November  30,  2012       The  Honorable  John  Hickenlooper   Governor   State  of  Colorado   136  State  Capitol  Building   Denver,  CO  80203     The  Honorable  John  Suthers   Attorney  General   State  of  Colorado   1525  Sherman  Street   Denver,  CO  80203       Re:    Colorado’s  Legalization  of  Marijuana     Dear  Governor  Hickenlooper  and  Attorney  General  Suthers:     The  passage  of  Amendment  64  on  November  6,  2012  to  legalize  the  possession  of  up   to  one  ounce  of  marijuana  for  recreational  use  created  considerable  uncertainty  and  

questions  within  the  Colorado  business  community  about  how  such  law  would  be   implemented  and  enforced,  particularly  in  its  contradiction  to  existing  federal  law.             As  a  business  community,  we  are  proud  of  Colorado’s  recognition  in  ranking  after   ranking  as  one  of  the  top  states  in  which  to  live,  to  do  business,  and  to  have  an   incomparable  quality  of  life.    Notably,  Forbes  Magazine  named  Colorado  as  the  5th   best  state  for  business  just  last  year  (Forbes,  November  22,  2011).    It  is  critical  that   Colorado  retain  its  position  as  a  great  place  to  do  business.      We  commend  your   respective  years  of  support  of  the  Colorado  business  climate  both  in  your  public   statements  and  in  your  public  policy  decisions.           As  you  are  all  too  aware,  certainty  for  business  is  of  paramount  importance  to   assure  sound  decisions  and  continued  recovery  and  growth  of  our  economy.      Today,   uncertainty  exists.     Thank  you  for  your  recent  and  continued  efforts  to  secure  a  clear  signal  from  US   Attorney  General  Eric  Holder  and  the  Department  of  Justice  regarding  their   intentions  to  enforce  the  Controlled  Substances  Act  and  other  provisions  of  federal   law.      In  support  of  your  efforts,  we  have  sent  the  attached  letter  to  Attorney  General   Holder.    You  will  note  that  we  urge  enforcement  of  the  Controlled  Substances  Act  as   this  will  provide  employers  in  Colorado  the  certainty  and  clarity  of  law  we  seek.     We  look  forward  to  working  along  side  both  of  you  in  assuring  the  implementation   of  Amendment  64  is  thoughtfully  considered,  with  minimal  intrusion  upon  our   respective  work  to  grow  a  strong  Colorado  economy.     Thank  you.     Sincerely,                   Tamra  Ward,  President/CEO     Sandra  Hagen  Solin,  Executive  Director   Colorado  Concern         Northern  Colorado  Legislative  Alliance                   Mark  Latimer,  President/CEO     Steve  Foster,  President/CEO   Associated  Builders  and  Contractors   Colorado  Technology  Association   Rocky  Mountain  Chapter    


David  May,  President/CEO       Fort  Collins  Chamber  of  Commerce    


  Diane  Schwenke,  President/CEO   Grand  Junction  Chamber  of  Commerce               Rod  Slyhoff,  President/CEO   Pueblo  Chamber  of  Commerce  

  Sarah  MacQuiddy,  President/CEO     Greeley  Chamber  of  Commerce    

    Joe  Raso,  President/CEO     Colorado  Springs  Regional  Business   Alliance                     Eric  Berglund  ,  President/CEO     Upstate  Colorado  Economic       Development  Corporation                   Tony  Milo,  President/CEO       Colorado  Contractors  Association     Bonnie  Peterson,  Executive  Director   Club  20               Don  Childears,  President/CEO     Colorado  Bankers  Association       Colorado  Auto  Recyclers  Association      

Walt  Elish,  President/CEO   Northern  Colorado  Economic     Development  Corporation  


  Spenser  Willwock   International  Electrical  Contractors     Rocky  Mountain  Chapter  

  Tony  Gagliardi,  CO  &  WY  State  Director     National  Federation  of  Independent   Business   Mindy  Moree,  President/CEO   Loveland  Chamber  of  Commerce   Ryan  Schaefer,  President/CEO   Chrisland  Commercial   Douglas  County  Business  Alliance  



United  States  Attorney  John  Walsh   District  of  Colorado     Dr.  Rebecca  Blank   Acting  US  Commerce  Secretary     The  Honorable  John  Morse   President  of  the  Colorado  Senate-­‐Designee     The  Honorable  Bill  Cadman     Colorado  Senate  Minority  Leader     The  Honorable  Mark  Ferrandino     Speaker  of  the  Colorado  House  of  Representatives-­‐Designee     The  Honorable  Mark  Waller   Minority  Leader  of  the  Colorado  House  of  Representatives-­‐Designee     The  Honorable  Mark  Udall   US  Senate     The  Honorable  Michael  Bennet   US  Senate     The  Honorable  Diana  DeGette   US  Congress     The  Honorable  Doug  Lamborn   US  Congress     The  Honorable  Mike  Coffman   US  Congress     The  Honorable  Ed  Perlmutter   US  Congress     The  Honorable  Scott  Tipton   US  Congress     The  Honorable  Jared  Polis   US  Congress     The  Honorable  Cory  Gardner   US  Congress  

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