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Proverbs 3:1-2(KJV): "My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: 2 For length of days

, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee." Verse 1 The first verse above gives us an admonition, while the second verse gives the result of keeping that admonition. What wonderful promises God gives us! If we do not forget His laws, but keep them in our hearts and obey them, they produce peace, long life, and days full of accomplishmentbesides the many other things the Lord promises His people. Over the years, I have heard people say things like You never know when it will be your time to go or It may be Gods will to take you home when you are young. Todays verses, and other verses, however, promise long life if we do certain things: Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation (Psalm 91:1416">Psalm 91:14-16). The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened (Proverbs10:27). Verse 2 God desires to bless us and our families with long life and peace. These promises are as available to us as are His many other blessings, but they are conditional. We must keep His Word in our hearts and appropriate His promises through faith and obedience. He has a wonderful purpose for every individual on earth and promises long life to fulfill them. However, we have an enemy who is determined to destroy us. Jesus spoke of Satan as a thief; he seeks to rob our families and us of the peace and long life that God promises (John 10:10). We must learn Gods Word and walk in His ways to protect ourselves and our families from the enemy. One passage we can claim daily is Psalm 91. If we are in Gods will, He will protect us, regardless of geographic location or circumstances. We could be in a war zone and still be safe; conversely, we could be in the safest place in the world and still have a fatal accident if we are not in His will, for then we are open to Satanic attack. The only safe place is in the will of God. As we meditate on Gods Word, and claim it by faith, we become overcomers in Christ, living abundant lives and fulfilling His purposes. Satan can take a Christians life prematurely; however, the devil is ultimately defeated since we are promised eternal life in heaven.

Proverbs 3:3-4(KJV): "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: 4 So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man."

Thought for the Day
Verse 3 Many cause and effect statements are found throughout Proverbs. Todays verses reveal that we find favor with God and man, if we allow mercy and truth to rule our hearts and lives. The Bible is Gods Word; therefore, we are admonished to keep its truths in our hearts. John 14:6 also records that

Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. We must invite Jesus to dwell in our hearts, for He is the Truth. We will never find our way in this world until we allow the Holy Spirit, through Jesus, to lead and guide us. Life and truth are in Him. When we follow Him, we will keep His commandments, which are absolute truth. Jesus said Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away (Matthew 24:35). Humanistic teachings claim that there are no moral absolutes or absolute truth. These false doctrines have spread throughout the world. Humanism teaches that each man is his own guide and truth. We are told to do what feels right for us and to let others do what they feel is right for them. Right or wrong becomes whatever each individual decides it to be. This destructive teaching is wreaking havoc in our world. Without moral standards, there is no justice; each person becomes a law to himself. Proverbs16:25describes this kind of thinking: There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Verse 4 If we desire Gods favor, we must embrace His words and His ways. If we want mans favor, we must not only embrace the truth, but be merciful to people. We must not be legalistic about Gods Word, but always have mercy in our hearts toward those who break the laws of God. The Lord tells us that if we desire to obtain mercy in our time of need, we must be merciful to those who fall short of the truth and hurt us. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy (Matthew 5:7).

Proverbs 3:5-8(KJV): "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. 8 It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones." Verses 5-6 Leaning on our own understanding does not mean we are not to use our minds. When we do not understand what is happening, we must trust the LORD to show us what to do. When we are tempted to blame God for trials, we must not yield to Satans accusations against Him. Evil attacks against us or our families do not come from God but Satan, who is trying to discourage us. We must trust God to bring us through every trial. If we acknowledge Him, He promises to direct our paths and show us how to overcome every problem we encounter. Verse 7 We must not be wise in our own eyes, but reverently respect the Lord. If we really believe that the Bible is true, we will leave our own ways and follow His. We will honor His Word and not treat it lightly, since we will fear the consequences of rejecting Him. The Bible tells us there is a heaven and a hell and that we will decide which will be our abode. We are invited to repent of our sins, accept Jesus as our Savior, and obey His law of love. To accept this invitation is to choose the way of heaven. If we reject it, our rebellion will take us to hell. A healthy fear and respect of God will help us to resist evil when we are tempted to sin. Verse 8 The navel marks where a babys umbilical cord was once attached, reminding us that our mothers gave us life by nourishing us through the umbilical cord before we were born. Symbolically, this could represent Gods life-

bringing health to us as we are attached to Him. The Hebrew word for navel also means nerve or muscle.[1] Following God brings health to our emotions and bodies. The phrase marrow to thy bones takes on strong implications regarding health in the light of modern medicine and biology: life-giving cells are created in the marrow of the bones and released to the body, and doctors even perform bone marrow transplants for the reversal of some fatal diseases. Many helpful books are available on health, but the greatest advice on healthy living is found in Gods Word. He desires to bless us with healthy minds, bodies and spirits. This complete health is obtained by allowing Jesus to rule every area of our lives.

9 Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: 10 So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. Verse 9 The Bible was originally written to peoples of the ancient world, particularly the Israelites. Since most Israelites were farmers or herdsmen, many Bible parables are expressed in agricultural terms. Firstfruits meant the first fruit to ripen in the garden, the first grain to ripen of the crops, or the first lambs born of the herds. Many had grape orchards, and since they did not have refrigeration, it did not take long for the juice to become wine. When the Israelites brought their firstfruits to offer to the Lord, He received those offerings as acts of faith and obedience. They represented the substance of their labor. Today, labor is usually rewarded through monetary payment. Offering firstfruits is taking money out of our paychecks for tithes and offerings, then using the rest to meet our needs. When we give to God, we honor Him as Lord over our money. Farmers kept grain to grind into flour as well as seed to plant the next crop. God expects us to keep some of our seed for bread, as well as some for sowing. Those who impulsively give it all away and then expect God to take care of them are violating this principle. Some people give away all their seed and have nothing to eat, while others eat all their seed and have nothing to plant or invest. We should have seed for both purposes. In addition to our tithes or firstfruits for the Lords work, we should also give to help others whenever the Lord directs. We must learn to give by the Spirits direction, not allowing mere emotions or sympathies to direct us. Until these areas are renewed in us, Satan can still influence us through them. God is not always sympathetic with seemingly good causes. We should also not give mechanically, just because we have always given to a certain cause, but remain open to Gods direction in our giving. Sometimes He may speak that we are not to give to a certain ministry we are used to supporting. He may desire us to give elsewhere. We need to be just as sensitive to Gods restraining voice as to His prompting voice. However, we must remain compassionate in our giving. When we see those around us in obvious need we should not turn our backs on them,

since we are called to be good Samaritans (Luke 10:30-37, 1 John 3:17). Verse 10 After we plant, we expect a harvest. In the same way, we can expect God to meet our financial needs when we have been obedient to give Him our tithes and offerings. Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again (Luke 6:38). It is Gods nature to give. Greed and stinginess are of Satan. If we are truly committed to God and walking in the Spirit, we will always desire to give. It will not be a burden, but a joy. If we are faithful in giving, we shall never lack anything that we really need; our barns will be filled with plenty. That is Gods promise.
Proverbs 3:11-12(KJV): "My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction: 12 For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." Proverbs 3:11-12(Amplified): "My son, do not despise or shrink from the chastening of the Lord -- His correction by punishment, or by subjection to suffering or trial; neither be weary and impatient and loathe or abhor His reproof. 12 For whom the Lord loves He corrects, even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights."

Thought for the Day
Verse 11 To become wise, we must receive Gods correction, or His chastening. We should pray for it so that we will remain on the right path; if we go astray we can be destroyed. God corrects His children as an earthly father does. A good father never injures his children when correcting them. He chastens to teach proper behavior so that they will avoid pain and trouble. It is important to understand that God does not send evil things into our lives in order to teach us. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and the Bible is our textbook. Students must learn from their teachers and textbooks to pass their tests. If one does not pay attention to instruction and refuses to study, he does not advance. He must apply what he hears. Likewise, we must obey the Holy Spirits promptings and apply the Bible to our lives, in order to pass lifes tests. If we are rebellious or ignorant of the Bibles teachings, we will suffer things that God never intended for us to suffer. Verse 12 A good father never does anything evil to his own child, but protects and cares for him. If his child should hurt himself, whether through ignorance or disobedience, he quickly comes to his aid. Our heavenly Father loves us and sent His Son to redeem us from the curse, not to put another one on us. The Bible tells us who the troublemaker is (the devil) and how to avoid his temptations and attacks. Some people claim that they came to the Lord through tragedy. This may be true, but the devil, not God, devised the tragedy. God, in His grace, was there to help and deliver them in the midst of their troubles. Tragedies in themselves never save anyone; many lead to death, and those involved that do not know Jesus as Savior will endure eternity in hell. The Spirit of God brings us to salvation, not tragedy. No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him (John6:44). People are saved because the Holy Spirit leads others to pray for them. We must never blame God for difficulties, but rather turn to Him and praise Him; not for the trouble, but for the fact that He is there to help us in the midst of it. Praise God that we can call upon Him to show us the way to overcome problems and grow spiritually in the process. Remember: He loves us and delights in us!

By embracing Christ. in their search for gold and precious stones. we are given a peace that passes understanding. all who commit themselves to the Lord and obey His Word will also continue to grow in Him. and in her left hand riches and honour. In the same way. because real peace only comes by knowing God. It is based on our relationship with Jesus. Whoever gains wisdom is given the promise of long life. they were still not fulfilled. which only God can give. and the man that getteth understanding. 17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness. When we know Him." Thought for the Day Verse 19-20 Today. Scripture compares the righteous to trees planted by water. When we accept Jesus as our Savior. and all her paths are peace. 20 By his knowledge the depths are broken up. His Word tells us how to take hold of and keep it. or how much wealth we might have. 15 She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. The kind of peace and joy one receives from God is not based on circumstances. but prosperity which is gained honorably. Through the ages." Verses 13-17 The wisdom of God is better than any earthly treasure because it will not only produce prosperity. It is a gift of God. Verse 18 Wisdom is a tree of life and all who take hold of it experience joy. Many have even killed. by understanding hath he established the heavens. we experience His life in all we do. and the gain thereof than fine gold. 18 She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. However. 14 For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver. 16 Length of days is in her right hand. Devotional Scripture Proverbs 3:19-20(KJV): "The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth. man desires to know the origin of himself and the . as he has throughout history. Jesus is that tree of life. and the clouds drop down the dew. because life and death are in His hand. men have sought to obtain happiness through riches. Trees with a continuous water supply will continue to grow. we have access to all things that we need in life.Proverbs 3:13-18(KJV): "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom. Since all the riches of wisdom are hidden in Christ (Colossians 2:3). in obtaining riches.

" Verse 21 If we are wise. the moon and the planets. Many babes in Christ are zealous to go into full-time ministry. which also means breath. We render a greater service through our being than through our doing. The first chapter of Genesis tells us that God created first heaven. in that which is not corruptible. which need vegetation to feed upon. We keep sound wisdom and learn discretion by obeying His Word. matter. and then the land animals. We may feel we have heard the Lord tell us to do something. Gods pattern is to call us to be before He calls us to do. and that it was He who created man. in unsearchable wisdom. But let it be the hidden man of the heart. and will. The universe is full of visible evidence of Gods wisdom. Man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. is the true. He made light. True ministry is a natural part of our relationship with Jesus Christ. the moon and the stars. Paul said of the Jews they have a zeal of God. Keeping Gods words before our eyes (by studying the Bible) is one way in which we maintain a close relationship with Him. inward man. as He is certainly calling people to serve Him at this hour. It is made to rule over the realms of soul and body. thou shalt lie down. This is possible only as we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit and stay in close relationship with Jesus. day and night. and created vegetation on the earth. before we can be effective ministers for Him. The real person is the spirit man. This is but one example of the intricacy and orderliness of creation. unseen with the natural eye. He created man to rule over all He had made. In the following order. emotions. but we must know His plan. even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. but are unprepared for the task. 23 Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely. Scripture states that the Lord God. space. The spirit man. and grace to thy neck. energy. for it strikes me that everything was done in precisely the right order. Finally. It naturally spills over onto others. and thy sleep shall be sweet. It is a greater honor to be called to be something than to do something. After that came the sea creatures and the birds. Then He made the expanse and divided the waters. 24 When thou liest down. I appreciate the organization and order that is a part of Gods wisdom. Proverbs 3:21-24(KJV): "My son. Real ministry flows from what Christ is doing in us. We must apply to our lives the knowledge of Gods Word. created the earth and all the galaxies. Verse 22 Obeying Gods Word brings life to our souls. Then He created the sun. as well as His call. but not according to knowledge (Romans 10:2). caused dry land to appear. along with the plants and animals. It is the sphere of divine influence. The body is only the house that holds the real man. He gathered the seas together. God set them in orbits so that they would not collide with each other. and thy foot shall not stumble. Next. The soul of man is made up of his mind. then the earth. which requires some time. which is in the sight of God a great price (1 Peter 3:4) . which must have light to grow. let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion: 22 So shall they be life unto thy soul. thou shalt not be afraid: yea. God created the heavens and earth. then light and the cycle of day and night. In creating the sun. referred to in Scripture as the heart of man. We should pray for wisdom to know Gods proper order for accomplishing His purposes in our lives. The Greek word for spirit is pneuma. and His crowning creation: man and woman. They rotate with exact precision and astronomers can calculate their alignments at any given time. not from what we are trying to do for Him. When I read this account. we will keep Gods laws and commandments from the heart. Faith and preparation should precede works. and time.

in him will I trust. but to have faith that our God will keep us. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler. earthquakes. God knows we live in a world where fearful things happen. 26 For the LORD shall be thy confidence. and sleep: for thou. Among these are the blessings of safety and His grace to keep us from falling. when it cometh. forget not my law. Some experience tormenting dreams and nightmares. and so forth during the day. but let thine heart keep my commandments (Proverbs 3:1). movies. under the shadow of His wings. He is my refuge and my fortress: my God. to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep (Psalm 127:2)." Verse 25 The Bible tells us many times not to be fearful. if we ask Him to deliver us from the root problem which causes sleeplessness. lest thou dash thy foot against a stone (Psalm 91:11-12). and from the noisome pestilence (Psalm 91:1-3). we can have Gods sweet sleep without them. and other catastrophes. since many innocent souls can suffer too for various reasons). God will be dealing with the wicked. God promises us sweet sleep. We can be protected from these things if we stay close to the Lord and have faith in the protecting power of God. Todays verses charge us not to be fearful. Many must even use prescription drugs in order to sleep. but a restless one. to keep thee in all thy ways. He promises to watch over and care for His children. Although prescriptions may be a temporary help. That is what is meant . but in the fact that our Father watches over us and keeps us from falling. Many of them will be removed from the earth through judgments in the form of plagues. I will both lay me down in peace. and has even appointed angels to keep us from harm: For he shall give his angels charge over thee. lifes cares keep them awake. and shall keep thy foot from being taken. Verse 26 Our confidence must not rest in the things of this world. Sleep for many people is not the peaceful state God intended it to be. (Not all who perish in these kinds of destructions are wicked.Verse 23 The Lord promises us His grace to overcome in this life in addition to many other blessings. Others are worried and anxious. LORD. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. neither of the desolation of the wicked. The sleep of a labouring man is sweet. only makest me dwell in safety (Psalm 4:8). Verse 24 The gift of sweet sleep is a wonderful blessing. Proverbs 3:25-26(KJV): "Be not afraid of sudden fear. My son. whether he eat little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep (Ecclesiastes 5:12). safe. Before the Second Coming of Christ. They shall bear thee up in their hands. It is vain for you to rise up early. Many are unable to rest at night because they fill their minds with unwholesome things through books. to sit up late. I will say of the LORD. as well as our families. We are living in the last days. and He has made provision for us. storms.

