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In a world of molded plastic, discarded toys, and junk terrain, one squadron prepares for its deadliest mission yet. Time is limited, and survival rests on the whims of chance. Sarge ghts to keep his team alive, Lucky keeps an eye on his rabbit’s foot, Sweep never loses a soldier to a mine eld... and no soldier takes a shot until the spotlight is on him. 10 men, 2 squads, 6 minutes, and no mercy: these are ARMY DUDES.

Six-sided dice Plastic army gures (or any kind of miniature) Stu (rocks, cardboard, soda cans) for terrain Ruler or measuring tape 2ft. by 2ft. area.


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Published 11/26/2012

Eliminate the enemy! After six turns, the player with the most remaining troops wins. If equal, the game is a draw.

Build your Team
Players command equal teams of three to ve pieces. Each piece is a character and carries one weapon. Each character and each weapon may be used only once on a team.

Brick e rst time Brick takes damage each turn, reduce that damage by 1. Chat Enemy pieces within 9 inches of their deployment corner only roll a d3 for command rolls. You win ties for command rolls. Doc When Doc or a friendly piece within 1 inch of Doc makes a survival roll, Doc may spend all remaining action points to increase the survival roll by number of action points spent. Ghost When in cover, increase the challenge of shooting attacks that target Ghost by 1 unless the attack is an aimed shot. Hotshot Hotshot’s aimed shots ignore cover if the target is within 6 inches. Lucky When Lucky rolls a 1 on its survival roll, you may reroll. When an enemy piece targeting Lucky with an aimed shot rolls a 6, it must reroll. Pariah All pieces within 6 inches of Pariah must reroll the their survival roll, if they pass, each turn. Rat Rat may deploy 3 inches from the corner to your right. Sarge Sarge and all friendly pieces within 6 inches of Sarge increase command rolls by 1 and decrease reaction cost by 1. Speedy During sprint, charge, and dive, Speedy may move an extra inch. Sweep Increase deployment of other friendly pieces in the same deployment corner by 3 inches. Tiny Tiny deals double damage with melee attacks and wins ties during counterattack roll-o s. SMG Range: 6 inches. If target is in range, lower challenge by 1 and increase damage by 1. Sword and Pistol Range: 6 inches. Deal max damage with melee attacks. Opponents roll d3 instead of d6 during counterattack roll-o s. Carbine Range: 9 inches. Lower challenge during return ring reaction by 1. Return re cost against aimed shots is lowered by 1. Service Rifle Range: 9 inches. During aimed shot, 6’s rolled on shooting attacks deal 1 additional damage. During charges, deal 1 additional damage. Scoped rifle Range: 9 inches. Double range during aimed shot. Shotgun Range: 9 inches. When a piece takes damage from this weapon, if it is within range, reduce its action points and command roll next turn by 1. Machine Gun Range: 12 inches. is piece may reroll shooting attack rolls during aimed shot. If the target is in half range, this piece may reroll damage.
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Double Pistols Range: 6 inches. During aimed shot, this weapon can target up to 2 pieces (or the same target twice) in range. Aimed shot costs 1 action point less. Flamethrower Range: 6 inches. Cannot damage targets out of range. If target is in range, Flamethrower always hits and always deals max damage.

Turn Sequence
Mortar Range: 12 inches. Can only target pieces outside of range. All pieces within 3 inches of the target take one less damage than the target. Does not need line of sight to target, and never gives cover bonus to units that do not dive or sprint. Can only be red with aimed shot and does not reduce damage roll to 1 when out of range. Rocket Launcher Range: 12 inches. All pieces within 3 inches of the target take one less damage than the target. Can only be red with aimed shot. The Stinger Range: 12 inches. Cannot make aimed shots. Quick shot costs 1 action point less. Increase damage roll by 1 for each shooting attack made against the same target in the same spotlight if the target is within half range.

At the beginning of each turn, each player chooses one piece to take the spotlight and make a command roll. After all pieces have ended their spotlight, each piece makes a survival roll. en the next turn is played.

Move -1ptMove the piece up to 1 inch in any direction. Quick Melee -2ptse piece makes a melee attack. Quick Shot -3ptse piece makes a shooting attack with a challenge of 4. Automatically misses if target is over 12 inches away. Sprint -4ptsMove this piece up to 6 inches, the unit also counts as being in cover until its next command roll. Units cannot sprint through di cult terrain. Charge -5ptsMove this piece up to 4 inches, then make a melee attack that deals an additional damage. If the target attempts a counterattack, this piece may reroll its roll-o . Aimed Shot -6ptse piece makes a shooting attack with a challenge of 3.

Command Roll
Players roll o using a d6. e winning piece gains spotlight, and once it passes spotlight, the losing piece gains spotlight. Once both pieces end their spotlight, players pick another two pieces to make a command rolls. No piece can make two command rolls in a turn. If a player cannot put up a piece for the roll, then the other piece automatically wins.

Action Points
Each piece begins each turn with 6 action points that may be spent on spotlight actions and target reactions. Any piece that ends the turn with unspent action points increases its next command roll by one for each unspent action point.

One player sets up the map by placing terrain and clari es terrain that is di cult, impassable, provides cover, and blocks line of sight. Once the map is set up, the other player picks a corner to deploy. Pieces must be placed within 9 inches of the deployment corner. After the pieces are placed, the other player deploys at the opposite corner.

During its spotlight, a piece can spend action points on the following actions. Actions may be performed multiple times and in any combination. If a piece is within 1 inch of an enemy, it can only make a quick melee action.

Melee Attacks
Target an enemy that is within 1 inch. Roll damage to the target or move the attacking piece 1 inch and its target 1 inch away from each other.

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Shooting Attacks
Target an enemy that is not blocked by terrain or another piece, and is not within 1 inch of a friendly piece. Roll a d6. If it rolls equal or above its challenge, the target takes damage. If the target is behind or in cover, raise the challenge by 1. If the target is out of range, raise the challenge by 1. A roll of a 1 always misses, and a roll of a 6 always hits.

Counterattack -2ptsWhen targeted by an attacker within 1 inch, roll o . If you win, make a melee attack back at the other piece and ignore the original attack. Dive -3ptsWhen targeted by a shooting attack, this piece moves 1 inch away from the piece targeting it and counts as being in cover for the attack if it was not already. If this move would block line of sight from the shooter, the shooter may still make the attack. Return Fire -4ptsWhen targeted by a shooting attack, raise its challenge by one and make a shooting attack

at the piece targeting this piece with challenge of 5.

Taking Damage
Put d3 damage on the piece. is roll is always a 1 if the target is out of range of the weapon in icting the damage.

Whenever pieces become targeted by another piece’s spotlight, it can spend points to make one of the following reactions. Reactions occur rst.

Survival Rolls
At the end of each turn, pieces with damage roll a d6. If the result is under or equal to its damage, it is considered to be “out of the ght” and cannot take any actions.

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