Adventure Two: Into the Moathouse

The players opt to leave Ironridge in search of the missing townsfolk. The clues lead them to the old Moat house which is a couple of days travel north east of town. The travel to the area is rather uneventful; you do notice random animals being on the move. Bears, Elk, wildcats and the like can be seen heading south. The players notice the closer they get to the area the more decrepit the ground and wilderness becomes. It is almost as if something is draining the life essence from the earth. Arcane check: Determines that the area seems to be tainted and gives a sense of despair, seems to be some sort of magical force. Wilderness check: Determines the flora of the area is dying as the nutrients seem to have left the ground. The animals seem paranoid and scared as if evading something dangerous like a forest fire.

Encounter one: Arrival at the Moathouse
When the players arrive at the moat house they find the building has held well to the test of time, small damage and weathering can be seen in various places. Wilderness check: Determines that recent footprints and tracks from a wagon can be seen heading into the moathouse courtyard. Inside the courtyard the players will see debris and rubble scattered in most places. They see a pile of bones to one side and a small buggy with no horse to the other. (This has been the meals for the Bone Dragon that has taken up residence in the area.) These meals have been supplied to the dragon by the cult to gain access to the lower levels of the moathouse. Due to being feed the dragon has opt’d to stay for easy meals. The Dragon does not attack outright but will converse with the players as he views himself as all powerful. He would rather banter with the players rather then kill them as he has grown bored with the area and this would be new excitement. He has a Smaugisk personality. Because of this the Bone Dragon is not considered hostile at this point has a social check of TN3 The players can then try to convince the dragon to let them pass or gain information about the cult activity. The Dialogue with the Bone Dragon will be comprised of an extended social check for anyone who converses with it. Extended Social check: For each success above the TN3 the player has kept the Bone Dragon engaged and he will further discuss what he knows with the players.

*A player that fails the check will receive a remark of hostility from the Bone Dragon. If that player chooses to continue the conversation a TN5 will be required, if they fail the Bone Dragon has grown tired of the chatter and will attack.* If at anytime hostility is shown towards the Bone Dragon the dialogue ends immediately and the Bone Dragon will attack. If the players try to leave the courtyard the Dragon will not let them. What the Dragon Knows; - Rd 1 The cultists have been bringing hostages to the moathouse, feeding him some and taking the rest underground. - Rd 2 The cultists have spoken about something in the darkness and members dying from some beast. - Rd 3 They talked of releasing their dark god, but the Dragon never worried of gods before why start now. - If pressed for passage: The Dragon can be convinced at a TN5 for passage, if bribed with a meal TN3 Bone Dragon (120 points): A terrifying visage of undead strength. [Monster, Undead] 5D, Str 6D, Def 5D, Tough 8D, Init 11 Mv:8, HP:15, Primary ATT & DAM: 6D/7D Alignment: E Size: VL Fate: ( ) ( ) ( ) Attributes & Powers: Breath Weapon Large Cone 6D Damage, Flying, Armor:Medium, Dark Vision, Severe Damage, Tail Attack, Terrifying Aura:TN4, Vigor +1, Large Target, Deadly +1D, Fated 1. Drive: Cruelty Reward Level: +4D

Encounter Two: The Dark Cavern
After descending the stairs the players will find the first underground chamber of the Moathouse temple. The chamber is pitch black and is quite large. The players hear moans and slow shuffling around the chamber. This encounter uses the Darkness and Hidden Movement adventure conditions, so GMs should be certain to ask the players if their characters are using torches or possess Dark Vision. This will be key to detecting the Dark Lacerater before it strikes, and to having success against him while battling in the stygian darkness. The GM should mark on his map which darkened areas the Hidden Movement counters start in, and which one counts as the actual Dark Lacerater. It will charge the first character who attacks Georgie the ghoul There are also two ghouls who stay here and walk the cavern moaning. One is called Georgie that has been in the cavern for quite some time, the other was a cultist that was attacked and turned by Georgie.