who dwells trustingly and confidently beside you. How should we respond to situations in which we are asked to help someone? If we are able. Of course. Instead. they would usually buy more alcohol. Proverbs 3:27-29(KJV): "Withhold not good from them to whom it is due. Although these verses do not refer to strangers. In the future. If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture. Prayer is a form of giving also. We should always try to live peaceably with all men. we should help those in need. too. Satan uses many schemes to try to turn us aside from Gods ways. and come again. we knew our money was helping them. These verses say that if we have it. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. If we have enough money to reimburse a loan or pay for the work someone did for us. We always tried to help the best way we could. Many transients whose breath smelled of alcohol asked us for money. we may be the ones asking for help instead of the ones called to give it. not hurting them. Many friendships are strained if the borrower puts off paying back what was given to him as a temporary a loan. We arranged with a local restaurant and gas station near the church to pay for meals and gas for people who asked for money for these things. and stay close to the Lord. these verses refer to neighbors and friends. 28 Say not unto thy neighbour. meaning that we are to help those we know. Go. when it is in the power of thine hand to do it. seeing he dwelleth securely by thee. read our Bibles. There are many con artists in the world. we must not turn our neighbor away and ask him to come back later. We must always pray about what we are to give. and since our church building was located on a busy highway. including instructions regarding payment of loans or services rendered. we always prayed for them. . the Bible addresses this kind of giving also. In this manner. Sometimes money is not the answer to someones need. but this does not mean giving money to everyone that asks. ye do well (James 2:8). he will not be able to trip us up. After praying about this problem. we had many people come in and ask for our help. Rather. we should pay promptly and not put it off. Even if we cannot help by giving money. Without Gods protection we are apt to fall into the devils snares. We knew that when they asked for money for food or keeping thy foot from being taken. Verse 29 The Amplified Bible translates this verse this way: Do not contrive or dig up or cultivate evil against your neighbor. We should especially strive for peace with our neighbors because we all need one another at times. we can always pray for people. we may need to give of ourselves in time and effort to really help in the matter." Verse 27-28 The Bible records much practical advice concerning finances. If we pray. we came up with an answer. My husband was a pastor for many years. when thou hast it by thee. 29 Devise not evil against thy neighbour. and to morrow I will give.

so shalt thou dwell in the land. and execute my judgments. However. so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go. It calls such people an abomination to the Lord. but His hidden thoughts and feelings with those who love Him. In time. He knows the secrets of all hearts. Some people just love to argue. and thy judgment as the noonday. Commit thy way unto the LORD. Trust in the LORD. This verse tells us of an advantage the righteous have over the wickedthe Lord shares His secrets with them. and his judgments. Cease from anger. trust also in him.Proverbs 3:30-32(KJV): "Strive not with a man without cause. 1 Corinthians 12:10 mentions this as the gift of discerning of spirits. Rest in the LORD. which I spake unto David thy father: 1 Kings 8:58 That he may incline our hearts unto him. it refers to one who is crooked and perverse. neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. the ungodly will perish. 31 Envy thou not the oppressor. Psalm 37:1-9 tells us not to envy such people or choose to follow their ways: Fret not thyself because of evildoers. When we are walking in Gods will. and to keep his commandments. and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil. while those who wait upon the Lord and follow Him shall see the righteous desires of their hearts fulfilled. God not only shares His knowledge. Verse 32 When the Bible speaks of a froward person. as written in the Law of Moses. This is the wonderful privilege of knowing God! God blesses us in so many ways. and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way. 32 For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous. Delight thyself also in the LORD. and choose none of his ways. This discernment will prevent us from being deceived by unscrupulous people and from becoming entangled with those who have wrong motives. and he shall bring it to pass. because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. the Holy Spirit will warn us if anyone tries to deceive us. and his statutes. and keep all my commandments to walk in them. and do good. and verily thou shalt be fed. then will I perform my word with thee. and wither as the green herb. For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD. which he commanded our fathers . And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light. 1 Kings 6:12 Concerning this house which thou art in building. his laws and requirements. and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. they shall inherit the earth. and keep his decrees and commands. This is another reason why we should praise our Lord every day! Proverbs 3:1 Keep commandments: 1 Kings 2:3 and observe what the LORD your God requires: Walk in his ways. if he have done thee no harm." Verse 30 We might phrase this admonition as Dont start a fight without a reason. if thou wilt walk in my statutes. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass. Verse 31 Sometimes it seems that oppressors are better off than those seeking to do what is right. to walk in all his ways.

only if they will observe to do according to all that I have commanded them.’ Psalm 19:11 Moreover they warn thy servant: and in keeping of them there is great reward. thy testimonies. keep and seek for all the commandments of the LORD your God: that ye may possess this good land. and do all I command. as I covenanted with David your father when I said. in accordance with the entire Law that I commanded your fathers to obey and that I delivered to you through my servants the prophets. and to build the palace. 2 Kings 17:13 The LORD warned Israel and Judah through all his prophets and seers: "Turn from your evil ways. ‘You shall never fail to have a man to rule over Israel. ye shall observe to do for evermore. and thy statutes. and observe my decrees and laws. as David my servant did. and the law. Psalm 25:10 All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies. and the commandment. which he wrote for you. I will build you a dynasty as enduring as the one I built for David and will give Israel to you." 2 Kings 17:37 And the statutes. if you walk before me as David your father did. 1 Chronicles 28:8 Now therefore in the sight of all Israel the congregation of the LORD. 18I will establish your royal throne. 2 Kings 21:8 Neither will I make the feet of Israel move any more out of the land which I gave their fathers. . and according to all the law that my servant Moses commanded them. 2 Chronicles 7:17 17“As for you. and to do all these things. and ye shall not fear other gods. and in the audience of our God. I will be with you. to keep thy commandments. and leave it for an inheritance for your children after you for ever 1 Chronicles 29:19 And give unto Solomon my son a perfect heart. and the ordinances.1 Kings 11:38 If you do whatever I command you and walk in my ways and do what is right in my eyes by keeping my statutes and commands. the word which he commanded to a thousand generations. 1 Chronicles 16:15 Be you mindful always of his covenant. Observe my commands and decrees. for the which I have made provision.

13. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God. and God will hold you responsible.21. Luke 12:48). So you must keep wisdom and her commandments in your heart to guide your affections and choices (Pr 3:3. Stand ye in the ways. Ps 37:31)! Here is the appeal of King Solomon to His Son. love. if you squander the precious privilege of hearing wisdom (Pr 1:24-32. and see. Your heart directs your life (Luke 6:45). follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. Will you hear. To hear and forget is a terrible waste. Ezekiel 20:19. 7:1. 14For God will bring every deed into judgment. and keep his laws. where is the good way. Ecclesiastes 12:13 13Now all has been heard. for out of it are the issues of life (Pr 4:23). 6:21. Ecclesiastes 8:5 Whosoever keeps the commandment shall experience no evil thing: and a wise man's heart discerns both time and judgment.20 19I am the Lord your God.Psalm 78:7 That they might set their hope in God. we will not walk therein. and ask for the old paths. Psalm 119:4 You have commanded us to keep your precepts diligently. Jer 17:22 keep the Sabbath day Holy. whether it is good or evil. that they may be a sign between us. and ye shall find rest for your souls. that I might keep your word. 4:21. but keep his commandments: Psalm 105:45 That they might observe his statutes. But they said. . 22:18). you cannot forget it (Pr 3:3. forget not my law. here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments. Keeping your heart is a priority. but let thine heart keep my commandments: Hearing wisdom is not enough. Jer 6:16 Thus saith the LORD.21. and walk therein. for this is the whole [duty] of man. including every hidden thing.” Proverbs 3:1 My son. Psalm 119:101 I have refrained my feet from every evil way. Praise you the LORD. Instruction only has value when it is retained and put into practice (Pr 3:2). retain. but these proverbs were written down for your benefit. 4:4-6. and obey the rules of wisdom found in this book of the Bible? They can only save you and prosper you by remembering and doing them. It must be remembered and applied by changing your life to match it. and not forget the works of God. You must remember what you are taught. 20Keep my Sabbaths holy.

a preacher. You are dealing with the Creator God of heaven and the consequences of forgetting are severe.99.12). and peace makes life a continual pleasure. One way is by memorizing it. Everyone wants to live longer. 119:15.148) and readily use them (Pr 22:18. Men remember what they count important. which is revealed there (Ps 40:6-8).Paul soberly warned about letting things you have heard slip away (Heb 2:1-4). where it can bear the fruit of righteousness (Luke 8:12). Without this doctrine. You need a teacher.22. he was committed to frequent repetition to help them remember. Wisdom is the power of right judgment. Learning verses keeps them in your heart and mind.16. it is your duty to hear instruction carefully and bring forth fruit (Luke 8:18). Though his hearers already knew the truth. shall they add to thee. Paul warned the gospel only saves those who keep it in memory (I Cor 15:2). Or you are like a man seeing his faults in the mirror of God’s word. What kind of ground are you? Satan will snatch away instruction. neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?" (Eccl 7:17. to bring the inspired wisdom of God to bear on your life. which requires humility and diligence to heed correction and instruction (Pr 3:1). He asks elsewhere. deceiving yourself (Jas 1:21-25). or new medical research. David taught hiding God’s word in your heart (Ps 119:11).living a righteous life. he easily showed that salvation from sin is lost and we are of all men most miserable (I Cor 15:19). 4:4. God chose to put such men in His true churches to impart the word of God to you (Mal 2:7. and so He delighted in keeping God’s will. gym memberships and personal trainers. Are you glad He kept the will of God (Heb 10:9-10)? Proverbs 3:2 For length of days. You need a source of wisdom and instruction. Dear reader. It is found only in righteous living. who makes no corrections. You also need the personal discipline and habits to retain what you hear. as much as it requires diligence. Peter taught the importance of repetition also (II Pet 1:12-15). Lu 4:4. and commitment to apply and practice it in life (Acts 17:11. and peace. and continue to do it shall surely be blessed. and reading the latest medical . not just a hearer. The saving benefits of truth are for those who remember it and do it. But it cannot be found in a health food store.97. where you can easily meditate on them (Ps 1:2. Peace. and long life. an exercise program. What do you remember? James warned you to be a doer of God’s word. in this book dedicated to wisdom. You have two needs. II Tim 3:16-17). unless you take it and keep it in your heart. Jesus had the law of God in His heart. But those who see the instruction. 9:11).23. review it for understanding.10.) There are two blessings offered here that should fascinate every reader . for some at Corinth had forgotten the resurrection of the dead. remember it. offers long life as a blessing of gaining this knowledge (Pr 3:8.78. It is not difficult. Billions are spent annually on socalled health food and vitamins. Reader! What do you think? What else are you looking for? These are two marvelous things. I Thess 5:21). With these two things in place.8.43.long life and peace. Lady Wisdom’s instruction can greatly prosper your life. is found the same way . Life extension is definitely possible. and they are offered here freely! What hinders you from grasping them for yourself? Ponce de Leon traveled far looking for the fabled fountain of youth. Solomon. Wisdom is the conviction and knowledge to live righteously. a very precious commodity for a pleasant life. "Be not over much wicked. It is not a function of memory: it is a function of priorities.

Truth does not tolerate exaggeration.often live only half as long as others. and tired. but it is their combination that makes a man perfect. write them upon the table of thine heart: Mercy and truth mark perfection. Mercy does not tolerate unjustified anger." Rock stars. They cannot find contentment. slandering. All these means of life are taught in Proverbs. whispering. It is your duty to teach them the glory of forgiving and overlooking personal offences (Pr 19:11. 16:11. resulting in the gentle and honest life of a true saint. work. suicide by hopeful living. But wise men find peace in the Lord. Sinful living ages the body and brings early death. so they must be carefully guarded and applied to our lives. children should be taught to love mercy. hatred. Mercy and truth appear to be opposites. murder by peaceful living. or satisfaction. Even pagans know the risks of "hard living. 25:21-22). who gladly take personal injury rather than fight or hurt someone in their power. Neither can we literally write them upon the table of the heart. regardless of cost. Rom 12:17). Matt 5:38-42). they are not in danger of capital punishment. Wisdom saves from "hard living. They lead to favor and good understanding with God and men (Pr 3:4). Sinners lead tortured lives of fear. murder. envy. but the inherent depravity we have from Adam causes us to forsake them! The rule of wisdom here is to love and remember these two pillars of godly conduct in all situations. Lying in any form should be punished severely. By neglect and sin they are lost. hypocrisy. Absolute honesty is a wonderful thing (Pr 12:22. suicide. friends. a murderer. rap artists. Teach tender compassion toward all men. gracious. By obeying the laws of the land. and stress. It is wonderful when they meet (Ps 85:10). See the comments on 16:6. Together they balance each other gloriously. frustrated. and wishing for something with lasting good. and exhausted bodies by refreshing sleep. If just a portion of that zeal were applied to wisdom. lonely. . Sibling rivalry will create almost daily opportunities for your lessons.research and bizarre remedies for extending life. and similar sins. They do not literally forsake men. as our Lord and Stephen did (Pr 24:17-18. lying. a person could claim long life and peace. running. Mercy and truth are essential components of wisdom. They are character traits of wisdom and the Holy Spirit and not subject to string. actors and actresses .our nation's most profligate sinners . or chains! The metaphor describes tight attachment to a person's outward life. rope. Wisdom brings peace. 17:7. malice. Satan. You should teach them to love their enemies. guilt. They die from accidents. Another metaphor describes committing them to our affection and memory. Kindness and tenderheartedness should be emphasized. children should be taught to love truth. shame. and exhausted bodies. drugs. It keeps all its promises as given. It is your duty to teach them the final authority of God's Word and the glory of perfect honesty and integrity in all their dealings. They are depressed. and overlooking trait of noble men. forgiving. They are always looking. wants you to die! The world hates right living! Your depraved soul prefers sin! Life and death are before you (De 30:19-20). and a righteous soul. Truth is the stubborn commitment to whatever is honest and right. fulfillment." Wise men avoid accidents by prudence. railing. Wise men are dedicated to mercy and truth on the inside and outside. We cannot literally bind mercy and truth about the neck. disease. Parent. they miss disease by monogamy. Choose wisdom and life today! Proverbs 3:3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck. Mercy is that gentle. and other related misrepresentations. Capital punishment also shortens the life of gross sinners. Parent. drugs by abstention. marriage.

