the practices of the beef and chicken industries. dead in the morning.. Winfrey: . They’re not something we’re makin g up.. and so on. 1996. .newstarget..It has just stopped me cold from eating another burger! I’m stop ped! To read more about Howard Lyman and what has happened since the discovery o f mad cow disease in the U.we’re following exactly th e same path that they followed in England.How d o you know for sure that the cows are ground up and fed back to the other cows? Lyman: Oh. One Texas cattleman told a reporter that hi s company lost $7 million as a result of the show and that “We’re taking the Israeli action on this thing .. The majority of those cows are rounded up. chicken and pork products Aside from the bacon products already discussed.Grocery Warning The questionable safety of beef. His name? Howard Lyman.

S. over two years ago. including antibiotics. Growth-promoting hormone additives. To get a real look at what goes on in the beef indu stry. The meat industry then promptly switched to other carc inogenic additives. DES was being used in 75 percent of U. as well as the internationa l community’s response to that abuse.S. meat. some 40 years after it was rst shown to be carcinogenic. which are implanted in the ears of more than 90 percent of commercially raised feedlot cattle. In spite of infrequent federal sampling and insensitive monitor ing. ban on hormone-treated U.D.. including the de liberate suppression of residue data. fed. arti cial avors. DES-treated meat was subsequ ently banned in more than 20 foreign countries. ban on DES until 1 979. industrial wastes. 1989. 98 . and growth-promoting hormones. I reprint sections of his 1990 article publishe d in The International Journal of Health entitled. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1947. tranquilizers. its use as a feed additive was approved by the U. M. pesticides. the rst paragraph is shocking enough: In the absence of effective federal regulation. managed to delay a U. Although the carcinogenicity of the synthetic diethyl stilbestrol (DES) in test animals was known as early as 1938. you have to examine the illegal use of growth-promoting hormones.S. well-respected doctors on the subject of envir onmental and food toxins. but not without having to spend nearly $1 million on legal fees to defend her comments. T he accusations ignore serious questions about the carcinogenic and other risks o f hormonally contaminated meat that are of major concern to European consumers w ho. implanted. DES residues were found in cattle and sheep at levels in excess of those in ducing cancer experimentally. The United States is isolated among meat-exporting co untries. population to dietary residu es of these and other unlabeled carcinogenic feed additives is a matter of criti cal public health concern. Based on these ndings. However.S. with little or no conce rn about the carcinogenic and other toxic effects of dietary residues of these a dditives. antibiot ics and other substances used in cattle in the U.. the meat industry uses hundreds of animal feed ad ditives. Illustratively. such as Argentina and Australia. or injected in more than 95 percent of U. are mostly synthetic non-steroids such as Zeran ol. in having threatened retaliatory sanct ions against the European Economic Community (EEC) and accusing it of unfair tra de practices because of its January 1. natural sex steroids such as estrogens. cattle. after decades of misleading assurances of the safety o f diethylstilbestrol (DES) and its use as a growth-promoting animal-feed additiv e. By 1971. so if you j ust want the main points.S. or synthetic pituitary hormones such as bovine growth hormone. mostly European.” It’s a fairly long article (although I’ve shortened it here).S. pressured the EEC into banning the use of all hormone ad ditives. mislea ding assurances of safety and stonewalling by the FDA and USDA. particularly the natural sex hormones estradiol.Grocery Warning Oprah was acquitted. “The Chemical Jungle: Today’s Bee f Industry. cattle.S. and testosterone. progesteron e. animal drugs. Illegal use of carcinogenic hormones in cattle This subject has been tackled quite well by author Samuel S. Epstein. Below. The relationship between recently increasing cancer rates and the lifetime exposure of the U. the United States nally banned its use in 1979. who is one of the most well-informed.

wit hout any warning. Roy Hertz. which even the FDA has admitted could produce “adverse effects. The runaway technologies of the m eat-product and pharmaceutical industries are supported by an eager cadre of aca demic consultants. population consumes. 99 . A January 1986 report. then director of endocrinology of the National Cancer Institute a nd a world authority on hormonal cancer. because they could increase normal body hormonal levels and disturb delicately poised hormonal balances. no dietary levels of which can be regard ed as safe. and poultry. These include antibiotics. Hertz pointed to evidence from innumerable animal tests and human clinical experience that such imbalance can be carcinoge nic. as many as half of all cattle sampled in feedlots as large as 600 animals were found to have hormo nes illegally implanted in muscle rather than the ear skin. partic ularly natural sex hormones.h as repeatedly put what it perceives are interests of veterinarians and the lives tock industry ahead of its legal obligation to protect consumers -. an d a revolving door between senior personnel in industry and regulatory agencies. unknown and unpredictable amounts of hormonal residues in meat products over a lifetime. concluded that the “FDA has consistently disregarded its responsibility -. or information. practical and sensitive monitoring methods. and industrial wastes. USDA inspection and FDA registration and residue-toleranc e programs are in near total disarray. As clearly evidenced in a series of General Accounting Of ce investigations and C ongressional hearings. arti cial avors. More than a decade a go. the FDA has allowed virtually unregulated use of these natural additives right up to the time of slaughter. labeling. many of which are carcinogen ic in addition to their other harmful effects. warned of the carcinogenic risks of est rogenic feed additives. In 1986.jeopardizing the health and safety of consumers of meat. Since 1983. apart from th e widespread use of illegal and unapproved drugs. aggravated by brazen denials and cover-up s by these agencies. Hertz also warned of the essentially uncontrolled and unregulated use of th ese extremely potent biological agents.Grocery Warning The meat industry then promptly switched to other carcinogenic additives. particularly for hormonally sensitive tissues such as br east tissue. which are implanted in the ears of commercially rai sed feedlot cattle.” unanimously approved by the House Committee on Government Operat ions. pesticides. contractees and apologists. Even a dime-sized piece of meat contains billions or trillions of mo lecules of these carcinogens. and minimal if any safety test data. to induce further in creased growth.” The great majorit y of feed additives are used in the absence of evidence of ef cacy. Virtually the entire U.” Hormonal feed contamination in the United States is only part of a much larger problem caused by the use of th ousands of feed additives. “Human Food Safety and the Regulation of Animal Drugs. milk.S. tranquilizers. tremendous lobbying pressures. animal drugs. This practice results in very high residues in meat.

aided by the anabolic steroids implanted in their ear. the manure is not sent to a treatment plant. makes them nauseous. To get a sense of what I’m talking about here. C olorado. You’re smelling cow blood. Colorado.” Here’s a (shortened) description of Greeley. long before you can see it. These cattle don’t eat blue grama and buffalo grass off the prairie. and dead animals being rendere d into dog food. a mooing. it helps to have visited Greeley . Each of th em can hold up to one hundred thousand head of cattle. The practice is called “rendering. “What on Earth is that smell?” He rep lied. A typical steer will consume more than three thousand pounds of grain during its stay at a feedlot. Th e grain fattens the cattle quickly.” and it’s a wa y for cattle ranchers to make sure they use every bit of animal protein availabl e. moving mass of brown and white fur that goes on for acres. Unlike human waste .S. running a beef slaughterhouse and a s heep slaughterhouse. it permeates everything. as well as rendering and processing facilities. Many people who live there no longer notic e the smell. then many U. Each steer deposits about fty pounds of urine and manure every day. The ConAgra Beef Co mpany runs the nation’s biggest meatpacking complex just a few miles north of down town Greeley. Others can’t stop thinking about the smell. earns more money every year f rom livestock products than any other county in the United States. blanketing Greeley day and night like an invisible fog. During the three months before slaughter. It is dumped into pits. The smell is worst during the summer months. ConAgra is th e largest private employer in Weld County. as printed in Fast Food Nation: You can smell Greeley. The billions of fast food hamburgers that Americans now eat every year come from places like Greeley. even aft er years. upon opening the car door in the HP parking lot.and the towns that produce it. The two Monfort feedlots outsi de Greeley produce more excrement than the cities of Denver. Louis -. I once visited the Hewlett-Packard of ces in Greeley and. where workers and machines turn large steer into small. To supply t he beef slaughterhouse.Grocery Warning The feeding of dead. The industrializati on of cattle-raising and meatpacking over the past two decades has completely al tered how beef is produced -. diseased cow parts. Weld County. gives them headaches. Greeley is a modern-day factory town where cattle are the main units of production.combined. huge pool s of excrement that the industry calls “lagoons. vacuum-sealed packages of meat. Atlanta. I was nearly oored by the enormous stench wa fting through the air. ConAgra operates a pair of enormous feedlots. Because that’s exactly what gets fed to many cows that are later consumed by human beings. The smell is hard to forget but not easy to describe. in terferes with their sleep. just to gain four hundred pounds in weight. Boston. ground up diseased cows to other cows If you are what you eat. manure. which includes Greeley. I asked an HP employee. a combination of live animals. At times the animals are crowded so closely together it looks like a sea of cattle. present but not present. it recedes into the background. an d St. 100 . “It’s the cattle slaughter houses.” The amount of waste left by the ca ttle that pass through Weld County is staggering. consumers are second-generation ground u p dead. the y eat grain dumped into long concrete troughs that resemble highway dividers. like the s ound of traf c for New Yorkers. they drop while eating . not the least of which is the fact that chicken litter is being fed to c attle in the U. 2004. and every time you eat chic ken at a restaurant or buy chicken at the grocery store. The FDA h as been considering ways to close them since 2002 but has not done so. cows are ingesting highly toxic arsenic that’s c ontained in the chicken litter. But there are plenty of loopholes.S. which are posted at h ttp://www. to chickens. are as follows: This is fascinating news for several r easons. The sol ution is to buy only free range chicken. And their bodi es are pumped full of chemicals to make sure they stay alive just long enough to make it to the slaughterhouse. Th ey are doped up with hormones and antibiotics and fed a diet that includes -. But don’t put it past meat growers to use any chem ical necessary to generate more pro ts. in USA Today: Si nce August 1997. outdated pet food can be used in ruminant (cow. along with their excrement.chicken litter. just like chick ens are supposed to lieve it or not -. We’ve already seen how the beef industry fee ds diseased. Poultry c an’t get mad-cow-like diseases.can legally be fed to catt le. 101 . Is it any surprise that th e poultry industry is any less inhumane in their operations? To them. Out-of-date dry cat and dog food is sometimes sold as salvage and ends up in cattle feed. Retail dry pet food frequently contains ruminant meat and bone meal. you support it. M y own comments on the feeding of chicken litter to cattle. sheep and goat) feed. It’s a cruel industry. feathers and bedding -. FDA has banned the use of cattle remains as an ingredient in fe ed for other cows. goats and sheep. organically farmed by responsible famil ies who allow their chickens to run free and eat bugs and weeds. As printed in January. including spinal cord tissue. Also. Their beaks are cut off so they can’t injure other chickens when the y go mad from the conditions under which they are forced to live. so feeding them protein meal made from rendered ca ttle has been considered safe. it’s just a factory after all. Chickens are kept in tiny cages for the duration of their mis erable lives. dead cow parts.madcownews.Grocery Warning Cows are fed chicken litter The bottom line? Cows are mass-produced under highly questionable and then takes that chicken litter and feeds it back to cows. But poultry litter -. and.

in response to their mad cow disease epidemic in t he 1980s and 1990s. of course.” And if you’ve be en eating hot dogs. says Krull. they weren’t imagining the runoff juice s of cow bones squeezed through a wringer machine.and the reluctance of the USDA to require mandatory testing of cows for mad cow disease -. It’s the meat packing industry’s way of literally squeezing every last penny out of a dead cow. squeez es the bones until they leak. packaged meats. instated mandatory testing of all slaughtered cows intended for market. 102 . slaughtered cows are not tested for the disease before they are sent to mar ket. and packages the meaty liquid that comes out as “bee f” for hot dogs. consu mers who eat beef. slaughtered cattle are random ly tested for mad cow disease by the United States Department of Agriculture eac h year. The more we learn about how the beef industry really operates. From a write-up on Krull’s statement published by ScienceDaily. which translates into an increase of six cents per pound of beef. but it’s also potentially deadly to U. What most people consider “beef” is altogether different from what the beef industry considers “beef. and banned t he use of all ruminant feed. bologna or other packaged meats over the years.precisely the material that c arries mad cow disease. there is conta minated beef sitting in grocery stores and personal freezers across the country. even with a con rmed case of mad cow dise ase. Advanced Meat Recovery (A MR) equipment is ghastly: it stuffs a cow carcass into a wringer machine.” says Krull. the more grotesque it appears. a strong advocate for mandatory mad cow testing of all slaughtered cows int ended for market. I’d bet that when most Americans read. suggests the United States follow the lead of countries such a s England and Japan.this disease c ould be in your freezer right now. meat processing factories use “Advance d Meat Recovery” equipment.” said Krull. “100 percent beef” o n the label of some packaged food product. it reclaim s quite a bit of spinal material in the process -. For the USDA to mandate regular testing of every cow for mad cow disease would cost an additional $20 to $25 per cow. And.Grocery Warning Machinery squeezes the meat out of a cow carcass On top of everything presented here so far. Kr ull. you’ve probabl y already had your ll of cow parts. keep detailed records of all cows within their borders. says Professor Ira Krull from Northeastern Un iversity: “The American public should be concerned. “It’s disturbing that. or “AMR” equipment to literally squeeze every ounce of mar ketable meat product out of the carcass of a dead cow. and other “beef” products. the United States and Canada lag on all accounts. Currently. since a dead cow contaminated with mad cow disease that’s put t hrough the AMR wringer would potentially infect the meat products sold by the pa cking plant. Approximately 0.S. at this moment.03 percent of U. Thanks to AMR equipment combined with bizarre feed practices like feeding chicken litter to cows -.

sciencedaily. These are the parts over which the FDA and meat industry leaders are arguing! (Remember this section next time you even think about reaching for a hot dog. Spokesmen for th e rendering industry asserted that the link between mad cow disease and human il lness was “totally unsupported by any scienti c evidence. http://www. bloo d. along with fats. along with most other beef-producing nations. The mor e cattle tested.” They said that a ban on fee ding dead cattle to cattle would be “unfeasible.. there is no way to prevent small fa rmers from making and using ruminant feed” said Krull.Grocery Warning Krull says the issue of testing for mad cow disease is highly political. “The USDA really should be funding this like cra zy. They were a lso the most likely to wind up as fast food hamburgers one day. In the 1990s.mainly the remains of other cat tle. “They don’t want to nd it. meatpacking. and unenforceable. The Centers f or Disease Control and Prevention 103 . the U. and intestinal material. and dairy cattle were the most likely to eat it in signi cant amounts. and rendering industries. still wound up being fed to cattle. one way or another..) As related in Fast Food Nation: The FDA’s vow to act quickly soon en countered resistance from the American cattle. The high concentration of ne rve and brain tissue in ruminant feed is thought to greatly increase the risk of transmission of mad cow disease. The meat industry and its related groups pu lled out all the stops to make sure tighter safety regulations were never passed .” The practice of providing ruminant feed to farm animals has been acknowledged to be extremely dangerous.” says Krull. fee d-manufacturing. eyeballs.” Th e National Cattlemen’s Beef Association opposed a total ban on animal proteins. the FDA actually tried to limit the use of certain animal proteins (dea d cows. impractical. introduced a ban on ruminant feed. The Consumers Union demanded a total ban on the feeding of “all mammal remains to all food animals.. blood products. As you read the following passage. At the time. The American Meat Institu te called for muscle meat to be exempted from any FDA ban. and slaughterhouses produced huge volumes of wa ste that needed to go somewhere. The National Pork Producers Council said there was absolutely no harm in allowing cattle to continue eating dead pig s.htm The beef industry pressures government agencies to back off In 1996. take special note of all the animal parts m entioned here. su ggesting instead that feed restrictions should be limited to certain organs know n to transmit mad cow: brains. About three-quarters of all American cattle were being fed animal protein. spinal cords. Animal protein was an inexpensive fee d additive that promoted growth.S. for example) in animal feed. says Krull. but Krull points out the problem of regulation remains. the more likely it is that some will be found with the disease. but it’s not. Consumer groups and public health of cials wanted strict controls on what lives tock could be fed. American cattle were eating about 2 billion pounds of animal protein every year /releases/2004/01/040115074059. meat-processing.” Prohibited material intended for poultry and hogs had. “Currently.

my knowledge of what really goes on in the beef industry is one of the many reasons why I simply don’t buy any meat products made from cows. I don’t kn ow about you. regardless of what kind of meat those leftove rs contained. Chances are. By the time you factor in all the hormones. pigs or chickens. the feeding of ruminants to ruminants had to be outlawed in order to prevent an outbreak of BSE. and tallow. on what could be fed to p oultry. you’re left with a meat product that. chemical toxins. at a bare minimum. Action Item: If you choose to eat animal products. My conclusion to all of this is that when it comes to saturated fats in animal products. next time you’re purchasing bagged food for Fido. 104 . what is now allowed is enou gh to bring on a rather intense bout of nausea. There were no new restrictions. Meat isn’t unhealthy. in my opinion. and aren’t do ped up with a chemical cocktail or fed chicken litter. elk. but I’ll take a bowl of boiled grains or a serving of tofu over a pl ate of U. deer.” Dead sheep. goats. and cats could no longer be fed to cattle. And yet most Americans gobble it up by the plateful. Most American consumers are exposing themselves to too much beef The very discussion over what used to be allowed vs. These industry g roups rightly worried that the FDA’s proposed warning label -“Do not feed to ruminan ts” -.S. 1997. hogs. zoo animals. however. thinking they are now “healthier” than when they consumed grains.Grocery Warning advised that. Indeed. gelatin. pesticides. and plate waste collected from restaurants. in my opinion. eat raw grass. . with exceptio ns.” The FDA described its new ban as “mammalian-to-ruminant. On August 4.” the agenc y declared. “The United States has no BSE. . Personally. i f it comes from small farms where cows can roam free. buy exclusively from organic farms and ran ches. dogs. Fido is chewing on ruminant cow parts. new animal feed restrictions took effect. “and the nal rule provides the necessary feed controls . and poultry. the National Food Processors Association. pigs. mink. the Grocery Manufacturers of America . should BSE occur here. too. you are probably ne if you consume these fats when they come from certi ed organic sources. Think about that section. cattle blood. cattle. or pets. Rendering plants and feed mills would have to prevent these bann ed ingredients from mingling with feedstuffs that cattle were still allowed to e at: dead horses.might alarm consumers about what their pets were actually being fed. bizarre food sources and advan ced recovery machinery. beef any day. isn’t s afe for long-term human consumption. and the Pet Food Institute successfu lly lobbied against any new labeling requirement for pet foods. almost a ye ar and a half after the FDA promised a speedy response to the threat of mad cow.

if you’re going to eat beef. The Lasaters are by no means typical . the Rockies are still white with sn ow. served at expensive rest aurants. Lasater doesn’t think that his lit tle company will revolutionize the American beef industry. has not administered growth hormones. Would n’t you rather get your beef from a farm like this? 105 .Grocery Warning Organic beef makes a difference in your health To make this long story short. and never roped.” Dale La sater recently set up a company to sell organic. The meat is much lower in fat than grain-fed beef. Along with a n umber of other innovative ranchers in Colorado. Lasater is in his early fties. Non e of the cattle used in Lasater Grasslands Beef spent any time at a feedlot. The Lasater Ranc h occupies about 30. Here’s a brief look at what an organic ranch looks like : Dale Lasater stands in a corral full of huge bulls. free-range. feeding them treats from h is hand. button-down shirt. then. C olorado. herbicides. The bulls that crowd around him seem almost sweet. more di stinctive avor. with a handlebar mustache and wire-rimmed glas ses. Their philosophy of cattle ranching is based upon a simple tenet: “Nature is smart as hell. It’s worth it. anabo lic steroids. or commercial fertilizers on the land. but have worked hard to change how American beef is produced. eat organic. and has a much stronger. Lasater says that most Americans have forgotten what real beef ta stes like. part-Ivy Leaguer. Argentine beef is considered a gourmet item. working ranch that for half a century has not used pes ticides. He wears worn-out jeans and boots. and almost all of the cattle in Argentina are grass-fed. he is trying to raise cattle in a way that does not harm consumers or the land. grass-fed beef.000 acres of shortgrass prairie near the town of Matheson. never dehorned. and a well-ironed. pork or poultry. acting more like a bunch of Ferdinands than like erce symbols of machismo . but it’s a start. has not kil led local predators such as coyotes. or antibiotics to the cattle. lo oking part-cowboy. Behind him on this warm spring day. It is a pro table. They were bred to be gentle. poisons.

For example. I encourage you to read this anyway.. 106 .. just like you. Staying Healthy With Nutrition The vast majority o f Americans are heavy milk consumers.Grocery Warning The Problem With Dairy Products The “dairy” problem comes in when adults continue to use milk and its products as a regular part of their diet.except humans who drink cows’ milk. but it d ominates the U. • No species on Eart h drinks the milk of another species -.. using milk in baking. adding milk to dinner recipes. T he information you’re about to read here may not be to your liking.Elson Haas M. I’ve done it in the past. • One cu p of cows’ milk contains less calcium than one cup of broccoli juice. The choice is always up to y ou! Only a small percentage of the world’s population drinks mammals’ milk. too: drinking a ga llon of milk each day.D. which is why the majority of adults cannot properly digest cows’ milk. Herbal Defense Cows’ milk is great nutrition for baby cows Let’s take a look at some of the facts on cows’ milk: • Cows’ milk is nutritionally very different from human milk. • Cows’ milk is baby food for calves. probably. . agriculture and diet.Robyn Landi s. • Cows’ milk is de cient in magnesium and vitamin D -. • Only b abies should drink mothers’ milk.S. if for no other reason than to have a deeper understanding of what you’re drinking. Lifelong use of milk is one of the biggest misconcep tions and mistakes in nutrition. But as you’re about to le arn. according to the USDA.and both are required for strong bones. . and by those children and teenagers sensitiv e to milk. I’ve been a big-time milk consumer. Adults are supposed to be weaned off of mothers’ m ilk. but it’s valuabl e information about the milk you’ve been drinking. milk represents 44 percent of beverages consumed by children under 18. Even if you don’t plan to stop dr inking milk. milk represents a very poor food choice from a nutritional point of view. Consumption of dairy products should be greatly curtailed by the adult population.

and when I see friends drinking milk. . “Yes. humans are the only animals that engage in cr oss-species consumption of mothers’ milk: Indeed. Cows’ milk is baby food for calves. after weaning. “If you are a calf. And it isn’t even meant for baby human beings. healthy. I nd it truly bizarre that so many people think that a grown. homogenized. If you’re a person. The balance of nutrients in bovine milk is designed to grow a hundred-pound newborn calf to several hundred pounds within twenty-four months. but not for cows). If we were pouring large glasses of ice-cold raw. no.” These will be discussed in some detail in the sections that follow. The Crazy Makers 107 . say. a larg e majority of people simply don’t have the enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk s ugar). . doesn’t it? As th is quote from Herbal Defense says. But most of the population can’t digest milk properly.Robyn Landis. Furthermore. No spe cies on earth besides us drinks the milk of another species. perhaps there’s not something wrong with the population. Milk appears to be baby food. ye s. I’ve been dairy-free for many years. there is not a lot that milk has to recommend it for human consumption. bovine-growth hormone. Carol Simontacchi.” Thus it makes sense that. of course. organic milk into our children’s glas ses.” Especially if the milk is pasteurized and homogenized. The advertisements. Seems truly strange. and it has been noted that humans are the only sp ecies that is never really “weaned. If the majority of the po pulation reacts negatively to a food. 180-pound adult man should be sucking baby food from the teat of a bovine animal.Grocery Warning A critical look at cows’ milk reveals the undeniable fact that cows’ milk is baby fo od. Pasteurized. and it’s li kely that’s because we’re not supposed to be digesting it. the re are a great many additional hazards present when it comes to drinking “bovine e xtract. “Lactose intolerance” is treated as if something is wrong with the person who suffers from it. I jok ingly tell them. spurred on by advertising from the dairy industry. es pecially the ones with our favorite TV and movie stars sporting the familiar whi te mustache. and cows’ milk was designed for calves. continue to pump their bodies full of this nutritionally-imbalanced substance (i mbalanced for humans. “Grow up! That’s baby food!” Science is now validating what mothers h ave known since the beginning of time: Human breast milk was designed for human babies. either: it’s baby food for calves . The Crazy Makers And yet the va st majority of human adults.Carol Simontacchi. perhaps there’s something wrong with the food. Herbal Defense But even beyond the fundamental concept that cows’ milk is baby food. milk does a body good. and antibiotic-laced milk is not the equivalent. we might not see as many problems. created spec i cally for the needs of babies. no oth er species drinks milk after infancy.” My response is.

The increa sed consumption of homogenized milk fat in milk appears to be linked with cardio vascular problems. If you milk a cow into an empty pail. vitamin A and irradiated vitam in D are then added to “fortify” this food. and then let the pail set for a few hours. and it is only through an arti cial physical process that this is accomplished with cows’ milk. and other vitamins with pasteurization. . it allows the enzyme xanthine oxidase to en ter the vascular system and scar it. It loses some vitamin E. which some erroneously consider a “drink. B1 2. . This process is called homogenization.Paul Pitchford. pasteurized milk and dairy fats seem to drive cholesterol to high levels. It basically involves the blending of the milk fat into small globules so that it does not separate as it normally will do when it sits. and an increasing number of doctors and researc hers believe that homogenized fats pose a risk to the cardiovascular health of h uman beings. it’s proclaimed right on the label! This may make the milk appear nicer. often. treated. The homogenization of milk alters the structure of the milk fats Homogenized milk is not recommended. pasteurized milk. but there are serious questions about the health impact of these homogenized fats. This natur al white substance that comes from cows is heated. An article by Wayne Martin in the November 1989 Townsend News letter for Doctors provides a great deal of support for the theory that choleste rol itself is not the culprit it is thought to be in the atherosclerotic process . It seems that when you drink homogenized cows milk..” H omogenization is possibly the biggest concern in milk. biotin. you’re actually h arming your cardiovascular health: Milks are also processed products. The same would be true of milk sold in grocery stores if it w asn’t for the fact that milk is physically altered to force the fat molecules to s tay in suspension so that they don’t rise to the top of the container and make the milk look spoiled. and diluted to make even the “normal” homogenized. Healing With Whole Foods The milk you pur chase in the grocery store is processed in a way that dramatically alters the fa ts that are naturally present in cows’ milk. In my clinical experience.E lson Haas M. but it is the hydrogenated and homogenized fats used and consumed in so many f oods that are the disease-causing factors. homogenize d. Staying Healthy With Nutrition 108 . dairy fats in nature aren’t homogenized. the fat molecules will accumulate an d rise to the top. Clearly. setting up ideal conditions for fatty depos its in the arteries. In fact. and practically every milk product sold at every grocery store is homogenized.Grocery Warning Let’s start by taking a look at the homogenization of milk.D. This alters the way milk is handled in the digestive systems of humans. It is possible that this process interferes with the body’s ability to digest and utilize this fat in homogenized milk.

the more the dairy industry’s slogan of “Milk: It Does A Body G ood” seems like hogwash. the more you read about milk. Its high phosphorous content and magnesium shortfall are thought to impede calcium absorption. When humans consume the milk. they allow the enzyme xanthine oxidase to directly enter the bloodstream i nstead of passing through the digestive tract. But w hen those fat molecules are physically and arti cially broken down into smaller mo lecules (like tearing down a giant snowman and making two hundred snowballs inst ead). w herein a substance called xanthine oxidase is released. milk is often challenged as a worthy source of calcium. Even the Life Extension Foundation. More recently.. Cholesterol accumulates on the scars and gradual ly clogs the arteries. Time and time again. which focuses on the d ietary precursors of either disease or longevity. Some researchers now feel that homogenized milk may play a ro le in this vascular degeneration. Home Saf e Home 109 . researchers and authors are realizing that homogenized fats are the culprit behind an increase in arterial scarring and ca rdiovascular disease. the size of the fat m olecules prevents them from being so easily absorbed into the bloodstream. a con dition previously thought to exist only in the elderly. atheromatous materials are laid down at the site of contact. In additio n. Healing With Whole Foods So what causes the problem? In naturally occurring milk fats. weighs in on homogenized milk fats: Milk and dairy products are frequently criticized. medical personnel were shocked to discover that autopsies of some young American soldiers revealed arterial deposits and deterioration. During damages the m embranes.Paul Pitchford.Grocery Warning Homogenized milk fats blamed for cardiovascular disease With each passing year.. and the increas ed incidence of heart attacks in the United States and other countries very clos ely parallels the increased use of homogenized milk. . evidence surfaces that links the con sumption of homogenized milk fats to cardiovascular disease: During the years of the Korean con ict. creating scar tissue. People who have heart attacks or serious arteriosclerosis have a marked decrease in plasmalogen. more doctors. xanthine oxidase passes through the intestine into the circulatory system. .Debra Lynn Dadd.Dise ase Prevention and Treatment by The Life Extension Foundation In fact. The enzyme’s altered state allows entry into the bloodstream and a reaction to occur on arterial walls.” says Paul Pitchford of Healing With Whole Foods. may contribute to heart disease in humans. . As a protective gesture. where it deposits in the artery lini ng and destroys a substance called plasmalogen. “When this enzyme enters the heart and arteries. “. particularly those that are homogenized.” There is evidence that the process of homogenizing milk. an enzyme appearing in milk (xanthine o xidase) is broken down to a smaller size. children as young as three years of age are exhibiting varying degrees of fatty deposits in their arteries.

the size of a truck on this scale.more like the size of small of ce blocks on our scale.David Bodanis. .Paul Pitchf ord. It’s a hideous yellow boulder. but it’s so full of grease. Then more details become clear. In raw milk the surging fat boulders would be even larger than this -. It hove rs at a constant depth. but it does not get to hover alone for long. an enchanted livi ng seascape is there to behold. Even “low-fat” milk has hundreds of these unpleasant yellow bo ulders in every drop poured into the coffee or tea. when consumed. Their massed a rrival on the surface is what gives that milk a top coating of cream. extending up. courtesy of author David Bodanis writing in The Secret House (a highly recommended read): To our ey es milk is an unimpressive white uid. The danger of homogenize d milk is that it can make users think they’re having some sort of non-fat healthi er food.Grocery Warning Homogenized milk fats are metabolic disruptors This is why homogenized milk fats earn the label of Metabolic Disruptor in my bo ok: they clearly interfere with the normal digestion of milk fats and appear to directly contribute to cardiovascular disease. that foaming bubbles stream off from the disturbance it makes as it rises. and it’s not so light as to pop up to the surface. Through its translucent cover several hundred even sm aller cabinets can be seen nesting within. It is a pure and miraculous white. These are the milk proteins themselve s. Bobbing in the milk like some sh ipwrecked and sunken cabinet. forcing the fat into smaller blobs does not make it go away. and to all side s. down. it’s ea siest to take a microscopic journey through a glass of milk. . the rst speck of fat bulges up from the deep. toxic residues form in the body. Homogenize d milk as in this pint however has only smaller fat globs -. It’s dazzling. and so much lighter than the water around it. but a few of these inner cabinets are the compacted corpses of bacteria and protozoa which lived in the cow’s rst stomac h (it has four) and helped it ferment grass. This of course is not the case. Healing With Whole Foods To best understand how homogenization works. is a hollow box-like container of casein. They were packed in there at the moment of being produced in the cow. The rst thing noticed on this scale is that the m ilk is not white.the big ones are ja mmed through a microscopic sieve till they splay apart. It’s not even milky. Off to one side. Seen perhaps as a greatly miniaturized diver would see it. All that registers at rst is a volume of cry stal-clear water (milk is 88 percent water). The packed container of casein is n ot so heavy as to sink. The Secret House 110 . but seen from the inside it is very differe nt. Most ar e just ltered nutrients from the cow’s blood. Even Ayurvedic medicine sees the same thing: An Ayurvedic insight is that homogenization makes the fat in milk ne arly indigestible.

(Human mothers can carry their babies if they need to ee. But by breaking these fats into microscopic fat particles (homogeniz ing the fats). M. are the result of product marketing efforts to help sell milk! The fats that you might normally nd in unprocessed cows’ milk would oat to the top.) 111 . Babies need brain function to survive. The newborn child is immobile for the rst several months of life.often parents are told not to give inf ants water -. milk producers are able to keep the milk fats “in suspension” so that they don’t rise to the top. while bovine mothers cannot. Th ere is a marked difference between human milk and cows’ milk. succeeding in tha t environment. and brain function is far more importa nt than running from predators when it comes to human babies. it directly accelerates arterial scarring and therefore promotes cardio vascular disease. Cows’ milk. Water for Health. eventually. Cows’ milk. Human milk is p rimarily designed to feed and grow baby brains with fatty acids such as DHA and GLA. The most important thing for a baby to build is a brain. Cows’ milk is more con centrated and has more fat and proteins than human milk. there’s only a lack of public knowledge.the metabolic system of the infant is burdened by digestion of the concentrated milk. Concentrated milk can have detrimental effects. while cows’ milk focuses on building body tissue and gaining weight. because a brain is important for observing and unde rstanding events in the immediate environment and. Milk is sacred. and the dairy indust ry has effectively in uenced most people into believing that milk is good for you.Grocery Warning Homogenized milk fats. . He rein lies the reason for the difference between the natural consistency and desi gn of human milk and those of cows’ milk. is primarily designed to energize and fatten a baby calf so that it can walk. this makes perfect sense: cows’ milk is designed to provide the nutrition that a baby cow needs to stand on its own four feet (and perhaps run from predat ors). it is quite evident that cows’ milk and human milk demonstrate sharp differences in nutritional content. a very different nutritional journey.D.. A human baby. on the other hand. human breast milk focuses on buildi ng brains. and cross-species consumption Based on a rigorous nutritional analysis. When cows’ milk is formulated and given to infants as their only source of water -. on the other hand. If you think ab out it. then. Because the fa t molecules are now small enough to allow dangerous substances to enter the bloo dstream. for Life The nutritional dif ferences between cows’ milk and human breast milk are substantial. In this way. hence. There’s no lack of scienti c evidence backing this position. it seems.Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. The unfortunate consequence of all this is that the h uman body was not designed to handle these microscopic milk fats. Cows’ milk is designed fo r the needs of a calf that stands and begins to move and runs around in the rst h our of life. for Healing. human milk. has a very different strategy for surviva l and. Babies need to start comprehending language and facial expression s.

is derived from either the materna l or the infant diet. infants raised on cows’ milk are simply not as intelligent as those raised on breast milk. Not a day goes by that I don’t eat DHA in some form.Carol Simontacchi.3 points higher than the group given cows’ milkbased formula. such as GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). DHA. Human milk also contains types of fatty acids not found in any other species. If you aren’t getting enough GLA. all of which are essential for building nerve cells and brain mass: Ne arly 80 percent of the dry weight of the human brain is fat. The Omega-3 Connection In adult human beings. consume foods that naturally contain these healthy brain-bo osting oils. or dihomogammalinolenic acid. the amino acid tryptophan. when tested for IQ at age eight. In a very real way. called DGLA. animal or plant. Stoll. from which the prostaglandin 2 (PGE2) hormones and oth er brain structures are made. consider the following: One [research] team compared a group of prematurely born infants bottle-fed breast milk to a set of prematurely born infants fed formula. M. (I do. but human breast milk builds strong brains. then. It onl y makes sense: only human breast milk contains the ingredients needed to build b rain matter. that wou ld be ridiculous. Each one of those f at molecules that form the cell membrane and the myelin sheath. the same dyna mics are at work. Instead. .) 112 .D. . one of the critical precursors of the anti-in ammatory prostaglandin 1 (PGE1) variety.Grocery Warning Human breast milk is rich in brain-building substances With all this in mind. and perform many of the other functions needed for the brain. On e of these fats. Doe s that mean you should start drinking human breast milk? Of course not. and Omega-3 fatty acids i n your diet. is converted in the body to arachidonic acid. the breast milk group scor ed on average 8. cows’ milk builds strong calves. Or get them with the help of nutritional supplements.. The only thing even more ridiculous would be drinking bovine b reast milk. you may very well experience less-than-optimal mental function. it’s no surprise that human breast milk is rich in brain-bu ilding substances such as GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). If you think thi s is preposterous. Humans who rely on cows’ milk for their dietary needs (especially infants) are mi ssing out on brain-building nutrition. Cows’ milk = less brain matter = lower intelligence.An drew L. The Crazy Makers To put it si mply. and DHA.

