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December 2012 /January 2013

A Newsletter from Neighbourhoods, Parks and Community Recreation Northwest

Help Bring Christmas Cheer to All

The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton accepts referrals for families who need a food hamper or food certificates from the Christmas Bureau and/or toys from 630 CHED Santas Anonymous and/or gift card from Edmonton Suns Adopt-A-Teen Program. We are nondenominational and accessible to all low income families, seniors and individuals. Are you in need of support this year? Self referrals can be made after November 14 by calling our Intake Line at 780-414-7695. The deadline for referrals is December 9, 2011. Over 800 volunteers will donate their time this year. Positions are available in November and December which provide great opportunity to celebrate the festive season with family and friends. We encourage you to check out the volunteer page at our website This coming Christmas season, the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton anticipates that we will serve over 65,000 less fortunate within our community. In order to meet the need our campaign goal is $1.8 million dollars. Donations can be made online at our website

NES Workshop November 14, 2012

The Neighborhood Engagement Strategy committee held a workshop for those interested in applying to the fund for 2013 events or projects. Despite being rescheduled due to the heavy snowfall, 21 community members attended and learned about the strategy and application form. Attendees mentioned how much they enjoyed hearing about the projects taken on by other neighbourhood groups. They particularly enjoyed viewing the video recently taken about the Strathearn Art Walk project, and the storyboards submitted by other projects. The application is available online at neighbourhood-engagement.aspx, and potential applicants are encouraged to talk about their project with their CRC or Community Building Social Worker as soon as possible. Applications are due Dec. 14 th. Please contact or 780-442-4974 for more information.

Seasons Greetings!
Community Building West Staff would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Wishing you a restful season and time with family and friends! Through out the year the spirit of giving is demonstrated over and over again by the numerous contributions of community volunteers. Thank you for helping to make Edmonton a great city to live in!

Community Outdoor Skating

Lace 'em Up and Get on the Ice!
Come discover the joys of one of Canadas oldest and most popular recreational activities. Whether its a leisurely skate in the crisp winter air or a breakaway up the ice, Edmontons community outdoor rinks have something for everyone. Outdoor skating rinks across the city offer many leisure and instructional skating opportunities. Inquire with your Community League to determine which rinks are open and if they are offering any programs this winter.

December 2012 /January 2013

Did you know?

Did you know that Parks Operations builds an outdoor snow bank rink and a skating oval at Castledowns Park? Depending on the weather, you can find the rinks open from the beginning of December to mid March.

Feel the urge to soar down a snow-covered hill and feel the brisk wind nip your cheeks? The City of Edmonton maintains toboggan hills at several locations with safe run-outs, safety signs and reduced hazards. For a list of City of Edmonton maintained tobogganing hills go to ecreation/tobogganing.aspx or check out your local park and have fun!

Shinny Hockey and Free Public Skating Schedules

For Child/Youth and Adult Shinny Hockey Schedules and information check out the City of Edmonton Website at: ecreation/shinny-hockey.aspx View the schedule for Free Public Skating Drop In which is sponsored by the City of Edmonton and the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton at: ecreation/public-skating.aspx

Toboggan Tips
When you are tobogganing or sledding ensure that: You are dressed for the weather and remember to dress in layers. You can take off items and put them back on. Watch out for frostbite on colder days. And on sunny days remember to put on sunscreen. You sled in daylight so that you can see any potential dangers. If you choose to sled at night, make sure that the hill is very well lit. Children wear a helmet at all times while sledding and if they are five years old or younger they should have an adult accompany them on a sled or toboggan. You choose a hill with a gentle slope, free of protruding objects such as ice, rocks, and tree stumps. Also, be sure that the hill is not too icy you want to be able to stop if you need to. You wait until the path is clear before starting down the hill. This could help prevent you from running into another person on your way down. You always position yourself on your sled or toboggan so that you are kneeling or facing forward. Never lie down on a sled or toboggan while going down a hill. You climb back up the hill on the side to keep out of the way of others who are sledding down. You keep in mind that racing down the hill might seem fun, but sleds can often be more difficult to control at higher speeds. Try to maintain safe speeds that will allow you to have the control to stop if you need to.

