Text 1 for questions number 1-5 Read the text carefully ! I Have a Cat Spot is a regular house cat. He is an adorable cat.He has orange fur with white and black spots. I like to cuddle him because his fur feels soft. Every morning I give Spot milk. Spot does not like rice, so I him cat food. Spot is an active animal.He likes to run around the house. He likes to chase everyone in my house. When he feels tired or sleepy, Spot usually sleeps on the sofa in the living room or sometimes under the table. 1. What kind of animal is Spot ? a. He is a dog. b. He is a cat. c. He is an animal. d. He is a creature. 2. What is Spot’s fur like ? a. Orange with white and black spots. b. White with orange and black spots. c. Black with orange and white spots. d. Dark brown. 3. What food does Spot have every morning ? a. A plate of rice. b. A bowl of soup. c. Milk. d. A glass of water. 4. “He is an adorable cat”. The word he refers to... a. The writer. b. A dog. c. Spot. d. The reader. 5. “When he feels tired or sleepy...”. The word tired here means... a. Mengantuk. b. Lapar.

c. Haus.

2 d. Capek. 6. Would you like to come to my party tonight ?. a. It does not matter. b. No, I disagree about that. c. Well done. d. I would love to. 7. Dela : ...our new teacher ? : I think she is a very good teacher. She is very nice

Andi and explains the

lesson very well. a. What do you think about b. Do you like c. May I have d. Have you seen.

8. Ahmad Mother a. Of course b. Sure

: Mum, I have won the chess competition. : ...

c. Congratulation d. I’m sorry 9. Salsa Shifa : ... another cup of tea,please ? : Yes, of course.

a. May I have b. Do you think c. Would you d. Can you 10.Arifin Nabil a. Sure b. Here you are c. With a pleasure d. Sorry, I can’t : “Can I borrow your dictionary Nabil?” : “... I am still using it “.

3 Text 2 for questions number 11 -13 Orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth.Its trunk is thick and budding.The leaves are long ,stiff and thick. The color of this plant can be different by using crossing method. It can be white, purple, yellow or others. People like to use orchid as decorative plant. Orchid lives on a tree. It can only produce flowers not fruit. It usually lives and grows well in cool places such as highlands. The interesting fact of orchid is that it grows on the tree, but it is not parasite. 11.What does paragraph 3 tell about ? a. The colour of orchid ? b. The habitat of orchid

c. The appearance of orchid d. The interesting thing of orchid 12.Why do people like to use orchid as a decorative flower? a. It is expensive b. It is colourful c. It is unique d. It is cheap 13.“Orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. It trunks is thick and budding....” ( paragraph 1 ) The underlined word means.... a. The lowest part of a tree b. The reproductive part of a tree c. The stem of a tree d. The food factory of a tree 14.Mr. Hasan Ahmad : Will you help me carry these books, please? : ....

a. Just leave them here b. Yes, those are my books c. No way, Sir d. Sure

15.Mr. Rohmad : I heard that you’ve passed your exams,.... Didi!

4 Didi : Thank you very much, Sir

a. Wish me luck b. Well done c. I’m sorry to hear that d. Thank you 16.Nadia : Dewi, can you come to my party tonight?

Dewi : Of course I can, you are my classmate. By the way, what kind of party is it? Nadia Dewi Nadia : My sweet seventeen party. : Oh I see, .... : Thank you

a. Happy birthday b. Happy new year c. Happy lebaran day d. Congratulation 17. Arrange the following words to make a correct sentence. Did –why –you –yesterday –me - ? –leave 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

a. 2-3-1-7-4-5-6 b. 2-1-3-7-5-4-6 c. 1-3-2-7-5-4-6 d. 1-2-3-7-5-4-6 18.Have-they-lived-years-Bali-for-in-five 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The correct arrangement of the words to make a sentence is .... a. 1-2-3-7-8-4-6-5 b. 1-2-3-7-5-6-8-4 c. 2-3-7-5-6-1-8-4 d. 2-1-3-7-5-6-8-4 19. Sarah Farah : .... : Can you type this letter for me, please?

a. Nevermind b. Sure

5 c. Thank you d. You’re welcome

20.Faisal Fadya Faisal

: Congratulation on your birthday. Please,take this present. : Oh great,... : I know this is your favourite novel

a. What an interesting novel! b. How bad novel! c. What a bad novel! d. How bad book!