Grocery Warning Cows’ milk results in higher mortality rates in infants Getting back to the research. The iron binding of lactoferrin coupled with the reduced iron content of breast milk wards off infections by denying the bacteria their cruci al iron supply.. Even bottle-fed infants raised in areas with good sanitation have greater rates of mo rtality than those fed at the breast. The Protein Power Lifeplan There’s even a link between cows’ milk and multipl e sclerosis. as described in the same book: The circumstantial evidence connecti ng MS and essential-fat de ciency is pretty strong.D. M. And studies have shown that babies living under conditio ns of poor sanitation who are fed cows’ milk from a bottle have a ve times greater rate of mortality than breast-fed babies living under the same conditions. As a consequence. however.Michael Eades..D.. human breast milk contains ten ti mes the amount of an ironbinding protein called lactoferrin and about one-half t he amount of iron.D. breast-fed babies have a lower incidence of in fection than do bottle-fed babies. . there’s evidence to suggest that MS arises more often in adults who were fed with DHA-de cient cows’ mi lk or formula instead of breast milk. The Protein Power Lifeplan Let’s take a look at a chart describing some of the nutritional differences between cows’ milk and human breast milk: 113 . both because of the lower iron content and added iron-binding capacity of b reast milk and the protective antibodies and essential fats that pass to the inf ant in the mother’s milk. particularly those placed on ironforti ed formu las. M.D. For example..Michael Eades. and Mary Dan Eades. M. would you be surprised to learn that cows’ milk actually results in higher mortality rates in infants when compared to huma n breast milk? Consider: Compared to cows’ milk. and Mary Dan Eades. M. .

with about four mg per uid ounce.3 4 5 Growing furry creatures Human Mi lk High 10 times the amount High High High High High High 2. wh ich is. Although several type s of fatty acids comprise the insulating myelin sheath.5 4 7 Growing brain mass Human breast milk also contains an ample supply of all-important cholesterol. essential for human health and especial ly for growing brain mass: Human milk is high in cholesterol. it contains more than tw ice as much cholesterol as any other fat. The cholesterol in breast milk is used to provide structural stre ngth to the neurons so that they do not collapse in upon themselves from the pre ssure of the surrounding cells and uid. The Crazy Makers 114 . despite what you may have heard.5:1 4 units 1/2 unit High High 1. Cholesterol is particularly important in the myelin sheath.Grocery Warning Differences between cows’ milk and human milk Cows’ Milk Copper Iron-binding lactoferrin GLA (fatty acid) DHA (fatty acid) Vitam in B1 Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin A Calcium: Phosphorus ration Whey protein rati o (easier to digest) Casein protein ratio (harder to digest) Tryptophan Selenium Total protein Total fat Total carbohydrate Primary purpose low low none none lo w low low low 1:1 1 unit 1 unit low low 3. which surrounds the axon of the neuron.Carol Simontacchi. .

and certainly not adults of an entirely different species. And the health consequences of that consumption will become appa rent in the sections that follow. not to mention fully-grown adults. But these three symptomatic diagnoses are frequently nothing more t han the body’s natural response to a dietary allergen: cows’ milk.The fats pro vided in arti cial formulas. There are a great many negative health consequ ences resulting from the regular consumption of cows’ milk.. This is no surprise given that cows’ milk was never intended to be consumed by adults of any species -. That human beings continue to consume such vast quantities of milk is truly a f reak of nature. t hey aren’t diseases at all -. then. differ substantially from the oils found in human milk in that they provide only minuscule amounts of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids . . in fact. Herbal Defense The vast majority of adult human beings are technically allergic to cows’ milk. for cows’ milk is truly “baby food” pr ovided by nature for a speci c purpose: to grow baby calves into quarter-ton cows. . Doct ors give these mucous secretions names and label them as “diseases” when. the sinuses..they are deliberate responses to a dietary allergen. What happens in the human body when it is exposed. or soybean oil. Cows’ milk and asthma / sinus congestion Milk is the second most common food allergy. a fatty acid that is used to myelina te the nerve cell sheath and provide a solid structure to the cell membrane. usually from a vegetable source like coconut. to a dietary allergen? The answer is that the body tries to shield itself f rom the dietary allergen. And for adults. It is not this allergy itself that interests us in this section.Grocery Warning Babies fed infant formulas based on cows’ milk or unhealthy vegetable oils may hav e their brain growth seriously impaired by these nutritional de ciencies: Cows’ milk -based formulas do not contain cholesterol. Yet the medical community calls these responses asthma or sinus congestion or c onstipation. are also essentially absent. s af ower. The structurally and functionally important Omega-3 fatty acids. however: it is the resul t of that allergy.Robyn Landis. The Crazy Makers Overall. and the digestive tract. corn.Carol Simontacchi. . used to enhance th e conductivity of the nerve signal. the nutritional differenc es between cows’ milk and human breast milk clearly make cows’ milk a poor choice fo r growing babies. Some sources say two-thirds of all Americans have some allergy to cows’ milk. day after day. The body’s mechanism for doing this is the secretion of mucous in the lungs. they should have been weaned off this baby food years ago. 115 . This secretion of muc ous is an attempt to create a protecting layer of slime (to put it bluntly) that insulates the inner tissues of the human body from the offending allergen.

Bruce Fife. I eat quinoa in soy milk sweetened with stevia. I’ve been there too.D. for that matter): When I was in medical school. Natural Prescriptions Mil k seems to be one of the hardest things for most people to give up. . being a llergic can seem like a major handicap. Most Western-trained doctors are. rule. of course. The Herbs of Life Milk is best avoided by those with sinus problems. Giller. have dampness. and asthma. I couldn’t imagine starting my day wi thout a bowl of high-sugar breakfast cereal soaked in a bowl of ice-cold milk.Lesley Tierra. coughs. Herbal Defense Most conventional doctors don’t consider cows’ milk to be a cause of asthma Of course. But. the temptation is often too great. they sa id it was nonsense. have chronic coughs or runny noses or experience such obvious p roblems as asthma or allergies. I guess there are still people around who discredit the idea .D.Robyn Landis. and I feel in no way deprived by the experience. I read a book by a phy sician who had had good results in treating asthma in children by eliminating al l milk and dairy products. Ofte n children’s asthma. the vast majority of conventional medical doctors consider the idea t o be complete nonsense.Robert M. stomach cramps. I know. diarrhea or constipation will disappear by simply eliminating dairy and juices from the diet. It suppresses the he lpful thinning of mucosal secretions. Even if eating dairy causes headaches. and a food that they’ve integrated into their lives at many different levels. as a general. dairy will only aggravate these conditions. milk is considered practically a “sacred” food by many people..Grocery Warning For those who have a lot of mucus in general. and it can be dif cult to give up: When y ou look at the many foods that are made with some type of dairy product. The Healing Mi racles of Coconut Oil 116 . We grow up eating dairy products and if we sudde nly are told not to have them we feel greatly deprived. and causes or aggravates symptoms in many allergic people. upper-respir atory allergies. It’s something they were raised on. without question. sinus congestion. We love the creamy taste so much it’s like asking us to cut off an arm to quit eating it completely. This is not because dairy products stimulat e mucus production but because they’re very common causes of allergy. T hese days. qu ite uninformed of the causeand-effect links between diet and disease (or diet an d health. or skin rash es. are overweight. but I’ve found that eliminating milk and cheese from the diet can be helpful for both asthmatic adults and children. Refraining from dairy in one form or ano ther is dif cult for most people.. . runny noses. M. N. Those with allergies often eat dairy even though they know they will pay for it later. . are prone to cysts. . When I discussed the book with my professors.

milk stagnates. if they are not allergic to dairy products. there’s the mucous response by the bo dy. Once you become aware of the dietary in uences of cows’ milk. That’s the kind of attitude I truly admire. . they’re avoiding water. you probably are n’t at all surprised to learn that cows’ milk is a leading cause of constipation. Water lubricates. Third. a moderate amount of milk which has not been pasteurized. and they don’t want to know anything more about cows’ milk because.Grocery Warning My take on all this. homogenized . which results in digestive stagnation and a lack of healthy movement in the bowels. It is these people who are truly doomed to a life of suffering. Somehow. Hea ling With Whole Foods With what you know about cows’ milk so far. many people drink milk in place of w ater. But I know you’re dif ferent. because anybody who would have ordered this material is clearly interest ed in being healthier and in learning more about the links between diet and heal th. then. however. They don’t want to change. But what I truly detest is people who trudge along th rough life with all sorts of dairy-related disorders like asthma. 117 . then at least you can make a well informed decision about whether t hose effects are worth it. regardless of what you decide t o do with that information.Paul Pitchford. Second. constipation a nd sinus problems. What I respect is your willingness to inform yourself. It’s as if they don’t even want to get better. Cows’ milk and constipation Overconsumption of poor-quality milk products is a primary cause of constipation . let’s get moving with constipation (pu n intended). Th is is primarily due to three reasons: First. is not to try to force anybody to give up cows’ milk or to judge anybody for continuing to drink it. and to help you conduct a 30-day “no dairy” test to see how much better you may feel. and since ber is needed for the healthy movem ent of substances through the digestive tract. or denatured in other ways can bene t those suffering with constipation from dryness. My aim is to simply help you becom e aware of what it’s doing to you. and who won’t even try a 30-day dairy free diet to see if it mi ght help. And when they’re drinking milk. skimmed. cows’ milk contributes more to stag nation (constipation) than movement. With that said. dang it. they actually enjo y the asthma. the sinus headaches and everything else tha t goes with it. cows’ milk has no ber. the dif culty breathing. they want that glass of milk each morning. and whether or not you nd dairy to be something you want to take out of your own diet is entirely up to you. and water is precisely the liquid they need in order to promote healthier bowel movements.

with great suff ering and many healthcare dollars spent testing and treating conditions that oft en disappear with the elimination of dairy products.Robyn Landis. eliminate cows’ milk i n the diet as the rst step. eithe r. then this is especially valuable information for you! Your doctor would probably never talk to you about this subject. and lack of discomfort and anal ssures. and I’m willing to bet you don’t go around asking other people. It doesn’t make for appetizing social talk. “Two bowel movements a week” is perfectly n ormal. among other factors) wi thin three days of having cows’ milk removed from the diet. T he other thing about constipation and cows’ milk is that a tremendous amount of me dical resources are wasted trying to treat constipation as some sort of “disease” wh en.Grocery Warning It is for these three reasons that hundreds of millions of people around the wor ld suffer so much constipation. gee. And yet the vast majority of those constipation sufferers can experience perfectly normal bowel function if they would simply re move cows’ milk from their diets: An Italian study showed that 21 out of 27 childr en under the age of three had a signi cant increase in bowel function (number of s tools. if not two. But the answer is that if you aren’t crowned Queen (or King) of the porcelain t hrone at least once a day. I don’t have one bowel movement each day either. I often ask people how frequently they have bowel movements and whether they think that’s nor mal.Robyn Landis. may be nothing more than the cows’ milk in your diet. indeed. A “cows’ milk challenge” cau sed rapid return of symptoms. as you’ve seen here. c onstipated. “I’m not constipated. in fact. At minimum. . you have a serious dietary problem. . Remove the c ows’ milk and your bowel movements will usually improve within a matter of days. a healthy digestive tract and ad equate consumption of dietary ber should result in one bowel movement every day.” they say. but it does provide some fascinat ing information: Many people think that. whether they recognize it or not. “I’ve always had two bowel movements a week. it’s just a response to poor dietary choice: Lactose-intolerance symp toms are often misdiagnosed as much more serious bowel diseases. Any person with fewer than one bowel movement each day is. That problem.” Not co nstipated? They truly have no idea. Herbal Defense Many people don’t know they’re constipated It’s bewildering that many people who are constipated don’t know they are. If you are reading this and thinki ng. Because I’m so curious about health and nutrition when it comes to real people. If your child is constipated. Herbal Defe nse 118 . softening.

a cows’ milk protein) has been st rongly linked to insulindependent diabetes mellitus in children. genetic susceptibility is a major catalyst in those who develop the disease. of course. and in response to the presence of these proteins in cows’ milk. there are yet other reasons to avoid cows’ milk. esp ecially for children: Bovine serum albumin (BSA. Cows’ milk and diabetes Cows’ milk should never be given to a newborn or young child since it has a much h igher level of glutamate than human milk and also is strongly associated with ju venile diabetes . The next we’ll explore is the link between co ws’ milk consumption and diabetes. th e removal of cows’ milk from the diet. the body mistakenly starts attacking it s own beta cells in the pancreas. Herbal Defe nse This news comes as quite a shock to most people. but diabetes only occurs fol lowing early childhood exposure to particular environmental or infectious trigge rs. But it turns out that these proteins are quite similar to beta cells in the pancreas that are responsible for manufacturing insulin. that diabetic children had eight times as many of these antibo dies as nondiabetic children.. Exposure to a virus.Grocery Warning It is a sad. And yet the evidence is quite strong in this area. and a person c an radically alter their health outcome. . the result is type 1 diabetes. for example. but true. allowing the disease to fully manifest itself.D. and that high -risk children who drank cows’ milk in the rst three months were 11 times more like ly to get diabetes than high-risk children who didn’t. In response. Diet is the #1 cause of all modern disease. One such alteration is. 119 . As it turns out.Russell Blaylock. especially parents who have been told to “feed your children cows’ milk to give them strong bones!” -. Studies have fo und. the body attacks these proteins in order to destroy t hem. When those are destroyed. Without these triggering e xposures. or MSG all act to turn on the diabetes gene s witch. by the way.Robyn Landis. that every one of 142 diabetic children had large amounts of a ntibodies to BSA. We know that in juvenile diabetes (type 1). cows’ milk. by making radical alterations to their diet. including reversing serious disease. commentary on conventional medicine to realize that the v ast majority of socalled “diseases” are truly nothing more than the natural results of lifestyle choices. Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life Here’s a dietary / disease link that most people have never heard o f: cows’ milk and diabetes. cows’ milk triggers diabetes by exposing the child body to speci c proteins that are perceived by the body as foreign invaders or allergens.yet anothe r nutritional myth. Beyond constipation. the disease may never manifest. that insulin-dependent diabetics were 50 percent m ore likely to have been given cows’ milk before three months of age. M.

. It seems the media would rather have tens of thousands of children suffe r a life of diabetes than anger one of their biggest nancial contributors. be an important determinant of subsequent type 1 diabetes and may increase the risk about 1. Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life A critical review and ana lysis of all relevant citations in the medical literature indicated that early c ows’ milk exposure may.There is clear evidence that feeding cows’ milk to an infant sets him up for a greater ris k of developing juvenile-onset diabetes.based infant formula s or other milk products. called islet cells. . Because the immune system confuses the two. or because cows’ milk often stimulates the production of other antibodies that may destroy portions of the pancreas. most people have never heard of this link.5 times. .Michael T.. .Carol Simontacchi . it is useful to examine the heavy use of cows’ milk i n human babies. and 2) The health problems experienced by babies on cows’ milk are a strong indicator of the unhealthful nature of the substance on human adults. the general public is still not aware of the risk. it is a worthwhile discussion for two reasons: 1) Many readers have babies. The Crazy Makers The media avoid talking about cows’ milk and diabetes to protect advertising reven ues And yet. it begins to attack th e islet cells by mistake. M.D. Although this may not directly apply to you as an adult. is food politics: Although proof of this co nnection appeared in one of the most prestigious diabetes journals. Why is that? The answer. But there are still ot her reasons discussed below. . In case-controlled studies.Russell Blaylock. M. in fact. the bottom line is that the scienti c evidence cl early shows a causal relationship between the two. Murray.. despite all of the evidence showing that cows’ milk results in a greatly heightened risk of juvenile diabetes. Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life When it comes to cows’ milk and diabetes. patients with type1 diabetes were more likely to have been breast-fed for less t han three months and to have been exposed to cows’ milk or solid foods before four months. N. It offers yet another reason why consumers should consider avoiding cows’ milk entirely. 120 .D. Before we get to the hormones and chemicals used in the production of cows’ milk. leading to their destruction. either due to a type of protein called bovine serum albumin (BSA) that can be found in cows’ milk -.D. .Grocery Warning Several studies have demonstrated that a protein in cows’ milk closely resembles t he molecular structure of the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. The Textbook of Natural Medicine .Russ ell Blaylock. Why? Because of the power of the milk pro ducers.. of course.

D.Autopsies of infants who had died in car accidents showed an obvious partial blockage of the coronary arteries of those on formula milk. The newborn infant i s almost entirely dependent on external sources of carnitine. corn oil.Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. heart disease. For Healing. The consumption of whole milk after the rst year of life should be discouraged because of its potential role in a variety of dis orders including atherosclerosis. and represent a horrifying distortion of what a human baby really needs to be healthy. The qua lity of blood. which contain highfructose corn syrup. M. determines the quality of mother’s milk and the biological strength of the next generation. and not of those who were breast-fed.Michael T. Formula feeding may necessitate supplemental carnitine to achieve normal carniti ne concentrations in these infants.. Water for Health. . N. . cows’ milk appears to contribute to cardiovascular disease in infants b y clogging their arteries: “.. and cows’ milk allergy.The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi H uman babies depend on their mother’s breast milk for 100 percent of their nutritio nal needs.D. Oski. . The bioavail ability of carnitine from breast milk is signi cantly greater than that in cows’ mil kbased formulas.Grocery Warning The problem with feeding cows’ milk to human babies The abuse of dairy food in the modern diet and its degenerating arti cial quality are major factors in the rise of breast cancer.Frank A. recurrent abdominal pain of childhood. For Life 121 . Don’t Drink Your Milk Cows’ milk contributes to cardiovascular disease in infants Amazingly. . milk-borne infections. This is a signi cant revelation that h as not been dealt with publicly and openly. and soy-based infant formulas contain no detectable carnitine. Murray. Breastfed infants have the best chance of achieving optimal carnitine concentrations. and other serious illnesses. The quality of our food determines the quality of our blood. catarac ts. The Textbook of N atural Medicine Beyond the discussion of what’s missing from cows’ milk when it come s to the nutritional needs of human babies. I am of the opinion that the coronar y arteries of infants on formula get blocked because the formulated milk composi tion is more concentrated than the mother’s milk.. in turn.. iron de cien cy anemia. there’s an even greater topic at hand: the diseases and disorders that naturally result from feeding cows’ milk to human infants: Whole bovine milk should not be fed to infants during the rst year of l ife because of its association with occult gastrointestinal bleeding. There is no substitute: not cows’ milk and certainly not “formula” baby foo ds. and juvenile delinquency.

on top of the fact that the milk contain ed possibly only just enough water for the digestion of the milk itself. for Healing.) . Feed Your Kids Right. This de ciency is so pronounced that in 1992.once again -. While asleep. some doctors even believe that the consumption of cows’ milk causes b ehavioral disorders (ADD) and learning disabilities: Dr.. the middle ear infection . and other books. and the nutrition al de ciencies of cows’ milk. increases rates of fatality. It is extremely treatable. causes ir on de ciencies. Is this really the kind of food you want to be feeding to your children? 122 .Grocery Warning In children. Milk is especially implicated in that commonest of childhood ailments. the American Academy of Pediatric actually announced that parents shouldn’t feed cows’ milk to infants less than one year old! There are other negative health effects from feeding cows’ mil k to babies that go beyond iron de ciency. There is also colic and dehydration. leaves the infant’s body short of water and forces it into physiological events for droug ht management. causes colic. It is nutritionally imbalanced. .D.D. (No te: Removing cows’ milk means not drinking any if you’re nursing. as expla ined in the following two passages: Colic is a buildup of trapped gas in the bab y’s colon. Herbal Defense But perhaps the worst h ealth impact comes from the iron de ciencies caused in infants by the consumption of cows’ milk. M. is a leading spokesperson for natural healing for kids. lacks the all-important “healthy” oils needed for building brain mass. Milk is the most comm on culprit in colic by a wide margin. returning in every single subject when the milk is returned to their diets. M. ped iatrician and author of Hyper Kids. f or Life Although the information in this section just scratched the surface. He told Karta Purkh that in his clinical experience a simil ar percentage of ADD and learning-disability cases improve with removal of milk products. much water. In studies all over the world. and contributes to an increased risk of diabetes. H erbal Defense The normal practice is that the infant is given concentrated milk and bundled to sleep. He believes that 90 percent o f all generally sickly children will show improvement in all areas when you just take away cows’ milk. is lost from the lungs during the exhalation phase of the breathing p rocess. removing co ws’ milk consistently cures colic in approximately 70 percent of the test samples. however.t he result of milk allergy in a large percentage of babies. It is also believed to be -. Lendon Smith.Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. in comparison to the weight of t he infant. autoimmune disorders. it should be rather obvious to any critical thinker familiar with the science and r esearch on this topic that cows’ milk is an extremely poor dietary choice for huma n babies.Robyn Landis. Water for Health.Robyn Landis.. This water loss from the lungs.

Al though BGH might arguably be neutral or perhaps even helpful to the health of th e cows (Human Growth Hormone. however.Michael T. or HGH. Home Safe Home Leave it to the mad scientists behind the s cenes at the world’s largest dairy companies to come up with yet another way to sq ueeze more pro ts from the glands of a cow: they’ve synthesized Bovine Growth Hormon e (BGH) as a way to induce dairy cows to give more milk than nature intended.D. ovary. Dr. and they start to induce a variety of hormone-relate d health disorders in humans: Although many synthetic estrogens like DES are now outlawed. Tritsch believes that minute leve ls of IGF-1 could enter the bloodstream of those who drink hormone-laced milk an d create tumor cells in the breast.Grocery Warning Yet there’s more! Everything we’ve discussed so far hasn’t even mentioned the contamin ation and exploitation of dairy cows using dangerous growth hormones. insert it into the DNA of bacteria. The FDA refuses to implement a test f or rBGH levels in all dairy products. say s that drinking milk from rBGH-supplemented cows increases insulin growth factor (IGF-1). The rise in dairy consumption since the 1940s inversely paral lels the drop in sperm counts. N. The Textbook of Natural Medicine But the negative effect on the sperm count of men may be just the beginning. and rbST). the real problems begin to occur when BGH-laden dairy produ cts get consumed by humans. George Tritsch. Murray. is generally considered rather helpful in adult human beings). especial ly dairy cows. in February 1994 the FDA approved the use of rBGH (recombinant bovine gr owth hormone) to increase milk production. insisting there is no need because it is s afe. or prostate as people age.. BGH is a hormone naturally p roduced by cows. Four companies have learned how to isolate the strand of cow DN A that codes this hormone. rbGH. a cancer researcher r ecently retired from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. and then extract large quantities of BGH from those vats. as mentioned in Herbal Defense : Also. als o known as BST. Cows’ milk contains substantial amounts of estrogen due to modern f arming techniques.Debra Lynn Dadd. Not everyone is so sure. . Many doctors also believe BGH accelerates the growth of tumor cel ls in humans. grow the bacteria in vats. and that’s t he topic of the next section: The use of dangerous hormones in cows’ milk A new additive of questionable safety in milk is bovine growth hormone (BGH. 123 . . New York. many livestock and poultry are still hormonally manipulated. Dairy cows t hat are injected with BGH can produce milk for nearly twice as long after calvin g. Avoidance of hormone-fed animal products and milk products are important for male sexual vitality. Here’s an account of one such doctor. It is one of the rst products of bioengineering that the FDA has approved to enter our food supply. which may enhance tumor cell growth. especially in men with low spe rm counts or low testosterone levels.

” Use of rBGH is also known to increase the amount of pus. Tri tsch concludes that “the widespread consumption of BGH-supplemented milk is. which the company later admitted. the producers of the hormone. The ensuing positive research data led to FDA approval for the company’s controversial bovine growth hormone (to increase a cows’ milk production). it is well known that BGH increases in ammation of the udder of cows. Introduced on the market in 199 4.Robyn Landis.S. Here’s the de nition of BGH from Food Additives: BOVINE SOMATOTROPIN (BST) • Bovine growth hormone (BGH) is a natural protein produced by the pituitary gland of all cattle. It is a protein hormone and is not structura lly or functionally related to steroid hormones.) And yet.S. which can lead to an increase in the amount of pus in dairy milk (see below for more on pus). He also feel s that such hormones could stimulate the progression of childhood leukemias. both of which refuse to a ctually test all milk for the presence of BGH before it is consumed by humans. no doubt. the studies failed to acknowledge farmers’ disturbing reports of adverse reacti ons.S. . indeed: why is the U. Howeve r. since cows given rBGH are more susceptible to disea se. there fore. an experiment on an unsuspecting population that could have horrendous con sequences. the FDA. has unknown potentia l effects on humans. The reporters went on to interview t wo Canadian regulators who charged Monsanto with offering them a $1 to 124 . small farmers. ( Similar to the way in which these two agencies also refuse to test all cows for mad cow disease. bacteria. whose studies led to the drug’s approval. And as with virtually every large food producing indus try group. Consumer groups. and antib iotic contamination in milk.” adding that “it would be dif cult to dismantle a well-entrenched BGH indus try. government s upporting the use of BGH when taxpayer money is being spent to subsidize milk pr oduction in the rst place? There’s a bit of a politically-motivated money shell gam e at work here. Food Additives It is strange. They then detailed a revolving do or between Monsanto executives and the FDA. Herbal Defense Government regulatory agencies refuse to test cows for hormone effects The use of BGH is fully supported by the FDA and USDA. Two investigative reporters followed the trail. M. and is unnecessary because the U. government already supp ort milk prices because there is an overabundance of milk on the market.. Amon g the reasons: it increases in ammation of the udder in cows. . there’s more than a hint of corruption at work when it comes to hormone s for cows: Monsanto corporation gave large research grants to the University of Florida.Ruth Winter.Grocery Warning which would grow slowly and manifest as clinical cancer in old age. documenting how Monsanto spent millions in grants to the University of Fl orida. and some other experts claim that ther e is no difference in the milk of cows given the hormone since cows’ milk naturall y contains the hormone anyway. and a number of dairy product producers are against the use of the hormone. some scientists.

themilkweed. Food and Drug Administration admits the hormone has been its biggestever consumer food safety controversy. the FDA’s human safety oversight of rbGH has been awed from the begi nning. whether treate d with hormones or not. Monsanto has actually sued them for claiming that their milk “contains no hormones” right on the front label of their milk produc ts. To counter intense public skepticism abou t which provides “insi der” information to dairy farmers. right? Not according to Monsanto and the FDA. Yet Monsanto and government of cials claim there is “no difference” in the milk from untreated and rbGH-injected cows. The U. The sole research cited for this claim was that of a Canadian graduate student. they also want to legally harass mi lk producers who avoid the use of hormones. who se master’s thesis studied the feeding of rbGH-derived milk to calves (not humans) . they say the package claim is misleading. then they should be able to say it contain s no hormones. the FDA failed to require a mandatory residue test for rbGH. the agency said that the rbGH in the milk of injected cows was degraded by commercial pasteurization. In my opinion.S.” Aut hor Peter Hardin of The Milkweed (http://www. Fox Television news killed the story after the station received aggressive threat letters from Monsanto attorneys. has nothing but criticism for Monsanto and the FDA when it comes to BGH. by the way. When H ealing Becomes A Crime Monsanto harasses organic milk producers who state their milk is made without ho rmones Monsanto has gone out of its way to legally harass small dairy producers who pro duce hormonefree milk. not only does Monsanto want ev erybody to buy their bovine growth hormones. Three potenti al problem areas come to mind: human safety. That’s called “protecting the racket. You see. The following is excerpted from an editorial published at The Capital Times: This biotech cow hormone has rocked the dairy industry an d consumers since the mid1980s. 125 . And since the FDA claims all milk is equal. Among the ndings. the FDA published a 10-page summary of its human safety determinations i n the journal Science in August 1990. Monsanto claims tha t the statement somehow implies that hormone-free milk is “better” than milk made wi th injected hormones. In the mid-1980s.Grocery Warning $2 million bribe for approving the drug without further testing.Kenny Ausubel. This study erroneously heated milk for 30 minutes at the 15-second pasteurizat ion temperature. Monsanto’s rbG H was the rst major biotech food production “tool” approved by the FDA. whose stations advertise Monsanto products nationally . they pointed out that Monsa nto was a client of a major advertising company owned by Fox chief Rupert Murdoc h. Hence the poli tically-motivated lawsuit from Monsanto. If the milk contains no hormones. When the reporters were then red. animal safety and quality control.

Grocery Warning Data suggest higher IGF-1 levels are found in rbGH-injected cows’ milk, compared t o normal milk. Thousands of research studies probing potential links between IGF -1 and cancer development have been published in scienti c and medical journals. W ith regard to animal safety, injections of rbGH spur dairy cow metabolism. One-t hird more blood is pumped through injected cows’ hearts. This synthetic hormone is so powerful it kills muscle tissue at injection sites. In early 1990, my newspa per, The Milkweed, published stolen Monsanto animal health research les. Those les showed dramatic increases in weights of many key organs and glands of treated c ows, compared to control groups. What’s gone wrong with Monsanto’s rbGH? Synthetic h ormones used in our food-producing livestock pose risks too serious to cover up. If a serious problem exists, why has only 50 percent of rbGH sales been curtail ed, instead of 100 percent? Consumers and dairy farmers deserve a complete and h onest explanation of why the FDA has restricted this drug. Of course, when there’s money to be made, you’re unlikely to hear the truth from anyone standing in line to receive some of that money -- and that certainly includes the majority of mag azine publishers, newspaper publishers, cable companies and media outlets. They all bene t from milk advertising (“milk money”). Hence, they are unlikely to make publ ic information that would earn the wrath of the dairy industry.\ When it comes t o hormones, however, there is one thing you can do to protect yourself: buy orga nic milk made without the use of hormones. Even though you’ll still be subject to the other negative health effects of drinking cows’ milk, you will at least avoid the synthetic hormones. The contamination of cows’ milk with pus Beyond the BGH in cows’ milk, there’s also the issue of pus in cows’ milk. Did I say p us? Indeed, I did. From by Robert Cohen: Pus in milk? A dairy cow lte rs ten-thousand quarts of blood through her udder each day and uses dead white b lood cells (somatic cells) to manufacture her milk. These dead cells are pus cel ls. Dairy scientists are aware that when one quart of milk is tainted with 400 m illion or more pus cells, some 35 percent of the milking cows in the herd are in fected with mastitis. Udders bleed, discharges, including bacteria and blood dri p into the milk. - 126

Grocery Warning The full report on pus, found at shows h ow federal standards allow 200,000 pus cells per milliliter of milk (about the s ize of a thimbleful). Any amount of pus over 200,000 cells per milliliter is a v iolation of federal milk safety laws. And yet the number of pus cells in milk ha s been found to consistently violate these safety limits. A 2001 analysis shows the following pus counts in milk sold in the United States, broken down by state : AL AZ AR CA CO CT DE FL GA ID IL IN IA KS KY LA 444,000 360,000 486,000 298,000 312,000 310,000 386,000 548,000 407,000 320,000 322,000 343,000 333,000 476,000 413,000 479,000 ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND 290,000 351,000 308,000 287,000 420,000 442,000 437,000 248,000 443,000 330,000 299,000 339,000 311,000 280,000 364,000 344,000 OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY 327,000 483,000 286,000 317,000 206,000 404,000 459,000 413,000 342,000 284,000 302,000 333,000 275,000 422,000 297,000 341,000 All you people in Florida really have it great! You’re getting almost triple the p us factor in dairy milk that is allowed by law. If you think about it, pus is ve ry easy to hide in milk since pus, by itself, appears sort of milky white. So ho w would you know if pus was in your milk in the rst place? You wouldn’t. And you pr obably didn’t. But it’s there, and it’s present in quantities that would downright sho ck most milk drinkers. Is pus the perfect food? Probably not. The information yo u’ve read here is just a taste of the ugly truth behind the dairy industry. Keep i n mind that it may take you some time to “clean up” your system after ditching milk, too: According to our observations, dairy products prevent the cleansing of res idues of meat consumption from earlier in one’s life. In order to discharge these residues, one must stay completely free of dairy for a minimum of six months -some health practitioners estimate several times this long. - Paul Pitchford, He aling With Whole Foods 127

Grocery Warning What’s wrong with organic milk It is worth noting that most of the problems inherent to cows’ milk as described i n this section are not necessarily avoided by purchasing organic milk. Organic c ows’ milk contains homogenized milk fats, just like regular milk. It also has basi cally the same nutritional makeup, which I have shown to be de cient in the minera ls and healthy oils needed to support healthy human nervous systems. Organic mil k is also just as dif cult to digest as regular milk, and therefore initiates the very same allergic responses: asthma, constipation, and sinus problems, to name three. While organic milk does avoid the dangerous hormones and antibiotics used in the production of conventional milk, organic cows’ milk is still just organic baby food for cows and in no way quali es as food for healthy, adult, mature human beings. Although I frequently recommend organic products and groceries over non -organic ones, this is one case where both varieties appear to do more harm than good. I recommend avoiding them both. The 30-day no-dairy diet Try the 30-day no-dairy diet and see how you feel. That is, take a 30-day period and eliminate dairy products from your diet completely. Gauge how you feel, and especially note changes in your bowel movements, ease of breathing, and the sta te of your sinuses if you have experienced sinus congestion in the past. It’s best if you document 30 days on dairy products and compare it to 30 days off the pro ducts. Few people are actually willing to engage in such an experiment, but ever y single person I’ve met who has been willing to complete the experiment has repor ted a tremendous difference when avoiding dairy products. They experienced far h igher levels of energy, stronger immune systems, and a greater feeling of clarit y throughout their bodies. They had healthier and more regular bowel movements, an easier time breathing, and typically their sinus congestion problems either l essened or disappeared altogether. This is no surprise, since as I stated earlie r, cows’ milk is the perfect food for baby cows but hardly a good nutritional choi ce for adult human beings. A better choice would be human breast milk, but even that is only appropriate for infants. Why we, as adult human beings, think we ne ed to be drinking a liquid produced primarily to support the nutritional needs o f young cows, seems rather bizarre. Action Item: Take the 30-day no-dairy diet test by removing all dairy products from your diet for 30 days to see how you feel. Read more about milk and dairy products at: ucts.html 128

Grocery Warning Monosodium Glutamate I have spoken with far too many people who have been emotionally shattered, nanci ally devastated, and had their life paths altered by adverse reactions to monoso dium glutamate. I believe that the current epidemic of diseases, such as bromyalg ia, attention de cit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and chronic fatigue syndrome, an d huge rises in reported cases of neurodegenerative diseases, migraine symptoms, asthma, and gastrointestinal diseases are all directly related to the rise in M SG consumption. - George R. Schwartz, M.D., In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Comple x Here’s another dangerous ingredient to avoid: monosodium glutamate, otherwise kn own as MSG. You may think you already know everything there is to know about MSG , but I bet you had no idea of the neurological damage caused by MSG that will b e revealed in this section. You probably also didn’t know that this dangerous chem ical is frequently hidden in other ingredients. I’ll also reveal a massive cover-u p involving MSG manufacturers, industry groups and the FDA that’s designed to conc eal the truth about this dangerous ingredient while protecting food industry pro t s. But before we get there, let’s cover the basics of MSG and why you should avoid it in your diet. There are two books I highly recommend on the subject of MSG: • In Bad Taste: The MSG Syndrome: How Living Without MSG Can Reduce Headache, Depr ession and Asthma, and Help You Get Control of Your Life by George Schwartz, M.D . • Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by Russell Blaylock Both books are highly i nformative and go far beyond the information I present here. I will be quoting f rom both, but I strongly recommend that if you want to learn more about the toxi city of MSG, get these books yourself and read them cover to cover. What is MSG? MSG is a drug added to our foods that causes widespread toxicity. - George R. Sc hwartz, M.D., In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex MSG is a chemical avor enhanc er. It adds a sweetness and depth to virtually any food or beverage, and it is w idely used throughout the food industry to enhance the avors of processed foods t hat would otherwise taste at and bland. And herein lays the problem: processed fo od is typically so “dead” that most people wouldn’t buy it if the taste wasn’t somehow c hemically enhanced. So food processors depend on MSG to make their foods appeali ng. That’s why food manufacturers continue to deny any health risk associated with the consumption of MSG -- because if they had to stop using this chemical, thei r foods would taste terrible! 129

Grocery Warning The problem is that MSG is also classi ed as an excitotoxin, which means it belong s to a class of chemicals that damage nerve cells by overexciting them. It enhan ces taste by penetrating the taste bud cells on your tongue and overexciting tho se cells to create a sensory taste experience. The problem is that MSG doesn’t sto p at the tongue. It continues through the bloodstream and can overexcite nerve c ells throughout your nervous system. MSG was given the name “excitotoxin” when these effects were noticed by researchers decades ago: While MSG has been used as a av or enhancer for a very long time, the discovery of its adverse physiological eff ects can be attributed to a chance discovery in 1957 by two British ophthalmolog ists, Lucas and Newhouse, who were studying a rare eye disorder. They were attem pting to improve the condition in test animals by feeding monosodium glutamate, aspartate and other metabolic products to mice, based on the idea that these sub stances can be used as fuel by some nerve cells. What they found was that the mi ce who received glutamate and aspartate suffered severe destruction of the cells in the retina, and that the damage was worse in newborn animals than adult anim als. The greatest damage occurred with exposure to glutamate. Their report went virtually unnoticed, even though monosodium glutamate had been added to processe d foods in massive quantities since the late 1940s. In 1968 another research sci entist, John Olney, repeated the experiment hoping to use the ability of MSG to destroy retinal cells to study neural connections dying within deep brain struct ures, a common technique in neuroscience. What he found shocked him: the MSG not only destroyed retinal cells, it also killed vital neurons within the brain its elf. On further study, Dr. Olney recognized that the MSG was killing neurons by exciting them to death. Based on this observation he named the process “excitotoxi city.” - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills The name “excito toxin” now applies to a class of chemicals that overexcite nerve cells in the huma n body, causing damage or death to those cells. One of the side effects of excit otoxins is they also enhance the avor of foods by overexciting the sensory cells on the tongue: Excitotoxins are taste or avor enhancers that release glutamate an d other brain-active amino acids, such as aspartate and cysteine. The best known example of an excitotoxin is monosodium glutamate (MSG). High blood levels of M SG can cross the normally protective blood-brain barrier. If glutamine levels ar e inappropriately raised, neurons re abnormally and at higher levels, brain cells begin to die (Shefrin 1999; Dodd 2002). Both oxygen de ciency and lack of fuel (h ypoglycemia) interfere with the energy production of brain cells and make them s usceptible to excitotoxin damage. As noted in a review article by Blaylock (1999 ) in Medical Sentinel, and other articles, excitotoxin damage may be an importan t factor in the development of neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s diseas e (Shefrin 1999; Merims et al. 2001). - Disease Prevention and Treatment by The Life Extension Foundation 130

re ned foods. Salad dressings usually have it as well. In the sections that follow. and female sterility. obesity . claiming that MS G is perfectly safe. But MSG is also frequently used in many food products found at your local grocery store. I’ll also show you how food manufacturers “hide” MSG in natural-sounding ingredients in order to mislead consumers. and MSG MSG is a popular additive that gained widespread use as a avor enhance r before its healthfulness came into question. funding “scienti c” studies that distort research results to “prove” no harm is caused by MSG. Let’s begin by looking at the use of MSG by the food industry. and headache.000 metric tons were p roduced by 1972.Grocery Warning Many people associate MSG with Chinese food. Following World War II. are made with MSG as a avor enhancer. 131 . This Japanese company now supplies the majority of MSG to food produce rs around the world. and it’s true that many Chinese resta urants add ridiculous amounts of MSG to their dishes in order to make them taste more appealing. the Ajinomoto Company wa s formed. cold sweat. but since then. The results of that res earch were rather disturbing. The food industry. pro t s. It was originally thought to be perfectly safe. they have fought a defensive battle. However. food manufacturers voluntarily removed MSG from baby foods following a publ ic outcry. of course. Beef jerky products almost a lways contain MSG. animal stu dies show that MSG can cause brain damage. I’ll show you the list of diseases and dis orders that appear to be caused by MSG. (See the next section for details. politics. since its most well-known side effect is Chinese Restaurant Syndrome -. stunted skeletal development. and forming “independent” industry groups to push pro-MSG propaganda. Home Safe Home Aft er MSG was rst discovered to enhance the taste of foods. virtually all the major food manufa cturers in the United States started adding millions of pounds of MSG each year to their processed.Debra Lynn Dadd. It wasn’t until the 1960s when doctors and researchers nally began to conduct experiments with laboratory animals and MSG. and many instant mea l mixes and powders use MSG.a condition characterized by numbness. such as bacon and especially break fast sausages. In addition. and it certainly made their processed foods taste better. Many meat products. many users probably wond ered privately about the safety of this additive. The use of MSG has since doubled every decade to the point where 262. heart palpitations. I will discuss and rev eal the food products that contain MSG.) By the late 19 60s. It is on the FDA list of additives that need further stu dy for mutagenic and reproductive effects. weakness. . and I’ll reveal the “dirty politics” behind th e MSG industry and the FDA’s reluctance to ban this ingredient or even require its accurate labeling on food products.

the taste buds -. glutamate receptors had not been discovered. 132 . at this point.. a s we have seen. M.George R.. Again. But by this time MSG was not only being added t o virtually every processed food.. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex In this way.and the overall gustatory apparatus of the mouth. and provide a sense of freshness to food that is old . and as a result.. it was being promoted in cookbook recipes as w ell. What began as a small set of researc h papers began to grow. They were so toxic. Abundant research had demonstrated that these excitotoxins not only damaged the cells of the retina of the eye. no one warned pregnant mothers that the MSG laced food they were eating could endanger the developing babies still in their womb. Yet all this time. and no on e knew that excess glutamate could cause brain cell death. but also that they were extremely toxic to the nerve cells in the hypothalamus and other vital areas of the brain. this was despite the rapid accumulation of research da ta demonstrating these previously known dangers and even new dangers associated with using excitotoxins in food. .Russell Blaylock. the food industry had to aggressively defend the only ingredie nt (MSG) that kept them in business: When MSG was rst being added to foods as a t aste-enhancing substance.D. MSG may be used to mask unpleasa nt avors.D. ta steless foods. that researchers renamed them excitotox ins. disguise spoilage. It was o nly through the diligent efforts of Dr. the food producers couldn’t go back to producing bland. And more and m ore excitotoxin “taste enhancers” were being added to adult foods and even toddler f oods all the time. I t was only after tons of these “taste enhancers” were being added to our foods and b everages that scientists had their rst hint that excitotoxins carried a serious s ide effect.Grocery Warning You see. . food manufacturing companies were economically addicted to MSG and couldn’t let i t go. John Olney that the food industry was fo rced to halt the obvious use of excitotoxin food additives in baby foods. Schwartz. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills It didn’t matter what dangers were discovered by scienti c researchers: food producers needed thei r MSG to make their food products appealing: Because MSG alters a sensory modali ty -. it mod i es reality and produces or intensi es sensations. researchers were conducting animal experiments on MSG t hat were showing alarming toxicity effects. in fact. But. The food industry inv ested millions of dollars in developing the use of MSG and hydrolyzed protein. M. The American public had gotten used to chemically enhanced foods.