Holiday Tips
1. Set a holiday budget - The holidays can get very
expensive, between shopping, travel and buying everything you need to host a meal (or two). So rather than panic as you watch your credit card bill get more and more bloated, plan ahead so you know exactly how much you can spend this year. Start shopping It's never too early to start holiday shopping. To make the whole process easier, make a list of everyone you have to shop for, along with four or five ideas for each person and how much you want to spend on them. If you really feel ambitious, start wrapping gifts as you buy them to cross yet another large task off your list before things get stressful. Plan a menu Now is the time to scour the web and your cookbooks for holiday meal and baking ideas so you're not stuck once it's actually time to cook and bake. Next, create a master shopping list for everything you will need once it's time to get cooking, taking stock of what you already have on hand and specialty items you need to pick up. The more you have planned now the better you'll feel. De-clutter take the time to de-clutter now, the less clutter you have before the holidays, the easier it will be to keep your home neat and organized.




December 2012 /January 2013

Ice Making Workshop Follow-Up Session

Monday, December 17th at 8:30 pm
Royal Gardens Community League 4030 117 Street Meet at the rink If you attended the Ice Making Workshop on November 8, this follow-up session will provide you with an opportunity to: o See some demonstration of techniques o Ask specific questions or troubleshoot issues Please dress to be outdoors, a small warm-up area will be available. If you would like to attend, please contact Jessica at 442-4629 or to register.

Snow Shacks
This free neighbourhood drop-in program for 6-12 year olds is offered in partnership with community leagues at various playgrounds across the city. Come out for indoor and outdoor activities including crafts, games, sports, and drama. Dress for the weather and be ready for winter fun. Children under 6 years old are welcome to participate but must be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times. The program may be cancelled or adjusted in the event of extreme weather.

Westview Village Snow Shack

Location: Westview Village Community Hall (10770 Winterburn Road) Dates: January 2 - January 4 Times: 9 4 pm

Important Dates to Remember

December 5 International Volunteer Day December 9 Hanukkah Begins December 5 & 17 - Combined GAIN and Use of Proceeds Workshop. Workshop is FREE but you must pre-register. Register at or Contact 780447-7499 to register or for more information. December 21 Winter Solstice December 25 - Christmas December 26 - Boxing Day December 26 January 1- Kwanzaa January 1 - New Years Day

Meadowlark Snow Shack

Location: Meadowlark Community Hall (15961 92 Ave.) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Lessard Snow Shack

Location: Lessard Community Hall (17404 57 Ave.) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Athlone Snow Shack

Location: Athlone Community Hall (13010 129 Street) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Cross-Country Skiing in Edmonton

Edmonton's expansive river valley and parks system is a perfect cross-country skiing destination.

Belmead Snow Shack

Location: Belmead Community Hall In Rink Shack (9109 182 Street) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Trail Locations

Each park has an emergency phone. Please also carry a cell phone, especially if you are skiing alone or at night. Washrooms and shelters are available at all of the parks except Riverside Golf Course (no amenities) and Terwillegar (no shelters). For Current ski trail conditions and locations, Please refer to the website: ecreation/crosscountry-skiing.aspx

Woodcroft Snow Shack

Location: Woodcroft Community Hall (13915 115 Ave) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

McQueen Snow Shack

Trail Lighting

Location: McQueen Community Hall/Rink Shack (10825 McQueen Road) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

The trails at Gold Bar/Goldstick, Kinsmen, and Snow Valley are lit at night for evening or night skiing. 3

December 2012 /January 2013

Coats for Kids & Families

This program helps keep Edmontonians warm throughout the winter. The 2012 Coats for Kids campaign will run from Oct 23, 2012 to Dec 6, 2012. To Get a Coat: If you or your family are in need of winter coats, call 211 (or 482-INFO outside of Edmonton). They will tell you where to find the closest depot. All coats have been professionally dry cleaned by Page the Cleaner. To Donate a Coat: Drop off gently used coats at one of our Drop-Off locations. The JP Site (10030-167 St.) and PACS location (11410-149 St.) have collection boxes. Other Ways to Help: Monetary donations are used to purchase coats to meet specific requests. Cheques can be made out to United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and write Coats for Kids & Families in the memo line. Cheques can be mailed or dropped off at 15132 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y3.

