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Considering breast implants?
Choosing the right size is a crucial step
in getting the outcome you desire. Use
the “rice test” at home to experiment
with sizing. Fill a zipper bag with rice
and place beneath your bra to see
how it looks. This also allows you to
understand how that extra weight feels
on your chest and shoulders.
Robert A Colgrove Jr., MD -
Vinings Surgery Center
Break out the compression hose!
Now is the best time of year to prepare for vein
treatments. Most patients are unaware that as a
prerequisite to submitting a medical claim to their
insurer for vein treatment, they are required
to wear medical-grade compression
stockings for at least 6 weeks and in
some cases up to 3 months. Although
compression stockings will temporarily alleviate
symptoms while they are being worn, only a vein
expert can provide definitive and permanent
Walk it out
Do you hurt when you run or hate running and
can’t figure out why? Try a pair of minimalist
footwear to naturally retrain your body to run
and walk right. Take it slow and your entire body
might surprise you.
Guy Thorsby, barefoot specialist –
Mountain High Outfitters
White out!
Keep it simple: avoid
sugar and our!
Linda McIver-Duxbury, nurse
practitioner & president -
2UMedical Weight Solutions
A great way to reduce
calories and fat and add
a healthy bonus of gut-
friendly probiotics is to
replace that dollop of sour
cream with a spoonful of
plain Greek yogurt.
Allison Wildenburg, ND –
Natural Health Atlanta

Head to the Barre
Barre positions are an intense and effective way
to improve your core because you use your
body weight as resistance. In order for you to
maximize the results of barre exercises, you need
to initiate all movements from a place of core
integration and bracing. As a result, your core
becomes incredibly tight and strong.
exhale Atlanta
Curb holiday cravings
The holidays are coming and for many, that can
mean challenging situations that pose great risk
on even the best healthy eating
plan. Enjoying a small snack
of nuts or string cheese
will mean you're arriving
at the party satisfied not
starving so you will avoid
Saira Gillani, ND –
Natural Health Atlanta
To achieve a fitness goal, make it
Specific - a specific goal should contain
a detailed description of what is to be
Measurable - establish a way to assess the
progress toward each goal.
Attainable - the right mix of a challenge, that
is not too extreme, but also not too easy to
Realistic - a goal is realistic if a
person truly believes they can
accomplish it and are both
willing and able to do so.
Timely - a specific date
of completion, like a race,
but not be too far off in the
Michael Bonetti – MAX 4 Fitness
Cut your workout time
in half
Use kettlebells for twice the results in half
the time! Kettlebell training offers an
extremely efficient and very effective
form of exercise. In a study conducted
by the American Council on Exercise, it
was determined that subjects burned an
average of 20 calories per minute of kettlebell
exercise, or 400 calories in a 20
minute session.
Scott Shetler – Extreme Performance Training
Systems, LLC
Learn something new
Try working with a trainer that will teach you
as you go along. Take notes and ask questions
during sessions. Read material and investigate
your options. By doing this you take control of
your health and can get longer lasting results.
John White, founder – TruFit LLC
Hit the ground running
Take just 5 to 15 minutes
in the morning to make your
health a priority and
start each day with exercise.
It will empower you with
the confidence and strength
to rise to the challenges of
the day and meet every
opportunity that comes
your way.
Rachel Payne, CEO,
owner & I.A.F.S. master
certified personal
trainer – House of Payne
Personal Training
How can people jumpstart their healthy lives
in the new year?
My suggestion is clean out your cabinets and
your refrigerator. Choose an entire month – let’s
say January – to make a complete cleansing of
your kitchen. If you’re eating mashed potatoes,
replace it with mashed cauliflower. You can still
eat and be full, but be more selective.
Dovett Quince, celebrity trainer –
Body Sculptor, Inc.




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