call Picasso an artist. and messed all over yourself. yet He is called Faithful and True (Rev 19:11). The foundation for wisdom is trusting God completely.The blessed Lord Jesus had the perfect balance of mercy and truth. encouraged to idiocy by peers. and it rejects all human opinions as the vain babblings of ignorant rebels (Ps 119:128. Trust in the LORD that leads to wisdom has faith in the Bible and in His sovereign rule of the world. He forgave easily and quickly. screamed for food every few hours like a baby bird.20). espouse gay rights. Where did your understanding come from. You must flush it all! Any infatuation or . No man was more compassionate. worship big government. reader! Trust equals faith. regardless of what subject it addresses. and He rewards the obedient. It believes God has revealed His perfect will for men in the Bible (Pr 22:20-21. no man was stricter about the truth. and it believes He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6). Did you get it from magazines like "People." "Time. Trust in the LORD believes He exists. with your whole heart. Is 8:20. It believes every verse of Scripture as the absolute and only source of truth. Here is a most valuable proverb! It can save your life and your family's life! All seekers of wisdom should memorize it and the next one (Pr 3:6). though it cost Him His life. The most warped people in our society are the most educated. truth. protect baby squirrels. Grasp the issue! You have no understanding! What you think you have is dangerous! Because it seduces you away from truth and wisdom and resists any changes toward them! Your greatest enemy is your own mind! Ignorant from conception.devoid of even basic wisdom. deceived by false interpretation of experiences. morality. you are in deep trouble! In order to succeed. fed misinformation since birth." and "Readers' Digest"? Together they are as misinformed as mud. You arrived in this world just like a wild ass's colt (Job 11:12). II Tim 3:16-17). and hate the Bible. and wisdom. It is sold-out humility to live by the propositions there is a God. Did you get your understanding from your peers? They arrived just like you about the same time. And it also believes the circumstances of life are carefully orchestrated by an all-wise and all-powerful Potter demanding our obedience. you will suffer! Beware. soaps. Did you get it from school? America's schools are bankrupt in discipline. You nursed by instinct like a newborn kitten. Following them perpetuates their ignorance. and sports are all the same . even to enemies. They teach evolution. abort babies. Here is the law for gaining the wisdom to please God and live a successful life. To progress beyond the rest of your species. and lean not unto thine own understanding. and why would you ever lean toward it? Did you get your understanding from parents? They arrived just like you did. you cannot even lean toward your own understanding. you must reject your understanding. rejects reservations about His will. Putting 100 such morons together does not produce wisdom! Did you get it from the television? Cartoons. and rejects blending His word with human learning. Take a few minutes to save yourself! Here is the true basis of wisdom! Rejecting your ideas and trusting God's inspired revelation and sovereign providence will save you from the ignorance of the human race. comedies. and inherently arrogant and selfish." "Parade. for all aspects of your life! Such trust rejects questioning God. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart. If you cherish or protect your opinions against His. I Tim 6:3-5. He has revealed His will. Deut 29:29. But where did your understanding come from? You were born without any. news.

not the Author's! The answers are . when they ignore and reject the opinions of men (II Tim 3:16-17). divorce. Lord. Reject your arrogant and selfish thoughts. and don't even lean toward your own thoughts on how it should be done. The right answers are easy to find. give us single hearts that acknowledge only you! The Bible is God's will for your life . and you should obey not even lean toward your own thoughts! Trust God.on any subject you will ever face (Deut 29:29). He gave you existence without your permission. The rule is simple and strict .the results are certain. You would have only one path at every decision. too fearful to go against the crowd. Trust the LORD with the husband He gave you. roverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him. Put your trust totally in Him. and ridicules odious women. and honor those in authority. If you cannot find its answers to your questions.they are too proud to admit their ignorance. Trust God and the Bible and reject your thoughts. and listening to business schemes will take you down. every day of your life. He has perfectly addressed every subject. Don't even lean toward your own thoughts or those of speculator Ben Spock or compromiser James Dobson. and he shall direct thy paths. we are to fear the LORD (Pr 3:7). if you acknowledge the LORD in all your ways. if you did not create other options by consulting your foolish heart or the foolish hearts of others. But men have problems with this simple solution . Don't even lean toward your thoughts of protecting your rights. He has a corner on all the truth in the universe! Trust God. Trust the LORD with the leaders you have. Trust God to bless your efforts for a godly spouse. and you can be a wonderful success over the dysfunctional sheep around you rushing to the slaughter of depression. Worker! Trust the Bible that giving money away will bring prosperity. The choice is yours .protection of your thoughts will take you down with the rest of this foolish race. difficult questions. and don't even lean toward thoughts of it being easier with a different man! Citizen! Trust the Bible when it tells you to submit to every civil ordinance. The previous verse teaches total trust in the LORD and total rejection of our understanding (Pr 3:5).immersion! Don't even lean toward your heretical notions and false tradition that sprinkling holy chrism on a baby's forehead is a baptism! Single person! Trust the Bible when it limits sex to marriage. drugs. if you humble yourself before God and trust Him on every subject. Acknowledging the LORD is admitting He is infinitely wise. or trust your thoughts and reject God and the Bible. pay your taxes. and they believe they can figure out a workable solution. You will face questions. Trust God to keep His promises of promoting diligent men. It can make ministers perfect. Don't even lean toward the foolish desire for sex or someone outside these limitations. We cannot even lean toward our thoughts on a matter! And the following proverb warns against any confidence in our own wisdom. Our proverb is positioned between two others to give its right sense and emphasis. Reader! You have a choice. whether you like them or not. You can find the right path for life's complications. Parent! Trust the Bible when it details child foolishness and right training methods. limits marriage to Christians. Trust the LORD's promises that right training will bring future success! Christian! Trust the Bible when it consistently describes baptism as a symbol of burial and resurrection down in the water . hoarding money will bring poverty. and death! Woman! Trust the Bible when it tells you how to treat your husband. it is your fault or your pastor's fault. and He governs all the minute details of your life.

With your pride eliminated. Jehovah God. Lord of heaven and earth. Acts 14:17). means to a successful life (Ps 111:10. Think Flood! But His mercy and grace are visible to anyone looking (Matt 5:44-45. Deut 12:29-32. Rom 6:3-5. yet precious and true. You were born with this curse. help us! Read these strong words about the Bible: "Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right. and yet you question the Word of God? Fool. Here are three simple steps to guaranteed prosperity and success (Pr 3:8)! These are the means to grow in favor with God (Pr 3:5-6). you do not know where you came from. you just need to find them! Lord. you are on the road to wisdom (I Cor 3:18-20). You cannot avoid a common cold. Two fingers squeezing your nose will end your life (Is 2:22). aren't you? And Scripture declares He can and will forgive those who confess and repent of their pride and rebellion. cremation is pagan (Gen 23:1-20. 34:5-6)! If you have offended an authority. You will be perfect and eschew evil. The Bible answers all your ways! Acknowledge Him in all your ways! When dealing with an enemy. Rom 12:17-21)! When facing funeral options. 8:3). 112:1-3. You know nothing. There is nothing complicated here. It is because of this forgiveness we are in reverent awe of Him and desiring to please Him (Ps 130:4). 21:22-23. walk ye in it" (Is 30:21). 29:15). Apart from God's revelation. Eccl 10:4). You will cut off evildoers from your house (Ps 101:2-8). where you are going. and your life dedicated to pleasing the blessed God. You will not fear God until you crush your pride and despise your wisdom: a proper view of the Almighty will help! And you will not despise sin and this world until you fear the LORD (Ps 4:4). and it is fed by the devil. in spite of what Benjamin Spock and other fools imagine (Pr 22:15. humble himself before the Sovereign of the universe. You will love righteousness and hate sin (Pr 8:13). You will hate wicked men and . Do you acknowledge Him in all your ways? Corporal punishment perfects children. you will despise and reject sin. is the independent and eternal sovereign Creator of the universe. get down! You are a pitiful. If a man can reject the love of His own opinions. who lost his place in heaven for pride. you believe your ideas have merit. Read them again! Any attitude toward the Bible short of this confidence is not acknowledging God: you are heading straight into the abyss of human confusion (Is 8:20-22. or why you exist. 23:13-14. but you pontificate on moral matters.there. and the sooner you learn this fact. Reader. what you are. here are the simple. weak. His benevolence is obvious! You are still alive. 3:18-20). 128:1-6). and hate sin and worldliness in his life. and I hate every false way" (Ps 119:128). he will be great in the sight of God and men! These three fundamental steps are connected. forgive him and pray for him (Pr 19:11. I Cor 1:18-20. and depart from evil. He can and will suffocate you. let alone what you should do! You struggle to keep the grass cut. Solomon gave the best position for lovemaking. You should tremble before Him and His word (Is 66:1-2). a soft response works best (Pr 15:1. Matt 5:43-48. helpless creature. like Job (Job 1:1). Though in diapers and nursing like a baby gerbil yesterday. The Bible answers all your ways Proverbs 3:7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD. Pride is arrogant and haughty presumption your thoughts have value and deserve hearing. Acknowledge the LORD: He will say to you. if you persist in rebellion against Him. I Pet 3:21). in spite of what the Pope taught John Calvin (John 3:23. in spite of what the Kama Sutra and Eastern idolaters think (Song 2:6. "This is the way. Baptism is by immersion.

16:6. and the punishment of God. Reverent awe and submission to Jehovah is the basis for the blessings of God upon all you have and do (Ps 112:1-3. etc. Consider. bodily parts. 14:27. If you neglect or reject this precious offer. fearing the Lord. An exercise regimen or diet protocol can only marginally help the vitality of your life. 12:28. You depended entirely on your navel for nine months. which arrogant Nebuchadnezzar missed (Dan 4:27)! . 19:23). and marrow to thy bones. Truth and wisdom are the property of Jehovah. Self-confidence is the certain route to destruction (Pr 14:12. 5:11. And the vitality of your bones continues to depend on nourishment from your marrow (Job 21:24)." "All hands on deck. are substituted for the whole body. when vital nourishment passed to you from your mother through the umbilical cord. "A figure by which a more comprehensive term is used for a less comprehensive or vice versa. I Cor 3:18-20). A wise man knows that God's blessing on humble obedience exceeds any such natural efforts to extend or improve life (Pr 3:2. This important choice is the primary lesson of Proverbs . Obedience saves from natural consequences of sin. Will you depart from evil (Pr 3:7)? The true fear of God is to hate and depart from sin (Pr 8:13. and do you hate every false way (Ps 119:128)? Sin will destroy you early (Eccl 7:17). indicating clearly that it requires your action. and turning from sin.obtaining God's best for your life by choosing His wisdom." All are synecdoche. and you have none by natural education. 12:4. 17:22. reverently trusting and obeying God completely. Do you esteem all His precepts concerning all things to be right. 26:12. 9:11." The combined choice of rejecting self-confidence. 4:10. magisterial judgment. Your only life and light in this sin-cursed world is the fear of the Lord. 15:13. reader? Correct your deficiency today! Proverbs 3:8 It shall be health to thy navel. 139:21-22). neglect this proverb to your own peril! Arrogance and sin will dry you up from the inside out (Pr 1:31. Spiritual and physical health and vitality are up to you! They are based on the choice of the previous proverb (Pr 3:7). 11:19. A good and happy life is dependent on submission and obedience to the will of God (Pr 4:22. 27:4). 128:1-6). and He only gives them. 9:10). 17:22. 28:28). "Count heads." or "Nice wheels.their profane ambitions (Ps 15:4. These figures of speech describe the blessing and prosperity from fully following the Lord. In which of these three areas are you weak." Navel and bones.30. you are committing certain suicide (Pr 8:36)! The pronoun "it" refers precisely to what went before (Pr 3:7). genus for species or species for genus. Each phrase of the condition contains an imperative verb. 18:14. Reader. You can have God's blessings on body and spirit by rejecting your own ideas. It further activates God's precious promises (I Pet 3:10-12). 7:23. Will you fear the Lord (Pr 3:7)? It is prerequisite to knowledge and wisdom (Pr 1:7. and depart from evil. Will you reject your own wisdom (Pr 3:7)? You were born with none. What hinders you? Navel and bones are synecdoche for your body. and it is the whole duty of man (Eccl 12:13-14). The Oxford English Dictionary defines synecdoche. Humble yourself now! Reject your foolish thoughts! Call upon Him for mercy! Turn from all your sins! Perhaps He will lengthen your tranquility. "Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD.22. and hating sin is the condition for these promised blessings. 14:30). as whole for part or part for whole. Job 1:1. Solomon wrote.18.

but David loved to give (I Chron 21:24. It was taught in the Law of Moses. God dares His people to test how much He can bless them (Mal 3:8-12). If you give liberally. What holds you back? Grasp the lesson. Is this honor? Is this firstfruits? Many give only a percentage of take home pay. LeTourneau.Proverbs 3:9 Honour the LORD with thy substance. Giving should be your favorite financial activity! Our blessed Lord took note of a widow woman giving just two mites (Luke 21:1-4). Many violate this rule by giving a few bits of all they make. Remember. R. but talk is cheap. though they always quote their salary in terms of gross pay. Are you poor? You cannot afford not to give! Firstfruits giving pays God off the top. Is this honor? Others violate it by giving from what is left after expenses. Financial prosperity is simple and sure. Are you interested? Reach out! Seize them! Only the Bible has the secret financial wisdom here. It is easy and certain. Abraham. and it does not fulfill the proverb. You should put your money where your mouth is to show true honor. to the LORD. and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: How important is God to you? Can you improve your finances? This proverb answers both questions! You can honor Him with your mouth. A Christian businessman. "The question" he said. Giving Him leftovers. Giving money away is how to get ahead (Pr 11:24). The Preacher gave a financial secret . Deut 14:22-29). is not honor. but rather how much of God's money I keep for myself. Solomon promised. and thy presses shall burst out with new wine" (Pr 3:10).firstfruits giving to honor God. their research says they came from monkeys! Their analysis says that instead of a long- ." How you give counts more with our blessed God than how much you give! The Lord loves a cheerful giver (II Cor 8:12. 28:22)? Because it is a general rule of godly giving. 28:22). including you. "So shall thy barns be filled with plenty. Barns filled with plenty? Presses bursting with new wine? Here are descriptive phrases of financial blessing and economic prosperity. Is this firstfruits? The tithe is not taught directly in the New Testament. Isaac. the Lord will reward you liberally (Pr 11:25. Plus they gave special vows and freewill offerings (Deut 12:6)! How did Abraham and Jacob know about tithing before the Law of Moses (Gen 14:20. and the first part of any increase. because they knew how to give (Gen 14:20. and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. no matter his financial situation! He became one of America's great industrialists. Success requires giving some of your substance. They put their guarantee in writing. grasped the concept of honoring God and giving . "is not how much of my money I give to God. Heb 8:6). which New Testament saints should use as a bare minimum for the far greater blessings they enjoy (Luke 12:48. and Jacob were financially blessed. The Israelites gave 23 1/3 % with two annual tithes and a triennial tithe (Num 18:20-32. God and King Solomon guarantee it. Proverbs 3:10 So shall thy barns be filled with plenty. whether great or small. Luke 6:38). First is paying God before anyone else.G. 9:7). Fruit is return on investment or labor.he gave 90% and kept 10% for himself. God made David rich (I Chron 29:18). The best graduate business schools are too ignorant to know the most important economic and financial factors affecting men and nations. 22:1-16).