MSG was “exciting nerve cells to death. But during that initial two hour period the c ells appeared to be perfectly healthy .D. later studies have documented m ore serious and sustained physical problems. an d life-threatening heart irregularities. Other s ymptoms that might seem to be psychological in origin also have been traced to M SG consumption: extreme mood swings. But when lower doses of MSG were used. Under the microscope you can see degeneration of the small structures within the cell.George R. th e neurons began to die. Within 18 to 24 hours after exposure to MSG all of the neurons were dead. but the body’s defense mechanisms begin to haul away the d ebris. On the street.were relatively mild. However. the mor e evidence they uncovered.D. Indeed. long after the MSG had been removed. and also clumping of the chromatin of the nucleus. this degenerative reaction i s seen when MSG is either ingested in the diet. Excitotoxins: Th e Taste That Kills The more researchers looked into the toxicity of MSG. sud denly. Ho Man Kwok reported in the rst published study in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1968 -.Grocery Warning The toxicity of MSG Within 15 to 30 minutes after being exposed to high doses of MSG. an i ncreasing number of people were starting to complain of nervous system disorders and symptoms following the consumption of MSG. Within three hours these neu rons are not only dead. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex 133 . two hours following the exposure. acute headaches. As we later discovered. irritability. It was as if a clock had been set so that the neurons wo uld all commit suicide at the same time. injected into the abdominal cavi ty. called organelles. Schwartz.. headache and ushi ng of the skin -. a nd even paranoia. rage reactions. Under experimental conditions using animals. in the real world. Then. In addition.Russell Blaylock. M. these sy mptoms were biochemical reactions to MSG: Reactions range from mild to very seve re. Even deaths have been reported.for example. M. the symptoms that Dr. scientists discover ed something very strange and different. such as asthma.. or applied directly to the neurons in tissue culture or into the brain by wa y of cannula or tube. suicide increases are likely related to this neur otropic drug . depression. but perfectly normal in every way.” and its effects could be clearly seen under a microscope. neurons suspen ded in tissue culture are seen to swell like balloons. Most of the neurons after thirty minute s appeared to be not only unharmed.

. a neurotransmitter that plays a role in attention. Yet.Grocery Warning MSG shown to damage the liver. Why? Because millions of babies all over the world were eating baby foods containing large amounts of MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. including baby foods. When he examined the animals’ brains he di scovered that specialized cells in a critical area of the animals’ brain. MD. .D. the Food and Drug Administration. But the worst was yet to be disclosed about this compound. but also to the brain. At least 50 million people in the United States show re actions to MSG. MSG continued to be added to food in enormous amounts and cookboo ks continued to recommend it as a taste enhancing additive for recipes. The Crazy Makers Further research revealed even more frightening toxic effects caused by MSG as well as the dif culty in getting the FDA to actually do anything about protecting the public from this dangerous chemical: Despite this frighten ing discovery. refused to take action. a neuroscientist working at the Depar tment of Psychiatry at Washington University in St. endothelial cells. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 134 . .Carol Simontacchi . This one dose also produced dam age to the liver.that MSG was a dangerous compound that should not be adde d to infant foods. His only recourse was to go public with what he knew to be true -. were destroyed. Even the government’s public health watch-dog agency. the brain. Scientists also found lowered levels of acetylcholine.. But they refused.. a neurotransmitter that plays a large role in memory and learning.. a n effect that lasted all the way to adolescence. with varying degrees. His ndings indicated that MSG was not only toxi c to the retina. The implications of Dr. Instead of adding pure MSG they added a substance known as hydrolyzed vegetable protein th at contains three known excitotoxins and has added MSG. Some ten years [after the exp eriments performed by Lucas and Newhouse which showed that MSG destroys nerve ce lls of animal retinas. and cells throughou t the body.Russell Blaylock. the hypo thalamus. Dr. M. one single dose increased free-radical damage to the brain by 60 percent. food manufacturers continued to add tons of this excitotoxic additive to foods of all kinds.informed the FDA of the real danger to human infants and encouraged the m to take action. but later in life they had more dif culty performing mental tasks requiring log ical thinking or memory. according to researchers: In a study where MSG was fed to infant m ice. In feet. the concentrations of MSG found in baby foods was equal to that used to create brain lesions in experimental ani mals. and of norepi nephrine. But even those people who don’t show an imme diate reaction to MSG may be suffering long-term brain damage as a result of thi s ingredient. It was only after his testimony before a Congressional commit tee that the food manufacturers agreed to remove MSG from baby foods.. repeated Lucas and Ne whouse’s experiment in infant mice. after a single dose of MSG. Olney.The mice exposed to MSG during pregnancy and early childhood did n e. . Ol ney’s ndings should have been earth-shaking to say the least. the circulatory system and more With increased use of MSG by food producers. the circulatory system. Olney . Louis.] John W. more and more people were beginning to show these symptoms.

both from metabolism and from the diet. an effect called excitotoxicity. .. Such is the case for aspartame. it is found naturally in foods such as soybeans.Rus sell Blaylock. at rst. and certain test s in rats suggest that high amounts of MSG can cause brain damage. After all. glutamic acid seems to affect brain chemistry. Nowhere in nature did MSG exist in isolat ion and in such high concentrations. monosodium glutamate or MSG. M. allowing only certain ions and nutrients to pass. M.along with other similar molecules. In the bare area.Elson Haas M. By using radioactiv ely marked MSG in animal experiments. was that MSG was a highly concentrate d chemical form extracted from plants.behaves as a brain excitotoxin.D. dif cult to explain.. so what w as the problem? The problem.. it is exposed to high concentrations of che micals in the blood. It might appear that MSG should not be a pr oblem. it turns out. This is especially so when we consider the enormous amounts of glutamate added t o our food in the form of the taste enhancer. beets. Its chemical structure allows it to t into a r eceptor within the brain called the NMDA (N-methyl-d-aspartate) receptor. however. trigge ring such overstimulation in the nerve cell that it dies. The Protein Power Lifeplan And: The brain receives the same blood that ows through the body. For example. th is sweetener -. and here the brain can be vul nerable to entry of unwanted substances that once inside may stimulate the brain abnormally.D.D. the br ain cell literally becomes excited to death. Glutamates are n aturally occurring proteins in foods like beets.Michael Eades. MSG passes through the blood / brain barrier that nor mally keeps nerve-damaging chemicals safely away from the brain: The brain is qu ite picky about what it lets in and what it keeps out. .D. most notably MSG (monosodium glutamate). Surrounding virtually the entire brain. In other words. tomatoes and seaweed. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 135 . M.. Therefore. the food additive and avor enhancer so pervasive in processed foods -. and Mary Dan Eades. Some of these chemi cals are quite toxic to the brain. a structure called the blood-brain barrier shields the brain from direct bloodstream access. and se aweeds. glutamate can cause widespread d estruction of certain brain cells in concentrations normally found in the diet. why is it so dangerous to your health? The demonstrated toxicity of MSG was. .Grocery Warning If MSG is found in seaweed. However. Staying Healthy With Nutrition But detailed studies that attempted to foll ow the path of MSG in the body showed a fascinating pattern. the barrier skips a spot. researchers were able to determine that un der certain circumstances.

we’ll ex plore the links between each of these diseases and MSG.the destructive results can be compounded: Unfortunately. the problems caused by MSG are undoubtedly widespread: The evidence points to MSG sensitivity of epidemic proportions throughout the general population. as if the cells were excited to death.George R. M. 136 . Several hours later these neurons su ddenly die.D. and mood swings. reproductive problems and endocrine disorders. When neurons are exposed to t hese substances. In the following sections. M. headache.Russell Blay lock.D. . as a result of this dama ge.. violent behavior. Certainly. by the food industry and the producers of aspartame and MSG . Unfortunately. repeated injury to these damaged neurons wi ll eventually kill them.”) although the research suggests the other 70 perc ent may be suffering some degree of permanent nerve cell damage as well. diabetes.Grocery Warning MSG damages your health with small doses. As a result.namely. MSG is implicated in a long list of serio us diseases such as asthma. M. tingling of the face. Schwartz. Some 30 percent of the population d emonstrate observable symptoms from MSG (see below for a complete list of sympto ms associated with “MSG syndrome. hyperactivity. Also. there is a whole class of chemicals that can produce very simila r damage -. accentuating those already present in adolescents and also in adult s. it’s little wonder that it can be a causative factor in a w ide variety of diseases and disorders. behavioral disturbances in children. and our fami lies. But. pressure around the eyes. taken over time Also. aspartame -.D. either. mild nausea. . In any case. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills The extreme toxicity of MSG combi ned with its widespread use in the food supply resulted in virtually every consu mer in the United State being exposed to it.. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex MSG isn’t the entire picture. and me.they all share one important property. obesity..Russell Blaylock. In fact. we want our brai ns to operate at peak ef ciency. neuroscientists have dubbed this class of chemicals “excitotoxins”. MSG is n ot the only taste enhancing food additive known to cause damage to the nervous s ystem. they become very excited and re their impulses very rapidly unti l they reach a state of extreme exhaustion. they operate at a much reduced level of ef ciency. When MSG is combined with other excitotoxins -. Excito toxins: The Taste That Kills With MSG shown to be toxic to the nerve cells in bo th animals and humans. the research was showing that it wasn’t necessarily one large dose of MSG th at would kill nerve cells: it was the frequent exposure to smaller doses over ti me: It has been shown that when using lower doses of excitotoxins many of these cells are severely damaged without actually dying. T he symptoms may be severe or vague: depression. the only experiments to demonstrate thes e long termed effects in humans are being conducted on you.

David H. By eliminating both cows’ milk and MSG from the diet. and because the very process of breathing requires the proper functioning of nerve cells in the brain. also reacted to a MSG challenge with a marked decrease in her air. When another patient. Gary J. we wrote letters to alert the medical community of the potential dangers of MSG in asthmatic patients (New England Journal of Medicine. requiring that she be placed on a ven tilator.D.ow rate. Originally. Allen and Dr. M. They gave capsules containing 2. As in the case presented above. snack foods. In both cases there were asthmatic reactions. Gary Baker It is worth noting that people who frequently consume both cows’ milk and foods containing MSG (bacon. The other y oung woman had severe unresponsive asthma. . The rst case responded to simple treatment. The book In Bad Taste reprints p ersonal accounts detailing many more. and have been reported in the Journal of Allergy and Clinic al Immunology. 80: 530-537 . 1987. 1981. breakfast sausage. Dr. 1981. research was conducted and published i n the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 1987 which provided further evidence of the causal link between MSG consumption and asthma attacks: The seve rity of this asthma attack following the MSG challenge surprised and worried us. (The case shown above is just one example.5 grams of MSG to the young wo men (a bowl of wonton soup contains approximately 3 grams). Schwartz. it’s little surprise that the con sumption of MSG has been frequently documented to cause asthmatic attacks. Dr. these are clearly more than mere coincidence. Th e MedicalJournal of Australia. 305: 1154-1155. 137 . a person can easily eliminate the top two dietary causes of asthma. since t he patients typically respond with repeated attacks when given “challenge doses” of MSG. They are truly setting themselves up for chronic mucou s production in the lungs combined with improper nerve function of the lungs. 2: 576).George R..) Based on the observation that MSG consump tion was contributing to bouts of asthma. These studies have supported and further charact erized our initial observations of MSG as a precipitant of asthma in some asthma in some asthmatics.Grocery Warning MSG and asthma Asthma may be precipitated by MSG. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex Becau se MSG is an excitotoxin. canned soups. these doctors were skeptical about MSG being the prec ipitating factor. Jack Delohery joined us to und ertake a larger clinical study. whom we were currently investigating for food additive as thma. and others) is creating a multiplier effect when it comes to asthma. Baker from Australia published a report in the New England Journal of Medicine about two y oung women who developed severe asthma episodes after ingestion of MSG at Chines e restaurants.Dr.

early exposure could cause a tendency for episodic vio lence and criminal behavior in later years. As more and more brain-altering drug s -.a not-unexpected effect since the h ypothalamus is an integral part of the brain’s limbic system. Many of these drugs act on brain systems responsible for our highest level of thinking. Experimentally. continuous seizures. Schwartz.George R. . it should be l ittle surprise that it is linked to the onset of seizures in both animals and hu mans. especially as it relates to emotional sophistication. Experimental evidence in animals sho ws that such exposure can result in behavioral changes. MSG can produce convulsions in rats to the point of “status epile pticus.Carol Simontacchi. MSG and violence Excitotoxins like MSG could cause conditions such as autism.come into use. seiz ures. rep orts from individuals and doctors indicate that seizures are apparently being ca used by the consumption of MSG in some people.D. especially combined with widesprea d exposure to food-based excitotoxins and Ritalin. we will witness a growing num ber of neurological diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders. . the complex of nucle i concerned with emotional elaboration.Russell Blaylock.” that is.both legal and illegal -. perceptional distortion and st ates of increased suggestibility. We are now witnessing the effects of a d ecadeslong manipulation of the human brain. Although the “seizure effect” of MSG has not been clinically tested in humans (who would volunteer to be dosed with MSG until they had seizures. M. ..Grocery Warning MSG and seizures The excitatory neurophysiological effect on the nerve cells is well established.D. either: experiments in animals were able to produce r age simply by injecting MSG into their hypothalamus glands: One of MSG’s more alar ming properties is its effect on anger. anyway?). M. Excitotoxins: The Ta ste That Kills 138 . The Crazy Makers One of the more alarming long-term effects that may be due to freq uent MSG consumption is behavioral changes that lead to violence and aggression. rage. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex B ecause MSG is a chemical that overexcites nerve cells in mammals. and certainly those with epilepsy should avoid MSG i n all forms. disordered thinking. schizophrenia. and that those seizures cease whe n MSG is removed from their diets. These drugs and food additives can in duce states of apathy. The animal studies and human case reports a re an alarming association. It isn’t just a hypothesis. and cerebral palsy.. Researchers who injected MSG in microsco pic concentrations into the hypothalami of test animals’ brains were able to produ ce intense rage reactions in the subjects -.

and score high on tests is being altered by MSG children coupled with the incre ased use of the drug Ritalin directly parallels the rise in MSG use. it is apparent that we are in the midst of a societal experiment in treat ing MSG-induced neuroexcitatory effects in children.. Robert Hall from Chaminade Univ ersity of Honolulu received the data about the “MSG Massacre” and concluded that the data supported a psychotic reaction to monosodium glutamate. Ritalin is effective for a wide range of MSG-induced symptoms. We’ve already seen how re ned suga rs can create these behavioral effects in children. Sh ould we be using a potent drug . our conventional medicine “experts” prescribe narcotics li ke Ritalin: We are witnessing an astounding increase in Ritalin use for children diagnosed with ADD (attention de cit disorder).. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex MSG and hyperactivity / Attention De cit Hyperactivity Disorder The rise in ADD -. had an MSG-sensitive killer. .. California. And rather than recognizing these “diseases” as the symptomatic side effects of the con sumption of excitotoxins.George R. the International Journal of Biosocial Research.. 139 . M. our prison pop ulations are soaring. concentrate. In Bad Taste: Th e MSG Symptom Complex As Dr. By tracking the rise in MS G use. Schwartz is saying. Schwartz. Now. by adding MSG to the di ets of tens of millions of children across the country. this may be a contributing factor to the sharp incre ase in violence in the United States over the last several decades. Some sympto ms of ADD are hyperactivity.D. the rise in ADD and subsequent Ritalin prescriptions almost precisely mirrors the rise in the use of MSG (and p rocessed foods in general) by the general public.George R. lack of concentration. Schwartz. Reports of r age reactions induced by MSG become clearer with an understanding of the neuroex citatory effects of MSG.. The 1984 “McDonald’s Massacre” in San Ysidro. if not downright frightening. and behavioral volatility. ADHD (attention de cit hyperactive disorder). There is little question th at Ritalin works. Meanwhile. Dr. . we may be creating a gen eration of imbalanced youth prone to violent behavior. I t is likely that the performance of millions of schoolchildren in their ability to read. and with MSG consumption so widespread among humans. This situation was analyzed in a scienti c journal. M. M. George R.Attention De cit Disorder -. Much like Prozac ( uoxetine) is effective for MSG-induced depres sive symptoms. and the only debate we hear in the media is about whether we should build 200 new prisons or 250.D.Grocery Warning With MSG shown to produce violent behavior in animals. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex The list of beha vioral disorders linked to MSG is lengthy. The amygdala secti on of the brain often has been linked to rage reactions and is stimulated by MSG as well. Schwartz. and hyperactivity or behavioral disorders. Hyperac tivity and Attention De cit Disorder (ADD) are both linked to MSG consumption.just to treat another drug reaction from monos odium glutamate? The thousands of cases responding solely to MSG elimination ind icate a likely widespread response.

either as a stimulant of cancer growth or as the initiator of cancer.. free glutamate and other excitotoxins prod uce enormous amounts of free radicals in tissues -. Schwartz. it is importa nt to note there haven’t been any clinical studies conducted to determine whether MSG actually causes cancer. the scienti c observation has be en made that patients with advanced tumors have elevated plasma glutamate levels . Schwartz. The possibility of glutamate damage to the immune sy stem. T his is likely due. professor of cytopathology at Johns Hopkins University School of Med icine. for example. As always.George R. we would certainly expect high levels of free radicals and lipid peroxidation in numerous tissues. M. In Bad Taste: The MSG Sy mptom Complex As this example demonstrates. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills When discussing MSG and cancer. various doctors have made observatio ns over the years of links between MSG consumption and erratic heart behavior. In this case .. lymphomas. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex 140 . . MSG and cancer Numerous studies have shown that MSG. the observations available today indicate t hat MSG may contribute to cancer. He noted the connection himself and provided the FDA with numerous letter s and suggested mechanisms. At best. to the nerve-disrupting effect of MSG. John Frost. and others. the FDA ignor ed the reports and continued to support the nancial interests of food producers. The elevated plasma glutamate level was correlated with impaired immune resp onses.George R. Certainly.D. . It probabl y affects the heart in much the same way it disrupts lung function. breast cancer.. But in no way is the MSG-cancer link as strong as. bronchial carcinomas.a professor at John Hopkins University School of Medicine -contacted the FDA with details about his observations.D. M. MSG and Alzheimer’s: The issue of effects on cancer is still not clear -. has been investigated and appears to be link ed.which are a major cause of c ancer induction in tissues and organs. particularly the lymphocytes. including those with gastrointestinal tumors.Grocery Warning MSG and heart problems / cardiovascular disease The neuroexcitatory relationship of MSG and the heart has been noted for 30 year s. Atrial brillation as a distinct symptom of MSG toxicity became clear with Dr.D. the researcher -.Russell Blaylock. once again. M. Some scientists have wondered if the increase in esophageal cancer in Japanese p opulations might relate to MSG intake. . By consuming foods on a daily basis that are high in excitotoxic additives.

It is known that the hypot halamus plays a vital role in immunity. it is clear that MSG does produce free radicals in tissues. it is very l ikely able to accelerate the growth of existing tumors. since the immune system would not be as ef cient in ghtin g these diseases. It was suggested that this defect in immunity was caused by damage to the hypothalamus induced by neonatal exposure to MSG. Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life R egardless of whether MSG consumption can initiate cancerous tumors.Russell Blaylock.Grocery Warning Still.Russell Blaylock. These free rad icals. promote the activation and growth of cancerous cells within the body: Another food additive that has been shown to increase free-radical product ion is monosodium glutamate or MSG.D.. If such a link is ultimately established. it will likely be due to the ability of MSG to damage the hypothalamus gland. not just in the brain but in many other tissues as well. often in disguised names. used in the majority of proce ssed foods. . . M. it could mean that they would suff er similar immune de ciencies as adults. M. it’s far too early to be able to say with con dence that “MSG causes cancer. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills S till.. Wh at makes it particularly dangerous is that this increase in free-radical product ion persists for prolonged periods of time following even a single dose of MSG. people who are currently battling cancer must take extra precaution to avoid exposure to MS G: MSG consumption. . sin ce increased in ammation and free-radical production can promote tumor growth as w ell as invasiveness and metastasis of cancerous tumors. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 141 .D. bacteria an d cancer. This additive.D.” and there’s no overwhelming scienti c evidence that says this is not the case. M. which would mean more infections and a hi gher incidence of cancer.Russell Blaylock. Accordingly. has been shown to signi cantly increase free -radical production. . would pose a special danger to the cancer patient. in turn. then. If this effect also occurs in humans exp osed to MSG at an early stage of development. a recent study indicates that MSG exposure during the suckli ng period of mice produces a severe defect in cell-mediated immunity when they r each adulthood. which is critical for proper immune system funct ion: Interestingly. Cellmediated immunity is important in ghting viruses.

Grocery Warning MSG and endocrine system disorders that lead to obesity Dr. Olney’s studies on various species of test animals disclosed that MSG, when fe d in doses similar to those found in human diets, destroys hypothalamic neurons. This type of hypothalamic damage produces a particular syndrome in animals whic h caused them to be short in stature, obese, and to have reproductive problems. Later experiments demonstrated that MSG could cause the hypothalamus to secrete excessive amounts of a reproductive hormone (called luteinizing hormone) which i s associated with an early onset of puberty. Many of these endocrine effects did not appear until the animal was much older. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotox ins: The Taste That Kills The endocrine system is responsible for regulating the production and circulation of hormones throughout the body. Is it a delicatelybalanced system highly susceptible to in uence via dietary or environmental factor s. For example, the exposure of skin to sunlight causes a chain reaction of horm onal events that govern sleep patterns, signal the production of vitamin D, and even tell cells when to grow and differentiate. The endocrine system is also res ponsible for growth hormones, reproductive hormones, hormones that control the l evel of “energy” experienced by a person, hormones that help a person deal with stre ss, and many more. In the early days of MSG usage by food producers, no one susp ected that MSG could severely damage the endocrine systems of mammals. In fact, the earliest observation of hypothalamus damage from MSG was, in fact, a uke: In 1968 Dr. Olney, working out of the Department of Psychiatry at Washington Univer sity in St. Louis, repeated Dr. Lucas and Newhouse’s experiment using the same kin d of animals and the same doses of MSG. But what Dr. Olney found was even more s hocking. He discovered that not only did MSG cause severe damage to the neurons in the retina of the eye, but that it also caused widespread destruction of neur ons in the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain adjacent to the ventricular system, called the circumventricular organs. Again, this damage was most severe in the immature or newborn animals. He hypothesized that this area of the brain was affected most because it did not have a blood brain barrier system to prote ct it from toxic substances circulating in the blood. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 142

Grocery Warning Over the years, dozens more studies were conducted by various researchers (and I’m not counting the studies conducted by the MSG industry groups, all of which sho wed MSG to be perfectly safe as you will see in a later section). Today, it is w ell demonstrated that MSG interferes with the endocrine system: There is a long history of endocrine, particularly pituitary and hypothalamic, effects produced by MSG in experimental animals. One review in 1998 shows alterations in hypothal amicpituitary-adrenal cortical function with likely genetic effects. The associa tion with thyroid abnormalities, fertility and obesity problems, cortisone abnor malities, and other glandular functions has been suggested by many studies. Long -term human analysis will be necessary to con rm animal effects in humans. The str ess-induced abnormalities in blood-brain barrier permeability suggest differing MSG effects dependent on existing states of relaxation or stresses. Another 1998 article demonstrates growth hormone impairment in rats that lasts throughout ad ulthood in experimental animals. The suggestive evidence for MSG-induced neuroen docrine effects is substantial, coupled with the observation of increased obesit y in children. - George R. Schwartz, M.D., In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex Studies on animals show that the effects of MSG are widespread and complex: Ani mals fed MSG not only produced less growth hormone, they also lacked the normal release pattern seen in all other mammals, including humans. ...Numerous studies using immature mice have shown that LH, FSH and prolactin (the reproductive hor mones), HGH (growth hormone), ACTH (adrenal regulating hormone), and TSH (thyroi d regulating hormone) were all decreased following exposure to MSG. These hormon e de ciencies were re ected in the animals by small size, low reproductive ability, gross obesity and low metabolism. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: The Ta ste That Kills 143

Grocery Warning MSG shown to cause severe reproductive problems and endocrine disorders That MSG interferes with the endocrine system is not in doubt. What is startling , however, is both the variety of hormonal problems that can be caused or aggrav ated by MSG and the tendency for these problems to remain hidden for years or ev en decades before surfacing: Based on careful studies conducted in experimental animals, researchers are convinced that MSG, by causing abnormal development of the hypothalamus and damage to specialized neurons, causes the ovaries to become atrophied (shrunken) thus leading to severe problems with the reproductive cycl e in females. So it appears that MSG has both direct toxic effects on the nerve cells in the hypothalamus and can cause the organization of the developing brain centers to be miswired. Both of these effects can lead to severe endocrine prob lems later in life. This is why it is critical that you avoid MSG, aspartate and other excitotoxic food additives in both your food (especially if you are pregn ant) and in your children’s food. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: The Tast e That Kills And: MSG-induced injuries in a newborn’s hypothalamus can result in p rofound depression of the immune system that may last a lifetime. The same is tr ue for endocrine malfunction; that is, we see a loss of the normal ow of growth h ormone, reproductive hormones and adrenal hormones with MSG-type hypothalamic in juries. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save You r Life All of the research conducted so far on the link between MSG and endocrin e system damage has been on animals. An important question, of course, is, “Does t his affect human beings in the same way?” We don’t have answers to that question yet , but there have been attempts to extrapolate the existing knowledge: One neuros cientists has done a hypothetical dose curve for excitotoxin exposure (glutamate plus aspartate) in a two-year-old child taking in 200 milligrams per kilogram o f these excitotoxins in known food/beverage mixtures. (This is based on consumin g a reasonable helping of soup and an aspartame-sweetened drink.) In this instan ce the child would receive an excitotoxin dose of 500 micromoles per deciliter w hich is six times the plasma concentration needed to cause neuron destruction in the hypo-thalamus of experimental animals. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxi ns: The Taste That Kills 144

Grocery Warning In all, what’s clear is that MSG is highly toxic to the endocrine systems of labor atory animals (mammals), and the impact of MSG is not immediately obvious. In so me cases, the effects don’t appear until much later in life. Given that one of the frequently recorded effects of MSG on mammals has been a loss of reproductive c apability, one can only wonder if the skyrocketing rates of infertility over the last few decades may be due, in part, to the parallel increase in the rates of consumption of MSG. The link between MSG and obesity Consistently, the animals exposed to MSG were found to be short, grossly obese, and had dif culty with sexual reproduction. One can only wonder if the large numbe r of people having dif culty with obesity in the United States is related to early exposure to food additive excitotoxins since this obesity is one of the most co nsistent features of the syndrome. One characteristic of the obesity induced by excitotoxins is that it doesn’t appear to depend on food intake. This could explai n why some people cannot diet away their obesity. It is ironic that so many peop le drink soft drinks sweetened with NutraSweet® when aspartate can produce the exa ct same lesions as glutamate, resulting in gross obesity. The actual extent of M SG induced obesity in the human population is unknown. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills If you’ve often thought you were cursed to a l ife of obesity for no apparent reason, and that the body fat just won’t go away no matter you eat, you may nd yourself intrigued by the above statement. It explain s that exposure to MSG in children results in lifelong obesity problems when tho se children grow up, and that the obesity experienced as adults may be particula rly stubborn. If this seems familiar to you, it may be due to your exposure to M SG in processed foods as a child. Remember, MSG went into heavy use following Wo rld War II. It wasn’t removed from baby foods until 1969, and even then, babies, i nfants and children experienced heavy exposure to MSG thanks to the use of other ingredients that contain MSG but aren’t called “monosodium glutamate.” So unless you were born before World War II, chances are that your childhood involved at least some exposure to MSG. But how was this MSG / obesity link established in the rst place? It happened in 1968, as described below. The following passage also reve als a startling fact: that animals fed MSG soon after birth preferred high-carbo hydrate foods when given a choice. It’s almost as if early exposure to MSG rewires the brain to crave unhealthy foods: Let us travel back to 1968 when Dr. Olney w as conducting his experiments on mice using MSG. (Mice are frequently used as te st animals because they react most like humans to MSG.) Obsessed with the micros copic changes in the brains of the mice he overlooked something quite dramatic rs t noticed by his assistant. She pointed out to him that all of the mice were gro ssly obese. At rst he thought it was just a uke, but as the experiment progressed he noticed that indeed all the mice fed MSG became grossly obese. Since his earl y observation, other studies have con rmed that MSG causes gross obesity in animal s. At an international neuroscience meeting, Dr. Olney was asked if he thought t he reason Americans were so obese was, in fact, due to their high consumption of MSG 145

Grocery Warning additives. Since that conference in the 1970s, America has undergone this virtua l epidemic of gross obesity, especially among its youth. One study discovered th at animals fed MSG soon after birth preferred foods that were high in carbohydra tes and low in nutritional value. Researchers also found that this fat could not be exercised off and was extremely dif cult to remove through dieting, no matter how stringent. Again, this is reminiscent of the problem in our population. Toda y, most processed foods contain signi cant amounts of glutamate, enough to produce injuries to our children’s brains similar to those seen in experimental animals. This is extremely important when you consider that, of all the mammals, humans a re the most susceptible to physical damage from ingested MSG. We possess a sensi tivity ve times greater than the mouse and twenty times greater than the rhesus m onkey. With this enormous consumption of foods laced with MSG additives, it is n o wonder that we have an obesity problem in this country, especially when you co mbine the hypothalamic lesion caused by MSG to the high-fat and -carbohydrate di ets of young people. Of particular concern is the suggestion that MSG ingested b y pregnant women may actually cause this lesion in children while they are still in the womb. ...Our children have become lab rats. - Russell Blaylock, M.D., Ex citotoxins: The Taste That Kills Why MSG may be what’s preventing you from losing weight This single ingredient -- MSG -- may in fact be the “missing link explanation” as to why America is currently experiencing skyrocketing rates of obesity. Chances ar e, you are affected by this as well, just as I was. Most people reading this man ual were probably raised on a diet containing substantial quantities of MSG. Tha t helps explain why we all got overweight and why we are now so desperate to nd a nswers to weight loss. What you’ve just read here is a big piece of the puzzle. We’r e fat because our endocrine systems have been damaged due to MSG consumption as infants and children. We crave carbohydrates because our brains have been rewire d by this excitotoxin. And we have just as much trouble working off the body fat as those lab rats that just couldn’t seem to get any thinner, no matter what they ate. There’s good news in all this, however: now that you know at least part of t he source of the problem, you can do something about it. I’m here to tell you that even a damaged endocrine system can be retrained. By avoiding MSG and other exc itotoxins (aspartame, namely), and by empowering your body with optimum nutritio n (revealed in a later section of this manual), you can reverse decades of damag e and start losing body fat, regardless of how much MSG you used to eat. But to do that, you’ve got to give up MSG entirely. Keep reading, because in an upcoming section, I show you how to recognize and avoid MSG. (It’s not as easy as just look ing for “monosodium glutamate” on the label, unfortunately.) 146

D. well-controlled level of blood sugar without the insulin spikes..Russell Blaylock. this is accomplished by avoiding the consumption of re ned carbohydrates and sugars. As dieters well know. then a dieter who avoids carbohydrates but eats MSG may be experiencing insulin spikes anyway! Th is is profound. If MSG attacks the hypothalamus and causes s evere disruption in the production of growth hormone. Several independent studies have shown tha t MSG causes signi cant increases in insulin secretion. . exactly like those seen with MSG exposure.Russell Blaylock. 147 . But if MSG can induce the pancreas to secrete insulin. Because the FD A has refused to address this issue. M. since insulin is yet another hormone regulated by the endocrin e system. in studies. we are more likely to see an unchecked incr ease in childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. in fact. Yet. In addition.Genetically susceptible mice exposed to M SG developed juvenile-onset diabetes.Grocery Warning MSG and diabetes There is also a link between MSG consumption and juvenile-onset diabetes. and glutamate in the diet can induce as much as a threefold increase in in sulin release from the pancreas. experiments in animals have demons trated that MSG can induce insulin resistance. pa rt of the endocrine system as well. it was know n that stereotactic lesions to a particular part of the hypothalamus could produ ce grossly obese mice. exactly as we see in type 2 diabe tes in humans. As far back as 1940. .. If your diet has hit a brick wall and you don’t know why. it is vital to avoid the production of insulin by the pancreas. reproductive hormones.. Norma lly.D. and thyroid hormones. animals without the gene for type 1 (insulindependent) diabetes still became grossly it’s not a huge leap to suspect that it might also disrupt the normal functioning of the pancreas: . just as we see in cases of type 2 diabetes. Excitot oxins: The Taste That Kills But if MSG induces diabetes. As we have seen. if your blood sugar remains out of contr ol even though you’ve given up re ned carbohydrates. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills This observation has important rami cations for those seeking weight loss. how does it actually pr ovoke the disease? What biological mechanism is responsible? As Blaylock explain s: Also characteristic of MSG exposure is an increase in insulin release from th e pancreas. and herein lies one of the gems in this manual. The pancreas -.the organ most affected by diabetes -.. M. This i s not surprising. the pancreas contains numerous glutamate type recep tors. the answer may very well be tha t you’re still exposing yourself to MSG which is causing the pancreas to misbehave ! Give up both processed carbohydrates and MSG and you’re likely to experience a b alanced. These experiments showed that da mage occurred in the hypothalamus of the brain.

. M.Russell Blaylock. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease When MSG is consumed in large doses or injected into the brain of experimental a nimals. or other diseases of the brain. what is not well understood is the mechanism by which MSG promotes this degenerative brain disease. their blood-brain barrier becomes more p orous. and pyramidal neurons in the hippocampus of the temporal lobes. The best guess is that strokes or other events compromise the blood-brain barrier and allow MSG and other excitotoxins to enter the brain and subsequently damage brain cells: It may be that as these Parkinson’s patients age and develop small strokes. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Comp lex Even if the MSG / Alzheimer’s link exists. certain neurons of the hypothalamus. hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills As with other conditions.Russell Blaylock. allowing excitotoxins in the blood to enter. M. but there is a substantial amount of evidence that wou ld point to this link: Other symptoms associated with MSG sensitivity include di zziness and balance dif culties. By ingesting diets high in M SG.D. there is not yet clinical proof that MSG ca uses Alzheimer’s in humans. hypert ension. . Schwartz. MSG has been clearly shown to produce damage to the hippocampus that is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease: When experimental animals are given large doses of MSG. The distribution of cellular d amage caused by large concentrations of MSG is very similar to that seen in huma n cases of Alzheimer’s disease. M. In larger concent rations.Russell Blaylock. problems common to the elderly. M. such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease).D. The most frequently killed cells are pyramid shaped neurons. these people would be exposing their brains to damaging levels of this class of toxin.D. The toxic effe ct is very speci c. While most of the damage done in Alzheimer’s disease appears to be to the NMDA type of glutamate receptor. we also see damage to the other two types of glutamate receptors (quisqualate and the kainate). Excitotoxins: The Taste That Ki lls In experiments with animals. c ells in the nucleus basalis. MSG is a potent nerve toxin. . . Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 148 .D. as well as with ot her nerve cell degenerative diseases. and it is likely that chronic long-term in gestion may be involved with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.. thes e same hippocampal cells degenerate. It is important to recall that all three of these receptors are damaged by MSG and aspartate . either by injection or in their diet.George R.Grocery Warning MSG.. aspartame and other excitotoxins. we see that not all of the neurons are killed or damaged.. possibly leading to symptoms of Alzheimer’s type dementia and ALS. Event ually other neurons would be damaged.

D.D. . M.Grocery Warning Avoiding the apparent associated risk of these degenerative brain diseases is re latively straightforward: simply avoid MSG in the diet: High levels of excitotox ins within the brain appear to play a major role in Alzheimer’s disease. Why? Because the MS G in the unhealthy treat intensely stimulates the child’s brain. hence. child nutrition and baby foods Most children today start life gorging on junk foods lled with excitotoxins. And. many of their mothers also ate badly during pregnancy. and therefore are unable to detoxify the excitotoxins that enter its brain.Russell Blaylock. the weaker the bloodbrain barrier and. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 149 . hydrolyzed vegetable protein. the baby could possibly be exposed to these high gl utamate levels for many hours. Unfo rtunately. It is not unreasonable to assume that mothers wil l eat several meals and snacks containing various forms of excitotoxins such as MSG.Russell Blaylock. junk food s have replaced the paci er: many mothers will give their child a bag of MSG-laced chips and sit him on the couch to watch cartoons.Russell Blaylock. . Altho ugh no proof is yet available that MSG causes Alzheimer’s in humans. The simplest way to do this is to restrict foods from your diet that contain ex citotoxin taste enhancers such as MSG. there is litt le doubt that the world’s largest MSG / Alzheimer’s experiment is well under way -and it is being conducted on the general public. This age relationship was clearly demonstrated in the majority of experiments c onducted on animals: younger animals were more adversely affected than adult mem bers of the species: Remember. M.D. Without fail.. and aspartame. It is ess ential that individuals with a strong family history of Alzheimer’s disease and th ose having had a stroke or high blood pressure avoid excitotoxin food additives. will generate the level of public awareness and political courage needed to even consider banning monosodium glutamate from the food supply. MSG. which is four tim es more sensitive to the additive than an adult’s brain. thirty minutes later he is screaming and throwing things all over the room.. it seems. the protective enzymes in the baby’s brain are stil l immature. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Fro m this. hydrolyzed vegetable protein. and asparta me (NutraSweet®).. The younger the child. This would mean that in the case of pregnant women eating diets high in excitotoxin taste enhancers. . Only an Alzheimer’s epidemic. M. th e more excitotoxins are able to invade the brain and start ravaging brain cells. This could produce a high conc entration of glutamate exposure in the baby’s brain several times a day. it seems reasonable to suspect MSG in the rising rates of Alzheimer’s dise ase that have appeared in Western societies over the last several decades. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills MSG poses a particular risk to infants and c hildren.

