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A formula for success: Implementing Accenture Supply Chain Academy at Pfizer

Client profile
Pfizer Inc. is a diversified global health care company, with a portfolio including human and animal biologic and small molecule medicines and vaccines, nutritional products, and many of the world’s best-known consumer products. In late 2009, Pfizer acquired Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, creating one of the most diversified organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. combination of online courses, live webinars, and proven frameworks and tools, through which the company was able to keep its vital supply chain capabilities in top form. For instance, Wyeth derived substantial value from the Supply Chain Academy’s competency framework for key supply chain roles, and its training programs targeted at closing competency gaps among employees, which both enhanced employee skills and increased job satisfaction. These assets proved valuable indeed to Wyeth in the fast-paced, dynamic and competitive global health care market, boosting the consistency and effectiveness of its supply chain function in key geographies. In fact, when Wyeth was acquired by Pfizer in early 2009, the acquiring company quickly took notice of the value being generated by the Supply Chain Academy, and formed a plan to leverage that value across the newly formed organization. As stated by Lisa Brown, Pfizer’s Director of Supply Chain Capability, “The goal was to take the best of the best from both organizations and create new opportunities. The Supply Chain Academy quickly came to the surface because of its unique value. At the time, Pfizer did not have such an online supply chain professional development tool that would allow our people around the globe to develop themselves.” Pfizer was especially eager to take advantage of the Supply Chain Academy’s potential to accelerate and enhance the transformation of its global supply chain function into a source of sustainable value and increased agility. The company also sought to build a common foundation of knowledge across the many moving parts involved in its acquisition of Wyeth and other, smaller companies. In light of the successful deployment of the Supply Chain Academy in leading businesses across industries and geographies, Pfizer was confident this resource would help it achieve these goals quickly.

Business challenge
Prior to its acquisition by Pfizer, Wyeth had chosen Accenture Supply Chain Academy to play a central role in its ongoing cultivation of differentiated supply chain capabilities, particularly among a subset of employees across its European, the Middle East, and Africa regions, and selected global supply chain teams. This advanced supply chain learning solution gave Wyeth access to a powerful

Accenture launched a customized implementation of the Supply Chain Academy that would imbue the company’s supply chain with the broad set of skills it would need to maintain market leadership for years to Accenture and Pfizer designed a customized curriculum for these employees that would boost their working knowledge of the end-to-end supply chain. its logo. multi-channel communications campaigns to publicize the value of the Supply Chain Academy to Pfizer employees and encourage enrollment among a broader pool of supply chain staff. Its home page is www. Courses in different languages. live webinars and an abundance of online courses that they could complete on their own time offered a new and innovative way of learning in Pfizer’s Global Supply Chain Network. Mona Abdellall.000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. With this groundwork in place. Pfizer’s supply chain transformation also would entail the creation of new roles. and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies. While this is a powerful benefit for employees. hundreds of satisified Pfizer supply chain employees across the companies global footprint have taken advantage of Supply Chain Academy. with demand for training on the rise. “The SCA webinar initiative along with Pfizer web portal promotional messages was key to the launch and early adoption of Supply Chain Academy. and the importance of adhering to individual development plans. and the subsequent need to provide key employees with new and enhanced skills related to those roles. knowledge and performance of the workforce. Just as important. visit www. these materials have been designed to maximize Pfizer’s return on its investment in the Supply Chain Academy as quickly as possible.” Pfizer’s initial target employees included its global market leaders. For more information. We collaborate with clients to implement innovative consulting and outsourcing solutions that align operating models to support business “People are enthusiastic about the SCA training opportunities and attendance is high.How Accenture helped Collaborating closely with Pfizer. We help companies to drive better execution across the global supply chain and develop a more agile and responsive business. In Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. 11-2926 / 11-4503 . Accenture and Pfizer’s Manager of Supply Chain Capability. The speed and certainty with which Accenture has been able to implement the Supply Chain Academy derives both from the solution’s tested tools. the implementation has been fast and predictable throughout. sourcing and procurement. every supply chain employee—regardless of their role or location—now has access to the training they need to further their individual development plans. Accenture and Pfizer have developed powerful. “Our initial goal was to provide our market leaders with the professional education they needed to function in the broader supply chain functions. fulfillment. we combine global industry expertise and skills in supply chain strategy. blending customized and existing components to boost Pfizer’s supply chain skills. For more information. Accenture worked closely with Pfizer to map its content to Pfizer’s new organizational design and ensure the right employees would participate in the right courses. additional topics are being added to the development schedule for instance. and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture. visit www. selection.5 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. including site navigation. 2011. enable profitable product launches. identify gaps and design an individualized curriculum. frameworks and dashboards it would need to measure the impact of those courses on the achievement of its goals and adjust its approach accordingly.” About Accenture Supply Chain Academy Accenture Supply Chain Academy is an innovative and flexible online learning environment. The intention of this tool is to allow its users to rate themselves against a number of competencies associated with their role. technology services and outsourcing company. processes and content as well as Accenture’s deep experience in pharmaceuticals and supply chain management. as has its flexibility and inherent suitability to Pfizer’s global supply chain organization. delivering rich content designed to rapidly improve the skills. As well and based on Pfizer’s needs. “The Pfizer led global webinars attracted more than 500 colleagues from all over the world due to the attractive features SCA offers. course Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. Accenture helped Pfizer develop a comprehensive Curriculum Builder based on approved Pfizer roles. In short. Committed to helping clients achieve high performance through supply chain mastery. In fact. From banners and postcards to intranet pages. and service management to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.” said Brown. and enhance the skills and capabilities of the supply chain workforce. optimize global operations. High performance delivered In just a few short months. About Accenture Accenture is a global management consulting. comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions. Combining unparalleled experience. core competencies and desired proficiency levels. manufacturing and design. the promotional campaigns have been successful: monthly course completions increased by a factor of 2. recent articles from popular magazines. Accenture further enhanced the value of this tool by tailoring it to Pfizer’s supply chain roles. This new model will provide a much larger group of employees with access to the Supply Chain Academy. As part of this process. Accenture also helped Pfizer establish the Supply Chain Academy metrics. by applying its valuable knowledge and expertise to Pfizer’s specific goals and challenges. The professional growth enabled by the Supply Chain Academy has earned rave reviews among Pfizer employees.” said Accenture has been able to support the company’s ongoing drive toward high performance. with more than 244. The Accenture team was there to support Pfizer every step of the way. Also.5 between May and July 2011.supplychainacademy. perhaps the greatest value to Pfizer is the enhanced agility and responsiveness that such a leading-edge supply chain capability supports. supply chain planning. have teamed up to deliver a series of webinars that teach global supply chain employees the intricacies of using the Supply Chain Academy. Accenture. as well as numerous demand planners and logistics leaders. in such areas as supply chain security and cold chain. The company generated net revenues of US$25. Working together. Pfizer recently switched from a license-based model to one based on consumption. Brown noted. About Accenture Supply Chain Management The Accenture Supply Chain Management service line works with clients across a broad range of industries to develop and execute operational strategies that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.