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Mustafa Kamel Ali

Citizenship : Egyptian ▪ Date of birth : 27 October 1989 Military Status: Exemption

Contact Tel : 002-0122-041-66-32 e-mail : LinkedIn :

8th sultan st. –Shoubra El Khaima - Cairo, Egypt.

Objective A career in the field of software developing and programming, where my programming and hardware design skills may be applied and further developed

Key Skills
Programming Languages:
C/C++ (Basics – OOP – Game programming – Physics engine – Image processing) J2SE (Basics – OOP (Design Pattern) – Multithreading – Network Programming – Graphics ) Problem solving with Java in programming contests (Algorithms – Data Structure) J2EE (JSP – JSF – MySQL – Crystal Report – JavaBeans – XML) Visual Basic (Basics – GUI – Clinic Dentist project as a freelancer)

Graphics :
OpenGL – JoGL – 3D-Max (Self Study)

Image Processing & Machine Learning :
OpenCV (Self study) Matlab Octave (Stanford machine learning course)

Game Development :
C\C++ UDK (Unreal Development Kit)

Operating Systems:
Linux platform fedora , Ubuntu, BackTrack Windows platform 98/XP/Vista/win7

Network Security : (Self Study)
Network security fundamentals(Certification from ACM) Ethical Hacking (Certification from ACM) Data Base: Oracle Crystal reports 2008

Graduated from computer engineering department in faculty of engineering in Shoubra 2011

Grade : Very Good Courses in college:
  HTML , Java Script , C++ , Java Data Structure

                        

System Analysis Design Pattern Data Base & SQL Compiler Operating System Artificial Intelligence & Prolog Network Security Software Engineering Neural Network Computer Graphics Digital Logic Circuits Computer Network (CCNA1) Image Processing Microprocessor & Assembly Computer Architecture Computer Organization Word Recognition Project in (Neural Network) That system developed by image processing & neural network to translate any given image contains words to a notepad file Develop an algorithm for page replacement by combining LRU & LFU algorithms in (Operating System) That new algorithm work more efficient than both LRU & LFU System analysis project for a dentist clinic Solve Path finding problem using AI technique & geometrical algorithms Implementing design patterns in java by applying it in game Implementing a lexical analyzer in compiler Power Supply Circuit Java course in ITGATE (finished by design & implement a chat program using java) Assembly course in faculty of engineering in Helwan university

Projects in college:

Training :
 

Graduation project
Project Description :
Physical & chemical lab. implements by Augmented Reality Technology using ARToolKit after add developing our interaction class and use it to handle interaction techniques Chemical Experiment :Describes the Acid-Base reaction & tests for the type of gas emitted by using a fire near the gas that is extinguished showing it is inflammable gas. Physical Experiment :Describes reflection & refraction of light beam in different media (air , water , oil , marble) with incidence & refraction / reflection angles .

Grade : Excellent Youtube Video :

Work Experience

Past :
Summer 2009 (working while attending a university) Making a project for dentist clinic to transform the manual system to computing system Soft computing Teacher Assistance in AAST(2011) Technical support engineer at ELTraax ( help students to make their graduation projects in field of Computer vision & machine learning ) R&D engineer at Qoudra Software Engineer at Fawry integrated systems (Develop enterprise applications using J2EE)

Current :
Software Engineer at ISS-Holding (Develop telecom software)

Activities and Interests
Graduation project :
   Won first rank in a local IEEE contest in our university Participate in EED Submit & Accept my research paper in ICEED 2011 (Proposed Solutions for Overcoming Two Shortcomings in ARToolkit)

ACM competition :
1- My team participate in ACM national contest for 2 years 2009 and 2010 and get 17th position 2- My team get the 22th position in regional (Middle East and Arab countries )ACM contest 2009 3- participate in ACM training for new students in my faculty

Programming online contest sites
12345678TopCoder (Handle: phars_alnmr) Google code jam (Handle: pharsalnmr) winning a T-shirt in Google Code Jam Africa 2010 USACO (Handle: phars_a1) SPOJ (Handle: phars_a1) UVA (Handle: phars_alnmr) Dr.Dash (Handle: phars) Programming Challenges (Handle: phars_alnmr) CodeChef (Handle: phars_alnmr)

Extracurricular Activities
Research Models
1- Delegate in MOIC08 2- Delegate in MPA 3- Academic member in WTO 4- Newsletter member in MOIC10 1-participate in IEARN organization with a research in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology 2004


Personal Skills
  Capability to work in team efficiently Good Leader

  

Good communication skills Capability to work under pressure Analytical approach to problem solving / debugging

English (Very Good) Arabic (mother language)