Walking is still the best way to get daily exercise, no matter what the season! 1. Dress in layers and for the temperature outside. Toques and scarves can be removed or adjusted to help regulate your warmth. 2. Avoid cotton next to your skin; try a fabric that will wick moisture away so you won't get cold. 3. Make sure you have something reflective on your clothing so you can be seen by motorists. 3. Wear sturdy walking shoes with grippy rubber soles for traction 4. If it is slippery outside, try studded grips that slip on over your shoes, or a walking stick with a metal tip. 5. Bring water - as with any exercise, you need to replace water as you go. 6. Plan your route to avoid high traffic areas and go where paths are clear of snow 7. Ease into it - Start slowly to give your muscles a chance to warm up 8. Walk at a moderate or slow pace - the bigger your strides, the higher the risk of falling. 9. To be safe and not fall, be conscious of the terrain and what is going on around you. 10. Do your part to clear the way, by shoveling your sidewalk. There are 1,440 minutes in every day, schedule 30 of them for walking.

Did you know?

Did you know that after a very successful harvest, the Griesbach Gardeners donated 1035.5 kg (over one ton!) of food to the Food Bank?

Snowshoeing in Edmonton
Explore Edmonton's winter wonderland on snowshoes. Snowshoeing, a traditional mode of transportation for Canadian Aboriginal peoples, remains one of the best and most practical ways to travel on deep snow. Snowshoeing provides transportation for exploring, bird and wildlife viewing or exercise. Most City trails are packed down, so snowshoes perform best in areas that are more open and off the beaten track, like Terwillegar Park. For recommended snowshoeing locations, please visit the website: ecreation/snowshoeing.aspx

Winter Walking Tips

Learn to Skate Programs


December 2012 /January 2013 The preschool (4-6) and child (7+) Learn to Skate program are geared towards children who have limited or no skating experience. Children will learn basic skating skills at their own pace. The Family Learn to Skate programs are for parents and children to learn together. There must be one parent to accompany each child. The following communities are tentatively scheduled to have a Learn To Skate program in early 2013. Additional information (times and pricing) is available from these community leagues. Location: Cumberland Oxford (Hudson Park - 13625 Cumberland Rd) Date: Saturdays, Jan. 12 Feb. 23 (No class Jan. 16) Location: Dovercourt (13510 Dovercourt Avenue) Date: Saturdays, January 19 - February 9 Location: Lorelei-Beaumaris (16220 103 St) Date: Sundays, Jan 13 - Feb 24 (No class Jan. 17) Location: Mayfield (10941 161 Street) Date: Saturdays, January 5 - February 9 Location: Rio Terrace (15500 76 Ave) Date: TBA Location: Laurier Heights (14405 85 Ave) Date: TBA (Family Learn to Skate) Location: Glenwood (16430 97 Ave) Date: January 12 February 16 Location: Grovenor (14325 104 Ave) Date: Saturdays, January 12 March 2 Location: Willowby (6315 - 184 ST) Date: TBA Location: Westridge (505 Wolf Willow Road) Date: TBA

Preschool Learn to Skate Programs

Location: Britannia Youngstown (15927 105 Ave) Date: Saturdays, January 12 - March 2 Location: Cumberland Oxford (Hudson Park - 13625 Cumberland Rd) Date: Saturdays, Jan. 12 Feb. 23 (No class Jan. 16) Location: Dovercourt (13510 Dovercourt Avenue) Date: Saturdays, January 19 - February 9 Location: Lorelei-Beaumaris (16220 103 St) Date: Sundays, Jan. 13 Feb. 24 (No class Jan. 17) Location: Mayfield (10941 161 Street) Date: Saturdays, January 5 - February 9 Location: Rio Terrace (15500 76 Ave) Date: TBA Location: Laurier Heights (14405 85 Ave) Date: TBA (Family Learn to Skate) Location: Westridge (505 Wolf Willow Road) Date: TBA Location: Glenwood (16430 97 Ave) Date: January 12 February 16 Location: Grovenor (14325 104 Ave) Date: Saturdays, January 12 March 2 Location: Willowby (6315 - 184 ST) Date: TBA

Childrens Learn to Skate Programs

Location: Brittania Youngstown (15927 105 Ave) Date: Saturdays, January 12 - March 2

Seasonal Celebrations in Edmonton


December 2012 /January 2013 The holiday season is often a time of much excitement and activity for families, friends and communities. Here are some fun activities and events to enjoy during this festive season.