This case was con rmed by othe r physicians . .D.Grocery Warning The rst concerns about MSG and young children emerged in the 1970s when doctors b egan to notice rather bizarre disorders (like seizures) in children and managed to link them to dietary intake of MSG: Dr. when fed to pregnant Rhesus monkey s.Humans develop higher blood levels of glutamate following ingestion of MSG than does any other animal species known. reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. M. Yet the medications o rdinarily used for seizures were ineffective in his case. I have since discovered several other cases such as this one...” The symptoms disa ppeared when her diet was changed to eliminate MSG. Dr.George R.D. They returned during a period of trial feedings with f ood known to contain high amounts of MSG.. Other researchers found similar results when pregnant rats were fed MSG. The attacks conti nued and the child was thought to have a form of epilepsy. These symptoms of “shudd er-shiver” were nally traced to MSG in the child’s diet. These foods frequently contain la rge amounts of MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. The symptoms soon stopped af ter the diet was changed. This danger would exist if the glutamate from the mother’s blood entered the blood of their unborn b aby. Reif-Lehrer became especially concern ed in 1976 when she encountered three children whose serious symptoms were trace d to this food additive. involved a 16-month-old child who developed what were described as “shivers. Following weaning from bottled or breast milk. Olney noted that: The amount of M SG in a single bowl of commercially available soup is probably enough to cause b lood glutamate levels to rise higher in a human child than levels that predictab ly cause brain damage in immature animals.. Excitotoxin s: The Taste That Kills 150 . Dr. Schwartz.Russell Blaylock.No one had warned pregnant women of the danger to their dev eloping babies caused by the MSG found within their own food.. Her next case. In 1974 Dr. The rst case involved a child who developed “shudder” attack s at the age of six months when he was started on adult foods. could cause brain damage to their offspring. Yet millions of pregnant women continue d to eat foods laced with MSG and other equally potent excitotoxins while the FD A remained silent. in addition to nding children with unexplained true seizu res. M. Olney found that these children were receiving doses of MSG from the table food that equaled the dose u sed experimentally to produce severe brain cell destruction in animal experiment s. . Olney demonstrated that MSG. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex O bservers also learned that children could be exposed to the dangers of MSG throu gh breastfeeding: .. most mothers b egin feeding their babies food from the table.

at the very least. The FDA never required this. Schwartz. A critical thinker can only wonder: if this is so. This j ust goes to demonstrate the unprecedented level of negligence of this government agency which is supposed to protect the public from unsafe foods and drugs. a diet high in carbohydrates and sugars helps moderate th e negative effects of MSG.D. The cells are still damaged but mu ch less so than when glucose is absent. 151 . I’ll talk more about th is in “MSG cover-up” later in this section. There is no regulation whatsoever on the use of MSG in sch ool cafeterias despite its possible ill effects. But a diet low in carbohydrates apparently allows MSG to do its worst damage: When rats were fed glucose plus large amounts of MSG. .. It was only the potential r isk of a public relations disaster that resulted in food companies pulling MSG f rom baby foods. In other words. M. Yet MSG and food manufacturers claim their ingredient is “complete ly safe” for children and pregnant mothers. not promote toxic foods and sweep the evidence under the rug. however. warning that pregn ant mothers and breastfeeding mothers should not consume this ingredient. In fact.George R. t he amount of brain damage seen was considerably less than when glucose was denie d. MSG was voluntarily removed from baby foods in 1969 by food manufacturers. most notably their schools: [MSG] is also a common element in the diet o f children who eat ordinary canned and processed meals. then why did they remove the ingredient from baby food? Regardless of the reason. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom C omplex It is nothing short of astounding that 35 years after the discovery that MSG causes brain damage in mammals. What this means is that chronic exposure to high levels of glutamate or aspartate will cause less brain injury when one’s diet contains adequate levels of carbohydrates. not to mention fast-food s and school lunches. but the cumulative damage over m any years can still be substantial. the FDA has still refused to take any action whatsoever in banning this ingredient or.Grocery Warning As you know by now. This has also been shown in cell cultures. MSG risks are even higher for low-carb dieters One of the more startling facts about MSG has special relevance for those on low -carb diets: MSG has been shown to be more damaging in the absence of dietary gl ucose. MSG remains readily available to children through a variety of ch annels. current trends allow f ast-food pizza and hamburger chains to sell their MSG-laden products during the children’s lunch hour.

In another study involving 1. And they know an increasing numbe r of consumers are looking for monosodium glutamate on the label and will avoid buying foods that contain it.) when shifting to a low-carb diet? Does your diet still contain MSG and other ingredi ents made with MSG? If you answered “yes” to both questions. 152 . D id you experience any shifts in your mental function (clarity. moods. and pork.. . Once again.D. Companies that create avorings are extremely concerned with h ow these will ultimately have to be labeled.George R. as have the patented pr oprietary reaction avors. it may be due to the in creased toxicity of MSG in a lowcarb lifestyle. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex Given the surprising toxicity of MSG and the increasing publicity surrounding this excitotoxin. The defenders of MSG safet y frequently cite a study in which human volunteers were fed large doses of MSG combined with a mixed meal of protein and carbohydrates. all devel oped headaches. depend heavily on MSG to make their ot herwise tasteless foods pleasing to consumers. The use of the term “natural avoring” has increased. it’s no surprise that food pro ducers are looking for ways to mislead consumers and “hide” this chemical taste enha ncer in foods. such as beef. especially in vegetarian foods. tightness in the chest. Schwartz. and other symptoms of neurological toxic ity related to MSG. after all.D.529 persons. But when the study was repeated using 14 hu man volunteers. you may be especially susceptible to them after adopting the diet. Food companies. So merely going without food overnight can greatly increase the toxicity of MSG. It isn’t the low-carb diet that’s to blame: it’s the MSG still in your diet! Food manufacturers hide MSG in other ingredients We’ve seen a food industry go from blatantly displaying the use of MSG in its food products to creating a “clean label industry” whose purpose is to design ingredient and food product labels that will appeal to consumers while hiding the presence of MSG. The mo st prominent ingredient in this category is hydrolyzed vegetable protein.Grocery Warning This energy protection also seems to exist in humans. Another common MSG ingre dient. this means that even if you never experienced MSG-like symptoms before going on a low -carb diet. Only 10 percent develop ed a headache. it was found that 25 percent developed adverse symptoms after eating foods containing MSG. is yeast extract. nothing has happened in ten years’ time. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills In practical terms. chicken. . Most were unaffected. whose ingredients don’t need to be labeled. M. this time keeping the subjects without food overnight. which may contain anywhere from 12 percent to 40 percent MSG. M.Russ ell Blaylock.. this is a “missing pie ce of the puzzle” that helps explain some of the mysterious side effects some peop le experience on a low-carb diet. Still although the Food and Drug Ad ministration (FDA) has made proposals about labeling changes disclosing glutamat e content. etc. So they’ve managed to come up with all sorts of ways to sneak MSG into foods without listing “monosodium glutamate” on the label.

as a rule. and these are the most common names for MSG-containing in gredients. and espec ially avoid foods that blatantly state they contain monosodium glutamate. The fo llowing ingredients may contain MSG. but don’t always: • Textured protein • Carrageena n or vegetable gum • Seasonings or spices • Flavorings or natural avorings • Chicken. don’t buy any foods listing these ingredients. broth or stock You read correctly: the ingred ient “spices” can contain MSG! This makes it extremely dif cult to acquire MSG-free fo ods. b eef. pork. So. Since the FDA has allowed food companies to engage in this bizarre food lab eling shell game.Grocery Warning In fact. smoke avorings • Bouillon. the following food additives always contain some amount of MSG: • Monosod ium Glutamate • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein • Hydrolyzed Protein • Hydrolyzed Plant P rotein • Plant Protein Extract • Sodium Caseinate • Calcium Caseinate • Yeast Extract • Te xtured Protein • Autolyzed Yeast • Hydrolyzed Oat Flour The primary keywords to look for are: • Hydrolyzed • Autolyzed • Yeast Extract I’ve examined the ingredients labels of thousands of foods. 153 . consumers are not able to accurately determine how much MSG is actually contained in food products.

she re plied and admitted that. I suppose by their de nition. They’re all made with chemical taste enhancers. and I don’t eat red meat. I wrote an essay discussing how many so-called “natural” or vegetarian foods actually contain MSG hidden in other ingredients. the product contained “free glutamic acid” (MSG). was in learnin g that even the employees who work at food manufacturing companies have no clue what’s really in their foods. yes. among other source s. which veggie burger manufacturer am I talking about? Take your p ick: I haven’t found a single veggie burger yet that doesn’t contain MSG. It’s like “MSG cocaine. It’s when you take these chemicals and re ne them into highl y concentrated forms that they become a problem. It has no other purpose whatsoever.” huh? And just because a product claims to be natural doesn’t mean it is.Grocery Warning Veggie burger manufacturers insist yeast extract is “100 percent natural!” Shortly before writing this book. it seems. though. Look. their public relat ions person demanded a retraction of the essay. insisting that their product con tained no MSG and was completely natural. after reading m y information on MSG and after apparently talking to her food scientists. I replied by explaining that her argu ment was the same thing as saying that crack cocaine is perfectly safe to use be cause it occurs naturally in coca leaves. A day later. because those occur “naturally” on t he planet as well. 154 . So. so I educated her about MSG and yeast extract. People drink coca leaf tea all the tim e without any problems.” Yet even the veggie burger manufacturers insist it’s a “100 percent natural” ingredient. It so rt of makes you wonder what else they stuff into their veggie burgers and consid er to be “100 percent natural” as well. Vegetarian food manufacturers can be just as deceptive as everybody else. even though it is technically a deception. Apparently no one at this company had told their public relations person that yeast extract was a chemical taste enhan cer. and they just parrot that line to the world. I named a certain company (I won’t repeat the name here) and explained that their veggie burger product contained yeast extract even though the front of the box proudly proclaimed “100 percent natural!” In response. In this essay. Just because something’s “vegetarian” doesn’t mean it’s good for you. The most interesting part in all this. but that it was a naturally occurring compound found in tomatoes. Yeast extract is a highly conce ntrated form of free glutamic acid used solely as a chemical taste enhancer in v egetarian foods. So much for “100 percent natural. I’m no fan of meat products. you could add he avy metals like mercury and lead to the recipe. They’ve been told their products are 100 percent natur al. So it was still “natural” according to her. but I’d much prefer an honest freerange chicken sandwich over a deceptively manufactured veggie burger loaded with chemical taste enhancers.

Russell Blaylock. it is permitte d to list “hydrolyzed vegetable protein” on the label without mentioning that it may contain up to 40 percent monosodium glutamate. the FDA has condoned the practice of hiding this proven excitotoxin in everyday foods. Excitoto xins: The Taste That Kills 155 .Grocery Warning Corruption at the FDA favors food terms of pro ts. This method of labeling applies to an y compound substance that may contain MSG. MSG . doesn’t have to be listed as MSG: If MSG is added to a food produ ct during its processing it will be listed on the label. However. T he FDA gets away with this by explaining that the ingredient listed isn’t pure MSG and..” Whil e MSG must be speci cally listed on food labels.) . Hydrolyzed vegetable protein or protein hydrolysate (as it is sometimes called) is classi ed by the FDA as a natur al avoring. In Bad Ta ste: The MSG Symptom Complex What makes all this worse is the fact that manufact urers typically add a combination of MSG-containing ingredients to their foods. Schwartz. (Remember that hydrolyzed vegetable protein contains very high concentrations o f two excitotoxins -glutamate and aspartate. . Add a diet drink s weetened with NutraSweet® and you have a single meal with four known excitotoxins.D. Schwartz. therefore.. Therefore. Many foods contain two or more of these excitotoxins. This combination is far more toxic than any one ingredient alone: We also know t hat excitotoxins have a compounding effect when given together. the FDA still allows foods containi ng MSG to be labeled as “all natural” foods: Few people are aware that products cont aining hydrolyzed vegetable protein frequently are advertised as “all natural. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex That’s not exactly what you had in mind for the word “natural. whi ch contains MSG. By not requiri ng MSG to be clearly listed on food labels.. may be designated simply as “natural avorings” or in some cases “spice s” or “natural seasonings. The i ntention of all this is obvious: to mislead consumers and get people to buy prod ucts they wouldn’t touch if those products were honestly and accurately labeled. M. thus contributing to untold s uffering in the human population. aspartate.D. a packaged food item might specify “natural avoring” in its lis t of ingredients without mentioning that the natural avoring consisted of hydroly zed vegetable protein -which contains MSG.” was it? The fa ct that a potent nerve toxin can legally be labeled “natural avorings” just goes to s how you how twisted our food industry and regulatory agencies have become. and natural avoring together. and hydrolyzed vegetable protein given together in a single meal is much more toxic than when given individually. Worse yet. M.George R. hydrolyzed vegetable protein. hydrolyzed vegetable protein. For example. it is the food producers who win -. I have seen single frozen diet food dinners that contain MS G. M. not the safety of consumers When consumers are confused and the nutrition facts label can be used to obscure the facts.D.George R.” .

Namely. For example. Schwartz. potato chips are high in saturated fat and acrylamides. It is dif cult to avoid even in the nest of restaur ants. anything that contains autolyzed. MSG. M. 156 . It’s also helpful to know what categories of foods typically contain MSG. and frozen dinners. Most foods on this list exhibit other toxicities and nutritional shortfalls that go b eyond MSG. Frozen sh with breading usually contain hyd rogenated oils. Breakfast sausages almost always contain sodium nitrite. but it’s hardly the only reason. hydrolyzed. th en. no healthy diet should include these items in the rst place. The most obvious way to accomplish this is to read food labels and avoid buying any food that contains the ingredients listed in the previous sect ion. where it is often hidden in protein powders and seasonings.. is just one more reason to avoid these foods.George R. Canned soups are very high in sodium. beef broth) As a general rule. So here’s the list.Grocery Warning Foods containing MSG MSG is a standard ingredient in most canned soups. Food products almost always containing MSG • Flavored potato chips • Flavored nacho chips • Canned soups and dry soup mixes • Gravy mixes • Bullion cubes • Salad dressings • Jerkies • Frozen sh with breading • Canned meats • Box dinners • Breakfast sausage • Any dinner “mix” with a avor packet • Frozen dinners • ernational foods • Poultry injected with broth • Vegetarian foods (typically contain yeast extract) like veggie burgers • Meat broths (chicken broth. you’ll want to know how to avoid it in the f oods you buy. s oup stocks. In Bad T aste: The MSG Symptom Complex Now that you know about the multitude of toxic eff ects attributable to MSG consumption. soy sauces. bouillon cubes.D. The amount of MSG consumed daily by the average person has risen to a level where more and mor e people are experiencing harmful reactions . yeast extract or MSG ingredients.

however. is si mply a major headache that appears within minutes or hours after eating a meal c ontaining MSG. 157 . A wise parent would remove MSG from the diets of their children. there is little doubt that MSG promotes these symptoms and behaviors. stagger ing Children’s • Asthma • tomachache or bladder MSG symptoms Behavioral problems/ADD • Stomach cramps • Chest discomfort • Thirst • Headache • • Tiredness. regardless of whether they are showing these symptoms. Here’s the rest of the list: • Headaches • Weakness • Dizziness • Palpitati ons • Cramps • Diarrhea • Nausea • Gas/bloating • Chest tightness • Tingling/burning in the face and chest • Blurring of vision • Seeing shining lights • Dif culty focusing • Tinglin g around eyes • Depression • Paranoia • Rage reactions • Attention de cit disorder (ADD) T his next list of symptoms details symptoms expressed by children who consume MSG : • Panic attacks • Confusion • Insomnia • Muscle aches • Weakness/paralysis • Jaw stiffness (TMJ) • Back pain • Tendonitis • Arthritis • Numbness of face • Speech slurred • Sneezing • leepiness • Asthma • Excessive perspiration • Fast heartbeat • Balance problems.Grocery Warning Symptoms of MSG syndrome: how to tell if you’re affected So how do you know if you’ve been nailed by “hidden” MSG in foods? Here’s a list of symp toms that have been associated with MSG. depression • Nausea • Dizziness • Throat symptoms • Loss of bowel control • Rage reactions • Hostility to other children Although not all of these behaviors and reactions in children can be blamed on M SG. The most common symptom.

) Even a single bowl of soup may contain several grams of MSG. some gravies.Grocery Warning The use of MSG in foods served to children at public schools Given the evidence of nerve damage and health problems associated with MSG.D. The MSG-re lated results. disguised as “natural avoring” or “spices”.Russell Blaylock.. H.where regulatory bodi es are able to exert some degree of control over the diets of children.George R. M.. If you use steak sauce. Pullium of the USDA stated that “ther e are no federal regulations or policies which prohibit or limit the use of mono sodium glutamate (MSG) in the National School Lunch Program or any of the U. especially in environments outside the home -. has been disastrous. and other gourmet foods can all be loaded with excitotoxi c “taste enhancers”. . In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex One can only wonder if part of the growing problem with poor performance and growing violence in our nation’s sch ools is due to the increased consumption of excitotoxins -.” This lack of any regul ation has allowed the fast-food industry access to school cafeterias. it frequen tly contains both. Millions of such cafeteria meals are served to children in elementary and high schools each day. and increased violence. H. M. such as declining test scores. . humans concentrate glutamat e in their blood following a meal containing MSG higher than any other known spe cies of animal.S. In fact. D epartment of Agriculture’s (USDA) federally funded programs. but it is economically wise since it prevents large trays of food from tasting old or stale. Yet ther e is absolutely no regulation that limits the use of MSG in school lunches: Both publicly and privately owned cafeterias serving large numbers of people are lik ely to use MSG. Schwa rtz. Chips. Not only does it improve the taste of food prepared in large qua ntities. as are croutons. creamy sauces. rice dishes. increased ADHD and Ritalin use. (Remember. it w ould seem prudent to ensure that our children are not exposed to it. they equal or even exceed experimental doses that re gularly produce brain lesions in animals. increased absences. Mo st salad dressings are loaded with MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (also la beled as vegetable protein).a situation dubiousl y sanctioned by the state! The heavy use of MSG in restaurants Many meals served in restaurants contain very high doses of MSG and other excito toxic amino public schools -.D. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 158 .

• Few restaura nts have ingredients lists available for customers. I know. Meats. because they actually know what it is. Huge amounts of MSG are still used. I’ve also found that black bean spicy sauces always contain MSG. I tried for years to eat at restaurants without gettin g migraine headaches from MSG. Some have never heard of it. seasonings. and within an ho ur or so. even when the chefs swear they don’t. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex 159 . They have no idea what ingredients are contained in the mixes they use to prepare foods for customers. my head starts to feel ushed. If you ask.George R. Just b ecause the menu prices are sky-high doesn’t mean they prepare their foods with fre sh ingredients. they’ll make your dinner without it. Why Chinese restaurants are actually the best place to avoid MSG Amazingly. I have discovered that in the “ ner” restaurants. To obtain these. Even if the cook doesn’t add MSG to your stir-fry dish. I’ll admit it is ext remely inconvenient to try to avoid MSG in restaurants. Other restaurants. • Eve n upscale restaurants depend heavily on MSG and chemical taste enhancers. Many were vague in their answers. you have to be a real pest. • At most restaurants. and individual restaurants about their use of MSG brought a variety of responses . citing “trade secrets. and I’m not suggesting that it’s something everybody is up to doing. . and breadings are all places to nd MSG. What I discovered is that: • Waiters and waitresses are generally clueless about MSG. the cooks are ev en less informed about MSG than the waiters. If I consume it. usually). because the only reliabl e way I’ve found to accomplish this is to boycott all restaurants. I’ve found that Chinese restaurants are practically the only place you can go to truly avoid MSG! (Just don’t eat from the ir buffet. Buffet food items always contain MSG.” clam broths. I nquiries by my staff in 1987 to hundreds of franchised restaurants. the oyster sauce probably contains it anywa y. I’ve found Chinese restaurants are the best places to eat if you want t o avoid MSG. and soups serv ed in any restaurant may contain MSG. it soun ds impossible.” while others listed food s they served that contained MSG while still not knowing it was an element in hy drolyzed vegetable protein. All the poison you can eat!) Al so. How do I know all this? I have the “gift” of being especially sensitive to MSG. M. in contrast. Some who answered my questions were genuinely concer ned about the widespread adverse reactions to MSG.Grocery Warning If you enjoy eating out. • Many waiters and wa itresses think “made from scratch” means mixing a commercially-produced soup powder with water and warming it up to make soup. vegetables. and therefore they can’t remove it. frequently the chefs did not know which sauces contained MSG or hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP). cafeterias. So even though mos t people associate MSG with Chinese food. which usually ends up annoying the people you’re dining with. watch out for the dark sauces used by Chinese restaurants. However.D. you’re not going to like this section. the “soup bases. seafood. Colonel Paul Logan of the National Restaur ant Association has quoted an association survey indicating that “three out of fou r of all good restaurant operators are now using Glutamate” (Glutamate Manufacture rs’ Technical Committee Publication: The Value of Glutamate in Processed Foods). Sc hwartz. And they certain ly have no idea of the extent of its use in restaurant food.. But in my own experience. have never heard of MSG or do n’t know what’s in their mixes. I’m usually experiencing an extreme migraine headache which lasts for ho urs (all night.

such as soups. The one safe dish to order? Fre sh salad topped with grilled salmon. M. In one of their more interesting attemp ts at self-justi cation. awareness of the problem has grown signi cantly. They serv e toxic ingredients to unwary customers under questionable conditions of food sa fety and cleanliness. They are getting desperate. Because so many people hav e read the book. (Practically all salad dressin gs contains MSG.Statement from the FDA 160 .9 grams of MSG to a single d ish. . The inside story of corruption and politics in the MSG cover-up The subtitle of my rst book on excitotoxic food additives was “The Taste That Kills . ethical resta urant run by someone you know and trust.Grocery Warning Indian restaurants are hazardous when it comes to avoiding MSG.. with some even encouraging the elderly to eat more foods c ontaining MSG! Interestingly. too. Liquids containing MSG. The only good restaurant is a locally-owned. the Ajinomoto Company. restauran ts are terrible places to eat if you want to promote your good health. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills “The FDA believes that MSG is a sa fe food ingredient for the general population. you are eating M SG. The worst MSG headache of my life occurred a fter eating a curry dish at an upscale Indian restaurant. The supposedly scienti c articles mostly re ad like infomercials.” Since publication of the book in 1997. It’s impossible to avoid. Russell Blaylock. whether you like it or not. This is why I no longer eat at restaurants except in rare circumstances. In one study it was found that some restaurants add as much as 9. including pregnant women. frequently ingest large concentrations of MSG and other excitotoxins in their food. The food indus try has responded with feeble attempts to defend the continuing practice of addi ng such dangerous additives to our food.. M. Truly. It felt like my head w as about to burst with each heartbeat.” . funded every article in the journal. No dressing.D. but the fact is that if you eat at restaurants.) But practically everything else on the menu contains eith er MSG or other metabolic disruptors such as hydrogenated oils. Curries frequent ly contain outrageous doses of MSG. they were given an entire issue of a prestigious journal in which to expound the safety of MSG. a mountain of newer information has surf aced con rming the damaging effects of these additives..D. enough to produce brain damage in experimental animals. All restaurant chains are serving excit otoxins and metabolic disruptors to customers. are absorbed faster and more completely than solid foods. and the vast majority of r estaurant soups contain MSG: Adults.. primary manufacturer of MSG . Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills It may not be what yo u want to hear. Tibetan foods and other “Eastern” foods also frequently contain MSG.Russell Bla ylock. Egg rolls always contain MSG.

But if the monkeys did indeed vomit. even as they are well aware of the research proving its toxicity. Later. the MSG industry engages in scienti c fraud by paying sel ected researchers to conduct studies carefully constructed to show that MSG is s afe. Olney wrote Science magazine a letter asking why this vital data was omitted. In front of a large audience she admitted that they had. Yet. using a drug called phencyclidine. researchers funded by the MSG industry distorted test re sults to “prove” that high doses of MSG weren’t harming infant monkeys. they found that large d oses of MSG fed to newborn monkeys had no toxic effect on infant monkeys’ brains. When it comes to MSG. The FDA and food producers aren’t going to let the health concerns of pesky consumers get in the way of windfall pro ts. In reality. In his experience.Grocery Warning I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.A. This pro-MSG effort is well organized. It is hard to believe that they were unaware of this protective effect of phencyclidine.. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 161 . In one such study. Reynolds if their monkeys vomited. th e MSG was causing the monkeys to vomit. their entire experiment was invalid from the begin ning. Dr. The FDA is colluding with food companies and MSG manufacturers to continue to allow MSG to be widely used in foods. Olney asked Dr. no menti on was made of vomiting. . a few months later. This fact was never even mentioned by the MSG industry-funded research until years after the research was publishe d: In 1971 Dr. Reynolds and coworkers reported that they were unable to con r m Dr. This powerful anestheti c agent is also one of the most potent antagonists of glutamate receptors known. well funded and far reaching.D. That is. Therefore. when the report appeared in Science magazine.Russell Blaylock. There are billions of dollars at stake. Dr. for the rst time they admitted that their monkeys were under anesthesia throughout t he entire experiment. decades-long cover-up well underway. Reynolds. They referred his letter to Dr. Reynold’s data would be completely invalid since little of the MSG would have act ually been absorbed. (It is related to MK-801. M. a critical omission. To accomplish the cover-up.) This drug is known to totally prevent MSG lesions of the hypothalamus. Dr. there’s a massive. at a public hearing. This time she denied that the animals had ever vomited. W. Four years lat er Reynolds and others published another paper admitting that the monkeys had vo mited after feeding them large doses of MSG. Olney became suspicious of the study when he realized that they were feeding massive doses of MSG to these infant animals. which resulted in the MSG being expelled from their bodies before it could harm them. Olney’s previous ndings that MSG fed to infant monkeys consistently resulted in injuries to speci c areas of the hypothalamus. such doses alm ost always caused the animals to vomit. except for the ones that are true. But of even greater importance. Dr.

FDA regulations now say that manufact urers do not have to put the term “monosodium glutamate” on the label as long as a p articular ingredient doesn’t contain more than 99 percent pure product. In addition. was one of the most outspoken organizations that fought the airing of the “60 Minutes” segment [on MSG].to continue the practice of adding excitotoxins to our food. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Another group that has routinely aided in the MSG cover-up is the IFIC: The Inte rnational Food Information Council (IFIC). they have used their power in Congress to have l aws enacted to help them in this cover-up. makers of MSG. and food safety for the public good. MSG is 100 percent safe.Grocery Warning The MSG industry engages in scienti c fraud to promote their product This is just one small example of how the MSG industry engages in scienti c fraud in order to promote their economic agenda of ensuring the continued sales of MSG . The IFIC Foun dation’s mission is to be a force that helps the media. . its information is biased to protect whatever product the IFIC chooses to promote . No m atter what science is presented to the agency. and that has long since been the position of the FDA. the FDA maintains the position that MSG is perfectly safe for ever yone.D. What this means is that you will have to learn all the disguised names and become an obses sive label reader. IFIC has created af liations in producing written material s with the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology and the FDA.D. health professi onals. M. According to the MSG industry. In Bad Taste: The MSG Sy mptom Complex The FDA: key players in the MSG cover-up The FDA routinely relies on MSG industry propaganda to decide what is “true” when it comes to the toxicity of this food additive. M..” Among the list of corporate sponsors? The Ajinomoto company.Russell Blaylock. also located in Washington. D. beverage and agricultural companies. nutrition. Food manufacturers have used every name in the book to disguise high-gluta mate additives. educators.. Schwartz. It currently offers propaganda materials that attest to the “saf ety” of MSG. And.including in uencing scienti c studies that fraudulentl y portray MSG as safe -. Because it is industry supported.. Another way the MSG industry in uences the food industry and legislators is to a ggressively donate money to food and health groups such as the American Dietetic Association. How’s that for a con ict of interest? We now know that the food indu stry will stop at nothing -. 162 .C. which derives part of its multimillion dollar budget from so-calle d “corporate sponsors. The IFIC Foundation is a nonp ro t organization supported by food.George R. as always. and no matter how many doctors te stify about their ndings and real-world experiences with patients devastated by M SG reactions. and scientists effectively communicate science-based information on healt h.

One spokesman for the food and glutamate industries stated that eve n if MSG did indeed destroy the arcuate nucleus in the hypothalamus. A multitu de of papers were published attacking his data. Olney’s experiments were invalid because he had used baby animals and baby animals were inappropriate subjects for the study because they had immature enzyme systems that made them especially vulnerable to glutama te toxicity. Further. this was at a time when the food industry was adding la rge amounts of MSG to baby foods. But he was soon to learn t hat government protected industries can be formidable foes. funde d by.” Dr. . including monosodium glutamate. unless it is motivated by industrial pro ts. M.D. Their logic escapes the rational mind. continued his ght to alert the public an d the FDA concerning this danger. George Schwartz discovered that a pamphlet put out by the FDA outlinin g the consumer “facts’’ concerning the safety of MSG as a food additive had in truth b een compiled and published by The Glutamate Association. claiming that when his experimen ts were repeated in their labs no toxicity was found. and processed food users of glutamic acid and its salts. The FDA referred this tough issue to a governm ent-sponsored “Food Protection Committee” in an effort to resolve the MSG/baby food controversy. realizing the terrible implicatio ns for the health of millions of babies. and totally controlled by the food industry and that most of the members o f the subcommittee appointed to investigate the Glutamate /baby food issue had s trong nancial ties with the glutamate and/or food industry.Russell Blaylock. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills 163 . The co mmittee continued to declare MSG safe as a food additive even in baby foods. Dr.. Dr. But he found that these de tractors all had one thing in common. Incredibly. one grou p of food industry apologists wrote an indignant letter to the scienti c publicati on Science claiming that Dr. he noted. John Olney discove red the harmful effects of food borne MSG on the brains of developing animals he attempted to alert the FDA concerning this danger. it didn’t mat ter because it was not known to have any functional signi cance. Olney stated tha t soon after he had published the results of his experimental ndings on the toxic ity of MSG in 1969 he came under tremendous re from various directions. He assumed that they would w elcome his information with open arms and open minds. Dr. Yet it was well k nown at the time that the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus played a vital rol e in the regulation and release of important hormones from the pituitary. national marketers. John Olney and his efforts to warn the FD A about the potential dangers of this food additive: When Dr. in that they were all af liated in one way o r another with the Glutamate and/or food industries. Olney states that at this point he began to look into the backgrounds of the me mbers of the “independent” FDA committee and discovered that ‘it was founded by. Olney. Schwart z pointed this out to the FDA authorities they quietly removed the pamphlet from circulation. which describes itself as an “organization of manufacturers.Grocery Warning The following relates the story of Dr. The committee chairma n was receiving money from both industries at the time of the committee delibera tions.” When Dr.

are determined to keep the MSG scam running for as long as possible. it is subsequently creating billions more in pro ts for pharmaceutical companies whose drugs are frequently prescribed to treat the very symptoms cause d by MSG toxicity. .Grocery Warning See. Trackin g the money demonstrates how such faulty decisions were made in the past. I obtained several letters from FDA of cials advising MSG-sensitive peo ple to avoid hydrolyzed proteins. from the point of view o f the FDA. wo uld never allow an unsafe product to be used by the food industry. It’s sort of like havin g Al Capone play the federal judge in a Chicago mob trial. themselves. “The weight of the scienti c evidence demonstrates that MSG is s afe for human consumption.” 164 . The entire purpose of these investigations is to create the appearance of an investigation when. in f act. The Glutamate Association. being a go vernment organization designed and dedicated to quality assurance and safety. it turns out the board members appointed to conduct the investigation are.Russell Blaylock. along with the MSG industry groups and corporations. But in this instance. if anything. even when the FDA promises some sort of “investigation” into MSG. tied t o the very industry they are supposed to be investigating. The standard form letter response that was sen t to consumers stated that symptoms of MSG reactions are generally “mild and trans ient. Years of faulty and biased regulation has led to inaction. the Ajinomoto company. Better yet. It is generating enormous pro t s for MSG manufacturers and food companies. the food industries and their public relations organization. we have seen that powerful industrial giants have been able to capture a governm ent agency and use it to promote an unsafe product. too cautious. M. It is obvious that the FDA has been captured by the chie f MSG manufacturer.. In this way. most of us assume that the FDA is.D. It is a scandal. The real reason why the FDA wants to make sure consumers keep eating MSG The FDA. the FDA has double the incentive to make sure th e American public keeps consuming MSG in mass quantities and suffers the resulti ng health effects. drug company pro ts would plummet as MSGind uced diseases vanished. the whole thing is a political charade. Ex citotoxins: The Taste That Kills And: The FDA has serious internal problems in r egard to MSG. By producing a multitude of s purious studies purportedly showing that MSG is safe as a food additive they can say with impunity. In fact. If MSG were banned.” The public has the perception that the FDA. Through a Freedom of Information Act request of all FDA-consumer corr espondence for the past ten years relating to monosodium glutamate and hydrolyze d protein.

M.George R. illustrated ndings of harmful effe cts of MSG and de ned the term “MSG symptom complex” as connected to symptoms veri ed to occur after oral exposure to MSG.Grocery Warning In December of 1989. they may do so many ye ars later. The Federation of the American Society for Experimental Biology’s (FASEB) c ouncil issued its nal report in July of 1995. . th e years of lobbying and false or deceptive “scienti c” studies. two ex treme views were offered: Consumers and support groups poured out their touching stories of lives forever altered by severe reactions to the use of MSG.. The overall conclusion of the expert panel is that c ausality by MSG had. Schwartz. approximatel y twenty pages at the beginning of the report. indeed. At the public hearings which were held. I n Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex The health damaging effects of MSG may take time to produce symptoms It’s easy for the FDA to deny MSG is harmful to humans. MSG is especially noted for causing dangerous longterm effects: One of the reasons why it is so dif cult to convince the FDA bureauc rats of the connection between MSG and delayed brain damage in humans is because it may take years before clinical signs of neurological damage show up. its usefulness. the foregoing factors begin to explain the years of neglect. M. In fact.D. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Even as the FDA continued the MSG cover-up. “Analysis of Adverse Reac tions to Monosodium Glutamate. This landmark report.Russell Blaylock.” When asked why they had not followed up on a single case report of an adverse reaction. As you’ve seen in the studies mentioned in earli er sections of this chapter. and its apparent harmles sness. I n my view.D.” validates the adverse reactions that consumers hav e been reporting for years. the FDA sent out Glutamate Association propaganda to consumers requesting information about monosodium glutamate. Whether the economic power represented by the Glutamate Association. This da mage is slow and cumulative. while i ndustry spokespersons touted its ef cacy. At this meeting those prese nt were unaware that substances such as hydrolyzed protein could be labeled as “na tural avorings. While a baby exposed to large doses of MSG or other excitotoxins may not show signs of brain damage at birth. I informed them of my con cerns as a physician about adverse reactions to MSG. I was asked if I would accept a plea of “incompetence” on the part of the FDA staff! Some people also have wondered why the FDA was so quick t o look into the problems caused by tryptophan but have neglected problems caused by MSG. 165 . The executive summary. since the harm caused by M SG is not so immediately obvious. cl ose-minded position of many in the FDA are the reasons is a matter of opinion.. at a meeting with top FDA of cials. and the entrenched. until recently. it occasionally collides with the truth abou t MSG and has to scramble to make it go away: In 1992 the FDA commissioned an in dependent review of the literature to determine whether or not it should serious ly review the current use of MSG. with each dose of MSG or aspartate damaging a numbe r of important brain areas. .

The FDA makes sure the prejudiced Glutamate Association is invited to all inquir ies Accordingly. such as endocrine disruption. emot ional disorders. and the broth contains pure MSG. the Glutamate Association is invited to give its defending testimony. In Bad Taste: The MSG Sy mptom Complex Did the FDA forward the report to the Associated Press and put out a warning about MSG? Of course not. 166 . But if the broth is sold alone. . the FDA invites the Glutamate Association to get involved: It appears th at the Glutamate Association has a cozy working relationship with the FDA. But they r arely do. M. Another way the FDA works with the Glutamate Association is by yieldin g to their lobbying efforts to change the labeling laws so that the words “monosod ium glutamate” are not required on food labels unless it contains 100 percent pure MSG. M. and both industries manufacture a product that consumers actually enjoy consuming. I t also seems both industries will stop at nothing to make sure their product con tinues to be legal to sell to unwary consumers.George R. If the FDA really wants an unbiased view it should seek the advice of scientists who ha ve no connection at all to the manufacture and industrial use of MSG. if broth is used to make a soup. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Doctors and au thors criticizing MSG have also come under repeated attacks from the MSG industr y. In fact. . for example. Both industries a re well funded and bankroll fraudulent scienti c studies to support their baseless positions.D. The sort of action taken against people who spea k out against MSG is reminiscent of the movie. The author of one of the books mentioned here was sued for $4 million by one food manufacturer. Also MSG need not even be mentioned by any name if one product containing pure MSG is only used as an ingredient in another food. In fa ct. Schwartz. regardless of the health consequ ences. Both industries have tremendous political in uence in Washington.Grocery Warning been demonstrated by scienti c evidence. any time an investigation or meeting regarding MSG is about to take place. any time someone challenges the safety of MSG or hydrolyzed vegetable protei n. No amount of evidence can sway the actions of an agency entrenched in a philosophy of protecting industry pro ts at all cost. Both in dustries manufacture a product that causes widespread disease. “The Insider” in which a lone tobacco scientist wanted to share the truth about cigarette companies and their manipul ation of nicotine in their products in order to addict customers. heart irregularities... there are strong parallels between the tobacco industry and the MSG industry. The body of the report repeated time and time again that more research was necessary to evaluate the harmful side effects of MSG. The report was buried and has long since be en forgotten.D.Russell Blaylock. it must appear on the la bel. brain lesions. and so on. MSG does not have to be l isted as an ingredient. For example.

