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4th Quarter issue - December 15, 1997
(next edition January 15, 1998)

Masthead photos: Walter and Anna Granger, ca. 1900.

Anna's Christmas - Sichuan Province, 1922:

Christmas Day. Yen Ching Kao.

Woke at eight o'clock to find the same dull sky as in the three previous days.
After an excellent breakfast of tangerines, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and bacon,
pancakes with syrup and coffee, I finished making wreaths commenced
yesterday. "Buckshot" made the frame-work for three out of split bamboo. The
branches of an evergreen tree resembling a fine arbor-vitae made the body of the
wreath. A thorny shrub furnished suitable scarlet berries for the same. A tall,
plume-like grass, bound to some of the pillars, helped to give our open-air
balcony a festive appearance. Jars of ferns and red berries completed the
decorations. Our dinner was lacking in nothing for perfect satisfaction, the
menu being as follows (Mrs. Darlington presented the plum pudding):

Tomato Bisque Soup

Creamed Salmon
Mashed Potato

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Leg of Mutton
Braised Onions
Plum Pudding - Hard Sauce
Coffee, Tangerines, Bon-Bons
Excerpt from Anna Granger's diary entry for December 25, 1922. Yen Ching Kao (Yanjinggou) was Walter Granger's fossil-
hunting basecamp over three winter seasons in Sichuan Province. Mrs. Darlington was of the China Inland Mission in

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