an unsuccessful man. but He has a bigger shovel!” This man tested God with great faith. and anything else as easily as you read this sentence. He sees the intent of your heart and the degree of joy and zeal you have in giving. opportunities. The earlier verse teaches the duty of giving. Bold giving by faith is an act of worship (Phil 4:18). He sends sunshine and rain at His own discretion (Matt 5:45). and he has great cash flow. the barn was where your assets were stored. presented God’s certain promise to those who honor Him with their assets and the first portion of income (Pr 3:9). You cheat Him to your financial peril. you have sin in your life (Jer 5:25). Robert G. Solomon’s returns were so great that silver was as common as stones (I Kgs 10:27). presented by graphic picture language. this verse teaches how God rewards givers. But these words were written by King Solomon. Believe it fully.000% in one year (Gen 26:12). You might think the promise was only to solicit giving. . all for His glory and your profit. and pour it over the top (Luke 6:38)! He sees your balance sheet and income statement. or a religious leader. He gave you life. shake it down. These two figures of speech describe a prospering farmer – he has accumulated much. and God will reward it. It is God’s written promise. True honor to God is not just singing about your love of Jesus. and your hard work and wages are falling out (Hag 1:2-11). today! Honor God by giving Him His portion – He will bless you financially. He alters circumstances. but God was greater than his faith! How much faith do you have. as televangelists and social organizations do today. An important man once doubted God. He directs hearts of kings as easily as rivers of waters (Pr 21:1). The only exception to this rule is when God does something else in your life for your greater benefit. “I shovel my money to God. and the presses were where you converted grapes into valuable wine. It is as true as Genesis 1:1 or any other verse of scripture. one of the greatest American inventors. He answered questions about his giving this way. who had experienced them firsthand with his father David. or have not done it cheerfully (II Cor 9:7). influences. He gave you ability to get a job or start a business. have not given liberally (II Cor 9:6). you are tempting God to judge you. This law of financial reward is as true as the law of gravity. reader? Will you walk on financial water at His command? If you suffer financially. it is truer than any money advice you have heard. In an agricultural society. Jacob went from nothing to great substance in 20 years (Gen 32:10). If this proverb had been written by a poor man. If you think you can give to cover other sins in your life. so they were all of pure gold (I Kgs 10:21)! The Lord can open heaven’s windows and pour out financial blessing and favor more than you can believe (Mal 3:10). and believers trampled him to death on the way to the bank (II Kgs 7:16-20)! And the Lord killed many Israelites who doubted His ability (Ps 78:17-31). guaranteed! Of course. returns. from a financial perspective. who is Solomon. it is giving to Him of your possessions and cash flow. and he died a rich man. the man who gives to God is the man who will prosper. you might doubt the truth of the rule. The Preacher. Jas 1:6-7).predicted ice age coming it is now to be global warming! Jehovah God of the Bible created this world. gave 90% of his income back to God. and obey it cheerfully and liberally. Letourneau (1888-1969). Here is the good life. and He shovels it right back. but even then the duty to honor God with your assets and give the first fruits still stands (Pr 3:9). But all other things being equal. Still doubting? Your lack of faith is why you do not receive (Heb 11:6. God retains the right to apply different laws in your life at different times. What kind of return can God give? Isaac’s portfolio grew 10. It shamed him to drink from silver vessels. as with all other Bible promises and general laws. The LORD has put holes in your bags. And He dares you to test Him (Mal 3:8-12)! He knows a full measure and how to pack it down.

and pleasures forevermore at God’s right hand (Phil 2:5-11. to complain. difficulty. Hard times feel bad. But the Lord sends them in love. and not His son (Heb 12:7-8)! No one likes affliction. pain. Affliction comes to every saint. Once a man knows the matter is an act of God. Putting a few bucks in the offering box is not honouring God. Do not resent or faint at His trials in your life. if you give to Him part of what you think you need. He wants to see your sacrifice. token gift (II Cor 8:1-4). for He is able to use them to teach you better than peace and prosperity could ever teach you. and if you doubt it. The LORD God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and everything else beside (Ps 50:10-12). which is much more than a little. God was right. Was He rewarded? He was given great honor. It is easy to get discouraged and think of quitting your race. If you hold back to help your cash flow. Job fell for these thoughts. God chastens. they stop you from sinning. because He delights in you and wants you to be better. and Job could end the painful lessons by humbling himself (Job 33:12). These men are unbelievers. why did you do this to me?” It is easy to say He is not fair – you do not deserve trouble. He is being chastened for sin in his life. for Him. and trouble are the tools of the blessed God to correct your faults and perfect you. The Lord rewarded the widow woman who gave two mites.” That is the height of folly – you cannot afford not to give! Will you dig yourself out of a financial hole by cheating the Lord? Hah! If you wait until giving is no sacrifice. . or sends negative events into your life. it means nothing to the Lord. or God is simply manifesting His own glory in his life. he should humbly submit to it and rejoice in it. but they never made anyone better. you should rejoice that He loves you and wants to perfect you. and they lead to your perfection. But Elihu told Job he was wrong. Good times feel great. Instead of resenting His chastening or tiring of the setbacks He sends your way. “But I gave. fullness of joy. The purpose of self-examination is to analyze your circumstances to find God’s lesson in them. Heb 12:2)! Let God be true! Proverbs 3:11 My son. but they make you stronger and wiser. He will laugh and judge such a profane attitude. you are in trouble (Ps 78:10-33). Ps 16:911. despise not the chastening of the LORD. Another man will say. then think upon the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for sinners. If you think giving a few dollars is hard. “Lord. and nothing happened. He is able to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory (Phil 4:19). The reward of this proverb is obtained by obeying the previous proverb (Pr 3:9). reader. neither be weary of his correction: Bad things happen to God’s sons. difficulties. He will bless (Pr 11:24-25). he is suffering the natural consequences of his own foolishness. There are four reasons bad things happen to a Christian. He wants a commitment to giving (Gen 28:22). Why? Because God in love chastens them due to their sins. giving what is left over after your expenses is not firstfruits giving. It is easy to fret against the Lord. he is being tested to build his faith. Ps 4:8). or trouble. If He left you alone. They think they are wise to protect their incomes to get ahead! Hah! Protection and blessings are from God only (Pr 21:31. “I cannot afford to give.A man will say.” God is not a candy dispenser waiting for you to give an offering and push the button for your favorite treat. Examine your heart. for it was all she had (Luke 21:1-4). then you are a bastard. promising to give if God will bless you is not honouring God. Adversity. These are things you try to avoid as much as possible in life. giving of your after-tax income is not firstfruits giving. you are going to poverty. for they prove His love for you. The true and living God can prepare and furnish a table in the desert.

Having chosen them as His children before time. Ps 119:67. Gal 6:9. but if God’s chastening. God’s chastening proved He loved them and they would not be condemned with the world (I Cor 11:32). The ultimate reason for cheerfully accepting God’s chastening in your life is the proof it gives of His love for you (Pr 3:12. Rev 3:19). I Pet 5:10).Negative events God sends may be in any part of your life. adopted them by the blood of Jesus at Calvary. prosperity does not cause you to trust Him more (Pr 30:8-9). They may be large or small. Paul was thankful for the opportunity to grow in God’s grace through the adversities in his life (II Cor 12:7-10). Jas 5:11). like the rest. God lovingly corrects them during their lives. with an eternal inheritance in store. because it is proof of God's love for you (Deut 8:5)! Wise men will appreciate their loving Father and see the end of His corrective chastening their perfection in righteousness (Heb 12:5-13). There is no reason to faint. and many had already died (I Cor 11:29-31). The true God only afflicts His children out of faithfulness and desire for them. This proverb. Learning to patiently deal with adversity is a great measure of maturity (Pr 24:10. “I know. from troubles with your children to losing your job. 12:1-6. for they that endure shall obtain the promises (II Cor 4:16-18. they are done wisely for great reasons. would you hate the benefactor or quit before the degree was granted? No! You would express appreciation to the benefactor and learn all the lessons as quickly as possible. Some sins are more heinous to God. The Holy Scriptures declare you are a bastard. Adversity from heaven should not discourage you. If a loving benefactor sent you at great expense to the world’s best graduate school. Jer 31:18-19. they may irritate or overwhelm. and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me” (Ps 119:75). and they may not be in the part you need to improve. teaches wisdom. Solomon had exhorted his son not to despise the LORD's chastening or get weary from His correction (Pr 3:11). you have no evidence you are a child of God. Proverbs 3:12 For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth. where you saw that all the lessons were to help you to great prosperity and success. Affliction builds faith in God. if you do not have this loving punishment in your life (Heb 12:8). O LORD. The quicker you learn the lesson. and birthed them by His Spirit. I Cor 11:32). The best example is the Corinthian saints that abused the Lord’s Supper – many were weak and sickly. you should be thankful for His mercy in teaching you His law and ways (Job 5:17. Without chastening adversity in your life. if you despise and resent it. Adversity from God is proof of His love for you! Just as loving fathers discipline their favorite sons! The blessed God chastens every child of His to make him or her better. Heb 12:5-6. Since that is often the only way you can learn not to do some appealing thing that is wrong. But even here. so He may chasten by even cutting lives short. that thy judgments are right. For what kind of a son would a father ignore and neglect in this important aspect of parenting . The third reason for cheerfully accepting God’s chastening is the loving reason for it – to make you perfect (Rom illegal pretender! Chastening from God is temporal punishment He brings to correct you from sin and turn you back into . Jas 1:2-4). Heb 12:10-12. They can range from health issues to financial problems. Heb 6:10-12. By seeing adversity as His tool of perfection. David said. The second reason for cheerfully accepting God’s chastening in your life is that it keeps you back from sinning more (Job 34:31-32. you are forewarned and forearmed to handle it wisely (Eccl 7:14). the sooner the trouble will be lifted. even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. Ps 94:12). God will bring it with greater intensity (Job 36:15-18).

And the same Spirit can use the book He wrote to provoke you to repentance from any passage you read (Ps 19:7-9). and it causes you to reflect on your soul with a desire to submit and serve God more perfectly. "Surely it is meet to be said unto God. God will never chasten you for a sin you cannot identify by self-examination. I Cor 11:28. if he had humbled himself and cried out in repentance to his Father for pure mercy (Job 36:15-18). there is no reason to complain. prayerfulness. It is your duty to examine yourself (Ps 19:12-14. he described wisdom's great blessings (Pr 3:14-18). Is 57:15-16)? It is your duty to carefully heed all preaching. They will bring you true happiness and many other blessings. I have borne chastisement. Since all the reasons are fair and good. "Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word" (Ps 119:67). They are of greater value than rubies (Pr 3:15). to display His glory in their lives. II Cor 13:5). O LORD. "It is good for me that I have been afflicted. Chastening proves love. He said. Job could have had the trials in his life removed much sooner. Affliction. It is very different from eternal judgment in hell for the final condemnation of your sins. for the same Spirit that brought your correction also directs your pastor's thoughts (Eccl 12:11). 26:2. He said. In fact. Compared economically. obtaining wisdom and understanding is better than a prosperous business in gold and silver (Pr 3:14). He could leave you floundering in confusion and sin. What is your chief ambition in life today? Are you chasing vanity? The Preacher exhorted his son to search for wisdom (Pr 2:1-9). They will do more for your life than any other possession. If you have a bad event in your life. "I know. as evidence He will never send you to hell for your sins (I Cor 11:27-32). how is it with you? Are you thankful for His loving chastening in your life? Are you ready to flee to Him in the name of your brother Jesus for the comfort and peace of loving tranquility? Proverbs 3:13 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom. It and understanding can make you happy. and it nearby. happens to God's children for four reasons . wisdom and . The proper attitude toward chastening is to remember it proves God's love for you (Deut 8:5). Daily goals for your life must include seeking wisdom and understanding. in your pursuit of it. To further excite his son. you should thank the Lord for this personal gesture of love toward you (Jer 31:18-20). for those who humble themselves and submit. it would save him from much trouble (Pr 2:10-21). There is mercy. or negative events. I will not offend any more: That which I see not teach thou me: if I have done iniquity.31. to perfect their faith. and sobriety to your existence? David was thankful for adversity: he saw its profit. and the man that getteth understanding. I will do no more" (Job 34:31-32). 139:23-24. Reader. Chastening is fatherly affection to perfect you as His child.loving correction from God. that I might learn thy statutes" (Ps 119:71). But what efforts have you spent in sober contrition before Him (Ps 51:17.the way of righteousness. that thy judgments are right. and/or consequences of foolish decisions. God can accomplish one or all of these purposes in the individual events of your life. The proper response to chastening is exemplified by Elihu. Do you not recognize that it brought more carefulness. and you. He does not owe you this gracious correction. and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me" (Ps 119:75).

Trust his efforts (Pr 25:1. and honor (Pr 3:16). I Tim 6:9-10). If David. it brings pleasantness and peace (Pr 3:17). you will be very happy (Pr 3:18). family. I John 1:4)! Proverbs 3:15 She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.. and/or a vacation home? No! This is Lady Wisdom (Pr 3:13-15)! Here is one of the most extreme and superlative statements in Scripture. In Him is full and unspeakable joy (I Pet 1:8. What woman is more precious than rubies? The virtuous woman (Pr 31:10)? Yes.8. There is nothing this world has to offer that can even compare.understanding are more important than anything you could possible seek in your life (Pr 3:15). They are increased by rejecting your own ideas and trusting the Lord's instruction (Pr 3:5-7). Wisdom and understanding are built on the foundation of fearing the Lord (Pr 1:7. get understanding. and it brings enormous worries and problems with it (Pr 23:4-5. and if you keep them. repudiating your own folly (Job 33:27). 9:10). Wisdom and understanding know the basis and purpose for life and how to deal rightly with each situation life brings. but not in this context! Is there any woman incomparably more valuable than all the things you could desire? No! Is this then a personification of success. which is found in His holy scriptures (II Tim 3:16-17). Why will you waste any more effort chasing something else? If this fabulous description of the benefits of wisdom and understanding were only half true. Learning them should be a daily goal. But you must sacrifice to make this a priority (Pr 18:1). 8:17). the man after . God raised up Solomon and inspired these select proverbs to teach young men. and it brings life and happiness (Pr 3:18)! You cannot even dream of anything that can provide all these blessings! And yet these are the certain advantages and rewards given to those that find wisdom (Pr 3:13-18)! No wonder David told Solomon. riches. he concluded that wisdom and understanding are the great goals (Pr 8:32-36). Eccl 5:10-17. a college degree.. Eccl 2:12). king of Israel. and they are honored among good men. With effort applied in these areas. especially Proverbs. They will bring you pleasantness and peace (Pr 3:17). "Get wisdom. as measured by noble standards. He came to give His elect children the abundant life. happiness. They will be the source of a wonderful life. wealth. There is some thing personified as a woman that exceeds the rare and precious character of rubies. Wisdom is the principal thing. But Solomon. Ultimate and infinite wisdom and understanding are in the Lord Jesus Christ (Col 2:3). knew what he wrote. those with wisdom and understanding find life a pleasant and peaceful experience with much happiness. Having tried every sort of project and pleasure to find profit and happiness in this life. health. riches.. Instead of the hopeless confusion of not knowing what man is here for and how to handle life's problems. searching the Scriptures for it (Acts 17:11). Wisdom and understanding will give you a long life. you will find wisdom and get understanding (Pr 2:5. therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding" (Pr 4:5-7). Wisdom and understanding are that important (Pr 3:13-15)! Why is wisdom so exceeding important? Because it brings long life. Every day must include begging God for wisdom (Jas 1:5). They are successful and rich. wisdom and understanding (Pr 1:1-4). Financial gain does not give lasting happiness to any man. and every reader. you should still make getting them a priority! Nothing else you are working for even comes close. And this thing surpasses any thing else you could dream about as being desirable or necessary to your success and happiness. and honor (Pr 3:16). and doing what you learn (Jas 1:22). as they believe and obey more and more perfectly (John 10:10).