. MSG hasn’t yet been widely recognized as a t hreat to health. I intend to pursue this issue until MSG is banned outright as a food additive. But by then the excitotoxin “taste enhancing” business had become a multibillion dollar enterprise.Grocery Warning The primary difference between the two industries is that the tobacco industry’s m irage vanished.” . in conjunction with a dozen American food manufacturers. but that knowledge is spreading quickly. decided to protect their interest by forming a powerful pub lic relations rm known as the Glutamate Association.Russell Blaylock. These attacks could be cruel and overwhelming and only those with thick skin and determination could withsta nd the assault. In most cases consumer advocates are knowledgeable p eople who lack the scienti c background to withstand an assault by a scientist ste eped in the jargon of the pure and applied chemist. and c onsumer advocates. T his will include not only the side effects of MSG. They did this by bringing their own scientists into any area where a serious question ab out safety had been raised. In Bad Taste: T he MSG Symptom Complex 167 . the Australian asthma specialist. Personally. many people are determined to bring the truth about MSG to light: Scientis ts studying these problems have sometimes run into severe obstacles. M. The number one contributor t o this “attack group” was the Ajinomoto Company of Japan. The Ajinomoto company. Gary J. As Dr. Here’s h ow the industry deals with these people: MSG had come under criticism periodical ly from various members of the medical profession.George R. the primary manufactur er of MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills And yet. . notes. That is the only acceptable outcome that would protect the health of consumers. The MSG industry attacks doctors and authors who speak out against MSG But back to the attacks on doctors and authors who speak out against MSG. thanks to the Internet and publications like this one.. The purpose of this group was not only to defend and promote the use of MSG and other ‘’taste enhancers’’. M.D. Schwartz. “The story needs to be told.D. Baker. the research community. but also the discrediting of the people honestly reporting these effects. and now the vast majority of scientists recognize that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. but to attack anyone who dared to point out the adverse health effects of MSG. the frustration many of us have had in nding funds to do the necessary further research and the anger at the regulat ory bodies for ignoring this problem.

in the newborn the blood-brain barrier is incompletely formed and will allow MSG to enter the brain. That MSG can enter the brain of newborn animals gi ven MSG was shown by two researchers who demonstrated not only high blood levels but signi cant elevations of brain glutamate lasting up to three hours after the dose was given. No studies have ever found MSG to cause problems with reproduction. nancially motivated political con job that 168 . Using various staining methods. glutamate controls all the other functions of the hypothalamus. Many such studies claim MSG simply doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier -. does not have a barrier. sleep-wake cycles. and certain aspects of metabolism. 2004 The blood-brain barrier explanation offered by the MSG industry is proven false In reality. Inouye.MSGinfo. www. One of the problems in proving that MSG could cause major injuries to the hypoth alamus was in explaining how it could injure neurons in this area when so few ne urons of the glutamate receptor type were know to exist in the this tissue. even in the ad ult. This neuroendocrine functio n is designed to control the thyroid gland. And second. even pregnant women.Grocery Warning If you’re curious to see some of the pro-MSG propaganda at work. which rec ommends that everyone. such as NMDA. look no further t han the website constructed by the Anijomoto Company.Propaganda from the manufacturer of MSG.Russe ll Blaylock. can safely eat MSG! Yes. First. If you’re pre gnant. But in add ition. .a position that is read ily proved false: Some critics of these studies charge that MSG does not enter t he brain because of the blood-brain barrier. and kainate as well as aspartate and MSG. Inte restingly. body growth. . the emotions of anger and rage. But then it was only recently that glutamate was found to be the primary neurotransm itter in the hypothalamus. M. bi rth or the fetus itself. ext ensive scienti c research has been conducted to make sure that MSG is safe for bot h of you. and even consciousness Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Overall. What this means is that glutamate type-neurons contro l every neuroendocrine function of the hypothalamus. adrenal glands. who demonstrated the passage of radioactively labeled MSG into the neonatal brain following MSG injections.D. such as t he biological clock. practically every study or argument claiming MSG is safe is built on gross distortions of science or facts about human metabolism. the autonomic nervous system. This i ndicates that a wide range of excitotoxins can destroy and affect these vital ne urons in the hypothalamus. Because pregnancy is such an important time for you and your unborn child. neuroscientists found that glutamate neurons connect to every major nucleus in the hypothalamus. This has been con rmed by Dr. quisqualate. reproductive functio ns. gonadal function. the hypothalamus. you can feel con dent about consuming foods containing monosodium glutamate . There are two problems with this ar gument. hunger and satiety. what you’re seeing in action here is a global. these neurons were found to be sensitive to all glutamate-like compou nds..

Much of their patent action treat s MSG side effects. All of this occurred against a background of increasing aw areness of MSG toxicity. termed “an industry-arranged whitewash” at the FDA. indeed. Commercial interests do. I believe a good part of their p opularity results from the ability of these serotoninincreasing medications to t reat the malaise and depressive feelings resulting from MSG effects and their af termath. What’s so asto unding about this is that it has been allowed to continue for so many decades. along with what Dr. Now these medications often are available as over-the-counte r medications for all consumers. Zantac. It is of su ch magnitude that the fatalities of 9/11 are dwarfed in comparison.Grocery Warning guarantees pro ts for food companies at the expense of untold human suffering. The players in this scam are the FDA. M. John W. In the 1990s antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft have become billion-dollar moneymakers. released by antidepre ssant neurochemicals.D.Geor ge R. the MSG industry lobbying groups. and that the FDA’s in uence over all decisions relating to food and medicine is so widespread. the leading scientis t studying neurotoxicity. pharmaceutical companies owe a tremendous debt to the Ajinomo to Company. run the show around here. MSG manufac turing companies and food producers who rely on MSG to make their foods taste ap pealing. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex 169 . Schwartz. How MSG creates extraordinary pro ts for pharmaceutical companies Speaking of drugs. Olney. there is a similar scenario with an MSG-in duced discharge to the point of nervous system exhaustion. and then other similar medications came along to treat indigesti on (for example. T hat has only been possible due to the sad fact that most people blindly trust th e FDA. It is part of what I call the “chemical holocaust” promoted by the FDA that harms Americans through toxic ingredients in their foods and drugs. The widespread use of MSG creates extraordinary pro ts for drug compan ies by creating health symptoms and MSG reactions that are typically treated wit h prescription drugs: In the 1980s one of the largest income-producing medicatio ns was Tagamet. and Prilosec).. Like the postcocaine and postamphetamine depressions resulting from con tinued cerebral nerve cell discharge. . and the FDA has shown itself to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for pharmaceutica l makers and food companies who would sell arsenic to the public if they could m ake a buck doing it and if people didn’t die so quickly that there was an obvious link to their products. Accid.

com/msg. so they aren’t reliable sources for unbiased information regarding MSG. hydrolyzed. Clearly. Yet I encoura ge you to learn more about this dangerous food additive. Action Item: Avoid MSG and all its aliases (autolyzed.Grocery Warning Where to learn more about MSG I hope this has been an informative overview of MSG. you’ll need to learn about it from sources that have nothing to gain from either the sale or the banning of MSG. the MSG indu stry sites and lobbying groups are all going to publish pro-MSG information.newstarget. Read more articles on MSG at: http://www. the industry cover-up. and the role of the FDA. this is one ingredient you should take special care to avoid in your diet. To get the st raight facts on MSG. Naturally. I strongly recommend the two books cited in this section (In Bad Taste and Excitotoxins).htmL 170 . yeast extract) in all food s. the scienti c facts about thi s excitotoxin.

cans and other packaging. but they are a fraction of the price of many manufactured products. and eggs for example. in particular. Herbal Defense 171 . avocados. There’s good news. This is an easy dietary trap to fall into. Processed Foods If you weigh more than you’d like. you probably already know that part of what mad e you overweight in the rst place was your consumption of re ned carbohydrate foods . and I’ve w atched many others do it. Some people may consider these to be expensive food items . foods manufactured and sold to you in nice lookin g boxes. My own diet consists of ingredients and foods like coconut oil. h ealthy oils like ax oil and guacamole. milk. This adds up to a serious de cit of phytoc hemicals in the diets of most people. For example. h ave no phytochemicals whatsoever. or Twinkies. It’s as if people are so focus ed on the immediate taste sensation they desire that they forget about their bod y’s other health needs. stevia. however: I’ll show you how to get more of these into your diet without having to wolf down pounds of vegeta bles each day! No one has yet turned up any potent health-enhancing phytochemica ls in steak. since so many m anufactured foods contain no phytochemicals. be especially wary of the price you’re paying for ea ch ounce of processed. The Standard Ameri can Diet is. Most packaged foods are overpriced From an economic perspective. unsweetened soy milk. But that’s not the full picture: you probably also consumed an excessive amount of processed foods -. Even when you nd food items that contain vegeta bles (soup. too. eggs. milk. avored broccoli or broccoli-based frozen dinners. bean sprouts. lacking phytochemicals. Processed foods. I’ve fallen into this trap myself. oat bran. fresh or frozen vegetables. are less healthy for you than food ingredients in their natural state. Neither do many of the prepared or processed g rocery items you’ll nd on the shelf. for example) those items have been so highly processed that the phyt onutrient content is largely destroyed.Robyn Landis. hummus.Grocery Warning Reliance on Manufactured. The trap is that when you buy convenience foods. Some prices are absolutely outrageous. Lack of phytonutrients / phytochemicals Here’s another grocery shopping pitfall. packaged foods. and they a re certainly far cheaper than the medical costs associated with diseases like di abetes and heart disease (which are caused by processed foods). You’ll get far more value for your dollar by purch asing fresh. tofu and a limited a mount of fresh fruits.that is. fresh broccoli from the grocery store is far healthier for you than packaged. . raw ingredients rather than packaged foods. shrimp and seafood. rice protein. you may nd yourself lacking a suf cient intake of all important phytonutrients (mor e commonly called “phytochemicals”) that come from plant sources. li ke $1 per ounce (or even more). Meat. sometimes called manufacture d foods.

To get these bene ts. In fact.Grocery Warning Phytochemicals are of critical importance to your overall health. pancreas. showed a statistically signi c ant protective effect of fruit and vegetable intake in 128 of 156 dietary studie s. I found that it is vi rtually impossible to do so without taking some form of phytonutrient supplement ation. Often these are the ver y substances that also give the food its color. stomach. The review suggests that major public health bene ts could be ac hieved by substantially increased consumption of these foods. we have to actually eat these plants.Donald R. including fruits.t hat have healthenhancing or possibly curative abilities..Robyn Landis. however. . avor.the bene ts of those products pale in comparison to the healing properties offered by whole fo od complexes and microalgae supplements. And once you become fully aware of the considerable bene ts derived from eat ing these phytochemicals. let’s take a look at phytochemicals a nd answer the two most obvious questions: what are they. colon. H erbal Defense 172 . Y ance. and ovary. or smell. and grains -. Across the kin gdom of edible plants available at nearly every grocery store. But rst. Few peopl e do.). breast. esophagus. obesity. and how do they impact your health? What are phytochemicals? An exciting branch of recent research has identi ed biologically active substances in foods -. it’s easy to overlook the importance of getting these plants and their phytonutrients into your diet. When we turn to conveni ence foods. one must eat at least ve half -cup servings of fruits and vegetables daily to lower cancer risk. The idea behind th ese terms is that food can be medicinal as well as nutritious. Herbal Medicine. One review of over 200 studies that examined the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and cancers of the lung. Do you eat at least ve servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Most likely not. you will nd a vast array of chemical compounds with healing properties that protect your body agai nst virtually every modern disease: especially cancer. in my experience. According to guide lines recommended by the National Cancer Institute. oral cavity. or at least take them as whole food supplements and not as is olated vitamins or extracted chemical compounds: In order for phytochemicals to do their job.. Healing & Cancer Think about your own diet. vegetables. heart disease. you’ll want to immediately take steps to introduce them into your diet (I’ll show you how. or sometimes nutraceuticals or foodaceuticals. and far too few of us do.plant foods. diabetes. I’m not talking about taking isolated vitamins and minerals -. or p hytonutrients. For most cancer sites. cervix. bladder. and other disorders. depression. legumes. . low fruit and vegetable intake produced about twice th e risk of cancer.being from the Greek word for “plant”). These substances are being called phytochemicals (phyto. Crohn’s disease. we need to eat enough plant foods.

Researchers have found that these same protecti ve qualities can also boost your body’s disease. In nature. you can’t isol ate one phytochemical and expect it to have the health bene ts of the whole plant. show it to be of limited value against prosta te cancer when used in isolation.Underground Cures Researchers are learnin g that nature is by far the most powerful healer in the universe. once and for all. Studies on lycopene. Realistically. for example.have the power to keep you well. No drug can co mpete with the healing powers of phytochemicals. and smell. M. which continues to be entrenched in the “germ theory” of medicine and disease. canned.ghting. which contain hundreds of phytochemicals that researchers haven’t even identi ed. among other things. improve l ongevity and produce a bewildering array of other healthful bene ts: What scientis ts found -. In one of the largest and longest-running studies.and are still nding -. block. in which one “magic” chemical (such as penicillin) will “cure” a particular ail ment. eve ry mushroom contains a rich chemical stew that can. suppress. what we do eat is usually cooked. enhance the immune system.. This biological activity can be extraordinarily helpful (in preventing cancer. It is awesome to think that every bite of apricot.. or ush away the primary factor in predicting health and longevity. and antiaging abilities. . consuming ve to six servings is hard to do. The catch is that isolated chem icals don’t work as well as whole plants. . While the bene ts are clear. ght the effects of aging. we see that it is a spectrum of phytochemicals that wo rks in concert to protect against cancer. lower serum cholesterol and decrease ar terial plaque. every leaf of a green leafy vegetable.. avor. In other words. for example. r etard. of course: they’d love to isolate chemicals from broccoli plants. Medical l iterature is saturated with epidemiological studies showing a direct correlation between low levels of plant foods in the diet and high rates of disease and unt imely death. Furt hermore. biologically active compounds found in plants. There’s no doubt that certain natural substances found in many plants-called phytochemicals -. although only a small percentage have thus fa r been identi ed in nutritional laboratories. There are hun dreds of different phytochemicals. researchers at t he Institute of Preventive Oncology in Tokyo proved.Stephanie Beling. that your diet . detoxifying. research shows that Americans on the avera ge eat only 25 to 35 percent of the ve to six recommended daily servings of fruit s and vegetables. Not that pharmaceutical compani es aren’t trying. however. and the bene cial effects of these phytochemicals occurs in concert with the full spectrum of nutrients found in each plant. The healing powers of plants is far beyond the scope of today’s technology. boost cardiovascular health. and sell them as anti-cancer drugs. Power Food s 173 . prosta te cancer risks plummet. but when the entire tomato is consumed. but more importantly. Phytochemical s give a plant its color. for e xample).Grocery Warning Phytochemicals are powerful. they are part of a plant’s natural defense system.D. or frozen (neutralizing up to 90 percent of the vital nutrients). and certainly beyond the philosophy of conventio nal medicine.was that a single fruit or vegetable contains thousands of phytochemicals in trace amounts that interact in complex but comple mentary ways to prevent certain diseases and boost overall health.

technically. I live my life without any drugs whatsoever: no prescription drugs. and no recreational drugs. powder s.ghting chemical “lycopene. it is far wiser to eat the whole foods themsel ves. It’s available for just a few dollars a pound (rather than thousands of dollars per pound. skin. but phytochemicals play just as big a role.Artemis P. A to Z Guide To Supplements 174 . Simopoulos. Balch.D. people who drink green tea. and colon cancer.plu s all those yet to be identi ed. contains hundreds of phytochemicals that go far beyond the gr asp of even the most well-educated conventional doctor.” have a lower risk of liver.” have a lower risk of prostate. bacteria. The fact that the phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables are potent antican cer agents helps explain why cancer studies involving vitamin supplements have h ad such lackluster results: The pills contain only a fraction of what the plants have to offer. which i s what pharmaceuticals cost) and has no harmful side effects whatsoever.. you will be getting all their known cancer. . which are rich in the cancer. and perhaps even the corrupt of cials at the FDA. esophageal. They are not nutrients in the classic sense. The broccoli plant can r everse cancer in ways that anti-cancer drugs can’t even approach. but they are what determines a plant’s color. This way. The humble broccoli p lant. and urinary cancer. Not ev en caffeine. M. The Omega Diet It’s important to remember that these phytochemicals are not vitamins or minerals. We are now lear ning that the same chemicals that protect plants from viruses. lu ng. Antioxidant vitamins provide some of the cancer. People who eat large amounts of cooked tomatoes. Eating broccoli.D. and capsules. make up the plant’s own immune system: Phytonutrients are chemicals present in plants that make the plants bio logically active.ghting nutrients -. Because the sto ry says that nature is far smarter than human beings when it comes to reversing cancer. Researchers have identi ed literally thousands of phytochemicals and have also developed the techno logy to extract these chemical compounds and concentrate them into pills..ghting prowess of fr uits and vegetables. avor. for example. These are called nutraceuticals -. and ability to resist disease. few peop le would need drugs.the newest type of dietary s upplement. drug comp any researchers. .Grocery Warning The real story on phytochemicals is truly just beginning to unfold in the Wester n world.James F. Th ese are other chemical compounds that. which contai ns a phytochemical called “epigallocatechin gallate. breast. Personally. M. For example. It’s a story that can only be humbling to conventional doctors. cervical. cabbage and o ther members of the cole family offers protection against a broad array of cance rs. and preventing serious diseases. and fun gi protect us from cancer. Until researchers can identify and encapsulate all the myriad he aling substances found in plants. no over-thecounter drugs. improving health. No wond er the discovery of phytochemicals is disturbing to drug companies! If people kn ew the true bene ts of these phytochemicals and frequently consumed them.

with the research and publicity showing these phytochemicals to be so protec tive against diseases like cancer. and that’s according to the American Medical Association (so the numbers are probably very conservati ve). Since only 9 percent of Americans eat ve servi ngs of fruits and vegetables a day. Certa in whole plants. Besides. It is also based on isolated ph ytochemicals which offer limited health bene ts compared to the whole plant.Grocery Warning I will discuss phytochemical supplements later in this section. after all. As you can imagi ne. Phytochemicals offer extraordinary protection against disease There are stunning indications that a number of chemopreventive plant chemicals are present naturally in our foods. not from “enriched” food bars or candy.000 deaths an d two million injuries each year in the United States alone. as well as phytochemic al-enriched candy for children who don’t care for vegetables. Th at’s why as much as 25 percent of all pharmaceuticals are based on compounds found in plants. garlic. it turns out.D. the quantity of phytochem icals added to these foods is usually very tiny. But the problem is that drug companies bastardize the gifts of nature by isolating. .Earl Mindell’s Vitam in Bible By far. hospitals and the FDA. Eat To Beat Cancer The phytochemicals availabl e in everyday plants and foods -. f or example snack bars forti ed with soy phytochemicals (phytoestrogens). modifying and then concentrating speci c chemicals until they reach toxic levels that are little more than a shadow of the original plant. Most of these food products. nutraceut ical-enriched margarine to lower blood serum cholesterol. Ph. . they could sell these pl ant-based compounds for as much as $100+ a pill after receiving FDA approval. offer extraordinary health bene ts attributable to their phytochemical content.far outweigh the healing bene ts of any prescription drug. food producers are rushing to add them to the ir products. peanuts. the best place to get these phytochemicals is from the foods th emselves. blueberries and many more -. these supplements are playing an increasingl y important role in our nation’s health.J. remain “junk foods” despite the a dded dose of phytochemicals: Nutraceuticals can also concentrate the best of foo d chemicals for daily broccoli. however. Medicine’s history is founded in botany. ax seeds. 175 . Pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to identify and i solate these phytochemical compounds. gre en tea. These resulting chemicals are markete d as prescription drugs. There are phytochemical-enriched foods. Nature has provided us with a generous menu of phytochemicals (plant chemicals). olive oil. and they are responsible for at least 100. which have demonstrated chemopreventive ben e ts.. because they know that thanks t o their stranglehold on doctors. of course. Robert Hatherill.

.trace amounts. They actually toughen the cells of the plant t o ward off deterioration and toxic in uences. These plants. All we really need is to recognize the wisdom of nature and act on that wisdom by eating a variety of plants that contain bene cial phytochemicals. need protection against free radic al damage. Over the last twenty years.. but the drugs that com e out of this factory don’t have negative side effects! (And you don’t have to pay a fortune to get them. or by insects. fruits.Donald R. and other serious health disorders. hea rt disease. W e can also supplement our diets with whole food complexes made from the most pow erful of these plants..Grocery Warning People would be far better off to just eat the plants in their natural form: The re are hundreds and hundreds of phytochemicals in plant foods that help prevent cancer. viruses. or by fungus or mold. or by atmospheric pollution. or by virus invasi ons. improve strength and energy. as scientists say -. and we don’t even need to try to isolate and n ame every single health-enhancing chemical found in these plants in order to ben e t from them. like every living thing. Herbal Medicine.) It is truly humbling to consider the reality that nature has already provided everything we need to be healthy human beings. phytochemicals occur in minute amounts -. Phytochemicals of fer the same protection to the creatures that eat plants -.bu t they interact in complex but complementary ways to ght the stress in icted on pla nts by intense sunlight. Healing & Cancer So why do these phytochemicals have such protective effects in humans anyway? Because they are created by plants as part of their own immune sy stems. which I will reveal in a later section. Ultimately. Yance. . but also serve as an a djunct therapy for individuals with cancer.Stephanie Beling. In a recent study involving the intake of vegetables. We d on’t need drugs.The implications of this data are profound. M. pests and other health risks. The chemicals that plants synthesize for self-protection against sunligh t and insects and to help maintain their own growth enhance human health as well .D. diabetes.. plants are potent pharmaceutical factories that naturally and fre ely produce a vast array of chemicals that protect against cancer. In plants. Power Food s In this way. researchers have consistently found that those who eat the most vegetables and fruits have the lowest rates of cancer. Research ha s also shown that animals given vegetables and fruit before and after exposure t o carcinogens are less likely to develop cancer. Phytochemicals help humans fend off cancer. They accomplish this by creati ng their own phytochemicals that protect them in extraordinary ways. and bestow longevity by neutralizing the free 176 . . reduce heart disease. either.from the rabbit munc hing on the leaves of wild broccoli to the toddler eating her spinach because he r mother tells her she must. a strong inverse association was found between high intake of these nutrients and a low incidence of cancer. we don’t need the FDA. they could be used to design a diet that wo uld not only provide increased protection against cancer. Growing a garden is like having a billion dollar pharmaceutical factory in your backyard. and related nutrients in relation to the risk of premenopausal breast cancer.

Reductionism is a dead end. if not downrig ht delusional. If we could just get the full listing of everything in the p lant. Only the real thing contains all of the “unknown” healin g factors that Western scientists haven’t even begun to identify. the thinking goes. . is quite egoistic. however. the idea of reductionis m remains dominant. They wield antioxidants that scavenge the fr ee radicals and prevent them from damaging cells. Western medicine follows the same l ine of reasoning when it attempts to isolate and name every phytochemical found in everyday plants. they thought they k new everything there was to know about plantbased nutrition.speci cally.. not merely their chemical compounds. Then along came oth er vitamins. Free radicals are loose cannons -. the real answer lies in precisely the opposite direction: zoom o ut and look at the whole plant and how it interacts with the whole body. these phytochemica ls. This reductionism thinking. In Western scienti c thinking. I believe that much of the healing effect from plants is granted through the v ibrational character of these plants. There are elements at work t hat can’t be seen under a microscope or targeted through a chemical assay. and then later. When scientists identi ed the rst four vitamins. You can’t understand plants by breaking them into smaller and smaller parts.. This is why a holistic view of healing produces far better results than the reductionis t view practiced by the vast majority of conventional doctors. Powe r Foods It is not necessary that we name all the phytochemicals in these plants in order to bene t from them.Grocery Warning radicals.. At every step. science remains behind the curve in understanding the true na ture of plants and how they deliver healing bene ts to the human body.D. That’s why you can’t extract a speci c chemical from a plant and expect it to offer the sam e bene ts as the whole plant. and then newly-identi ed minerals.that destroy cells by damaging their membranes. Reductionism says that we can best understand nature by brea king it down into smaller and smaller parts. . they are molecules with unstable electrons -. I suspect y ou could catalog and name every single chemical in a healing plant and you still wouldn’t understand how it works its healing nature. 177 . In fact. we could master its healing effects and understand how it works. M.Stephanie Beling.Phytoch emicals arrest this kind of damage. In fact .

things that we can’t even begin to understand.ghting b ene ts not previously known or understood. There are many types of avonoids. phytochemicals actually stop changes in th e body that can lead to disease.and in most cases.000 times more powerful than vitamin E in inhibiting oxidation of human LDL cholesterol! The following are just some of the avonoids you should at least know a little about because they can do a lo t for your health! . have much lower breast-cancer rates.Robyn Landis. the re are other things at work here. frui ts. and there is a seemingly desperate rush to isolate.Robyn Landis. most researchers believe: Phytoche micals can be said to have pharmacologic actions -. But I am knocking the idea that the healing effe cts of these plants are only contained in these speci c chemicals. In fact.Grocery Warning Getting back to the protective effects of phytochemicals.Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible 178 .Bottom Line Yearbook 2002 Flaxseed oil also c ontains lignans. I’m not knockin g the research. leaves. . because I think the fact that researchers are studying plants is a step in the right direction. . name and categorize all the phytochemicals under the sun: These foods are loaded with protective compounds called phytochemicals. Herbal Defense Th ese antioxidant phytochemicals form the water-soluble colors of vegetables. Herbal Defense In reality. Y et. Lignans may bind to estrogen receptors in breast tissue and int erfere with estrogen’s cancer-promoting activity there. being natural constituents of foods rather than concentrated synthetics. We don’t need to list them on a chart. it is curious to note that most of the excitement over the healing bene ts of these chemicals seen today is based on the reductionistic view of plants. with the bonuses of nutritious fu el and a tasty experience along the way. In reality. studies have shown that som e avonoids possess up to 50 times more antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E -. and it’s exciting to know that these foods can provide additional healthenhancing and disease. and different pla nts contain varying concentrations of them. Studies show that women wh o excrete more lignans in their urine (presumably from increased consumption of lignans).and those in red grapes are more than 1. grains. they provide their helpful activity without the downside of possible toxic injury or unpleasant side effects -. They are bene cial to health only because they contain these amazing chemicals. Unlike vitamins and minerals. which are essential for preserving health.predictable activity that ca n be isolated and de ned as pushing a body process in one direction or another. . antioxidant phytochemical compounds that are believed to be hor mone precursors. This type of substance is being discove red in a wide range of foods we already value nutritionally. notice that much of the discussion of phytochemicals focuses on them as bein g isolated substances. we don’t need to know their names. and bark. Literally hundreds of these substances are currently being investigated. Bu t.

. Lignans in ax seeds. If you had a powerful enough microscope and could zoom in all the way to the atomic structure of all chemicals. they do de ect them from their path. Indol -. legumes. My own metaphor of the “pharmaceutical factory” eludes to this sort of thinking. triggers enzymes that keep the form of estrogen linked to breast cancer from predominating. keeps toxic molecules from attaching to DNA and perhaps initiating cancer. a fter all. you’d see absolutely nothing! It’s all emp ty space and probability waves! (Just ask any physicist.) All matter is really j ust energy. Allylic sul de. nothing more than probability waves vibrating at various fre quencies. many people view the phytochemicals in plants as nothing more than a natural source for drugs. in some manner. and I chose that metaphor precisely because it’s what mo st people believe about phytochemicals and plants. in garlic. Power Foods As you can see. But few people “believe” that plants operate at certain vibratory frequen cies that are largely responsible for these healing bene ts. 179 . while they don’t destroy these c ancer-causing agents. . a nd other cruciferous vegetables.D. Unfortunately.Grocery Warning And take a look at all the scienti c-sounding names given to the various classes o f identi ed phytochemicals: Phytochemicals can do more than defend against cancer.3-carbinol. What is a chemical. barley. technically. lee ks. in hot chile peppers. and. Capsaicin.and in wine -. enhances enzymes that detoxify carcinogens. but a set of elements connected in a certain way? And chemical element s are. and phytochemicals are actually energy patterns that interact with t he human body in complex. cauli ower. most powerfully of all. You nd it in onions. scallions. M. yet subtle ways that offer astounding health bene ts tha t cannot be duplicated by drugging someone with an isolated chemical. and it stimulates production o f a detoxi cation enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase. Terpenes in citrus fruits increase the production and activation of a p rotein that interrupts the undifferentiated. out-of-control growth of breast-can cer cells in rats.Stephanie Beling. they can also counterattack. you see. and other phytochemicals in such spices as turmeric and cumi n. and soy quite literall y compete with the estrogens that promote cancer. Phytosterols in whole grains. follow Western-style reduction istic thinking. Di allyl disul de blocks and suppresses cancer agents. a phytochemical found in onions and garlic. chives. People “believe” that certain chemicals have certain healing effects . Flavonoids in just abou t all fruits and vegetables -. shallots. and wheat are antioxidants that attack cell-damaging free r adicals.block carcinogens’ access to cells a nd suppress malignant changes in cells. even my own di scussions of phytochemicals must. found in cabbage.

Powe r Foods The effect of these phytonutrients is so powerful that they not only pre vent disease. and spec ial phytonutrients can promote this healing and strengthen our cells so that the y are better able to protect themselves against future injury. American scientists have found that 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day may help control blood sugar levels. car diovascular sickness. legumes. retarding. and fresh fruits. body-sustaining power of macronutrients.. and we. they actually help reverse serious diseases like cancer: What is e specially exciting about nutrition is not just the possibility of prevention.Stephanie Beling. of diseases. The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself -including repair of the damage to our DNA. and more. too. Beyond the body-building.ghting statistics raised a ag . Certain vitamins. cancer.Russell Blaylock. Of course. can be made very sick and weak by stress and pollution. minerals. there’s no doubt tha t plants containing these phytochemicals can offer powerful healing effects to t hose wise enough to eat them: Humans encounter invasive viruses just as plants d o. arthritis. Po wer Foods Phytochemicals have also been shown to be effective in controlling blo od sugar and insulin sensitivity: A variety of phytonutrients derived from spice s in uence insulin sensitivity. gastrointestinal disorders.D. In fact.D. cruciferous and yellow vegetables. recent e vidence has shown that a common herb can rescue injured brain cells even when ta ken hours after the injury occurs! . . even rev ersing not just illnesses but also the debilitating effects of stressful contemp orary life and the degenerative effects of aging. bu t the reversal. people had always known these f oods were “good for you. .Grocery Warning No matter what view of medicine and healing you subscribe to.Stephanie Beling. The illn esses that result from these problems take a variety of forms: hypertension.. P hytochemicals in the plant foods we eat can provide the same health bene ts to hum ans that they provide to plants.D. beyond the sparkplug capabilities of the micronutrients. The common spic e appears to rekindle the ability of fat cells to respond to insulin and increas e glucose removal (Hodge 2000).” but that these particular foods should be associated with these particular cancer. For example. Health and Nutritio n Secrets That Can Save Your Life Phytochemicals have been shown to be especiall y effective at preventing and reversing various cancers: In 1989.. M. a study invest igating occurrence of second primary cancers came up with an interesting nding: t hat the risk of second primary cancers was 40 to 60 percent lower among patients whose diet had emphasized dark green leafy vegetables. M. M.Disease Prevention and Treatment 180 . phy tochemicals provide essential raw materials for suppressing.

has been sho wn to thwart cancer at every stage of its development. .ghting. plants all across the globe are synthesizing miracle-class compounds that offer astoun ding health bene ts to humans. Power Foods And yet. Right now. especially for women. virus. the bad ch olesterol. who is also a prof essor of foods and nutrition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Genistein. phenolic acids. That’s why holistic nutritionists and alternative medicine doctors frequently recommend soy intake. with these astounding bene ts attributed to phytochemic als. Klein. The National Research Council The plant kingdom is the only source of he aling phytochemicals a person needs to be healthy and vibrant. We have long known that soy is a rich source of protein. Bill Gottlieb 181 . This is a stew with pot ent properties as an antioxidant and with phytosterols that compete against the hormone-related cancers. literally millions exist: we’ve just scratched the surface of what na ture has to offer! “We’re just getting to the tip of the iceberg regarding phytochem icals. it is the only vegetable whose protein is complete. cholesterol-lowering daidzein. It is estimated that millions of chemicals are synthesized by plants as a result of the diversity of products that biochemical processes ha ve produced over millions of years . It interferes with enzyme s that “breed” cancer genes.Grocery Warning Soy is perhaps the best-known source for phytochemicals that protect against can cer and other diseases. . phytic acids.with iso avones like geniste in. in fact. it is yet more surprising that researchers have really only begun to identi fy and understand these miracle-class chemicals. blood-thinning .D. but what we’re learning is very exciting. and intense concentrations of coumarins. it’s a hormone-de ecting. M. cholesterollowering warrior. for example. scavenging the free radicals that oxidize LDL cholesterol. tumor-suppressing.. That makes soy an antidote to artery deterioration.New Choices In Na tural Healing. Science has sinc e con rmed the suppositions about soy’s power. it also stops the growth of cells that can clog arteries. where studies of phytochemicals in soy products are ongoing.Stephanie Beling. saponins. some documented s tudies even conclude that it helps rejuvenate old arteries. cuts off the blood vessels that act as supply lines to developing cancers. At the same time that gen istein is stopping cancer cells. Now we know that it is loaded with phytochemicals -. The plant kingdom is a vast reservoir of chemical variety. stunts the growth of cancer cells.Carcinogens And Anticarcinogens In The Huma n Diet. And while researchers have identi ed hundreds of thes e compounds. Phytochemicals are just beginning to be discovered Even today there remains a constant search for chemicals in plants (phytochemica ls) that can serve as therapeutic agents.” says Dr. protease inhibitors.

Murray. N. is that phytochemicals work best in concert. far more effective than drugs in combating disease: In 1990. 182 . Som e of the cancer-preventive and -healing compounds seem to be quite sophisticated and wide-ranging in their actions.Robyn Landis. They may also support our own repair mechanisms. there is substantial evidence that suggests axseed oil exerts signi cant anticancer properties.Grocery Warning Even as these phytochemicals are identi ed. despite the incredible promise of preliminary results. the National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a 5-year.ushing en zymes. $20 million program to l earn more about biologically active plant chemicals (phytochemicals) in certain foods that may help to prevent cancer. . or counteract carcinogens (cancer-forming or -triggering toxins) themselv es. Flaxseed was the rst of six foods to be st udied. there are many observations and theories about them.S. Preliminary results indicated that axseed oil can exert powerful anticance r properties if the oil is high in lignan precursors. Herbal Defense Research into phytochemicals continues to this day. across the boa rd.. indeed.Michael T. boost production of cancer. cut off the blood supply to malignant cells. Unfortunately. or anti-in ammatory. the NCI canceled the project before it was completed. there remains a great mystery over how they operate. Most of the compounds with some con rmed activity are anticancer (preventing or xing ce ll malignancy through various mechanisms).D. The Encyc lopedia of Nutritional Supplements Regardless of the political in uence. However. heart protective. but some federally-funded r esearch has been cancelled. pharmaceutical interests). not in isolation. They may block the formation of malignancy. most likely due to the political meddling of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies. Nonetheless. either by detoxifying or preventing them from establishing on target organs. who don’t want scientists to reveal the truth that plants are. anti-aging or antio xidant (blocking or repairing oxidative damage to cells). . What they are nding. By what mechanisms do they offer these impressive health bene ts? T he exact mechanism of action is not yet known for every single phytochemical ide nti ed to date. phytochem ical research continues at universities throughout the United States and especia lly at centers of science and medicine around the world (who are not so tightly controlled by U.

