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Year Faith
2012-2013 Challenge

9 December 2012

Perfect Love Every time we make the Sign of the Cross we are calling on the Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Understanding the Trinity can be overwhelming, e x h i l a r at i ng , d au n t i ng , m y s t e ri ou s , and d ow n right difficult. St. Augustine, one of the great Fathers of the Church dares to explain this great mystery: “Wherever there is love, there is a trinity: a lover, a beloved, and a fountain of love.” Sound like Chinese? Well if there is one way to break down this oh-so-complex doctrine it is to liken it to a simple three leaf clover; one clover, three leaves. Like the three leaf clover God is three persons perfectly united as one God. Leaf One: The Lover, The Father God the Father is the lover. The Father, as Creator, is filled up with unconditional and unceasing love for all His creatures. “In human experience, father and mother stand for origin and authority, for what is protective and supportive,” (YouCat par. 37). So we can gain a rich view of God by simply looking at the way we respect and love a parent. Think about the parable of the Prodigal Son. Jesus points out the “human longings for a merciful father,” (YouCat par. 37). We see the Father as an ever-loving, merciful, protective and supportive God.

- St. Augustine

Take this week to find out how the Holy Trinity works in your life and within your family. What part of the Trinity do you most relate to most? Seek out the Catechism and the Scripture for a better understanding.

Leaf Two: The Beloved, The Son Jesus Christ is the beloved Son. “And behold, a voice from heaven, saying, ‘This is my beloved Son , with whom I am well pleased,’” (Mt.3:17). Jesus comes to us, sent by the Father, to forgive our sins. He is also revealed as the Son of God through His life, death and Resurrection. As the second part of the Trinity He was brought down to us, fully human and fully divine, to become the prime example of the faith and lay down his life for us. He is the beloved because the entirety of the Father’s loves flow into the His heart and Jesus is the beloved to us because He is the bridge to the Father, the lover. Leaf Three: The Fountain of Love, The Holy Spirit God sent, “the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,” (Gal 4:6) so that we could be filled with Him completely, (YouCat par.38). The love that is shared between the Father and the Son is manifested and sent out to the masses as the Holy Spirit, the fountain of love. He is alive and active, God speaking and working through us to become more intimately connected to Him. By giving us the Holy Spirit God is showing us not only an act of love but an act of mercy, guiding us in every way to find true fulfillment in Him.

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