5:16. giving (Pr 11:2425). faithfulness (Pr 27:18). and capital investment (Pr 14:4). With these three. squeezing the poor (Pr 28:8). an odious woman (Pr 30:21-23. riches. Solomon connected long life with wisdom (Pr 3:2. fear (Pr 22:13). as you can see by considering Uncle Sam. Jas 1:21-25). He preached diligence (Pr 10:4). Job 28:28. the judgment of God (Pr 3:4. 12:1-7. and in her left hand riches and honour. Solomon taught excellent economic wisdom in his proverbs.20)! By soberly listening to the man of God when he preaches God's truth to you (Luke 8:11-18. It secures a good name and favor with others (Pr 3:4. ending strife (Pr 20:3). I Tim 4:8)! These things are vanity and vexation of spirit . How do you get it? By fearing God as the First Cause and Last End of all things in the universe (Pr 16:4. savings (Pr 6:6-8). 26:10). it should be most important to you also. 28:19). Solomon painted the literary picture of Lady Wisdom for his son and all men (and women). I Tim 6:6-10)! Forget physical strength or recreation (Ps 90:10-12. Is 8:20. and honor. the offer sincere.they are empty and painful! Rejoice in knowing God and His character (Jer 9:2324)! That is wisdom and pleasure Proverbs 3:16 Length of days is in her right hand. the ability to please God and men in all situations! It is based on a deep and abiding fear of the LORD Jehovah. Wisdom is easy! Forget education or worldly wisdom (I Cor 1:19-20. career planning (Pr 24:27). 4:10. A beautiful woman is approaching you today! She calls to you (Pr 1:20-23)! She is full of desire for you (Pr 8:1-4)! She wants to be your companion for life (Pr 9:1-5)! Will you embrace her (Pr 4:8)? If you love her. I Tim 6:3-5. a hatred for all sin and evil. The image is delightful. and evil negotiating (Pr 20:14). 9:10. 22:17-21. 3:19-20)! Forget wealth or professional success (Pr 3:14. she will love you back (Pr 8:17)! She is beautiful and offers a feast at her house. what else do you need? With these three. 23:4-5.long life. as rules for honour. Will you love this woman? Lady Wisdom offers three things . accidents (Pr 22:3). 8:13. Deut 4:40. Heb 11:6).God's own heart. risk (Pr 22:3). 22:1). Eccl 7:26). How can you resist such a fantastic invitation and situation (Pr 3:13-18)? Most reject it! What about you? Here is Solomon's personification of wisdom . disease (Pr 15:13. you must love death (Pr 8:36)! Riches are financial and professional success. 6:2). Eccl 10:10. and knowledge of the precious details of His precious word (Pr 1:7. Honour is personal respect from others. active faith that God is and rewards. but few obtain them. How can wisdom extend your life? It can save you from whores (Pr 2:16-18). What an exhortation! Did you read it? Get wisdom! What is wisdom? The power of right judgment. and the simple condition easy. among other things. Personification is a powerful tool of language. 2:6-9. Ps 14:1)! By trembling in humility and repentance before God and the Bible (Is 66:1-2. cornering a market (Pr 11:26). 10:27. If you reject Lady Wisdom. 11:4. 4:8. get-rich-quick schemes (Pr 14:23. you can achieve total success. spending (Pr 21:20). a gracious spirit (Pr 11:16. a dangerous lifestyle (Pr 1:15-19). 9:11. but she also offers long life. Lady Liberty. told his son that wisdom was that important. Is there a better combination? Every man desires these things. He warned against debt (Pr 22:7). contingent liabilities (Pr 6:1-5). revenge (Pr 6:34).they get you nowhere with God or man . and honor (Pr 22:4). 17:22). and Father Time. It is God's reward for obedience (Pr 10:2.the representation of an abstract concept like wisdom as a beautiful woman. 13:14). sleep (Pr 20:13). Ps 119:128. How do you get them? Embrace Lady Wisdom! How? Love the wisdom of Proverbs and Scripture! Length of days is long life. 22:11). riches. Wisdom leads to honour (Pr 3:35. 8:18). II Tim 3:16-17)! By rejecting any opinion of any man that contradicts the Bible (Ps 119:98-100. Solomon taught. the executioner (Pr 16:14). humility . and drunkenness (Pr 23:29-35). searching out controversies (Pr 25:2). waste (Pr 12:27). Ps 39:6.

She brings long life. and the honor of being an adopted son of God! Glory! What are you doing to pursue these superior things? Paul charged the financially rich to give up their money to be spiritually rich (I Tim 6:17-19)! Moses dumped the treasures of Egypt for the reproach of Christ. using few words (Pr 17:27-28). your life can be happy and quiet. The eternal God is His refuge. and the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit in his heart far exceeds any and all other possible pleasures and security in life. The wisdom of the gospel leads to eternal life. What more could you want? Lady Wisdom offers the good life to you. The man who wisely walks with God has pleasure and peace in his soul that others cannot comprehend by any art or language. far superior to silver and fine gold (Pr 3:13-14). drunkenness. hearty counsel (Pr 27:9). fear of the unknown. If we consider our proverb naturally. seeing a better reward (Heb 11:24-26). There is no lasting or solid joy to the fool or hypocrite. and marrying a great woman (Pr 31:23). guilty consciences. bad investments. Solomon experimented with man's toys and dreams to a degree that all other men can only fantasize about (Eccl 2:1-10). Do not mock Lady Wisdom! The pleasure and peace of wisdom do not depend on health. or friends. riches. we find it perfectly true. and there was no profit under the sun" (Eccl 2:11). wicked friends. and honor (Pr 3:16). They cannot be stolen in this life. What road are you pursuing today? Lady Wisdom (Pr 9:1-12)? Or Lady Folly (Pr 9:13-18)? Embrace her in love today! Humble yourself before the wisdom of God's precious word and say with Paul. What a foolish. Wisdom and understanding are very valuable things to obtain. empty. but only a few choose to travel there (Matt 7:13-14). The man who fears the Lord will enjoy a life of pleasantness and peace. spiritual riches. anger of rulers. And what did he find? "All was vanity and vexation of spirit. as in wealth. and painful pursuit! There is no peace to the fool or hypocrite. and all her paths are peace. and they lead to everlasting bliss in the . in light of the rest of the book. handling matters wisely (Pr 16:20). gluttony. unruly children. for the LORD will put thorns in his way and terror in his heart (Pr 10:24. if you will but learn wisdom from her. lack of friends. "Lord. Wisdom saves men from the pain and trouble of whorish women. If you follow her.) Proverbs 3:17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness. what wilt thou have me to do?" (Acts 9:6. excessive financial obligations. The fear of the LORD and keeping His word is the foundation of wisdom (Pr 1:7. 9:10). heaven will shake with the laughter of God (Pr 1:26-28).(Pr 29:23). 13:15). Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life and limitless blessings. delightful and secure. joyful and comfortable. speech problems. And when he cries for help in his great calamity. who is more valuable than rubies or anything else you can compare to her (Pr 3:15). A woman offers you pleasantness and peace. An axiom of Scripture is that God shows great favor to those who fear Him (Ps 128:1-6). Wisdom is personified as a woman. They can be as great in poverty. She is a tree of life and brings happiness to those who have her (Pr 3:18). But there are even better rewards in the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we consider our proverb spiritually. poverty. spoiled reputations. and many other snares. we find it perfectly true. odious wives. and most men are fools and travel that suicidal road. circumstances. Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to death and destruction.

They desert and swap spouses. hire surrogates. They richly pay shrinks for no profit. try same-sex combos. She offers you a safe. education. . but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Pr 16:25). and chase the elusive elixir any way they can imagine. and you can have it forever. She offers you contentment. They fear everything. Love her! Lady Wisdom offers you life and happiness. friends. sex. just as God promised (Pr 2:22. 22:5. never finding love or happiness. They chase entertainment. Look at them! They write and sing about love e. Look at the lives of the so-called rich and famous – they exceed the averages in depression. and only then can you realize the real benefits of food. She plans these things for you to the fullest degree. successful.). and her. They assume they are right. True wisdom is the woman here. shown by the feminine pronouns she. sing about it. love. drunkenness. but these things do not make a prosperous and happy life. They teach a family reunion is visiting baboons at a zoo. there are pleasures forever and incredible peace (Ps 16:11. except the truth. and a fit body. as the wise Designer. etc. He prescribed rules for its maximum fulfillment. marriage. public or private. but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Pr 14:12). material possessions. They believe more debt. but her fruit is a lifetime of pleasure and peace. There is a tree of life! You found it! Success and happiness are its fruit. but both are offered to you today. 4:19. drugs. The world pursues this pleasure any way they can with whomever. a leisurely lifestyle. The world has no clue! They write sex manuals. they take responsibility for nothing. murder unwanted babies. happiness. Are you really living? These words are to you from God and the wisest king ever. They do not have a tree of life! Solomon personified wisdom as a desirable woman in several early sections of Proverbs (Pr 1:20-33. They have confounded happy living. but most look in the wrong places. expose it in movies and websites. 13:15. and satisfying life. The world cannot provide them. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man. Proverbs 3:18 She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. Phil 4:7). her. They are hopelessly dysfunctional. offer doctoral degrees in it. and pleasure. etc. Men search vainly for fulfillment and prosperity. Her ways are pleasure and peace (Pr 3:17). recreation. Only wisdom can give you the good life. 8:1-4. a perfect 9:1-6)! She has long life in her right hand and riches and honor in her left (Pr 3:16). but they are heading to death. sexual liberty. promote it in elementary school. And if you missed it. dysfunction. Solomon experimented with 1000 women and wrote his inspired analysis in Proverbs. But God reserves its real pleasure for those with the tree of life! The world fulfills Solomon’s warning. They think the greatest love of all is self-love – confessing their narcissism and creating the most selfish generation. possessions. for it destroys life and happiness. You need the tree of life! You think sex will make you happy? Wisdom owns sexual happiness. Nothing in the world can be compared to her (Pr 3:13-15). 5:22-23. business success. will cure anything. and they believe anything. She is the tree of life. Elton John and Daniel. divorce. Grab her! Never let her go! All men want life and happiness. but God invented every detail of it.g. Fruit trees yield fruit for taste and short refreshment. ignore love or commitment. You finally found her! She has been calling for you (Pr 1:20-23. “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man. and early death. Look at them! They think two women in bed is a marriage and two men with a baby is a family. What more could you want? With Jesus Christ at the right hand of God.

hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD. God bless you. the devil. now and forever. From beginning to end. II Pet 1:5-11). because the world. as the proverb states. What is wisdom? It is fearing and loving God and keeping His commandments. 4:5-13. and God supernaturally blesses him for his obedience. What man is he that desireth life. The great God of the Bible is the Source and End of all things. Jas 1:25). and thy lips from speaking guile. 22:2. a man has the basis for a good and happy life in his possession. she is a tree of life to them. and He offers perfect knowledge and understanding for those who will believe and obey His inspired scriptures. which bears a unique fruit each month of the year. and which has leaves for the healing of the nations (Rev 2:7. 128:1-6. The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous. Therefore. you must retain what you learn. 9:1-12). but in the next life as well. Your future begins today. Acts 10:34-35. and lay hold of eternal life (I Tim 6:12). Josh 1:7-9. The face of the LORD is against them that do evil. of Whom it testifies. Live successfully and happily. 9:1-12). Wisdom is the power of right judgment for all life’s decisions. Life and happiness are before you. 112:1-3. The greatest life and happiness of all are reserved in heaven for those who obey the Lord Jesus Christ (Ps 16:11). 144:11-15. and his ears are open unto their cry. Begin prospering today (Pr 8:1-21. ye children. Ps 1:1-3. As you grow in wisdom. I Pet 3:10-12).2:4. and humble yourself before every word. and her ways are pleasant and full of peace (Pr 3:17). The choice is yours. The blessings upon such a man are great in two ways – he makes right choices in life and reaps the wonderful results. 3:13-18. John 10:10. He may freely take its fruit and live the good life. 8:1-36. Take God’s inspired and preserved Bible. the Bible speaks of the abundant life of such a man (Deut 32:46-47. By learning wisdom and obtaining understanding. which is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is not only the means for success and happiness in this life. and your flesh will try to rip it away.14). and Peter copied. Depart from evil. David wrote. You have met Lady Wisdom. that he may see good? Keep thy tongue from evil. the metaphor of a tree of life is powerful indeed. to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth” (Ps 34:11-16. And there is a tree of life in heaven. he has taught that she is more precious than rubies and incomparable to anything in life (Pr 3:15). she brings long life with riches and honor (Pr 3:16). A tree of life is before you. and loveth many days. Sex or any other lawful goal or pleasure of life is only satisfying when done by the rules of wisdom. The man who lays hold of wisdom and retains her finds assurance and evidence of eternal life (Matt 7:2123. which was denied to your rebellious first parents by cherubims and a flaming sword (Gen 3:24). You have found the tree of life. others. There was a tree of life in Eden. Heb 11:6. It is the way to maximize life in every way for God. learned from trusting Him and His Word. Every man that seeks and obtains wisdom has found a metaphorical tree of life. For every person laying hold of wisdom and retaining her. But you must lay hold of her – you must dive into God’s word and learn the fear of the Lord. seek peace. providing the source and means for success and happiness. In this section. . Fall before Jesus Christ. and do good. and pursue it. and yourself. Here it pictures the source of a prosperous and successful life. A tree of life bears fruit for a wonderful life. “Come.

play. He established the moon to keep track of months.Proverbs 3:19 The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth. the blessed and soon appearing Redeemer. Dear reader. consciousness. Let God be true.confidence in man's speculative imagination. and human souls. The book of Proverbs was written to help you get it. beauty. and how valuable is it? You have this proverb. so get it (Pr 4:7)! And remember that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in the Lord Jesus. Who created all things Himself. Wisdom reasons by faith from the visible creation and the obviously inspired revelation of the Bible. Heb 1:3). The list could go on indefinitely.a big bang. and its conclusion in 3:20. for the benefits of having it are numerous and glorious (Pr 3:14-18.5 degrees. and by Whom all things are upheld (Col 1:16-17. "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God. But where did it come from. and He used them to found the earth and establish the heavens! Wisdom and understanding are what guided the Creator God in the design of the universe! Now are you interested in acquiring it? Now are you willing to listen. The LORD and Solomon want you to learn wisdom and understanding (Pr 3:13. by understanding hath he established the heavens. and by Whom all things consist. design. life. For. Any science that contradicts it is false science (I Tim 6:20-21). Thank you. among trillions of other aspects of the universe. 2:3. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Gen 1:1). The list could go on indefinitely. so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear" (Heb 11:3). They believe the incredible order. and the stars guide sailors on the seas. animal spirits. does the use of wisdom by God in creating the universe impress you? You may have the wisdom of God. The truth is certain and sure. as Solomon teaches you the fear of the Lord? He founded the earth with its axis holding an angle of 23. intelligence. but only a man with faith can see it and hold it (II Thess 3:1-2). He gave you 24-hour periods called days. sexes. Wisdom and understanding are from the LORD. to provoke greater appreciation for wisdom by considering its Source and use. And the more education a person has. and with all experience denying the remotest possibility. For.21). Such men are as stupid as a stone. Who has both in infinite measure. So much for higher education! Children know better. but every man a liar (Rom 3:4)! Here is glorious truth about the origin of the earth and heavens. and sleep before the next one begins. .22-26). the more confident they are of this ridiculous hallucination. with no supporting evidence. They hold in patterns called constellations. Lord. The present world believes the earth and heavens are the result of a cosmic explosion . if other descriptions of wisdom have not moved you. reproductive ability. and the sun gives just the right amount of heat within a narrow range for life to prosper on earth. so you have seasons and varying amounts of light and night. are the result of combustion of gases in space! Chaos brought all this into existence by chance! Now that theory takes enormous faith . if you will. They reason from pure speculation out of hatred and rebellion against their Creator. which are just the right amount of time to work. for the gift of faith.

