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Classroom Activity Format

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Michelle Rivera- Georgia Southern University Judi Repman Georgia Southern University Lucy Green Georgia Southern University


Each activity should meet a Georgia Studies standard and Common Core State Standard. Separate the standards by commas. Example: SS8H4, ELACCRI1, L6-8RH1

SS8H8, L6-8RH1, L6-8RH2, L6-8RH3, L6-8RH4, L6-8RH4

Time Needed to Complete Activity approx. 1-2 class periods

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Using the Library of Congress Analysis Tools, students will analyze two primary sources from the Great Depression era. The analysis tools ask students to observe, reflect, and question.

Materials Needed

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Library of Congress Teacher Guides & Analysis Tools by type: Primart Sources Images of farm boy in Georgia with sack frull of boll weevil cotton. View 1. ; View 2. ( Audio Recording Boll Weevil Blues Audio Recording The Boll Weevil Song.

Additional lesson plans and primary source sets can be accessed from the Great Depression Themed Resources page: (


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1) Before completing this activity, the students should have some background information about the United States during the Great Depression and the impact of the Boll Weevil on agriculture in the South. This information may be found in a textbook or from other sources. Visit the primary source set for SS8H8 for additional primary sources and links to relevant websites. Be sure to look at page two of this set for links to more information. 2) Students can complete this task as a class, in groups, or individually. Have students complete the student analysis tool for the two audio recordings and two images. 3) Conduct a follow-up classroom discussion to check for understanding of the topics. You may want to use the teacher guide tool for discussion questions and prompts. Lesson Extension: Ask students to use the Library of Congress to find additional primary sources related to the great depression in Georgia. Using these additional sources have students develop a visual display on life in Georgia during the Great Depression to display in the classroom. Have students create a description of the display to hang next to it similar to a museum exhibit.