The ghouls will approach the players and the Dark Lacerater will not attack until hostility has been expressed towards Georgie. If the players are able to avoid Georgie, the Dark Lacerater will not get involved and will avoid the players. The exit is on the north side of the cavern. Ghoul (49 points): A foul creature of death and decay. Undead 4D, Str 4D, Def 4D, Tough 5D, Init 8 Mv:6, HP:6, Primary ATT & DAM: Claws 6D/5D Alignment: E Size: M Attributes & Powers: Dark vision, Disease minor, Melee Attack +2/+1. Drive: Thrall Reward Level: +1D Dark Lacerater (79 points): A ferocious creature of death and destruction. Monster 5D, Str: 7D, Def: 5D, Tough: 7D, Init: 10 Mv:7, HP:15, Primary ATT & DAM: Claws 7D/8D Alignment: E Size: L Attributes & Powers: Armor +2/+1, Dark vision, Deadly, Hideous Strength+2D, Lacerate, Large Target, Melee Attack +2/+1 3” Reach, Sharp Senses. Drive: Protection Reward Level: +3D
Lacerate: When within the its grasp the creature can use a special action to attempt a rend, this is done by rolling this creature’s class trait againt the target's class trait. If successful the creature can Lacerate its target which is a strength roll vs ½ the targets toughness rounded up. +1 RL Level

Encounter Three: The Acrid Hollow – don't forget hazard check
The path from the cavern leads into a sweltering, high-ceilinged chamber filled with bubbling acid! A series of small, rocky islands can be seen through the acrid smoke and fog that billows up from the hissing sea of acid. A strange bio-luminescence from the acid pool gives the chamber a weird light and reveals an exit corridor off in the distance. This chamber represents an Exotic adventure condition, and should the characters linger too long in it, they will meet great dangers. The GM should have players roll for initiative the moment they enter the chamber and their figures are placed. Leaping the Gaps Most of the “islands” sit about 1” - 2” apart, but there are a few that have wider gulfs of more than to 2”. These would require Dungeon Hazards to leap. Class Thief, Ranger Fighter, Druid Mage, Priest TN# 3 4 5

A character who fails a leap and then fails a check to catch the edge of an island falls into the acid. This means he or she suffers an Acid Bath! At the beginning of any turn where a character starts in the acid, the GM or another player should immediately roll an 8D damage hit on the character. This counts as Severe Damage for purposes of wounding. The character may then use his move action to haul himself out. This takes all of the character’s movement. Another character within 2” of him may use a special action to haul the character out, and if this occurs before his first turn after falling in, he will take no damage!
The Way Out Players should select one character to use a free action to make a Dungeon Hazard check: Dungeon Hazard Class TN# Thief, Ranger 3 Fighter, Druid 4 Mage, Priest 5

This check occurs at the beginning of the round before anyone moves or acts. If the check succeeds, each character takes his turn and moves normally in the direction of the exit corridor. Characters may even charge to cover extra ground. The GM should stress that time is important, as the noxious fumes in the chamber seem to be making them groggy. If the check fails, the characters can still move, but they are slowed by the acidic fog and unsure footing. They cannot charge and all suffer the loss of 1 HP. Each round one character makes the Dungeon check again and the process repeats until the characters make it to exit corridor. However, characters will soon find that they are not alone! Stalked! The acid pool harbors three Golden Amoebas. These hideous blobs begin stalking the characters on round 2. The GM should roll for their initiative and place them in the turn order. He need not place the models on the table until they’re detected, or until they strike! The Grid map indicates their starting positions. They will each charge the nearest character from there. They use simple tactics: a Trip maneuver to knock the character down and force him to make a check or fall into the acid pool. Characters who do fall take an unfortunate Acid Bath (see above). If the characters manage to attack an Amoeba and deal more than 6 hits to it over the course of the combat, it will slink away and leave them to find their way out without further molestation. Once the characters exit this chamber, Encounter 4 begins. Tempting Treasure The GM should place a Treasure counter on one of the more remote islands of rock. The counter represents a fallen adventurer who perished on that spot and left +2 Treasure Bonus worth of goods behind. This represents a temptation of sorts--sending a party member or members to retrieve the items will make for a dangerous diversion. The Amobeas will likely single this character out for special attention.