The molecules of the universe consist . and knowledge are clearly displayed in them.C. Semmelweis. and Pasteur called for doctors to wash their hands. and many other aspects of water and weather (Job 37:124). Solomon exalted the importance of three things . Creator of heaven and earth. He wrote about clouds holding water vapor and distilling it in rain upon the earth (Job 36:26-33).C. to remind Noah and other saints there will not be another flood (Gen 9:12-17). Consider that a one-inch rainfall. through which airplanes pass easily. Praise God for sharing His wisdom! The blessed Son of God. By this natural illustration of how the LORD created and rules water. springs. The value of these things from God's creation and providence should promote them to us. by the Bible to be done with running water for dealing with infectious diseases (Lev 15:5.Proverbs 3:20 By his knowledge the depths are broken up.13). Around 2400 B. until Holmes. hold billions of tons of water? The Lord balances them by His knowledge (Job 37:16)! He numbers the clouds and holds the water in bottles (Job 38:27)! Human discoveries involving water are only that . living around 900 B. Is 28:23-29). God created hydrogen and oxygen. The water cycle is His (Eccl 1:7). . Solomon. the temperatures at which they change forms.. Maternal death rates during childbirth in American and European hospitals in the 19th century ran near 25%. The wisdom of the one merely finding the invention is infinitely inferior to the wisdom of the Inventor! Human inventions are no greater! They are men finally using the matter God created or properties God ordained long before.S. tornadoes.wisdom.C. about 6000 years ago. lightning. their combination that forms water. He ordained the refraction of light in water to cause rainbows. The great God meticulously created and governs all oceans. just like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. for in Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col 2:3). and knowledge (Pr 3:19-20).discoveries! They are men finally finding things God created and put in place long ago. understanding. ice. snow. upholds all forms of water and all other things by the word of His power (Heb 1:3). for he has met Jehovah. knew about it in detail from the LORD. God's wisdom excels man's wisdom as light excels darkness! Man is so ignorant that God must even help him discover or invent (Pr 8:12. which occurs often. county! How do puffy clouds. It was nothing for Him (Gen 1:16)! Charlie Darwin (Pr 1809-1882) could not be found! The sovereign Judge of all did not order him to appear on earth for about 5800 years. and the clouds drop down the dew. brings 10-15 billion gallons of water on a typical U. He despises his profane and vain babblings.610). I Tim 6:20-21)! The LORD sent a mist from the ground to water Eden (Gen 2:6). a practice required in 1500 B. the properties of the three forms. and the amount and location of water in these forms in the universe (Gen 1:1-2. A year His great power (Col 1:17). and His infinite wisdom. Elihu. Observing the water cycle exalts the glory of God and the importance of true knowledge. and the water cycle. understanding.are held together . He broke up the fountains of the deep and opened the windows of heaven to flood the earth (Gen 7:11-12). He now knows his fantasies were foolish. God made Him wisdom for the benefit of His people (I Cor 1:30). knew much about water. What does the water cycle mean to you? It should stoke your desire for wisdom! Mother Nature is the hallucination of God-haters. the three forms of water. When He made the earth. Only God fully knows the springs of the seas. Jesus of Nazareth. for he knows they are not reasonable or science (II Thess 3:2. the direction of lightning. and other mysteries (Job 38:1-41). who never took a course in meteorology from a Darwinian. Men shall soon face Him as the Judge of the universe (Acts 17:30-31).. He wrote about thunder.

putting frontlets between eyes. when preparing for sleep. then two would remember! Proverbs 3:22 So shall they be life unto thy soul. let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion: Most young men have a short attention span and a short memory. which are entirely opposed to the truth of God.19). and when getting up (Deut 6:6-7). I Tim 6:3-5. Here is a successful man or woman living the good life with a glorious reputation. 8:7-20). which stole the hope and joy of the gospel from them (I Cor 15:2.Reader. The man who keeps sound wisdom and discretion will have a wonderful life and a great name. Mark 4:15. remember. precepts.23. Proverbs 3:21 My son. II Tim 3:16-17). The world assaults your senses every moment you are awake with their enticements. and retain what you have been taught? Do you have any mechanism in place to review sermons. understanding. God commanded fathers to diligently teach His laws to their children when in the house. Here is a prince . Solomon taught his son to keep wisdom. Here is prosperity . Shame! Instruction for success in any endeavor is only as profitable as the hearer's ability to remember and apply the knowledge to the specified task. and writing His laws on the posts of their houses (Deut 6:8-9)! Forgetting teaching is dangerous! The church at Corinth forgot the resurrection of the dead that Paul had taught them. He warned them not to forget what He had taught them (Deut 4:9. After giving wonderful laws. honest readers will admit they are little better than memory-impaired young men! What good is a sermon you lazily listen to and forget as soon as the preacher says. or retain advice? If you speak to another about applying wisdom. . A great hindrance to success for many is a poor memory! The blessed God of Israel knew this danger. for it is only by retention that instruction has any value (Pr 3:18). and grace to thy neck. Luke 8:12). It is easy for them to forget instruction and warnings. "Amen"? Jesus said the teaching is immediately taken away from such a hearer by the devil (Matt 13:19. He required diligence comparable to tying signs to hands. And if the truth is told. Warnings about danger in any situation are only as valuable as the hearer's ability to remember and apply the advice when facing the threat. Is 8:20. To counter this problem. for luxury induces laxity and impairs the conscience (Deut 6:10-12. remember lessons. The gospel must be kept in memory.saved from painful living and public shame. when they are in the heat of a difficult controversy or a strong temptation. and discretion. And it is the common experience of all men to have difficulty remembering what was preached just a few days or weeks before. There is no other source of light or understanding anywhere else (Ps 119:128. What are you doing to defend yourself from this assault and retain His wisdom? Do you know your weak memory? Do you understand that prosperity and activity dull it further? What are you doing to review. and statutes to Israel through Moses. He knew that prosperity was a curse to memory. The thoughts of man are vain! God is willing to share His wisdom with those who will humble themselves before Him.crowned with life and adorned with grace. II Kgs 17:37-38). humble yourself before your Creator and pursue the wisdom and knowledge of His Word with all your heart. when traveling.

or reward. The Bible is able to make you wise in ways that the world cannot grasp. The plural pronoun "them" refers to wisdom. and waste (Pr 13:23. Consider the neck chains Pharaoh gave Joseph and Belshazzar gave Daniel (Gen not forget wisdom and understanding. The wisdom of this world . Solomon had observed such foolishness. The conditions are in the context . which states. The word of God is a divine light and lamp for the paths and choices of life (Ps 119:105). II Tim 4:3-4). when. 27:18). The purpose of the Bible. where. What is sound wisdom? It is real wisdom. True wisdom and discretion give you a happy and successful life rather than this death. evolution. The wise men of this world . true wisdom. 4:6. Solomon had already given a great description of the good life in the context (Pr 3:13-18). understanding. 22:26-27). 18:9). keep sound wisdom and discretion (Pr 3:19-22). Ps 34:12-15). Wisdom and discretion enhance and exalt a man's reputation. get-rich-quick schemes (Pr 14:23.abortion. Look at the preceding list of benefits (Pr 3:13-18)! And this proverb is in the middle of another list (Pr 3:19-26)! Wisdom can both adorn and protect you (Pr 3:22-23. Marx. Sound wisdom comes only from God and the Bible (Pr 2:7. 2:11. It is discerning and discriminating judgment to know the best approach and response to any situation. or destructive living is like death. Spock . especially Proverbs. The Lord God of heaven will teach wisdom and discretion to any man who will despise his own thoughts. 28:19). One of the great encouragements to learn wisdom is to consider its benefits. and they will increase and extend a good life. It is the reservation that holds a person back from foolish impulsiveness. I Cor 1:20. 19:7-14). and knowledge in the context (Pr 3:13-20). It knows what. sloth (Pr 6:6-11. and God inspired him to write about them. 2:6. Where is wisdom found? It is found in the inspired words of the Bible and the religion of Jesus Christ. Einstein. what hinders you from being a prince? The proverb concludes a sentence. What is "grace to thy neck"? Ornamentation or jewelry is often put around a person's neck to declare glory. It is not found anywhere else.Reader. This is the lesson of the proverb. sodomy . What is discretion? It knows what words or actions are best for any occasion. Here is the value of wisdom: it will help you live your life without all the pain and trouble of others. and how to do anything. Those who take heed to the instruction will walk safely and . They keep you from making fatal mistakes. the wisdom of God. Ps 1:1-3. 22:11). repent of his sins.Darwin. It is the only wisdom you should seek or keep.20). as if he had been awarded a gold chain by a great king (Pr 1:9). It is discipline and self-denial to not speak the first words you think or not do the first thing that comes to mind. Living a happy life and having a great reputation require godly wisdom and discretion (Pr 4:5-13. is to teach wisdom and discretion for a successful life (Pr 1:1-6. foolish pleasures (Pr 21:17. What is "life unto thy soul"? Depressed. The rules for success in business or employment are throughout the book. 12:24). labor unions. Life for your soul and grace for your neck are based on consistently following sound wisdom and discretion. dysfunctional. and you will be saved from their troubles (Ps 19:7-11). Sagan. "My son. 8:14. 3:19). I Tim 1:10. A carefree and smooth life is possible! You can be secure from trouble and move through life without falling into problems. Proverbs 3:23 Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely. honor.are fools (Is 8:20. fornication. 11:16. risk (Pr 6:1-5. sleep (Pr 20:13). and thy foot shall not stumble. and follow the teaching of the Bible. The financial and professional wisdom of Proverbs can keep you from discrimination (Pr 17:2. rap. Dan 5:29). let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion" (Pr 3:21). divorce.

Matt 10:29-31). Wisdom is a precious asset during the daytime. sleep apnea. Proverbs 3:24 When thou liest down. 7:1-27. 19:14. 23:13-14. can give you confident sleep. abuse of wine (Pr 23:29-35). What causes sleep problems? Fear of God's judgment! If you have sinned. who destroy men (Pr 12:4. Wisdom. Ps 29:7. Your safety is in Bible Christianity. Dysfunction and misery are common in the world. you know that God is angry and could chasten you severely for your folly (Ps 32:3-5). thou shalt not be afraid: yea. 6:20-23)! What causes sleep problems? Guilt! The fear of getting caught or the shame of having been caught is a source of fear that can chase you day and night. Wisdom has many benefits! It will give you an abundant life of joy and peace (Pr 3:22). you can sleep anytime. 29:15). Is 26:3-4)! If the angel of . The book deals with authority (Pr 15:1. because you imagine unseen danger is lurking on every side. 4:8. It will keep you from stumbling or falling over things in life that destroy others (Pr 3:23). The family wisdom of Proverbs teaches you the nature of children and the necessity of their training (Pr 17:25. Though the world may be confused. 22:15. No matter how creative you get. his God keeps every sparrow. there are methods to correct and discipline children that work (Pr 19:18. who will enhance your entire life (Pr 5:15-19. treatment of scorners (Pr 9:7-9). 21:9. theirs or yours! If you have invested in a possible scam. or other physical ailments. Your mind is free at night to imagine all sort of debilitating scenarios. Job 37:3. 22:6. 6:23-35. knowing the many benefits they give to men (Pr 3:21-23). He knows his God never sleeps. Some sleep difficulties are spiritual problems. and his God directs every bolt of lightning (Lev 26:6. which will save you from their fears and troubles and prosper you (Ps 1:1-6. 34:11-16). And you are graphically warned about strange women and their traps (Pr 5:1-23. saving you from such stupid choices. from economic depression to war. 12:4. What causes sleep problems? Fear of disasters! Many tremble about everything from bird flu to tsunamis. 31:10-31). etc. 30:21-23). You can sleep peacefully! What causes sleep problems? Fear! If you have been foolish and done something stupid. free from fear and guilt. Not all sleep problems are due to insomnia. you know there are painful consequences (Pr 6:1-5).. 11:16. there is fear of an angry spouse. A chance storm with thunder and lightning further contributes to a terrifying fear of God. The choice is yours. 38:35. can save you from guilt by keeping you from sinning against God or men. The dread of His judgment is enhanced at night. 121:4-7.not trip economically. Wisdom is of great value to help you sleep at night! With the Lord on your side. you are shown the virtuous woman. is a wonderful gift to those who fear the Lord (Pr 3:25-26). but especially at night. 22:14. from Y2K to identity theft. but the child of God sleeps on peacefully. Instead of her. and there is no fear of God's judgment. It will adorn your character and reputation like a gold necklace graces a neck (Pr 3:22). If you have committed adultery. 25:15). and thy sleep shall be sweet. you know there will be punishment. Solomon told his son to keep sound wisdom and discretion. reader. the folly of modern welfare (Pr 20:4). The marital wisdom of Proverbs warns you about odious women. 23:26-28). but it is also one during the night (Pr 3:24. savings (Pr 30:25). Sweet and peaceful sleep. the nature of true friends (Pr 17:17). treatment of fools (Pr 26:1-5). Wisdom keeps you godly and righteous. thou shalt lie down. the importance of reputation (Pr 22:1). anywhere (Ps 3:5. usually worse than reality (Pr 28:1). 29:17). 19:13. the knowledge and choice to do what is right. etc. there is fear of losing your money.19. Wisdom.

He took Lot out of Sodom before burning it up. Hezekiah had a fatal disease. when it cometh. Phil 4:6-7. Even if the surface of the earth were violently overthrown. He will save all such men and women from both dangers. and go to bed! He will do the rest! He wants you to sleep on it! Getting up early. Paul and Silas could sing praises in a Roman dungeon in Philippi. there is no cause for fear at all (Ps 46:1-7). When a great storm of wind arose. if you will do your reasonable best and trust Him for the rest. he can be confident. because God will be their confidence from the one. The influenza epidemic of 1918 killed 40 million! World War II took 72 million more! Deranged moon worshippers destroyed the World Trade Center! A tsunami wiped out the lives and homes of many from ten nations! Those who fear God and love wisdom are kept from God's judgment of the wicked. Here is a glorious benefit of wisdom . and He will deliver them from the other (Pr 3:26). Terrifying news or grave danger can suddenly cause great fear and consternation. where was He? Peacefully asleep! His disciples had to wake Him up! What was His advice to the terrified disciples? "Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?" What is the proverb's lesson? Get wisdom! Go to bed! Sleep well! Proverbs 3:25 Be not afraid of sudden fear. but he boldly sought Elisha for its complete cure. Or you may know God is going to severely judge the wicked around you. Macedonia. I Pet 5:7)! Consider how Jesus of Nazareth experienced this benefit of wisdom in a storm at sea (Mark 4:36-41). but he prayed for a couple minutes and was given 15 more years. A doctor says you have cancer! Your spouse of many years leaves you! You are fired unexpectedly! You are in the middle of a bank during a robbery! Your son is killed in an accident! Your auto quits. so the ship was full of water. Praise the true and living God! A Christian should not fear anything. Fear is one of life's most painful experiences. staying up late. or it may be real. you can limit yourself to reasonable effort. but Noah and his family were dry in the Ark. wise men will be happy and peaceful. Jesus Christ went to the cruel death of the cross with total confidence in His Father. neither of the desolation of the wicked. no matter how daunting the task or intimidating the situation. God drowned all men by a worldwide flood 4500 years ago. there is no reason for nightmares or fear in the night (Ps 34:7)! Peter was hard to wake up the night before his planned execution (Acts 12:1-7)! Paul and Silas sang at midnight in Philippi's dungeon (Acts 16:19-25)! And Paul cheerfully ate in a terrible storm that blocked out the sun for two weeks (Acts 27:12-37)! But it gets even better! With the Lord on your side. and the waves beat into the ship. A dreaded event may be imagined. The proverb above declares wisdom's value in delivering men from surprise disasters and trouble and from God's expansive judgment of sinners. Consider the desolation of the wicked. He will take care of the matter. Jacob and his family were fed in the best part of Egypt during a . It is His promise (Ps 127:1-2. because the high King of Heaven is on his side (Ps 27:1-6). for his heart is fixed.the Lord is camping with you. and you have no money for repairs! A powerful nation declares war against yours! Your retirement plan is cancelled entirely! Those who fear God and love wisdom have complete confidence in the face of fear. The smaller context teaches that peace from fear and safety from danger are some of these benefits (Pr 3:23-24). but both are very in God will save you from all fears (Ps 34:1-7)! Consider sudden fear. But in both cases. trusting in the Lord (Ps 112:7-8). or worrying will not help. Because wisdom includes the fear of God and obedience to Him. Even if an army were to come against him. Naaman contracted incurable leprosy. The larger context describes the many benefits of wisdom (Pr 3:1-22).