But the results won’t be nearly as eff ective as eating the whole plant. . It is only by eating the whole foods that you c an bene t from the process at work inside your body. robust workhorses like ga rlic. what plant biologists are discovering is that any one veget able or fruit may have thousands of biologically active phytochemicals. But the effect comes from perhaps hundreds or thousands of phytochemicals. they ignite a synergy of pharmacological activity where the whole is gr eater than the sum of the parts. not to even mention the vibrational nut rition imparted by a living tomato plant. and fee d it to people as part of a clinical trial. and t his reveals one devious strategy they use to “prove” that foods don’t offer protective health bene ts. From sweet treat fruits like gs to pungent. Truly. but it’s missing the potentially much greater bene t of eating the whole f ood. ght ing against the likes of cancer and heart disease while bestowing good health an d vitality. When the y do so. researchers should be studying the effects of whole food supplements. and supplement manufacturers are guilty of the same dogmatic reasoning: they frequently manufacture and market supplements containing isolated phytochemicals that have been shown to have speci c health bene ts.. If they want to show that tomatoes don’t prevent prostate cancer. putting PowerFoods rst is about real food. The entire design of the study is. not pills. Rather.Stephanie Beling. This focus on iso lated nutrients is all part of the reductionistic approach to medicine. “Tomatoes offer no prot ection against prostate cancer” as part of an effort to discredit the health bene ts of natural plants. 183 . Every bi te of a PowerFood is a cocktail containing thousands of these phytochemicals. t he power of these plant foods is in the way the phytochemicals combine. From this. But they will use lycopene in isolation. the pharmaceutical companies will declare. not in isolation Since the bene cial effects of phytochemicals are best realized naturally rather t han synthetically.Grocery Warning Phytochemicals act in combination. seriously awed. Pharmaceutical companies know this well. And newspaper headlines around the world will parrot the sam e awed conclusion. of cours e. f or example. T he whole tomato offers powerful protective effects for prostate cancer. M. they will commission a study on lycopene. There’s nothing wrong with the i ntention.D. in all their diverse textures. al l of them acting together in mysterious ways to offer a multitude of effects. of course. odors. not isolated chemicals. and the study results will o f course show the lycopene wasn’t very strong in reducing the risk of prostate can cer. tastes. There is no evidence that phytochemicals as supplements have anything like the power of whole foods. many of which are entirely unknown to modern science. one phytochemical found in tomatoes. Pow er Foods You can isolate a chemical from a plant. and in a rainbow of color. duplicate it in a lab.

alfalfa sprouts. . Nature’s Medicines This is why. Even though we all realize phytochemicals are essential to our good health. since pro bably 95 percent of Americans simply don’t eat a suf cient quantity of healing foods to begin with. they’re bound to leave out many of the phytos that are found in fruits and vegetables. o f no matter how “complete” the supplements are. My #1 recommen ded product is called Jenny Lee Supergreens. spirul ina. It combines organic. The water has been removed from them. we don’t have all day to hunt for food and chew on it. Supplementing your diet with whole food concentrates is the only way to get a suf cient quantity of phytochemicals into your diet. that might be their only serving of fresh vegetables for the day . That’s why the only reasonable solution to this dilemma is to supplement your diet with whole food complexes. because these whole food complexes are nutrient d ense. blueberries. and because new ones are being discovered all the time. broccoli. sold in health food stores. Because several thousand phytochemicals are currently known to e xist. freeze-dried vegetables and fruits into a potent d isease.ghters found in a shopping basket f ull of fruits and vegetables . raw vegetables. That’s what our ancestors did. but in modern times. for optimum health.ghting powder that you can add to all sorts of recipes.” I mean capsules.Gale Maleskey.D. I strongly recommend that people who want to experience the health bene ts from phytochemicals supplement their diets with superfoods and whole food compl exes. for many. ax seed meal and other ingredients to provide a nut ritional powerhouse that I personally consume every single morning as part of my “breakfast shake.” Another great product is called Berry Green. 184 . Generally speaking. and the resulting powder contains fa r more phytonutrients per ounce than the raw plant. Not only that. By “whole food complexes. available from http://www. M. Balch. Few people do. but the mixture o f these nutrients that you get naturally from carrots.. Most people are lucky to get one salad each day. in my opinion. and a considerable portion of the ir volume as well. dehydrat ing plants removes 90 percent of their weight. In fact. combines Japanese chlorella. an d other plant foods provides some bene ts that generally can’t be duplicated by a la boratory-produced pill. as you wi ll see.) The fact is the dietary desires an d habits of most people in English-speaking countries simply don’t allow much room for fresh. tablets or liquids made from whole foods that are rich in phytochemicals. it’s extremely dif cult to get an adequate supply of them into our diet by eating mass ive quantities of fruits and vegetables each day. sold as a powder. quinoa.Grocery Warning While it’s true that some phytonutrients are available as nutritional supplements. This is absolutely necessary. unprocessed fruits and vegetables each day? Probably not. This product. (I don’t either.James F. A to Z Guide To Supplements Few people eat enough phytochemicals Do you eat six servings of uncooked.JennyLeeN aturals. no [isolated] supp lement can possibly contain all of the cancer.

however. Today. Through su pplementation. Bu t they lost their status as vitamins because speci c de ciency symptoms could not be established. Health in the 21st Century It’s important to remember that phytochemicals are not vitamins. phytochemicals were classi ed as vitamins: Flavonoids were know n as vitamin P. I aim for variety.Francisco Contreras. you can survive (for a while . not isolated compo unds. In the past. “veggie” tablets. I take whole food s upplements before. raw whole foods a re always better. glucarates. at least) without consuming phytochemicals. They are isolated from plants and are known technically as anthocyanosides. . yet they are equally potent an d vital to the healthy functioning of our bodies. polyacetylenes and carotenoids . coumarins. but why would you want to. so perhaps phy tonutrients is a more accurate term. you can intake large quantities of plant-based phytochemicals wit hout needing to radically alter your eating habits. Of course. spirulina. there’s no such thing as an essential phytochemical in the same way th ere are recognized essential vitamins.. they were sometimes called vitamins: Phytochemical is the term now used when discussing the plant source of most of these protective compounds.Mar y Dan Eades. but far safer (and far less expensive) than drug company pharmaceutic als. And the supplemen ts I take are always made with a wide variety of whole foods. Right now. Technically. these whole food complexes need to be part of every person’s diet. I don’t put a piece of food in my mouth without rst taking some chlorella. There’s simply n o other practical way for people to experience the full bene ts phytochemicals hav e to offer! Phytochemicals are not vitamins Phytochemicals are neither vitamins nor minerals. phytochemicals are classi ed according to their functions as well as individual physical and chemical characteristics of the molecules. avonoids. sea vegetables in capsules. But the more common term remains phytochemi cals. limonoids. I introduce my favorite wh ole food supplements and share my recommended sources for acquiring them. The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals 185 .into powdered broccoli capsules.D. these compounds have a “quasi-nutrient” status. phenolic ac ids.Grocery Warning In other words. during and after every meal. but in practical terms. Truly. whole food supplements are the only wa y most people are going to get these foods into their diets. and so on. A mere four capsules might contain the same phytochemicals as an entire serving of fresh broccoli orets.D. M . powdered brocco li sprouts in capsules. you can “squeeze” a lot of broccoli -.which is rich in anti-cancer compounds -. For one thing. M.. In the sections that follow. In the past. indoles and glucosi-nolates were called vitamin U. and so on. nor do they function exactly like vitamins in the human body. when th ey can be so bene cial to your health? Phytochemicals are more like natural pharma ceuticals.

Canned foods. milk. An ything that’s pasteurized has also been literally killed. Anything that’s canned has been overcooked.. or take whole food supplements. Concentrated 186 . sage. Remember. Canned fruits an d vegetables don’t count (neither does canned soup). • Onions • Ginger • Chi lies • Arugula • Bok Choy • Collards • Watercress • Culinary herbs like oregano. that meat. If you’re going to get these phytochemicals into your diet. you’ll need to eithe r eat them in whole food form. The processing of food strips out most of the bene cial compounds. eggs and most packaged foods contain no phytochemica ls. I already mentioned that the only way for most people to obta in adequate supplies of phytonutrients in their diets is to supplement with whol e foods: Sometimes raw vegetables are not easy for the system to digest. I cannot overstate the importance of superfoo d supplementation. Here’s where to get phytochemicals (c onsume minimally processed items only): • Cabbage • Broccoli • Brussels sprouts • Kale • C auli ower • Raw nuts (all kinds) • Soybeans • Tomatoes • Citrus fruits • Melons • Red grapes erries (all varieties) • Sprouts (all varieties) • Garlic . and many more. and read literally hundreds of books on the subject. packaged f oods and pasteurized foods are all “dead” foods. Often. and the overcooking of these foods greatly r educes their phytochemical content.Grocery Warning Foods that contain phytochemicals So where do you nd phytochemicals on the menu? Here’s a list of some of the many co mmon foods containing bene cial phytochemicals. Storage and processing by the supplier or overcooking in the home contributes to loss o f phytonutrients. foods must be prepared w ith minimal processing in order to retain their phytonutrients..the other half is quickly eliminated from the body. and rosemary • Olive oil • Flax oil • Coconut oil • Macadamia nut oil • Avocados How to get phytochemicals into your diet As someone who has studied holistic nutrition for many years. Note. o nce again. only half the phytonutrients in any serving of raw vege tables ultimately becomes available for absorption -.

spirulina. • Th ese micro-algae posses an extraordinary spectrum of macro minerals (calcium magn esium. kidneys. • Chlorella contains CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) which actually rebuilds damaged nerve tissue in the body. plu s vitamins C. • The high chlorophyll c ontent of both chlorella and spirulina demonstrate powerful cleansing effects on the body’s blood and organs (liver. They are truly amazing food sources. it i s estimated that 90 to 100 percent of phytonutrients. • Spirulina contains a blue pigment phytochemica l (“phycocyanin”) with powerful anti-cancer properties.) • These micro-algae have been shown to help reverse cancer. and many others.D isease Prevention And Treatment by The Life Extension Foundation That’s why I stro ngly recommend whole food concentrates (also called whole food complexes) as you r supplementation choice. In this section. you simply ha ve to read my full report on chlorella and spirulina offered at http://www. Their nutritional makeup is downright astounding: • Ounc e per ounce. prevent heart disease. To get the full story. chlorella. aren’t made with ller. spleen. ght diabetes. and much more. • Spirulina also contains an o mega-3 oil -. • They contain all the B vitamins. whole food compl 187 .GLA -. and all of their cancer. zinc. spirulina offers twelve times more digestible protein than beef. and you can ac tually stomach. etc. These are simply the top two superfood supplements that every person ne eds to add to their diet.that’s critical for proper brain nutrition (and is almost alw ays lacking in Western diets). The Ultimate Meal.Grocery Warning vegetables (particularly those with the water content removed and which are grou nd to the consistency of powdered sugar) are more digestible. I discuss my most highly recommend superfoods: Jenny Lee Supergreens.chlor ellafactor.ght ing properties. . potassium) and trace minerals. and sea vegetables. The trick is to nd products and supplements that actual ly contain ingredients they claim to contain. Chlorella and spirulina I take both chlorella and spirulina (which are called “micro-algae”) with nearly eve ry meal. E. become available for absorption into the body (Mowatt 1998). In this form.

to the point where you may actually enjoy adding this powder to your diet. I consume Jenny Lee Supergreens on a daily basis. I rather like the taste.) runs ar ound $60 a can -. The taste is quite acceptable. but switched to Jenny Lee Supergreens instead. Eating The Ultimate Meal is challenging for some. my #1 recommended source for superfood supplements is Jenny Lee Naturals (http://www. which made it tolerable and. The product I recommend is Jenny Lee Note: I earn absol utely no money from any of the products or companies I recommend below. and blend in some fruits when you rst start using this product. breakfast shake. because it’s a better value and shares most of the same healing ingredients. and none of it contains llers or unhealthful additives. And it contains a vast assortment of phytonutrients and healing compounds that simp ly cannot be listed on the label nor duplicated by any isolated vitamins or mine ral supplement. although if you’r e used to eating lots of sweets. I tried this product many y ears ago and couldn’t handle the taste at rst. In fact. family-run compan y with honest pricing. Jenny Lee Supergreens isn’t swe etened. because eating The Ultimate Meal over time causes your body to adapt to its ta ste. 188 . So go slow with it. and you can nd it at most health food stores at both the retai l level and on the Internet.but it’s also one of the very best superfood complex products I’ve ever found. it might take some time to get used to the rela tively bitter taste of greens.chlorellafactor. however. They are included solely due to the quality and value of the superfood products they offer. you de nitely need to make an effort to mask the taste so you can tolerate it long enough to get used to it. So feel free to sweeten it in any way you like (stevia is my recommendation). nohype packaging. no chemical sweeteners. Today. If you’re new to the product. I’ve ne ver spoken to the manufacturer of this product. I used to eat The Ultimate Meal e very day (see below). Jenny Lee Supergreens As mentioned above. They’re a small. and I’ve studied the ingredients it contains quite carefully. Everything they sell is I wouldn’t try to take The Ultimate Meal by itself. and outstanding ingredients. over time. There are no sugars. nothing but stevia. but I’ve used it for years. By far the easiest way to take The Ultimate Meal is to blend it into some sort o f shake. so you can blend it with a protein shake. It’s made with organic ingredients that are expensive to acquire. It’s a green powder sold in a large metal can. The Ultimate Meal Another favorite whole food complex is a product called The Ultimate Meal. years later. It may seem like an expensive product -. No compa ny paid to be listed here. quite a ppealing. This should give you hope .jennyleenaturals. The only way I could drink the powde r was to blend it with a banana. And the taste is something t hat not everyone enjoys the rst time around. so you have to get used to the taste. etc. n ot a capsule. It’s a powder.Grocery Warning I also reveal sources of where to buy chlorella and spirulina at the sources pag e: http://www. (It’s sold as a powder.

and serve as an anticoagulant. combat ulcers. skin diseases.Stephanie Sea vegetables Sea vegetables are outstanding sources for phytonutrients and trace minerals. They contain vitamins. and iodine. I have an entire report on Berry Green available at http://www. Yo u can sweeten it in whatever way you like. such as organic freeze-dried broccoli sprouts. Japanese scientists believe that substances in nori ght n umerous diseasecausing bacteria. A drink of broth made from kombu. reduces hypertension and ca n help prevent strokes.truthpublishing. Researchers have suggested that the ubiquitous presence of sea vegetables in the Japanese diet may be why the incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women is onesixth that in American women. Berry Green is one such powder that is also recommended. I recommend using stevia t o sweeten it. sea vegetables are anti-in ammatory and tumor-suppressing. Sea vegetables have been shown in the test tub e and in laboratory animals to suppress colon cancer and to boost the immune sys tem.. . comes from the simple fact that it i s not sweetened at all. and have small amounts of pro tein. both in capsule form and as p owders. s tress. asthma. no sucralose. which is known to be a powerful anticancer suppleme nt: Sea vegetables are exceptionally concentrated packages of nutrients and phyt ochemicals.. It’s made from fr eeze-dried organic fruits and vegetables. arthritis. Power Foods 189 . and brown seaweed extract.” really a brown alga but used as a catch all word for sea vegetables. a brown alga. . since I don’t at all enjoy the actual ta ste of sea vegetables. to treat such ailments as indigestion. My favorite sea vegetable supplement? Kelp (bladderwrack) . contains such powerful anticancer compounds that drug companies are proba bly drooling over it right now. The Ultimate Meal is one of my favorite whole fo od complexes. C ertainly folk medicine has long used “kelp. Naturally.Grocery Warning The taste of The Ultimate Meal. This ingredient.D..Thanks to their phytochemical power. all by i tself. And ongoing research into the s upranutritive power of sea vegetables seems to be con rming its healing potential. but feel free to use whatever sweetener you like best. since The Ultimate Meal is considered rather bitter thanks to the fact it contains a dense mixture of organic vegetables and greens. iron. You will de n itely need some sort of sweetener. magnesium. Their phytochemical content also includes the carotenoids and avonoids. and no sugar alcohols or high carbohydrate re ned sugars in the mix. by the way. the most powerful of the antioxidant s. That’s great news because it means there’s no aspartame. sea vegetables are a rich source of such minerals as potassium. I take sea vegetable supplements every day. Mostly. But there are many others available. are high in ber. ca lcium. even constipation. M.

at this point. even though the labels of these products cannot legally state what diseases these products may prevent or even reverse. Read mo re about phytochemicals at: http://www. ber. I realize this has been a lot of inf ormation to absorb. such as reading ingredients please do so! In fact. • And throughout this tour. if you’re using one that you particularly enjoy. chlorella. • I’ve named the foods containing those metabo lic disruptors and urged you to avoid them. This is where you will get your best overall nutrition. • We’ve explored the things you should a dd to your diet. • We’ve examined new habits to form. My advice is to stay away from isolated nutrients like sing le vitamins or minerals. such as water. phytonutrients.Grocery Warning Other phytochemical supplements If you want to shop for something other than the whole food complexes I’ve mention ed here. you have some idea about which of these many ideas you plan to integrate into your own life. and instead. Hopefully. You do n’t need to use everything here in order to be healthier. • We’ve talked about the tremendous health bene ts people experience as a result of a dding those substances to their diets. we’ve talked about w ays to accelerate your health results and achieve much higher states of health t han you may have thought possible. stick to whole food complexes: products ma de from condensed whole foods. l et me know about it. and healthy oils. preferably organic foods. so here’s a wrap-up of the more important points: 190 .html Putting It All Together In part III of this manual. we’ve covered tremendous ground: • We’ve examined all of t he metabolic disruptors found in the food supply and taken a closer look at the diseases caused by those ingredients. In fact. and taking whole food nutritional supplements or supergreens powders. you’d see a marked improvem ent in your results and I think you’d be more than thrilled with the small investm ent you made in acquiring this information. getting exercise.newstarget. if you were to take just one idea from this manual and really use it.

Most humans are allergic to cows’ milk. soups. result in stubborn obesity. causes your body to lose bone mass as it attempts to buffer dietary acid with s keletal alkaline minerals. and many belie ve these fats contribute to poor cardiovascular health. hormones and bizarre feed practices that non-organic livest ock are normally subjected to. That may seem like a lot o f things to avoid. behavioral disorders. It has been shown to overexcite nerve cell s. and ham. and you will nev er feel as if you’ve been deprived! 191 . and sucralose. found in margarine products. • Avoid dairy in general. found in many sausage product s. This disruption. not simply because of the chemical sweeteners they contain. but not for adult human beings . There is a wide selection of food s you can eat to keep you slim. and none have undergone long-te rm epidemiological studies on humans. and regular consumption promotes asthma. These oils contain tran s fatty acids and are well known to contribute to poor cardiovascular health and heart disease. but because they are highly acidic drinks tha t disrupt the acid/alkaline balance in the human body. and is suspected of being a causat ive factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Aspartame. These homogenized fats are arti cially manipulated through an unnatural proce ss that makes them dif cult for humans to digest. These arti cial chemical sweeteners have a dubious health record at best. cause repro ductive problems. salad dressings. shortening. I will list a great number of foods and prod ucts that you can safely consume that will also avoid you being exposed to the d angerous metabolic disrupters mentioned above. • Avoid hydrogenated oils. There are serious questions abou t whether the human body can properly deal with homogenized fats. since cows’ milk is the perfect food for baby cows. organic meat products have the bene t of being free of pest icides. acesulfame. in particular. In the sections that follow. and virtually all baked goods such as brand-name crackers and cookies. because it is a prec ursor chemical to powerful carcinogenic compounds that are well known to contrib ute to cancers of the digestive system. and many other problems. found in most packaged meat products. With a little bit of knowledge and creativity.Grocery Warning Things To Avoid: • Avoid sodium nitrite. seizures. not to mention nervous system disorders. sinus problems and general stagnation. antibiotics. and mixes. • Avoid homogenized milk fats like those contained in m ilk. constipation. trim and healthy. steaks. has been linked to blindness. you’ll nd ample foods and recipes to choose from. Even though they cost more. dizziness and a variety of other pro blems. • Avoid diet soft drinks. in turn. migraine headaches. • Avoid MSG. • Avoid non-organic meat products such as hamburger. • Avoid arti cial chemical sweeteners such as aspartame. damage the hypothalamus gland and imbalance the endocrine system. and you may think that there’s nothing left to eat! Don’t be conc erned.

Drink ltered water or bottled water only. It also tastes absolutely wonderful. It may sound daunting at rst. The best way to add ber to your diet is to purchas e psyllium husk ber. Stevia is an excellent way to swe eten foods and drinks without using sugars or chemical sweeteners. For example. Coconut oil pr ovides slowly digested. • Add phytochem ical supplements and superfoods to your diet. and most chemical sweeteners are located near 192 . oxidation. Monosodium glutamate is an easy ingredient to n d on ingredients labels because it is a very long chemical name and it stands ou t. The phytochemicals found in plants offer extraordinary health bene ts. indeed. because most people are chronically dehydrated. here’s a summary of the new habits you may wish to form to enhance your h ealth: • Get into the habit of reading ingredients labels on the foods you purchas e. and much more. My recommendations: chlorella. buy a water lt er and make your own ltered water. you can gene rally guess which metabolic disrupters you will nd on the labels of any food in a grocery store. heart di sease. including protection against cancer. processed foods tha t naturally lack insoluble ber. whole food complexes (g reen foods mixes) and sea vegetables. Coconut oil is an extremely healthy. plant derived source of h ealthy saturated fats that’s made up of medium chain triglycerides. but its aliases (hydrolyzed. • Add more water to your diet. Jenny Lee Supergreens. Don’t try to drink tap water. Hy drogenated oils are usually located near the beginning of the list of ingredient s. New habits Finally. Berry Green. which is not always easy to nd. yeast extract) are harder to spot. • Add stevia to your diet. aging. Most people do not get enough ber because they’re focused on manufactured. you’ll nd that the labels are very easy to read and that. spirulina . Instead. You’ll also learn where to look for certain ingredients on the lab el. You can purchase stevia online or at any health food store. stable calories that won’t spike your blood sugar and will help satiate your hunger for hours. Stevia is a wonderful sweetener t hat has virtually no calories.Grocery Warning Things to add to your diet Now let’s discuss things you would be wise to add to your diet. • Add more dietary ber to your meals. • Add unre ned coconut oil (or macadamia nut o il) to your diet. and you can add it to virtually any food or beverage you eat. and a lack of water m akes it dif cult to lose weight. You can also boost your consumption of fresh vegetab les and whole grains. The ke y is to purchase unre ned. unprocessed Coconut oil. autolyzed. and drink it d own once or twice each day. and make water your primary beverage. You may have to buy it online. and it has been safely used by hundreds of millions of people around the world for many ye ars. no carbohydrate impact on your system. but after reading the labels of a few hundred it ems. The Ultimate Meal. sodium nitrite is almost always the last or second-to-last ingr edient on packaged meat products. mix a tablespoon with a large glass of water.

If you don’t t rain those muscles while you lose weight. and the new behaviors to pursue -. Cardiovascular exercise will also acce lerate your weight loss results. If you been overweight or are now. • Final ly. sea vegetable s. increase the oxygenation of the organs and bones in your body. you can quickly scan the label of any food in less than 10 seconds an d determine whether you should eat it. It will make your diet far more effective. healthy and very satisfying life. • Consider the extraordinary bene ts of engaging in strength training. With stre ngth training combined with a smart diet. I consider it a way of life. then why would you ever want to go back to your old eating habits after y ou’ve experienced all of these bene ts? Consider your diet to be something you do fo r life. That’s why I almost think it’s strange to call this a diet a diet at all. 193 .you realize that this isn’t really a diet at all. you will actually lose muscle mass alo ng with your body fat and end up as a slimmer.the ingredients in foods to avoid . you end up being both thin and t. and who avoid ex ercise and strength training. not something that I do merely to lose a few pounds. but weaker human being. the get into the habi t of relying on natural. supplement your diet with chlorella and spirulina. regardless of your age or gender. If you put all of this together -. and improve yo ur overall health and state of wellbeing. as long as you don’t rely on these items for the bulk of your diet. becau se you will live much longer and much happier than those dieters who consume met abolic disrupters. who don’t drink enough water or eat enough ber. something that you follow fo r the rest of your life. feel mo re energetic. If you make it part in your ev eryday lifestyle. Cardiovascular exercise will improve your m ood. It’s a lifestyle. And if you follow this. • As much as you can. Think about it: if a diet helps you lose body fat. soups. Cardiovascular exercise is crucial to supporting your weight loss and health en hancement goals.Grocery Warning the end. you already have impressive muscles supporting your skeletal system and body weight. not something that’s merely a craze or fad. and feels stronger and more a ctive. you will live a long. microwaveable meals and so on. unprocessed foods rather than purchasing excessive amou nts of packaged. superfoods. • Get into the exercise habit. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing manufac tured foods such as breads. By recognizing and applying these simple patterns for reading ingredien ts labels. the foods to add to your diet. that will be a long time. or other whole food supplements. enhance the function of your immune system. manufactured foods. build stronger muscles and bone s. Strength training builds n ew muscle mass that increases your resting metabolic rate and burns calories eve n when you’re not exercising. whole food powders. and it will accelera te your progress towards your goals. This will provide your b ody with healing phytochemicals that are almost always lacking in the diets of m ost people. enhance your mood and state of mind.

Grocery Warning 194 .

How to use the shopping list How should you use this list? Print it out and take it with you when you go shop ping. and real progress takes time. even if you don’t intend to purchase it right now. and even though you may ultimately decide that two out of the four products are not to y our liking. such as the presence of heavy metals like mercury and cadmium in various seafood products. You may nd that many of these are similar or perhaps even identical to what you are eating now. Locate each of these items in a grocery store so that you become familiar with their shelf position. If you at tempt the radical approach of altering your entire diet all at once. high-salt pr ocessed foods. and begin to experiment with them i n your diet. I’ll also warn yo u of pitfalls to watch out for when purchasing these items. you will begin craving your old fami liar foods. it took me a period of seve ral months before my body stopped craving it. you can try out four products. If you discover considerable differences between thi s list and your present-day diet. Once you locate each item. Experiment with it and see how you might be able to make i t part of your daily diet. you are still left with two products that are now part of your healt hy lifestyle. and the same experience seems comm on among people who have traditionally eaten a processed foods diet -. you don’t need to look for health claims on the labels on all of the food items you purchase: som e of the very best foods make no such claims. I urge you to make slow shifts toward this lis t over time and avoiding changing every item in your diet all of once. Remember. Many of my most highly recommended health-promotin g foods are available at virtually any grocery store.which inc ludes virtually all Americans. and it avoids all of the metabolic disrupters discussed earlier while providing affordable. too. In addition. The follo wing list is by no means a complete list. In one month. you may suc ceed for a couple of days.Grocery Warning SHOPPING FOR GROCERIES Once you get used to reading ingredients labels. But it’s a good list. shopping for health-promoting f oods and products is easier than you might think. 195 . read its ingredients label. and you will be able to see the differences in ingredients between these healthy foods vs. For one thing. by the way. The best strategy is to pick just one food item from this list each week and work with that item. t hat it takes time for your body to get used to avoiding high-sugar. When I stopped eating sugar outright. but before long. That’s real progress. If you wish. I’ll explor e the list of some of the best health-promoting foods available. In this section. and you’re likely to give up the new foods altogether out of desperati on. health y foods that support not only your weight loss goals but also your overall healt h and wellbeing. This will help familiarize yo u with what these products contain. the foods to avoid. purchase as many of these items as you’d like. you don’t necessarily n eed to shop at health-food stores or natural food stores in order to purchase fo ods that support your health.

S. Today. So don’t expe ct your own progress to be instant. Eggs and egg products Eggs are a wonderful food that offers an abundance of high-quality protein and. There are basically two forms of eggs: raw eggs in a carton. Foods To Buy: Now I’m going to take all the information contained in this manual and apply it to create a shopping list of foods to buy and foods to avoid when shopping at the grocery store. in contrast. such as blending avocados with soy milk and stevia to make a delicious shake that contains absolutely no animal fat s. Dietary habits take time to change. Eggs in the Carton Fresh eggs are an extremely valuable food source. you may nd them rather enjoyable.not dietary chole sterol from eggs. there can be a big difference in the quality of the product from one carton to the next. we know that both egg whites and egg yolks are very hea lthy food sources. Since eggs come from chickens. But as with many food products. for example: I wouldn’t touch avocados until just a few years ago. It is regrettable that their r eputation has been tarnished over the last two decades by misinformation about c holesterol. hydrogenated oils. and red meat -. because each of these is a highly versatile food source that can be used i n many ways. no sugars. is promoted by the mass co nsumption of carbohydrates. That was my experience with avoca dos. of course. The key? I created new ways to use avocados that are virtually unknown by people in the U. and don’t hope for overnight miracles. and yet delivers all of the creamy texture and rich taste of high fat ice cream. if you eat the yolks. if you revisit those items in a few mon ths or years. they are an excellent choice for anyone attempting to control their weight. And because eggs contain virtually no carbohydrates. a nutrient-rich source of healthy oils and sulfur compound s. there is a tremendous difference in the nutritional value of mass produced eggs versus organic or free-range eggs. I eat both. but now I make them a staple of my diet. 196 . Let’s t alk about the differences. the substances contain ed in these eggs must be derived from the diets of the chickens that produced th em. Today. and liquid egg w hites in those small milk carton containers. you can think of an egg as a conveniently sized food package made up of a dense collection of whatever food items were eaten by the chickens.Grocery Warning It took me years to shift my diet to the foods listed below while avoiding all o f the metabolic disrupters and dangerous ingredients discussed here. Cardiovascular disease.. Let’s discuss them separa tely. In a way. With eggs. and even though you may nd that you don’t enjoy every one of the food items listed here today. researchers know that eating eggs is actually good for your heart.

They st art attacking not only each other. so that they can’t damage themselves or each other. By pursuing this diverse. will get an animal that loses its mind. Whether you approach this f rom a nutritional point of view. natural free range diet in place. by the way. In fact. of course . you’d be exposing yourself to an unknown level of arsenic. and you pump it fu ll of antibiotics and chemical hormones. Although no one has yet studied whether this ar senic is found in the eggs of mass-produced chickens. let’s talk about crazy chickens.” Free-range chickens also have better mental health. they become violent. If you take any animal and coop it up in a tiny cage so small that it can hardly turn around. that means eating lots of insects. the choice is clear: choose eggs fr om free-range chickens grown without the use of antibiotics or hormones.the h ealthy oils. and especially in the United States. Avoid eating eggs from crazy chickens On that subject. but sometimes even tearing their own bodies a part by endlessly plucking their feathers and skin until they bleed to death. the color of all egg s hells is determined by nothing other than the genetics of the chickens laying th em. In fact. The question to you is this: do you really wish to eat substances produced by animals that have been driven insane? There’s more to it than just that. 197 . and feed it a diet containing waste products and questionable ingredients su ch as cooked blood from diseased cows -. natural diet. Chicken farmers use a substance laced with arseni c in order to control parasites. When these chickens go crazy. it’s not hard to imagine tha t some amount of arsenic would be found in those eggs. For chickens. and you keep it in the dark day after d ay. happy animals are far better than foods derived from animals driven insane as a result of inhumane farming practi ces. and seeds. And tha t doesn’t mean just choosing brown eggs. You may nd it strange to talk about the mental health of chickens. a product safety point of view. With this healthy. the vast majority of eggs available at gro cery stores come from environments where chickens are not given free-range acces s to the natural environment. Eating raw grasses. Despite all this torture and questionable treatment.Grocery Warning What you want to be eating are eggs that come from chickens who are given access to natural diets. Th e solution offered by corporate chicken ranchers? Cut off their beaks. not by what they are fed. It’s a common practice designe d to maximize pro ts without having to spending the extra money taking care of the chickens. by the way: you have to read the egg cart ons carefully and make sure you’re getting organic or free-range eggs. or a system tha t supports the ethical treatment of animals. phytonutrients. Brown eggs are not automatically healthier than white eggs. These c onditions exist right now at chicken farms all around the world. and insects also provides the chickens w ith healthy enzymes. chickens will automatically cons ume increased quantities of many substances such as omega-3 fatty acids -. and if you ate them. these chickens s till manage to produce eggs. grasses. bers and protein that contribute to the heal th of the chicken in much the same way that vegetables and whole grains contribu te to the health of human beings. but foods produced from healthy.which is a common practice in the mass produced chicken industry -. the chicken produces a nutrient-rich egg that is far superior to a mass p roduced egg that comes from what I call “factory chickens.

which combines coconut oil. high-protein. and I frequen tly use egg white liquid as a supplement in blended soy milk drinks. Egg whites can also be added to any baking re cipe to transform them into high protein recipes. The only drawback to liquid egg whites is trying to locate organi c egg whites. Of course. Baked egg whites are uffy and h elp hold foods together. add a little pepper. I prefer the plain. which come out of the carton in liquid form. breads. and even pasta. So far. Jenny Lee Supergreens. you are hopefully using stevia as your sweetener of ch oice rather than re ned white sugar. with no extra coloring or avoring -. Basically. You can safely drink them raw. because I don’t want egg wh ites that are already avored or colored. you’re probably better of f using whole eggs in the rst place and getting to bene t from the egg yolk. (You shouldn’t drink them raw. you can also just pan fry the egg whit es with frozen onions. Just pour some egg whites in with the milk and mix them together before addi ng the cereal. Of course.) 198 . and liquid egg whites to create a lowcarbohydrate. so they make an excellent ingredient for items like pan cakes. uncolored variety. for examp le. These are pasteurized egg whites. you can add liquid egg whites to any drink or shake that you would normally mix in a blender. they are also extremely versatile. transforming it into a “high protein” drink. high protei n scramble! But if you are going to scramble these eggs. It’s truly a v ersatile food.Grocery Warning Egg whites Another way to get eggs into your diet is to purchase egg whites. nutrient dense meal that keeps you sa tis ed for hours. I use liquid egg whites in my chocolate dough recipe. You may nd other uses for liquid egg whites as well. Liquid egg whites can als o be used to transform a regular bowl of cereal into a high protein bowl of cere al. Liquid egg whites not only provide an ex cellent source of protein. Of course. I use them in a wi de variety of foods in my own diet. I have been unsuccessful -there doesn’t appear to be any suc h product on the market at the time of this writing. You can nd thes e in the small milk carton shaped packages. you could go thr ough the trouble of separating the egg whites yourself from organically produced eggs. You can nd this product in both the pure form -. and you’ll have a low-fat. sold under a variety of brand names.or you can nd it packaged as a yellow colored liquid that resembles scrambled eggs. but those egg whites have not been pasteurized and cannot be safely use i n the same way as pasteurized egg whites. stevia. choc olate whey protein powder.that is.

re ned sh foods. and steamed asparagus. the vegetables pro vide ber that’s traditionally lacking in popular diets. When you buy meats. so that you avoid the cancer-promoting sodium nitrite ingredient. stir-fried cabbage with shrimp and garlic (with olive oil at medium heat. coconut oil. The only way to eat sh is grilled. etc. you may ben e t from a nutritional trick I follow: swallow a capsule of activated charcoal any time you eat seafood. W hatever vegetables you like. Also. pan-fried bean sprouts with soy sauce. Salmon and sh Fish products. such as salmon. sodium nitrate. Sword sh and shrimp are known to contain merc ury. For example. make them the basis of your diet. organic animal fats. purchase orga nic meats so that you eat meat products derived from animals that have healthier bodies and minds. fresh vegetables that are prepared with minimal cooking (raw or steamed. Also. avoid it completely. That means they don’t contain sodium nitrite. don’t forget to load up on the basics: fresh vegetables. cadmium. so be sure to limit your consumption of th ese foods for health reasons. and other varieties. making them a triple threat to your diet and your health. look for meats that say. Remember to shop for fresh meats. so be sure to supplement some healthy fats with your meal (avocados. or other harmful preservative ingredients.Grocery Warning Fresh organic meats If you’re like most people. Fresh or frozen seafood. The thing to watch out for here is proces sed. preventing th em from being assimilated into your body during digestion. “Uncured” on the pac kage label. pan-fried broccoli. if you purchase frozen sh steaks and think you ar e eating a healthy diet. where possible.) in order to keep your hunger satis ed for longer. They also provide digestive enzymes that are typically absent from 199 . The primary concern when purchasing seafood is t o protect yourself from the heavy metals that now seem to have tainted practical ly every seafood item on the planet. Fresh vegetables As you make your shopping rounds at the local grocery store. and other heavy metals. offer excellen t sources of protein and healthy oils. My favorites are steamed broccoli. think again: the sh steaks are not only breaded with a h igh carbohydrate breading. watch out for heavy metals Fresh or frozen seafood makes an outstanding addition to every healthy diet. Sea food is low in fat. cod sh. The activated charcoal absorbs heavy metals. baked. of course). not packaged meats. For example. you are no doubt already eating meat as part of your d iet. To a large degree . ax oil. If it’s deep-fried or breaded. they are also prepared with both hydrogenated oils an d monosodium glutamate (MSG). white sh. though. for e xample) provide balancing elements to your diet. if not economic reasons as well. or pan-fried.

by fr ontloading your stomach with ber or fat. these vegetables provide phytonutrients and a w ide spectrum of healing compounds that enhance your overall health and support y our dietary goals. But whatever the s trategy or trick you use to increase your consumption of fresh vegetables. I always know I can ll up on a plate of delicious steamed br occoli prepared with mashed garlic and a touch of salt. I eat very large portions of salad quite frequentl y. That is. if you cra ve fruits and want to minimize the impact on your blood sugar and production of insulin. and I used salad dressings and other condiments sparingly. Remember. Lentils are my favorite. Don’t fall into the trap of b uying bean soup mixes or avor mixes that contain MSG or yeast extract. Exce llent choices include all of the berries (blueberries. But be sure to read the labels and avoid any that contain hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup (found in many breads). Avoid high sugar fruits such as watermelons and grap es. because the y are naturally high in protein and ber. I prefer to purchase dry lentils and c ook them in a crock pot. but all vegetables are free. In essence. stick with it. read the labels o r just buy dry beans and add your own avors. Fresh fruits in moderation Remember to eat fresh fruits on a regular basis. avocados (which are technically a fruit. and can b e quite delicious when prepared properly. and it won’t put me over t he calorie limit for the day. including one product that has no salt added. As with other foods. and stick with fruits that are nutrient dense without all the fructose. Beans and lentils (watch for MSG in bean mixes) Beans and lentils are another excellent food source. but to also count calories. m inerals and phytonutrients. raspberries. but will be discuss ed in more detail later). go ahead and shop for the whole-grai n varieties now available at many grocery stores. kiwi. I count the t otal calories of every food item I eat. I don’t count raw or steamed vegetables at all. In fact. This way. Furthermore. you are decreasing the glycemic index of the fruits you consume. oranges. 200 . vitamins. easy to cook.Grocery Warning manufactured foods. let me share with you a little trick I used to incre ase my consumption of fresh vegetables. since both ingredients are classi ed as excitotoxins. The way I follow a weight control strate gy is to not only avoid carbohydrates. you can always eat high ber or high-fat foods before the fruits in order to slow the digestion and assimilation of those fruit sugars. blackberries and strawberries). papaya and mangos. You need fruits in your diet fo r nutritional reasons: fruits are very high in certain antioxidants. but there are also some excellent lentil soups offered by natural food manufacturers. They’re versatile. Breads and tortillas (watch out for hydrogenated oils) If you are looking for breads or tortillas. The importance of consuming vegetables can hardly be overstated. if I’m approaching my calori c limit for the day.

bee f and even salmon. and it has no hydrogenated oils whatsoever.Grocery Warning Organic meat jerky with no MSG Organic. you might nd yourself craving a cracker of some kind. I was never a fan of hummus until I rediscovered it two years ago . us e my coconut oil / agave nectar / butter avor recipe for an outrageously deliciou s dessert treat that won’t blow your diet. My favorite variety is spicy red pepper hummus. Today. Hummus is moderately low in carbohydrat es. Many also contain added sugars. however. Don’t go crazy on meat jerky products. reach for the WASA ber rye crisp bread product . and it’s one of my favorites: hummus. high in protein. since even the natural ones are loaded with sodiu m and. and one that I highly recommen d. low-end hummus made with part iallyhydrogenated oils. The company is called Snackmasters and they are based in California. which is by far my most highly recommended cracker for anyone wishing to be he althy. salt an d red peppers. When that fancy strikes you. I use it as a dip together with eit her WASA crackers (see below). or Bran-a-crisp wafers. high in ber. it’s almost impossible to nd jerky that doesn’t contain bot h sodium nitrite and MSG. But every once in awhile. it is lightly salted with sea salt. they contain virtually no ber. The trouble is. you probably already know to avoid most crackers and baked goods. 201 . and contains some healthy oils. b ut I have found one company that makes natural jerky products out of turkey. Hummus Here’s a food most people overlook. You can eat it with hummus. Hummus is made from mashed chickpeas. zer o preparation meal that meets all the requirements of healthy dieting without in gesting any of the metabolic disrupting ingredients. As a bonus. What’s so special about this cracker? Two things: it’s made with whole grains (so it doesn’t contained processed. which is offered by several different manufacturers. WASA ber rye crispbread As a smart consumer. re ned grains). even com mon grocery stores carry hummus products that contain none of the metabolic dest ructor ingredients mentioned in this manual. and look to avoid both MSG and sodium nitrite. blended with tasty ingredients like vinegar. available at Trader Joe’s and other specialty food stores. Just be sure to read the ingredient s labels and make sure you’re not buying some cheap. or if you’re craving something a little sweeter. That makes it simpl y the healthiest cracker available on the market. and now I consume it quite frequently. natural meat jerky products are an excellent food source for healthy li festyles. Always read the ing redients of jerky products. like all meat products. I wouldn’t touch the common. “gas station” jerky products. It makes for an easy.