Golden Amoeba (72 points.): This gooey sludge lurks in the darkness to consume all it touches. Monster 4D, Str 5D, Def 4D, Tough 5D, Init 3 Mv: 7” HP: 10 Primary ATT & DMG: Slam 6D/6D Alignment: N Size: L Attributes & Powers: Amorphous, Large Target, Lethargic Reflexes, Melee Attack +2 +1 Dam, Slow, Smother, Acid, Sharp Senses, Tremor-sense, Half Damage from slashing physical damage, Weakness to fire Drive: Consume Reward Level: +3D Tremorsense Type:Other Effects: Some creatures have the inapt ability to use vibrations in the ground to locate targets. The targets must be making physical actions and within the creatures tremorsense range. Cost: 2 pts Acid Type: Damage Effects: Damage dealt by this creature is concerned acid damage. Attacks from acid have a chance of destroying non-magical equipment. Once a character is hit with an attack make a chance roll, if 3 goals are rolled a piece of equipment has been effected by the acid (GM Decide). When partnered with smother each round in the smother reduce the goals need by 1. Only one piece of equipment can be affected at a time. Increase the RL by 1 combo'd with Smother Cost:3 pts Lethargic Reflexes Type: Other Effects: Either due to their physical bodies or their state of mind, creatures with this ability have a slower then normal reaction time in combat. Because of this they suffer a minus five to their initiative rolls Cost: -4 pts

Encounter Four: The End is Near
The players find themselves in an underground temple of sorts. Scions and torches light the area. The area seems similar to the last temple but more elaborate. Markings and inscriptions can be seen on the walls. Six large pillars sit in the middle of the room creating a walk way of sorts. This leads to a altar area where a stone table can be seen holding a large tome. Two giant obelisks can be seen to the right of the table they give off a green glow. Some of the missing townsfolk are in cages on the right. There is a sense of uneasiness in this area, as if something evil resides here.

The cultist on the altar is reading aloud from the tome and doesn't seem to have notice the characters. If a character would like to sneak closer they would need to make a Dungeon Hazard check to avoid detection:
Dungeon Hazard Class TN# Thief, Ranger 3 Fighter, Druid 4 Mage, Priest 5

A character that passes the check can be placed closer to the area of interest and be moved 10 inches closer. The transformation The cultist will send the elemental and gargoyle forward to deal with the players as he tries to finish the ritual. Each round he can make a class trait check against TN2. With each success a townsfolk drops dead. With three successes, the transformation is completed and he will become a aspect of the dark god. To stop the transformation the players would need to destroy the tome or the cultist. If this happens the elemental will crumble to the ground and the Gargoyle will petrify. Earth Elemental (60 points): The ground itself formed into a force of power. [Monster] 4D, Str 7D, Def 5D, Tough 7D, Init 9 Mv:7, HP:10, Primary ATT & DAM: 5D/7D Alignment: N Size: L Attributes & Powers: Borrowing, Hideous Strength +2D, Armor Heavy, Sharp Sense +1D, Melee Attack +1D ATT, Slow Drive: Thrall Reward Level: +2D Gargoyle (60 pts.): Monstrous, winged humanoids with formidable claws and evil appetites. Monster 4D, Str 5D, Def 4D (5D), Tough 4D (5D), Init 8 Mv: 8”( 13”) HP: 10 Primary ATT & DAM: Claws 4D/6D Alignment: E Size: M Attributes & Powers: Armor (Medium), Dark Vision, Hideous Strength +1, Flying, Melee Attack +1D ATT/+1D DAM, Sharp Senses, Vigor +4 HP Drive: Thralls Reward Level: +1D Cultist (32 pts): Mad with power, for a higher purpose Human 4D, Str 4D, Def 4D, Tough 4D, Init 8 Move: 6” HP:6 Alignment: E Size: M Drive: Special – Finish the transformation Reward Level :+1D

Aspect of the Dark god (80 pts.): Infused with the essence of the Dark lord. Undead 5D, Str 6D, Def 4D, Tough 5D, Init 10 Mv: 6” HP: 11 Primary ATT & DMG: 6D/7D Alignment: E Size: M Fate: 3 [ ] [ ] [ ] Attributes & Powers: Dark Vision, Deadly +1, Fated 1, Gaseous Form, Hideous Strength +2D, Vigor +5, Life Drain, Lone Threat Lvl. 1, Melee Attack +1D/+1D Drive: Power Reward Level: +4D Reward Level Dice Pool Encounter one: 2D for passage pass the dragon or 4D for slaying the dragon. Encounter two: 3D for passage past the dark cavern or Encounter three: 9D for slaying all the monsters or 5D for passage past the hollow. Encounter four: 7D for slaying all the monster including the transformation or 4D for stopping it.

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