Jinn existed 2000 years before Adam but they caused bloodshet so were driven out to the depth

of sea he remained a figure of clay for fourty years Allah breathed His spirit into Adam and when it reached his head Adam sneezed. The angels said: "Say all praise belongs to Allah." Adam repeated: "All praise belongs to Allah." Allah said to him: "Your L ord has granted you mercy." When the spirit reached his eyes, Adam looked at the fruits of Parad ise. When it reached his abdomen Adam felt an appetite for food. He jumped hurriedly before t he spirit could reach his legs, so that he could eat from the fruits of Paradise. Allah, therefo re, said: "Man is created of haste." Adam's progeny declared: "Our Lord, we bear witness that You are our Lord; we ha ve no other Lord but Allah. Allah raised their father Adam, and he looked at them and saw th ose of them who were rich and those who were poor, and those who had good forms and those who di d not. Adam said: "O Allah! I wish You to make Your servants equal." Allah replied "I love b eing thanked." Adam saw among the prophets like lamps among his progeny. Adam then knew that Iblis was his eternal enemy. He was greatly astonished at Ib lis's audacity and Allah's tolerance. Immediately after his creation Adam witnessed th e large amount of freedom that Allah gives to His commissioned creatures. Allah gives His commissioned creatures absolute freedom even to the extent that they can refuse Allah the Almighty's commands. He grants them the freedom of denial, disobedienc e, and even disagreement with Him. His kingdom will not diminish if the disbelievers do not believe in Him nor will it be extended if many people believe in Him. On the contrary, the disb elievers will lose, and the believers will gain but Allah is above all of that. Adam spent 100 years in Paradise. In another narration it was said he spent 60 years. Ibn Asaker reported that Adam wept for 60 years for his loss of Paradise and 70 years for his mistake, and he wept for another 70 years when his son was killed. It was meant to teach Adam, Eve, and their progeny that it was Satan who had caused them to be expelled from Paradise and that the road to Para dise can only be reached by obedience to Allah and enmity to Satan Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "The best of days o n which the sun has risen is Friday. One this day Adam was created, and on this day he was d escended to

who on his deat h. Following the disembarkation there was a day of fasting in thanks to Allah. he was only seven years old at that time. When he died his duties were taken ov er by his son Yard. Ibn Abbas stated that there were 80 believers while Ka ab al Ahbar held that the re were 72 believers. What added to the problem was that his father wanted him to be a priest when he was grown.Others claimed that there were 10 believers with Noah. that he was the first one to cut do wn trees to build cities and large forts and that he built the cities of Babylonia. He wanted nothing more from . the idol which they n amed thus Noah continued to call his people to believe in Allah for nine hundred fifty yea rs." (al Bukhari) Allah sent down 104 psalms. worshipping Allah.earth.AD: The storm raged for 8 days entire region was reduced y the sands of the desert. and 7 nights. He in turn. swallowed b Only Hud and his followers remained unharmed. was succeeded by his son Qinan. the god of gods. who was succeeded by Mahlabeel. others say Abraham was raised by his uncle. Some tradition says Abraham's father died before he was born. some say he was al ive and his name was Azer. still others worshipped their kings an d rulers. bequeathed them to his son Khonoukh. It was also said that Adam was the first . His father answered: "It is Mardukh. This made Abraham laugh. Hud .Enoch was born and raised in Ba bylon. sun and moon. and lived there in peace. their tr Abraham: At that time some people worshipped idols of stone and wood. son! These big ears show h is deep knowledge. Some traditions claimed that Hud (PBUH) was the first person who spoke Arabic wh ile others claimed that Noah (PBUH) was the first. others wor shipped the planets. of which 50 were sent down to Seth. The Persians cla im that Mahlabeel was the King of the Seven Regions. Noah was born 1056 years after Adam's creation (or after he left the Garden of Eden So the first to be worshipped instead of Allah was Waddan. Sahih Bukhari." When the time of his death came Seth's son Anoush succeeded him.That violent gale did not stop until the to ruins and its wicked people destroyed. He reigned for a period of forty years.he was the 1st to invent the basic form of writing. who is Idris (pbuh) according to the majority of the s cholars. They migrated to Hadramaut ue Lord. Enoch was the 5th generation of the Prophet Adam. stars.

his son that that he revere those statues. yet Abraham never stopped displaying his hatred an d disdain of them. .