As I mentioned above. you can certainly use that as well. If you want it a little sweeter.) Pearled barley has the lowest glycemic index of any grain. You can nd pearled barley near the oatmeal section at most grocery stores. My fa vorite? Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and liquid butter avoring from products l ike I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or Smart Squeeze. It makes for a hunge r busting. and you will nd your w eight management to be far easier. by the way. meaning that the only thing I have to pay attention t o is what I put on the lettuce. It’s true of oatmeal. My favorite? Taco sauce and vegetarian sausage p atties made without MSG. It’s sold in a ti ny box with a very high markup on this basic grain that actually cost no more th an a couple dollars a pound if you buy in bulk. I strongly recomme nd these crackers to anyone who wants extra ber or who desires a healthy cracker. Eaten alone. so I just eat the conventionally grown lettuce. I can’t nd organic shredded lettuce at my local grocery stor e. but they certainly add a high amount of ber to any diet. high ber meal that fools your body into thinking you just ate at the buffet when. cream of wheat. non-organic shredded lettuce is better than no shre dded lettuce. grits. Sometimes I top it off with shredded soy cheese. focus on organic shredded lettuce if you can nd it. and other cereals (served hot or cold). in fact. These crack ers are also delicious when dipped into hummus. The bran-a-crisp package. you’ve only consumed a couple hundred calor ies in all. The taste of these crackers con rms that claim. Eat a plate full of shredded lettuce each day. states that these crackers are 65 percent wheat bran. Pearled barley If you know anything about processed grains. and you can cook it into a so rt of kashi pilaf by boiling the grain and then pouring off any extra water. low-carbohydrate. These crackers are thicker and rougher than the WASA crackers mentioned above. Shredded lettuce and organic salad mixes Shredded lettuce is one of my favorite appetite-suppressing products for ensurin g success with healthy weight maintenance. As always. But if you’re craving for grains of some kind. I don’t even coun t the calories in lettuce. and if you’re into real cheese. you know that many of them have a h igh glycemic index. add some stevia 202 . meaning that they spike your blood sugar and encourage your body to store fat. you can decide what to add to the grain to make a delicious meal. Mix it together and enjoy. here’s a great choice that won’t blow you away with re ned carbohydrates: pearled barley. (Try your local co-op. I have one more recommendation to make: Brana-crisp crackers. In fact. Fro m there. If you can’t. they are hardly not able. and they have only four grams of carbs per cracker.Grocery Warning Bran-a-Crisp wheat bran ber bread In the “outstanding cracker” category.

delicious and lling meal. I still enjoy an ice cold bowl of sweet tasting c ereal with milk. which is good since you don’t eat ber for the taste anyway. my nex t recommendation is a product called Bene ber. coconut oil. made by the organic milling Co. but it doe s have the advantage of being readily available at stores like Wal-Mart and regu lar grocery stores. Rolled barley has a very different e ffect on your body than pearled barley. And to this day. Lucky charms. because I prefer psyllium h usk ber. however. whic h is my top recommended source for getting ber into your diet without all the ext ra sweeteners and chemical ingredients found in many ber products. Stick to pe arled barley as your grain of choice. when several manufacturers s tarted making cereal products that are remarkably low in added sugars. Another of my favori tes is to add cinnamon powder. Low-sugar cereals like Hi-Lo As a kid I grew up on breakfast cereals like Frosted Flakes. although I only use soy milk these days since I wouldn’t dream of drinking cows’ milk. Tha t’s an ingredient I normally avoid.Grocery Warning or natural sweeteners that are very low on the glycemic index such as agave nect ar or prickly pear cactus juice. The very best I’ve found is a product called Hi-Lo cereal. On an ounce per ounce basis. it’s rather expensive. You can also go the spicy route and add some Ca jun avoring. and C ocoa Pebbles. You ge t the idea. but I have used it before and found it to be quite easy to take. Rolled barley has a higher glycemic inde x and acts a lot more like oatmeal. and is just barely sweetened with a touch of evaporated cane juice. but there’s so little 203 . It also has no avor. Bene ber In the category of supplemental bers. This cereal has only ve net grams of carbohydrates per Bene ber can be easily added to your sou ps. it has been virtually imposs ible to get a decent bowl of cereal until recently. red peppers and boiled shrimp to make a pearled barley gumbo. I don’t regularly use this product myself.organicmilling. and for those. it should be avoided. drinks and recipes to give you additional ber without all the grit of psylliu m husk ber. Bene ber is made from guar gum. Therefore. With boiled pearled barley as the base. (www. It m akes for an excellent “cinnamon oatmeal” replacement. a natural ber that I also use as a thicken ing ingredient in many drinks and shakes. without all the carbohydrates. made by the same company that makes Ex-Lax. I’ve already mentioned psyllium husk ber. rice protein powder and stevia. you can add practically any a voring you want to make a healthy. But not everyo ne can stomach the rather bland taste of psyllium husk ber. But don’t think that all barley is the same. Or look for it in the pharmacy section near the ber supplemen t products. While following a healthy diet.

Today. If you don’t nd it at your grocery store. low-carb recipe that satis es for hours. and creates an instant feeling of comfort. turning it into a rather sweet cereal without adding any additional sugars whats oever. I purchase this Hi-Lo cereal at Trader Joe’s. It’s the very best way to get t hese stores to carry the products you want to eat. What I do is use stevia to sweeten it up.ber cereal that satis es even my strongest desire for a bowl of Lucky Charms. It tastes wonderful! My recipe is to add one scoop of soy protein or rice protein. Try to get at least 1 tbsp. but I suspect that as it gains in popularity. of a x oil each day as part of your diet. I nd coconut oil to be absolutely delicious. unprocessed coconut oil is quite simply one of the healthiest sources of fat you can get. Mix it in as part of virtually any recipe. and ask them to stock the product. Add it to soups and sa uces. and I’ve found that v irtually everyone has some sort of initial negative reaction to coconut oil beca use they’ve been taught that coconut oil is somehow dangerous for your health. It feels cool on your tongue. Unre ned coconut oil I’ve mentioned coconut oil with some frequency in this report. Unre ned. It turns out that information was incorrect. high ber. and aside from these metabolic bene ts. and I’m not sure where else it might be available. including the one that may interest you the most: its ability to satiate your hunger and suppress your appetite for hours on end. And coconut oil is extremely v ersatile: because 204 . It has a creamy texture and a sort o f subtle sweetness that’s evident when you eat it even though it contains no sugar s. and my appetite remains low or nonexistent for many hours.Grocery Warning of it in this cereal that I don’t mind. of all the w ays you can use ax oil. Give them the web address of the Orga nic Milling Co. high. which has a sort of nutty avor and can be sprinkled on top of practically any food. With the cereal added. or supplement has yet been able to create that effect in my body. however. not detrimental. Flax oil & meal You are probably already aware that ax oil is very high in omega-3 fatty acids an d is a healthy addition to any diet. I sprinkle ax mea l on a bowl of pearled barley mixed with coconut oil and stevia: it’s a delicious. ber. Blend it in with drinks or shakes. far exceeding any other source of fat I’ve ever tasted. I make it a regular part of my diet. No othe r oil. you’ll be able to nd it at other retailers as well. You may also enjoy using ax meal. and some soy milk and mix it together in the bowl before adding the cereal. similar to the way in which eggs were routinely labeled as dangerous. You may not be aware. I nd that my blood sugar remains remar kably steady. it’s a delicious bowl of a high p rotein. protein. Only coconut oil accomplishes this. Afte r I eat any recipe containing coconut oil. some stevia powder. eggs are known to be healthy for your hea rt. appro ach the store manager and ask them for it. and your heart and entire cardiovascular sy stem will thank you for it. It h as remarkable properties.

I think excess consumption of carb ohydrates. but I encourage you to lear n more and to challenge any mistaken beliefs you might have about coconut oil be ing somehow harmful. although if you make such a statement to most doctors. it turns out. coconut oil is an entire ly different kind of fat. steady carbohydrate.Grocery Warning it’s solid at room temperature (about 76°F). which was high in coconut oil. isn’t justi ed. M edium chain triglycerides are not so easily stored as body fat like long chain t riglycerides. That blame. sustained energy that doesn’t spike blood s ugar levels or produce an exaggerated insulin response. accented with cinnamon. not an animal. these medium chain triglycerides are burned like a slow. 205 . all of which demonstrated remarkably low rates of hear t disease up until the time they were exposed to the high-carbohydrate. they would vehemently argue against it. Once the Western diet arrived on their shores. it’s derived from a plant. the Philippines.even heart-healthy omega-3 oils! Consider this: coconut oil was consumed i n very large quantities by the native populations of Hawaii. In fact. an d the South Paci c islands. and even thou gh the fats in coconut oil are quite different from fats in animal products. it can be spread on crackers like butte r. is to blame for the vast majority of heart diseas e and cardiovascular disorders we’re seeing today. Many of the studies upon which the high-fat theory of heart disease is based fail to consider the ravaging effects of high-carbohydrate diets. Instead. they began to e xperience all the common diseases we now see as epidemic in modern society. blended with practically any drink. So why doe s nearly everyone believe that coconut oil is such a dangerous source of dietary fat? The answer is because coconut oil is made of saturated fats. It is one of the most versatile health ingredients of all. an d I recommend it to everyone who asks what kind of diet I follow. it wasn’t long a go that the American Heart Association warned people to avoid practically all oi ls -. produced no such disease. Coconut oil can be sweetened with stevia. not saturated fats. As a result. coconut oil is ideal for diabetics. But even if you believe that sa turated fats are the primary culprit for heart disease. For one thing. But their native diet. and blended into just about any recipe i maginable. But most medical professionals simply ha ven’t researched coconut oil enough to know these things. highly r e ned Western diet. avored with spic es and powders. Remember. or melted onto any food item that’s warmer than room temperature. the two have been lumped together into one group and blamed for a vast array of dis eases. I do n’t have the space to cover this topic in detail here. which are metabo lized quite differently than the long chain triglycerides found in animal fat. I eat it every day. Its molecular structure is that of medium chain triglycerides. providing steady. From my research. it is a highly bene cial oil.

and in my op inion. If yo u want to make this recipe even sweeter and don’t mind the extra carbs. This is the sort of sixty-second recipe that you can make a daily part of yo ur healthy diet. try this recipe for yourself and then toy with it to get the exact avor and texture that you like be st. Do n’t reject it based on some imaginary taste sensation. either: all you needed was a few common ingredients available at most grocery stores. Avocados contain a wide variety of healing phyton utrients that contribute to the green color of the fruit esh. The recipe: Spoon out one avocado and dump the avocado esh into a blender. As a result. Instead. low-sugar. Fresh avocados are. h owever. It supplies healing nutrients. Let me explain. In less than 30 seconds. nutrient dense milkshak e ever invented. it isn’t even the best application. The more I learn about this fruit (yes. The best way to use avocados is to u se them in sweet-tasting recipes. magnesium. the more I am humbled by the accomplishments of nature in being able to squeeze such a nutritionally dense f ood into such a convenient container. Most people don’t try it. It’s an amazing recipe that impresses virtually everyone who tries it.Grocery Warning Real guacamole and avocados Here’s another favorite food that’s mentioned frequently throughout this report: avo cados. one of nature’s miracle foods. Avocados are high in potassium. Avocados are high i n ber compared to most fruits. It tastes just like ice cream. indeed. try it one time an d see for yourself how amazing it is. because they don’t have the courage to do something different with avocado s other than making guacamole. you w ill have the most beautiful green. eating an avocado is like getting a bit of everything yo u need in your healthy diet. and they are especially high in healthy. and healthy fats al l in a delicious package that has virtually no carbohydrates whatsoever. I’m goin g to describe the recipe to you and ask you to not judge it until you try it. plant der ived fats. You might even try it that way at rst and then slowly transition off t he banana over a period of several weeks. if you want. add a bana na to mix. avocados would certainly be a contender. protein. you’ve been missing out. most people don’t really know how to prepare and eat avocados in in teresting ways. and other important minerals. ber. And not ice that you didn’t have to spend a fortune on some instant drink mix. For most people. But if you’ve got the gumption. and a handful of ice cubes. it is technically a fruit). If I were stranded on a desert island. 206 . If you’ve only eaten avocados as part of a salty Mexican dip. and had to c hoose only one food that was available. Add in three cups of milk or soymilk. Sweet? Really? You bet. The thing is. But that’s a very limited application of this versatile fruit. avocados are no more than an ingredient in guac amole. Add a good dose of stevia powder and a spoonful of honey. delicious. Now blend. thanks to the high fat content o f the avocado combined with the sweetness of the stevia or honey.

Grocery Warning As you’ve seen here, there are many different ways to eat avocados that go beyond the more traditional uses that you may be more familiar with. In my experience, avocados are best served up sweet, not salty. But any way you enjoy them, be sur e to enjoy them frequently. Avocados are truly a “miracle food” provided by nature. Unsweetened soymilk You’ve probably already gured out that I don’t drink cows’ milk. I’m not going to list al l the reasons here, since I’ve covered many of them already, but I do want to tell you why I prefer to drink soy milk and why you might consider trying it yoursel f. There is a danger in soy milk, however: most soy milk products at the grocery store are sweetened with cane juice and are, therefore, high in added sugars. T he solution? Purchase unsweetened soy milk and add your own stevia powder. It ma kes a sweet, low-sugar, healthy drink that provides the healing bene ts of soy iso a vones along with a good balance of protein and fat. I drink soy milk not only be cause of what’s in it, but also because of what isn’t in it. Soy milk doesn’t contain pus, for example, which is always present in small quantities in dairy milk. Soy milk also does not contain blood, which is another substance that is allowed in small quantities in cows’ milk. Continuing with the list, soy milk does not conta in antibiotics or arti cial growth hormones, which are presently suspected of disr upting the natural hormone balance of the human body and perhaps even contributi ng to prostate cancer and breast cancer. Overall, soy milk avoids all of these r ather gross substances that are typically present in dairy milk. And by drinking soy milk, I also avoid ingesting homogenized milk fats which are, as discussed earlier, modi ed fats that are suspected of interfering with the normal fat metabo lism in the human body. For all of these reasons, soy milk remains a healthy cho ice as long as it isn’t sweetened. But unsweetened soy milk is quite bitter, and m ost Americans wouldn’t touch it. So you’ve got to sweetened it with something, and m ost soy milk manufacturers use low impact sweeteners like barley malt and rice s yrup to avoid using using re ned sugars. I was raised on cows’ milk To share a bit of my own experience, understand that I grew up drinking enormous quantities of cows’ milk. As a teenager, I consumed a gallon a day, and I would d rink it by the glass every chance I could get, except when I was drinking soft d rinks. I had milk for breakfast with my sugary cereals, milk for lunch at school , and another glass of milk for dinner. I was a milk consuming machine, just lik e most Americans are. I also recall suffering years of extreme sinus congestion while simultaneously experiencing a rather embarrassing state of constipation. I was clogged up at both ends, and when I went to visit my family doctor for a so lution, you can probably guess what he did: he prescribed a drug to combat the s inus symptoms. I went through most of my childhood with a pack of Kleenex in my pocket at all times, and I was known at school as the kid whose nose wouldn’t stop running. Fun, huh? I was also good at math, which immediately quali ed me as the geeky, nose-blowing math nerd of the school. That’s right: I was the snot-faced ma th club geek. 207

Grocery Warning All of that disappeared when I stopped consuming milk products. My sinuses clear ed up within a matter of weeks, my bowel function transitioned to a healthy stat e, and I no longer needed to carry around packs of tissue. Unfortunately, I didn’t gure this out until I was well out of school. So much for timing. I can testify to the fact that life is a lot more enjoyable when you’re not blowing snot every f ew minutes, and that’s why you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back to a die t that included dairy products like milk or cheese. I simply decided that I don’t want the negative health effects that these dairy products caused me. Whether da iry products cause you to experience the same symptoms is something that only yo u can determine. The dairy industry, of course, denies that any of this occurs w ith anyone, but millions of people who are discovering the side effects of dairy products now know otherwise. Stick with soy milk. It won’t clog you up. And it wo n’t turn you into a geeky nose-blowing math nerd. Nuts with no sugar, no salt, no MSG Now we get to another of my favorite healing foods: nuts. Nuts are another stapl e of the healthy diet. And you get to choose from a wide variety of nuts: peanut s, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews and many more. In their natural for m, nuts are an excellent source of healthy oils and, interestingly, antioxidants . When it comes to buying nuts, however, it’s easy to make a mistake. Most of the a vored nut products or nut mixes (like spicy nut mixes or trail mixes) contain bo th re ned sugars and MSG. That puts them on the “do not buy” list. Nut butters can als o be deceiving: many peanut butter products, for example, are made with re ned sug ars and hydrogenated oils in order to prevent the natural peanut oil from separa ting. Obviously, these products are to be avoided as well, and this includes vir tually every brand-name peanut butter product on the shelf. Healthy nut butter p roducts are those that have a visible layer of oil in the jar. Check the ingredi ent labels and make sure they don’t contain sugars or hydrogenated oils. There is no need to add sugar to nut butters in the rst place, since all nuts contain some carbohydrates and many nuts have a natural sweet avor (such as cashews, one of m y favorites). One of my favorite manufacturers of healthy nut butters is the Ket tle company: I especially enjoy their creamy, unsalted, unsw eetened almond butter product, sold in small glass jars at health food stores. I t’s quite simply one of the best tasting nut butters I’ve ever eaten, and it’s perfect for spreading on either the WASA crackers or the Bran-a-crisp crackers I mentio ned earlier. 208

Grocery Warning The great thing about eating nuts is that, similar to coconut oil, nuts provide a healthy source of dietary fat that stabilizes your blood sugar while providing a slow, steady stream of calories over a period of several hours. But it’s also e asy to overdo the consumption of nuts. Because they are so calorie dense, you’re e ating a high number of calories when you consume nuts, especially if you are sna cking on an empty stomach. From my experience, the best way to eat nuts is to co nsume 10 to 15 nuts as part of a meal that also consists of ber, protein, and wat er. This way, the high calorie nuts won’t dominate your meal, but they will make y our meal last a lot longer and prevent you from getting hungry too quickly. In a ddition to all of this good news about nuts, the nut oils themselves have extrao rdinary healing properties. Peanut oil, for example, is known to help counter ar thritis and in ammation. Every nut oil delivers a fascinating array of healing nut rients, but no healing effects can be claimed on the labels of these foods accor ding to FDA regulations, so the only way to nd out about the healing properties o f these natural oils is to keep educating yourself by reading books like this on e. If you want to skip the research, here’s the short version: eat a little bit of nut butter each and every day as part of your overall healthy lifestyle. As alw ays, eat a variety of different nut butters so that you cycle through the healin g bene ts of each particular nut. Almond nut butter, for example, is a natural ant i-cancer compound. Peanuts are high in antioxidants and help reduce in ammation. Y ou can learn more about these nuts by visiting www. and searching for articles on “peanuts” or “healthy oils.” Taco sauces, made without sugar or preservatives Taco sauces can be an excellent food choice because they rarely contain sugars o r other metabolic disrupters. Taco sauces are easy on the calorie count, and the y don’t contain unhealthy oils, either. To top it off, since they are made with to matoes and other vegetables, they do offer some elements of nutrition and ber, al though fresh vegetables are no doubt far better for you than cooked, pasteurized vegetable sauces. As always, I recommend looking into organic taco sauces, sinc e they are made from ingredients that have not been exposed to pesticides and he rbicides. These sauces likely contain higher nutrient density as well. Protein powders Protein powder is an essential supplement for healthy people. The world of prote in powders is vast and confusing, with a bewildering array of protein powder pro ducts that mostly cater to bodybuilders. Many protein powders contain chemical s weeteners such as aspartame or sucralose, so this is the rst ingredient to watch out for when purchasing protein. Personally, I recommend two types of protein po wder: soy protein and rice protein. Look for protein powder products that are un sweetened (or sweetened only with stevia), and absolutely avoid protein powders made with arti cial sweeteners. 209

Grocery Warning The next best sweetener ingredient, in my opinion, is fructose. Although fructos e is a re ned carbohydrate, but it has a much lower glycemic index than re ned sugar , and it closely resembles the sugars found in fruits. I used to be a big fan of whey protein, but after learning more about cows’ milk (from which whey protein i s derived), I made the switch to vegetable proteins. Whey protein tastes delicio us, but it can also be dif cult to digest and can exhibit many of the same problem s caused by milk and dairy products (constipation, sinus congestion, autoimmune disorders, etc.). In my personal experience, however, I didn’t have major negative side effects from whey protein. I just chose to move away from whey because of its dairy origin. Your own experience may differ, of course, so feel free to use what suits you best. Currently, my #1 recommended protein powder is an unsweete ned brown rice protein powder from a manufacturer called Nutribiotic. Their prod ucts are available at most health food stores. Healthy cooking oils: olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil Be sure to get a fair amount of healthy cooking oils into your diet. One of the best choices for this is cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil, which is good for your heart, your cardiovascular system, and your overall well-being. Of course, extra-virgin olive oil is rather expensive, so your next best choice is canola o il. There’s a bit of debate over whether canola oil is a healthy oil for long-term consumption. It used to be called rape seed oil, but its name was changed to ma ke it more appealing. The rape seed, which produces this oil, also produces a to xin known as ricin, which was once used in an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castr o. This doesn’t mean ricin is found in canola oil, because it isn’t. Canola oil is f ree from these contaminants, and is certainly a much healthier choice than soybe an oil or corn oil. But your best choice here is olive oil. When shopping for pr oducts made with olive oil, be sure to read ingredients labels (and not just the claims on the front of the package). Many products claim “made with 100 percent o live oil” on the label, but when you look at the ingredients, you nd that the rst oi l listed is actually some other oil, not olive oil. How do they get away with hi s claim? Well, the claim is actually true: the product is made with a little bit of “100 percent olive oil” that is mixed together with other, cheaper oils. This is a common gimmick used by salad dressing manufacturers. Companies that make sala d dressing know that many consumers are interested in olive oil, so they make sa lad dressing products that prominently announce olive oil on the front label whi le, in reality, using much cheaper oils as the primary ingredients. As always, c heck the ingredient labels, and remember that ingredients are listed in the orde r of quantity. 210

Grocery Warning Mustard, hot sauces, condiments There are many condiments and sauces available to healthy dieters. My favorites include mustard, Tabasco sauce, and other hot sauces. The pitfall to watch out f or in this category is added sugars, which are present in rather large quantitie s in barbecue sauces, ketchup, relish toppings, and other condiments. If you sta rt reading the labels of these condiment products, you’ll be amazed to nd just how much these food manufacturers rely on sugar to add taste to their products. Summing it up So now you’ve seen my recommended list of groceries and products that are safe to purchase and consume. It’s not the entire list of things that are good for you, of course, so be sure to experiment with this list and expand on it in ways that w ork best for you. What this list does allow you to do, however, is to eat well w hile avoiding metabolic disrupters that are linked to diseases like cancer, diab etes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and other serious health pr oblems. If you stick to the list I’ve given you here, you will largely avoid these disorders while simultaneously supporting a healthy lifestyle. In this list, I have frequently recommended organic products because they are both safer for you to consume and are grown by farmers and ranchers who operate with a higher degr ee of ethics and integrity. But I do want to clarify my position on organic food s and say that if you are on a very tight budget, it is far better to eat non-or ganic foods on this approved list than to turn to cheaper foods made with metabo lic disruptors. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about: A shopper is looking for a good source of healthy dietary fats, and she is comparing organic avocados -- which are very expensive -- to a re ned oil margarine product that’s ve ry cheap. Thinking that the organic avocado is simply too high a price to pay, s he might choose the nonorganic margarine product. That would probably be a mista ke, since a better choice would be to turn to non-organic avocados. The raw, fre sh, unprocessed avocado is going to provide far better nutrition and health than any manufactured product, even if the avocado isn’t organic. To explain this furt her, sometimes I see people at the grocery store who have their shopping carts l oaded up with crackers, breakfast cereals, soft drinks and ice cream, but they’re hesitating in the produce section because they can’t decide between organic lettuc e or regular lettuce. I can hardly keep myself from jumping up and down in frust ration, because the products this person has already chosen to put into their sh opping cart are so outrageously unhealthy and contain such a large amount of met abolic disrupters that the decision between organic and plain lettuce is inconse quential. Organic lettuce isn’t going to help this person. What they need to do is get rid of the metabolic disrupters in their diet, ditch the re ned sugars, kick the soft drink habit, stop eating hydrogenated oils, and only then should they b egin to consider the question of organic versus non-organic produce. In other wo rds, organic foods are not going to make up for poor dietary choices. A head of organic lettuce doesn’t counteract a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal. You don’t get good karma or extra credit just by eating organic produce. 211

It is an extremely high-carbohy drate. you’ll automatically avoid the foods discussed below. but of course it also adds an extremely unhealthy ingredient to the food product. Oats sound healthy. 212 . they made no considerati on for the form of those oats. and spread it on white b read to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. the cheapest grape jelly you can nd. but almost no oat product at any grocery sto re offers that: they mostly contain instant. smooth and crea my texture. oats can be healthy if eaten in their whole grain form. Popular peanut butters (hydrogenated oils + sugar) Peanut butter presents a common grocery shopping pitfall. low ber. I’m sure you can imagine what brand-name soft drinks I’m talking about.Grocery Warning Food products to avoid Now that you have the complete shopping list of healthy foods to purchase. obesity and diabetes is to purchase brand-name pean ut butter products. let’s t alk about what food products you should avoid purchasing. so if you make a habit of reading ingred ient labels. However. Manufacturers can take an otherwise healthy whole grain and convert it into a high-carbohydrate grain that’s digested much like whi te our. but a closer inspection of the ingredi ents label reveals otherwise. This gives it a more convenient. the inherent sweetness of peanuts is not enough for many of tod ay’s consumers. don’t they? The FDA has even approved certain health claims that may be p rinted on the labels of products made with oats. That’s primarily what you get when you purchase instant rolled oats. processed oats that are both easy t o cook and much higher on the glycemic index scale than whole grain oats. The hydrogenated oils are added to peanut butter products to prevent the peanut oil from separating while the product sits on the shelf. You should already be familiar with the ingredients to avoid. and so manufacturers have to make it even sweeter. but when I name a category like soft drinks. The re ned sugars are added to peanut butters to turn the product in to peanut butter candy. At rst. Virtually all brand-name peanut butters contain me tabolic disrupters: hydrogenated oils and re ned sugars. In oth er words. Obviously. which is what most popular peanut butter product really are. metabolic disrupting recipe that’s sure to accelerate the onset of many serious diseases. Certainly. I’m not going to be naming brand names of foo ds to avoid. One of the fastest ways to give yourself heart disease. Apparently. most p eople nd this list to be very useful to help remind them of the food categories t hey should watch out for. Instant rolled oats (high glycemic index) Instant rolled oats present another common grocery shopping pitfall. it appears to b e an excellent choice for healthy eating. when the FDA approved health claims for oats. transforming wh at would otherwise be a healthy food into a dessert.

many are so outrageously sweet t hat they are perhaps best described as tomato sauce candy. Packaged meats (sodium nitrite. be sure to check the labels and avoid any sauces that contain re ned sugar s such as high-fructose corn syrup. You’d be amazed at how many pasta sauce produc ts are made with this ingredient. it’s wise to completely avoid any avored oat product s such as instant breakfast oatmeal packages. this covers virtually all popular jerky products on the shelves. b ut this is one product where it’s easy to go wrong and accidentally end up consumi ng metabolic disrupters when you did not intend to. look for steel cut oats.” Just because a cereal is high protein doesn’t mean dded sugars at the same time. Virtually all breakfast cereals (re ned sugars) When shopping for breakfast cereals. The re ned grains contained in these products isn’t the only ingredient to avoid. s ausages. Instead. As always. read the labels c arefully. that cereals are “hig it isn’t also high in a is made with re ned also contains prote Beef jerky (MSG) Avoid beef jerky products made with MSG or sodium nitrite. They have no place in a healthy diet. This means every packaged meat product: hot dogs. and so on. you are already avoiding breads. Virtually every breakfast cereal . pepperoni. and pastries due to their whit e our content. but you should also be avoiding them for another reason: many are made with hydrogenated oils.Grocery Warning Instead. As you will discover by checking out the ingredients labels at grocery stores. or both. today. Salad dressings are notorious for hiding unhealthy ingredients behind misleading labels. Breads. processed grains and re ned sugars. packaged meats should be carefully checked for ingr edients like sodium nitrite. buns and pastries (re ned carbs. it seems. since they do provide a hefty dos e of carbohydrates. chemical sweeteners. look for nitritefree meats (“uncured” meats) found in the f reezer section. buns. All of these contain re ned sugars. Even then. regardless of whether it in. 213 . or purchase fresh meats. Pasta sauces (sugar) Over the years. you have to eat them sparingly. Of course. don’t be misled by claims h protein. or oat groats. Don’t buy any meat product containing sodium nitrite. When purchasing pasta sauce. lunch meats. MSG) As I have already discussed. These offer the best health ben e ts. Many salad dressings (MSG + sugar) Watch out for re ned sugars and MSG in many salad dressings. hydrogenated oils) Hopefully. Healthy salad dressin gs made with quality oils such as olive oil can be a healthy part of any diet. pasta sauces such as pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce have become sweeter and sweeter to the point where.

This is done in order to make the batter actually stick to the food so that it doesn’t slough off during the frying process. Any soup containing noodles. bu t it does mean that you shouldn’t automatically assume a soup is good for you just because it has the word “healthy” on the label. And many soups are avored with both MSG and excessive amoun ts of sodium. M SG and sodium nitrite. It doesn’t mean you can’t nd healthy soups. for example. many soups are made with re ned carbohydrates. most canned soups are overcooked. These days. Fried foods: (trans fats + unhealthy oils + MSG) It’s seductively easy to consume too many fried foods. rest assured that these products have been fried in the cheapest oil po ssible. such as ham soups. Overall. when in reality. fried foods have absolutely no place in the diet of any healthy human being. and even promote diseases like cancer thanks to toxic chemicals hiding in virtually all f ried foods. The alternative? Baked foods. people still eat chicken soup for a cold. Any soup containing meat. As a result. and that oil has been used over and over again. F ried foods are also highly acidic. such as frozen egg rolls or frozen bat tered sh. Strangely. these foods will contain trans fatty acids and cancerpromoting acrylamindes. is made with re n ed carbohydrates. fried foods are bad for your heart. meaning they share some of the disadvantages of soft drinks in terms of creating an acidic environment in your body which mus t be buffered in order to restore the pH balance of your system. Regardless of whe ther a soup claims to be healthy. This is true for several reasons: If you purchase frozen foods that are meant to be fried at home. 214 . you can even nd baked froze n sh products that contain no hydrogenated oils. because you can if you loo k hard and shop for them in the healthy foods sections of your grocery store.such as olive oil -. But from a health pe rspective. If you pur chase foods that have already been fried. But it’s bad news because e ven if you use a healthy frying oil at home -. Fried can’t avoi d eating the hydrogenated oils contained in the batter into rst place.Grocery Warning Soups: (MSG + sodium nitrite) Soups are another product category rife with dietary pitfalls. processed foods that would be practically tasteless if they weren’t juiced up with MSG and salt. you will nd that virtually all of them contain hydroge nated oils. In reality. bad for your digestion. The vast majority of American food consumers greatly overestimate the health status of canned soup. it’s one of the worst foods in the store for a person who’s sick. are typically rather low in carbohydrates and taste delicious. which are high ly toxic chemicals that are created when foods are fried at high temperatures. are probably made with sodium nitrite. after all. bad for your pH.

And in the yogurts that are made without re n ed sugars. Most yogurt products are made with a shockingly large q uantity of fruit. But don’t worry: if you enjoy eating yogurt and would like to continue receiving the health bene ts of consuming the live acidophilus cultures contained in many y ogurt products. 215 . You have to look hard to avoid the se excitotoxins in frozen sh products. Make a point to drop soft drinks from you r diet for the rest of your life. there’s one more thing to watch out f or: MSG.avored liquid syrup. With the prevalence of both hydrogenated o ils and MSG in frozen sh products. Hopefully. unsweetened yogurt. most yogurts are really just yogurt avored pudding thanks to their extremely high re ned sugar content. you’ll usually get arti cial chemical sweeteners such as aspartame or suc ralose. I purchase frozen shrimp.TruthPublishing. You’ll nd that virtually all of these products contain sodium nitrite ( in the meat) and hydrogenated oils (in the crackers).Grocery Warning When it comes to frozen sh products. As a result. Diet soft drinks (chemical sweeteners + acidity) Diet soft drinks are to be avoided entirely for reasons discussed earlier under the “arti cial chemical sweeteners” section. Lunch snack paks (sodium nitrite + hydrogenated oils) Lunch snack packs are those small lunch kits that usually contain crackers. here’s the perfect solution: purchase plain. check out my book. yogurt was a healthy food if you could stomach the dairy fats. Most yogurts (chemical sweeteners or sugar + dairy) Yogurts are another food that many people mistakenly think are very healthy. however. Mix these ingredients together and enjoy! It’s a high pr otein meal that gives you all of the taste and satisfaction of commercial yogurt s without the carbohydrates or chemical sweeteners. but tod ay. I’ve given up on the whole category of frozen sh. You’ll nd it at a nd stir in your own protein powder and stevia extract powder. lunc h meat. Better yet. too. but in case you want a nother reason to leave these products on the shelf. you’ll need to avoid virtually all avored or sweetened yogurts . It’s really not that dif cult: you get along just n e without carbonated sugar water. or I just head o ver to the deli and order fresh sh that I can prepare in any way I want. take a look at their ingredi ent labels. The vast majority of all frozen sh products contain either MSG or yeast extract (which is an ingredient that contains MSG or “free glutamic acid”) in order to add avor to an otherwise avorless slab of sh. Dec ades ago. you are already avoiding these due to their lack of healthy ingredients. scallops. arti cial cheese food and some sort of dessert. cuttle sh or squid. You can even mix i n some crumbled freeze-dried strawberries or other fruits which are now availabl e in many grocery stores. “The Five S oft Drink Monsters” which gives you a ve-step strategy for quitting the soft drink habit. you control the ingredients. Instead. If you need help. Remember. that yogurts are dairy products and so organic yogur ts are strongly recommended over non-organic ones.

meaning it’s actually bad for your health. not health bars. The best ingredients for margarine produc ts? Coconut oil. or canola oil. The puffed rice snack products were rather popular during the low-fat craze. Cream of wheat or grits or instant breakfast grains (high glycemic index) Have already brie y talked about the high glycemic index of instant rolled oats. 216 . but they’re also digested quickly and tend to spike blo od sugar levels. Any hot breakfast cereal that claims to be “ready in minutes” is going to have a high glycemic index due to the same characteristics that make the food c onvenient to cook: it has been rolled or processed into tiny particles.two things that every health-conscious person should avoid . Just read the labels and you’ll see that these bars are mostly carbohydrat e snacks containing almost no protein and very little fat. These ti ny particles cook quickly. look for margar ine products that have zero trans fats or “no hydrogenated oils. the very claim of “sugar free” is a strong indication that the product c ontains chemical sweeteners. Just because it says a sugar free doesn’t mean it’s good for yo u. they have succumbed to the same trend that has transfor med so many products at the grocery store: they’ve been sugared up and transformed into candy bars.Grocery Warning Margarine (hydrogenated oils) As a discussed throughout this manual. t he same can be said of most instant breakfast grains such as cream of wheat or e ven grits. It turns out that puffed rice impacts your body in very much the same way as white bread or r e ned sugars. sugar free fruit drinks or punch drinks.” Granola bars (re ned sugars) Granola bars used to be considered healthy foods. In fact. But over the years. Some examples of foods to wa tch out for are sugar free syrups. At the grocery store. and sugar free puddings. Most sugar-free products (chemical sweeteners) When shopping for healthy products at the grocery store. Its spikes your blood sugar and results in the secretion of insulin from your pancreas -. olive oil. but few people stop ped to consider the glycemic index of puffed rice in the rst place. Any puffed grains like puffed rice or puffed wheat (high glycemix index) Watch out for any “air” grains such as puffed rice or puffed wheat. be especially wary of a ny product that claims to be “sugar free” on the label: virtually all of these produ cts are sweetened with arti cial chemical sweeteners. any margarine product containing hydrogen ated oil should be avoided altogether. and in fact at one time they w ere. These high-sugar gran ola bars were very popular during the low-fat craze of the 80’s and 90’s. but now in formed people are avoiding them. Consider this: most granola bars these days a re loaded with re ned sugars and high glycemic grains such as puffed rice or rolle d oats.

highly strenuous cardiovascular workouts. the more they avoid energy bars and sports bars.” Virtually all “sports” bars are also loaded with sugars and they are marketed as products that will giv e you more energy and help you excel in physical activities such as running. In reality. There is an excepti on to all this: if you are a marathon runner or a triathlete or a long-distance cyclist. you’ll nd those salty. These bars. They are aggressively marketed. These sports drinks represent one of the worst ways you c an spend dollars at the grocery store. which are more accurately described as candy bars. many canned fruits are packed with arti cial chemical colors in order to add color to a product that has had the life cooked out of it. and are vastly ov erpriced based on the cost of their ingredients. contributing carbohydrate s and re ned sugars to your diet. are really only purchased by sucke rs who probably aren’t very physically active in the rst place. A far better choice? Fresh fruits. you may in fact need some re ned sugars during training. and you have perhaps 8 percent body fat and burn four thousand calories a day from training. however. Another euphemism for sugars used by the food bar manufacturing industry is “sports. and appear to be experiencing some degree of success in the marketplac e thanks to purchases by consumers who simply don’t know any better (and who are e asily in uenced by celebrity endorsements). In the food bar manufacturing industry. But this is large ly smoke and mirrors: any food bar that says “energy” on the label is actually just another candy bar loaded with re ned sugars. most c anned fruits are packed with high-fructose corn syrup. and the more they know abo ut nutrition.” which are now far more popular than granola bars. In addition. 217 . They provide virtually no nutrition. and so on. should avoid all re ned carbohydrates and continue with our comparatively m ild physical tness activities. But only Olympic-class athletes really need such high energy sources of carbohydrates. neoncolored sports drinks. That’s the key word to look for: energy . bik ing. serious athletes don’t need re ned sugars. While canned fruit is one way (although not a very good way) to get some fruit into your diet. sugars = energy. which covers more than 99 percent of the popul ation. Sports drinks (arti cial colors. Any food bar that says “energy” or “sports” (re ned sugars) Many of the same manufacturers who pro ted handsomely by selling granola bars to t he low-fat crowd have been retooling their product lines to produce “energy bars” an d “sports bars. The se can provide rocket fuel energy for sustained. big ripoff) In the same category of “sports” products sold to suckers.Grocery Warning Canned fruits (packed with corn syrup) Watch out for hidden re ned sugars in canned fruit products. They are made primarily of salt water col ored with arti cial colors. What they nee d are complex carbohydrates just like everybody else. The rest of us.

