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Carlos Gonzalez P.

6 Apush American Revolution DBQ

The American society changed in various ways after the American Revolution; it changed the way the government works such as giving American rights, people socially changed such as the women now starting to take more of a mens role, and changed the economic structure by industrializing. The American Revolution changed in the way that they gave rights and were starting to form their own government. Molly Wallace wanted rights for women. She says, Because we are females, we ought therefore to be deprived of what perhaps the effectual means (Doc. J) She is stating that women are not receiving rights. She also believes that they should be taught to read in the best manner. And if to read, why not speak. In other words, women need to get good education and star getting representation. That didnt change until 1928 they were always just left without representation. This leads into Document A which is a picture of a women holding a gun while wearing a hat. This picture shows how ladies took men roles working while men are at war fighting for freedom. Federalist James Madison then criticizes the Articles of Confederation, you must first enable the government; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. The government has to control the people and itself, which means that the government has to give people their rights and make laws to protect them which they later did in the U.S constitution when they added the Bill Of Rights. The American Revolution also changed the American society. The statutes at large of Virginia said, no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship. (Doc D) Meaning no man or women is forced to be in a certain religious group. This is a change because back then in the Southern colonies you were either a puritan or you were shunned. Then the Chickasaw wanted for the Americans and British to have peace one of their chiefs said, It makes our hearts rejoice to find that our great father, and his children the Americans have at length made peace (Doc C) The Indians wanted peace between the two, you can see the Native Americans now think that they are British as they called the British Our Father. This changed because now the Native Americans believe that they are part of the British colony when in reality their not. Since the British settlers are old, there has been a new generation born in the Americas so they are no longer British. The American Revolution also changed America economically. In document F there is a picture of a medal for agriculture. This is huge because now the Americans are starting to industrialize, so its getting hard to make money off of agriculture. Then slaves are starting to run away into the south where slavery is abolished for their freedom (Doc H). This impacts the economy because slaves do the labor work. Abigail Adams sent a letter to Thomas Jefferson in 1787, she states, and Some of them were crying out for paper currency, some for an equal distribution of property (Doc G) She argues that people are complaining about nonsense, some people want land while others want money. This is changing the economy because the wealthy people would have to give away their land. The American Revolution influenced various flaws with the American society politically, socially and economically.