and knowledge. blesses. but confidence in the LORD is greater! For what will you do when self is tired. A wise man makes only a reasonable effort. A thousand shall fall at thy side. Matt 10:28-31. See the comments on 18:10. God befriends. Though an host should encamp against me. for they will be protected. And Paul stood alone to give answer before Emperor Nero (II Tim 4:16-18). In spite of what is happening in the world. Wait on the LORD: be of good courage. weak. and shall keep thy foot from being taken. Three Hebrew men had no regard for the fury or threats of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 3:16-18). Heb 13:5-6) Proverbs 3:26 For the LORD shall be thy confidence. discouraged. delivers. and helps such men. and there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will rejoice in the LORD. He does not fret or overextend himself. they can sweetly sleep when others are panicking and in trouble (Ps 4:8). so they need not fear in this world or the next. but it shall not come nigh thee. and ten thousand at thy right hand. But what about economic disaster? "Although the fig tree shall not blossom. Peter and John boldly testified against the same Jews who crucified their Lord (Acts 4:13). He fears nothing! "The LORD is my light and my salvation. understanding. The bravest and securest men in human history were those who put their trust in the LORD. They can respond confidently to any news of trouble. Some think self-confidence is great. nor for the arrow that flieth by day. his strong tower. dying. but the LORD's defense is much better. be confident the LORD will deliver and save you. but rather believe! Go forward in faith! Do what you need to do. I say. and the fields shall yield no meat. Ps 118:6. on the LORD" (Ps 27:1314). they stumbled and fell. even mine enemies and my foes. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked" (Ps 91:5-8). and knowledge gives a man total confidence and safety (Pr 14:26). the labour of the olive shall fail. What is wisdom? It is reverently fearing the LORD Jehovah of the Bible and keeping His commandments. my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me. understanding. the flock shall be cut off from the fold. in this will I be confident" (Ps 27:1-3).terrible famine. Solomon then taught the security and peace that these blessings bring to those retaining them (Pr 3:23-25). but safety is of the LORD (Pr 21:31). of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked. neither shall fruit be in the vines. whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life. But what about the unseen pestilence or disease frightening others? "Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night. Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness. No matter what difficulty or threat is facing you. Many saints were saved out of Jerusalem. and the benefits men obtain by having them as well (Pr 3:19-22). and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait. nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. If the God of heaven is on your side. In fact. then go to bed! "I had fainted. He puts his trust in the name of the LORD. those who put their trust in the LORD will be safe and saved. unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. I will joy in the God of my salvation" (Hab 3:17-18). or facing impossible adversity? Some think self-defense is good. then there is nothing man or natural disasters can do to you (Pr 3:26. came upon me to eat up my flesh. when God sent the Roman armies to destroy His Son's murderers. . Do not faint. and he goes to bed on time (Ps 127:2). David thought the men of Israel should have lined up for a chance to fight Goliath (I Sam 17:29). The horse is prepared and trained for battle. for he knows that success is from the LORD (Ps 127:1). The context declared the LORD's use of wisdom. Walking in the fear of the LORD with wisdom.

II Thess 3:6-12). If a man will not work. The LORD made both rich and poor men (Pr 22:2). You are in debt! And some debts you may not know about! Here is a rule of wisdom to please God and men. and He will hold you guilty. replacing stolen things. LORD. Amen. "I will never leave thee. Your debt may be a civil. when thou hast it by thee" (Pr 3:28). your blessed Lord slept during a terrible storm (Mark 4:37-38). Rich men did not get wealthy by their own abilities (Ps 75:6-7. What is the result? "So that we may boldly say. which are created by the mercy and charity requirements of God alone. wages for services. or it may be the very religious matters of mercy and charity. he should be treated the same (Pr 18:9. until all are reduced to poverty. "Say not unto thy neighbour. God and Solomon are teaching you true mercy and charity. it is an obligation of heaven for you to help widows and orphans in need that God brings your way (Job 29:12-13. refunding overpayments. but helpful. shared expenses. The rich may enjoy the good life. When God brings a person into your life with legitimate needs.from each according to his ability. Isaiah 1:17. 9:7-10). If he is financially foolish. 12:27. 30:22). 23:22). when they are in the position to help them. For example. Saints go to sleep by saying. I Tim 6:17-19). They will not put neighbors off with promises of future kindness or performance. 19:10. employment. Eccl 9:11. Christianity is not communism . or financial obligation. he should starve (Pr 20:4. and shelter (Job 31:19. This rule is also taught clearly in the New Testament (I John 3:17). repairing damaged property. The duty to pay these debts on a timely basis comes from God's laws and the civil rules of men (Rom 13:7-8). "I will both lay me down in peace. and the poor would be destroyed. If the rich gave all away. Deut 24:14-15)! But there are other debts. they could not fund their wonderful enterprises that employ the poor. Go. only makest me dwell in safety" (Ps 4:8). The next verse says. when it is in the power of thine hand to do it. returning borrowed items. You must give good things to those that need them. and you have the ability to help them. Is 58:7. And only those working hard and not wasting assets deserve charity. and I will not fear what man shall do unto me" (Heb 13:6). Legitimate needs are food. Godly welfare was gleaning. then your help is due! Godliness and wisdom create the debt! God is expecting payment to them. This same Jesus promised. to each according to his need. and come again. Jas 1:27). which required very hard work collecting scraps from fields or vineyards (Lev 19:10. and are you paying them? The context is minimal. Consider how Jehovah demanded prompt pay for laborers (Lev 19:13. and so forth. and sleep: for thou. returning unused deposits. Ezek 18:7. Are you fully aware of your debts. clothing. The Lord is my helper. I Cor 4:7). 31:16-23. He could enjoy supper and serving others just hours before his betrayal and crucifixion (John 13:1-5). Eccl 5:18-19. when you are able to do so. The debts you know well are rent payments. the mere need of the poor creates an obligation. Communism is folly: look at Russia's experiment! . Jas 2:15-16). if they are ready and willing to give to those in need (I Tim 6:17-19.Christian. Noble and virtuous men will not delay in providing the needs of their neighbors. And God expects them to share some of their abundance with those that have less (Ps 112:9. 58:67. nor forsake thee" (Heb 13:5). and to morrow I will give. Proverbs 3:27 Withhold not good from them to whom it is due. if you choose to not pay. Since God expects the rich to consider the poor.

11:29. not lacking a television (Luke 10:30). Rom 15:26. where a pastor or deacons can identify legitimate needs and protect both givers and receivers from abuse or partiality (Acts 4:34-37. This is the Lord's definition of loving your neighbor. since He opposed Pharisees seeking the praise of men (Matt 6:1-4). . notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body. Depart in peace. Gal 6:10. and destitute of daily food. If they had tried to feed the Egyptians and the Arabians. People choosing to live in the desert and reproduce wildly. what doth it profit?" (Jas 2:15-16. the lame. Gifts to many countries simply subsidize and endorse governmental and personal folly. It was the perverted Jewish religion that rejected parental support by allowing faith-promise offerings of assets in order to deny parents (Matt 15:4-6). where they are to provide for poor saints in their own local church and then in other places (Matt 10:42. I Cor 16:15. and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him. be ye warmed and filled. God does not require the rich to dump their wealth for the poor of the world: they are merely to be ready to give it to God's two objects of charity (I Tim 6:1719. The Bible mentions persons and churches by name that were generous givers (John 12:3. They disliked each other (John 4:9. I Pet 4:9). Deut 15:7-11). not social do-gooders or televangelists. you would have nothing left for the two obligations God has given you poor saints and neighbors by providence. should rethink their governmental and personal habits. even if an unbeliever. Gal 6:10). The Bible is pure wisdom. Your neighbor is anyone with a legitimate need that God in His providence brings across your ordinary path in life (Luke 10:25-37. and televangelists suggest the same to build their television audiences and funding. Acts 4:36-37. Philemon 1:5. 6:1-3. call the poor. where food and water have always been in short supply. The Jew was in true need. The Samaritan and Jew did not live together. Do you pay your debts? Do you tell poor saints in your church that you are praying for them? You are cruel! "If a brother or sister be naked. I Cor 16:1.Most charity should be done through your local church. But if you followed either consistently. Phil 4:1019. I Tim 5:1-16). Are you going out tonight for a nice meal? Why not take a poor couple from your church or neighborhood? Listen to Jesus Christ: "But when thou makest a feast. Philemon 1:4-7). Israel was to be generous to their own poor (Ex 23:11. 25:40. you are behind on your debts! You are denying the Christian faith. II Cor 9:1-2. the blind: And thou shalt be blessed. how dwelleth the love of God in him?" (I Jn 3:17. which others have done trying to limit their duty to their friends and companions only. the maimed. the son of Solomon. The Samaritan did not subsidize the Jew. and one of you say unto them. And it has a good answer from Jesus Christ. there would not have been any resources left for the poor in their own nation! Paul took gifts across the Mediterranean for poor saints in Judea. much like the individual sluggard or waster condemned above. The Bible does not teach you to seek out the poor in other places or feel a debt toward them. Acts 2:44-45. II Cor 8:4. Such public giving does not violate the Lord's rule for secrecy. and seeth his brother have need. The Samaritan chanced upon the Jew. 8:48). 4:34-35. Your next line of obligation is your neighbor. Who is your neighbor? You asked a good question. God defines objects of mercy and charity.) "But whoso hath this world's good. Rom 15:26. Nowhere does Scripture teach a debt to the poor of the world.8). Godly men have a debt first to the household of faith. he only rescued him from his desperate need.) Do you aggressively take care of your parents? If not. if you do not repay your parents for what they did for you (I Tim 5:4. though he ignored the orphanages in the cities of Europe and Asia where he raised the money! Social do-gooders suggest giving to every poor person in every corner of the earth to earn the praise of men. Gal 6:10). for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just" (Luke 14:13-14). he was not looking for wounded Jews (Luke 10:33). Learn from the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).

Giving to the poor is lending to the Lord (Pr 19:17). Jesus Christ expects the rich to be ready to give. from bill to bill. A little when needed is better than more later! This godly rule applies to bills. Those closest to you deserve the most from you. Love will help now! If you owe any one today and can pay. giving. Deut 24:12-15). and He greatly rewards them for it (I Tim 6:17-19). and the party thrilled. and it ought to be done as soon as a need is detected. Acts 20:35. Yet men often treat family or friends more harshly than strangers. the greater obligation you have to honor and protect him. seeing he dwelleth securely by thee. wages. The more people trust you. even when they did not deserve anything but eternal condemnation and punishment (Rom 5:6-10). Are you able to follow His example even a little? Then pay your debts! Even today! There are blessings in giving that only those who trust the Bible and Jesus Christ can experience (Pr 11:24-25. When a neighbor needs something. the more you owe them. or when they arrive in the mail. dues." Do it! Proverbs 3:29 Devise not evil against thy neighbour. There are good reasons for paying today rather than tomorrow. The more vulnerable a person becomes to you. get it for him as soon as possible. And you cause a poor man or creditor to live another day of grief (Jas 2:1516. your reputation enhanced. and come again. The Law of Moses required that day laborers be paid their wages every day and that the poor have security deposits returned to them at night (Lev 19:13. debts. and to morrow I will give. Performance counts (II Cor 8:11). Beware! The due date on a bill or loan payment is when it is due. taxes. and you can help. pay them that day! God will be honored. repair your car. and you have the money. A delay can turn charity into cruelty and debt into theft! If you can help a person today. it proves eternal life (I John 3:11-24). and any similar obligations. and you are always ahead for the unexpected emergency. is masochistic folly. II Cor 9:12-14)! Proverbs 3:28 Say not unto thy neighbour. whether to cut your grass. charity. Go. A good rule for life is to pay bills and obligations as soon as they are incurred. Get it? The grace period is the days a creditor will let you steal before seeking to put you in jail! You do not have a Christian right to the grace period! Pay your bills before the due date! When you employ anyone for wages. and they pay promptly! Bless the God of heaven! His rules for wisdom and success extend even to cash flow and the prompt payment of obligations and charitable gifts. do not wait until tomorrow! Clear the obligation! Pay the debt! The previous proverb condemned refusing to pay. do not wait even one day! Help him today! Do not promise to help or pay in the future. You can put joy in his heart by a fast response. "He gives twice who gives speedily. He expects you to care for them. God cares for the poor. It has been said. If you owe anyone or could help anyone. He freely gave His only begotten Son and every other blessing as well (Rom 8:32). You may lose the cash or assets you presently have (Pr 23:5). You know more about your . Talk is cheap and does no good (Jas 2:15-16. You may never live to see tomorrow (Pr 27:1). this proverb condemns delaying to pay. Godly men pay in full. The God of heaven cares about details. you should aggressively pay today. I John 3:17-18). 5:1-5). Luke 6:38.The blessed God of heaven did not withhold the good of salvation from His elect. when they have a real need. family support. This creates financial freedom. or watch your children. Living from check to check. when thou hast it by thee.

Do church members know they can trust you with the most intimate details of their lives? Or do they know your vile heart would be tempted to exploit their weakness for your own advantage or to share it with others? Let this proverb crush you! Learn godliness today! Proverbs 3:30 Strive not with a man without cause. . obnoxious. But God knows the hearts of all men. fighting. or sue someone. God allows you to defend yourself when legitimate harm has been done. or vengeful thoughts. and then they sold Joseph into slavery. John 13:21). Abuse or neglect of spouses is treachery. The sin of this proverb is the cruelest form of personal malice (Ps 41:9. King Saul tried to murder David as he played for him. Of course. if he have done thee no harm. and he used them to earn a few coins by betraying Him to a murderous mob. There had better be definite and significant injury involved. Solomon's son Jesus Christ expanded it to anyone God places in your life (Luke 10:30-37).neighbors than others in your life. He curses the families of men that will not get along with others and that like to stir up trouble (Pr 3:33). Wisdom includes knowledge and ability to get along with others. Your proximity to their activities and their trust in you combine to make them vulnerable to any lust on your part. knowing this reality of relationships. Jacob's sons deceived and murdered Shechem. froward. How serious are the consequences of debating or fighting for no good cause? The great and dreadful God of heaven hates such contrary. Judas knew the Lord's habits. Wise men are glorious. they are righteous in arguing. and they are exceptionally protective of them. or you are messing with a matter that will come back to bite you. habits. He will scorn the scorners and promote fools to shame (Pr 3:34-35). It is easy to discover the assets. It includes your parents or a spouse to colleagues at work or a stranger you happen to sit beside on an airplane or bus. He will be froward to froward men (Ps 18:25-26). for marriage exposes all to another (Mal 2:10-16). Never compare your wife to another woman! Never defraud or demean the man in your bed! The private events of a family at home should never be shared outside the home. Joab slew the trusting Abner and Amasa. and He will despise their petty. hypocritical. and wicked men (Pr 3:32). But He will not tolerate a petty. You better have a good reason to debate. but this privilege brings the duty to protect rather than an opportunity to defraud. because they know they should defer anger and ignore minor offences (Pr 19:11). contentious men always have a reason for contending with others. or suing someone for damages. Of course. God and Solomon. warned against any wicked ambitions or defrauding by this advantage. Beware! Who is your neighbor? While lawyers quibble about words and wish to reduce this noun to a few friends (Luke 10:25-29). and weaknesses of those closest to you. hypocritical. faults. fight. They know that if they are unmerciful in holding men accountable for their small trespasses. but it includes many more than them as well. In their depraved sense of justice. Do you exploit or protect knowledge of colleagues at work? Does the nearness of your neighbor's wife make him more or less vulnerable to you? Do you exploit or protect gullible classmates? Can any sitting near you anywhere trust you with their belongings? The crime can be found at home. then God Himself will not forgive them their trespasses (Matt 6:14-15). it also includes those who live next door. 55:12-15. or vengeful response to others. for family members assume they are secure at home. Matt 26:46-50. Cain slew his trusting brother. Godly men are scrupulously honest with neighbors. personal.