Grocery Warning You can make your own sports drink by dropping a few grains of Celtic sea salt a nd stevia powder into a bottle of spring water. check the ingre dients list for details. above. I think both breakfast sausages and bacon deserve an extra mentioned here. Instant potatoes (high glycemix index) As with instant rice. make your own. But you should watch for it in any sort of avor packet mix or bouillon product. Also. Look for ingredients like monosod ium glutamate. and you don’t need to “replace” anything lost durin g exercise other than water unless you’re a triathlete or Ironman contender. a nd be sure to keep the peeling on. 218 . Virtually all sausage and bacon products are processed with sodium nitrite. Instant rice is metabolized a lot like white our: it’s high on the glycemic index a nd results in insulin spikes. the faster the rice cooks. beware of rice mixes that contain any sort of av oring. These should be avoided entirely. the higher the glycemic index. boxed dinner kits. By eating these products. hydrolyzed vegetable protein and yeast extract. and other instant meal products that contain an y sort of “ avor packets” almost always contain MSG. Breakfast sausages (MSG and sodium nitrite) and bacon Although I’ve already covered packaged meats. you are producing c ancer-causing nitrosamines in your digestive system. Chances are you probably get ple nty of salt in your diet as it is. As always. Instant rice (high glycemic index) or rice mixes (MSG) Don’t be misled into thinking that instant rice products qualify as whole grains. This excitotoxin is especially prominent in gravy mixes and salad dressing mixes. As a general rule. Canned beans (watch out for sugar) Another grocery product to watch out for is canned beans: many contain hidden su gars that are not prominently mentioned on the label. If you want mashed potatoes. instant potatoes are also very high on the glycemic index. Sauce mixes (most contain MSG) As with dinner mixes. Dinner mixes (most contain MSG) Dinner mixes. Most of these products also contain MSG or yeast extract. most sauce mixes also contain MSG.

Therefore. But even if you choose to consume potat oes. either. but its impact on your blood sugar is virtually the sa me. why on earth would you put it in your mouth? 219 . deli prepared foods do not have to reveal all of the ingredients that wen t into them. the vast ma jority of frozen potato packages contain hydrogenated oils. by any measure. avoid products that are sweeten ed with fruit juice. convenience meals. preferably at minimal heat settings. results in a heightened health risk that you wo uld be wise to avoid entirely. Simultaneously.Grocery Warning But there’s another reason to avoid these breakfast meats: cooking with high heat also produces carcinogens. By microwaving or frying these meats at hot enough te mperatures to make them brown. My advice is: no ingredients. These carcinogens. meaning that people who eat potatoes tend to eat far fewer calories later in the day. another ingredient frequently used by food manufacturers to avoid listing sugar on the label is “evaporated cane juice. you are also creating toxic carcinogens that you ingest upon eating these meats. “Sweetened with fruit juice” products like jellies Watch out for products that claim to be made with “no added sugar” or “sweetened with fruit juice. While fruit juice may be slightl y healthier for you than re ned white sugar. it has virtually the same effect on y our blood sugar and insulin response. eat them sparingly and only with other foods containing fats or ber. As a result. Fruit juice. For dietary purposes. they aren’t subject to federal food labeling requirements.” This i ngredient is also a high glycemic index carbohydrate. you m ay not nd a label listing ingredients at all. has a high glycemic index and counts as a high-impact carbohydrate. There are differences in the manufacturi ng process. never eat potatoes fried in someone else’s oil: buy them frozen and pan fry them in you r own olive oil or coconut oil. Since these food products don’t cross state lines. no pu rchase. Although they may appear t o be a relatively healthy food manufactured with minimal processing. it i s nearly identical to re ned white sugar. Beware of deli-prepared foods Also beware of foods prepared in any grocery store deli. If you don’t know what’s in it. This wi ll minimize the impact of the potatoes on your blood sugar. And of course. Frozen potatoes (hydrogenated oils + carbs) Frozen potato packages are yet another food to avoid. combined with the sodium nitr ite added by food manufacturers. or fried foods made right at the grocery store. A better choice for breakfast? Eggs or fresh meat s made without nitrites.” Just because something is sweetened with fruit juice doesn’t mean it i sn’t a highcarbohydrate product. and so-called evaporated cane juice does contain more vitamins and m inerals than white sugar. According to most state laws. Potatoes can be usef ul for controlling hunger if used sparingly: studies have shown that potatoes ra nk very high on the satiety index. if you purchase sand wiches.

The key is to stop buying those products from this day forwa rd. and start stocking your pantry and refrigerator with healthy products that s upport your weight loss goals and your overall health and wellbeing. If you are suffering from diabetes. There is one exception to this. But for everyone most people -. chances are that one more day or week on the same products is not going to kill you. So feel fre e to eat your way through the inventory you might have right now while working t o improve your diet by shopping from the approved foods list and avoiding the un approved foods list. if you are currently battling any disease. you shouldn’t throw out all of the foods in your pantry just because they contain metabolic disrupters. In other words . you may realize -. however: if you are currently suffering from a serious disease such as cancer. you should immediately throw out all foods containing s odium nitrite. If you are suffering from heart di sease or cardiovascular disease of any kind. the importance of getting these dis ease promoting ingredients out of your diet outweighs the economic penalty for d oing so.that you probably have a few of these products in your r efrigerator or pantry right now.Grocery Warning Cleaning out your pantry After reviewing this list of food and grocery products to avoid. What’s a person to do? Should you throw out all t he food in your pantry and replace it with products from the approved shopping l ist? My general advice on this question is that no. you should immediately throw out al l products containing hydrogenated oils or homogenized milk fats. 220 . if you’ve been eating these food products for a nu mber of years. you should de nitely throw out all foods containing re ned sugars or white our.

Grocery Warning 221 .

Grocery Warning 222 .

Imagine your health as being a point on a very long line stretching from a place on the far left that we will call disease. MSG. I can’t eat anything. Or if you are suffering from cancer or digestive disorders. 223 . so why bother discriminating at all? I’ll just eat everything I want to eat! In reality. With the information I’ve presented in this man ual. you have control. Adopting healthy food choice results in a shifting towards the r ight. but if you are consuming sodium nitrite. or mood disorders. chemical sweeteners and other metabolic disrupters. for example. And that would amount to considerable progress. This may also be related to what level of self-discipline you think is worth expending in order to achieve your d esired level of health. after reading this information. After six months or a year. such as arti ci al chemical sweeteners and MSG. And you have the choice of how much of it you wish to app ly in your own life. That would be an improvement over your current diet and it would undoubtedly help you overcome the challenges you now face with your health condition. you might decide to avoid sodium nitrite only.” You can decide where y ou wish to live on that line by determining what foods and ingredients you eat a nd what level of physical exercise you pursue.Grocery Warning QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Now let’s covers some of the common questions and answers concerning the informati on I have presented in this manual. Most Americans are somewhere between neutral and the far left: they are engaged in unhealthy dietary habits and they routinely avoid phy sical exercise. throw up their hands in despair and gure. to a place on the far right that we will call “perfect health. Some people. If you are eating many of the dangerous ingredients I have discussed here. If you want to achieve a state of health. educated decisions about what level of he alth outcome they wish to achieve. you might nd that you feel so much better that you’re ready to take on a second bit of advice from this manual. you could conceivably improve your health by doing just one thin g in this manual while ignoring everything else. The full spectrum of health: it’s your choice The choice is entirely up to you. I believe in empowering people with info rmation that helps them make informed. you don’t have to follow everything in this manual in order to improve your health. you will never progress further to th e right than the neutral point. Do I have do follow everything in this manual to be healthy? This is a common concern among people who are initially exposed to the truth abo ut the highly toxic ingredients contained in many of the foods they have eaten. you might decide to avoid all o f the metabolic disrupters associated with neurological disorders. gee. hydrogenated oils. If you are suffering from heart disease or cardiovascular disorders. forgetfulness. If you have neurological disorders such as uncontrol lable tremors. you might choose to simply av oid hydrogenated oils and forget the rest of what you read here. rather then a state of disease.

Grocery Warning you will have to avoid these substances in your diet. eating more raw foods. What I am against is people who don’t actually make a decision -. and no pre scription drug can make you healthier (they can only mask isolated symptoms). and due to circumstances you do n ot control such as your genetic makeup. Your docto r cannot determine your health. It is only the time lapse that confuses most people about this cause/effect relationship. and you decide that eating all of the foods you emotionally desire is far more important than contro lling what you eat in order to achieve a desired health outcome. the only person who has control over your health outcome. closer to a state of perfect physical health. i ndeed. If you coul d compress time. By adding a healthy dose of physi cal exercise such as cardiovascular training or strength training. This message is false. and engaging in all-important nutritional supplementation through superfoods like chlorella and spirulina. and that makes them dif cult for man y people to accurately anticipate. You may decide you only want to be sl ightly healthier than neutral. I respect that deci sion no matter where it rests on the line. If you examine what you want in life. 224 . Other things that move you closer to the right include purchasing organic foods. and without anticipating the outcome that will be created by their actions. the correlation would be crystal clear. Notice that this is the opposite of the messa ge you have probably heard from the conventional medical establishment. you can furth er accelerate your shift towards the right. Conventional medicine likes to tell you that diseas es just “happen” to you. It is. which go es out of its way to disempower people and make them believe they have no contro l over their health outcome. You ar e. It isn’t my place to engage in any sort of judgment about where you decide you wan t to be on that line. an indicator of both maturity and intelligence when people consciously an ticipate the future results of their present actions. the more quickly you will shift to the right. The more you choose to avo id. You have the power to determine your health outcome So the choice is really up to you. but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. for no fault of your own. Yo u are the only person on the planet who can decide where you want to be on that health spectrum and then take the necessary actions to arrive at that position. of course. and the longer you avoid them. and clearly see the cause-and-effect relationship between foods and disease. and that’s ne as long as it’s something you have caref ully weighed. and you actuall y apply some thought to this issue and arrive at a ople who just do whatever they want to do without really thinking about it. the FDA cannot determine your health. in fact. With dietary choice. the r esults of present actions are often far away.

and that’s why this book and the articles on Newstarget. that th ey wonder why there isn’t more attention given to it by news organizations or the FDA. there have been some rather energized debates over the Food Guide Pyramid pu blished by the are o ne of the few sources from which you can hear the stone-cold truth about dangero us foods and ingredients. the breads. there’s no co n ict of interest. and so obviously true. and food companies are major advertisers. Over the yea rs. not to mention television networks. Presently. the reason you never hear about the health damaging effects of food in gredients is because food manufacturers hold an enormous degree of in uence over l awmakers and regulatory agencies like the FDA and the USDA. and cereals food group occupies t he largest and most prominent position on the food guide pyramid. Every industry wants its own foods and products to be the l argest recommended group on the pyramid. Mainstream publishers won’t tell you this information be cause they depend on those advertisers to keep them a oat! At the federal regulato ry level. In reality.Grocery Warning Why isn’t this information more widely publicized? Many people nd this information to be so shocking. T hrough political in uence. Accordingly. in the United States. To understand the answer to this question. This is why my publisher. When any agency even attempts to recommend that Americans eat less of a certain food in order to ach ieve a better state of health. they managed to get the Bush administration to actually block an initiative by the World Health Organization that would have recommende d that people all over the world limit their intake of re ned sugars. the very rst thing that happens would be the mass cancellation of advertising contracts by whatever food company was dispara ged in the press. and no matter what pyramid the USDA pub lishes. To state this simply. but only an extremely naïve person would b elieve such a fairy tale. Food Politics by Marion Nes tle. Since there are no nancial ties. If they did. that advertiser will immediately and probably permanentl y pull its advertising from that publication. Food manufacturers generate enormous advertising revenues for publishers of n ewspapers and magazines. For e xample. publishing c ompanies don’t attack their advertisers. Some people might say there is no link between editorial and a dvertising at magazines and newspapers. if a newspaper or magazine publishes a negative expose of any of its advertisers. food manufacturers that didn’t achieve the most prominent positions will c omplain loudly. the Big Sugar industry strenuously denies any link between the consumption of re ned sugars and diseases like diabetes or obesity. An excellent book to read on the subject is. a former USDA employee who worked on the original Food Guide Pyramid projec t. the industry group that would be negatively affec ted by such an assertion goes into political overdrive and complains loudly to l awmakers while denying the scienti c basis for such dietary recommendations. Truth Publishing. which should b e no surprise considering that the US Department of Agriculture 225 . as every newspaper editor and advertising executive well knows. it is not in the nancial interests of organizations who depend on food company revenues to investigate the practices of those companies and print any information that might harm their sales. you have to study the politics o f food. doesn’t accept advertising from any m anufacturers or marketing companies. grains.

Grocery Warning is. Those organizations are si mply unable to tell the truth about the relationship between foods and disease d ue to their political circumstances. In fact. You can nd my email contact information on 226 . a marketing branch of the agricultural industry. for example. you keep your job. When the USDA wanted to tell consumers to eat less red meat. magazine . please contact me. Best w ay to reach me? Use a free email account from Hotmail or Yahoo as your return ad dress. this watered down claim was transformed even further to: “ increase your c onsumption of lean meats. I’m not on the government payroll. you will probably be blacklis ted by the entire industry and nd yourself without work for an extended period of time. Overall. This isn’t some giant conspiracy: it’s just the way the world works. the Food Guide Pyramid should more accurately be called the “Buy More Grains” Pyramid. and anyone who suggested a nything of the sort I have presented here would immediately lose their job. (For tunately. It’s the most honest.” After another round of protest from the beef in dustry. whether they work at the USDA or as an advertising salesperson for a popular magazine. in essence. I promote foods that are healthy and that enhance the quality of lif e of human beings. straightforward information you’ll ever get on the relationship between foods and disease. But if you rock the boat. That’s why even well-meaning people don’t speak out about this kind of thing: they have families and they don’t want to risk having no salary for the next two years while they look for a new job. the meat industry balked and. and it’s the kind of information t hat I hope you now understand you can never receive from any newspaper. Keep your identity to yourself and tell me what you’ve got that you want ma de public. The food lobbies simply hold too much sway in W ashington. they are in effect promoting the nancial interests of gra in farmers. the advice to “eat less red meat” went thr ough a miraculous transformation. which is almost precisely the opposite message that the scienti c evidence truly supports! That’s food politics at work. I offer guaranteed protection of my sources whil e providing an outlet through which you can make your information public. Even though many peo ple within the USDA wished to advise consumers to reduce their consumption of re d meat. and I blatantly and honestly expose foods and ingredients tha t promote disease. As an investigative journalist. federal regulatory agencies do not have the pol itical clout to tell American consumers the truth about link between foods and d iseases. If you are one of these well-meaning people who wants to speak out while also protecting your identity. Everyone wants to keep their job.” a claim that apparently satis ed the beef industry becaus e it is now part of the USDA’s dietary recommendations guide. If you just go wi th the ow. even if they wanted to. you will not only nd yours elf looking for a new job within a matter of days. By advising peo ple to eat more grains. “Eat less red meat” rst became “limit your consumptio n of meats high in saturated fat. The rec ommendation to limit meat intake ultimately became advice to increase the intake of lean meats. through the in uence of Senators repre senting meat producing states like Texas. and it helps explain why no federal regulatory agency would dare touch the sort of information I have prese nted in this guide: the food industry would go crazy. television station or government regulatory agency. dietary recommendations from the USDA have been watered down thanks to the meddling of politicians whose reelection campaigns are funded by food companies. As a result. the power and in uence of the beef industry was simply too strong.) That’s why you can only get this infor mation from people like myself who have absolutely no vested interest in the foo d industry.

Very few doctors have reversed any major diseases in their own bodies. happy human beings that you would want to have as health mentors. In contrast. and they suffer from an astounding assortment of health problems for which t hey have the responsibility of helping treat in patients! Taken as a group. And although they may have an impressive array of “book knowledge” about di seases and what drugs to prescribe to mask the symptoms of those diseases. not one credit hour. you might say I have 5000 times the credibility of most MDs when it comes to nutrition. Doctors learn about the ca uses of disease. That’s one hour. They never experienced wha t it’s like to go from being in a disease state to a state of optimum human health . By any honest assessment. and conducting real-world experiments that have taught me a world of useful information about how nutrition really works in the human body. No doctor gets blamed for failing to educate their pat ients about what kinds of food they should eat or not eat. You have to understand that being a “good” d octor doesn’t require either the accumulation or the communication of any nutritio nal knowledge whatsoever. Most conventio nal doctors simply are not healthy people themselves. meaning that they listened to a total of 60 minutes of inf ormation about nutrition in all their four years of medical school. I don’t mean to disparage all doctors with these generalizations. they live far more stressful liv es. And yet it is prec isely the doctors in our society who die at younger ages than the rest of the ge neral population. Because the fact is that most conventional medical doctors have few quali cations in nutrition or the relations hips between foods and health. prescribes drugs. 227 . researchers and true heroes of nutritional medicine are. Most are in very poor health. they generally lack the sort of real-world experience that I think is an absolute nec essity to being able to understand and communicate health enhancing information. then. and their training of treatments is d ominated by “educational seminars” from drug companies who provide a strongly biased education that eliminates the possibility of using diet and exercise to prevent disease and promote good health. “If doctors aren’t themselves healthy.Grocery Warning What quali es you to be an expert in nutrition and health? An excellent question. and orders expensive lab tests for patients that res ult in more revenues for whatever hospital or medical group owns the facility th at the doctor works for. and it is one that I encourage you to ask of any person f rom whom you are seeking advice about your health. I have now spent over 5000 hours conducting investigations. doct ors hardly represent the optimum state of health in a human being. A rational pe rson might ask. they can’t. but I think this is a valid point when you look at the general health of doctors across the board. i n fact. they may have received as little as one hou r of training on the subject during four years of medical school. medical doctors. he or she is considered a “good” doctor. The bottom line? Unless a doctor has spent his or her own time studying nutrition. since many of t he very best authors. It’s true: doctors die younger. how can they recommend strate gies for being healthy to their patients?” The answer is. Very fe w doctors are healthy. Medical schools are so busy teaching doctors abou t drugs and the diagnosis of diseases that they spend almost no time teaching do ctors about the fundamentals of nutrition and health. If a doctor diagnoses disease. reading books on nu trition and health. not the causes of health.

Would you take your car to a car mechanic who had to g et a ride to work because his own car wouldn’t start? Would you get your haircut f rom a person whose own hair looked like a ragged mop? Would you hire a web site designer whose own site looked awful? If you said no to these examples. this guy must ha ve it easy. but r ather to share with you the extraordinary results that can be achieved by any pe rson who applies sound nutritional wisdom with strength training and cardiovascu lar training over a period of several years. I’m highly sensitive t o carbohydrates and very quickly put on pounds if I start eating foods like brea d or grains. My job is to share what I know. and I know what works because I’ve experienced it rsthand. In other words. I’m also not naturally thin.) It just doesn’t make sense to seek health advice from a so-called authority who can’t. intelligence. blood platelet counts. (50 percent more dense tha n the bones of a 25 year old. hi ghly energetic and extremely healthy. The healthiest healers I kno w have no such credentials. But getting back to the main question. the quality. actually. and you’re likely to nd people who are in a high state of health. and that is. since that is only something that each individual reader can decid e. near-diabetic individual on a high-carbohydrate diet to a lean. what is it that quali es me to be an expert in nutrition? First of all. demonstrates a high degree of health. My blood pressure is 105/65 and I have extraordinary bon e mass density that makes my bones remarkably strong. To compare the depth of my own knowledge and experience with a medical degree is ludicrous -.000 worth of high radiation CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging e quipment. of muscle mass in 6 months by pumping weights at the gym. athletic. I went from an aged looking. As wi th any profession. you’re likely to nd a rather we ll-balanced. D. healthy person who can tell a lot more about your state of health b y feeling your pulse for ve minutes then any conventional medical doctor could te ll from $5.) I’m not saying any of this to brag. athletic. I forced myself to learn the knowledge necessary to solve my own health problems. any good chiropractor in the U. I don’t claim to be su ch an expert. younglooking practitioner of healthy lifestyle choices in terms of foods. beverages and physical activity. themselves. You won’t see some obese Chinese doctor behind the coun ter. cholest erol levels. There are very “good” doctors and very “bad” ones. Instead. depres sed.Grocery Warning (Still. overweight. a piece of paper on the wall that says “M. can tell you more about your s tate of health than a CT scan.the med ical degree 228 . ethics and abilities of doctors va ries widely. I’ve gone from being near diabetic and overweight to lean. lowenergy. Walk into any Chinese herbal ist shop in any city anywhere in the world. I believe. and they don’t need them.” But that’s hogwash: I had to work for ev ery health improvement that I’ve achieved. I must say that I quote heavily from doctors in this guide. he was probably born that way.” can’t gi ve a person the knowledge and wisdom to be healthy. and so on. “Gee. it’s easy to look at me and say. I don’t even have good genes for any of this: I’m not an “easy gainer” like the hulks who put on 20 lbs. my own ap pearance was altered so radically that people told me I seemed to drop 10 years of age. In my own health transformation. and the doct ors I quote here would very likely agree with my assessment of “most” doctors. hawking the latest prescription drug. since all the men in my family have struggled with being overweight. absolutely th e only way that any person can become an expert in health. The problem today is tha t there are far more of the latter than the former. then why on earth would you seek health advice from a person whose own health is anythin g other than stellar? You see.S. My blood chemistry nails the “healthy” mark on every single test such as liver enzyme function. I have a resting pulse of 48. Heck.

There is simply no replacement for pe rsonal experience. How soon can I reverse my disease if I follow yo ur advice? First of all. I invite you to seek out a quali ed health professional. prefe rably someone who is open to the idea of using lifestyle changes to improve your overall state of health. I’m just a humble student of nature. since that seems to be their primary expertise. But whether a dietary change can actually reverse a speci c disease such as di abetes depends entirely on the degree of permanent damage that may have already been caused as the disease progressed. There’s a universe of information to exp lore. when a ltered. however. with all this said. If you have a serious medical condition. irritable bowel syndrome. I’m no expert when it comes to diagnosing diseases. When it comes to nutrition. let’s mo ve away from talking about your speci c health condition in particular. and even neurological disorders can all be traced to a speci c dietary pattern that. I still consider myself a novice when it comes to unders tanding the miracles of the human body and the healing potential of nature.Grocery Warning doesn’t even compare when it comes to knowledge about nutrition and the underlying causes of health. for example. I’ll happily leav e that to the doctors. it becomes clear that virtually all of our modern disease s are in fact caused by poor dietary practices. None of the information I present in this report should be taken as medical advice. nor do I pretend to be one by putting on a whit e lab coat and writing drug prescriptions to patients. I am not a doctor. and move i nto talking about the ability of dietary changes to create a healing effect in h uman beings. 229 . I currently have heart disease. wiser than someone w ho simply read the information in the book and took a series of tests that prove d he or she could remember what they read. When you look at the historical and modern-day scienti c data about n utrition and diseases. nutrition. If a person permanently damages their liv er through excessive alcohol consumption. You will probably nd this very challenging if you limit your search of medical professionals to MDs. I re alize I have just scratched the surface of understanding when it comes to the hu man body and mind. osteoporosis. and nature. diabetes. eliminating alcohol from the diet will not bring back the liver. I think. However. In a similar way. clinical depression. Then again. Cancer. physical heart damage will not automatically start rebuilding a new heart by switching to a heart-healthy diet. results in a rather rapid improvement in the health outcome of the patie nt. writing prescriptions. So what quali es me to talk about nutrition and health? The same thing that quali es anybody to talk about those things they have personally mastered through years of applied study. doctors haven’t even read the books or taken the tests. A person who has taken the j ourney. heart disease. research and personal experience. obesity.” Frankly. the person who suffers from permanent. it may be some comfort to know that many socalled “physical” malfunctions of the heart are actually not pe rmanent physical deformities and have been shown to be reversible through dietar y changes such as eliminating re ned carbohydrates from your diet and supplementin g with full-spectrum B vitamins. and ordering lab tests for ill patients. and perhaps someday I will be far enough along on that path to consider my self “well informed. and who has pursued an area of specialty with a high degree of personal passion is always going to be better informed and. There are no nutrition tests in most medical schools! And y et. So to answer this question.

“First. Eat it raw.curez one. and I regularly take whole food complexes that are loaded with phytonutr ients from a wide variety of plants. will beat the vast majority of early-stage cancers as long as the person si multaneously stops consuming cancer promoting products and ingredients like sodi um nitrite. who said “Let thy food be thy med the taxpayers) pay for all these prescription drugs. of course. It’s a vicious cycle that spirals into a life of misery and dependence on expensive prescriptio n drugs. The best results in using diet to reverse and prevent disease are experienc ed when a person begins to not only avoid metabolic disrupters in their diet. it operates much like conventional chemot herapy except it automatically targets cancer cells on a cell by cell basis rath er than poisoning the entire body of the patient.html In the food category. do no harm. and by doing so. By last count. and that everyone should take it even as a preventive measure. of course. if you can stand it.” (That was right after he said. Hippocrates. by the way. require even more prescriptions. It is able to move directly to cancer cells within the human body and deliver potent tumerogenic chemical compounds directly to cancer cells without t ouching healthy cells. I’m a big believer in nutritional supplementa tion and its ability to prevent and reverse disease. all you have to do to help preven t your own cancer is eat raw broccoli several times a week.) Food is not only the best medicine. In other words. In fact. The drug manufacturi ng companies would claim they found the “cure” for cancer. O ne of the more powerful anticancer foods. is garlic. bu t when they start adding powerful nutritional supplements to their daily intake. and just two or three of these therapies. I have personally experienced extraordinary gains in physical and mental health from taking superfoods like chlorella. you’ll often hear me laughing about people’s fear of cancer. Cancer is exceedingly easy to reverse through nutritional therapy. if you hang around me much. there are more than 20 nutritional approaches to cancer o f which I’m aware. raw broccoli contains such pow erful anticancer compounds that I have often stated it would be front-page headl ine news all over the world if it were a prescription drug. drink broccoli juice that you make fresh right your own kitchen. Another powerful antica ncer compound is apricot seed oil. they encourage patients and doctors to overlook the root causes of the se diseases. The answer to this dilemma. allowing them to progress even further to the point where they crea te more symptoms that. a substance sometimes called vitamin B-17 or Laetrile. 230 . but in fac t the only medicine that a human being needs in order to achieve a high state of health and well-being. is to make the go vernment (i. and watch your cancer cells melt away.Grocery Warning It was the very father of medicine. and how I bel ieve that cancer is one of the easiest diseases to reverse through nutritional t herapy.” which has also been largel y forgotten by Western medicine. This sort of thinking is obviously not very popular with the prescription drug manufactur ers. or better yet. Spirulina is another of my favorite supe rfoods. It’s ridiculou s. since the real solution rests in altering a patient’s dietary and ph ysical tness habits so that they can be free of all prescription drugs. In fact. when used in combinat ion. according to most people. Prescription drugs do absolutely nothing to address the core causes of diseases and disorders: they only mask isolated symptoms. Read more at: http://www.e.

Grocery Warning These are just a few small examples of the more than 20 nutritional therapies fo r reversing and preventing cancer through the use of dietary changes and nutriti onal supplements. but drug company executives would have to start looking for new jobs. expensive diagnostic tests. Truly. it’s just a large number of people who are each looking out for th eir own jobs. The nancial and economic implications of this are huge. osteoporosis. only in satiating their taste with the latest. Of course. The pharmaceutical and medical industries would be devastated. if you really take a look at the food politics at play here. because that’s the percentage of food products that promote disease. drug company pro ts would be wiped out virtually overnight. since people would no longer need prescription drugs. diabetes. How serious is the health risk from these metabolic disruptors anyway? The health risk from consuming metabolic disrupters is extremely high. they simply would not get sick at anywhere near the rates we a re seeing today. If you were an executive in a drug company. the answer is yes. where Marion Nestle brings u p this very point and describes how these federal agencies have concluded the on ly practical solution is to try to enrich certain foods to make sure they don’t pr omote a very limited number of diseases related to nutritional de ciencies. might act in very much the same way. dietary changes can both prevent a nd reverse serious diseases. They hate doing that. that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. who knows -. Of course. it isn’t some gi ant conspiracy. From a nationa l level as well. In fact. that this position is considere d heresy in the conventional medical establishment primarily because it threaten s the pro ts of prescription drug companies. however. If people ate healthy foods and avoided metabolic dis rupters entirely. mental disorders and digest ive disorders can be entirely prevented by avoiding the metabolic disrupters tha t are so prominent in our food supply. The people making money by selling yo u a lifetime of drugs certainly don’t want you to nd out that you can cure your own diseases by altering your choice of foods and beverages. more than 90 perce nt of heart disease. People would be far healthier. In oth er words. accomplishing this across the entire population would mean making drastic changes to our food supply: perhaps 80 percent of the products in grocery stores would have to be reformulated or si mply removed from the shelves. these federal agencies are well aware of the links between metabolic d isrupting 231 . yo u will nd that the people in charge at the USDA and FDA admit it would be disastr ous to the economy if people actually avoided the foods that causes these diseas es. Most people a ren’t privileged to the kind of information you’re getting here. Once again. If that truth were to leak out and be widely accepted. a critical review of the available scienti c evidence clearly shows that the vast majority of our most common modern diseases are simply the result of consuming m etabolic disrupters over a period of years or decades. greatest super-intense snack food that i s offered to them in pretty packaging with a fty-cents-off coupon. Be warned. All this is stated quite clearly in the book Food Politics. They are not really interested in being healthier. and the vast majori ty of Americans will continue to eat whatever they like and whatever the food co mpanies push on them. and frequen t visits to their doctors. Overall.

For their part. MSG. long-term think ers would obviously consider these substances to be poisons.” Many people think of poisons as substances that induce death w ithin a few minutes or hours after being consumed. But that customer might ex perience $50. cold pressed oliv e oil. A diet soft drink containing aspartame might sell for six dollars a can. healthful foods like vegetables. But they do. This is what happens when pe ople consume metabolic disrupting ingredients such as hydrogenated oils. kill people over the years. If food and b everage products were priced at level that truly represented their total cost to the consumer. and other similar items would appear inexpensive in comparison. because when c onsumed on a daily basis over a long period of time. In this way.Grocery Warning ingredients in foods and the diseases they cause in the general public. Food manufacturers rely on short-term think ing by the general public in order to get away with using disease-causing ingred ients in their foods without being responsible for the toxic effects caused by t hose ingredients. Poison vs. organic meats. and many others. A package of bacon. but shortterm think ers might never make the connection. Yet the manufa cturer has no responsibility under the laws written today to compensate the cust omer for his or her health care costs or loss of productivity related to the con sumption of the margarine product. a manufacturer that uses hydrogenated oils in its margarine product might earn $1000 in sales f rom a single customer over the course of two decades. but in the real world. most people never associate the two events. If fo od manufacturers were forced to actually add in the long-term nancial effects of their products to the prices of those products. If you drink battery acid. The only reason they aren’t labeled poisons is because they don’t kil l people overnight. consumers blindly accept this economic shift. The passa ge of time has simply been too long. so dium nitrite. This fact has been well documented in the scienti c literature. it certainly should be. yo u aren’t likely to live very long. they do in fact induce dise ase and death. so they don’t consider the original liquid to be a poison at all. In this way. food manufacturers shift the eco nomic burden of their unhealthy foods and ingredients on to consumers. In other words. They know they can use any ingredient considered legal by the FDA and that they will never be held responsible for the nancial consequences exp erienced by consumers who eat those ingredients.000 in health care costs and lost productivity as a direct result o f the eating that margarine product containing hydrogenated oils. primarily because they are clueless about the cause / effect relationship between foods and diseases. metabolic disruptors But when it comes to the discussion of poisons and whether or not these metaboli c disrupters can be considered poisons. avocados. laced with sodium nitrite. you have to explore the working de nition of the word “poison. might cost $10 as well. These are all technically poisons. 232 . but they refuse to take action to educate the public or force food manufacturers to refo rmulate their foods simply because the economic fallout would be too great. a tub of margarine might cost $1 0. People don’t connect the events. But what if a substance takes longer to kill you? What if th ere were a liquid that would kill you in 10 years if you drank it today? Would t hat be considered a poison? From a technical point of view. in fact. and thus battery acid would be considered a poi son by most people.

What’s the cost of a single visit to the doctor? What is the c ost of having heart disease. I challenge them by asking them to tell me the cost of one n ight at a hospital. or diabetes that is caused by consuming pro cessed foods made with ingredients that promote these diseases? In comparison. unprocessed foods are a bargain. o rganic foods and unre ned. cancer. 233 .Grocery Warning I have frequently explained this to people who complain that buying organic food s is too expensive.

Grocery Warning 234 .

chlorella. Physical exercise Finally. 235 . Don’t buy something unless you know exactly what’s in it. Regular soft drinks are loaded with re ned carbohydrates in the form of high-fructose cor n syrup. you’ll never want to go back. Giving up soft drinks is a fundamental step toward achieving both weight loss an d health enhancement goals. Make water your only drink. before purchasing t hem. Start reading the ingredient labels of all foods. of course. you don’t need vegetable drinks. At some point. So in response to those who have as ked me for the short version -. You can’t diet your way to a t. and for some people it is initially too much information. Both types of soft drinks are highly acidic and tend to disr upt the pH balance of your system. 5. If you need he lp quitting soft drinks. and diet soft drinks contain arti cial chemical sweeteners linked to neur ological disorders. right now. and chances are that you need a lot more of it than you’re currently drinking. If it helps you get used to drinking water. lean body. You don’t need fruit juices.I offer the following list of the top ve things to do in order t o make your food choice healthier. immune system function. Foc us on supplementing with whole food complexes. try it with ice at rst. Physical exercise is quite simply a prerequisite for human health. so we all might as well stop waiting for them to appe ar. Th ere are no magic bullet workarounds that will allow you to avoid exercise and be healthy at the same time. Give up soft drinks for life. rest assured that your physical exercise efforts w ill not only accelerate the progress you make on your diet. an d whole food concentrates (like Jenny Lee Supergreens or The Ultimate Meal).TruthPub lishing. Simply make a decision and a commitment to li ve the rest of your life without soft drinks. 3. Whatever you do. check out. It will also. an d if you avoid them for a year or so. Water is the only beverage you need.some way to make all of this really simple and e asy to follow -. The Five Soft Drink Monsters at www. Read the labels and avoid dangerous ingredients. It’s the only reliable way to avoid co nsuming metabolic disrupters. Don’t put it in your gr ocery shopping cart unless you read the label rst. you can get started with something as simple as da ily walking. Make this a habit. period.Grocery Warning GETTING STARTED: FIRST THINGS FIRST I have presented an enormous amount of information in this manual. and you don’t need cows’ milk. 2. The list goes on and on. Make your supplements a regular part of your dietary habits. you’re going to have to get on your feet and start moving. “Where do I start?” This is the answer: start right here! 1. Supplement with superfoods Supplement your with superfoods such as sea vegetables. What you really need is water. There’s simply no reason to drink soft drinks. and even improve digestion. get serious about physical exercise. it will also dramati cally alter your mood and help increase both your bone mineral density and lean body mass. 4. If you’ve been reading this manual and thinking to yourself. but strive to d rink room temperature water in the long run. but you ge t the point: move it or lose it. You really won’t be missing much. increase your cardiovascular health. not isolated vitamins or minerals . If you’re n ot already physically active. This is the only way that you can exercise total control and choice of freedom over what in gredients you decide to put into your body.

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my most highly recommended superfood powder produc t.Snackmasters. Some of my favorite products from this company? Flax meal. It’s made with chlorella. http://www. pearled barley. and a variety of other health-prom oting superfood Makers of dried fruits and vegetables with nothing added (no sul tes. by the way) that can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Offers Jenny Lee Supergreens. w heat germ. http://www. I like their hummus. I have experienced tremendous resu lts from this Makers of The Ultimate Meal superfood powder. Highly recommended. but a little goes a long way. and guar gum (which I blend into various superfood dr inks).Grocery Warning REFERENCE: MANUFACTURES’ WEBSITES I personally consume and recommend foods and products made by the following comp anies. 237 . Very handy products from an honest compa ny. soy cheese. which isn’t really a grain.UltimateLife.Melissas. I’ve also seen people drop 25 pounds of body fat in a month by consuming The Ultimate Meal. I use their dried fruits and add them to breakfast cereals.JustTomatoes. I use it daily. http://www. Some companies allow you to buy products directly from their Makers of healthy. spirulina.JennyLeeNaturals. http://www. You can al so use their dried vegetables in Bob’s Red Mill makes the only grains I’ll buy. Fo r others.BobsRedMill. and other products. tofu. no preservat ives).com Makers of meat jerky products processed with no sodium nitrite or MSG (something that’s very dif cult to nd). These foods are very expensive on a per-pound basis. quinoa. you’ll have to look for their products in local retailers. natural food products that have managed to gain widespread di stribution through grocery stores and Wal-Mart. http://www. These are whole grains and exotic gra ins (such as quinoa.

It contains only 5g of carbs per serving. All of Kettle’s nut but ters are made without hydrogenated oils or added sugars. Delicious! http://www. and many other products. one of my favorite powdered stevia products. Highly recommended. but check for their products at health food grocers like Wild Oats and Whole Foods.galaxyfoods. it can be sweetened up with stevia. http://www. You may have trouble in the Mid west. Warning Makers of Super Stevia Another of my favorite crackers.Kettlefoods. All crackers should be this healthy! Their WASA crackers are readily available at most grocery stores. I also add whey protein powder to ad d protein to the cereal. Although it isn’t very sweet out of t he box. Made with loads of ber and no hydrogenated oils. unless you check at health food stores.html Kettle Foods makes a variety of products. for example). 238 .com Makers of my current favorite choice for low-carb breakfast cereals: Hi-Lo cerea Galaxy Foods makes a variety of veggie-based dairy replacement products like veg gie cheese. Dif c ult to nd. They’re easier to nd on the East Coast. these crackers are my #1 choice for using with coconut oil and stevia powder.DiestelTurkey. sprinkle some s tevia. http://www. no matter who makes Makers of deli-style turkey meat products containing no nitrites and no MSG. http://www. I b uy it at Trader Joe’s. veggie spread. and you’ve got a 100 percent healthy snack with no metabolic disruptors! Makers of my favorite low-carb. I’ve eaten them for years and recommend them without hesitation. But I highly re commend their nut butters. sometimes located near the “kosher” crackers sect ion. add some liquid butter avor. but I’ve m anaged to nd them in Arizona without any problem. and I don’t recommend all of them (I don’t recommend potato chips. whole grain cracker that’s totally free of hydroge nated oils. however. especially their almond butter.branacrisp.Organicmilling. S pread coconut oil on these crackers.


. visit t. visit w ww. He is well versed on nutritional and lifestyle therapies for weight loss and disease prevention / reversal. food toxicology and the true causes of disease and health.TruthPublishing. To prove the value of nut rition and physical exercise in enhancing health.About the Author The Health Ranger (Mike Adams) is a holistic nutritionist with over . Adams publishes detailed stati stics on his own blood chemistry (with full lab results) at http://www.ChlorellaFactor. Adams uses no prescription drugs whatsoe ver and relies exclusively on natural health. To read timely articles and commentary on today’s health t opics.000 hours of study on nutrition. nutrition al supplements and exercise to achieve optimum health. For free access to Adams’ book on superfoods.html For additional books authored by Mike Adams. superfoods. whole foods. vis it www.

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