Seasonal Sundays
December 9 and 16, 12 pm 4 pm Christmas is in full swing at Muttart Conservatory! Join us as we celebrate the holiday season with crafts, tours, and Christmas cactus planting. You can enter to win a fabulous prize basket, enjoy festive music throughout the facility, and take a peek at the Feature Pyramid theme entitled, The Nutcracker Story. Dont forget to pick up one of the beautiful Muttart grown poinsettia on sale in the gift shop this holiday season. Regular Admission applies. For more information visit

Festival of Trees
December 1, 9 am 9 pm December 2, 9 am 5 pm Shaw Conference Centre In addition to the hundreds of wonderfully decorated trees at the Shaw Conference Centre, the Festival of Trees also offers live entertainment, childrens activities and shopping. The festival of trees raises funds for patient care and research at the University of Alberta Hospital. Tickets are available at the door.

Singing Christmas Tree

December 7 -9 Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium See the stage with a 35 foot singing Christmas tree. Decorated with thousands of glimmering lights filled with 100 singers all accompanied by a live orchestra, an event for the whole family. For more information visit

Holiday Magic
December 10 14 10 am 2 pm City Room, City Hall
Ring in the holiday season at City Hall with delightful performances by school choirs from across Edmonton. Event is free, but donations to the Food Bank are appreciated.

The 25th Annual Jingle On Parade

December 2, 10 am 12 pm Welcome Santa and his helpers as they return to the downtown pedways from Commerce Place, to Manulife Place and through Edmonton City Centre Mall.

Butterdome Craft Sale

December 6 9 Thursday and Friday 10 am 10 pm Saturday 10 am - 6 pm Sunday 10 am 5 pm For more information visit

New Years Eve 2012 Edmonton

December 31 Begins at 6:15 pm Say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new with other Edmontonians downtown at Churchill square. This New Year's Eve do something special, attend the First Night Festival and ring in the New Year. Parking is available for $1 after 6 pm at Edmonton City Hall, Stanley A. Milner Library, City Centre West parkade and the Canada Place parkade. Edmonton Transit, St. Albert Transit and Strathcona Transit will be free from 4 pm to 3 am.

Christmas Reflections
December 4, 6, 12-14, 17-21 (6 pm 10 pm) December 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 (4 pm 8 pm) Fort Edmonton Park View charming Christmas displays and twinkling lights from your horse-drawn wagon ride through the Park, then savor a warm cup of cider or hot chocolate. Participate in the many activities aimed at visitors of all ages. For more information visit

Candy Cane Lane

December 14 - January 2 The houses along 148 Street between 92 and 100 Avenue will be decked out for the holiday season. Bring a donation for the Food Bank and spread holiday cheer. For more information visit

Northwest District Welcomes Back Duane Boos


December 2012 /January 2013 Duane returns to the Northwest District as a CRC after serving this past year on the Citys Social Development Rapid Response Team and Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy. Previously he was a CRC in west from 20072011. Before joining the City he worked for Big Brother Big Sisters and Young Life in Edmonton. He brings a wealth of experience and a passion for recreation and providing community development support to groups. Hes a graduate from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Administration. Neighbourhoods, Parks and Community Recreation Northwest Team

Director Chantile Shannon


Northwest District Welcomes Chris McMorran

Chris is excited to be moving into a role as a Community Recreation Coordinator and looking forward to meeting and working with the many citizens of West Edmontons Neighborhoods. He brings a long standing interest in community development and passion for the power of recreation. Chris has spent time with the City of St. Albert, City of Spruce Grove and provincial government prior to his role with the City of Edmonton and is a graduate of the University of Albertas B.A. in Recreation, Sport and Tourism degree.

Community Recreation Coordinators Tracey Bink 822-2175 Allison Boileau 9445454 Duane Boos 944-7595 Una Bryce 944-7593 Chris McMorran 4961911 Susan Meunier 9445450 Jessica Monk 442-4629 Alison Mould 944-5531 Trudy Raadik 944-5528 Savannah Westgarde 423-5827 Ruth Wong-Miller 496-6431 Website -

Community Sandboxes
Pick up free sand from participating community sand boxes throughout the City to use on your icy sidewalks and walkways. Spreading sand or gravel on icy sidewalks and walkways helps provide traction, making them easier and safer to walk on. Free sand is available at participating community leagues throughout the City. Remember to bring your own container when you visit your local community sandbox. For more information on this service call 311 or visit the following website to view an interactive map of sandbox locations: Community Services West Office Locations Parks and Community Services (PACS) - West #110, 11410 - 149 Street Monday Friday Jasper Place 10030 - 167 Street Monday Friday Phone: 780-442-4974 8:30 am 12:00 pm 1:15 pm 4:30 pm Phone: 780-442-4848 8:30 am 4:30 pm

December 2012 /January 2013