but he ends up in hell (Luke 16:19-23)! A Diotrephes may cast men out of the church. Resenting their role. 22:11. What are the ways of an oppressor? They are harsh and hard on animals. divide and conquer. you must also reject any of their habits or practices. 26:20-22). for they shall soon be brought down (Pr 3:32-35). Do not be jealous of those who appear to get ahead by taking advantage of others. Col 4:6). look out for number one. 27:15)! Peace and unity. and refuses to forgive others fully and easily. 12:18.19. What wisdom can you learn? Rather than envying oppressors of the world. whom God abhors. It is not enough to despise froward men. A righteous man pays a fair price and charges a fair price. depend on overlooking the minor faults or offences of others. and sow discord (Pr 6:14. What a great difference! What a glorious opportunity! What a precious privilege! What will you do today? Fight over anything? Or forgive everything? Be a peacemaker! Proverbs 3:31 Envy thou not the oppressor. fight. It is the pride of their wicked hearts that refuses to be merciful. But noble and virtuous men are kind and merciful to all three (Pr 11:17. as long as you reject other of their ways. the godly goals of wise men. they show their selfishness by contending and brawling! No wonder Solomon warned against such women (Pr 19:13. wounding his hearers. 29:21). Overbearing and presumptuous men may prosper for a while. and much. 19:11. What are the ways of an oppressor? They create strife.28. the oppressor neglects the poor and only gives a little grudgingly. The oppressor speaks sharply. 18:23. or oppose others. but He will bless and favor good and righteous men (Pr 3:32-35). 15:18. When it comes to charity. paying less than they not envy such men (Pr 24:1). and choose none of his ways. Phil 2:1-5). Only when life or home is threatened is there cause for fighting. 12:10. Foolish men are easily seduced by the strong-arm tactics and apparent financial success of these tyrants. work to keep it. Do not use any of their manners or methods. but charging more than they should (Pr 11:26.the way for the strong to survive and get ahead. but a good man gives generously and is rewarded for it (Pr 11:24-25. employees. especially when the helpless or poor are involved. Jesus Christ said that even anger in your heart without a cause is murder (Matt 5:21-22)! And responding with force to minor offences is of the same character (Matt 5:38-42). so they also condemned choosing any of their devices or tactics.What causes some men to be contentious? Pride! Only pride (Pr 13:10)! It is not an innate sense of justice or righteousness that causes them to criticize.unreasonable and wicked men . 21:9. but he will pay (III Jn 1:9-11). feeds men wisdom by his speech.19. Froward men . Eph 4:3. but the wise man speaks his few words graciously. An oppressor walks over a starving Lazarus going to a sumptuous table.are an abomination to God. Sin will deceive you by justifying some of their ways. A contentious spirit is from hell. 17:9. 15:2. What are the ways of an oppressor? They love to drive a hard bargain. 20:14). 25:24. debate. Pride is damning! How about women that nag? Same thing! Their pride finds pleasure in correcting their husbands. 29:7). but a gentle and peaceful spirit is from heaven (Jas 3:14-18). 16:28. They are deceived into thinking such methods are manly and efficient . But God inspired the rule here . for they are the tools of fools. refuses to overlook small offences. until God and men turn on them and take back what they stole by their oppressive ways. and honor others (Pr 15:1. and themselves. Neither should you adopt their manners or methods. God and Solomon knew this temptation. envy the . and wins even the king's heart (Pr 10:21. But godly men crave peace. critically.

because He loves each of them. Hell will be paid! God guarantees it! What is a froward man? This older word means a man who goes counter to what is right. . perverse. What is God's secret. The warning is clear . as if his cheating were the profitable thing to do. If you think God loves such men but hates their sin. Phil 3:17. and you do not want to miss the other. He may become powerful and successful. he is unreasonable. because He abhors each one." . 11:1. 4:9). He is the oppressor from the previous proverb. You do not want to play around with the one. 23:17."Envy thou not the oppressor. and he uses them for whatever he can get from them. Good guys finish first! Measure their based on the rule here (Pr 3:31). so the Lord shares His glory and blessings with holy men. not their not choose his ways or choose to be with him. with whom God shares His secret (Pr 3:32). which He grants to good men in ways the world cannot recognize. refractory. the conditions are simple. He has no regard for others. Have you envied him? He is brash and confident. ready to fall. he is often honored and rewarded. In fact. It is their last arrogant gasp at self-delusion before their final destruction! Because the world glamorizes wicked men in its rebellion against God and truth. Ps 37:1.righteous. He is obnoxious and wicked. and choose none of his ways. But the inspired warning . so God slowly drowned him in the Red Sea for his frowardness (Ex 14:17. Pharaoh greatly oppressed the Hebrews. Proverbs 3:33 The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just. and ungovernable. which He gives to the righteous? It is His personal presence and favors. for there are no exceptions to the rule. "The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity" (Ps 5:5). or the blessing of the mighty God is there! The difference in outcomes is incredible. men often envy oppressors (Pr 3:31. which exalts the wicked and despises the righteous. who uses any means he can to harm others and take advantage of them. I Cor 4:16. Proverbs 3:32 For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous. But He will personally bless the righteous with His presence and goodness. Choose the ways of the godly and earn the favor of God and men (Ps 37:37. The apparent success is a temporary illusion. Something is hanging over your home and house! There are only two possibilities! Either the curse of the LORD Jehovah is hanging there. 24:1. and He will judge them in this world and the next. Do not be misled by the world. As men share intimate plans and rewards with their best friends. I Cor 2:9. Gal 4:6-7). "The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth" (Ps 11:5). difficult to deal with. Rom 9:15-18). and you wonder if there is any reward for living a holy and righteous life (Ps 73:1-14). He tells them through His Spirit of His love for them and of the unspeakable rewards He has waiting for them in heaven (Ps 25:14. God will fight against every wicked person. He breaks the rules and seems to never get caught.19. For a time it may seem that deceitful and violent men can get ahead without consequences. But God abominates such wicked men.7). then hear the word of the Lord. He hates them with perfect hatred. hard to please. He is going down! You have seen this man before.

no man or group of men can bless! When the LORD blesses. I Tim 3:15). and I will curse your blessings: yea. what is good. and cursed Moab (Num 22:1 . and if ye will not lay it to heart. but God blessed Israel. and you are not going to alter them. Proverbs 3:34 Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly. despise His ministers. playing with carnal living and wicked hearts. and spread dung upon your faces. and they were cursed with Philistines (I Sam 4:12-22). Yet the same glorious Lord seeks fellowship with churches. and bow myself before the high God? shall I come before him with burnt offerings. read the details of His blessings and curses (Lev 26. huh? Will you hear. this commandment is for you. but to do justly. in order to save Moab. no man or confederacy of men can curse! Balak hired Balaam to curse Israel. and one shall take you away with it" (Mal 2:1-3). will also be deprived of the glory of God. I will even send a curse upon you. blessing is coming. and to walk humbly with thy God?" (Micah 6:6-8). lay it to your heart. because God smiles upon them. and worship their own thoughts will be judged harshly (Is 29:20-21). don't look up! Angry storm clouds are gathering over your home and house! The way of sinners is hard. to give glory unto my name. because ye do not lay it to heart. The church of Israel was called Ichabod. If you do not think it matters. "Surely" they shall not escape. Those who neglect His word. Deut 28). when the glory of God departed. the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? He hath shewed thee. What will you do? "The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked: but God overthroweth the wicked for their wickedness" (Pr 21:12). 2:5). saith the LORD of hosts. I have cursed them already. and what doth the LORD require of thee. God is angry and hates scorners. And churches today.When the LORD curses. with calves of a year old? Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams. Are you thinking. or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn for my transgression. Not very pretty. If ye will not hear.24:25)! These are the facts of life. A wicked man and his family are going to suffer. the curse is coming. and doing everything God expects? Everything written in His Word? Everything you have heard rightly preached? Everything the holy men and women of Scripture would have done? Where are you cheating? What are you compromising? If you are compromising or cheating in any part of your life. when the Son of man walks among His candlesticks (Rev 1:9-20. I will corrupt your seed. A righteous man and his family are going to prosper. and give glory to His name? Let's find out. "There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD" (Pr 21:30). Here is simple wisdom to bless your home and family or to guarantee their ruin. What will you do with this choice? How seriously do you even read the words today? If you continue in your wicked ways. "Wherewith shall I come before the LORD. But those who think poorly of themselves and tremble before Him will receive kind blessings. because the sword of divine justice hangs over them. This proverb applies to churches as well. and it can get far worse than you think or have ever experienced (Pr 13:15). living. mock His truth. if you repent and do justly. What are the conditions for His blessing? Are they costly and difficult? Read carefully His answer. I set before you this day a blessing and a curse" (Deut 11:26)! And this proverb sets before each reader a blessing or a curse. and to love mercy. which are the houses and habitations of God by the Spirit (Eph 2:19-22. Prudence and safety says to flee His curse by any means! Wisdom and prosperity says to seek His blessing by any means! The LORD said to Israel. even the dung of your solemn feasts. O man. The Lord will have them in . The judgment of scorners is certain. "And now. God told the priests of Israel. which will have Him (Rev 3:20). "Behold. O ye priests. Behold.

Our merciful God will favor them with His gracious blessings. God's ways are equal. for it is His grace that humbles us. if you see even a glimpse of scorn or just smell it in the air from a child. do your hackles ever rise in pride and rebellion at the preaching of God's word? Do resentful thoughts enter your mind against the message or the messenger? Are you offended by the correction or warning of a friend? Unless you have overwhelming Bible evidence to question their words. He has respect to the lowly and resents the proud (Ps 138:6). A man choosing scorn and iniquity will be judged. despise authority. and tremble with ready hearts for His instruction. Paul despised him and sent blindness upon him (Acts 13:4-12). when He brings their worst fears upon them for their arrogant disregard of His offers of wisdom. and it is His grace that rewards our humility with further favor (James 4:5-6). He is merciful to the merciful. God gives this grace before and after we humble ourselves. Pharaoh scorned the Lord. When the Jews rejected Paul's message of the Messiah. no matter how high their conceited thoughts. upright to the upright. are humble in thought. There is a God in heaven: and He is higher than they. This most hateful of all spirits must be corrected. pure to the pure. but He leveled their temple and annihilated their nation. Surely He scorneth the scorners! When Elymas scorned the gospel. Do you resent authority? Is it easy for you to criticize or mock government? Do you love giving your opinion on how things should be done in the nation? On the job? In the church? Beware! Surely He scorneth the scorners! . or you will bring upon yourself great pain and bring upon your child the judgment of God. The rule of heaven is simple: God repays in kind. He saves afflicted persons. Our great God will resent. mock truth. but he and his family went to their graves alive! Goliath scorned Israel's God. you are taking the seat of the scornful. And He will give them the same contrary treatment they have given Him. resist. Others cannot help or protect the scorner. If you have tried to teach a scorner and received hatred. Tit 2:15). and life (Pr 1:20-31. Humble yourself. Korah scorned Moses. and persons. The haughty teachers at Corinth. publicly heard chapter after chapter of his glorious boasting. but Israel ravished the nation terribly. shame. but He brings down the high looks of the proud (Ps 18:27). Caiaphas and Israel scorned our Lord and His apostles.derision. So we must humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God that He might exalt us in due time (James 4:10. The lowly have poor and contrite hearts. truth. ridicule. confess their errors quickly. or scorn. He will not be slack to repay those who hate Him to their very face (Deut 7:9-11). dear reader. Surely He scorneth the scorners! You will be vindicated! Dear parent. though Israel charged Him with being unfair (Ezek 18:25-30). but with His fury (Lev 26:23-28). Dear reader. them (I Tim 4:12. and reject them for their pride and arrogance. The ways of God are equal. but wise and early use of reproof and the rod can drive it away. I Pet 5:6). It is the seed of hell in your child. but He publicly ridiculed their doctrine. Scorners resent correction. hypocrisy. He will laugh and mock. and froward to the froward (Ps 18:25-26). and a blot in return (Pr 9:7� do not 8). but a naked lad stole his head. and are full of conceit. worry. Ps 2:1-12). The Jews scorned our Saviour. Though He is high. Our proverb is so true it is stated twice in the New Testament (Jas 4:6. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. it must be eliminated today. which left them all scorned before the church! And Paul in turn told Timothy and Titus to let no man despise. I Pet 5:5). for God will surely judge him or her (Pr 9:12). but a man choosing humility and righteousness will be saved. he turned to the Gentiles and told the Jews they were unworthy of everlasting life (Acts 13:46-47). who resented Paul.

Joseph resisted seduction by Mrs. the Bible. and flattery of Philistine whores to please his lusts. Potiphar on the grounds it would displease God: he ended up on Egypt's throne. The evidence is all around them that human foolishness leads to incredible dysfunction. You will receive an inheritance. Some consequences are not immediately seen. Consider these precious promises! What a privilege! What a low cost! Humble yourself. if you live foolishly. including detailed facts about a terrible worldwide flood. Your decisions today will earn one or the other. The other thief cursed Jesus in his anger and pain.But on the other hand. and he ended up losing everything. the glorious God of heaven draws nigh to humble men. you may already have part of your inheritance or promotion. You will be promoted. living in a cave. educators. and he went to hell that day to suffer eternal and unspeakable shame. and their nation today is a disgrace compared to what it once was. If you choose foolishness. Be sure your sin will find you out! . the revealed will of God. They drowned in their own profane drivel. Are you living successfully by God's definition with a glorious reputation? Or are you ashamed of the mess you have made of your life? There are consequences to every decision. you will be punished in disgrace. If you choose wisdom as the basis for life's decisions. You will get either glory or shame. who wait quietly with contrite hearts and tremble at His word (Is 57:15. offered bodies. then the natural process of life and the supernatural blessing of God will bring you glory and honor. Consider two men and their choices regarding wealth. but you cannot avoid them. manual laborer. and impregnating his two daughters. In fact. and he became one of Israel's greatest heroes. Fools make decisions by their feelings. Consider two men and their choices regarding the Lord from heaven. Consider two men and their choices regarding women. and pain. Saul of Tarsus flushed one of the finest educations as dung for the knowledge of Jesus Christ (Acts 22:3. their thoughts. you will be honored. dear reader. and other evil sources. He ended up a blind. from beginning to end. tradition. shows God's certain judgment for your selfish choices. news anchors. habits. He giveth grace to the lowly! Proverbs 3:35 The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools. Moses rejected all the pleasures and treasures of Egypt to honor God. who committed suicide to end his pain. And furthermore. popular opinion. Beware! Only blinded idiots or stubborn rebels would think they can make their own choices in life and avoid the painful consequences. One thief on a cross beside Jesus confessed his guilt and wisely chose to honor Him as King: he went to Paradise that day for an eternity of unspeakable glory. He became the greatest apostle. Wise men make decisions by the Bible. misery. The philosophers of Athens adored their own thoughts and mocked Paul's vital teaching about Jesus Christ (Acts 17:22-34). Your choices of wisdom or folly will bring present and future glory or shame. Consider men and their choices regarding education. Lot lusted greedily for the lush valleys of the Jordan. you and God have guaranteed your pain and shame. where the city of Sodom was situated. televangelists. The rule of this proverb is simple: if you live wisely. 66:1-2). Samson pursued the painted faces. Phil 3:4-8).